everyone who ever talked to me about the hobbit probably knew that this was going to happen

Like Son, Like Father Timestamp

A/N: This is the first of three fics I’ll be writing for my 2000 followers celebration! I’m so sorry for how long these fics are taking. This one fought me. I wanted it to be a little funny, but the characters told me that there is nothing funny about this. Major thanks go to @littlegreenplasticsoldier and @manawhaat who both helped me fight with this monster, even though neither had read the original fic. (Seriously, so much fighting. They deserve so many medals.) I hope I managed to keep the reader at least somewhat in character!

Summary: This is a timestamp following the events of Like Son, Like Father, which is set primarily in the beginning of season 11. (”The present” is around episode 11.04 Baby.)  You don’t have to have read LSLF to get this, but it would help. In LSLF, the reader is sent back to May, 1984 to protect John from the demon traveling back in time to kill him. While there, she has a fling with John, even though she’s in love with Dean, who has never indicated she’s anything more to him than a sister. When she comes back, angst ensues, and she and Dean finally get together. This timestamp is set in the beginning of season 12. Mary is back, and everything is just awkward.

Pairing: Past John x Reader, Dean x Reader

Warnings: ANGST. Some Dean fluff. Mostly angst, though.

Word count: 10,357

Disclaimer: Several scenes from the show are essentially relived here. I do not own those scenes nor have I written any part of them. The characters are not mine and those scenes are not mine, I’m just borrowing them.

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When Mary first arrived on the scene, saving you and the brothers from Her Majesty’s She-Devil, Toni Bevell, you were nervous. The anxiety was partly due to the fact that you were meeting your boyfriend’s mother, your apprehension only amplified by the fact that she’d been dead for over thirty years.

Mostly, though, it was the whole “I slept with your husband” thing.

Your nerves frayed as you dealt with the Brits, hoping they didn’t know about you and John. They’d known so much, but hopefully your trip was long before the Winchesters were ever on their radar. After what seemed to be far longer than necessary, the Brits were gone and formal introductions were made. Hopefully, Mary would think your shaking was due to the torture. When it was time, Dean held you close, introduced you as his girl, and no mention was made of your little trip to 1984. After the house was cleaned thoroughly, you all piled into your vehicles and headed to the bunker.

The drive back to the bunker was more than a little nerve-wracking, since you spent it in the truck with Cas instead of in the Impala with the Winchesters. It took a toll on you, not knowing what was being said between Mary and her sons, but Dean and Sam reassured you they wouldn’t say a word about it. Mary didn’t need to know. And not only did she not need to know about your two-and-a-half-night stand with her husband, it was probably better if she didn’t.

Back at the bunker, everyone tried to pretend that everything was normal. A shower schedule was created, take-out menus were shuffled through and evaluated, dinner was eaten around a table (a glowing map table, but still a table), and Dean ate pie like a one year-old on their birthday (it got everywhere). If there had been a studio audience, they might have believed that everything was fine, but you didn’t think any of you did. There were too many landmines lying around and all of you were becoming experts at sidestepping the the triggers. To make matters worse, Mary continually disproved Dean’s preconceptions about his mother, while Sam spent the whole night staring at her like she would disappear if he blinked.

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Warnings: Fluff at the end and some swearing

A/N: this is supposed to be in that beautiful time when brendon wasn’t the only member of the band

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What were you doing there? And the most important question, why were you there? 

Basically, Dallon invited you to a concert of Panic! At The Disco and you couldn’t say no to him. He’d been a good friend of yours since high school. You knew that everybody in the band loved you and enjoyed every time that you were near them. But the main problem was that Brendon Urie, or Shrek like you called him, couldn’t stand you. And you couldn’t stand him. It was like a mutual hate.

Nobody knew, not even him, why he hated you that much. When you two met for the first time everything went right, he even tried to flirt with you. But magically he changed his mind and instantly he didn’t want to see you or hear about anything related to you. That change of attitude made you hate him too. And that how our beautiful story started.

You parked you car in a parking in front of the stadium in where the guys were playing that night. It was huge, a lot of people will attend to the concert. Dallon sent you a text message minutes before saying that you should go to the box office and say your name. He’d be waiting for you on the inside of the site.

So you did and went directly at the box offices. A group of girls who were trying to buy tickets started to cry when they told them that all the tickets were sold out. They reminded you when you had 15 years and wanted to go to concerts with your best friend. You two always waited until the last day to buy the tickets and the most of the times, you couldn’t attend to the concerts.

“Do you want to buy tickets too? They’re sold out. And the concert don’t start until 8.” a woman inside of the box ticket said to you. She was in a really bad mood.

“No, no. I’m (Y/N). Dallon Weekes must have told you that I was going to come.”

The woman looked at you with one brow raised. She scared you a bit.

“I don’t see any (Y/N) in here.” she mumbled while looking at a huge list of names. “You sure that you’re not a…”

In that moment you saw a security member of the stadium walking right behind you. He recognized you instantly and you smiled with relief. Your salvation.

“I was looking for you. You’re (Y/N), right?” you nodded. “Someone forgot to write your name in the lists. And they told me to come after you.”

The guy looked at the woman in the box office. “She’s a band guest.”

She gave to you an accreditation and you hang it around your neck. It wasn’t the first time that something like that happened to you. Basically every time that Dallon invited you at a concert it happened. You were kinda used to it.

You followed the security guy to the inside of the stadium. Then you saw Dallon, who was leaning against a wall. When he realised that it was you he smiled.

“Here it is. The most beautiful girl in this place.” he was trying to butter you up.

“Again? Seriously?” you chuckled. “This always happen to me.”

When the security guy noticed that you didn’t need him anymore he just left.

“Destiny doesn’t want you to see us in concert.” Dallon moved his fingers in front of you face. “Anyways, fuck the destiny. You’re here. And everybody wants to see you.”

He gestured to me to follow him. You thought about asking him if Brendon knew that you were coming but you didn’t really want to know the answer. So just walked in silence behind your friend.

Dallon took you to the backstage. Everyone who noticed that you were there came quickly to say hello. You didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. At least not for the first five minutes. Brendon appeared in front of you and Dallon.

“What are you doing with a hobbit next to you?” he asked, probably thinking that it was a funny joke. It wasn’t.

“At least I’m not the only one who have something small in here.” you fought back. Brendon looked angrily at you while Dallon chukled.

“The soundcheck will start in a couple of minutes.” Brendon said trying to ignore that you were there. “And before that I want to talk with you about something. The hobbit can stay here.”

Brendon made a gesture with his head, so Dallon followed him. “Fuck you, Brendon Urie.” you thought.

You took your phone from your back pocket and called your sister. She was a huge fan of the band and wanted to know every detail of the concert.

“Are you there?!” she screamed.

“Wow. Hello to you too.” you said trying to annoy her. “How was your day?”

“Who cares about that? Have you seen him?” 

“I have. And he has been as rude as always. He has called me hobbit again. How can you like him? Seriously, he’s such an ass.”

“Hey! Don’t talk like that about my future husband or I’m not gonna invite you to our wedding.”

Even your sister’s voice was high enough to deafen anyone, you couldn’t hear her very well. A lot of people in the backestage were making noise. You saw a door opened that maybe was the guys’ dressing rooms. You went over there so you could hear your sister better.

“Hello? Anybody there?”

