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My Dearest (Thayne Jasperson x Reader)

Pairing: Thayne Jasperson x Reader (modern)

TW: some swearing

A/N: this is my first fic on here and it may be trash (then again it might not so i have that going for me).

Word Count: 2,343

You waited in the line of your favorite hole in the wall coffee shop. The Daily Grind had been your second home since you had moved to New York, having nowhere to go after your family hadn’t supported your dream. All you wanted when you walked in was a decent cup of coffee, but you walked out with a new tight circle of friends. You found yourself walking back to The Daily Grind whenever you wanted to clear your cluttered mind. Soon enough, the small café on the end of 46th street became your go to spot to get a fresh, steaming cup of what you were sure was the nectar of the gods.

You tapped your foot absent mindedly to the beat of the Hamilton soundtrack that softly thumped through your earbuds. Although Hamilton had only been showing on Broadway for a few weeks, it had been the talk of everyone you knew. You had listened to the album front and back countless times and knew almost every lyric. You listened to it as you woke up and when you went to bed in the late hours of the night because something about it was so compelling.

“Hey, Y/N!” The cheery voice of The Daily Grind’s cashier, Sara, interrupted Farmer Refuted as you hit pause and tugged out one earbud. “I’m guessing you want your usual, with the fuckton of sugar?”

You dramatically placed a hand over your heart and pouted your lip. “You know me so well, how sweet.”

A grin fell on her face at your antics as she passed your order onto another employee. “Only the best for our most valued customer. Let me tell you, you’re sure a sight for sore eyes. The shop’s been busy ever since Hamilton hit Broadway. We’ve been slammed with customers before and after the shows since we’re the closest café.”

“Hey, any business is good business.” You stepped aside, suddenly remembering you were holding up a slightly angry line as Sara nodded and handed you your cup of sweet goodness.

You sighed in relief as the warmth of the cup met your palms. Recently, it seemed like coffee was the only thing that kept you going. You spun on your heel, ready to leave the shop just as you abruptly ran into a strong, solid figure. Before you knew it, your coffee was splattered all over your clothes and the ground. In the mess of this, your phone had fallen from your hand onto the floor along with your earbuds. At this point, you were more disappointed about your wasted coffee than your most likely shattered phone and damp clothes.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry, I—here—let me help you with that.” Your head snapped up at the sweet sounding voice as you saw the man grab about twenty napkins. His eyebrows were furrowed and his mouth was shaped into a worried frown as he continued to apologize to the employees as well, muttering to himself.

“Christ, Thayne, you can’t even walk down the street without making a mess.”

You laughed quietly to yourself, taking in Thayne’s features: his vivid chocolate eyes, his chestnut hair, and god, his teeth were brighter than your future.

But why did this all look so familiar to you? You felt like you had known Thayne from somewhere you couldn’t quite place.

You were taken away from your thoughts as Thayne stepped in front of you, frantically giving you more napkins than you knew what to do with. You patted the napkins on your shirt as you desperately tried to rid your clothes of the stain with no avail.

“Again, I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am, that was totally my bad I—” His eyes filled with worry as you attempted to get the splotchy stain out of your clothes.

You glanced up at him for a second, in awe of how polite he was being to you. “Hey, it’s okay, I wasn’t watching where I was going. You’re fine, don’t worry too much about it.”

“Wait, what?” Thayne’s eyes flicked up to you at your words, as if he didn’t believe what you had just said.

“I said it’s okay. It’s just a little spill.”

“Oh,” he sighed, his muscular shoulders immediately dropping in what it seemed was relief. “Thank you so much, usually people on the streets yell at me to watch where I’m going! I’m just surprised is all, heh.” He looked down to your phone on the floor, swiftly bending down to pick it up.

“Yeah, some New Yorkers aren’t the most forgiving—what?” You were cut off by Thayne’s joyous laughter as he took a glance at your phone.

He grinned up at you and returned your phone, giggles still threatening to escape his lips. “Farmer Refuted, huh?”

You slipped your phone in the back pocket of your jeans, a ghost of a smile spreading on your face at the mention of one of your favorite Hamilton songs. “Yeah, I was going through what must be my tenth run through of listening to Hamilton.”

“You must be a pretty big fan, eh?”

“You could say that.”

“Well, I happen to know quite a bit about Hamilton myself.” He cocked his head, a smirk tugging at his lips.

You raised one eyebrow at his claim. “Do you now?”

He hummed. “Mhm. How ‘bout this: I’ll pay for your coffee, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, either. I can get my order, then we can sit down and you can tell me everything you think you know about Hamilton.”

This man was too sweet, you almost couldn’t believe it. He immediately apologizes for something that was clearly your fault, and now he offers to pay for the coffee that you spilled?

He was as sweet as the “fuckton” of sugar in your coffee.

“Wait—you really don’t need to pay for that—”

“Ah ah ah! What did I say?” He turned around to face you, an exuberant smile plastered on his face as he placed himself in the line to order.

You huffed, accepting your defeat. “No ifs, ands, or buts.” You grumbled.

“That’s better. Smile more.

“Oh my god.” You made your way to a table near the back of the shop along the wall, pulling your phone out of your pocket to check the potential damage from when you had dropped it. To your surprise, and by some miracle, there were no visible cracks on the screen. You sighed, relief instantly flooding through you as you turned on your phone and played a game to pass the time while you waited for Thayne.

When you got bored of playing games, you glanced up at the clock. It had been ten minutes since Thayne told you he would order both of your coffees. You craned your neck to see Thayne at the counter, waiting for the order. Your eyes grew wide at the sight of twenty cups in front of him.

Who the hell were those for?

Sara placed one more cup in front of Thayne, giving him multiple trays to keep the coffee from spilling as he made several trips to your table.

After he placed the final tray to the side, he sat down, handing you your usual.

“Why in the world do you have all of those cups?” Your eyebrows furrowed, amazed at how much Thayne had ordered.

“I’ve got a lot of, uh, friends that need it…Oh!” He exclaimed after taking a sip of his own drink. “I haven’t even introduced myself yet!”

He stuck a hand out towards you across the table. “Jasperson. Thayne Jasperson.”

You giggled, taking his hand and shaking it firmly. “L/N. Y/N L/N.”

“You’ve got yourself a nice name, there.” Thayne sipped his coffee.

“Thanks, it was a birthday present.”

Thayne practically did a spit take as he cackled at your joke, his eyes crinkling. “Why did I laugh at that?”

“Because I’m funny as hell, duh.” You laughed at his reaction for a minute until you two settled down.

Thayne fiddled with his fingers, looking up at you. “Have you ever gone to a Hamilton show?”

You nearly choked on your coffee, covering your mouth with your hand. “God, I wish. Have you?”

He shook his head, a smile spreading on his lips. “Me? No, a couple of my friends have, though. They said it was really good.”

“How can it not with that amazing soundtrack? All of the songs are so genius and everyone has such amazing voices.”

He nodded in agreement. “Heh, I suppose so. So, uh, what do you do? Like, for a living?”

“Ah, not much, I’m basically your stereotypical struggling actor. Came to New York because my family didn’t support me, l live in a small apartment, I’m taking every opportunity for musicals that I can. I do teach acting classes, though, down the road. I figured I could help other people find their talent, instead of wasting mine. Enough about me, though. What do you do?”

“I dance, was in a couple productions here and there, y’know. That acting class thing sounds really cool, though. That’s awesome that you’re inspiring younger people.”

“Mhm.” You smiled. “As weird as it sounds, I kind of like watching the kids struggle—”

“Yeah, that is pretty weird—” He laughed heartily.

“Shhh!” Your face broke into a grin. “When they struggle and keep working towards a goal, it makes it so much better to see when they reach the goal. When it clicks. They try so hard to do something, and then all of the sudden they nail it and this smile just never leaves their face, it's—it’s why I still have that job.”

Thayne listened intently, his attention never diverting as a warm, soft smile that reached his eyes spread across his face; one that made you feel safe. “I can just tell you have some great talent in you, you know that? You’re so passionate about what you do and being able to teach kids all these technicalities that go into acting and dancing and singing is no easy job. You’re more interesting than I thought, Y/N.”

A blush rose to your cheeks as you laughed from embarrassment. “That’s really sweet of you; no one really cares to compliment my work, especially in the performing arts. My parents just said my dream would get me nowhere, no matter how hard I worked. They didn’t think I was talented, so I don’t really think so anymore either.”

“Hey,” Thayne reached across the table and placed his hand over yours, his eyes serious, yet still holding some kind of safety you couldn’t quite place. “Don’t you dare say that to yourself. Excuse my language, but fuck what your parents say! All that matters is that I’m here and I believe that you have what it takes to make it big! And from what I’ve seen, you are a lovely, lovely person and anyone who doesn’t want to work with you after this first impression doesn’t deserve you. You understand me?”

