everyone will get a puppy i promise

Dating Jeff Atkins would include


• You being introduced to him by Clay.
• Jeff and you hitting off immediately.
• Clay regretting it when he becomes the third wheel.
• “Oh, look at that! You brought Y/N again.”
• You getting kicked out by Clay, because Jeff doesn’t manage to focus with you being there.
• Tons of girls flirting with Jeff, but you not getting jealous because you trust Jeff completely.
• Him trusting you just as much, but still getting jealous.
• “Monty, back off from my girl!”
• “It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s all the boys!”
• Him being completely whipped and not even bothering to hide it.
• “Can I do your makeup? Please please please!”
• “Okay, but no eyeliner, that took ages for me to wash off last time.”
• Him remembering milestones you can’t even imagine remembering.
• “Today it was two months since you met my parents.”
• Everyone else being disgusted by the amount of fluff you have in your relationship.
• You getting ready for Jessica’s party together, him even offering to do your makeup.
• You declining of course, and him pouting and giving you the puppy dog eyes.
• “No, sorry babe.. Another time.”
• Jeff giving himself the job as driver, but you refusing.
• “You’re always the driver, have some fun tonight.”
• Bryce asking if Jeff can get some beer, but Jeff shaking his head.
• “I’ve been drinking, ask someone else.” (#Jeffdeservedbetter)
• Him giving you a promise ring at your first anniversary.
• “I know this is kinda soon, but I love you. And I promise that one day, I will marry you.”
• Him holding his promise.

Stay- Zach

Request: Hi! Could I request a Zach imagine?? Where the reader is invited to his party and he’s trying to win her over and asks her to stay the night and to prove it’s not in a sexual way he shuts down the whole party, sends everyone home immediately and watches Netflix her. Thanks!

Your welcome :) this inspired me so it’s a little longer than my usual posts.

 Stay - Zach

“Y/N!” You heard a deep voice call causing you to turn around to see none other than Zach Dempsey.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I was wondering if you wanted to go to my party tonight.” He said sounding vaguely nervous. You couldn’t help but be shocked by the invite; you had only talked to him a handful of times, most of them about school. That and the fact that he had your number from a group assignment a week ago, and he could’ve just texted you.

“Uh yeah maybe. I’m going to be late for Physics but just text me the details.” You responded before racing off to class.

You spent the rest of the day wondering whether you should actually go and trying to figure out why he even invited you. You never were the party type, you didn’t hang out with any of his crowd, and you weren’t even remotely popular. Yet the minute you got home you were riffling through your closet trying to figure out what you could wear. Giving up you settled on a pair of distressed jeans and a lower cut shirt than you would usually wear, curled your hair, and decided not the change the makeup you wore to school in fear of looking like you were trying too hard.

Once you deemed it late enough you drove to the party trying to push away your nerves; it was just a high school party, so you knew you shouldn’t be nervous. Zach most likely didn’t mean anything by inviting you. He was just being polite. That’s all it was. When you pulled up to the house you were even more nervous; the house was surrounded by cars and you could hear music from nearly a block away. You found a parking spot and made your way to the door trying to keep your cool as best as possible. The door was wide open and you could see a crowd of people inside so you made your way in and to the kitchen where you made a weird concoction of bear and soda, mostly just soda.

“You made it.” Zach said walking into the kitchen behind you, having to speak extra loudly over the music. He leaned against the counter watching you as you poured your drink.

“Figured I better do the high school party thing sometime.” You only half joked while smiling up at him.

“Trust me you don’t miss much by not going,” he paused, “but I have to say I’m glad you’re here.”

You didn’t have time to wonder what he meant and decided not to worry about thinking so much, “Surprisingly, I am too.”

“You know I don’t think I’ve ever had this long of a conversation with you that wasn’t about school.” He admitted.

“Oh yeah? How’s this new experience treating you?” You asked taking a sip of your drink.

“Well, let’s just say I’ve hoping this happens a lot more often.” He responded then paused for a few seconds, “you should stay tonight. I want to get to know you.”

Your face went cold, you knew exactly what ‘get to know you’ meant in the mind of a teenage boy, “No, I’m going to go outside. It’s too loud in here.”

You tried to talk past him but his voice stopped you, “Wait Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that. Please just stay, and I promise I won’t try anything. I really just want to actually talk to you and get to know you.”

With most guys you wouldn’t believe them but the sad puppy look on his face stopped you. When Justin walked into the kitchen Zach stopped him.

“Hey, get everyone out of here.” He told Justin in a stern face.

“What? Dude it just started.” He said rolling his eyes at his friend.

“Just tell them someone called the cops. Get everyone out of here now. Look I’ll owe you one.” Zach responded begging his friend who sighed and walked back out to the party. You could hear him yelling about the cops and how everyone needed to leave.

“Why did you do that?” You asked looking up at him.

“This way we can watch movies or something in the living room.” He paused and rubbed the back of his neck, “I know if I brought you upstairs to my room you’d be uncomfortable and think I’m trying something.”

You smiled at him, finally believing he was sincere, “Okay, I’ll stay.”

  • ’ I believe if you were dead the world would be a better place. ’
  • ’ You are not my knight in shining whatever. ’
  • ’ I’m not sure we’re worth fighting for. ’
  • ’ I’m gonna eat candy in the dark and pretend I’m home alone. ’
  • ’ Sometimes it’s actually painful to be around you. ’
  • ’ They say if you talk out loud while you look for something, you find it faster. ’
  • ’ This is your love day. ’
  • ’ I’d lose that crazed smile before you start cramping. ’
  • ’ It’s harder to love someone than walk away from them. ’
  • ’ No, I choose me. ’
  • ’ We’re adults, we’re going to fight. ’
  • ’ Everyone said I was ready. You said I would be okay, so I thought I should just do it and get it over with. But I wasn’t ready for…to be… ’
  • ’ I met a puppy once that was half German Shepherd, half teacup Chihuahua. And all I could think was…how did you happen? ’
  • ’ You should go. Cause I’m about to nut punch you. ’
  • ’ Found it. It’s so old, it’s not even in the computer. ’
  • ’ I wasn’t sure what you’d be in the mood for, so I kind of got everything. Champagne, tequila, pinot noir — pick your poison. ’
  • ’ You are not a person who makes promises he doesn’t keep. ’
  • ‘ I only dance it out when something bad’s happened. ’
  • ‘ People aren’t always who you think they are. You learn to see through it. You learn fast. ’
  • ‘ You’re a surgeon, we make mistakes. We need to be forgiven. ’
  • ‘ You don’t teach by shoving someone else’s face in the dirt. That’s just being mean. And small. ’
  • ‘ Did he say anything to you before you killed him? Can you tell me what his last words were. ’
  • ‘ I’m happy and I never thought I would be again. But I am, and that’s all I need. ’
  • ‘ Aw sweetie, this is about me, this isn’t about you. ’
  • ‘ THIS is what feminism looks like, sir. ’
  • ‘ I think you’ll be a good dad. Your babies will be so foul-mouthed and dirty and cute. ’
  • ‘ I am qualified to tell you how to survive. ’
  • ‘ My husband is dead. Yeah, I’m gonna play that card. ’
  • ‘ Why do people constantly feel the need to kill their arteries. ’
  • ‘ Optimism for the win. ’
  • ‘ I told you to keep that baby in. ’
  • ‘ All my orgasms are gonna be self-made, hand-crafted ones. ’
  • ‘ Just because we can live without something, it doesn’t mean we have to. ’
  • ‘ You want to be a mess, be a mess. I don’t care, I can take it. ’
  • ‘ I just got here. I haven’t had a chance to screw anything up yet. ’
  • ‘ Maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll snip out the part that makes her kinda bitchy. ’
  • ‘ It’s her song, so get off the stage and let her sing it. ’
  • ‘  I love you in a really really big, pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you. ‘
  • ‘ I’m not good at relationships or talking about stupid feelings. ’
  • ‘ I’m still in love with you. I tried not to be, but it didn’t work. ’
  • ‘  You’re my sister, you’re my family, you’re all I’ve got. ‘
  • ‘ Everyone needs help from time to time. Someone to look out for them. Make sure they’re okay. ’
  • ‘ There comes a point when you have to suck it up and stop whining and start living. ‘
  • ‘ You died in my arms. You freakin’ died. ’
  • ‘ That’s where love exists. In delusional fantasies. ’
  • ‘ Ah, tonight I have things planned that don’t include her screaming your name. ’
  • ‘ I take things personally. I get too emotional. ’

anonymous asked:

I know u don't rly do shinee but it's my birthday and it as wondering if you could do headcanons for what the members would be if they weren't idols? With maybe some romance mixed in? Your hcs are just rly good but if you don't want to do them then it's fine!!