“I’m here. I was going to a place without that much noise. What were you saying?”

“I was saying that I won’t invite you to my wedding with Brendon.”

You laughed. “I might be able to live with it.”

As a reflex action you started to walk through the long corridor full of doors. You and your sister kept talking for a while when you stopped in front of one of the doors. More specifically, Brendon’s dressing room. You could hear some voices inside of it.

“You know how she makes me feel, Dallon!” it was Brendon’s voice. “I can’t concentrate when she’s near. And you know it.”

Yes, they were talking about you. Quickly you said goodbye to your sister, promising to call her later. 

You weren’t a snooper but if that conversation was about you, basically you had to know it.

“I thought that you hated her. Why are you saying this now?”

“How could I hate her?” those words made you open your mouth. You couldn’t believe that. “She’s the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever seen.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Dallon shouted surprised. “And why are you acting like an ass while (Y/N) is here?”

“I told you! She makes me feel nervous!”

“I can’t understand you, Brendon. You like a girl but you act like if you hate her. That doesn’t even make sense!”

“Should I tell her about it?” Brendon asked dubiously. “She doesn’t like me.”

“You stupid bitch! She doesn’t like you because she thinks that you don’t like her!”

That was true. Dallon knew you very well.

“Tell her! Go and tell her everything that you haven’t said in all this time!”

“Right now? We have to start with the soun–”

“Fuck the soundcheck! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.”

“You have?”


You couldn’t believe. Maybe you were dreaming and that was all in your head. But when the door opened and hit you in the face you realised that you weren’t dreaming.

“(Y/N)! You okay?” Dallon asked while laughing.

“Yeah. I think so.” you rubbed your forehead. “Spencer sends me. He says that the soundcheck needs to start right now.”

“And why he sends you, hobbit?” 

“Stop calling me hobbit, Urie!” you shouted angrily. “And stop being an ass with me! What have I done to you? You don’t even know me!”

Dallon hit Brendon’s ribs with his elbow. “I’ll be out there.” and he left. Leaving you two alone.

“You’re right. You deserve an apology.” you raised your brows. “I know that I’ve been kinda rude with you–”

“Kinda? You’ve made me to hate you without any good reason.”

“Sorry about that.” he apologized and pulled his head down. 

“Brendon” you called. “I’ve heard the conversation.”

He looked at you immediately with his eyes wide open. “Why? I mean – Yeahm why?”

“I was talking with my sister and heard you and Dallon talking about me. And I have just done what any human would do.”

“Then you know everything.”

“It’s possible. But I want to hear it from you.”

Brendon smiled. “So, you still hating me now that you know why I act like that with you?”

“You have to earn my forgiveness.”

He took your hand and kissed the back of it. “(Y/N), also known as the hobbit, will you forgive me for all this time being a stupid?”

“Not at all.” you kept acting tough. “What else would you do?”

“I could kiss you but probably you will slap me in the face.”

“Why don’t you try?”

He thought for a second, trying to process all that information. “Shall I take the risk?”

You didn’t notice that he was getting more and more closer, you could feel his breath on your face. 


Both smiled at the same time. Brendon put a hand in your cheek and pressed his lips with yours. It felt better than what you expected.

“That’s my boys!” you heard that Dallon shouted from the other side of the corridor. “Keep going. I’m not here.”

And you didn’t. You didn’t want to stop kissing Brendon.

“That kiss has been too good for a hobbit.”

“Thank you.”

Just Friends (Baron Corbin x Reader)

A/N: Hit me today while listening to music. Sorry if there are any issues gramatically with POV because halfway through writing I decided to change it from second person POV to Third person so i had to go back through but i may have missed a few

Warnings: None, just major fluff

Pairing: Baron x Reader

Word Count: 2,741 (sorry for the length)

Being the one and only John Cena’s little sister had ups and downs, but an upside was a very promising reference when she applied to join the hair and makeup crew for WWE, where she were obviously sent to Smackdown, as requested by her slightly over protective brother, whom she loved dearly but struggled to refrain from strangling.

Not that she had a chance, with her heavy-set, 5’3” self.

But besides her brother, she was really glad when she joined WWE, as her and John had both been diehard fans since they had been kids. She remembered sitting cross legged on the living room floor with her big brother to watch every WWE show the two of you could find. John always said, “I’m gonna be a wrestler, (Y/N), when I become a wrestler I’ll take you with me everywhere,” and she’d be lying if she said he didn’t keep his word.

The first year at WWE for her was chaotic, but John had been there for two extra years than her, and so had helped her adjust. And slowly, she became friends with each and every wrestler on the WWE roster, which was incredibly rewarding for her inner fangirl.

Her second year with WWE, though, when she and her brother went to RAW, was when she met the lone wolf, and so began a long road of friendship, though she would give anything to be more than friends. (Y/N) had had a crush on him since that first day she’d met Mr. Baron Corbin, and she still remembered It like it was yesterday.

(Y/N) had been rushing around backstage of RAW back in 2015, looking desperately for her brother, as he was set to have a match, and she had a tradition of giving her brother a good luck kiss and hug before each and every match. It was a chance to never let her brother forget about her, and the crowd always loved the display of familial love.

The short-legged woman literally ran down the hallways, which was weird for everyone she passed, because everyone who knew (Y/N) Cena, knew that if she was running, something better be chasing her. While her brother chose to spend his free time in the gym building his body, (Y/N) was perfectly happy to sit in the hotel room and eat pizza rolls and watch movies. She definitely didn’t have a chiseled physique, but it was okay, because she liked herself the way she was.

However, despite her momentum, her weight had no effect when she slammed forcefully into an almost seven foot tall, tattooed man, who she had only ever seen on TV, as she had never done his makeup or ran into him, until, of course, now.

Falling on her rump, she took a moment to register what had just happened, and then she was fuming, and she popped to her full height, though it wasn’t much, and put her hands on her hips, “Watch where you’r-“

She was cut off, however, when she made eye contact with the giant before her, and she swallowed her tongue, gulping as the long-haired man looked down at her.

She cleared her throat, “S-Sorry,” she mumbled, looking at the floor.

However, she yanked her head back up when a rumbling chuckle sounded, and she got butterflies as she looked at the quiet man, who was giving her a million-dollar smile and she blushed before her sass showed itself, and she snapped, “And what’s so funny?”

He laughed harder, and the low purring noise nearly made her faint, she loved how she could feel the vibration in her tummy, as she looked at his face though, she fought back a smile.

He was nearly doubled over, stuttering out, “You-you shoulda seen your face-“

Before she could stop herself, they were both laughing, and when they had both regained their composure, she smiled up at him as he said, “Jesus I didn’t think I was that scary.”

“Well,” she giggled out, “It was kind of a surprise to be eye level with somebody’s ribs!”

He smiled, and looked at you for a moment, before outstretching his hand, “I’m Baron,” he rumbled (the only accurate way to describe his voice), “Baron Corbin.”

The girl took his hand, shaking firmly with a smile, “(Y/N) Cena.”

“Cena!” He exclaimed, his eyes widening almost unnoticeably, “YOU’RE Cena’s little sister everyone’s been talkin’ about?”

She blushed, “Well…that depends on if it’s good talking.”

He smiled, “It is, everyone says you make the meanest peanut butter and jellies, and you do damn good work in the hair and makeup department.”

