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See? I'm not trying to start a fight with u, I get your points, but this is mostly why Star Wars and its characters gets so much hate, because of people who take things in a whole new insane level. Not that I'm saying that we shouldn't be against racism or people who shitpost about Finn/Poe or any other character "no white" I'm Mexican and trust me I KNOW about racist people, but I'm not all over tumblr bullshiting everyone to hate british, or americans, or canadians and throwing hate all around

ok im sorry but what the fuck are you even on about at this point? First you tell me why I don’t care enough about  racism Oscar/Poe and now you’re telling me that I’m bullshitting everyone to hate?? What?  Like half the effort you put into this ask could have been directed towards the people who are causing the problems in this fandom, but instead I guess me even mentioning or talking about racism in this fandom is the ‘real’ problem here. 

I’ve never directed hate towards anyone other than those who are willingly ignorant or harmful to others and i don’t know where you got that idea from? The entire premise of your argument falls upon the idea that apparently ppl like me should just let the bullshit in this fandom continue cause there has to be some kind of measured appropriate response to it that only you approve of? No thank you! I’ll continue to call out the racism and shittery in this fandom even if it continues to make ppl like you come in my askbox constantly questioning my motives instead of fighting against it.

I mean this sounds like the same argument ppl make when they say just talking about race is racist somehow. I never directed my hatred towards any particular racial group, and I think you need to keep in mind that criticism doesn’t equate to hatred.  

i hate the stupid “forgive everyone” bullshit bc i can only be treated like a fucking doormat so many times before i lose my fucking patience

i’m tired of people taking advantage of me. im tired of being nice to ppl and getting no kindness in return. im even more tired of being treated nicely once and being expected to do some huge favor for a person later because they gave me food one time. im tired of being nice and compassionate and overflowing with empathy and kindness to the people around me only for those people to take it and then tell me to shove it. im tired of being used and abused and spoken down to and gaslighted and lied to. im fucking tired of it.

you want people who are nice to you? maybe stop fucking abusing them and wearing them down until the only way they can act outwardly anymore is to be bitter and jaded. maybe if you stop abusing and hurting the nice people we won’t get so tired. we won’t have to put up a rough exterior to protect ourselves. we won’t have our souls and hearts broken time and time again until it no longer becomes worth it to trust anyone.

okay I wasn’t going to write about this, but now I’m fucking doing it because all this discourse bullshit is starting to wear on me.

I hate how people are tearing into this “Shiro, you’re like a brother to me” thing. I wish people would step aside and realize this is a very groundbreaking moment for Keith. Shiro is telling Keith that team Voltron is his family, and Keith is saying yes, you’re right, and you’re my family, too. And that’s like, a big fucking deal for this character. Like please put down your pitchforks for a second and realize that. Keith, who has been the loner, orphaned at a young age, isolated himself in the desert, is acknowledging he isn’t alone anymore. He has a family now. 

I know it’s easy to get worked up with all the shipping wars and whatever, but I wish people would stop ripping that line apart to wage their battle with, or using it (particularly against Sheith shippers) like it’s a bad thing. Keith underwent some fairly raw fucking ass development this season, and I believe, came to be a better, more focused, more realized, and more whole version of himself. Please don’t throw that to the wayside. What the writers did with Keith isn’t anything short of amazing.

TLDR; “Shiro, you’re like a brother to me” is a gorgeous fucking line please stop undermining Keith’s character by using it as fodder for your shipping wars like honestly how dare you when we’re blessed with writing this good. 



headcanon that everyone in the DEO is pissed off at Supergirl for risking her neck to save Lena.

But not because she saved a Luthor, but because she made Alex and Winn so worried they both called out Kara several times, meaning that all officers in the vicinity had to sign the confidentiality agreements and go through a mandatory meeting and training session about Kara/Supergirl/protecting her identity and all of that. It’s an HR nightmare. They’re dealing with it for weeks.

They’re pissed off because Kara being Supergirl was the biggest ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ of the DEO. Like, it’s an organisation of elite agents, of course they knew that Agent Danvers’ younger sister is Supergirl, have you seen how over-protective that bitch is at the best of times? They just never ever wanted to sit through all the mandatory bullshit. Everyone was happy pretending they didn’t know, and constantly ignored all of Supergirl’s and Alex’s almost slip-ups, and ignored Kara when they saw her in public and she’d accidentally say hi to them because she’d forget momentarily that she wasn’t supposed to know them as Kara.

DR3 Fall Aesthetic

headcanon: over the centuries, maui has, very deliberately, honed “making a dramatic entrance” down to a science

he can look at a scene and know that, for instance, a bad guy is about to set him up with a line like “what do you expect him to do, drop out of the sky” or the perfect angle to come in from so he’ll look suitably heroic

(corollary headcanon: when he doesn’t take the time to make a dramatic entrance? that’s when you need to start worrying.)

