everyone would buy it

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AU family playing monopoly?

its a total wreck (elise and hinoka beat leon up somewhere in the bg)

marx always plays with handicaps (like 2x less starting money or cant buy anything for first 5 turns) bc hes too good at SERIOUS BUSINESS and would own everyone

takumi tries to buy most expensive spaces to develop them early in the game but he usually fails and bankrupts first

kamuis always hoard all ‘get out of jail’ cards and sell them later to desperate players at ridiculous prices

camilla and aqua race who will buy all railroads and utilities first

but the most dangerous player is sakura.

she takes so much after marx in terms of business and hes so proud

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omfg we need shakycam footage of Hojo being harassed by GNN reporters on the beach at Costa Del Sol like immediately





  • Lay:awe don't cry Sehun!
  • Sehun:I can't believe he left you know? I just- *cries even more*
  • Kyungsoo:I've never seen Sehun so upset
  • Kai:I know right? :(
  • Chanyeol:cheer up Sehun, shouldn't you be happy that he's healthy and okay now?
  • Baekhyun:yeah what Chanyeol said!
  • Sehun:but I miss him!!
  • Suho:you know what? Name anything and WE'LL buy it for you, ALL of us and when I say ALL I mean ALL.
  • Xiumin:really?
  • Chen:I'm broke m8 wtf
  • Kai:I don't have any money ?? Im only young
  • Suho:*smiles while ignoring everyone's protests* of course
  • Sehun:I want bubble tea, clothes and more bubble tea
  • Baekhyun:oh wow I thought you were going to come up with something crazy and say 'I want you guys to kidnap Tao and lock him in my closet!' *laughs*
  • Chanyeol:ha imagine if Sehun already kidnapped Tao and locked him in his closet *also laughs*
  • Rest of the members start laughing
  • Sehun:haha yeah haha *laughs nervously*
  • Tao who's locked in Sehun's closet:*banging on the door and trying to shout but there's a cloth tied around his mouth*
  • Kyungsoo:O.O uh what was that?
  • Xiumin:it sounded like a muffled scream
  • Sehun:haha it's probably just the kids playing outside
  • Chanyeol:there's no kids around-
  • Sehun:*starts sobbing* I JUST MISS HIM SO MUCH!
  • Lay:if only I could heal a broken heart
  • Suho:shh it's okay Sehun, don't cry. We'll buy you Bubble tea and clothes if it makes you happy.
  • Rest of the members:yeah !!
  • Chen:even tho I'm broke
  • Kai:and I'm only young and also broke
  • Xiumin:and I don't want to spend money
  • Sehun:you guys are the best! Group hug!! *hugs everyone as he glances at his closet*

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#Lol Marissa you should write a book #The Tale of Stana Katic's Hair #a book series perhaps? #Possibly a movie deal? #I can see it now #it'll be the next big thing -- on it. I'll start tonight.

I shall expect a copy by the end of the year then shall I?

i was watching sex and the city and miranda was complaining about dating and i whispered to the laptop “bad dates are better than no dates”

and then i started wondering why no one dates me

and then i remembered that i hadn’t brushed my hair in a two days and i was wearing a shirt with kittens on it stuffing my face with pizza and watching sex and the city all alone

then i said “oh right”

And some of you get so jealous of other people succeeding on here it’s so ugly, mainly because you have a shitty personality. So you are literally waiting until someone makes one small mistake just to post your hate post that is in your drafts finally lmao.

Like if someone is actually a shitty person or we find that out, then okay they don’t deserve their followers. But people make these bullshit ass posts all day and night about “SPREAD POSITIVITY”, and then when people do they get attacked by the same people making those posts anyways. Because they are being “too nice” or  “man they are fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, “i really hate that u are fake deep XDDDDDDDDD”

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I know you literally just started your new comic but do you have any plans to make it into a book eventually? Because I would buy 100000 copies and give them to everyone I know.

Heck yeah!

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tbh why doesn't dan just design merch he would wear bc that way everyone would buy it idk

I know honestly Dan has such good taste in everything why can’t he design his own merch lol

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They have bath bombs called "milky bath" in the shape of a milk bottle in Lush and I'm there in a p!atd shirt laughing my head off I think everyone thinks I'm insane now

sihghghghghghg who would buy ttaaht

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I'm gonna ask since you asked me: Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin :)

• go on a road trip with: Jamie bc he seems quieter than Tyler and I don’t shut up on road trips

• take to prom: Tyler cause we’re from the same city so everyone would know him and be jealous

• buy a puppy with: Jamie cause he is a puppy BUT TYLER CAUSE HAVE YOU SEEN HIM AND HIS CHILDREN OH MAN IDK NOW

• make cupcakes for: IDKIDK JAMIE

• let pick the music in the car: Seggs I think
+ who’s hoodie i’d “accidentally steal” JAMIE CAUSE IT WOULD BE HUGE PROBABLY OMG

Thank you!!

