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1. How did you come up with your username and what does it mean?

My A03 username, like my main blog, is kidspawn02. My mom plays Dragon Age, and she called me kidspawn - based off of the creatures darkspawn in the DA games. Because… I am her spawn.

2. Which fanfic of yours has the most feedback? (bookmarks/subscriptions/hits/kudos)

Bookmarks - Five Times Dazai Didn’t Stay, And One Time He Did

Subs - Naga, Save Me 

Hits - Naga, Save Me

Kudos - In Which Akutagawa Is Weak For Cute Boys

3. What is your AO3 profile icon, and why did you choose it?

It changes a lot - usually to a character I’m fond of. Right now, it’s Yuuri Katsuki. 

4. Do you have any regular/favourite commenters?

Everyone who comments makes my whole life. I need a lot of positive reinforcement, so anyone who puts in the effort to comment is an absolute angel in my eyes.

5. Is there a fanfic that you keep going back to read again and again?

This world we live in 

You Wouldn’t Do That, Right?

I’m a catch


Droughts in Pink Deserts

6. How many stories are you subscribed to? How many do you have bookmarked?

15 works, 2 users (subs)


7. Which AU do you find yourself writing the most?

I don’t really have….. recurring AU, but I like toying around with Fairytale AU

8. How many people are subscribed and bookmarked to you in total? (you can view this on the stats page)

I have 156 bookmarks, and 107 subscriptions

9. Is there something you’d like to write about but are afraid of people judging you for it? (Feeling brave? If so, share it!)

Not really XD This fandom’s pretty wild - I’ve read fics about Atsushi with a barbed penis I think I’ve found the dark side XD

10. Is there anything you would like to be better at? Writing certain scenes or genres, replying to comments, updating better, etc.

I want to be better about writing smut - oh, and not abandoning my WIPs.

11. Do you write rarepairs or popular ships more often?

Popular ships - but I have a fondness for rarepairs.

12. How many stories have you posted on AO3 to this day (finished and unfinished)?

13. 8 complete, 5 WIPs

13. How many stories do you have saved in/with your writing program?

I can’t even count. I have way too many fics on my Google Docs. XD

14. Do you write down story ideas, or just keep them in your head?

Mostly in my head - if I can’t pump out a chapter, I’ll just think about it a lot.

15. Have you ever co-authored a story?

Yes - I wrote an OHSHC with my friend when I was like… eleven or twelve.

16. How did you discover AO3?


17. Do you consider yourself to be a popular or famous author in your fandom(s) on AO3?

I think in BSD, and in the FE: Fates, but not in anything else. I have a fairly popular AOT fic, and a decently popular Death Note one, but neither of those made me…. like, well-known or anything.

18. Do you have a nickname or fandom name for your readers?

Not really.

19. Was there an author who inspired or encouraged you to write?

JK Rowling, and Rick Riordan. But my style is more inspired by Jennie Melamed

20. What writing advice would you give to a beginning author?

Just keep going. Someone will be there to appreciate your content - someone appreciates your content. Don’t let trolls or rude people get you down. You’re valid and have a strong place in this fandom.

21. Do you plot out your stories, or do you just figure it out as you go?

….. figure it out.

22. Have you ever gotten a bad comment on a story? If so, what did you do?

Yes. My first PJO fic. I deleted my Fanfiction.net account.

23. Is there a certain type of scene that you have a hard time writing? (action, smut, etc..)


24. What story(s) are you working on now?

Call It What You Want

This Too, Will Pass

What I Live For

The Holy City

25. Do you plan your next project(s) before you finish your current ongoing story(s)?


26. Do you have a daily writing goal set for yourself?

I count it pretty good if I get a sentence in between homework and chores XD But I try to answer one ask relating to my WIPs a day.

27. Do you think you’ve improved as a writer since you first started?


28. What is your favorite story that you’ve written?

Five Times Dazai Didn’t Stay and One Time He Did

29. What is your least favorite story that you’ve written?

Making Shades of Purple

30. Where do you see yourself (as a writer) in 5 years?

Um….. writing.

31. What is the easiest thing about writing?

Metaphors - I love integrating metaphors into all of my works. It’s probably one of my favourite parts.

32. What is the hardest thing about writing?

Not getting sidetracked

33. Why do you write?

It’s always been my passion. No matter what other option has been presented to me, the idea of melding characters, ideas, creativity, and logic into one little drabble or a long, winding story. I also like that I can share a piece of myself with all of you. It’s the closest I’ve gotten to opening up to someone in a long time.