We found Cloud when I was ten years old. We (my parents and I) were on the hunt for my first horse (I had leased horses before but this would be the first horse to truly be my own). The hunt lead us up to Buckeye, Arizona where we were supposed to be looking at a couple of candidates, one of which was a little rowdy palomino mare with very little training. I of course fell into deep infatuation with her immediately. My mom was not such a fan. And so Papa was talking to someone about the next horse we were supposed to look at and I was pouting about their disapproval of the untrained and high-spirited pony when my mom came over to where I was sitting, nudged my shoulder and said, “I think you should go say hi to that horse over there, she won’t stop staring at you.” I followed her line of sight to the most beautiful horse I’d ever seen. She was a glistening silver in the sun, soaking wet from a recent bath that made  her white coat shine bright grey-blue like a back-lit herrings wing, and sure enough she was staring at me. With my little bag of baby carrots as an offering of friendship I went to her and sat on the tire wash rack she was tied to while my mom presumably went to inquire about the availability of the magic blue horse.
I wish I remembered every detail from that day, but I don’t. I remember sitting with her, talking to her quietly and giving her a carrot every now and again while we waited. I remember leading her to the arena and my dad giving me a leg-up into the saddle (I think he rode her first but apparently I wasn’t paying much attention to that part) and I remember immediately feeling like I had never felt on a horse before. Like a silent, wordless thread of communication was somehow tied from her to me, and we rode around the arena under the hot phoenix sun and I was in love with her. I named her Cloud on the drive home.
I honestly don’t know how to put words to Cloud and I’s relationship. She was everything. She was my best friend, my teacher, my heart. I grew up on her back, Claudia and Cloud, rarely one without the other. Cantering bareback down the washes below our house, splashing cool water onto our bare legs while we flew. We would lounge under trees by the water while she grazed bridleless nearby. I frequently got into trouble at Pony Club camp for falling asleep in her stall and sneaking out after hours to give her a late night apple. She was fearless and strong and she made me the same.
She was also stubborn and headstrong but she always kept me safe, and she was almost always right anyway. I think the first time I realized just how exceptional she was was not long after I got her Papa and I were going out on a ride and a big dog came flying out of a nearby driveway and onto the road barking and snarling and spooked our horses, and caught entirely off guard I of course fell off into a pile of rocks. Cloud didn’t leave. She didn’t turn tail and run home like she so easily could have. She stood beside me even as a large growling dog was sizing us up for lunch. 
Anyway, I could spew anecdotes about Cloud quite literally all day, but there’s one in particular that I meant to put here. Its definitely not a flattering story, on my part, but I think its an important one. 
When I started high school inevitably I rode less. I still rode at least once a week, but I was usually distracted by the looming presence of unfinished homework or petty friendship drama or my own self-involved frequent existential crises. 
This particular day I was especially wrapped up in one or all of these things and I decided to take Cloud out to try to clear my head. But I didn’t try to clear my head, instead I continued to fume and agonize over whatever situation was causing my teen angst™ with little regard for the fact that I hadn’t really been present and connected with my horse for ages and was now expecting her to listen to my whining whilst carrying my ass all around the desert for an hour. 
We stopped in a little flat grassy area where I was in the habit of taking her bridle off and letting her graze for a while before returning home and I, still very much elsewhere in my thoughts, dismounted and slipped her bridle off as usual. 
She did not drop her head to the grass and begin eating as usual, though. Instead she turned promptly away from me and began walking in the direction of home. I remember dumb-foundedly saying, “Hey! Where are you going?” to her retreating rear. I went to catch up with her and put her bridle back on but when I did she picked up a jog. I was furious. She never does this! What has gotten into her?! She didn’t bolt home. She just stayed exactly 5 feet in front of me. If I tried to run to catch her she would trot just fast enough to stay out of my reach, if I broke down to a walk, she would walk too. And now I my feelings were hurt. I was already having a bad day and now this? I can’t believe it. I thought I could count on you. Poor, poor me.
But it was a long walk home, and eventually I realized it was me who had been being an asshole. And I finally saw clearly how rude it was of me to not be present with her for weeks and then expect her to be my emotional garbage disposal whenever the whim struck me. And I vowed to never do it again. 
I called my mom when we were nearing the house and asked her to bring carrots up to the gate like we always did after rides. I remember coming over the hill after Cloud and my mom say over the distance, “What in the- did you fall of??”
“No, Cloud was just teaching me a lesson.”
“What was the lesson?” 
“Self-involved teenagers deserve to walk home.”

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There are countless people who befitted or healed THEIR Crohn’s disease with/while on a vegan high nutritional diet. Not you? Fine! Please just stop whining/generalizing again, if u didn’t put wrong info out there about veganism, u wouldn’t be having these conversations at all. Ur bowels are too long for meat to pass through in 24 hours, after that it starts to rot and stays in there for 3 to 4 more days, actually PREVENTING absorption of minerals & vitamins, mate. If u can’t take the heat...

The scientific Gastroenterology inaccuracy in this ask actually hurt my eyes. 


Crohn’s disease is uncurable , Criss de navet.