You nodded your head inhaled sharply, surprised by his sudden outburst. You had only known Thayne for a mere thirty minutes, and you already had such a strong connection with him. You felt your eyes begin to well up with tears at the thought of him thinking so highly of you after just meeting you. Thayne’s eyes were soft and he gasped slightly at the sight of you.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He got out of his seat, crouching down beside you and taking your hands in his. “Was it something that I said? Because I tend to—”

“No, no, it’s nothing you said.” Your voice shook. “Well—maybe—but the point is, no one has ever truly believed in me and my dream. And to just hear you say those things, it’s…relieving.”

Next thing you knew, Thayne’s strong arms wrapped around your form as he rubbed your back. “Y/N, I know what it’s like to not have anyone rooting for you, and it absolutely sucks. That’s why I just want you to have some hope, I don’t want you to feel this way because no one deserves it. I believe in you because I can see talent in you, you’re literally dripping in it. I’m not saying this just to say it, y’know?”

You nodded against his shoulder as you pulled away from him, a small smile on both of your faces.

“You good?” Thayne asked. “Because if you’re gonna cry again I can give you another hug, you know, I specialize in those. Heck, I might as well put it on my resume.”

His comment caused you to giggle uncontrollably as he took his seat again and beamed at you.

“That was totally better than my name joke.” You looked up at Thayne.

“You bet it was.” Thayne pulled out his phone, turning it on to check the time as his eyes widened. “Oh shi—shoot. Shoot. I need to take these orders back to my friends. Y/N, can I see your phone real quick?”

“Uhh, sure?” You unlocked your phone and handed it to Thayne as he tapped the screen, his tongue poking out of the corner of his lips.

“Annnnd, here you go.” Thayne placed your phone in your hand as he grabbed the trays of countless cups. “I’ll see you soon?”

“I sure hope so.” You laughed at the sight of Thayne trying to hold 5 trays at one time as he walked towards the door of the shop.

Thayne turned back towards once more, a big smile spreading across his face. “I hope so too, Y/N.”

As he exited the café, Sara gave a pointed look towards you, a smirk tugging at her lips. “Looks like Y/N’s got themselves a boyfrienddd!

You shook your head in embarrassment, your cheeks flushing. “No…”

“You wish, though.”

You paused for a second, your eyes still on the door Thayne walked out of just minutes ago. “I guess so.”

Saudade: Ch12

The next month with Josh reminded you of all the reasons why you loved him, but most importantly, made you realize how much you really missed him. Josh was all adventure, always wanting to take you to new places or help you explore the city, taking you out places every night, watching new movies with you, trying new things to eat. However, you missed Brendon. A lot. Josh didn’t have sex with you nearly as much as Brendon did, and he was always so gentle and sweet and slow, almost to the point of boring you. Half of the time, you had to fake your orgasm, which only made you feel more guilty for cheating on him. You also missed being able to just lay around at home by the pool or on the sofa, watch Brendon play video games or piano, pop open a beer and smoke a joint, having his dogs paw at your legs or hop on your lap, not having a care in the world. There was something about being with Brendon that had been so freeing, and you missed it. However, you couldn’t complain. Josh treated you like a queen every day, cooking you breakfast and buying you new clothes, showing you off throughout town and doing everything to make you happy. You couldn’t bring yourself to ever tell him that you weren’t completely satisfied.

“Hey,” Josh greeted one day, walking into the living room where you were sitting on the couch, staring at the wall. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly, trying to clear your thoughts.

“You looked a little sad,” he frowned, sitting beside you and curling his arms around your waist. “What’s wrong, baby?”

“Nothing,” you lied.

“Something,” he insisted. “Come on. Just tell me.”

You glanced at Josh, looking at his worried mocha eyes, the way his brow was furrowed with concern, his lips pressed together in deep thought. “I can’t,” you shook your head, closing your eyes tight. What were you supposed to even say? I don’t love you as much as I usually do because while you were away for two months I decided to fuck some other famous rock star behind your back?

“Yes, you can,” he reassured. “You can tell me anything, sweetheart.”

“I really can’t,” you insisted, tears daring to brim in your eyes. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Yes, I would,” he pressed. “Come on, y/n. Talk to me.”

“It’s fine,” you took a deep breath. “It’s nothing, I just, it’s fine.”

“Tell me,” he sighed. “Please, I thought our relationship was based off of trust.” The words stung like hell as soon as they reached your ears, making you bite down hard on your tongue, your stomach doing flips. It had been a month since you had even talked to Brendon but he was still burned in the back of your mind.

“I um, well…” you struggled to find a good lie. “I just miss the days when your band wasn’t so famous, you know?”

“What do you mean?” Josh whispered, and you could tell he was a bit hurt, but you decided to continue with what you had already invested your courage in.

“Not so many big tours, interviews, photoshoots…” your voice trailed off. “I don’t know. I just miss you guys being small and personal.”

“I miss it too,” he admitted, curling you up towards his side even more, resting his head on your shoulder and kissing your cheek. “But life happens.”

“I know,” you sighed. “I just miss it I guess.”

Josh’s phone rang and he groaned, unwrapping his arms from around your waist, glancing at the screen. “Hold up, I gotta take this one, it’s Ty,” he explained quickly, sliding it open to answer and then holding it to his ear. “What’s up?”

You closed your eyes, snuggling up to his chest and not even bothering to eavesdrop on their conversation, but instead trying to find reasons to be content. You should be. You should be extremely thankful. Josh had done so much for you, practically everything, and yet you were still thirsting for more. You were ashamed and embarrassed with yourself for such thoughts. You pressed your ear up to Josh’s chest, listening for his heartbeat, the steady rhythm soothing. You should just clear your mind, try to forget about it, and start anew. Pretend like Josh leaving had never even happened. Be grateful for what you have. “Verdict?” you wondered when he hung up, setting the phone beside him.

“Tyler and Jenna want to hang out after an interview at a radio station tonight, I said we’d be up for it,” he shrugged. “Right?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “I’d love to.” And it was true. Sometimes all you needed was a reminder of how much you missed spending time with the boys. Something that made you remember how much you loved being with Josh and going places and doing things.

“You don’t have to dress up that much,” Josh explained. “But I would love it if you wore one of my t-shirts maybe.”

“Really?” you gave a sly smile. “You’d let me? To an interview?”

“Definitely,” he grinned, placing a kiss on your lips. “I want everyone to know you’re mine.”

You decided to wear his black Thrasher hoodie and some jean shorts, pulling your hair back into a ponytail, as well as some sneakers, Josh beaming when you hopped into the car with him, taking a second to drink you in. “You like?” you smirked.

“I love,” he laughed, pressing his lips to yours for another kiss. “God, you look so hot in my clothes. I just can’t get enough.”

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” you reminded, making note of his usual snapback, camouflage jacket, and ripped jeans.

“Thanks babe,” he chuckled, plugging his phone into the aux cord and blasting Blink-182, making you both smile and relax in your seats as you rolled out of the driveway and took off on the highway.

The radio station was only a couple cities away from your apartment. When you got there, Tyler and Jenna were already there chatting up the radio emcee and interviewer. “There he is!” Tyler laughed when Josh entered. “Fashionably late as always.”

“Whatever,” Josh rolled his eyes and laughed. “I’m on time, doofus.”

“Okay, let’s get down to business,” the interviewer chuckled. “Um, ladies, if you’d like to look around, feel free. We have some snacks and drinks in the lounge and there’s a hall of fame over in that hallway if you want to go take a look.”

“Cool,” Jenna beamed. “We’ll be sure to check it out.”

“Awesome,” the interviewer grinned. “Don’t worry, I won’t whisk your boys away for too long.”

They began to close the door and Josh blew you a kiss, making you giggle, then they were gone for good. “I don’t know about you,” Jenna began. “But snacks sound great to me.”

Inside the lounge were plenty of bagels and doughnuts and even a couple boxes of pizza, as well as a cooler full of soda cans. Jenna’s eyes instantly lit up at the doughnuts, picking one out and smiling before taking a bite, sprinkles falling onto the floor and making both of you giggle. You decided to pick up a can of soda and pop open the tab, taking a long sip and looking around the room. There were some couches and chairs, as well as a picture frame displaying the employee of the month, as well as the rest of the staff. “Want to check out the hall of fame?” you inquired, and Jenna eagerly nodded, deciding to follow you out into the hallway. You weren’t quite sure what the hall of fame would entail, but as soon as you stepped into it, you knew. There were different bands, singers, and celebrities with their signatures in black Sharpie, posing with staff members. Lady Gaga, The 1975, Bruno Mars, Paramore, Eminem, Ed Sheeran, Halsey, Fall Out Boy, all sorts of different musical artists lined the picture frames on the hall. You gazed at each one, proud that your boyfriend Josh was just as talented and almost as famous if not as much as all of them.

“Can you believe our boys are going to make it on this wall with all these other celebrities?” Jenna sighed, putting the last bit of doughnut into her mouth. “It feels like just yesterday they were playing itty bitty basement shows.”

