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The Essence of Pisces.

Pisceans are fascinating people - everyone you come across is likely to admit that fact. By nature you are kind, loving, trustful and inclined to work very hard on behalf of the people you love - and perhaps even those you don’t like very much. Your nature is sympathetic and you will do anything you can to improve the lot of those you consider to be worse off than yourself. There is a very forgiving side to your temperament and also a strong artistic flair that can find an outlet in any one of a dozen different ways.

It’s true you are difficult to know, and there is a very important reason for this. Your nature goes deep, so deep in fact that someone would have to know you for a lifetime to plumb even a part of its fathomless depths. What the world sees is only ever a small part of the total magic of this most compulsive and fascinating zodiac sign. Much of your latent power and natural magic is constantly kept bottled up, because it is never your desire to manipulate those around you. Rather, you tend to wait in the shadows until opportunities to come into your own present themselves.

The chances are that you love music and picturesque scenery, and you may also exhibit a definite fondness for animals. You prefer to live in the country rather than in the middle of a noisy and smelly town, and tend to keep a reasonably well-ordered household. Your family can easily become your life and you always need a focus for your energies. You are not at all good at feathering your own nest, unless you know that someone else is also going to benefit on the way.

A little more selfishness probably would not go amiss on occasions because you are often too willing to put yourself out wholesale for people who don’t respect your sacrifices. Pisceans can be full of raging passions and are some of the most misunderstood people to be found anywhere within the great circle of the zodiac.

Shiratorizawa Week: First Meeting

Everyone starts off somewhere.

- Upon coming to the school, Shirabu was partnered with Ushijima to be showed around the school. Needless to say, his initial awe actually ended up turning into intimidation for a brief moment after seeing how Ushijima practically towered over Shirabu, who was only 5’6” at the time.

- Tendou and Yamagata stuck to each other since their first year. It’s a given that you’d find them together most of the time. Kawanishi met the together. Yamagata was stuck in a tree. Tendou was taking pictures and laughing at him. Kawanishi had no idea what to do so just left him there.

- Goshiki first met Semi at his mother’s bakery. Goshiki went in to get something when it wasn’t busy and asked Semi’s mum needed help carrying what she was holding at the time and Semi came in later only to find his job for the day was taken by some kid. Semi only vaguely remembered him at school as “the kid who always yelled a lot” until they actually saw each other when club started back up again.

- Tendou and Yamagata’s friendship was found in a music room after school. The only practice room with drums and a piano left were in one room together; Tendou didn’t mind his sound being drowned out since he was conscious about what he played. However, Yamagata cheered him on and said he’d play drums along to whatever Tendou played.

- As said before, Ushijima, Reon and Soekawa were friends from childhood. However, it was only Ushijima and Reon who knew each other at first, their parents being good friends. They met Soekawa in the park when Ushijima was too scared to play with other kids but Reon just dragged him along.

- Shirabu initially absolutely despised Goshiki. While now it seems he’s just annoyed by him occasionally, he was instantly pissed off by Goshiki’s chirpy introduction at practice. His opinion changed quickly when Shirabu saw Goshiki’s straight spike that the other first years couldn’t block. But, after admitting that it was a good spike, he wanted to take back his words once Goshiki began talking again.

- Waiting for the next class, Semi leaned up against a door. However, it suddenly slid open with the words “LIFE HAS MANY DOORS ED BOY,” and Semi fell through. Tendou almost slammed straight into him, only to let Semi drop out of surprise. While Semi could have been angry, his first thing to ask was where Tendou got the reference from. They somehow bonded over western cartoons that they couldn’t watch on regular TV.

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thanks naruhina and studio pierrot, we all know it's so beautiful when a slave boy dies for the rich girl's shallow love life <3 and of course true heroes invite child murderers and crazy human experiment scientists to their wedding :') tl;dr naruhina are the most shallow shippers in history, they have no problem with evil and fucked up morals as long as everyone comes and gives them and their shitty self-inserts validation, disgusting

Some people in real life are really like that. They think they don’t have any ambition or passion anyway, the only most probable form of fulfilment they’ll get in life is getting married and prove at least someone appreciates them. They don’t care social issues cos they’re not personal, those things are not about them.

And when they’re in a relationship, they’re those annoying couples on your facebook. They post about every little thing they do as a couple, like the whole world should care about them. It feels like they think being in a relationship is the only thing they ever have to bait for validation.