hsfdc this is late, but i hope it is still ok!!! 
again, i usually don’t write for shinee but some others actually sent me asks asking for more of these guys and since it is your (quite late) birthday - here you go!!! 

shinee x career!au 


  • emergency room surgeon 
  • is insanely good under pressure and makes quick, good decisions and isn’t afraid of leadership roles. he keeps his whole team well managed and even in life or death situations for his patients - he never gives up on them or jumps to conclusions. if there’s even a one percent chance of surgery saving them, he’s willing to take those odds
  • looks really REALLY good in scrubs and like all the nurses argue over who’s going to work the ER night shift just so they can see doctor onew
  • everyone at the hospital assumes he’s a classic gentleman, and ok sure he might dress like one, but then you go out drinking with him and he’s all dad jokes, messy eating, and totally a goofball 
  • you’re on one of the night shifts at the hospital and it’s pretty dead, just people coming in with the stomach flu and what not so the surgery department is pretty much falling asleep where they stand 
  • and you’re walking by with some snacks that you brought down for them
  • and once you get to Onew you’re like “Doctor, are you hungry?”
  • and Onew gives you this random smile, one that looks way too excited and you’re like ???
  • and Onew shrugs and then goes “How can I be hungry, when I’m Doctor?”
  • and everyone around you groans because god how much more cheesy can you get 
  • but you - you damn near drop all the snacks you’re holding because you laugh so hard you try to use your hand to slap your knee but everything tumbles out of your hands and Onew gives you this shining grin because FINALLY someone has acknowledged his comedian side
  • and he helps you pick up the snacks and he’s like ‘want to hear another good joke?’ and you’re like yes please oh my god
  • and he tells you jokes the whole night because no surgeries come in and you end up in tears at how bad, but funny they all are
  • and when shift changes come along, Onew offers to go buy you breakfast if only so he can tell you more jokes (and you know,,,,,get to know you a little better because hey you think he’s funny and you’re mega cute)  


  • dog show judge 
  • know way too much about dog fashion. like way too much. like no one should have this much knowledge on such an obscure topic
  • is universally feared and respected through the dog show community and anyone who participates is always worried about him because he has the highest standards
  • loves poodles. has a poodle shaped pen that he takes notes with when studying the contestants
  • if Key takes a photo with a dog, that dog becomes internet famous
  • owns 53 different ties all with different breeds of dogs on them
  • you’re a novice when it comes to dog shows, but your friend really wanted to enter her toy poodle in an upcoming event - too bad she got sick the day of and begged you to fill in
  • so you’re standing there in line and being judged by a bunch of well….other people with dogs
  • and your friends dog is dead about to roll over and fall asleep on your shows and you don’t know the first thing about dog show etiquette and you’re just a mess
  • and when you go up you see this handsome man in front of you whose eyes are piercing your soul and you’re like gulping and he’s like
  • “Well, what is your dogs name?” and you almost forget your own name when he speaks to you because wow dear god he’s - stunning but you mumble out the dogs name
  • and Key examines the dog like it’s some invaluable work of art and you see a small smile and you’re like ok ok ok he likes the dog
  • but then the portion where you have to walk the dog around the ring comes and you’re like trying to get the pup to budge but it wont and you can feel all these eyes on you and you’re like c’mon please,,,,,,
  • but then all of a sudden your friends dog bolts and pulls you along with the leash and you lose your footing and almost fall face first to the floor
  • but thankfully someone catches you around the waist, supporting you back to your feet and you look up and Key gives you a chuckle and he’s like
  • “First time?” and you nod your head, looking at him like a lost puppy and he’s like “You’re lucky you and the dog are cute.”
  • and with that he takes a hold of the leash from you, makes a clicking noise and the dog follows his commands perfectly as he walks the ring with it
  • and everyones whispering like oh MY god,,,,Key helped them out,,,, K E Y of all people,,,,
  • and when the show is over, your friends dog manages third place and you’re happy with that but when Key hands you the ribbon he slips in something else before leaving with a sly smile
  • and you look down to see a number on a piece of paper and it says ‘third place for a first timer is ok - but call me, and we’ll make that pup a winner.’
  • is Key asking you out because he thinks you’re adorable or because he thinks your friends dogs is adorable? im sure you’ll find out on your date~


  • movie director 
  • aesthetics, a e s t h e t i c s, A E S T H E T I C S 
  • “how can such a loud voice come from such a tiny body?”
  • gives actors acting advice without ever having acted himself but the advice is actual super good tbh he’s very in demand for movies nowadays
  • loves directing tragedies. he lives for the Drama 
  • will openly criticize bad script writing and will demand changes if he thinks things aren’t working out
  • he basically tries to do 23354 jobs at once, but his passion for good movie making is why any movie he directs ends up being a blockbuster
  • you work on the lighting crew for jonhyun’s latest film and everyone around you is always complaining about him having a ‘stick up his ass’ because he’s a perfectionist 
  • but you always feel uncomfortable talking about him that way because you know how hard he works and how much effort he puts into things and so most of the time you just don’t take part of the conversation
  • until one day one of the interns turns to you during break and is like ‘what’s the directors problem? he keeps badmouthing the male lead - but that actor has like ten years of experience. the director is so damn full of himself’
  • and you want to just keep eating your sandwich but you’re like no Time to Spill the Tea
  • and you’re like “that actor has ten years of experience of bad acting. he debuted with a movie that was a flop and has only starred in flops since. jonghyun is trying to save his ass from another flop so really we all need to shut it and let him do his job because without him - that actor would probably be done for.”
  • and with that you excuse yourself and get up to go get some coffee from the refreshments tent but you walk straight into someones chest and you’re like eep- im sorr-
  • and you look up to see jonghyun and you’re like gfdkhlslfd oh m y god im sorry director-
  • but he just grins and suddenly puts his arm around you and is like “do you mean that? that im that actors saving grace?” and you’re like oH YOU HEARD
  • and jonghyun gives you a toothy grin again and is like “you don’t think i need to get off my high horse?” and you like shake your head like “tbh i dont think you were on a high horse in the first place, that actors just on the floor compared to you.”
  • that makes jonghyun laugh and he ruffles your hair a bit and you blush like,,, what’s he doing,,,,,
  • and jonghyun is like “it’s nice to have someone on your side in the crew - remind me to hire you again for my next movie.”
  • he gives your hair another ruffle and you’re like omgomomog he likes,,,me,,,enough to want to keep working with me omomomg
  • and tbh you can’t help but do a little victory cheer for yourself and jonghyun’s going back to re-read the script but he can’t stop himself from smiling because he’s like “who knew we had such cute people working for us,,,,,” (you. he’s talking about you)


  • sports broadcaster 
  • everyone loves him because he starts off relatively calm and you know he’s making comments about the teams strategy
  • but halfway into the game he’s pulling his tie loose and yelling into the mic and losing his goddamn mind over a game of soccer
  • and whenever korea gets a goal he belts out like half the national anthem and is like KOREA 4 LYFE
  • and he basically gets super hyped and in turn it gets everyone else super hyped and it becomes a party
  • once ripped his pants jumping up onto the announcers desk and almost mooned every1 on tv,,,,,,beautiful 
  • you’re his makeup artist and every time you’re like ‘Minho if you sweat a lot the concealer might come off-’ and he’s like ‘ok i promise i won’t start getting overworked’
  • but LOL that doesn’t last by the next commercial break you have to run over and wipe the sweat of and touch up his whole face
  • and you’re always grumbling like Minho,,,,you are killing me,,,,,
  • and he’s always apologetic giving you the damn puppy eyes and you’re like thAT DOESNT WORK JUST CALM DOWN AND DONT SMUDGE UR MAKEUP
  • but then the next break comes and you’re back over there to touch him up and one day you’re just like “i swear you’re worse than idols who have to sweat when they’re dancing - you’re just here getting worked up over-”
  • but then you feel his arm come up to touch your cheek gently and he’s like “really, i know it’s hard but im really happy you bare with me.”
  • and you look at him, a small bit of sweat still apparent over his brow and his deep set pretty brown eyes and you swallow like
  • oh,,,,,it’s nothing i was just saying that because,,,
  • and Minho’s lips curl up a bit into a smile and he’s like “after this don’t fix my makeup - just get your things so we can go get dinner.”
  • and your heart jumps but you’re like gflkgljfe ok 
  • and the camera man is like we’re back on in 5 seconds and you need to scramble off the set, but then you catch Minho’s eye and he winks and you’re like,,,,,,,,,oh,,,,,,
  • and you’re like he really is a sweet perso- and then he starts yelling and you can see him touching his face with his hands and you’re like MINHO YOUR MAKEUP GOD  DAMMIT