“Yeah,” you whispered, transfixed on a certain image. There he was, that stupid goofy smile, giant brown eyes, wide lips, arm around the emcee with a proud thumbs up, as well as his signature with that huge exclamation mark. Brendon fucking Urie, of course he would be in the hall of fame. He was just as talented and famous a musician as Josh, well, even more so. You just blankly stared at the picture, studying his face, thoughts racing, when you felt Jenna’s hand on your shoulder.

“Hey, you okay there?” she wondered. “You kind of dazed off I think.”

“What? Oh uh, yeah, my bad,” you quickly replied.

“He’s a looker,” she remarked.

“Hmm?” you raised an eyebrow, confused.

“Brendon,” she explained, pointing to the frame. “That’s who you were looking at, right?”

“Maybe,” you tried to keep your face from turning bright red.

“Hey! Just wait until our picture gets up there!” the sound of Josh’s voice made you almost jump out of your skin. Startled, your eyes widened, whipping your head around to see the boys walk down the hall and greet you. Josh gave you a huge hug and a kiss on the forehead.

“I bet I probably blinked in the picture too,” Tyler narrowed his eyes jokingly.

“Come on, let’s grab a bite to eat,” Jenna insisted. “How about Chinese take-out and we can go hang out in a park? It’s the perfect day for a picnic.”

“Sounds great,” you agreed, still frazzled from Josh’s sudden appearance and your mind still lingering on the photo. So much for getting Brendon out of your thoughts.

As much as you wanted to enjoy the picnic, you couldn’t. Your brain was so overwhelmed and confused, you could barely even focus on your food. You were lazily spinning your Lo Mein around with your chopsticks, staring off into space, not even sure of what they were talking about at this point. You closed your eyes, trying to take a deep breath, but it was impossible. You were restless. No matter how hard you tried, no matter what kind of methods you attempted, no matter how many times you promised yourself, you couldn’t get Brendon out of your head. Even as close as you were to finally stop thinking about him, all of a sudden, a random picture of him pops up in the motherfucking radio hallway. You cursed at yourself for being so problematic. “You okay?” Tyler wondered, somehow picking up on your vibe. “You look a little frustrated.”

“Uh, just um having some d-difficulty with the chopsticks,” you shrugged.

“Here, let me help you,” Josh chuckled, taking the chopsticks out of your hand and magically twirling the noodles around the wood, then raising it up to your mouth, letting you take a bite. Of course, Jenna was right there with her camera, capturing the moment perfectly.

“Too freaking cute,” she giggled, lowering the camera and winking at you. “I’m going to send it to you Josh, and I better see it on your Instagram this week. Y/n, you make sure he gets it on there.”

“I will,” you reassured with a laugh, but it was rather forced.

On the car ride home, Josh still played music, his hand on your knee, but you couldn’t bring yourself to sing along. Instead, you stared out the window, watching as the trees and people and buildings zoomed past, a simple blur of color. You barely even noticed when Josh decided to turn the music down. “Something wrong?” Josh inquired, glancing towards you. “You’ve been really quiet since the interview. You alright?”

“I’m fine,” you mumbled, still refusing to make eye contact with him.

“Is this still about the fame thing?” he asked, looking a little hurt. “I’m sorry about that, okay?”

“It’s fine,” you repeated, closing your eyes tight and trying to forget it all. “I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“Okay,” Josh decided, distraught and heartbroken. He fixed his eyes back on the road and decided to not say anything at all, instead turning the music back on and biting down on his lower lip, pretending that you weren’t even in the car with him.

When you got home, it was a bit early to go to bed, but you did anyways. You didn’t want to talk to Josh, or watch Carpool Karaoke that night, or do anything really. Instead, you just slipped off your jean shorts and rolled into bed, tugging the sheets up over you. Several minutes passed before you felt a dip in the bed, and Josh was kissing the back of your neck, his lips soft and warm. “Stop,” you mumbled, half exhausted half annoyed.

“Come on,” he sighed, pulling his mouth away from your skin and making a pouty face, urging you to roll over and face him. “You know you want to.”

“I’m not in the mood, Josh,” you narrowed your eyes when you finally rolled over. He gave you sad puppy eyes, looking at you, making you roll your eyes. “Fine, whatever.”

“No, you don’t have to do anything,” he reassured, placing a kiss on your lips. “Let me.” He kissed down your body, then looped his fingers around your panties, tugging them down and starting to eat you out, making you moan.

“J-Josh you don’t have to do that,” you reassured but he just shook his head, licking at your folds, hands on your hips.

“I want to make you feel good baby,” he insisted, looking up at you from between your legs. “Please, let me.”

“Okay,” you complied, sifting your fingers through his hair and letting him have his way. You hummed as his tongue delved into your core, making your legs tremble. It felt good, it did, but something felt wrong about it. It wasn’t exciting or euphoric, nor sensual and affectionate, but rather, it made you feel uncomfortable. You wanted him to go faster, to grip your hips hard, to leave hickeys all over your inner thighs, to be more like… You closed your eyes tight, biting down on your lower lip. No, don’t think that. That’s not right, that’s-

“You like that baby?” Josh smirked, looking up at you.

“Y-yeah,” you stammered out. Josh went back to work, tongue circling around your clit slowly, but there was a feeling in the bottom of your stomach that made you feel sick. Maybe if you just imagined that it wasn’t Josh and it was- No. Goddammit, what the hell was wrong with you? You closed your eyes tight, taking Josh’s hair and softly pushing him away, shaking your head.

“Something wrong?” he wondered, and you just kept your eyes closed, shaking your head.

“I just, uh…” you opened your eyes, looking at Josh, and your heart split in two. He was kneeling at the edge of the bed, big brown eyes staring at you, innocent face wondering what he did wrong, guilty, thinking it was his fault. Your sight got fuzzy, stomach feeling twice as miserable, and you closed your legs, burying your face in your hands, trying to fight back tears. “I’m sorry.”

“Hey, hey,” Josh comforted, crawling up the mattress and wrapping an arm around you, using the other to rub your shoulder gently. “What did I do? Don’t apologize, it’s okay baby. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know,” you choked out, closing your eyes tighter, wishing you could just disappear. What the fuck was wrong with you? “Just, I need some time alone.”

“Oh, okay…” Josh mumbled, taking a deep breath and deciding not to touch you. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you whispered, sniffling before rolling back to your first position and tugging the sheets up over you. You felt the shift in the mattress, Josh deciding to stay towards the other side, far away from you. You bit down on your lower lip, trying to think of something, anything to say. “I just need to think things through.”

“I understand,” he reassured. But he didn’t. He had no fucking idea what you were going through. “Get some sleep, sweetheart. Goodnight. I love you.”

And as hard as you tried, you couldn’t even bring yourself to respond.

I’m going to attempt to recap Duchovny in Boston day (February 22, 2017.) Warning: this could get long and sappy because it’s 3 AM and I’m just brain dumping. Under a cut…

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Imagine Singing with Jensen at a convention. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Briana Buckmaster mentioned

Warning: Fluff, suggestive flirting (Is that a warning?), language 

Word Count: 2.6k (my bad, I got carried away)

A/N: For all purposes of this fic, Jensen is single, and we can assume Danneel is happy. K? K. Also, this is a bit of a fantasy of mine. Part of it is true. I DID get to sing during Karaoke at Dallascon. Most surreal experience EVER. If only the rest of this story had happened too. ;) Hot Damn. Jason Mann’s cover of Kiss is the version you want in your head OR playing when you get to that part of the song. I REALLY enjoyed this one. Hope you guys like it HALF as much as I do.