She smiled, blushing a little, “Well, I do make a good PB&J,” you said.

He chuckled, making you smile as your tummy flipped, and he smiled, “Do my hair tonight? I’d like to see what the fuss is all about.”

The shortie nodded, “Sure, I’ll save you a spot, and maybe I’ll have a sandwhich for ya.”

He grinned, “I’ve probably never seen you because I get my hair done at the hotel. I like to sit in the Gorilla and congratulate and cheer on people, but I’ll let you do it tonight, see if I like.”

Well, Baron had liked, and soon the two of you had become best friends, she ending up doing his hair and makeup for each and every match, him bringing the woman food every night after shows at the hotel, and making it a habit to see her at least once each and every day, no matter what.

That first meeting had been almost two years ago, and (Y/N)’s crush on the giant wolf had only grown.

She thought about it all as she packed her suitcase. After smackdown tonight, she and the rest of the WWE crew had to catch a flight at 2 AM to the next location, and she was going to take her and John’s suitcases with her so the two of you could head to the airport from the arena. It was only 11 AM though, and she had plenty of time, but she didn’t mind packing, as it was a way to pass the time, since John had gone to a signing and she had the room to herself.

She hummed to the music she had playing on her Bluetooth speaker. A linkin park song she had shown Baron and was now one of his favorites. Being what Baron called a “Ghetto metalhead”, (Y/N) and Baron shared similar tastes in music, though the only way to describe the girl’s taste was that she liked pretty much everything. However, most of her iPod was rock and rap, hence the ghetto part.

As she folded a shirt, she heard a knock, and then a whistle, and knew it was Baron. She stood and walked to the door, and when she opened it Baron walked in with two McDonald’s bags and a drink tray.

She smiled wide at his consideration as he grinned back, he was a man of few words, but both of them released their shyness when together. They both brought eachother out of their shells. When together, the two of you felt comfortable, though neither knew how the other felt.

“Oh my god Bigfoot you are the best,” she squealed, setting the bags on her bed to hug him.

“I know I am Hobbit. I brought your favorite.”

She smiled, hearing the playful nickname he called her after she had forced him to watch the Lord of the Rings series with her one weekend.

“And what is my favorite?”

“20 piece chicken nuggets with small fry and a chocolate frappe.” He answered, not missing a beat, and she grinned, kissing his cheek as he sat down on the bed next to her.

“What would I do without you, Big Bear,” the girl said, clicking on the TV and turning it to hockey. She knew Baron’s favorite team would play today and Baron smiled at their comradery.

“You ready for your match tonight?” She asked, popping a nugget into her mouth, and Baron shrugged.

“I don’t know, kinda. I hate having to face John. I know it’s all scripted, but I still worry you’ll be angry with one of us no matter who wins.”

She shook her head, “I know it’s scripted, so I don’t ever get mad. I only ever get mad when one of you gets seriously hurt. Then I’ll kick some ass.”

She got butterflies as Baron chuckled before leaning over and kissing her temple gently.

She looked at the TV, praying he didn’t notice her blush.

These kinds of interactions were normal when the two of you were together. Always touchy feely, but never in a romantic way. Yeah, Right, she thought to herself, like that’ll ever happen. Why on earth would someone like Baron choose someone like her. He was handsome, hot, sweet, tall, ripped. She? She was just an average girl with a below average height. Baron wouldn’t even know she existed if it hadn’t been for her brother getting her a WWE job. She bit back a sigh, wishing with all wishes that Baron liked her as more than a best friend. She longed for his attention. She hated how that sounded, but it was true.

Baron’s voice brought her out of her mind, “Penny for your thoughts?” He asked, looking at her with mild curiosity and mild concern.

She forced a smile, “Oh nothing, just thinking about whose makeup I have to do tonight.”

He looked skeptical, but didn’t question, instead said, “Yeah, I need you to do my eyebrows by the way.”

She laughed, and he rolled his eyes, “You always laugh no matter how many times I have you do it.”

She snorted with laugher before gathering her composure, “Sorry, I just never get tired of big manly Corbin letting me pluck his eyebrows.”

He fake-glared at her, “You know what happens when I try to do it myself,” and she laughed harder.

Eventually he tackled her, making her lay down on the bed under him as she giggled uncontrollably, and he started to tickle her, “Say it!” He snarled, but she knew it was a joke.

“Never! Ah BAROn Stop!” She laughed harder as his relentless fingers rand up and down her sides, making her shake with laughter.

“Say it!”


“Say it!”

“OKAY oh god okay,” you forced out through laughter, “Baron Corbin is the most badass and manly man to ever grace the world with his manly presence!”



Baron threw his head back in laughter, smiling and then dropping his head on her chest to laugh harder. He smiled when he picked his head back up, and pulled her up with him so both of them could lean on the headboard, his arm draped lazily over her shoulders.

“I still don’t know why you make me say the last part,” She grumbled, finding a movie on TV, and Baron rumbled against her.

“Because it’s funny how you say it with your accent.” He smiled, nuzzling your temple with his nose.

“Baron I have to shampoo it feel how greasy it is it’s disgusting.

“Can’t it wait another day.”

“Absolutely not. I’ll condition it so it’s shiny but I refuse to do your hair for this match until it’s washed.”

Baron growled, looking at her in the mirror of the hairstylist’s chair, and she smiled, whirling him around and pulling him over to the sinks. They still had three hours until Smackdown even started, and Baron wasn’t the opening event, but he didn’t like to be in the hairstylists shop when all the other wrestlers were there. He was shy, and she accepted him.

She reclined his chair and tucked a towel into his shirt so it wouldn’t get wet, while she let the water run over her hand to warm up.

“I don’t think you’ve ever let me wash your hair, have you?”

“No.” Baron answered, “Don’t think so.”

“First for everything, right big bear?” She asked, wetting his scalp and hair, and he smiled toothlessly at her.

She noticed the way his eyes closed and his mouth curved up ever so slightly, but she didn’t think anything of it until she started to massage the shampoo into his scalp, when she realized he was purring. Like, actually purring. She stopped and he opened his eyes, blushing.

“Sorry, (Y/N), It just feels good.” He wouldn’t meet her eyes, and she laughed, kissing his forehead.

“Don’t worry, Baron, I think your purring is cute.”

He scowled, “I am not purring.”

“Yes, you are.”

He crossed his arms, sulking, but relaxed again when she started to play with his hair more. He purred more, and she couldn’t help but smile at the cuteness of it. A couple times she thought she saw him crane his neck just a bit when she moved her hands away from him.

When she was done, he looked like he was in bliss, and for a while after she just played with his hair a little, not having the heart to stop yet.

Finally, though, she sat him up, and he seemed disappointed, but happy again as she ran her fingers full of gel through it.

She looked at the finished product and then let him look at himself in the mirror, “Was that so bad?”

He smiled, shaking his head and blushing just a little.

He seemed nervous, and she looked at him a bit more seriously, “You okay?”

He almost nodded, but when she dropped her eyebrows at him, he shook his head. “I’m just really nervous about the match tonight…I hate it when the crowd gets upset with me, and suplex-ing John isn’t gonna please Cenation.”

She nibbled her lip, thinking about how to soothe him, before saying, “I still have an hour until I start makeup for Nia…do you wanna stay here with me and I’ll play with your hair some more?”

