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Request: Hi!! I’ve recently watched the clip again of Sebastian Stan flirting with Sharon Stone haha can you do an imagine where Seb’s gf is an actress. And Seb and his gf is invited to guest on James Corden’s show but they didn’t know that the gf’s celebrity crush would also be there and when he comes on she gets all giggly or something and Sebastian’s all jealous but in a joking way???

Word Count: 568

Warnings: flirting? Lol

A/N: I couldn’t stop smiling while writing this - hope you like it!

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I’ve been waiting, and I will keep on waiting until the time is right. You are my equal, my partner, my teammate, my best friend. I’ve done so many stupid things that you’ve made me regret—things I hope you will forgive me for and look beyond— but this, waiting a little longer for the love of my life, I can do.Kulti, Mariana Zapata 

Does anyone else have this problem???

So, does anyone else have this problem where they freak out about what people think. Like you do or say something and you worry someone won’t like it, and then it (in your mind) is that you are sure they didn’t like it or you upset them somehow because now they aren’t responding to you. And you don’t want it to be like that, cause so many others already don’t like you. They don’t say it, but you kinda just know, you know? In the way they carry themselves around you. and then you panic cause you can just imagine the bad things they are saying, and you fear they may be true, what if you really are like that? So you try to prove them wrong by being better, but you fail and the whole cycle begins again…

How do you stop that from happening in your brain? How, even though you tell yourself it is okay to not have everyone be your biggest fan on a personal level, or like you, even still you can’t get your mind off it? It just makes you feel bad and wants to make you apologize to that person for something you honestly don’t think you did wrong for some imagines slight against them that may not even be a problem in the first place?! Why does the brain do that to you??? Why?!

lmao @ omgcp fans who think georgia is some homophobic shithole. lived there for four years, about the same place where bitty would have lived, albeit i am closer to atlanta, and no one ever gave me shit for anything, and i am very visably gay. yalls ignorance and classism is showing. do not act like homophobia is not/has always been a northern and canadian problem too, bc ur shit stinks just like everyone else’s.


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I know it’ll kill you to hear this, but I think I can live with that.

People have probably said this before, but I just hate it when authors put gay/poc characters into their books/movies/series and they really try and make them more than a stereotype and they give them other personality traits, so they aren’t defined by their race/sexuality BUT THEN the fandom of said movie/book/series or whatever just sees their sexuality/race and they don’t give a shit about anything else??? So first the fans complain about how the poc/gay characters are misrepresented and they don’t have any other defining traits, but when they do, the fans just resort them back to their sexuality/race? Like does anyone else get bothered by this??


People seem to forget that Perrie is in fact a human??????? A living, breathing human being with feelings, and comenting rude shit on her insta wont make you relevant. It makes you whiny and rude. Just because you don’t like her does not give you the right to harass her online.

Commentary on Bernie Sanders or Drake?

I’d just like to point out that I predicted from DAY ONE that this guy was poised for stardom. No one has been following the progression of his career as closely as I have, and now suddenly everyone is his “biggest fan.”


Is he perfect? No. Are any of us? Absolutely not. But it’s precisely his flaws and his willingness to open up about his vulnerabilities that make him the man we need to listen to right now.

To all the haters out there: don’t start beef with this dude. He will always win.

Find more statements that leave you wondering whether the topic of conversation is the Presidential candidate or the Canadian rapper. 

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I guess I'm just not sure that a 'Save Killian' arc would be possible? I think because no one really has a relationship with Hook besides Emma. It isn't like one of the other Nevengers going missing.

I keep seeing this pop up here and there and it’s just not true. Killian has established relationships with a majority of the characters on the show. Here have some headcanons:

  • Henry misses Killian most when he’s sitting in the diner, a plate of half-cold french fries in front of him, the loaded dice Killian gave him and encouraged to practice sitting heavy in his pocket. He misses him when he goes home, too, and sees the way Emma stares out the window, fingertips toying with the ring around her neck. 
  • David misses Killian most when they’re sitting around the table in the loft, Emma’s eyes downcast and her fork pushing around the food on her plate. He opens and closes his mouth, but the usual quip about too-tight leather or eyeliner feels like ash on his tongue. Mary Margaret reaches for his hand and squeezes, darting another concerned glance at Emma. 
  • Belle misses Killian most when she’s alone in the library, not able to reach the top shelves to restack the books. She stares at the ordered volumes, listed by genre and then again by alphabetical order, stacked neatly on the rack at the end of the row. 
  • Robin misses Killian most when he’s nursing a whiskey and trying to figure out what in the blazes pre-natal care is, staring at the pamphlets in his hand and wishing he had someone else with no knowledge of this realm to commiserate. 
  • Zelena misses Killian most when she has no one to ship anymore. 
  • Regina misses Killian most when she gets flung through the air by the most recent monster, landing hard on her shoulder. He was an idiot, but he took a hit well. 
  • Granny misses Killian most when she pours out two coffees in the morning, black for him and cinnamon over whipped cream for her, remembering at the last minute that only one is needed now. She misses him when the dwarves start getting rowdy on Saturday nights, because the man was always good for a little intimidation. She misses his gold, too. 
  • Emma misses Killian most at night, when the space beside her in bed is cold and the shadows along her wall mirror the ones in her heart. She misses him most in the morning, when she turns over in bed and there are no blue eyes smiling back at her. She misses him most in the afternoon, when she eats her grilled cheese alone at her desk. She misses him most in the evening, when she walks home alone, no cold metal pressed against her hip.  

The only one who wouldn’t miss Killian if he were gone is Gold. And if you remember, Gold wasn’t too fond about going to fetch Henry back either. But he did it, because it meant a lot to the people around him. It is the same exact case with Killian. Sure not everyone is his biggest fan, but they know what he means to Emma. And that is enough. 

Plus, speculation is fun and I’m having a good time imagining this storyline. Doesn’t mean it will or will not come true. I’m just rolling around in the potential feelsy mess of it all.