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Big Bang reactions when his foregin gf visits her family and they have Super bowl party and she fangirls over a player

[GIFs not mine]
Hope you like this one… I did a little thing with parents too. I’m still without wi-fi [ at 11.20 p.m. on 22nd of February 2017] and when I wrote that I felt like I’m writing military diary lol. I am out of kpop world for 2 days now. I missed a lot of memes and I know it so when I come back I want you guys to help me get back on track with kpop world. [now I feel like I’m on deserted island wtf is wrong with me]

You were super excited to introduce T.O.P to your family and friends. Only a few of them knew what kpop is so when they met him they treated him like a normal not-popular person. He felt great by that fact. Your friends invited you both to Super Bowl party where you watched game together and drank alcohol. He liked alcohol, but when you started to express your feelings to your favorite player he wanted you to stop and asked why yo never express love like that to him. Then you both giggled because you were drunk af.
“Buuutt Jagi~ I am so much better from that British guy, come on…”

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You didn’t plan to come home at this time, but Jiyong bought tickets as a surprise and you convinced him to stay at your parents together. When your parents heard you were both coming they told your friends and they made a surprise Super Bowl party because they knew you loved football. You came and Jiyong finally met your parents and they loved him, but they didn’t like his ripped jeans and told him it was bad for his knees. He was really surprised they cared about him as he was their son. You were watching the game at a local pub where you had a few drinks too much and started screaming how awesome Lewandowski is and how pretty and talented he is and how much you love him. He knew you were drunk and he was too so he teased you if that means he can go and you’ll just date Lewandowski.
“Okay. Then go date Lewandowski and I’ll date a model from the USA, okay? *joke*”

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He was excited to finally meet your friends in your home country. He already knew your parents from a trip yo went together. Your friends invited you to Super Bowl party and you were super excited because your favorite player was playing. When you came at the party the first thing you saw was crisps and other snacks you loved when you still lived at home. Taeyang was unfamiliar with most of them, but he at least knew what Pringles are. The game started and Taeyang was busy getting to know your male friends while your female friends watched football and fangirled football player Reus. You kept saying how you admire his six packs and how strong he is and how cute and hot he looks. When Taeyang heard that he came in front of TV to block your view and took off his shirt in front of everyone and asked you if his abs weren’t as beautiful as Reus’ are.
“So you are trying to say you like his abs more than mine? Okay then I guess I’ll just be shirtless for a while”

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He was very nervous to meet your parents and friends. It was his first visit to your home country and he was scared your parents wouldn’t understand him but when he met them they understood each other with same broken English. It was later afternoon when your friends invited you both to a Super Bowl party at one of your friend’s house. When you came in you saw everyone from your high school and you introduced all of them to Daesung, who ended up talking with your best friend who was the only kpop fan and kept him busy with questions and requests. You saw your favorite player on big screen and started screaming how cool and great he is, how his muscles are shining when he’s shirtless. Your best friend sadly translated everything to Daesung, who ended your fangirling.He stopped you with putting his hand over your mouth and asking you cutely who’s got better muscles and who is better looking. He had some alcohol in his veins and so did you so you kind of ended up kissing each other…
“You better not fangirl over football player ever again, okay? *suddenly starts kissing you*”

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He was scared to meet your parents because he didn’t want to do anything wrong to make your parents hate him. He tried to avoid coming to your home country, so whenever you went home, you went alone, but this time your parents invited Seungri to come with you so they could finally meet him. When you come he was very nervous, but when he talked with them they actually became friends. Your parents told you about Super Bowl party at the pub and you decided to go.While you were there and watched a game with friends and drank beer together. Yo were drunk after 2 beers and you started saying nonsense and when you saw your favorite player Rooney you started fangirling and screaming how awesome he is.Seungri was offended and tried to keep you quiet but then decided it would be better if you would go home. The whole way to home he told you about how he became Ronaldo’s manager in Korea. He was all about words and he didn’t stop talking until he saw you fell asleep right before he drove to your house.
“I couldn’t believe I actually… Oh… You’re asleep. Great. I have to carry you now. In front of your parents. Even better.”

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The Arrangement Pt 4

i wrote some more of whatever the hell this has become. i challenged myself to write an entire chapter that didn’t include smut. it was exhausting.

Summary: Dan is a spoilt, drug-addicted kid with rich parents who cut him off when they get tired of his ways, so he finds a sugar daddy to supplement his rich lifestyle.

Word count: 2090

Content warnings: drug and alcohol abuse, (consensual) rough sex, big age gap

You can also read this on fanfiction.net if you’d prefer

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I succeeded in converting someone into a kpop fan for the first time ever. Plus my top 10 favorite kpop groups.

Last week a co-worker heard me singing (or attempting to sing) I’m good by Henry and when she listened to the song she really liked it. Since her concept of korean music was limited to PSY’s Gangnam Style (no surprise there) I told her a bit about kpop groups . She mostly found funny that boybands were still a thing in Korea. So I showed her solo artists first (Heize, Zion T) and since I told her about BTS winning a Billboard award I ended up showing her Blood, Sweat and Tears. She immediatly professed her love for Jimin and asked me if that was my favorite kpop group,and told her even though I like some of their songs, they’re not. Then she told me to tell her five groups I was crazy about. That brought me all sorts of existencial problems. For example it made me realize that even though I listen to a lot of kpop groups I don’t really get too much into them except for a handful. It also made me feel guilty about all the groups that were left out of my list. Today I saw her again and I was surprised to learn she has fallen into the dark hole that is kpop. She just became the first person I have actually converted into kpop!

Top 10 kpop groups

Since I already made a list for my favorite kpop groups I thought I should share them.

Honorable Mention: CNBLUE. Choosing the tenth place is always the hardest part when I’m doing Top 10 lists. I changed the list a few times and in the end I couldn’t fit CNBLUE. I started listening to them because of We Got Married. Yonghwa is a gifted hit maker with a distinct voice and my kpop playlist has so many of their songs. As actors they’ve all had their chance to shine and if you like kdramas you should know You’re beautiful with Park Shin Hye,

10. Infinite.  If I’m being honest I was first atracted to Infinite because I had a crush on L, when I found out he was a part of Infinite I checked them out and saw every variety show available. I specially like Woohyun’s voice and Dongwoo’s rapping. Sungjong’s tone is always a treat as well. I also like they have a distinct sound that doesn’t really let itself be too influenced by the trend. My favorite song of theirs is Bad. You can watch Myungsoo (L) in several dramas like Shut up flower boy band.

 9. Super Junior. I love most of their hit songs specially Mamacita, Devil, Mr. Simple and Sorry Sorry. However their ballads are such a hidden gem (Evanescence, Reset, Islands) if you don’t know them much. Not gonna lie the first time I listened to them it was kind of a shock (not in a good way) but since then I’ve learned to appreciate them plus I’ve watched so much of them in variety shows that it’s hard not to love them. Then there’s my obsession with Kyuhyun. Most of them have tried acting. Check out Yesung in Voice with Jang Hyuk or Siwon in She was pretty.

8. Mamamoo. This is one of the two girl groups in my list. I definitely have an issue with cutesy girl groups in kpop, that’s a cultural barrier that I haven’t been able to pass. However Mamamoo’s concept is something I can relate and their voices are no joke! Moonbyul for me is -after CL of course- the best rapper in girl groups. Their jazzy pop sound is fun and Solar’s vocals are a stand out. Um, Oh Ah Yeah is my favorite song of them.

7.VIXX. Except for Hyde, I really enjoy all of their hits. Leo’s voice was what really got me into VIXX then I found out he’s a cutie watching him in variety shows which just made me love him more. I also really enjoy listening to Ravi. I think he’s so talented and has a cool rapping tone. VIXX LR’s Beautiful Liar would totally make my top 5 favorite kpop songs of all time. Check out N in Hotel King or Tunnel.

6. Winner. This group is kind of a new obsession of mine. I vaguely remember listening to Empty but I never really paid attention to them. It wasn’t until I got into New Journey to the West 3 that I got curious about Winner. I really like Don’t flirt, I’m Young and Sentimental but I have to confess it’s their new stuff (Really, really; Love me, love me; Fool and Island) that forced me to put them in the sixth place of my list even if I’ve only been listening to them for the past four months. What I’m most excited about is what they’ll come up with next. Even though I got into Winner because of Minho and I love his solo stuff, my bias is by far Seungyoon. That voice of his is so amazing and refreshing to hear in a kpop group. Check out Seungyoon in High Kick: Revenge of the short legged or in the upcoming drama Wise Prison Life.

5. BTOB. The thing about BTOB apart from their awesome funny personalities is those voices. The joke about even the rappers can sing in BTOB is because of Minhyuk and he shows it in his single Purple Rain ft Cheeze that was released recently. Hyungsik has my favorite voice in BTOB. He also writes songs. To be honest. I prefer their ballads to their upbeat songs but I’ll be your man and Movie are really fun. Check out Sungjae in School 2015 and Goblin.

4.  Shinee. They have changed their concept in every comeback, tried out a lot of sounds but they always are so effortlessly good. I never really had a bias on Shinee until last year that I got a bit too much into Jonghyun’s music solo stuff. My favorite songs are View, Excuse me miss, Everybody, Sherlock, Ring ding dong and Tell me what to do. You can check out Onew in Descendants of the Sun and Key in Drinking Solo.

3. Red Velvet. I’ve said this before in this blog but the thing about me and Red Velvet is that they always have such catchy songs that I can’t run away from them and end up loving every song. This was ever since their debut with Happiness. I remember I was like this song is too hyper and weird. Me, an hour after: La,la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la HAPPINESS!! That hasn’t changed at all as Red Flavor proved it. Wendy’s voice is a stand out.

2. Big Bang. I think MADE might be if not my favorite album then my second favorite album in kpop. I think it’s flawless. Lies, Stupid Liar and Blue are also songs that I cannot live without. I admire G-dragon but I love Taeyang’s voice and I’m obsessed with TOP’s personality. My favorite song is Loser. If you haven’t watched Secret Message with TOP and Juri Ueno, then you must! 