He lit up just a little, “Can you? It feels really nice when you do it.”

She chuckled, “Of course, you overgrown puppy.”

Half an hour later, when she had successfully calmed Baron and he was leaning back against her, looking in utter bliss, until he opened his eyes and looked up at her.

She looked down at him, and he sat up, turning to face her, and he gently took her hands, looking down at their joined palms.

Hers so small in his.

She watched him curiously as he swallowed, and then he looked up at her, meeting her eyes.

“I have to tell you something.” He blurted out, and she cocked her head.

“What is it Baron?” She asked, feeling like the moment was too serious for a nickname.

He gulped again before standing, not letting go of her hands, and looking down at her. He smiled shyly and said quietly, “Would….would you be mad…if I told you…”

You started to get nervous, “Yes, Baron?”

He sighed, before meeting your eyes and saying, “Look, (Y/N), I’m in love with you. I have been since I met you two years ago when you slammed into me in the hallway. I love your smile. I love your personality. I love your body. I love your eyes. Baby, I just love you. And I can’t take it anymore. I’m tired of being just friends, I want to wrap my arms around MY hobbit, around MY girl, around MY baby. I want to be your man. And if its okay, since we are gonna be in Pittsburgh tomorrow and then we are there all week, I wondered if you would let me take you out on a date. A real date. With me. And if you like it…maybe-“

(Y/N) cut him off, jumping and wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling his head down and crushing her lips to his, and though he was at first shocked, he kissed back, and too soon, the two pulled away, and he gazed at her, a happy shine in his eyes.

“Baron, I love you too. I’ve been waiting for you to notice for the past two years. I wanna be your girl.”

Baron’s smile lit up and In a minute he was picking up the smaller form and twirling her, his face in a huge smile.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“What am I gonna tell John?”

“Tell me what?”

TTB -- To Impress a Lady

Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition— To Impress a Lady

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch the Butts.  

 Warnings: Language.

 Start From the Beginning

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You looked over your shoulder and smiled as Dwalin walked up beside you.  After having successfully made it down the carrack and Gandalf saying he knew someone nearby who could help them, everyone seemed to be in better moods, Dwalin included.

“What’s up?” You said softly as he fell in step beside you.  

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Request: Can u do one w/ Beorn X shy reader in the company? She catches him staring at his muscles or something like that?

A/N: Hi everyone! It’s been a while…so sorry about that!! But to make up for it, here is a LONG request about one of my favorites, Beorn! You also get a dubble gif as an apology! I hope you’ll like it! 

P.S Thorin x reader is coming very soon so stick around for that! Love ya!!

Word Count: 2112

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All I Need Is You (Intro)

Summary: Dan has always been a goody-two-shoes wallflower. He’s never gone out of his comfort zone once in his life, always living in his happy world bubble. Phil is a realist, a punk with an agenda, never one to settle down. When these two troubled souls finally collide, their lives just might change forever.

Paring: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil

Genres: Teenage!Phan, Drama!AU, Fluff, Smut!

Word Count: 963

Warnings: Mentions of violence, blood, fights, crimes, illegal drugs (marijuana), underage drinking, cursing and mentions of depression.

A/N: Hey phamalam! I’ve come up with a new fic idea that’s been bubbling in my head for quite sometime now, and I’m finally ready to post the intro. I hope this is enjoyable, this is the kind of stuff I love to write, and because I’m better at it than third person, this will be a first person story, going to diff perspectives of dnp. Please let me know what you think by liking, reblogging, and feedback! :) (also, this is pretty short bc it’s only the intro! future chapters will be longer!)

~ story under the cut~

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[PJO] Rubatosis

Title: Rubatosis [Ao3]
Fandom: PJO / HOO
Pairing(s): Percy/Annabeth/Nico; mentions of Annabeth/OC, Percy/Leo, and Percy/Luke
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Two very different people fall in love with a boy called death. Finding each other is chance. Falling for each other isn’t. This is their story. (Or in which Nico is Death with a capital D, Annabeth is a serial killer, and Percy is the poor schmuck who falls for both of them.)

Author’s Note: More notes can be found at Ao3, but I cannot fit them over here. No way, Jose. So head over there, because it’s prettier formatting anyway. The fanmix I made to accompany this fic. It’s mostly creepy mood music and a lot of Atticus Ross & Trent Reznor. Sorry, not sorry. A link will be up to the artwork for the fic once my artist sends it to me.

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Under The Wing Of A King


Summary: Thorin suddenly goes all mama bear on Bilbo and the hobbit is confused. He turns to Balin for advice, but ends up getting some interesting information from Fili and Kili instead. Apparently there is a difference between protecting your people and protecting someone you love.

Words: 1 541

Bilbo Baggins noticed, after miles and miles of traveling by ponies and by foot and by eagles, after having flirted with death countless of times, after endless nights of rain and cold and exhaustion, that Thorin Oakenshield was an actual mama bear.

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Can’t Help But Find You Adorable (Phan)

Summary:  I fell in love with you, and I didn’t notice until I sat on that bed with you and talked about how you were beautiful in my eyes. You revealed part of yourself and told me otherwise, and when I saw the glint of happiness in your eyes as you spoke, I knew I said the right thing.

Word Count: 1,727

A/N: The Phanfic is in third person, I just felt like writing the Summary in first X3


Everyone could tell by the well he looked at him, Dan adored Phil.  He loved his best friend, the only person who knew him so well. The only person who could always make him laugh, to smile, to love.

Phil was Dan’s world. But that’s why he cried some nights. Dan had never really had much ease sleeping. Ever since he was younger, Dan could never get a well-rested sleep like so many other kids his age could, because of his fears.

And tonight, Dan was like that. He wasn’t afraid a demon would come out and drag him into oblivion like when he was younger, oh no.

Tonight (or, this morning. It was roughly two am), Dan was thinking of his feelings. He sat on the floor in front of the mirror, still in yesterday’s messy clothes. He had slight bags under his eyes, from the lack of sleep he always had.

One night, him and Phil had fallen asleep together on the couch (accidentally, of course) while watching something on the television. Dan had remembered how that was probably one of the best sleeps he’s had in a long time.

He placed a hand on the mirror, looking at his face, his mind drifting to thoughts of Phil. He could never get use to the feeling of his chest tighten at the thought of his best friend not returning his feelings, but he never cried about.

Dan felt himself fall back onto the carpet, before his eyes fluttered closed.



Said male groaned on the floor, grabbing Phil’s attention from the side of his bed closest to the door. Phil had walked in to wake Dan out, as it was nearly midday, to not find him under the sheets.

He walked over to the mirror, where Dan still laid. Dan opened his eyes slowly, his gaze landing on the slightly distanced Phil, who stood above him smiling.

“Why are you on the floor?” Phil giggled, his tongue sitting between his teeth as he laughed, setting off Dan’s heart. He sat up, looking at himself and Phil in the mirror.

“Ugh, my hair make me look horrible,” Dan ignored Phil’s question (which was probably rhetorical anyway). Phil sat next to Dan, still smiling.

“No you don’t,” Phil responded, mentioning to Dan’s curly hair.

Dan narrowed his eyes at Phil through the mirror, shaking his head. “I look like a fucking hobbit.”