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How come everyone is saying that it's u realistic for Molly to love someone for seven years without moving on but it's fine that John and Sherlock have loved each other for that long too? Not being an ass, I'm genuinely asking

Because there’s an enormous difference with a relationship between Sherlock and John and one between Sherlock and Molly. The former relationship is between the two main characters of a program, we know a lot about them and we see them a lot and they are the protagonists. The latter is between the main character and a person who is hardly in the show. And it’s not just about the amount of screen time either. The relationship itself is completely different. Sherlock and John have the deepest relationship in canon. Their love is intense and all-encompassing and demonstrated countless times. Sherlock and Molly’s relationship is a working friendship where one half has a crush on the other. An unrequited crush with someone you’re not even that close to is not sustainable over that amount of time.

I guess a question like this is funny to me simply because a relationship between Sherlock and John and Sherlock and Molly is hilariously different. Like its comparing the shittiest Splenda on the planet to the highest quality sugar.

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💔💚 - Helena ;)

💔- A memory that leaves them feeling lonely 💚- A memory that makes them feel guilty 

{{They are actually the same memory. Have a little drabble:

Helena Bertinelli doesn’t do relationships, doesn’t do any “soft” emotions; that’s what happens to you when you’re kidnapped at a young age and spend years at your captors’ care while your father negotiates your release…

Trust no one.

That’s the Bertinelli’s motto. At least until Helena gets a new roommate at the boarding school she attends. 

Little Lena Luthor… So smart, but so shy…

They become friends, Helena taking Lena under her wing, helping her come out of her shell. And when Lena does, a few years later, Helena is in awe.

They are the same age, but while Helena looks like she’s eighteen, Lena is the one getting ready to graduate at fourteen. And not only does Lena put everyone to shame when it comes to intellect, she also leaves every girl in their school foaming at the mouth with anger, because she looks like a goddess who can render anyone speechless with just one raise of her eyebrow.

They are fourteen, turning fifteen soon, and they have been friends with benefits for a couple of years now… But Helena knows she’s starting to feel more, she genuinely cares about Lena’s feelings, and that’s just not gonna cut it.

She plans everything carefully, and precisely at 3 P.M. that afternoon, Lena walks in to find Helena in bed with some random girl from her class. And while they aren’t exactly dating, they have this unspoken agreement that they would never bring anyone else into their room…

“Helena… what…what are you doing?” Lena asks, hand covering her mouth as her eyes well up with tears.

“I think it’s pretty obvious, don’t you think?” she replies coldly. 

The random girl tries to cover herself, but Lena shakes her head. “Don’t bother.” she says, her features hardening as she turns her attention back to Helena. “I hear you loud and perfectly, Helena. I will talk to the head master to make new arrangements.” Helena watches as Lena leaves their room without another word. 

She doesn’t know why she feels disappointed, she doesn’t know why she was expecting Lena to fight for her when Helena had been the one to teach Lena to be proud, and never beg for anything… not even her…

So now this is Helena’s room, hers alone. Lena is applying for a private room, and knowing the Luthor, she’ll get what she wants right away.

That night Lena doesn’t come back, that night is the first time in years that Helena sleeps alone in her bed, and it’s the first time since she was a little kid that she cries herself to sleep.

It’s a dark, damp evening here in Bridgeport, but if you thought a little rain would stop Meteorites fans, you’re wrong. Tonight is the second evening of two one-off reunion shows- and the freaks are lining up, with dyed hair, ripped fishnets and heavy makeup as far as the eye can see.

A lot has happened since the last time the Meteorites played together. Most notably, Tea Meteorite’s coming out as transgender and subsequent gender transition, a revelation that divided the Meteorites’ fanbase. Tonight, though, everyone’s come together with one purpose. Rumours fly about the night before- whispers of blood, profanity, insanity, nudity. They weren’t wrong.

Support band The Pyromantics are obviously a little awestruck to be performing. This three-piece obviously owes a lot of their aesthetic to The Meteorites, but add enough misfits-esque bass chug and whoa-oh to stir things up a little. They finished with an enthusiastic cover of ‘Dig Up Her Bones’, firmly setting themselves as a crowd-pleaser. There’s big things ahead for this little group.

Then comes the main event. The venue plunges into complete darkness, the stage filling with smoke. The atmosphere is set with eerie soundbites ripped straight from ‘The Exorcist’. The crowd mutters quietly, shuffling forward- before being blinded by the sudden stage lights. There’s a deep riff from Matt Mcloughs guitar, and suddenly the whole band (sans Tea) are onstage, instruments in their hands. The crowd howls as they launch into their back catalogue. They open with 'Scream and Sugar’; a few bars into the song ‘Miss Meteorite’ saunters her way onto the stage, dressed in little more than fishnets, black panties and electrical tape across her nipples. Her appearance works the room into a frenzy, screaming and yelling as the whole sea of people surges forward towards the stage. Meteorite is as vicious as ever, reanimating old tracks as she screams her way through them.