  • museum tour guide 
  • “what did you study in college Taemin, art history?”
  • “I studied Egyptology with a minor in mortuary science. Do you want me to tell you exactly how it was that they made mummies? I even know the step-by-step intestines extracti-” 
  • weird facts enthusiast 
  • refuses to wear the ‘suggested uniform’ of the museum staff which is light and friendly colors he’s fine wearing his black eyeliner, black jeans, and black large sweater that swallows him whole
  • tells kids about how the god seth murdered osiris and when parents are like isn’t that a bit explicit Taemin is like ‘death is a part of life, they know that - right kids? we all die, isn’t that fun?’
  • how he hasn’t lost his job is a mystery 
  • you’re at the museum looking for something fun to do for a freelance project and you’re like trying to gain inspiration from all the cool ancient gods but nothing’s coming to mind
  • and Taemin notices how you keep scrunching up your nose and writing things down only to cross them out hastily and curmple the paper
  • so he like comes over and is like ‘Need help? (—-:’ and you’re like sighing like ,,,,, no not re-
  • but then you look up at him and you’re like in your head like o wait no ur hot and so you’re like ‘yeah!! do you know anything cool about the Egyptian gods-’
  • Taemin puts up his hands and is like ‘Say no more. I’m the man you’ve waited for your whole life.’
  • and you’re a bit red like,,, oh,,,w-what and Taemin is like my shift ends in 5 minutes wait here
  • and that’s how you end up in a cafe across the street where Taemin unleashes the longest explanation of ancient gods that you ever thought you’d ever hear in your life
  • but somehow it is super entertaining, maybe because Taemin is so passionate or maybe because the topic is actually much cooler than you expected
  • and Taemin somehow finally stops and you’ve got a whole half book of notes and he’s like hope i helped!!! and you’re like you did more honestly how can i ever repay you 
  • and Taemin scratches the back of his neck and he’s like ahhh,,,wanna go see this new documentary coming out on King Tut with me? Unless that’s bori-
  • but you’re like YES let’s do it it’s a date and Taemin is like cracking out into this big smile because usually people don’t want to be around him when he’s geeking out over stuff he likes but you seem so eager and he’s just like before you leave he’s like 
  • “can i kiss your cheek?” and you’re like omg ,,,sure but why did you ask?? and Taemin is like “Goddess Isis would not be pleased if I didn’t ask you first-” and you’re like hehe cute 

anonymous asked:

So...what happened when you let buyers pick their puppies?

Well, I have several stories because as a newer breeder I am learning too. My first litter I placed a sweet soft boy in a home I really shouldn’t have. She already had too many dogs. Because of all her dogs she did not continue socializing as he grew and he was bullied by her deerhounds. Because he was sensitive (like most borzoi are) he became reactive with other dogs. Large males in particular. His confidence was shot…it’s so important in our breed to have a confident dog. They don’t start fights and it’s so easy to live and take them anywhere. Fast forward to me asking to bring him back to the US to finish his AKC CH title. I was so saddened by how he was so fearful of everything. Still such a sweet dog but he was always watching is back as if someone was going to jump from the shadows. I asked to keep him and he’s still with me. He gotten so much better and now gets along with any males I bring onto the property. He lives with 4 intact males now. They don’t fight even when the girls come in season. So that is one example of poor placement.

Another was in my last litter, I placed a very little girl with a person who had gotten a borzoi from my first litter. He was the perfect dog and she had a lot to live up too. Several times I tired getting the owner to change her mind saying she was super high energy. The owner said she could handle it, she’s trained dogs before, nothing she hasn’t seen. Well this puppy girl said challenge accepted and became a nightmare for her new owner. I do give the owner props for trying but at 10 months she couldn’t take it anymore. She was returned to me and I hold nothing against her for returning the dog. It wasn’t sure good fit. Now the dog is in a home where she runs on 3 acres daily, gets to go run in the open field and chase jack rabbits, she just excels at anything athletic and her first home couldn’t provide the exercise to fit her energy level. Which was my fault.

Another puppy from my last litter went to a lady that wanted to get out of IWs but still wanted a bigger dog. She knew the lady I mentioned above. She loved the boy from my first litter and wanted one just like him. *laughs* cuz that’s not a tall order. Well she didn’t want the pups with the short tail which would have been the ideal fit for her. Though he had prey drive he was very bid able and laid back. Actually I gave her the choice of 2. The other had kinks in his tail.( @noodle-dragon ended up with this boy so it was a blessing in disguise.) She wanted a perfect tail *sigh* I argued with her about this for a while. I told her the other males were going to show homes, she kept saying she wanted one of 2 other boys I had not offered her. That was it. I told her the one must go to a show home, the other we were waiting on his testicle to drop and he just wasn’t the right fit. Because by 9 weeks his testicle never dropped I gave in and said fine…he’s yours. Big mistake as well. She never had anything good to say about him. He bites, he barks, he runs around her house like a crazy dog growling….HE’S A FREAKING PUPPY LADY!!!! Well she didn’t take any of my advice. We went back and forth for months, I tried so hard to help her but you can’t help someone who really don’t even want to listen. I kept pushing her to return the dog and I would give her a full refund, I guess I started pushing too hard. She refused and cut off contact with me. She still has the dog and my spies say he looks good but it breaks my heart she won’t send updates and pictures.

This is why a breeder should be completely honest and at time even put their foot down when it comes to placement. I want people to enjoy my dogs and the breed but coming to a person who breeds Borzoi (dogs bred for their athleticism and prey drive) and basically wanting a Labrador in a borzoi suit is just unrealistic. This is why I don’t let people choose. When I evaluate a litter I also evaluate temperament. If someone is looking for lower drive, if I have any, I will give them their choice. Might be 1 dog, might be 3….don’t know until the litter is about 8-9 weeks and I make no promises to puppy buyers until that time. All those that have puppies from me didn’t get to choose them. I placed the dogs in the homes so everyone benefitted.

Allergies (SR)

Not a request, felt like doing something of my own. 

your pov:

Sure the Spring was always pretty but the allergies that came with Spring was a bitch. Being outside for cases especially made it worse. As we ran through fields and ally-ways the pollen in the air flushed my nose.

On this day particular I was sneezing non-stop thus making my throat itch and my head blow up. I walked into the bullpen and sat at my desk groaning. I felt a sneeze coming on and worked quickly to pull out a tissue. Like a rocket, I sneezed my brains out. “Bless you.” I heard from beside me. I looked up at the handsome doctor. “Thanks Spencer.” I said blowing my nose and wiping at my watery eyes. “Allergies?” He asked tilting his head,but eyes still focused on the case file. “Yeah, I feel awful.” I said in a slightly deeper voice since my nasal passages were hindered. “You should try allergy medicine.” He said sitting at his desk. I laughed dryly, “Don’t you think I have?” I said back laying my head on my desk. I lowered my voiced and propped my head up on the palm of my hand. “Spence I just wanna go home and cuddle.” I said whining. His eyebrows raised and his eyes came to mine. “Y/N.” He said in a warning voice. I groaned and slouched back into my chair rolling my eyes. “Yeah whatever.” I said sneezing. “Bless-” I stopped him, “Oh no Dr. Reid, wouldn’t want someone to hear you blessing me. They might think we’re together.” I said standing up going to the bathroom. 

Sure it was a petty remark but hey, I was okay with it. All the sneaking around and secretive dates were getting on my nerves making me think that he didn’t want to be seen with me. I blew my nose again throwing away the tissue and washing my hands. I heard a knock on the door, “Yes?” I asked checking my hair and makeup seeing the red patch starting on my nose. “Hey Hotch wants you and Reid to go pick up lunch for all of us.” I heard Garcia say. I sighed, of course it’s have to be me and Spencer. I unlocked the door and smiled at her. “Are you okay?” She asked sweetly,following behind me. I nodded my head and laughed, “Yeah of course it’s just allergies.” 

“Come on babe, you know how I want to keep these things separate.” Spencer said from the drivers seat of the car. I rolled my eyes not even wanting to give him the time of day. “Love come on. This is ridiculous.” I snapped my head towards him and I glared. “Oh so I’m being ridiculous now?” He shook his head and bit his lip in anxiety. “No that’s not what I meant. I meant that this situation is ridiculous. “You know what’s ridiculous? You. I feel like you don’t want anybody to see me. I feel like you don’t want to show me off like other guys do I feel lik-” It started again, the sneezing attacks. One after another I sneezed and sneezed. I heard a giggle from behind me. “I’m sorry this isn’t funny but your sneeze is adorable.” He said blushing. Even though I was still mad at him I couldn’t still be mad at that adorable puppy like face. “Y/N I promise I want to show you off but I don’t know I just don’t want anything to go wrong. I’m just scared. If everyone knows then if we ever have a fight then they will prolong the fight.” I nodded understanding where he came from. “But it’s us Spencer, we can get through petty little arguments.” I said smiling and leaning over to kiss his cheek. “I love yo- Acho- oops?” 

