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Look, I’m sorry I haven’t been online but I’m watching The X Files for the first time and it’s changing my life, lmao.

GREAT SCOTS! First of, holy shite! Thank you so much, everyone, for following this blog! You have no idea how much it means to both myself and Serey. Each and every one of you I hold dearly in my heart, and heck you’ve even stuck with me with every blog move, and I love you all! I’ve always had doubts, times of inactivity and serious concerns on both my creation and my writing, but to see this many people enjoying both Seremela AND my writing, I can feel my doubts washing away for a time. Even if I’m gone because of school or family life, I always have the little comments people have made and it never fails to make me smile. Thank you!

Secondly, I’ve been around on Tumblr for three years now, and boy! Seeing how much I’ve developed in my writing, and how much Seremela has changed is truly amazing. Looking back to when I first made Seremela, prior to joining Tumblr, I can say that she herself has drastically changed since day one of her creation to now. It’s truly jaw-dropping to see how much she has changed. My writing! Holy shite! I can’t believe how much my writing has changed! Looking back onto some old creative writing works I did in school two years ago, I can’t believe how much as truly changed. I look back onto most of my old writing and question myself on what I was thinking, and how much I did change from back then.

This is all thanks you guys! Your comments, your constructive critism, our little talks, the interactions, the questions, EVERYTHING has enjoyed me to continue with this darling muse of mine. Thank you so much, my darling beans!

The Fam Beans! ( My nearest and dearest )

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The Admired-From-Afar Beans! ( The lovelies I wish to interact with but too damn shy )

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Thank you everyone! And remember: you’re all beautiful and loved!

This is like the best thing I’ve ever drawn

Why was my old (but not to old) art so good

*BTS at AMAs*

*DNA starts playing*




The “rules” can be different for every poly/non-monogamous people and their relationships, but some things are universal:

  • cheating is horrible and has nothing to do w/ polyamory
  • honesty and communication are KEY 
  • we often have too much affection to give rather than not enough tbh
  • who tf has time for orgies everyday?? it’d be so tiring??? also some poly ppl are ace so??? yeah

i should be doing my work for class but instead here’s part 1 of drawings for a hp au thanks to ideas brought up by @klanced i do actually need to go do work and head to class so the rest of the gang will come later

anyway shiro is trying to talk to keith who is helplessly pinning lol

Please do not tag with she/th or any like ship


Yes, dudes, I’m Bi as fuck and proud.

And who better than Rich Goranski to celebrate it?? He’s the loudest, proud (also, pretty fuckin’ canon) bisexual character I could think of.

watch got7 fool us into thinking that this is gonna be a deep and powerful message about their friendship and bond as a group but when they drop the video and the necklaces all connect it turns into a cheesy Power Rangers parody and they’re wearing tacky suits and when they take off their masks they all have their stop stop it era hair



sheith quote quiz

sooooo guys, i finally completed my “which sheith quote are you?” quiz on buzzfeed

feel free to take it and let me know what you got :)