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Only a truly regretful boy would dance in a McDonald’s for his lover. (x)

I want every classmate to be best friends with every single other classmate… brotp?? brot3?? Forget that, gimme the brot15 with every single kid in this class please

I commissioned a modern Tarzan and Jane from the incredibly talented @punziella and here’s the final result!! I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s absolutely perfect and I just love it so so much I can’t stop staring at it, thank you so much Pauline!!

Do you still care to talk? How is everyone? I love being on tour. It’s my favourite thing to do, so thank you for allowing me to do that. I do however only have ten songs to my name.. soo…. I know. I’m gonna play a couple extras. The next one I would love you to sing along. Some of you will know it, some of you won’t. I think it’s pretty obvious when it’s a sing along so. I’m going to have a sip of water and then we’re going to play the next song.
—  Harry before playing Just A Little Bit of Your Heart by Ariana Grande, which he wrote

Riverdale | 1.08

I’m sorry, mom. I tried.

I just saw a post saying that if you like Matt more than you like Lance you’re automatically racist and just

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8 things we discovered about Niall Horan from his interview with Grimmy

Singing, song-writing, Shawn Mendes and a seriously secretive One Direction email chain; Niall Horan dropped by Grimmy’s gaffe (OK, studio) to give us the low-down on what he’s up to. You’ll be able to hear the full exclusive interview on Friday morning at 7am, but here are some of our favourite moments…

1. Everyone tells him his new ‘do makes him look more mature.

In case you didn’t notice, his beachy blonde locks are no more and in their place is a bountiful head of brunette hair. According to Niall his new look has received quite the reaction, with everyone telling him he looks more mature since binning the bleach.

2. He first heard Harry’s new song on the radio.

That’s right: Niall first listened to Harry Styles’ new song on the radio, just like the rest of us mere mortals. And he had a lot to say about it.

3. He swam with sharks in the Bahamas.

Really. After much deliberation (twenty minutes, to be precise) he took the literal plunge and swam with sharks. Ever wondered what a shark feels like? Wonder no more: “They feel like sandpaper… they’re all a bit sloppy. It’s a bit weird but yeah, they’re sharks and they’re still scary.” Sloppy sandpaper - got it. He also snorkeled and swam every day. In short, he’s a total water baby. He’s basically part merman. You heard it here first.

4. A One Direction email chain EXISTS!

Yup, the guys are all looped in on what is probably (definitely) the only email chain in the world that we’d happily be a part of. Do they sign off with a kiss? Do they have personalised signatures? Does any sneaky BCC’ing occur? WHAT DO THEY EMAIL ABOUT?! So many questions, so many of them (thankfully) answered.

5. He does a REALLY good Olly Murs impression.

We’re actually not entirely convinced Olly wasn’t sat in on the interview, that’s how good it is. Educate your ears, stat.

6. He’s also great at making prank calls

Meet 'Dave’, Niall’s Londoner alter-ego. He does a surprisingly brilliant accent when Grimmy got Niall to phone Niall impersonator 'Liam’ - he even got the poor lad to sing the chorus of his song, This Town.

7. A Shawn Mendes collab might be happening.

A Niall Horan and Shawn Mendes collab sounds pretty sweet, right? You’ll be happy to know that it’s not off the cards. When will it be happening exactly? He spilled the beans to Grimmy.

8. He wrote his favourite song while watching the footie.

He wrote his favourite song off the much-anticipated album while… sat on his sofa, watching a Man United game. We kid you not.

A–Z Book Recommendations

I think I’ll jump on the A-Z book recommendations bandwagon started by @macrolit. It seems fun and challenging since it’s hard to find a book of each letter that I actually like enough to recommend but let’s see how it goes..

All the Light We Cannot See - Anthoney Doerr

Behind the Scenes at the Museum - Kate Atkinson

Cat’s Eye - Margaret Atwood

Dracula - Bram Stoker

Emma - Jane Austen

The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand

Gentlemen and Players - Joanne Harris

Hyperbole and a Half - Allie Brosh

Interpreter of Maladies - Jhumpa Lahiri 

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte

Kartography - Kamila Shamsie

Love in Small Letters - Francesc Miralles

Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Of Human Bondage - W. Somerset Maugham

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde

The Quick - Lauren Owen

Rebecca - Daphne Du Maurier

The Secret History - Donna Tartt

To Kill A Mocking Bird - Harper Lee

The Unexpected Everything - Morgan Matson

A Visit From the Goon Squad - Jennifer Egan

White Teeth - Zadie Smith

The Year of the Rat - Claire Furniss

The Prisoner of Zenda - Anthony Hope

..And we’re done. This was fun! And I’d love for more people to join in so I’ll tag a bunch of people to come up with their A-Z recommendations:

@notjaneaustensemma @literaery-me @curtnez @oldshrewsburyian @persephonelovesbooks  @tea-alchemist @readcommendations @morethanyabooks @monsieurbookshire @left-handlibrary @aliteraryprincess @adayinbookland 

Ponyboy is that kid in class who gets a test sheet handed to him and the second he has it he’s doodling where ever he can, then when the test is done he hands it up and the teachers are like “Ponyboy??? Stop fucking doing this?? The answer to question 5 is not a drawing of a squid??? This is fucking math class??