You don’t “heal” from it, ESPECIALLY not with a vegan diet.






Here have this , since you think I “ spread misinformations” : 

“ In ulcerative colitis, the colon is inflamed and the small intestine works normally. With Crohn’s disease, often the small intestine is inflamed, making it hard to digest and absorb key nutrients from food. The lack of sufficient nutrients, along with a poor appetite, can lead to malnutrition for people with Crohn’s disease. That malnutrition may result from alterations in taste, reduced food or nutrient intake, lack of sufficient nutrients, poor absorption, or the inflammatory bowel disease process itself.

When Crohn’s disease affects just the small intestine, it results in diarrhea and undernourishment. When the large intestine is also inflamed, the diarrhea can be severe. Severe diarrhea combined with malnutrition often leads to problems. 

For example, a person with Crohn’s disease may suffer from anemia and have low levels of vitamin B12, folic acid, or iron.Nutritional deficiencies and an inability to maintain a normal weight are serious problems for many people, even children, with Crohn’s disease.

Which foods should I avoid with a Crohn’s disease diet plan?

  • alcohol (mixed drinks, beer, wine)
  • butter, mayonnaise, margarine, oils
  • carbonated beverages
  • coffee, tea, chocolate
  • corn husks
  • dairy products (if lactose intolerant)
  • fatty foods (fried foods)
  • foods high in fiber
  • gas-producing foods (lentils, beans, legumes, cabbage, broccoli, onions)
  • nuts and seeds (peanut butter, other nut butters)
  • raw fruits
  • raw vegetables
  • red meat ( btw, important to note I very rarely eat red meat , I mostly eat FISH.)
  • spicy foods
  • whole grains and bran

There are no medications or surgical procedures that can cure Crohn’s disease. Treatment options help with symptoms, maintain remission, and prevent relapse. In those newly diagnosed, a corticosteroid may be used for a brief period of time to quickly improve the disease with another medication such as either methotrexate or a thiopurine used to prevent recurrence. An important part of treatment is the stopping of smoking among those who do. One in five people with the disease are admitted to hospital each year, and half of those with the disease will require surgery for the disease at some point over a ten-year period. While surgery should be used as little as possible, it is necessary to address some abscesses, certain bowel obstructions, and cancers. 

( also you are the one having sent like 10 asks when all I did was reblog a post telling people to stop spreading the “ everyone can be vegan” mindset. Can’t take the heat yourself, pal. )

Nothing is free.

•Can’t afford to go to college? Don’t go. Or maybe work a little harder and get a scholarship.

•Tired of flipping burgers for minimum wage? Aim higher. Work harder.

•Sick of being in a shitty situation? WORK. HARDER. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Nothing is going to get set in your lap. No one owes you anything. You are not entitled to anything. WORK FOR WHAT YOU WANT.


Look, I love Amedot. I like Lapidot, too! But… it really kinda bugs me that this is going to be some kind of weird love triangle where Amethyst is a “crush” but somehow Peridot’s attraction to Lapis is more legitimate, like???

Take Amethyst, who’s got an inferiority complex. Amethyst, who’s sick of feeling like a joke. Amethyst, who is always worried that no one takes her seriously.

And then you have Lapis, who just got out of a nasty relationship that she hasn’t actually recovered from yet, who needs freedom and space and to fins herself. Lapis, who needs to rediscover who she is after trauma has been piled up on her time and time again.

If you ask me, not only is Amethyst more ready for a relationship, but being some kinda childish, naive “crush” is gonna DESTROY her.

Like, damn.

(I still say just ship em all–altho Ame needs time to get to know Lappy–, but if it’s gotta be a one-or-the-other triangle???? Why not Amethyst?)

I used to really like JonTron. His delivery and writing were really good, and I enjoyed his content for the most part, as it was a break from the usual videos of lets plays.

As of this week, however, my opinion of him changed, because they can do that, because I’m a human being with freewill and not a fucking robot. Lil JonTron decided to voice his disdain and opposition to feminism, to equality. He did so with an extremely weak argument, something about fast food and a burka somehow equating to all the actual bullshit happening in this country.

JonTron is an asshole. A misogynistic asshole. If you support/agree with what he’s spewing, you are an asshole by association.

Did I really just read that “white people speaking Spanish is cultural appropriation”? 


Do people not know Spain exists? Do they not know where Spanish came from?

WARNING: every white person in Spain and Latin America is to immediately stop speaking Spanish. I repeat. Stop speaking your language, you are appropriating your own culture. 


wtf lol everyone needs to chill

if got7 comes back with an rnb album i will be so happy. like idk if y'all understand but this is my dream for got7. they fit that genre so much. just imagine the vocals and the slow soft sexy rapping that they would do!! like give me more songs like angel, like oh and prove it, just to name a few. give me a title track that matches how great the rest of the songs on the album sound. i need got7 to snatch everyone BALD in 2017. i just know got7s potential. this is their genre i just feel it in my tits!!