He watched at Phil’s mouth twitched into a frown, before wrapping his arms around Dan’s shoulders from behind. This happened often, but it never failed to make Dan’s heart beat faster. Phil spoke up, his voice quieter than before.

“You’re natural hair looks better,” Phil mumbled, his hot breath tickling Dan’s neck.

Dan’s face heated up slightly, and looking at the mirror, he noticed he (and Phil too, for some reason) he was blushing.

Dan pulled away from Phil, both men standing. “I’m going to get dressed…” Dan said, and Phil smiled and nodded, skipping back out to the kitchen.


Phil, recently, could never get his thoughts to think of anything other than his best friend.

Later that night, he was lying in his bed, ready to head to sleep, but he couldn’t. His thoughts couldn’t stop drifting back to Dan, who was doing whatever he does in the next room.

He sighed and stood up, his pajama shirt rolling down and covering his stomach (it wasn’t when he was lying down), and he walked to Dan’s door, lightly knocking incase Dan was asleep. He had put his glasses on first, having taking his contacts out when he lied down to sleep.

A few thumps sounded from the other side, most likely Dan getting up and clumsily walking to the door, before the door opened. There Dan stood, his hair curled slightly, a pair of boxers and a shirt the only thing covering his tanned skin.

He smiled at Phil. “You can’t sleep?”

Phil shook his head, a grin on his lips. “I’m catching your sleeping pattern.”

Dan chuckled, before allowing Phil into his room. He was only scrolling through the dark pit on Tumblr, so Phil wasn’t interrupting anything.

The two boys sat on the bed, Phil lying down and staring up at Dan, who just stared back. It was a comfortable gaze they had on each other, the other not finding it creepy. You could call it a moment, like they were scanning each other.

“You look cuter with your glasses,” Dan suddenly blurted, his face turning red slightly when he realized what he had said. He was not meant to say that!

Phil blushed too, before breaking gazes with Dan. “Not really…”

Phil seemed like the type of person to love everything about themselves. Of course, Dan knew better that Phil hated his eyesight, and he hated his glasses, saying he didn’t look nice in them.

It was like Dan’s hair.

“Yeah you do,” Dan fired back, moving slightly closer to Phil. Phil looked up at Dan, noticing the movement, and moved closer to Dan, his hip brushing on Dan’s thigh.

“Oh really now?” Phil mused. “It can’t be as cute as your hobbit hair.”

Dan’s calm looked turned to a slight glare towards the boy. “It’s cuter than the tragedy that is my hair…”

Phil sat up with time, both their sides right up against each other. Phil lifted his hand and weaved it through Dan’s hair, which went curlier at the movement. Dan slapped his hands against Phil’s porcelain arm in a joking manor.

“Phil, stop it, its curling!” Dan whined, but the older male didn’t. He only laughed at his friends’ behavior to the action.

“That’s the point, it looks pretty on you!”

This caused Dan to freeze, which made Phil realize he may have taken it a bit too far with his words, making his movement freeze.  Both boys looked at each other, Dan’s eyes wide, before Dan’s lips trembled, his mouth opening.

“…You really think I’m pretty?”

Dan was insecure, everyone knew that. But Phil never understood why. Dan’s words right them made him smile, because he did something right. “Of course I do, you’re beautiful.”

Dan smiled, his dimple showing, before his hugged Phil, his face dug in his shoulder. “Thank you.”

Phil hugged Dan back, and that’s when everything clicked together in his mind.

Phil Lester was in love with Dan Howell.


Phil couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t help hugging Dan more than he used to, giving him love filled eyes when he wasn’t looking. Thankfully, the fans seemed to not notice. Or they didn’t say anything about it, but with teenagers watching, the latter was very unlikely.

Dan couldn’t help but notice that Phil had been showing more affection to him as well, but it’s not like he minded. He loved how Phil was always so warm. He gave amazing hugs.

But his chest didn’t like the feeling. The fact Phil was only his friend and showing him so much affection broke his heart, because he wanted to be than friends. He wanted to kiss Phil, he wanted to sleep in his arms, and he wanted to be known as Phil’s boyfriend.

He had awoken up before Phil and made two coffee’s, knowing Phil would be pleased with him when he did. Sure enough, Phil (lazily and clumsily) walked into the kitchen. He had his glasses on, so he probably just woke up.

Phil looked at Dan, who was holding two coffees. He hand the full one to Phil, who smiled. “Thanks,” he spoke, his voice a slight mumble as he sipped the hot drink. Dan leaned against the counter and continued to drink his, watching Phil.

Sometime over the next five minutes, Phil was fully awake, and was conversing with Dan about his wacky dream he had last night. It was something Dan loved to hear, Phil’s mind was such a place of wonder.

When Phil finished telling his tale, both males were laughing. Phil admired Dan’s loud and boisterous laugh, he found it cute. So he watched Dan continue to laugh as he calmed down first. His eyes fixated on Dan’s lips, Phil didn’t notice that Dan stopped laughing and had his eyebrows raised in Phil’s direction.

“Phil?” Phil blushed slightly and looked at Dan’s eyes, noticing the smirk. “Y-yeah?”

“Were you just eyeing my lips?” Dan’s grin spread when Phil’s face went a darker shade of pink, basically red now.

“N-No,” Phil stuttered, nerves pricking his skin in goose bumps. He had always been a bad liar when he was serious. Dan placed his mug on the counter, before he closed the distance between the males, taking Phil’s mug out of his hand and placing it next to his own.

Dan felt the sudden splurge begin to fade, so he hurried as he placed his hands on Phil’s waist, looking at Phil’s frozen blue eyes.

“Do you want me to kiss you?” Dan asked softly, and couldn’t help for his brown eyes to trail down to Phil’s pale lips. Phil didn’t respond and shakily moved his head, his lips placing themselves on Dan’s.

When his cool (not warm and not cold) lips met Dan’s warm ones, he felt his arms move to Dan’s curled hair, which hadn’t been straightened that day yet. Dan closed his eyes and melted into Phil, the two exchanging a long series of affectionate pecks.

When they stopped, they were breathless. Dan had his eyes closed, his smiling mouth parted to pant. Phil admired Dan as his mouth panted as well, but much less than Dan’s. The younger probably need a little exercise.

When Dan opened his eyes, they glimmered, his smile meeting his eyes. “I love you, Phil.” He suddenly blurted, his face going pink slightly. Phil felt his lips grin widely, before wrapping Dan’s shoulders in a happy, tight hug. Dan returned it, his arms crushing Phil’s waist just enough for it to be only slightly painful.

“I love you too, Dan!” Phil basically cried out, happy to finally say those words to him. The two stayed in a hug for a while, before Phil pulled away slightly, nose-to-nose with Dan.

Dan smiled, pecking Phil’s lips. “I love how cute you are with glasses.”

“I love how cute your curly hair makes you,” Phil smiled and returned the peck, before they began to kiss again.

A/N: Now I’m off to draw art for this… XD

I think the biggest problem with BOTFA I had is that the movie is not very clear on the motivations of many characters and I think Thranduil especially suffers from this.  (Well, Legolas, too.)  But, the more time I spend going over the movie, the more I think I understand what they were getting at, as well as… I mean, I don’t mind having to actually think about a character’s motivations, but I think BOTFA still really needed to be clearer about what was going on with some of them!