Everyone I talk to about Night Vale got to about 19 and gave up and is now too daunted by the rest to continue so...

In honour of the most recent episode of Welcome To Night Vale I want to help out everyone who is daunted by the 109 standard/numbered episodes of the show and create a list of must-listens. These are episodes which tie into the plot of the overall show and narrows your “to listen” down to 58 mandatory episodes and several optional ones. 

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okay but think about Even and Isak and social media if Even ever got on board

  • imagine the snaps
    • Even loves sending Isak ridiculous snaps with the face filters and witty one liners. they usually make Isak roll his eyes but some of them are actually kinda funny and Even’s cute no matter what filter he uses so there’s that
    • Isak isn’t much of a selfie guy because he’s a self conscious lil bean but on the nights they aren’t together he sends Even snaps of his spread of homework with captions like why am I like this or will you ever fuck me as hard as this biology paper is
    • sometimes when they’re together Even takes sly photos of Isak because his boy is just so effortlessly beautiful and it blows Even’s mind and he wants to capture those moments for when he isn’t feeling so great so he can remind himself that while the world may seem bleak and hopeless there will always be Isak’s light
    • if Even’s feeling good Isak usually gets random snaps through the day, just little things that capture Even’s attention. sometimes it’s bright flowers or a black and white shot of buildings or clouds or literally just a snap of what’s right in front of Even as he walks. these are Isak’s favourite sort of snaps because it’s like seeing the world through his boyfriend’s eyes
    • when one of them is getting crushed under the horrifying weight of being a student or just being alive the other will send a cute little video saying something like you got this I love you you can kick this is the ass and it’s almost always followed by a blank snap that just says you need me to come over? because like hell would they let the other struggle alone
    • Even has been known to send Isak a snap of the front door to the kollectivet captioned are you going to let me in or what? after Isak’s sent him a particularly stressed out snap
  • facebook
    • Even doesn’t really use his facebook, he mostly got it because there were some groups in his classes where students swapped ideas back and forth and it was pretty helpful
    • Even and Isak are totally that couple that tag each other in stupid memes and just say ‘you’ ‘me’ or ‘us’ and everyone thinks it’s adorable
    • Even’s favourite thing to do is to find kitten photos and tag Isak in them with comments like ‘looks like you’ and when the boys see that they lose their collective shit because yes Isak you are just a tiny kitten definitely and Isak is so embarrassed and he’s going to kill Even
    • it’s hard to argue with it though seeing as the second Even runs his fingers through Isak’s hair the boy practically melts Even is convinced that if humans could purr Isak would
    • Isak gets revenge by tagging Even in hundreds of posts that try to say Terminator or some shit is the best movie ever made
    • sometimes they’re actually cute though and they’ll tag each other in those posts that are like ‘tag someone who changed your life for the better’ or ‘tag the love of your life’ and whenever the girls (especially Eva, who knew Isak way back when) see it they can’t help but swoon and sigh a lil because #goals
    • Even’s facebook has almost no posts because he doesn’t really see the point in documenting everything he does, but the few posts that are there are usually check ins where he’ll have ‘finally got Isak to watch *insert movie here*’ 
    • any photos of Even are where he’s been tagged in someone else’s photos. Eva is the worst for taking photos on a night out but hell if Even could say no to her when she’s so happy so yes okay he’ll bend down and take a photo with her 
    • Even’s favourite photo is one with Eva and Isak. he has his arm snug around Isak’s waist and he bent down a bit to accommodate Eva’s wish for a selfie and she surprised him with a kiss on the cheek and the photo got snapped just as Isak’s jaw dropped and he yelped out a hey!!!
    • Eva just captioned it with told you I’d steal him ;) and it became an iconic photo in their friendhship group
  • Instagram, the Skam fave
    • Even totally has notifications on for Isak’s insta because he’s extra af
    • Even’s instagram is probably what he uses most because he quite likes photography, he likes capturing the little moments in life that grabbed his attention
    • it’s very aesthetically pleasing and he actually got a lot of followers who’d have guessed?????
    • but every so often he’ll post a photo with Isak and it’ll literally be the cutest sappiest shit because that boy is so in love and it’s so obvious and his phone gets blown up with notifications to the point where he turns them off because he knows he’s dating the most gorgeous boy in the world he doesn’t need to see a thousand comments telling him what he already knows
    • Isak doesn’t use his instagram much, but Even always leaves cute little comments sometimes just a lil heart emoji. he especially leaves cute comments on the photo Isak posts of Even, things along the lines of wow what a good looking boyfriend you have you must be happy ;)
    • Even definitely looked at all the older things Isak was tagged in, and he even buys Eva a muffin at school as thanks for posting all those things with Isak in because they are a fucking gift
    • Even literally can’t get over how much of a baby Isak looked just a year ago??????????? sometimes he looks at Isak for ages until Isak can’t take it any more and asks what Even wants and Even just shows Isak one of those photos from Eva’s instagram and he’s just like how was this a year ago what the fuck Isak you look 12 I don’t understand this is keeping me up at night