Despite the intensity of the place, when Terra Meteorite wants to speak, the crowd shuts up and listens.

“So I heard you didn’t think I could sing anymore?” she growls, “And I’ll say this right now. You think I’m any less capable now than before, just because I’m being true to myself, then you can go fuck yourself!”

She slams down the mic stand while the crowd roars in approval.

“It’s fucking amazing to see you all here again tonight, Bridgeport!”

With that they start up their next track.

Even with their lengthy hiatus, The Meteorites seem like a well-oiled machine. They’re no longer the collective wild-child of the music scene, but that seems to have led to good things. Of course, it isn’t perfect- but even if Terra misses a note, her voice is pure rock and roll. Meteorite owns the stage. She grinds and struts, her whole performance somehow unnerving and strange. A few more songs, and quiet falls once more.

“So… Bridgeport.. I was thinking…” She teases, suddenly and jarringly coquettish. “I used to be on stage without a shirt all the time. Nobody batted an eyelid…”

Grinning, she slowly peels the electrical tape from her nipples. The act is met with roar from the crowd, but I can’t tell if it was roused by her words. Perhaps Meteorite is making a political statement, but the look in her eyes makes it seem that it was the attention she was craving.

The music begins again, and chaos descends. The band are all dripping blood from their mouths as they strike up the next song, the Meteorites classic 'Cyanide’. During the course of the song, Tea douses herself in fake blood, rubbing it over herself and grinding against the floor. It doesn’t take long before the stage looks like a set from Carrie. At some point, Meteorite loses her panties and takes to stage in nothing but a pair of fishnet tights and combat boots- and even those are lost in interludes between songs.

Soon Tea is fully nude and alone on the stage. 'The Exorcist’ excerpts are back, but this time we’re treated to a looping 'Let Jesus fuck you’ while some deep and distorted guitars growl away in the background. Strobe lights flash as she (hopefully) pretends to pleasure herself with a crucifix. It’s suddenly glaringly obvious why this show is both strictly 18+ and being held only at drummer Jacky Splatter’s own venue.

Darkness falls once more, briefly, before the band return to play a 5 song encore. Terra has disappeared- Matt Mclough takes her place on vocals as the band perform a 'Chainsaw Syndrome’ track. Zacharie Libby  from The Pyromantics makes a reappearance, adding rhythm guitar and some more backing vocals to the mix. The rest of the show contains some firm fan favorite tracks and a clothed Tea Meteorite who wastes no time getting the new guy on stage good and bloody. As the last chords of the last song ’ Bats of a feather’ ring out, Meteorite begins to smash her mic stand against the stage and is quickly joined by bassist Joey Glast who cleanly breaks the neck of his bass in two. The crowd are treated to a destructive rock and roll display as the band trash their instruments and toss out guitar picks. Tea drops from the stage, setting herself up behind the barriers and she shares out blood covered set lists, hugs, handshakes and broken pieces of instrument with the front row of the crowd.

As the band leave, their fans reaching desperately towards them, haunted house sounds blare over the PA system. It takes a moment for reality to descend, but I’m sure that many of them- including myself- were wondering what dimension they’d been in for the past evening.

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11 14 27 28

11. What running or gym shoes do you wear?
My running shoes are Saucony. I also have a pair reebok crossfit nanos (which is kinda funny because crossfit is just not my thing but they’re pretty and good for deadlifts) I also have Adidas powerlifts 3.0 for squats. Oh and Adidas Bounce for pretty much anything else lol

14. Do you workout alone or with a friend?
I’m happiest working out alone but my brother often guilts me into bringing him with me. I really miss my alone time tbh.

27.Which fitblrs inspire you?
This isn’t everyone but immediately coming to mind are:
@fatmaninalittlesuit @hustleformuscle @misskitkatcupcake @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld @journey-to-the-throne @plussizeadventure

28. Do any ‘real life’ people know about your fitblr?
My husband and brother know about it but don’t get to see it. My 2 best friends know too and always ask to see it but that’s not happening 😂😂

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honestly I think it shows just how good of a person you are that you would even reach out to a mutual acquaintance to make sure they were ok, even after all they put you and others through. I'm so glad that you and everyone else is coming forward and sharing your experiences and helping each other. It's so brave to speak up about abuse, and it's so good to see everyone come together as a community to help each other heal. 💞 you are appreciated!!!

Thank you, so much. I really need to just step back and calm down for a few hours i think. i’m just so invested because he hurt so many people, so truly an deeply and still i’m expected to worry about him first??? he’s not my priority right now. i’m not going to put hima nd his well being over people he’s hurt worse than he can even imagine. i wouldn’t be surprised if he’s never even felt the level of pain he’s put others through.