I’ve talked about this a bit before, but Thranduil’s motivations in going out to Erebor were not what was presented on the surface and I genuinely think that this was all very deliberate:

Thranduil makes a point of being clear that he’s not here to be nice. And, at first, yeah, it just seems like only he’s a dick who doesn’t like any mortals.

And yet.  He still brings the people of Esgaroth food and drink.  He still treats Bard fairly, when Bard is fair to him in return.  He allies with them when their cause is fair, he agrees to let Bard go talk to Thorin.  He has an entire army pointed at the Dwarves and never actually fires at them, despite that he could have probably easily wiped the floor with all of them long before Dain showed up?

Yeah, no way was there not more going on there, because Thranduil’s actual actions say a lot more about him than the face he’s deliberately presenting.

And, boy, do I have a lot to say about that.  Starting with how he marched thousands of his warriors out there for… what?  A company of 13 Dwarves/Hobbit?  Really? 

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New Inquisition Interview with Mike Laidlaw and Mark Darrah up on IGN Sweden
  • Original link here (In Swedish): http://se.ign.com/dragon-age-iii/68632/interview/intervju-med-mike-laidlaw-och-mark-darrah
  • Kajsa Lundqvist: By now, you've worked on this game for four years and you've said that it's the Dragon Age game you've always wanted to make. Why is this and how will be able to feel it?
  • Mike Laidlaw: One of the things we especially wanted to go to back to was to find a mix of story and discovery. There's a childlike joy in discovering the world around you, especially when nobody has explicitly told you what to do. We looked at frostbite and realised we could make something great with it. By mixing discovery with storytelling and making it perfect, I think we have made a fantastic Fantasy experience.
  • Kajsa: I can imagine it's been pretty difficult to mix the two?
  • Mark Darrah: Yea, you're right. But the way Dragon Age: Inquisition is portrayed is absolutely built to be able to do that. Going from going out in the wild to become stronger, to later be able to use your Inquisition to do something that's more focused on the story. Open World-games aren't exactly new, but it's a genre where there's no language yet. It's not very well understood, so what we're trying to do with this game is to figure out what makes the discovery fun, what the ingredients are to make it entertaining.
  • Mike: At the core it is to understand the context in this huge game. Does the player have the motivation to go here or there? Does s/he feel that it gives her/him something to discover? It's exactly that that's the strength of the Inquisition, an organisation that grows from the ground and up. It's a pretty ragged band when the game starts, you have no castles or armies. This is something we did intentionally, as it's supposed to be the player that makes it grow. So when' you're out in the world you're constantly increasing the Inquisition's influence. When you have influence, you have power, which in turn makes the story progress. The idea is that you're always supposed to have a greater goal you want to achieve. That's how we've let the story and the discovery meet, having a heavy story but also having a lot of freedom.
  • Kajsa: In the earlier games, especially in the first, we've seen how there are many different endings depending on what choices you've made. Among other things it was determined by what kind of character type you chose to play as, how have you looked at this?
  • Mike: Well of course your character type will play a large role during the entire game. Sometimes it just pops up once or twice and other times it has a large effect from the start. I don't want to spoil too much, but other factors than your character type are of course there, among other things what choices you make. It works like rings on water where the choices you make early in the game have a direct effect later. Which is very satisfying as it makes you feel that…
  • Kajsa: You've actually done something?
  • Mike: Exactly! I feel like that's something we've grown more comfortable with. I'm going to say something that sounds very 2014, but the experience of gaming is something you really can share with your friends. I find it very satisfying that you may have seen entirely different stuff depending on how you've played. I don't want to spoil anything, but there's an example where if you choose one path you get information about… a thing. If you choose a different path you don't get that information. But the game works anyway. I'm hoping that the people who completed the game will be able to meet and discuss the game. So you can share your experiences with each other.
  • Mark: The entire game is very much based on what choices you make, what character type you play as, who you allied with and what order everything is in. All of this and more will be tied together and create an ending based on the choices you made.
  • Kajsa: So Thedas is in chaos, how politically will you be able to act in the game?
  • Mike: There are some explicitly political missions in the game. There are those times where it's not enough to fight, but instead you must talk your way out of things. There are three advisors in Inquisition who work at this. We have a general who handles your armies, a spymaster who handles your assassins and lastly we have a diplomat who helps you tackle Kings and Empresses. What you do in the game is to try to answer questions and understand what is going on. Though there are situations where your advisors can handle the situation instead. That's when you start playing more politically. Which fits as Orlais has a large role in this game, a country that is very careful with all its connections.
  • Kajsa: What vision did you have when you created the look of the game?
  • Mark: We knew we wanted to have something special. When you see a picture from Dragon Age I'd like you to instantly be able to identify it as a Dragon Age game. When we started development we wanted to have more dampened colours, everything looked pretty raw back then. It's interesting how in other forms of media you can see how colourful everything has become, like in ''The Hobbit'' or in ''Guardians of the Galaxy''. We changed our mind as well, we wanted the colour back, it just so happened that everyone else did it at the same time.
  • Kajsa: I just have to bring this up. I was shocked when I realised that I could jump, but I presume that's another part of the discovery.
  • Mike: There are NO invisible walls any more! When you want to go up something it's actually possible to do so.
  • Kajsa: But it's not really open-world, is it?
  • Mike: Nah, we call it ''multiregion open world'', it was Mark who coined that expression.
  • Mark: Every area is larger than anything we've done previously. It's about as large as all the earlier areas put together. But we still have different regions, with differing environments like deserts and marshes. This also makes it possible to have places with a specific meaning, even though things around can be distracting.
  • Kajsa: From what I've seen there also seems to be possibilities to craft?
  • Mike: Yes! We understand that not everyone wants to be hardcore-craftsmen. Some want to upgrade their armour, others want to enchant it. There's also alchemy, which probably will be especially important as the amount of drinks (Note: They probably mean potions here) you'll be able to travel with is limited. There's also a deeper level, like when you want to craft an entirely new sword. Let's say you find a sword at the start of the game, that may not be the best in the world but on the other hand is the best-looking in the world. Later in the game you can use some of the best materials in the game like dragon bone or something like that, but make it look like the old sword. So you can have the same look with your armour or your sword the entire game, but make it as good as it's gonna get at the same time.
  • Kajsa: And this also applies to your companions?
  • Mike: Yep! Everything their class can wear, they can also wear. There are no limits as to weapons either. If they're a rogue they can use a bow or daggers, even Varric can stop using Bianca. Not a bow though, he's got some dignity.
  • Kajsa: But now we get to the romances! I know you've said they'll be more realistic, how will be able to notice that?
  • Mike: We've moved away from the staleness in the earlier romances. If you say something your companions will still react to it. If you say something mean to an elf the character Solas won't like it, but it won't say ''-10'' any more. There are numbers that get taken off like earlier. It made the experience feel a bit cheap. Something that was huge for me was that many of the characters have their own motivations, they have different goals och things they want to get to. Cassandra, as an example, searches for information on the ''the seekers''. Should you choose to help her she'll like you more. It helps you understand the characters, not just by talking with them, but instead by seeing everything that interests them. It feels, to me, like a very natural way to get to know someone.
  • Kajsa: There seems to have been some doubt whether fan favourite Varric will have a romance, can you say anything more today?
  • Mark: There'll probably be no way to have a romance with him. But there's a reason.
  • Mike: This is probably the first time we've said this, so you'll get to handle the fans' tears! He also has someone, so to speak.
  • Mike: It's something we're very careful with, when we started developing Inquisition we put a lot of weight behind the fans' feedback. We went with our gut feeling over what people seemed to hold dear when it comes to the Dragon Age-series. We know that if we take away some things the fans won't be happy. Varric is such a case, a lot of fans want to be able to fall in love with him, but some others don't want to. So when we say no now, it's a meaningful no.
  • Kajsa: To wrap it up, I'd like to know what's been the most fun when developing Dragon Age Inquisition:
  • Mark: For me it's been getting the discovery back. Games that are more based on exploring are easy to jump in and enjoy. It's made me feel more for this game than ever.
  • Mike: For me it's been working with the combat team, to find the balance between the real time fights and the more tactical game. I get excited and tense every time I draw my sword, cause I love to plan my fights. The end result is fantastic!
Mirkwood's royal family in BoFA

This post will be centered on Thranduil and Legolas in BoFA, more specifically their relationship in BoFA.