A thing for @getmcfucked (it’s not letting me @ you sorry) @ivoughrie and @thegoldenavenger for their fic, Assimilated! It’s a very good fic I love it lots so I made a thing.
Kinda my first time doing pixel art? So I think it turned out ok.

Batfamily using social media

Bruce would most definitely use Facebook. He hates it of course but it’s an important thing to use when talking to those annoying presumpscious rich people who spend their money on jewels and not helping Gotham. As you can tell Bruce has his opinions but that’s for Batman to sort out. Bruce fakes a perfect life as always and has to be that dad™ who, of course, makes it his job to embrass his kids on there.

Tim obviously uses tumblr. Whenever he has free time you’ll find him absently scrolling through memes. He’s shitpost extrodinaire. He specialises in batfam memes though and laughs at the inaccuracy of them all (he makes up the most unbelievable things and cracks up as people go nuts at it and accept it as canon). He also loves hacking into terfs, homophobes and all the like and deleting their accounts/taking them over. He’s become a tumblr cryptid and everyone’s trying to find who it is behind all the account take overs (there are even blogs made about him calling him the hero the world needs but doesn’t deserve).

Jason’s on Twitter. Why? Well to fight everyone of course. Twitter is the best place for him to fight about the discourse and sometimes if the people he argues with are so horrible he’ll track down where they live and beat them up (but that’s not his go to if they’re kids. While they still shouldn’t be excused he knows they can learn so he makes it his job to visit those kids sometimes and straighten them out). There’s a kid that lives in Gotham he visits more often because he lives so close and it may have taken him many months but finally the kid stops abusing his dog and learns to love it. (Damian was really proud of Jason for that one though he’ll never admit it). He was also active on twitter during that charlottesville attack trying to out all the people who participated.

Damian doesn’t have any social media’s because it’s a “waste of time”. He sounds like alfred a little bit more every time he says it. But secretly when he’s not on patrol and no ones around he’ll scroll through Pinterest. He’ll kill anyone that finds out. It’s a good place for him to look at pictures of animals and swords. (Although if he sees stolen art and all that he’ll make it his job to fix that because he knows how much work is put into it, being an assasian can be art too). There are heaps of swords he’s seen that he’s wanted to get, but to his dismay, everytime he’s asked Bruce the answer would be no.

Cassandra uses Snapchat and she absolutely loves it. Her favourite things are the filters and sends the whole batfam them religiously. Her favourite filters will always be the ones with cat ears. She sends them mostly to Steph and Bruce though. Steph screenshots every single one of them because that’s her beautiful girlfriend, what do you expect her to do?? Bruce does the same because that’s his cherished daughter who’s trying her best. When she can Cass trys to add captions and the others will help her with it, it’s really helped with her spelling and writing. She’s very proud and Bruce is as well (it makes Damian jealous)

Dick’s on instagram. He has a lot of followers because he’s ‘famous’ (although he doesn’t like that term). It’s mostly an aesthetic account but he’ll post selfies frequently too. At the start of his account the batfam would always comment on these selfies saying “nice dick pic” which is not surprising so Dick could live with that. And then his followers latched onto the joke and now whenever a selfie is posted almost every comment is something along the lines of “nice dick pic”. He also wants to send in videos of him doing backflips and acrobatic stunts but Bruce is firmly against it. “To keep your identity safe” Bruce says and whenever that happens Dick will roll his eyes but he’s learned not to fight against it.

Steph’s just on discord. She has internet friends she talks to about the numerous fandoms she’s in. She has a lot of friends on there because of her bright, bubbly personality and she loves everyone of them. Her favourite thing to do is gush about her wonderful girlfriend and type in all caps. As much as Bruce pretends he doesn’t care he really does and every person she talks to on there he does a secret background check to make sure she’s safe ( He says ‘secret’ but he knows that Steph’s too smart for that and he knows she knows). He’s overprotective and no matter how much Steph complains about it she secretly loves it.