1. EXO. They are the reason why I got into kpop. Mama was such a weird song that I felt I needed to know more about it and the MV didn’t help to make things clear for me, thank you very much SM. However the vocals specially Kyungsoo’s (D.O.) were amazing. I started to learn about them and I was hooked! I loved every member in EXO of course but thanks to Showtime Chanyeol became my bias and there was no escaping after that. I love the upbeat EDM trap songs, their r&b songs and the ballads. EXODUS is my favorite album and Promise is my favorite song for all kinds of reasons: the actual song is amazing and the moment in time when it was released. I do believe EXO’s sound has developed and grown with each album but it’s always EXO. It’s never enough though. I never get bored of listening to their songs.

Unless you count EXO Next Door, except for Chen everyone has tried acting with mixed results. However you need to check out  Kyungsoo in I remember you with Seo In Guk or his movie Hyung with Jo Jung Suk and Park Shin Hye.


going, going, gone (a shawn mendes au) about a girl who breaks things, a boy who is broken and all that can happen in 2,561 miles.

story page


There was a little bell over the door of Rosie’s Diner that made the prettiest tinkling sound when I pushed through. If I hadn’t been having the worst day of my entire life, it would’ve made me smile.

Instead, the corners of my mouth turned downwards as I limped and shuffled down the center aisle of the deserted restaurant, a bar and open kitchen on my left and a row of booths on my right. You would’ve thought I was injured by the uncoordinated way that I moved, but I wasn’t. Just aching and sore. Four hours of driving could do that to you and my whole body throbbed with the knowledge that I was far from done.

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“Theres no way in hell I’d fall in love with someone like you”-Nate Maloley

Your brother Jack was always throwing parties. You were never able to study or even get stuff done. “Jack please, I have a job interview with the design team for Chanel. I need to get some sleep”,you pleaded. “Look, its Skate’s birthday tonight, and I promised Madison i’d throw one since shes in town”,he said. “Your parties last like 3 or even 4 in the morning Jack. This job interview means alot to me. I worked my ass off to get here in my life”,you said raising your voice. “Look, i’m older okay. I don’t care about a stupid little job interview, you probably wouldn’t get it anyways’,Jack said rolling his eyes. You were on the verge of crying and you ran up to your room. You laid in bed crying yourself to sleep.

Hours later you wokeup to raging music and people yelling. You decided to take the opportunity to have some fun. You put on a sexy dress, did your hair, and put on some makeup. You walked downstairs and caught every eye in the house. Random guys tried to dance with you, but you just pushes them off. “What the hell are you wearing?”,Jack said annoyed. “Look, you’re right. I’m not going to get the job, so i’ve decided to have some fun”,you said taking a shot out of someone’s hand and drinking it. “No, go change. You look like a hooker”,jack said taking your hand and leading you to the stairs. “Last time I checked, you girlfriend is wearing the same thing”,you said yanking your arm back and disappearing into the crowd of people.

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You wandered around your house looking for something to drink. “Hey lil mama, want a drink”,you heard someone say. You turned around and saw Nate, one of your brothers good friends. “What the fuck, (y/n)? Is that you?”,he said shocked. “Hey Skate ,you said hugging him. How’s tour been”. “Amazing”,he said. “Damn its been what 3 years since i’ve seen you?”,he asked. “Yea, I think so. Last time I saw you, it was at my graduation”,you smiled. “Well, you ain’t in highschool no more huh”,Nate said looking you up and down. “Yea, guess your right”,you said smiling.

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You and Nate were hitting it off pretty well. You felt something, although you’d probably never date him, I mean he’s known for using and dropping girl at the blink of an eye. “You know the only reason I’m even at this party is because”- “What you missed me”,Nate interrupted. “Well yea, but I was just trying to have fun for once. Before everyone got here, Jack and I had a fight about something that doesn’t matter anymore”,you said. “What was it, if you don’t mind me asking. Maybe I could help”,he said. “Well, I got a job interview with the designers of Chanel. They saw my sketches and designs and they loved them. But Jack said I’d probabky wouldn’t get the job so why bother”,you said looking down. “Are you fucking kidding me lil mama? You’re amazingly talented. I’ve seen your designs on Insta. Why don’t you go for it?”,Nate asked. “Jack’s parties last till late hours in the night, I’d never get enough sleep”,you said looking at him. “Jswazz went back to Omaha for the week, I’ve got an extra bed back at my apartment”,Nate said. “You wouldn’t mind?”,you asked. “No, not at all. Plus this party is super lame, suckest birthday party ever. Wheres the weed”,Nate said laughing. “Let me go get my bag, thank you Nate. I owe you one”,you said hugging him.

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Once you reached Nate’s apartment, you walked up the three flights of stairs. Nate was getting his keys out to unlock the door. “Hey, thanks again. When I become a fashion designer, I’ll be sure to repay you”,you said smiling. Suddenly Nate dropped his keys and put his hands on either side of your head and kissed you. You kissed back and immediately felt sparks and passion. Nate’s hands started to roam your body. You opened the door without breaking the kiss. He picked you up and went toward the bedroom. The kiss was passionate and full of lust. “Are you sure, I don’t want to take advantage of you”,he said putting your hair behind your ear. You nodded you head and proceeded to kiss him.

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The next morning you wokeup to your alarm on your phone. You looked around and noticed your bra was on the ceiling fan above you. You looked to your side to see Nate sleeping with his arm around you. You got dressed and did your makeup/hair perfectly for the interview. “Goodluck lil mama”,Nate said with a groggy voice. “Oh, um thanks”,you said. “I’ll call you later?”,He said. “It’s okay, you don’t have to”,you said kissing his cheek. “Why not, I really like you”,he said getting up. “No, no you don’t. And thats fine. Lets not tell Jack”,you said kissing his cheek. “I’m serious, I really like you. C’mon after your interview let me take you to lunch”,he said taking your hand. “No Nate!”,You shouted. “Why the hell not!”,he shouted back. “Because theres no way in hell I’d fall in love with someone like you!”,you yelled. You walked out of the room. “What the fuck why? I really like you”,Nate said grabbing your arm making you face him again. “Nate let me go, i’m gonna miss the interview”,you said trying to get out of his grip. “No, what does the mean (y/n)”,he said letting you go. “I know you Nate, I know what you do to girl. In highschool you slept with all my friends and dumped them like trash the next day. The only reason you didn’t sleep with me is because I was gilinsky’s little sister.”,you said. “Look I was a kid then, not anymore. I wanna get to know you, I wanna kiss you and call you mine”,he said putting your hair behind your ear. “Look I need to go, thanks again for letting me stay”,you said kissing his cheek. You gathered your things and headed toward the door. “C’mon let me show you i’ve changed. Let me take you on a date”,he said smiling. You couldn’t help but smile back. I mean look at those dimples. “Okay Nate, One date”,you said smiling. “Awesome lil mama, you won’t regret it”,he said kissing your cheek and slapping your ass on the way out. 

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2 years later, a lot has changed. I mean you’ve become Chanel’s number one designer. You also started your own collection of clothes and makeup. You’ve been dating Nate for about 2 years now. Jack wasn’t the happiest but he came around. And even more exciting new, tonight is the night you tell everyone your engaged and planning on getting married in June.

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Based from the song Don’t Comeback - Heize (feat. Junhyung) 


 BTS Rap Monster/ Kim Namjoon and You 

 Fanfic | One Shot | Part 1

Summary: A moving-on song you composed from your break up from Namjoon

 the feel is everything from the song it’s self 

 “Hey Y/N, so apparently that song Heize just released was from you huh?”

 “Huh? What?” you were too focused on some beat you’re arranging on the computer. 

 “Yah, stop it. I’m ordering you to stop. You haven’t even had lunch yet, here eat this kimbap” 

 You felt your stomach grumbling. You moved away your rolling chair away from your composing devices and took a break. 

 You’re a rookie female composer training at AOMG under Gray’s supervision from a year now after you left BigHit. You’ve been composing and making lyrics in the industry 4 years from now and you’ve made a couple of good lyrics. In the hip hop composing scene you’re considered as a rising rookie with your amazing skills and big names actually acknowledged and know who you are. 

 Yes, you excelled in your professional life BUT worst in your love life. 

 As you eat, Gray continued the topic. 

 “So have you heard it yet?’ 

 “What song?” 

 “Ughhh..Don’t Comeback is the title. Yah, are you that busy you can’t keep track of your works? She said you composed and gave it to her.” 

 Don’t Comeback was the only thing that echoes in your head. You felt some shivers, then you shook them. 

 “Oh? Ugh maybe. Haha. You know how busy I am,” you replied keeping your calm. But you wanted to forget everything about that lyrics. 

 “You’re always overworking yourself and no ones even rushing you. Stop stressing yourself, y/n. Ow, I remember, theirs a launch party later you should come. Have some fun, you deserve it,” 

You actually don’t like crowded places and strangers but because the hip hop scene tend to have clubbing events and parties sometimes you’re pulled to go. But in some occasions, you’d go to have a drink not to have fun but to avoid the unbearable lonely nights. You either get so drunk you pass out or you drown yourself to someone and regret it the next day. At parties or not it has been worse ever since. Ever since that one rainy night. 