Before I watched the last Hobbit movie myself, I read spoilers in Legolas’ tag  on Tumblr. I don’t mind spoilers, in fact I like to be prepared. A lot of posts in that tag called Legolas a jerk because he was mean to his father and people were angry and bitter about their relationship. Needless to say that made me very nervous and I hoped I wouldn’t walk out of the theater being bitter and disappointed myself because the Hobbit movies are prequels to The Lord of the Rings which is my favorite trilogy ever and I really didn’t want to be disappointed. And I wasn’t. Would I made their relationship different if I was the director? Sure, but it wasn’t my call. If it was my call, there would be a happy ending for everyone, except orcs and other evil creatures of course.

That aside, I was really moved by Thranduil in BoFA. We finally saw that he wasn’t just a heartless jerk with no reason. It wasn’t that he didn’t have love like Tauriel said, Thranduil loved too much and because of that he knew how badly a lost love hurts so he buried his heart deep inside of him and surrounded it with ice. He didn’t want to feel the pain anymore. I am glad that PJ decided to show his pain in BoFA. No one can now say that he is a coldhearted jerk, no one without obvious bias against Thranduil.

I am just going to put myself in Legolas’ boots now. Legolas was probably very small when his mother died since he didn’t remember her. He said himself that there was no memory, no grave. Now imagine growing up and watching your father become more and more emotionally distant, imagine him refusing to tell you anything about your mother. Even if his mother died a long time ago, it is natural that Legolas’ wanted to know about her, to have some good memory of her, to at least have a grave he could visit like Aragorn visited his mother’s grave in Imladris in The Fellowship of the Ring. Even if Legolas’ mother was long dead, she could have lived through his father’s stories about her, but Thranduil couldn’t give him that. Thranduil loved her so much that he couldn’t bring himself to think about her, let alone speak about her. It was easier to pretend that she had never existed. No wonder that created a rift between them, a distance that was so painfully obvious in their last scene in BoFA. Thranduil pretended so well that he didn’t care that he convinced his only child that he was coldhearted.

And then there was Tauriel. While Legolas did have feelings for her more than friendship, first and foremost she was his best friend. I only see them as friends since Legolas never tried to shove his feelings on Tauriel and it was obvious to him that she loved Kili, but  that is a topic for another time. Anyway, Tauriel was opposite of Thranduil, she was everything Thranduil wasn’t, everything he didn’t allow himself to be anymore. She was a warrior, but openhearted and passionate. It was obvious to me that Legolas felt closer to her than to his emotionally distant father. Legolas even told her about his mother and that was a painful topic for him. Thranduil banished her which was justified since she deliberately disobeyed his order and quite frankly she had it coming, her good intentions aside. Only reason why Legolas didn’t suffer the same fate was the fact that he was his son. There is another proof that Thranduil did love his son. Legolas deciding to  go against his father’s order again was sad and painful, but as he said Thranduil didn’t command his heart, and his heart  told him to go with Tauriel because he cared about her and she was his best friend. If there was no place for her in Mirkwood then there was no place for Legolas there either. Childish maybe, but I understand both Legolas and Thranduil in this situation. Second time on Ravenhill Legolas took Tauriel’s side when Thranduil threatened to kill her. Legolas went with her because dwarves needed help, because that was the right thing to do, to help them because they were overrun. Even if elves disliked  dwarves, orcs were worse, far worse. Elves hated them with a good reason. I also understand Thranduil’s decision not to get involved anymore. He didn’t want to risk anymore of his people, he didn’t want to see them die. It was the same decision as in the first movie when he didn’t want to fight in a battle against Smaug that was  already lost. While Thranduil didn’t seem to care much about anything, he cared quite openly about his elves. That were the unpopular decisions that made him a good king. But this is Legolas we are talking about, he was always unable to not get involved when his heart told him it was the right thing to do. This is Legolas who volunteered to go with Frodo to Mount Doom to destroy the Ring. No one forced him. He wasn’t even sent to Imladris for some quest, he was only there with his fellow elves as a representative of his father, of his king. Legolas was a royalty, a prince of Mirkwood. He could have sent one of his companions to this quest and go back home without a problem, but he didn’t. Legolas went himself. I imagine Thranduil was far from happy when he found out about this, but if experience taught him anything he probably wasn’t very surprised. I am talking here about the movie version. In the books Elrond chose Legolas, but again no one could have forced him to go if he didn’t wanted to.

And now for my opinion on Legolas and Thranduil post battle. The last scene between them was both beautiful and heartbreaking. Thranduil going to Ravenhill searching for Legolas was so bittersweet. Imagine how he must have felt searching among that dead, hoping that his son wasn’t one of them. I know many fault Legolas for being cold to his father, but I didn’t see it as being cold, more as being tired of everything. Many things have happened since dwarves came to Mirkwood, many bad things. Legolas looked tired, battle weary and lost. He felt the need to go anywhere but home. Thranduil’s eyes when Legolas told him he was leaving were so sad to see. He was clearly heartbroken, but the best thing was that he didn’t try to force Legolas to stay. He didn’t try to order him to stay, to command him as his king to come back. Thranduil knew that wouldn’t work and it would just widen the rift between them. Thranduil in that scene wasn’t the Elvenking, he was a father and that was so beautiful to see. He was the father who knew that he had to let his son go, no matter how much it hurt, the father who knew that he couldn’t keep his son inside borders of Mirkwood. He had to let him see the world so that one day he could find a way back home. Legolas had to leave so that one day he could find his way back home, one day when wounds healed. You sometimes need to leave to find out where you truly belong and sometimes you had to let someone you love go and if they truly love you, they will come back. We all know that Legolas did come back. We don’t know how long he was gone, but he came back. It is obvious in FotR when he came with the delegation from Mirkwood. If we go by the books, he came to inform the council about Gollum’s escape.

