everyone x oikawa

how to fall in rarepair hell

1. Consider the pairing 

2. Laugh at how unlikely it is (and at yourself for even considering)

3. Sudden realization

4. “maybe I should check ao3″

5. “i probably won’t find it that good”

6. “no, i don’t love it, it’s just interesting”

7. “OK but it’s still not my OTP what’s the big deal”

8. it’s 5 am and you have reblogged all those 1000 year old posts from the bottom of tumblr

9. you regret all your life choices 


Haven’t read the manga but… there has to be a point during the karasuno vs. aoba josai match where Oikawa for a moment, begins to lose faith and doubts himself. They might actually lose.
But Iwa-chan is there to pick up his babe and lift his spirits.