Sorry if this is stupid. I was feeling pointless fluff

Toxic Love

Part Two (1,223 words)

Part [1]

Pairings: Friend!ReaderxJensen, JensenxDanneel, JaredxGen

Warnings: Jealously

Summary: Jensen get’s jealous when he sees you with Jared and you mistake his mood for something else.

“I got this.” You walked back and fore in front of Jared as his eyes scanned the script one last time. You nodded your head along with your repeated encouraging words, your chant not quite having the effect on you, you wanted. You sighed loudly as you threw yourself down on the floor. “Okay, I don’t got this.”

“Well at least you’ve stopped pacing.” Jared chuckled as he dis-guarded his papers and flopped down next to you. Somehow his legs managed to look even longer when they were sprawled out on the floor. 

“I can’t help it, I’m just nervous.” You placed you head in your hands, your words coming out a muffled mumble as your fingers squished your cheeks upwards. 

“The thought of kissing me that bad huh?” He playfully nudged your shoulder with his own making you rock slightly back and fore. You laughed along side him before exhaling deeply and throwing your head back dramatically. 

“I just want it to be believable you know?” As soon as you began to speak about your worries, the words wouldn’t stop, your amount of nervousness showing. “It’s my first kissing scene and I don’t want to mess it up.”

“I promise you, I won’t let you mess it up.” Jared placed a hand on your shoulder to stop your anxious rambling. You looked up to him to find a reassuring smile painted on his lips and you saw that he really meant his words, maybe you could do this after all. 

“Thanks.” You laughed slightly, you body relaxing as you laid your head against his shoulder. 

“Plus there really isn’t anything to worry about, I’m a great kisser.” You could feel his body shake as he chuckled once again. You pulled back only to see him winking at you and before you could return his wit with some sarcastic remark the room suddenly flooded with crew members and before you knew it he was pulling you to your feet. 

Jensen watched as you mentally prepared yourself for the scene from his seat, he’d been watching you the whole time. At first he couldn’t stop smiling, the sound of your laughter from what ever joke Jared had come up with floated to him like some magical melody but the more he saw the more he felt the knot in his stomach tighten. He couldn’t bare watching Jared so close to you yet he couldn’t bring himself to tear his eyes away and then when Jared winked at you he felt his rage begin to bubble over. 

Jensen rubbed his palms furiously against his cheeks, the friction burning slightly but he’d do anything for a distraction right now. The feeling of jealously was so unfamiliar to him, he’d barely experience it before, yet here it was hitting full force in the face and it was only about to get worse as he continued to watch your character interact with Jared’s. 

“Sam wait!” You called out to him as you launched your body forward, you hand clasping around your wrist. You character had originally been written as a love interest for Dean but with everything that was going on with and the darkness the writers thought it would be a better storyline for Sam.

“Y/C/N I have to-” Before Jared could finish his line your lips were against his, your bodies moulding together. His hands were in your hair instantly, the two of your clumsily backing up until your back roughly collided with a cold fake wall that sent shivers down your spine.

In all the years you’d watched TV, you some how managed to convinced yourself that all on screen kisses were somehow fake and that there was no way the two actors were actually kissing, but this was as really as anything. Kissing Jared felt natural in a way yet very weird, almost as if you were kissing your brother, something that made it difficult to keep on going.

“I have to go.” You were brought out of your thoughts when he pulled back, his forehead leaning against yours.

“You sure you can’t stay? Not even for five minutes?” You whispered your words seductively as you left a trail of kisses down his jaw and neck.

Jensen squeezed his eyes shut to control him self, his hands gripping the edge of his chair until his knuckles turned ghostly white. It should be him with you. It should be his skin burning from the very feel of your lips, his fingertips dancing across his delicate skin. Yet he had to sit by and watch you with his best friend.

“If you’re suggesting what I think you are, I can ensure you I need longer than just five minutes.” Jared bit his lip still in character, a suggestive smirk big on his lips.

“But…” Your voice trailed off as you whine, your best puppy dog eyes staring into his.

“I’ll get back as soon as I can.” He kissed your forehead sweetly, finally releasing you from his grasp.

“Promise?” You sighed deeply as you handed him his jacket from a near by chair.

“Trust me, I promise.” He chuckled darkly and you had to pretend that the sound had got you all hot and flustered.

“Fine, go.” You frown as you gave him one last peck before pushing him out the door.

“Cut!” The directors booming voice brought you back to reality and you were suddenly very aware of everyone else in the room, but despite your blush you couldn’t but smile. You quickly chatted to the few of the crew members who reassured you that you did perfectly fine. In fact it had gone so well that it was unlikely you’d have to shoot the scene again. You and Jared shouldn’t help but high five in glee, the pride practically beam of you. Once Jared exclaimed how proud of you he was and after a quick ‘I told you so’, you instantly ran to Jensen.

“So how did it look?” You asked as your eyes scanned his face looking for some sort of approval.

“Fine.” He shrugged as he huffed his words, his eyes not quite meeting yours and he rose to his feet.

“Just fine?” Your smile dropped from your face. Jensen had always been brutally honest with you when it came to your acting abilities and usually you’d appreciate it but right now his bluntness had you confidence dropping rapidly.

“I don’t know what you want me to say, it was just kissing?” He rolled his eyes, clearly not wanting to participate in a conversation with you. You struggled to understand why, as you racked your brain for a reason. “Seen it a thousand times before.”

“I know but that-” You started again hoping that he would turn around and tell you he was joking but the way he was looking at you told you other wise.

“I have to be somewhere, I’ll see you later.” He pushed past you as he made his way out off set leaving you speechless.

“What’s up with him?” Jared asked, jogging up as you he too watched Jensen exit.

“I’m not sure, but I think I have an idea.” You paused, maybe Jensen’s sour mood actually had nothing to do with you and this was just a case of wrong timing. “Do you have Danneel’s number?”

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Be Careful - Avengers x teen!Reader

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

Words: 876
Pairing: Avengers x teen!Reader x Tony Stark
Featuring: Tony, Steve, Peter Parker
Warnings: the outside, hospitals
Requested by anon but it was really my sister she confessed
Hi! Can you do an imagine where the reader is a teen and loves to skateboard and tony is the readers best friend and joins the reader at the skate park and the reader messes up on a trick and has to go to the hospital and the team is worried you’re really hurt but tony is worried the most. Can you make it like an avengers x reader. Sorry for this being long. Thanks!
Authors Note: elise said she came up with this idea while she was playing skate3 so thats a thing. I also know jack shit about skateboarding so i forced her to help me with this, yup.

Masterlist. Request List.

“But what about the knee pads and elbow pads?” Tony asked, giving you a strange look.

“Don’t worry, I’m careful,” You smiled as you put a helmet on. You had been wanting to go to the park to skateboard, but Tony insisted on going with you. He didn’t want you going alone, especially if there was a chance you would get hurt.

You managed to bring Peter along, too. You went to a place where not many people visited, especially on a colder day, so you were able to have the freedom to do what you wanted. You were getting ready and taking a look around the park as you waited for Peter to show up. “(Y/N), how much have you done this?” Tony asked.

“A lot,” You replied. Sure, it had been a while, but you still remembered most things you know, “Don’t worry, Tony, I’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure?” Tony walked closer to you, “Maybe it’s not the best idea…”

“(Y/N)! Mr. Stark!” Peter shouted as he ran over, a smile evident on his face.

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For kirstiehenderson29 who requested a McGee imagine

“Why don’t we ever go out as a family and do something! Anything!” You whined, leaning back in the chair at your desk, watching as your co-workers packed their things and grabbed their phones and coats. It was a Friday, and for once in your career, you were all getting out at a fairly reasonable time, and personally you wanted to celebrate.

“We are not a family.” Ziva snorted, shaking her head in your direction.

“Figuratively!” You continued to argue, sitting forward and allowing the front two legs of your chair to reunite with the floor with a thud.

“I am not related to DiNozzo (Y/N). Figuratively or not.” She pulled on a pair of gloves and zipped her coat up before giving a wave, “Besides tonight is not a good night for me, maybe another time.” You groaned loudly, mumbling something about how no night was ever a good night.

“Come on Tony, you’re really going to pass up liquor? Are you sure you didn’’t bump your head or something?” He opened his mouth to answer but you continued, cutting him off, “I know you don’t have a date so no excuses!”