 “Keuman haja. Let’s stop it” you said 

 Rain is pouring heavily outside but the atmosphere inside the car is as heavy. You and Namjoon felt more than suffocating. 

 He just sat still. His usual smart objectives in things doesn’t work as his emotions flood his mind and body. And its more than aching. 

 “We both know we’re not going anywhere and we have to have a normal relationship not like this everytime, I’m tired Joon..” 

 You are right. And he knew well too 

 You’ve started to get fond of Namjoon when Zico introduced you to him. And because you’re the closest age as him, you became best buddies with him. Instead of a very romantic relationship with him, you and Namjoon are like the perfect partners. You two are complete opposite but you blend so well. Namjoon is a sexy rap genius, you are a sweet melody hiphop prodigy. Namjoon is clumsy and messy while you’re neat and organized. You also both have matching taste in fashion. Although Namjoon seem to dress more since he’s an artist. You wear grunge but clean. Even the music genre people around you approved of you. You started as an intern to one of BigHits composer so you worked with BTS. You composed together, played together, hangout together, dork together, get in trouble together - you we’re inseparable. And then naturally you both fell inlove like all the pieces have fallen into the right places. 

 “I’ll talk to Bang PD,” was all he could say 

 You smiled a little, “Don’t” a tear fell silently on your left eye. 


 So your tears keep flowing as you faced him. “It’s nonsense Joon you know its not going anywhere. Soon enough we’re going to break up why not just end it simply and let’s move on while everything’s whole?” 

 “Whole?? You’re breaking me into pieces everytime. We’ve passed through those dispatch pictures before. Second time is whatever. We know what to do. I don’t fucking care about the comments whatever bullshit they say. We’ve recovered from it before, we can do it again! Please baby..” 

 You met, you became friends, you got close and then you fell inlove. All pretty things –NO- it does not end there. Being inlove is not eveything. Reality strikes. You’re just a rookie composer and he was Rap Monster – the leader of one of the most popular groups in KPOP now. And the ravenous media are always hungry. 

 A year ago you two were caught cuddling at a bar with drinks. Namjoon suffered a lot of dirty stuffs from that single picture. He’d been into a lot of harsh headlines such as “Destructed by fame – drinking, clubbing with different girls” He had to take a break for 4 months until they cleared things out. No one suspected your relationship but the destruction to everything from that scandal felt heavy in your hands. You tried to break up with him that time also but you came together again as you can’t avoid him when you were working with BigHit before. But now, you seem to have enough. 

 “This time is a huge blow Joon! You punched someone!” 

“To protect you from an asshole!”

“That’s why…I can’t do this anymore..Joon, you keep getting in trouble because of me. I may not be harmed but it pains me that you’re getting dragged down because of me” you wept more.

 “then I’ll-“ 

 “Stop it Joon please let’s just stop it! It’s been a month since it broke out. And things are still not progressing well for you. My guilt won’t let me continue this. All because of this, now you can’t go anywhere, no shows no invites, fan clubs are closing and you’re being as reckless as ever. Please wake up to your senses Namjoon you’re supposed to smarter than me.” 

 He held your face and look it to your eyes and wiped you tears as his kept flowing “I only know I love you now..”

 You can actually see through his eyes everything he is, you can’t help but cry, “As much as I love you, we have to stop this to survive in this ruthless industry. It’s the only way Joon. I love you so I’m letting you go,” 

Pain devoured you’re body as you gave him your last kiss. 

 “Goodbye Joon,” 

 And you left that car and walked through that rain cold as you, 

 *end of flashback 

 You walk through the Han River tonight as your usual. Just to breathe, 

 You sat in your usual spot. 

A sweet melody with a beat suddenly starts from the speaker around the Han River area. 

 When it rains I still look for you along while making the raindrops my beat 

 I’m not ok, not even tomorrow 

 It’s obvious that longing will wake me up, not my alarm 

 I want to hug you and hold onto you, who was once mine 

 I want to see myself in your twinkling eyes 

 I’m living in regret after letting you go 

If you ever hear this song Please just listen and forget about it 

 Goosebumps felt all over you. 

This is your lyrics you gave Heize 6 months ago, 

Don’t come back to me 

Don’t look at me, just pass me by 

Because you have to be happy 

Be happy with someone who resembles you 

Ok, this is a song that longs for you 

But don’t misunderstand 

Cuz this isn’t a song to make you come back 

I’ll be honest, I wanna go back 

Everything is still in my phone 

But now I know 

She’s better for you than me 

 Some things crushing your heart 

 Don’t fool yourself I’m just something you can use in your lyrics 

I’m nothing to you 

This song won’t even last 4 minutes 

And our love wasn’t small enough to fit in it 

Just tell me to piss off so I can easily understand 

I don’t understand things like “this breakup is for you” 

If that’s not it, then stop this song immediately 

And come hug me like nothing happened 

 You felt him said those to you and you wish 

Don’t come back to me 

Don’t look at me, just pass me by 

Because you have to be happy 

Be happy with someone who resembles you 

If I ever call you If I’m ever waiting for you in front of your house 

Turn off your phone on rainy days 

It’ll just be for a moment, it’s all a show 

Don’t get weak and think carefully 

ou struggled because of my selfish ways 

Even when you were out with your friends 

You were too nice and always had to worry about me 

You don’t deserve to be unhappy 

I’m not confident to be a good person like you 

So there’s no other way but to let you go 

I don’t expect you to understand 

 Don’t turn away like this 

 How can I be happy with someone that’s not you? 

 I have to be happy 

 So I need you, I need you 

 The song ended and you failed to keep your eyes dry and you felt every pain again. 

And he did find another girl. An awesome girl you could never compete with. APink’s Eunji. Nothing more to say – she’s Eunji, not just talented and pretty but a kind woman with a very cool personality.

6 months ago, pictures of Namjoon and her at a café looking at each other lovingly and wholesomely spread out and took the showbiz in storm. Because of Namjoon’s scandal’s before netizens were protective of Eunji but then Eunji gave an statement in an interview that made everyone approved of them. They even say that because of Eunji, Rapmon regained his reputation back. Now they are on of the hot couples in the Kpop scene.

You couldn’t agree more. Although it hurts you a lot that he’s finally with someone you think its what’s best for him. You thought that’s what you wished for him. While he’s finally in a good situation you on the hand has never been wrecked before. You didn’t just felt broken. It was like you lost half of your soul,

So you write a final song and promised that after it you’ll focus on work hardly so you can move on too. Heize was your friend and you decided to just gave it her. She knows your story too. But you didn’t know she would actually promote it as a single. You actually forgot about it until now.  

And now all the pain is coming back.

 “so you’re still regretting everything I see” came a voice from behind 

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

 Hi I’m Lyn! 

A huge South Korea Fan! Not just Kpop but the whole S.Korea really 😍 

I’ll be continuing this story with another song so please wait for it

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 Sorry for the lack of organization right now. 

I just totally got excited and immediately made an account then post it right away. But I’ll pretty up and organize my blog soon. 

This blog is dedicated to anything kpop and fanfics based in songs 😀 

Let’s go fans! Let’s keep being well fed kpop healthy 😁

Arialene's Fanfic Masterpost

Here you are, all of my works to date! And I will come back through and try to update this whenever I post something new! 

Frostbitten Universe:


Frostbitten: My first fanfic, and the most ‘famous’ of my works. This work is completed.

What if Jack hasn’t been completely alone in the 300 or so years since the Moon granted him his powers? 11 years after Jack receives his Guardianship, he finds himself telling Jamie about the true tale of the Snow Queen, and of their love story that has been lost to time and much more fantastical legends.


TFS: This is a follow up fic to Frostbitten, not a sequel. Frostbitten is written as a story that Jack is telling to Jamie. TFS is the novelization of that fic, where I’m (slowly) going back and filling in the holes and adding lots of details as well as lots more interactions between all of the characters.

Three years after Elsa’s extraordinary wintry summer, Anna convinces her to take a vacation back to her old haunt, her Ice Palace. While there, she meets a figure from her childhood that she has only ever dreamed of, sending them both on an amazing week of adventures that morphs into a lifetime of love, adventure, laughter and, eventually, heartbreak.


The Vignettes!: These are all one-shots, each chapter is something new that I’ve thought up that is in the Frostbitten universe but isn’t necessarily in any particular order. Some are funny, some are romantic, some are feelsy. 

This is a follow up series of shorts to Frostbitten of varying character points of view as well as events that Jack didn’t tell Jamie about. Little fun drabbles, serious looks at during their lives together, and sweet glimpses into the lives of Jack, Elsa and their family.


I.R.: This could probably be considered a Frostbitten sequel. This takes Jamie and Emma and follows their relationship. Emma may be an OC of mine, but she’s awesome, if I do say so myself.

