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Elemental - Chapter 6

Fandom: Haikyuu!! 

A/N: lots of shit goes down. like lots. also, do not kill me for the ending xD (read beginning notes please!) 

“Do we have everything we need?”

Oikawa glances into his knapsack, nodding an affirmative as his eyes rove over its contents. “Food, a little bit of money, more water pouches, fake passports just in case, and some basic medicines.”

Iwaizumi turns back to look at his own bag and sighs. “I’m gonna miss this place.”

Oikawa looks away, “Yeah, me too.”


Oikawa looks back at him with watery eyes. “I’m gonna miss the people more.”

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A Little Bit Faster

because i’m really stressed out over a cheating!oikawa (which he isn’t one at all! T.T) fic and the fact that there are a lot of cheating!oikawa fics (than my poor heart can take) out there, here’s a lovey-dovey oikawa for everyone

Oikawa Tooru x Reader

Oikawa stares intently at you as the both of you sit on the couch in the living room.

Feeling your cheeks heat up at the attention, you keep your eyes glued on the movie playing in front you. Various thoughts run on your mind and you are unsure of what to do when he suddenly calls you earlier and asks you to hang out with him at his place. A stay-at-home date, he says over the phone and although it shouldn’t surprise you considering you accepted his confession a few days ago, it still made your heart beat a little bit faster than usual. You glance at him then, and the brunette is still staring at you as he leans on his palm with his elbow on his knee.

“Oikawa-kun, please stop staring at me,” he hears you say and although he finds it adorable how you squirm under his gaze, he’s a little hurt.

Oikawa pouts and scoots closer to you. You pull back a little, the sudden closeness surprising you. “Geez, ___-chan! You’re my girlfriend and yet you still can’t say my name,” he whines.

You’re still blushing but he’s looking at you with expectant eyes that you figure you don’t really have any other choice than to give him what he wants.

“T-Tooru…” His name on your tongue tingles so you look away in embarrassment. A groan startles you and you quickly turn to the boy beside you.

Oikawa has his hands over his face and you panic, thinking that you may have done something that upset him. “I-I’m sorry! I sounded really weird, didn’t I?”

The brunette immediately looks up, a small blush tints his cheeks. “No, it’s not like that.”

“Then why…?” You tilt your head to the side in confusion.

This time he’s the one who looks away while covering the lower-half of his face with his hand as he tries to hide the blush quickly spreading across his face. “Because you’re too cute that I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself if I touch you now.”

It takes you a moment to process his words but when it does, your blush intensifies.

“Then…” you trail off and Oikawa turns his attention back to you. He watches as you hold your arms out to him. “Tooru,” you whisper and his heart is beating a little bit faster when you shyly peek at him beneath your lashes. “Please help yourself.”

It takes him a moment before he grins and leans forward to wrap his arms around you and capture your lips for a kiss. Your hands grip at the back of his shirt and he’s happy because you’re still the cute, ecchi girl he fell in love with.

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i want a hogwarts au in which iwaizumi was sorted into gryffindor. refusing to be seperated from his bff, oikawa made a fuss and tried convince the sorting hat into putting him in gryffindor too instead of slytherin but the hat would have none of that. oikawa threw a temper tantrum first but soon figured out ‘hey if that old hat won’t let me then i might as well let myself in’ so within the first week he had managed to charm the fat lady and sneak into the gryffindor’s dormitory and also sit in gryffindor’s table during meal. gryffindor’s firsties welcomed him due to his obvious charm and iwaizumi was ofc happy and all but soon began to worry for his best friend because duh he needs to spend more time with the slytherin house too!! so iwaizumi began to sneak into the slytherin’s dorm and occasionally eat at the slytherin’s table and because he was iwaizumi the slytherin grew to love him too. and this arrangement continued on without much protest from anyone especially when their group of friends from their respective house started to befriend each other too, thus how iwaizumi and oikawa promoted interhouse unity.


Haven’t read the manga but… there has to be a point during the karasuno vs. aoba josai match where Oikawa for a moment, begins to lose faith and doubts himself. They might actually lose.
But Iwa-chan is there to pick up his babe and lift his spirits.