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I got so excited when I saw wizard of earthsea among your favorite books. It's been one of my favorites ever since elementary school. Everyone I've met who's read it adores it. But I've only met 3-4 people who've read it. I don't understand how it's not more popular it's just the best. (The sequel, tombs of Atuan, is my absolute fav).

Yes! Me too, I also read them in elementary school (over and over). For me it’s one of those series where if you read them, you never forget them, and they become integral to your life, but I feel like so few people I know read them as well. I would buy them for everyone if I could. (I think they’re at most libraries though!)

I should have said the whole series is one of my favorites like I did about others, because it is, I just wasn’t precise enough. Tombs of Atuan is stunning, amazing, incredible. 

Ursula K. Le Guin is one of my heroes and favorite authors ever, and I’ve been honored to meet her and hear her read and speak twice now. portland privilege 

I introduced my SO to her work and he devoured Earthsea and a bunch of her other books such as The Left Hand of Darkness and The Lathe of Heaven, and short stories and then bought those books for his mom and his sister. I am always looking to expand the Le Guin fandom.

POC main characters? 

Magic? Fantasy? A Dragon here or there?

Gender? Nonbinary genders?

Polyamory? Sexuality?

Sci Fi?

Pacific Northwest? The environment? Nature?

Multiple Hugo, Nebula, Locus and World Fantasy award winner?

If these appeal to anyone, I highly suggest looking into Le Guin’s amazing writing.

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Hey so I'm going away backpacking next year and was originally going to buy a down jacket because they are so warm and can be packed so small into a bag but since going vegan and learning the cruelty involved I no longer want to get one! Can you recommend any other types of fabrics that have the same benefits that I could get instead? Cheers!

There are plenty of other jackets on the market today.

Also second hand down means you not supporting the industry as financially.

If everyone stopped buying from down companies then the production would cease. If people really want down they can buy the millions of down jackets already on ebay etc.

D23 really should be a week long..

The lines for the stores are 5 HOURS LONG. I cannot justify wasting a WHOLE DAY to get into ONE STORE when I’d miss so many panels and news updates.

But then again trying to get this stuff online will be impossible since everyone will scalp this shit.

If this was a week long no one would feel pressured to go buy things right away and everyone would be able to take their time

Disney REALLY dropped the ball on this

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No more beating around the bush, telling it like it is: I'd love to go for a pint with SDGM, bet he can tell some cracking stories. There, I said it. Don't judge me 😁

No judging here! He looks like the guy that would buy the first round for everyone but make himself the designated driver or something. And he also looks like a person with A LOT of gossip being the handler of celebs at stage door. Imagine the things he’s seen! Good times.

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Anti-censor anon from before. I hope I didn't come across as rude, I just wanted to encourage you standing up for yourself and not just taking what they said at face value. Like, if someone said that the word grapes was offensive on this website I'm sure everyone would buy it. It's just nice to see someone demanding a little more. I personally don't think eliminating offensive words will do anything without polite education and encouragement of tolerant thinking. Sorry for bothering you again.

You didn’t come off as rude! I just wanted to clear it up for other people also because I probably did sound like I’m against some things. Because that one anon accused me of not caring about triggers, when the word I was using no one told me was triggering, and the whole conversation had nothing to do about triggering others anyways?? Maybe it did, but no one told me to tag it as anything, so…

Idk, but you’re not bothering me!

A good chunk of the time I come off as angry, when really I just talk passionately about things and if you’re not used to me (even if you are actually), I just come off as pissed off. So like, honestly, even if I come off angry or something there is a really good chance I’m just having a good time talking way too much.

Inverted Pyramids and Cinnamon Rolls - Chapter Thirteen

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Talk and Listen

I opened my flat’s door with shaking legs and my arms about to fall off. I tried to pass through the entrance but with the three bags I was holding on each arms, that simple task was hopeless: I resembled an elephant trying to walk inside a porcelain store. Therefore, I went for the classic sided star position in order to access the living room and once I was finally inside, I carefully brought and put everything on the kitchen table.

Christmas shopping had been tough this year.

Not only was I almost a month late than my usual Holiday Shopping Schedule, I also had a hard time finding what I wanted to buy for everyone. Usually, I would make a list a week or two before heading to the stores, but this semester had me so busy I hadn’t thought about Christmas at all.

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