“How do you know I don’t have a date?” He asked, giving you a smug look, “I happen to get a lot of dates.”

“I checked your phone, you’re more than free, she canceled after you refered to yourself as ‘the man’.. Some advice Tony, don’t refer to yourself as the man.” You returned his smug look, as his changed to a glare. McGee laughed from his own desk, and your smug look morphed into a grin.

“How did you get into my phone!”

“Tony your password is 2580. Everyone can get into your phone.” McGee chirped, and you nodded your head in agreement.

“Alright fine, I’ll go.” He huffed, and you grinned before swiveling to look at Tim puppy dog pleading eyes on full blast. Those always worked on him.

“Tim? You’re coming right?” You asked, watching him glance quickly at Tony before clearing his throat slightly, offering you a shy smile.

“I would never subject you to a night alone with DiNozzo, (Y/N).” Tim promised, grabbing his own bag from under his desk and standing. You jumped up, proud of yourself for getting the guys to agree to go have some drinks with you tonight. At your old job, everyone had been so close and you missed that work feeling. Not that your team wasn’t friendly, and close, they just never did anything that could be considered non-work related. You pulled your own coat on quickly and grabbed your purse from your desk, and your bag with all your work gear from under the desk.

“Brilliant, meet at McClanahan’s! See you in fifteen!” You announced before walking out of the bullpen, set on being there first and finding a table where you’d be able to hear each other talk.

The boy’s watched you go, and suddenly Tony felt a hand hit the back of his head. He spun, expecting to see an angry Gibbs but was only met with a stony glare from McGee.

“What the hell, Probey?” He asked, own hand itching to raise. McGee glared for another second before a blush started taking over, causing him to look a lot less menacing.

“Why did you agree to come?” He asked, lowering his voice slightly, like he was afraid you might suddenly burst back into the room. Tony smirk.

“Because we’re having drinks as a family, McGeek.” He taunted, starting towards the elevator. McGee followed, obviously not amused.

“You know how I feel”

“How you feel!” Tony mocked, “That’s your sister!”

“Shut up, you kn-”

“Don’t make me tell dad!”

“Oh drop it, all I’m saying is I’m sure you could think of a reason to go home early… Hey wait, I took the subway this morning, drive me?” He called, chasing after as Tony merely continued to smirk.

When the guys came through the door you made eye contact and smiled, waving them over to your booth in the corner. And that’s where the three of you sat, drinking, and laughing, and not talking about work and death. In your hour and a half of relaxation you found out Tony can actually cook. McGee shared a few things about his writing. And you admitted to still owning (and occasionally wearing as a bathrobe) a Harry Potter cloak.

It was Tony’s turn to go buy a round, and it was five minutes of comfortable conversation with Tim before you even noticed that he hadn’t returned. Another five minutes before you bothered mentioning it.

“Where’s Tony?” You asked, craning your neck to try and see the bar, where you spotted him nearly instantly, chatting up a younger blonde woman. McGee’s smile faltered when you started looking around and he shrugged slightly.

“I-uh, oh looks like he found his latest victim.” Tim muttered, glancing down at the table. You let out a laugh, moving around the booth slightly, so you were closer and could here him better.

“I think you were telling me about college Tim.” You grinned, your buzz causing you to lean forward slightly. McGee looked up surprised, before smiling and laughing, leaning in as well to continue his story so he didn’t feel like he was yelling in your face.

At some point Tony came over to the table for his coat and bid you both goodnight. McGee got you both another drink, and you continued to talk for what felt like hours. Talking to McGee was easy no matter the situation. You always chatted at work, lunch breaks, car rides to cases, after cases when you both felt the need to just distract yourselves.

“Did you drive here?” You asked, too tipsy to be embarrassed by the fact that the words came out too close together and each symbol hung onto the next. Tim shook his head, finishing off his beer and pushing the empty cup away. You could see his own buzz written across his face with a red blush and a relaxed grin.

“No, I took the subway to work this morning, so Tony drove me here.” He admitted sheepishly. You grinned your hand finding his, tapping your fingers on the back of his.

“I think I should probably get a cab, and grab my car tomorrow.” You murmured, a small giggle slipping out before you could stop it. Tim’s ever constant blush deepened ten fold with the presence of you hand on his, tapping idly.

“I-Is that you, saying.. You want to leave soon?” He asked, tripping over his words more so then he was a moment ago, causing your brows to knit in confusion as you tried to work out the cause. He didn’t magically get a lot drunker. Then it clicked. You were making him nervous. A grin overtook your features and you turned his hand over on the table, softly running your fingers over his palm in circular motions.

“Depends,” You grinned, “Are you coming with me?” The look that came over Tim was brilliant. Eyes wide, mouth slack, cheeks red.

“(Y/N) - I , you- I mean I- if you-” You cut his rambling off with another giggle.

“Settle McGee” You smirked, leaning forward slightly and pressing a firm kiss to his cheek, “I was merely inviting you over for some coffee.” He considered that a moment before his lips turned up into his own grin, and he nodded his hand wrapping securely around your smaller one.

“Planning on showing me that Hogwarts robe?” He asked, leaning in slightly. You scoffed and shoved him out of the booth, taking a few bills from your purse to pay for your drinks, and allowing him to do the same before taking your opportunity to let go of his hand and pull his head down, face inches from yours. He tensed up, his little confidence boost from your cheek kiss wavering.

“Careful..” You smirked, your breath dancing over his slightly parted lips, “Or I will retract my offer.” You allowed your lips to ghost over his briefly before pulling back and grabbing his hand, tugging him towards the exit.

Sydney Sides

Wisdom (they/them)
• Favorite thing to say “just put your headphones on and work sids”
• Resting Bitch face is not just resting with them
• When the others are acting especially childish they go into a mode everyone else calls “common sense”
• No one messes with “common sense” if anyone does, wisdom will not hesitate to slap them
• Wisdom is always so frustrated because they know that they are capable of being an A+ student but mentality holds sydney back
• Wisdom is asexual, they don’t have time for that (wisdoms guilty pleasure is memes)
• Brown, long curly hair.
• Always in slacks and a sophisticated top.
•The shortest and most feared one.

Mentality (he/him)
• favorite  phrase “ CAN I PLAY WITH OTIS” (Otis is my dog)
• Is just about the happiest person on this planet
• Seriously don’t get him started about puppies
• He ships everyone and everything
• He tries so hard to help sydney be as happy and positive as possible but when people get angry at sydney for that or someone treats them unkindly mentality can’t stop disorders
from saying something snippy
• All mentality wants is to help sydney past their inner demons
•hopelessly in love with disorders because he wants to help him and break down his walls when he is comfortable
• wears flannel and jeans
• short brown hair
• a little taller than sydney

Disorders (he/him)
• favorite phrase “ can’t i just stay in bed i promise i won’t cry”
• Is so broken
• He wants to be happy but all he can do is count the list of problems mentally and physically Sydney has
• he contradicts himself constantly because that’s what you do when you have to control Anxiety, Depression, OCD, ADHD and etc.
• pansexual
• won’t admit he has feelings for mentality because he believes he doesn’t deserve love
• is the reason sydney became a fandom nerd because they had no one else
• as tall as sydney but hunches so no one knows
• he doesn’t want to stand out
• wears sweats and a t-shirt
• Bright blonde hair, short hair always wears a beanie
• the only person he lets see every side of him is peace

Inspiration (won’t admit, says it would taint the role, they,she,he, inspiration don’t care)
• favorite phrase “ we are so talented, if only sydney would do something with it”
• Has so many Pinterest boards it would make your head spin
• Pajamas are their go to, especially their onesies they have a whole closet full of onesies
• sings constantly
• always wants to write but rarely gets sydney to make the effort
• favorite thing to say “you could be making a youtube video right now”
• bright rainbow curly hair, always down
• stands in front of mirrors acting out scenes….sydney joins them a lot
• so extroverted it hurts
• nobody knows their sexuality either

Peace (she/her)
• favorite phrase “meditation is key”
• is the mediator of the group
• blue hair, straight always down
• a little shorter than sydney
• flower crowns
• the other call her a hipster
• demisexual
• loves dresses and cardigans
• and tennis shoes
• her and disorders are very close she helps him calm down when he is having panic and/ or anxiety attacks
• she can’t watch sydney eat meat it is the one thing that angers her
• when war is in her “fiery state” peace helps and soothes her by singing to her and when she can’t she just watches war until she burns out for the moment

War (she/her)
• favorite phrase “ the world is screwed up”
• lesbian
• drags everyone to Pride Parades, Women Marches, and etc.
• loves to protest
• she fights so hard for equality
• when she gets passionate in any way,shape or form sydney rants
• is the reason sydney is so fascinated by sociology and psychology
• deep but bright red hair that is curly and down sometimes but when being passionate is in a bun
• wears whatever makes her happy that day
• the same height as sydney
• wants to change the world, doesn’t know how
• does her best anyways
• when she gets worked up she goes into a “fiery state” her hair actually is surrounded by flames when that happens
• peace is who calms her like water to a flame
• argues a lot
• completely in love with peace

Okay so i spent like am hour on this i hope it turned out okay
I tagged my favorite fander blogs
I ship a few of them……😗

BTS Reaction to Missing You While On Tour

Ah, I can only imagine how sad it would be to not have them with you all the time if you were dating. Tours must be so hard. Anyways, hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: “Okay, I love you too.” He said as he hung up the phone. He shut his pink phone with a quick flick and let out a long sigh. He hated hearing how sad you sounded over the phone. He knew you tried your hardest to cover it up when he was away, but he could still tell. There was nothing he hated more than leaving you, but he knew he couldn’t take you away from university and he couldn’t say no to a tour. He tried to keep from tearing up at the thought of you being home all alone, but it broke his heart.