With he and Jack’s eventful trip to Arendelle over, Jamie keeps in touch with the outgoing, headstrong and beautiful Princess Emma as he returns to Pennsylvania. He’s in for a long and wild journey as their relationship grows with haughty relatives, an ocean between them and private security to deal with, it certainly won’t be an ordinary courtship. 

Modern AUs:


Heliotrope: This fic starts out as a tragedy and then slowly builds to having a nice happy ending. It has your healthy dose of feels, humor and love. You also get three storylines in one, which if you haven’t read you’ll just have to check out to see what I mean!! This fic is completed.

Jack and Elsa are in a car crash, and Jack is hurt pretty severely, causing him to be sedated while he recovers from his injuries. While Elsa waits at his bedside, remembering and recounting their first meeting and their courtship, Jack dreams of a wild adventure with winter powers, Guardians and talking Snowmen.


Freefalling: Inspired by Slopestyle skier Nick Goepper, Jack is a professional athlete training in Norway when he meets Elsa, a native college student and starts doing his best to try and woo her. This fic takes place mostly in Norway, Bergen to be exact and the Hemsedel Ski Center. 

Jack, a professional skier, finds himself given a couple of days off from his training due to a training exercise and manages to meet Elsa, a college student at a local bookstore. He convinces her to go out with him, not being entirely truthful about his identity in the process, which quickly leads him into hot water. Can he manage to turn things around, or is he out of his element?

One-Shots, Modern AU: 


Say Something: An alternative ending to Everlasting Heliotrope, or a stand alone one shot, either one works well. This one is short, the actual story is under 1,000 words, but be careful as it will hit you hard in the feels.

Elsa awakes from a bad dream, remembering a terrible car accident she and Jack were both in, and takes a few moments to gain her composure and spend a few heartfelt moments with her beloved husband.


Kiss and Tell: Two close friends, living in the same building have a weekly hang out arrangement that gets messed up in this fic, and Jack gets rather jealous in the process. 

A little mis-communication between close friends leads to a little brooding, moping and misunderstanding later on when some Friday night plans get interrupted between Jack and Elsa. However, based on the outcome, maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to have afterall…


Miscued: Another bit of a misunderstanding in this fic, that is cause for some awkward hilarity. Throw in some cosmos and some pizza and it’s certainly the stage for amusement.

An Actress and a Make-up artist working together for months on the set, each devoted to their work and talent to make the movie a success, decide to have drinks together one Friday night after a long day on the sound stage and find out a thing or two about each other. Will it be success, or disaster?


Torment: What happens when Anna convinces Elsa to take a picture to send to Jack while he’s at work?

When two sisters get together, the possibility for devious things always arises. But when Jack is working and Elsa is spending the day at home preparing and packing for a trip abroad, Anna comes up with a particularly tempting idea involved Jack’s favorite sweatshirt and his wife wearing it. Will this work out well for Elsa, or will Jack be mad for taking his lucky sweatshirt?

Collab Fics: 


Co-written with Miki Fubuki. A lazy weekend day turns interesting when Jack finds a mysterious file folder full of pictures on his computer, and has Elsa come to look with him. It’s a surprising, shocking and amusing adventure as something happens that causes a breach in the fourth wall.


(Rated M) Written with StarMageAsuka/HenriettaSkylink, ForeverDelighted, Clear Blue, Wickedgreenphantom, Miki Fubuki, Rokusan23

It’s a hot summer day in Arendelle, and everyone in doing their best to beat the heat in the best way they know how. Most of the town has retreated to the Fjord, while our favorite couple, Jack and Elsa, have decided to head to the North Mountain in their attempt to stay cool. Will they succeed, or will things heat up there too? Written by 7 of your fav authors, read more!

Original Stories:


The story of how a mermaid is made, from a life of hardship and disappointments and then eventually given a rather different happy ending and a place where she belongs.

Abigail Monroe led a hard life, doing her best to please her family as first a jeweler’s daughter, and then wife but when her husband’s sudden death leaves her penniless and with no family to turn to, she decides to take drastic measures to try and change her life. Little does she know that those decisions will lead her to the biggest change of all.

millipop  asked:

"Is it desire, or is it love that I'm feeling for you?" (desire - years & years) bellarke. if you want. idk.

It’s really not a big deal or anything.

It’s natural, honestly. Clarke has been busy lately, and single for a while, and between school and work and her final art project, she’s barely had time to think, let alone get laid.

So it is 100% perfectly logical, reasonable, and natural that she has a sex dream about Bellamy Blake. Bellamy is, after all, fairly attractive and around all the time, between TAing her art history class and working at her favorite coffee shop while also getting his PhD and doing all his studying at exactly the same time she’s at the library, somehow.

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Derek Hale & Peter Hale-She likes me

Originally posted by showandwrite

Imagine: Imagine Derek likes you, but then he sees you making out with Peter.

Pairings: Peter Hale/Reader, Derek Hale/Reader (unrequited love)

Warnings: Maybe language. The reader is like 18 years old. (I don’t think it’s underage drinking, because in my country at 18 you are legal.)

Word Count: 1428

Reader Gender: Female

Author: b-chocolatelover

Your name: submit What is this?

Derek’s POV

I was at Lydia’s birthday party. I didn’t like parties too much, but the girl I like was there. I hoped that this night I would finally find the courage to confess my love to Y/N. She was the sweetest girl on earth. I could ramble for hours about her eyes and the small gestures she does subconsciously. But, of course, I didn’t. I kept my love for her secret from everyone in the pack. Well… almost everyone. I had a feeling that Peter knew about my crush on Y/N. Anyway, returning to the party, I was standing in a corner sipping my drink, looking for Y/N.

“Hey, Derek,” Y/N appeared out of nowhere.

“Hey,” I said.

“Can I ask you something? ” she questioned.


“But please don’t laugh,” she whined a little.

“Go on,” I encouraged.

“This is kind of embarrassing, but can you please give me an example of what drink I should order at the bar? I’ve never ordered a drink before and since this is Lydia’s 18th birthday party, I think it is the perfect occasion to try something knew.”

“Something new, like getting drunk?” I raised a brow.

“I won’t get drunk. I just want to try drinking,” she said.

“If you don’t know, you can order wine or whisky. They’re classics. But please don’t combine different types of drinks. You will get sick and feel awful the next morning,” I told her.

“Thanks, Der. You are the best,” she said and turned around to head to the bar.


I was heading towards the bar Lydia set up in her living room. I had to admit, for an indoor party, this was quite awesome. We had space to dance, there were colorful lights playing around. I asked the man responsible with the drinks to pour me some red wine. I liked it. After taking a few more sips I felt a little happier.

Wanting to dance, I took Malia and Lydia with me to the dance floor. Scott and Stiles joined us and it quickly became more like a pair dance. Stiles was dancing with Malia, Scott with Lydia and I was alone. I looked around, hoping that I would see someone. Then I saw Peter, standing near the bar. Lucky werewolf…he can drink as much as he wants and nothing happens. In the next moment, his look caught mine and his lips curled into a smirk. Maybe it was the alcohol running throught my veins, or the fact that I’d always found Peter attractive, but I went to him.

“Come dance with me,” I shouted because of the loud music.

“I prefer to watch you, sweetheart,” he said.

“Come on, Alpha. Everyone has a pair except me,” I said. His eyes widened and I’m sure that if I were a werewolf, I could have heard his heart beat faster when I called him like that.

“Fine,” he put aside the drink and I grabbed his hand pulling him to the dance floor. I was jumping and twisting in front of him while he looked amused at my dance moves.

“Now, that’s talent. Did you ever win a dance show?” his laugh was teasing.

“Shut up!” I joked and placed one hand on his back and the other in his. He had his free hand on my waist and we were moving on the rhythm of the song. Finally, after half an hour of jumping and dancing I got a bit tired. Peter noticed and suggested to go outside to take a breath of fresh air.

Derek’s POV.

I was watching Y/N dancing. She was gorgeous in that blue dress. She wasn’t a supermodel or anything, but I think she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She was natural. She never pretended to be anything other than herself. She wasn’t afraid to say when she didn’t like something. She wasn’t afraid to ask stupid questions.

I smiled when I remembered our little chat about the drinks. I looked at her and by her behavior it was clear that she’d had a few glasses. I don’t think she is drunk, though. She just wanted to have some fun. I saw her going towards the bar. I wanted to stop her, thinking she wanted to drink more, but then I noticed she was talking to Peter. I could smell the excitement on him. Watching them make their way to the dance floor situated in the middle of Lydia’s living room, I could feel my anger increasing when I saw his hands on her waist.

I stared at them for approximately a half an hour until I saw Y/N going outside, Peter in tow. Why would she go with him? It’s not like they’re best friends. I had to follow them. I know it’s not right, but my mind told me there was no other choice. The girl I like was alone with my psycho uncle. This couldn’t end well.

