everyone's always so worried about johnny's feelings

Vol 23 Bonus Chapter would like to remind you...

  • Komui is always looking after younger Exorcists behind the screen
  • Timothy feels all alone with everyone now disappearing
  • Krory still worries a lot about his bestfriends and tries to take on as many  mission he can get to go into activated vampire mode to keep himself busy and together
NCT 127 scenario: When Johnny is upset

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 Loud knocking on your door replaced the silence in your apartment at exactly 6:32 p.m.. You knew because you were checking the time on your phone at that moment. Hiding the device in your pocket you walked to the door and opened it only to reveal the one you’ve been impatiently waiting for. Johnny Seo stood in a messy fashion. His long cloak only underlined how tall he was meanwhile long fringe that covered his eyes made him look mysterious.

 You managed to let out only a soft “hello” before he walked in. There was something tense in his way of walking but he still passed you in gently manner, careful not to push you. Taken back by the dark aura that came in along with him, you closed the door and leaned on it.

 Johnny was brutal when undressing from his outdoor attire. His scarf flew around while he impatiently pulled at the buttons of his cloak. Frustrated sigh left his lips when the clothing wasn’t cooperating. It was your time to step in.

“What happened?” You asked as you pushed away his hands to take care of the buttons. There was no need to be delicate around nervous Johnny. He always opened up to you.

“I had a terrible day.” He admitted. Johnny played with the fabric of you sweater while waiting for you to finish. “You know how we’re preparing for the comeback?”

“Yeah. What about it?”

 You helped him take the coat off and hung it in the wardrobe. Johnny waited for you before he lead you to the couch in the living room. There you sat next to each other so your thighs were touching.

“I couldn’t get the choreography right. We couldn’t finish it the entire practice because I would do something wrong.” He let out in frustration. His hand gripped on your knee strongly in desperate attempt to ground himself. “Sometimes I wonder what am I even doing there.”

 It was hard to believe that Johnny Seo would say something like that. Yeah, he had his insecurities, everyone had, but he never kept himself in regret. He was hard-working and cheerful, a ray of sunshine in the form of tall man. You nodded in understanding, also encouraging him to pour out all of his emotions. That always helped.

“So many years in this business and I’m still nowhere. Like I’m stuck in the pit that I dug myself. You know what I mean?” He asked and you kept nodding, looking intensely at his face. “I felt their irritated stares every time I missed a step and choreographer called me out. I’m so… tired of that.”

“Can one day really bring you down?” It was your time to finally make a comment.

 Johnny glanced at you for a second, then in front of him as he shrugged and shook his head. His hair moved in the air so lightly it seemed as if he had a dark halo. Despite his terrible humor and dark aura he still had innocence written all over his face, due to his big eyes. 

“I guess so?”

“It’s how you’re feeling today. Tomorrow you’ll wake up ready to face whatever awaits next!” Your enthusiasm reached him, but as fast as a small smile appeared, it left a few seconds later.

“Maybe…” His voice got quieter and deeper. “But I tell myself the same thing for a month now and everyday is the same.”

“What? A month?” Johnny stayed still as you couldn’t believe his words. “A month and you only tell me now?”

“Yeah, yeah. I never felt the need to but I just… You listen to me. You’re interested in what I have to say. I needed to let it out.”

 Maybe you’d get shy because of the honorable spot he reserved for you, but you were too upset to think about anything else than his mental health. Your hands grabbed his arm and brought it close to your chest.

“Johnny, I’m worried.” He refused to look at you. His lips twisted into sour smile that didn’t take away his beauty. “Are you bottling up your emotions?”

“You sound like a damn psychologist.”

“I can’t help that it came out like that. And don’t change the topic! You can’t keep bringing yourself down! All this time you’ve been working because you believed in what you’re doing. You wanted to be who you are!”

“Meaning a guy who lacks talent?”

“No! I’m talking about an idol! People look up to you. I look up to you too! Nobody can cheer a person up like you because I don’t know anyone as positive as you.” Although his eyes rested on your face, they were still sad. “And maybe that’s my fault that I didn’t notice how bad you felt all this time…”

“You aren’t guilty.”

“See? You always put everyone before you. Stop for a moment and think about yourself Johnny. It’s not a crime.”

“I’m not doing that.”

“Yes you are. But don’t worry I’ll try to cheer you up. You always help me whenever I feel down. What’s happening in town right now? I mean, we’re in Seoul so probably a hundred different events…”

“(y/n)…” Johnny called your name when you tried to pull him up. He didn’t intend on standing up.

“Come on, we’re going to take your mind off all this negativity! You just need to get up!” You didn’t give up on him but your work was fruitless. Johnny remained on the couch. “Ugh! Come on Seo. I’m not giving up on you!”

“(y/n) I’d rather stay home. I’m really tired.” You couldn’t argue because he really looked exhausted. There was no other option than to give up.

“Alright. What do you want to do?” His hands pulled you to stand between his legs as he hugged your middle.


“Nothing won’t take your mind off the bad thoughts. How about cooking? I could make pasta? No, WE could make pasta! Like those lovey-dovey couples on TV.”

“Ughh… Fine.” He agreed but made you pull him up.

 You struggled for awhile, acting annoyed by the smug smile on his face. When he finally stood up and let you lead him to the kitchen, a grin finally appeared on your face too.