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Suga: He stared at his computer screen as he worked on his new song. He was listening closely as the music flowed from his headphones. The world around him completely disappeared; everything except the image of you on his computer screen. It was a picture you he had taken of you right before he left. He stared at the way you smiled back at him through the screen. He could hear the sorrow that filled his heart reflected through the song and fell even further into it. I promise I will be home soon.

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J-Hope: He didn’t even have to wait to hang up before he started crying. You could hear the way he choked on his words and sniffled that he was already crying. You were telling him about how his sister came to visit and brought their puppy. You hadn’t meant to make him sad, but the moment he heard about everyone, he couldn’t’ stop the tears. “I can’t wait until I come back. I promise we will get lunch with my sister.”

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Rapmon: He stared at the good night text message you had sent him. He wished he could reach through the screen and just hold you, even if only for a moment. He knew you understood that he had to leave, he knew that you would never let on that you were sad, and he loved you for that. But he wasn’t sure if he was going to remain as strong as you had been.

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Jimin: He listened as you told him all about your day. He had you on speaker as he practiced a few of his dance moves in the hotel bathroom. “Can you take me off speaker ChimChim? I hate the way my voice echoes.” You told him with a giggle. He let out a small sigh, “I’m sorry, jagi, I just have to get these moves down. Then I promise I will take you off speaker if it bothers you that much.” He told you as he took a seat on the edge of the tub. He was relieved when you told him it was fine. He didn’t want to tell you, but he honestly liked having you on speaker because the acoustics in the bathroom made it feel like you were closer than you really were.

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V: “No, you can’t just click play. We have to make sure we start at the same time.” Taehyung complained over the phone as he waited for the anime to buffer. He heard you chuckle on the other end of the line. You teased him that you were going to start the video without him. He laughed at you, but it wasn’t a normal laugh. It was a little forced. He knew you wouldn’t be able to tease him about that if he was there with you, but instead he would have to settle on just watching the same video at the same time. Just a few more days. He reminded himself as he told you to click play at the count of three.

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Jungkook: He got off the stage and immediately ran to his phone. He slowly turned it on and saw the 1 missed call notification that he hadn’t wanted to see. You promised to call him before you went to sleep, and he had promised to pick up. He figured you must have forgotten about the time difference when you tried calling. He clicked on the voice message button and felt his heart somewhat sink when he heard your voice. “Hey Kookie, sorry, I guess your concert must still be going on. I can’t remember what time it is there. Anyways, just calling to say that I love you. Have a good evening or afternoon or morning.” He frowned when the message ended and replayed it; missing the sound of your voice already.

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Oblivious dating

Inspired by @karalovesallthegirls public prompt a few days ago, i’ve written a fic about Lena thinking she’s been in Kara for a long time, and it having gone entirely over Kara’s head.

I’d meant for it to be a fluffy and funny little thing, but my hand slipped, and now it’s angst with a happy ending.

ps. doing a challenge where i have to write a fic every day of november, prompts and pairings are very much appreciated

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anonymous asked:

Hey What Hogwarts houses would Team Mustang end up in? Thought I'd ask since you're so great with AU's

THIS IS SUCH A GREAT QUESTION. Oh boy, let me get my thinking cap on. (liberty-flight has also written a few Hogwarts AU fics as well. :D)

Roy Mustang: If someone says anything but Slytherin, then I don’t know what to say. To me, Roy is the most Slytherin to ever Slytherin besides Salazar himself. Literally step back, Tom Riddle. The main goal for the first part of his life is to study alchemy and learn flame alchemy, no matter what. Youngest State Alchemist before Ed, say whaaaat? Then he joins the military to do good and decides, after the horrors of war, that he’s gotta rise to the top to protect everyone below him. The dude is just like, “Welp, you know what this means, Hughes? I’ve gotta be the Fuhrer.” And then he enlists a bunch of people to help him get there and becomes one of (if not) the youngest Colonels. Even thirteen year-old Ed points out his ambition to become Fuhrer. Everything he does is cunning subterfuge, hiding under the façade of flippant playboy, pulling full on coups to overthrow corrupt government officials. Roy is hard-working and loyal as hell, incredibly brilliant, and brave to the point of ridiculous – but he uses all of that to fuel his ambitious nature.

Riza Hawkeye: I used to be torn between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but I’ve gotta say Hufflepuff. For one, Riza is loyal to a fault. She’s got Roy’s back to the point where Roy entrusts her to shoot him if he loses control of himself. Like damn, I barely trust people not to eat any of my food if I leave in the break room while at work. But people know that if Roy might seem like he’s doing something sketchy, you can trust Riza. Not to mention that when others start slacking, she picks up the pace and keeps on trucking. How much blood did she manage to lose on the Promised Day and yet she still fought at the end? Wtf? Riza is the definition of NO CHILL even when she seems like she’s chill. She was ready to die like a gajillion times to protect Roy in various ways. Plus, Hufflepuffs are downright terrifying when they’re angry and Riza is no different. And Slytherin-Hufflepuff combos ARE MY FAVE. They’re the best, most dynamic, and I think symbiotic House relationship if done right.

Jean Havoc: Also torn between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but I’m gonna go with Gryffindor. A tad bit foolhardy at times, always willing to rush into dangerous situations without a thought to himself, Havoc is brave AF. He’s ready to jump in guns blazing to any situation, even when there are monsters involved and he’s just a regular human without any alchemy. Plus, he’s always there to defend and protect his friends, even when it seems like he’s out of the count. Gets stabbed in the back by the girl he was dating who turned out to be a monster, survives, and keeps on going after losing his ability to walk? He never gives up! He keeps on fighting! He helps even when he’s supposed to be down and out! He gets through physical therapy! Havoc is a Gryffindor. He doesn’t always get Roy’s ambitious nature, but he’s sure as hell down for the ride to the top.

Heymans Breda: I’m gonna say Ravenclaw – which surprises a lot of people at first. Most of them see him as this big, dumb guy and he plays that off at times because it helps people underestimate him. But there’s nothing he likes to do more than turn the tables on people and show them just how smart he is. Breda is a hustler. He’s basically the pool shark of Ravenclaw, minus the pool. Like he’s the guy in class who you think is just some asshole who doesn’t give a shit because his grades aren’t all that good. But then he’ll wake up from a nap and just whiz through a test. If the class doesn’t interest him, he won’t really do anything in it. So by the time he’d b in his seventh year and has to take his N.E.W.T.s, he’s got perfect O’s because he’s only taking the classes that he likes and enjoys and everyone is just like ???? I mean, Breda LOVES strategic games and shows it off. People are obviously confused. And I see him as being the brains behind using Mrs. Bradley on the radio to get the people of Amestris on their side.

Vato Falman: This one is easy. He’s obviously a Ravenclaw. I mean, the team calls him a walking encyclopedia and he can basically recall absolutely anything he’s read from memory. When they’re down in that Sloth-built tunnel underneath Briggs, he’s able to recite shit from way back when in history books with ease. I can barely remember what I ate yesterday. You know he has a book with him everywhere he goes and if he ever has down time, like during lunch or walking down a deserted hallway, he’s got his nose in a book. I almost said Gryffindor for a second because Falman is a lot braver than we give him credit for. I mean, he had to survive at Briggs, which is no easy feat. He held the gate into Central HQ closed on the Promised Day and faced down freaking Wrath, even though he knew he had a 1000000% chance of getting killed. He took the lead after Buccaneer was killed. But I’m gonna still say Ravenclaw.