After a few more minutes of thinking, I left the room and went outside. I traversed Lydia’s backyard and right at the end of it was a shed surounded by trees. There, I saw Y/N pushed up against the shed, kissing Peter. I think he sensed my presence, because when I moved to come closer, he pressed her harder into that wall.

“What if somebody sees us?” I could hear her say between kisses.

“Nobody will,” he replied.

I couldn’t watch this scene anymore. I knew I couldn’t see them together again at this party and pretend to be okay, so I went to my car and left.

Later that night. Third POV

Peter entered the loft and went straight to his nephew, who was standing in front of the giant window.

“I have to say something. I am happy you convinced me to come to the party. It was more fun than staying home and doing nothing,” Peter smirked.

“Why are you back so late?” Derek asked, a combination between anger and hurt masked in his voice.

“Come on, Derek. What have I done this time to embarass you and the whole Hale dynasty?”

“I know you hate me, but what you did tonight was cruel. You knew I liked her but you still kissed her,” Derek growled.

“So you saw me and our little Y/N. I’m so ashamed, because I promised her nobody would see us,” Peter smirks at the memory. “But, right now, I couldn’t care less. It was amazing, Derek. You should have seen the sweet, innocent Y/N. She isn’t innocent at all. She was kissing me with such force and passion— Of course I returned it. You should have heard how she was moaning into the kiss. She kept repeating, ‘I want you, Peter. I want you right here and right now.’” Peter paused for a moment to see what reaction he’d provoked by these words from his nephew. Derek didn’t say anything, but Peter could sense the hurt he was experiencing, “And I asked her multiple times if she was sure. If she really wanted me. She never denied, Derek. Unfortunately, when she fumbled with my belt, her phone rang. It was Lydia asking where she was.”

Derek didn’t seem content with Peter confession. He kept asking himself if she was drunk and didn’t know what she was doing. His internal turmoil must have shown on his face, because Peter continued.

“I’m not stupid, Derek. I could smell the alcohol in her blood. I wouldn’t have slept with her, anyway. Since it would have been our first time and, most importantly, her first time. It should have been somewhere more romantic. And I want to have her when she is fully conscious. But you know that people who drink usually tend to say the truth. Do you know what she told me? That she is happy she had drank, because otherwise she wouldn’t have the courage to ask me to dance with her. You know what’s funny? I accidentally heard a conversation between you two. She asked you what drink she should have ordered, am I right?“ Derek closed his eyes, remembering how an excited Y/N came to him, asking that question. Peter laughed, “Isn’t it ironic? You practically threw her into my arms.“

Derek couldn’t stay calm and snapped, “Maybe if you wouldn’t try to destroy everyone’s lives I would have been the one to kiss her!”

Peter smirked, “Oh, someone doesn’t like to lose. It’s not my fault, Derek. I didn’t force her into anything. She just likes me.“

Author Interview - Javistg

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Tonight! We bring you a little chat with @javistg. Very exciting stuff! Read on, and always reblog! 

What’s your fandom story… what brought you here?

My first contact with THG was through the movies. My husband practically had to drag me to watch the first one! After watching CF I was completely hooked, so I downloaded MJ. 

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.:Good bye Gravity falls:.

 this fandom finally finished, i wanted to thanks all my dear friends… i never regretted on being here with you guys….who putted me on tumblr wa @lovesyouwithallmytotoro , she is a old deviant friend that i care a lot , we even did a art trade, she drew me in matryoshka style and i drew me n her dancing gangnam style, i never forgot about you babs //brofist you// , i remember when i first talked with @wit-send , a kind and fluffy girl that is cooler than you imagine, even if we don’t talk anymore, i still like her as my hugest friend, if it wasn’t for her, i would be here , and i wouldn’t meet any of you guys , my very first friend in this AU, Wit, or Sarah, added me on Skype and putted me on a little group… There i met @tawnaduncan , a magical cute girl that cares 100% about you , someone you can trust your life with , we become friends and we even thought on making dell and Adamas being both, her guardian , but according to rules it want possible, next i finally met @adamas-cipher , another cool girl , strong and funny, also scary sometimes, i can’t really tell what she thinks hahaha! (joke, i love you xD) , we rped and we laughed together , when wit added @rincat21 , Oh boy that girl is crazy! i still remember one rp we had that she started to puke lava //shiver and chuckle// she is wise and knows what she talk about, she hates spoilers and never tell me about it hahaha! i still love her tho, A awesome artist that is awful with japanese~ that is actually adorable , and guess what, finally, @cheese–wheel , a tiny girl that makes dell stressed, but we (me and dell) love her because of this, she is growing up and our responsibility towards her is less now, so , we do get sad sometimes, but we can’t deny it, cheese ,you are awesome and i still remember when you had that crush on dell, we made some crazy rp about fixing your mind, it was fun and full of drama, thank you. 
 One day i was on tumblr and i saw that my favorite artist, the one i stalked for 3 years joined the same AU as mine , it was @askmalengil , oh man~ i panicked, i almost had a heart attack , i was so scared to talk with her, i saw she answered every ask she received so, i kinda received courage from somewhere and i sent her a ask from dell,and she answered it with a drawing! aah!! i freaked out and i literally saved the little comic twice on my phone and 4 times on my computer , then i made Gear, a girl that had a crush on Keban And stalked him (guess who is she based on? XDDD) , i ermmm….. kinda got creepy as hell and found her on Skype and i added her with this message: 
 ``hey! hey its me! dell`s admin!!“ 
 She accepted me XD 
 and we talked everyday , i told her that i stalked her and she laughed , we become huge friends and eventually, i asked her to be my girlfriend, and she accepted it~♥♥ 
 I added mal on the Skype group and we rped again, happy moments, but in a blink , i don’t even remember the order, or who was on that group , The Skype group had 40 members and it was a huge mess, many things happened and i didn’t felt comfortable and i get out of it eventually, i stayed on 2 groups, my old and fluffy group with tawna, cat, mal, molly and adamas, plus @mr-bill-cipher , know known as cuff, to be honest i don’t talk much with her, but according to cat, She is awesome and cute, i see that she blushes a lot and she had the kitty headset that i always wanted to have! //chuckle// 
 and the other group have some good friends that even if i use that memory gun from fiddleford, i wouldn’t forget…. There is @gosextri , elisa, a good and trustable British friend, always drinking tea , she is a cu-tea //snort// she did helped me a lot and i like to torture her with feels =v= . @flyingkittengalaxy is a tiny and mol genderfluid , cute and tiny . @seorriform , HAHA! My good Asexual bby! so cool and good looking even if you don’t believe me, they have many trouble and they know that i am here to hear them if they want to , Dev also helped me a lot and such such, i love this baby . @starry-eyed-artist-7 , this girl is so unsure about her awesome-ness, and so blind about her talents, tho , people that is jealous of her and try to put her down, you must be strong Pancake, you can do it , ignore them , i know its hard and i know its not funny, but you can //smile// you are awesome! . @sir-o-lantern, MY BRO! My good little bro! so pervert! So sinful! but still the guy i would hug and slap your butt if i meet ya, i fucking love him and his art is awesome, but he is never on Skype , that bitch! //smooth you with love// a bitch that i love ~. @defaultbyindigo , //sigh// so many things that i want to apology and thanks for…. One of my best friends , together with dev, sistine and yen from that group…. her techniques in RP is awesome , chaucey is a guy that i look up for , literally, cuz he is tall , but also cuz respect, Axl , ``thank you” is not enough to say how much i am actually thankful about the things you did to me . @ember-sixtus-vincent , My vezia corazia….thank you for everything…. thank you for christmas… i hate you for sending me feel-full songs and torture me with it, joke, i secretly loves it, thanks for the kokomo bandages and for the many adventures we had, even if it finished awkward //laughs// i hope everything worked out good for you , i still am worried  tho. @crimsondeus YEN! //hugs// my human and my demon ! ♥oh man! you never bother me! just saying ! i love you talking and your rps! we still need to do one ! and ah! you are awesome and never let someone say the opposite!! LOVE YOU SWEETIE! //heart with hands. @lets-do-a-trade , a fluffy cloud that you think that it don’t sin, but hood boy…. that secret sinner! //chuckle// i love you ! stay awesome and continue drawing you cute cloud!. @lililuna1234 , another smol, together with xavier , your art skillz is so cool and cute, i love how you draw expressions and the clothes detail . 
 I have so many talented friends that is going to become much better on future! i wish everything you want on your hands Dear friends! i am sorry if i explode sometimes but…. i can’t help it…. i can’t hide my feeling for too long … //blow a kiss// 
 Piercing….. AKA. Percy , and his OCs, all of them , even the one you guys don’t know , like octavia , rin , and others, thanks everyone that we ever met! thanks for making a world with me! histories and adventures that it would be impossible in real life, thanks guys! 

Good bye gravity falls….. thanks for everything you have done to me….. //sadly waves from distance