Thranduil didn’t just let him go, but he sent him to Aragorn when he saw that Legolas didn’t know where to go. When Thranduil told him to go to Strider, you could see Legolas straighten up, like he wasn’t lost anymore, like he had a new goal again. Thranduil sent Legolas to meet a man who would become his bestfriend, the man whom Legolas would follow to the gates of Mordor, to almost certain death. The most beautiful moment for me was when Legolas turned to leave and Thranduil finally told him that his mother loved him.This was the first time in many years that Thranduil talked about her. He tried to make things better between them before Legolas left. Years of distance can’t be fixed in one moment, but it was certainly a push in the right direction. When Thranduil pressed a hand at his heart as a farewall, Legolas returned to gesture, faintly, but he did. He just wasn’t in a good place in that moment emotionally. However, a first step towards reconciliation was made the moment Thranduil decided to open his heart and tell Legolas about his mother. I like to think things got better between them when Legolas eventually came back. After all Galadriel did say: „Legolas Greenleaf, long under tree, In joy thou hast lived…“I don’t think that would have been possible if his relationship with Thranduil didn’t get better. This is the main difference between the books and the movies. Galadriel described Legolas’ life as happy, but the books and the movies are always different in some aspects because director’s have some more liberty when filming a movie, but I accept the both versions.

This post is how I saw Thranduil and Legolas in BoFA. I am not bitter nor disappointed. I am actually satisfied, not that I don’t understand why some are disappointed. Sure I would have liked for them to hug and Legolas to call Thranduil ada, but there are fics and fanart for that. I am so glad I don’t feel bitter. I just love my dysfunctional Mirkwood family even more now. I can’t wait to watch BoFA again.

Also, Lee Pace and Orlando Bloom were awesome, but that is probably stating the obvious.

Over and out.

Songs About Nadine (1/?) - Call It True Love

He’s never really…. loved anyone before.

The, let you have the last piece of cheesecake, pretend to like your favorite video games, hold a radio over my head outside your window kind of love.

Until her.

And he never knew that love meant being able to love, even when the other person was utterly unloveable. Like now, in the morning, when all he wants to do is burrow in his warm sheets, she comes inside his room, opening his curtains and and screaming in his ear.

He hissed at her, but she only giggled, wrestling with his pronated form and yelling Good Morning repeatedly in his ear as her butt bounced on his back until he was forced to turn over and face her.

His hair was in a disarray and his eyes bleary from sleep and he tried to swat her away but she danced away from his handspan.


He croaked and reached blindly for his phone. He groaned when his screen flashed on and it showed that it was only 7:30 in the morning. She was already showered and ready to go.

“It’s 7:30 in the morning!”

“I know! Plenty of time to go sight seeing.” She chirped at him and he literally wanted to strangle her, but he loved her so much and he’d be miserable without her so with a pathetic groan he raised himself up on his arms and gave her the puppy dog pout she was defenseless against.

She giggled at his face, swiping his lips with her hand.


“Please. Please love. Give me fifteen more minutes.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled his nose. “Cute cute talaga ng baby ko. Fine, fifteen minutes.”

He grinned and wrapped his arms around her, allowing them to fall back into the bed and she giggled as she went down with him, adjusting her position so she was curled around him and his head was pillowed on her chest.

James used that position to his advantaged and rubbed his cheek against her breast.

“Hoy, baby, ang sabi mo fifteen minutes of sleep, ano yan?”

He turned over to her and bit her breast through her shirt, causing her to yelp and flush. “Cuddling with my girlfriend.”

She laughed and slapped him in the arm, pushing his face away from her chest until he relented and merely resettled against her, basking in her warmth. 

He hated mornings. Absolutely loathed and hated mornings. But on most mornings, she was the first person he could see, and that made mornings his favorite time of the day, because he would wake up to her, and the knowledge that it would be her face he would wake up to for a very long time made the world a little bit warmer on his dreaded cold mornings.

“Sorry baby.”

He also did not know that being in love, meant needing to touch.

Not in the naughty way, though of course he loved to touch her that way, but… just the need to hold her hand, or wrap an arm around her, or hug her when he wanted.

To touch so they could be in some way connected.

“I told you it’s fine, it happens, you didn’t hit me that hard.”

But she refused to budge away from his back, just wrapping her arms around his middle and he sighs, tightening her arms around him and then tangling her fingers with his.

“How about you, are you okay? You didn’t hit anything?”

“No. It’s you I’m worried about here.”

Her thumbs rolled his knuckles and her cheek dug deeper against his shoulder.

“Come on love.”

He tugs her to his front and since she refuses to let go of him, she slides from his back to his front, refusing to meet his eyes, just resting her cheek against his shoulder once more, her nose, nuzzling his chin.

“Hey, come on.”

He lifts her head so his cheek rests against hers and he sways her side to side.

“I love you.”

She smiles and she leans into him, hugging him tighter and she presses her lips into his ear. “I love you.”

And then they just stay like that. Talking without words. Connected, without having to say anything.

He never knew, that loving someone, meant opening yourself up, showing every little skeleton you have, and learning to accept that the person you love for exactly who they are, cobwebs and skeletons included.

Which was why they were lounging on her room, the PS4 plugged in, him in his sweat pants and a holey tank tap and her in pretty much the exact same outfit. Her hair was in a bun, her face bare of make up and her cold toes were squished under his calf.

She hated dirt so their snacks were in bowls instead of in opened foil packets and his controller was wiped with alcohol before it was given to him.

He hated clipping his toenails so his feet looked like that of a Hobbits, he had a potty mouth when they played video games and he was a sore loser.

Even then, they were having fun. They know each other inside and out, and they can just… be.

“Did you see? Kendall Jenner just posted snaps of her and Tyga. It creeps me out.”

“Eww, James, I told you for the last time stop reading ONTD!”

“What and just talk about the big events like pretentious people?”

“What’s the last big event you know of?”

“Bombing in Ankara.”

“Huh. See this is why you’re really hot. Damn, I think I got wet with that.”


“It’s true! There are so many dimensions in you. Plus you cook.”

“I knew it, no woman could resist a man who knows how to cook.”

“Just how many women are we talking about here?”

She wiggled her eyebrows playfully at him and he batted his eyes at her.

“You know you’re the only one love.”

He said it with such a sleazy tone that had Nadine laughing and kicking him with her foot.

“Breezy. Breezy ka talaga. Kadiri.”

“Which reminds me, there was this Chris Brown gig the other day, he had some good music.”

“He hit Rhianna babe.”

“He’s still a good musician love.”

“Men. You know I hate that just because he’s talented he gets away with this, what about us poor women?”

“I think if you batter me, people would give you a free pass, everyone knows I am an asshole.”



“Why is it called an asshole though? I mean what has the asshole ever done to make it mean the same thing as an evil person?”

“Probably because shit comes out of it?”

“So an asshole is not someone who’s bad but someone who talks shit?”

“Which again begs the question, why is it that when you say something that’s not relatively true, why is it bull shit? I mean, what has a bull ever done?”

It was two in the morning.

But he was still very much alive, just lying in the bed, holding Nadine’s hand, her feet tucked into his calves as she pillowed her cheek in her hand, lying side by side with him just talking, and talking, and talking.

Because he did not know… loving someone meant wanting to know who the person you loved was. Wanting to get into their head, know their thoughts, dream their dreams.

He never knew loving someone meant… talking, just talking, the kind that never ends. The kind where you are as equally fascinated with who the person you love is, and not just her body.

True love… changes a person.

True love makes you talk about make up and fashion and cars at 3 AM.

True love means chatting about random people in the set.

Maybe it’s because they started out as friends before they were anything else… but this, them, this Monica/Chandler kind of relationship about them… was the greatest love he has ever seen in his entire life.