Kain Fuery: Oooh, I think this one is the toughest! I wouldn’t say Slytherin, but I’m torn between the other three houses. Fuery is also braver than we give him credit for, considering he got thrown into the warzone between Aurego and South City and came out even stronger. He’s also smart as hell, being an electronic whiz kid. They always go to him when it comes to anything electronic and he’s seen tinkering about with various projects that has even Falman scratching his head in confusion. But at the end of the day… I think I’m gonna go with Hufflepuff. This guy sees a puppy in the rain and so he decides to take it to work and ask people to take him in? That’s so sweet and kind. He would if he could, but he can’t so he’s gonna find someone else that can! Gets thrown into a warzone? Gonna live so he can help everyone on the Promised Day. He keeps the comms up and running and even faces down Gluttony with Riza, but he never backs down or leaves anyone’s side when they’re in danger. This kid is loyal and here for everyone.

EXO Reaction when their choreographers told them to do the dance moves in Artificial Love

SO I’M GOING TO DO OT9 BECAUSE IDK HOW TO ADD KRIS/LU/TAO IN HERE… I’M SORRY. I don’t like not doing ot12 but yeah… Admin A~

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*Knows it’s his time to shine* “Sehun or Lay what? I’m the one who thrusts harder here…”


“They finally will see I’m not the pure maknae everyone thought I was….” *No one thought it anyway xD*


*Excited puppy* “this time I’ll get laid! I promise XD”


*After everything he still feels embarrassed when thinking about sexy dances* “Woah!! It’s so good!! But there will be millions watching us!!”


“All my Aeries will be so happy… Appa will please them all” *Daddy*


*Nervous* “There’s a reason why I’m in the beagle line… no hard dances guys…”


*Having a mental break down* “No.. no… save me please…. no” *Probably someone had to bribe him*


*Can’t stop thrusting everywhere* “What? I’m practicing, guys!!”


“I guess I’m buying SM just to stop this… yes… or I’ll just take my shirt off”

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Scenario where Shiro's s/o tries to convince him to wear a onesie!!

Omg yes, everyone loves the paladins in onesies and I think it’s hilarious and adorable!

“Please Shiro, just this once.” You begged, holding the fluffy, black, lion onesie in your hands.

He sighed and looked at the object that was causing his distress. “I’ll look ridiculous, (Y/n).”

You laughed. “You never look ridiculous, I promise!”

He raised an eyebrow. “You know, I don’t really believe you.”

You furrowed your brows and gave him the best puppy dog eyes you could muster. “Pretty please, Shiro. This castle gets so boring sometimes and I just thought this would liven it up some.”

He knew he shouldn’t fall for it, you do this all the time, but he couldn’t help it. You looked so sad and cute, how could anyone say no to that? “Alight fine, but only for a little while, and I am not leaving this room in it, understand?”

Your entire face lit up. “Really!?”

He smiled softly. “Really.”

You couldn’t help but giggle when Shiro had changed into the onesie. He did look ridiculous, but in a cute way. He even pulled up the hood which gave him little cat ears. “You look adorable!”

He sighed and shook his head. “At least you’re happy.”

Suddenly the door slid open and Lance popped his head in. “Hey, I was wondering if either of you would be willing to take my shift cleaning out the cryo pods because-”

His eyes locked onto Shiro’s and he guffawed.

“Guys, come look at this!!!” He yelled down the hallway. “Shiro is in a lion onesie!”

 Shiro quickly shoved him out the door and locked it behind him. You, on the other hand, were in tear laughing on the floor. “This is all your fault.”

“I know, and I’m not sorry!”

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Could you write a imagine about BTS, genre fluff/romantic/drama. In the story I want it to be a extra band member(y/n), she's "one of the boys" but she can still be a bit girly. Everyone gets along great, they treat her like a sister. Jungkook and y/n is close friends. But jk wants to be more than friends. He can't help to fall in love with her, neither can she with him. But they know they shouldn't. They have to remain their images. Maybe they can be together in secret? you decide!

Complications of idols

When my best friend is requesting :D xD

This gif makes no sense to the story what so ever, I just really love it xD


Genre: Angsty in the beginning, fluffy and hot at the end ;)))

Word count: 1 785

Summary: Romeo and Juliet of Bangtan??? xD

“Oh no! Y/N’s dead, everyone out of the way!” A loud laugh bubbled up in my chest as Taehyung, fellow band member and one of my best friends, jumped on me where I laid on the couch and proceeded to try and give me mouth to mouth. My eyes widened when I realised what he was trying to do and I panicked. With one kick from my left leg, he flipped off the couch and down on the floor.

“I’m not dead hyung, just extremely exhausted.” Despite my body and mind being laced with tiredness I laughed at how ridiculous the older boy was being. He may be two years older than me but he sure as hell barely acted like it.

“Yah, you didn’t have to be so rough.” He complained as he got up and walked away like an old man. I rolled my eyes at him and then let them close. It was currently four am at night, we had been practicing the new choreography since two pm and I’m surprised that we’re all still standing here.

“We should go over everything again.” Hoseok said from his spot against the mirrors. Jungkook and Jimin groaned as they tried to stand without falling backwards. Jimin succeeded with much difficulty but I could not say the same about Jungkook. He fell backwards against the wall as soon as he got all the weight on his feet. With a groan he slid down the wall and soon he was straight out lying on the floor with no intentions of getting up any time soon. A sigh left my lips as I got up from the couch, someone had to get him on his feet and I knew none of the boys were going to help him.

“Come on Kookie, practice isn’t over yet.” He whined at me and curled up into a ball. He looked a bit like a small puppy. I groaned, really not in the mood for his antics right now. I bent down as much as I could without all of my limbs hurting, grabbed his elbow and tried to pull him up. Damn, we may be the same age but oh my god he isn’t the lightest person ever. Why does he has to have so much muscles.

“Nooo, stop Y/N-ah.” I successfully pulled him off the floor. He stumbled straight into me. I caught him just in time with an arm around his waist and the other still on his elbow, we were way too close for comfort at the moment. His presence was like an alarm to the butterflies in my stomach, they just couldn’t calm down when he was this close to me. His breath smelled of mint and it made me dizzy, I couldn’t focus. His eyes were unfocused too and I promise we would’ve been standing like that for a long time if it wasn’t for Yoongi.

“If you’re going to start making out I will kill someone.” He grumbled. I laughed awkwardly as I stepped away from Jungkook. I quickly walked over to my spot in the middle of the dance floor and waited for the rest of them to join. Soon the music started and we were on it again. It was pretty messy this time since everyone was pretty much sleeping. It ended with Namjoon falling straight onto his face out of exhaustion. Jin was the first one by his side to help him. Mama Jin.

A couple of seconds after Joonie had fallen we noticed someone standing by the door, our manager. We were all very quick to bow down to him out of respect, making him smile. He looked at everyone’s faces with a serious expression until his eyes stopped at Jungkook.

“Jungkook, are you tired?” He asked seriously. Jungkook visibly gulped but nodded nonetheless. “I can see that. Should I expect this kind of low energy from you on stage too?” Jungkook quickly shook his head but the manager just sighed. “You are one of the better dancers in the group Jungkook, but from what I saw from this practice is that you’re slacking off.” Jungkook didn’t say anything, you shouldn’t talk back to your elders and he wasn’t about to start.

I carefully tried taking a couple of steps towards him, I wanted to comfort him so bad, but a hand in my shoulder stopped me. I looked up to see Jimin looking down at me. The look on his face was telling me to step back.

“You know you can’t do anything, and if he finds out something’s going on it will not be pretty.” He mumbled it so only I could hear what he said. I knew he was right, since we were idols we weren’t allowed to date, especially not while the fans are so dedicated as they are now. It would cause chaos. I sighed heavily and stayed put.

Manager’s rant continued for a good five more minutes and Kookie looked like a kicked puppy by the end of it. I was literally on fire and if looks could kill I promise the manager would lie in a pile on the floor by now.

He told us to go home afterwards so that we could get some rest which no one protested to. When he left, everyone started gathering water bottles and towels. One of the guys however left without saying a word. I think I don’t need to tell you who it was. Without thinking twice I followed him through the door and through the long hallway. It was very quiet, most idol groups have probably gone home hours ago but we had stayed because the dance we were going through was new. Jungkook suddenly stopped in the middle of the corridor, kicked the wall and sat down against it, head in his hands and elbows on his knees. I carefully sat down beside him, not wanting to startle him. He had been through enough for one night.

I put my arm around his shoulders and he threw himself completely into my arms. I was shocked to say the least but let him stay where he was. My arms were wrapped tightly around his now sobbing body. I hated seeing him like this, so broken and so vulnerable. Most of the time he took criticism quite well but he was way too tired and way too overworked to be able to take any of it tonight.

