everyone will get a puppy i promise

1. Don’t sit in your bed and try to do homework. You’ll be too comfortable to get anything done.
2. Fake eyelashes are a pain in the ass.
3. It’s important to take yourself out alone to do things YOU enjoy.
4. Petting puppies is one of the (if not the most) therapeutic things ever.
5. Set aside gas money for the week. You’ll be less stressed.
6. Everyone will want to murder you for setting 15 alarms but if it helps you then keep doing it.
7. If someone is affecting you in any negative way, let them go. It sucks but I promise things will be better in the long run.
8. You can love someone and not end up with them.
9. Go drink coffee with your friends. It’ll cheer you up.
10. What your mind is telling you and what your heart is telling you won’t always be in sync. Waiting for one to catch up to the other sucks.
11. Stop putting off laundry. The bigger the pile gets the less you’ll want to do it.
12. Those who have to repeatedly tell you that they will stay are usually the first to leave.
13. Sometimes you need to trust your parents instincts on people.
14. Stop checking on people that aren’t checking on you.
15. Don’t read old text messages. Delete them. You won’t forget what they said to you anyway.
16. Sometimes it’s best to stay confused.
17. Try not to look back on past experiences with bad thoughts. Remember that when things were good, things were good.
18. Stop blaming bad timing. There’s never a perfect time to do anything.
19. I do believe everything happens for a reason. With that being said, I don’t think the reason will always end up being something life changing. Sometimes it’s simply just because things suck.
—  19 Things I Learned By 19
EXO Reaction when their choreographers told them to do the dance moves in Artificial Love

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*Knows it’s his time to shine* “Sehun or Lay what? I’m the one who thrusts harder here…”


“They finally will see I’m not the pure maknae everyone thought I was….” *No one thought it anyway xD*


*Excited puppy* “this time I’ll get laid! I promise XD”


*After everything he still feels embarrassed when thinking about sexy dances* “Woah!! It’s so good!! But there will be millions watching us!!”


“All my Aeries will be so happy… Appa will please them all” *Daddy*


*Nervous* “There’s a reason why I’m in the beagle line… no hard dances guys…”


*Having a mental break down* “No.. no… save me please…. no” *Probably someone had to bribe him*


*Can’t stop thrusting everywhere* “What? I’m practicing, guys!!”


“I guess I’m buying SM just to stop this… yes… or I’ll just take my shirt off”

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