His sobs decreased until the only sound coming from his mouth was his heavy breathing. He tightened his arms around me and raised his head from the crook of my neck. We locked eyes and that was it, none of us could look away and slowly but surely we drew closer to each other. Soon there were just a couple of inches between our faces and the butterflies in my stomach were at it again. The familiar minty breath was once again fanning my face. His eyes shifted to my lips and all of a sudden he seemed very sure of himself. He went in for my lips but a gasp left me and I backed away, leaving his arms. I stood up and leaned against the wall, my breath heavy.

Jungkook stood up and started approaching me. I held my hand up as a sign to stop him. I needed to calm down before I did something I would regret. He sighed and leaned against the opposite wall. Then he just looked at me. I was the one to start talking once again.

“You know we can’t do that. it’s not allowed.” He laughed at that, a humorless laugh.

“What does that matter, they don’t have to know. We can keep it a secret.” I just shook my head, knowing fully well that it wasn’t so simple. “You’re not even willing to try?” Now he sounded desperate, a sad look in his eyes.

“Not when both could lose our jobs because of it.” I tried reasoning with him but that wasn’t really easy when both of us were on the verge of fainting because of the tiredness.

“Is the job that important, more important than being happy?” I didn’t answer that because I knew that he was right. I looked down at the floor, not wanting to meet his gaze, afraid that I would give in.

“Tell me you don’t want it after this.” I looked up in confusion, he was so close to me that I jumped. He had me trapped between him and the wall, I had no way to escape. There was no time for me to say anything before his lips were touching mine lightly. He inched back after the short kiss to study my face, as if looking for any sign of hesitation. I looked back him, debating what to do in my mind. Then I grew really, really frustrated.

“Fuck it.” I grumbled, took hold of his neck and pulled him into me. As soon as his lips brushed mine he responded. The kiss was fast, hungry, both out of angriness and frustration. He pressed me more into the wall until there was no space between us. His heart was beating so fast that I could feel it and I’m sure my heart was the same. His tongue found it’s way into my mouth, causing the kiss to pick up even more speed. Finally we reached a natural stop, ending it with a few small, sweet kisses. He had his hands on the side of my face, stroking his thumb over my cheekbones. I shivered at his touch.

“Can’t we give us a chance? It won’t matter if the guys know, they will just be happy. We can keep it from the company. They won’t find out I promise.” He saw the hesitation in my eyes. “Do you really think I’ll be able to resist you after what just happened?” I laughed at that, making him smile. “I love your laugh, you know that.”

“You’re making it really hard saying no, you know that.”

“Then don’t.” He leaned in again so our noses were touching. I smiled at him and just pecked his lips. He had my answer now.

His smile grew even bigger and he picked me up and spun me around causing me to laugh a little too loud.

“What is going on out here?” A very tired Yoongi appeared in the hallway, glaring at us for making so much noise. Kookie let me down.

“Nothing.” We said at the same time, giggling at the ridiculousness.

Yoongi clearly didn’t believe us. However, he just grumbled and went back to the practice room, too tired to even bother.


Next Time

 I’m having trouble getting the motivation to write, so I’m going to write some drabbles to kind of make myself get back into the swing of things. If you want to send me a prompt and a pairing, it would be appreciated! 


“Prongs, what is he doing?” Sirius hissed, glaring at Remus from across the common room. 

“From the looks of it, he’s talking to Fabian Prewett,” James answered, glancing up from his Potions book for a moment. 

“How can he do that?” Sirius asked, crossing his arms over his chest and pouting. 

“Well, he has a mouth and occasionally sounds come out of it,” James explained slowly. “Those sounds are universally acknowledged as the English Language.” 

Sirius shot him a death glare. “He’s flirting,” Sirius huffed angrily. “He’s flirting with Fabian Prewett.”

“He’s really not.” 

“Prongs, old buddy, old pal,” Sirius sighed and put his arm around James. “As someone who has been on the receiving end of Moony’s awkward flirting, I know what it looks like.” 

“If you say so,” James conceded, shaking his head. He went back to his potions book in hope of finishing the assigned chapter. Unfortunately, Sirius wasn’t done being outraged. 

“It’s just so sad to see,” Sirius blurted out. 

James sighed and closed his book. “Sirius, you broke up with him. You’re not allowed to be upset about things like this anymore.”

“Who says I’m not?” Sirius asked indignantly. 

“Look, things between you two weren’t working out, you said that, remember?” James reminded him. “You don’t get to be angry if Moony tries to get off with someone else.”

Sirius pressed his lips together haughtily. “I didn’t think he’d get over it so quickly,” he mumbled, turning his face away. 

“If you still have feelings for him, then why did you end things?” James asked, glancing over at him. It was like banging his head against a brick wall trying to get Sirius to talk about his feelings when he didn’t want to. James hoped this might be a rare occasion when his best friend might open up. 

Sirius looked down at his feet. “He…he deserves better than me, don’t you think?” 

James groaned. “That’s what this is about?” 

“What? It’s a valid reason!” 

“Not when you two are head over heels in love with each other, it’s not!” James said incredulously. “You’re such an idiot.” 

Sirius shoved at James hard. “I was being noble, you arse.”

“I don’t know how, but this has something to do with your family,” James insisted, knowing his best friend well enough to know the root cause of this nonsense. 

Sirius tugged at his hair self-consciously. “It’s not important,” Sirius brushed it off. 


“My mum knows…knew about us,” Sirius whispered, his eyes taking on a haunted quality they always did when he spoke about his mother. “Reg must have told her. I got spooked that she was going to do something to him, you know, to get back at me for being such a rotten son.” 

“She can’t get to him at Hogwarts,” James insisted. “Safest place on Earth, Hogwarts.”

“I know that,” Sirius said, tugging painfully on his shoulder-length hair. “But what about when he’s not here? When he’s at home. Greyback got to him when he was just a kid. Or at Hogsmede or Diagon Alley. There’s so many places her and her creepy friends could attack him.”

“She knows you care about him,” James reasoned, moving closer and removing Sirius’ hand from his hair before he pulled it all out. “Breaking up with him won’t change that. You can’t cut all ties just because your mum is insane.”

Sirius was silent for a moment as he looked across the room at Remus. “Yeah, but it’ll put less of a target on his back.”

“Remus doesn’t need you protecting him,” James told him. “He’s stronger than all of us and better at dueling spells too.” 

Sirius turned and buried his face in James’ neck. “What do I do, Prongs? I’m fucked no matter what.” 

James sighed and hugged his best friend. “Look, there’s some nasty shit brewing in the world. I think we all have to be happy as much as we can for as long as we can.” 

“I can’t be happy without Remus,” Sirius mumbled. 

“Uh oh,” James said, glancing over at Remus and Fabian. Fabian had moved a bit closer and was definitely leaning into Remus with intention. 

“What is it?” Sirius asked, pulling back. His eyes immediately went to Remus and Fabian, who were just mere inches from each other. “NO!” Sirius screamed, leaping to his feet. “Moony, don’t you dare!” 

“Sirius?” Remus asked, blinking at his friend and ex-boyfriend. 

Sirius stumbled over to them and grabbed Remus. “Bad Moony,” he scolded him. 

“Sirius, what are you on about?” Remus asked, staring at him in annoyance. 

Sirius blushed and looked to James for help. James shook his head and buried his face in his potions books, not wanting to get involved. “I…uh…” 

“Yes?” Remus asked, his face softening.

“I know I’m an idiot,” Sirius said quietly. 

“I’m going to need you to say that a little louder,” Remus told him, putting his hands on his hips. 

“Moony,” Sirius said, giving him his best puppy-eyes. 

“Say it so everyone can hear you,” Remus ordered, not giving in.

“I’m an idiot,” Sirius announced to the Gryffindor Common Room. “Please take me back.”

Remus sighed. “You really hurt me, Sirius.” 

“I know,” Sirius responded, taking a step closer to him. “I’ll find a way to make it up to you, Moony. I promise.” 

“Good,” Remus said, taking Sirius’ hand and leading him up towards their dorm. 

A baffled looking Fabian made his way over to James. “What was all that about, eh?” he asked. “I thought they broke up.” 

James glanced up at him and shrugged. “Those two plonkers can’t be without each other,” he explained, knowing his dorm would be off limits for a while. “I wouldn’t even try to come between them.” 

“I thought Remus was really into me,” Fabian said, clearly disappointed. 

“Sorry, mate,” James said, patting him sympathetically on the arm. “Remus just knows how to play Sirius. Has done since day one.” 

“Oh well,” Fabian said, scrubbing the back of his neck with his hand. “Better luck next time.” 

James raised an eyebrow at him, surprised by his apparent optimism. But then he knew his friends better than anyone else. “I doubt there will be a next time.”