everyone watch this show it's lovely

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is one of the best kdrama of all time and it continues to be overlooked as hell. It doesn’t even rank top 20 in Korea despite having one of the most well-written, organically developed plot AND characters for a kdrama. This is the first kdrama I’ve ever seen where they actually show a healthy, supportive relationship between the main leads without using over-exaggerated storylines to drive the romance. Also it’s one of the few Korean dramas that actually talks about mental health issues without downplaying it or use it as a plot device for ratings. I honestly love this drama so much and it deserves so much more love. It’s so fluffy and fun but also serious and relatable when it’s important. 


Zelo is so comfortable around Yongguk its actually adorable. Every interview or show they’re on Zelo is usually quiet and lets everyone do the entertaining. But when he’s around Yongguk his entire exterior changes, he’s so much more talkative (for zelo) and smily and goofy. 

No one misses Yongguk more than Zelo does 


Pros of watching this masterpiece:

  • Stays close to the source material (though im only on the 3rd episode  so)
  • Niel Patrick Harris as Count Olaf
  • Kronk’s actor is Lemony Snickett
  • gives each book 2hrs, unlike the movie which shoves 3 books into an hour forty-five
  • Montgomery Montgomery exists and is a good uncle
  • this is a great series and everyone should experience it
  • netflix made it so no commercials
  • there are jokes bout the no commercials and other meta jabs


  • There are small bits of filler that might take away from the intense mystery, BUT they aren’t bad and explain a bit
  • its 8 hours of content at least so you might not sleep tonight
  • its only goes to the fourth book this season
  • nothing else, my only complaint is that i cant watch it all tonight.

Please go watch the show, I love these books and more people need to experience this story, its delightfully dreadful.

Holy shit guys I just realized something...

*“One day at a Time” Season Finale spoilers*

While watching the season for the 3rd time - Sue me, I love this show (actually don’t I’m broke as shit) - I saw something important.

In the season finale (Episode 13 “Quinces”), at the end of Elena’s choreographed dance(s) during her Quinceañera, there is a brief moment when the camera pans over to Penelope, Lydia, and Dr. Burkowitz to see them clapping.
(At 25:32 in/5:25 left)

It was then when I noticed it: Schneider’s seat was already empty. (You have to pause it at the right moment and look closely)

Which means he figured out before everyone else that Victor (Elena’s dad) was missing before the father daughter dance was even announced and went to go look for him.

I didn’t think I could love him even more than I already did, But it fills my heart to the brim to see how much he cares about Elena and her family.

NCT as Soccer Fans
  • Taeil: knows every team and player's stats. tries to predict a game's outcome through statistics
  • Hansol: does not actually know what he is doing there. got dragged along by his friends
  • Johnny: almost like an actual cheerleader. leads the chants for everyone to follow
  • Taeyong: just loves to watch the game for entertainment. does not really support a certain team, is just there to see the action
  • Yuta: the hardcore fan. is an athlete himself. knows every player in the league. knows the history of soccer in all its forms. truly loves soccer with all his heart
  • Kun: his eyes are keener than the referees'. spots a lot uncalled violations
  • Doyoung: would rant about the game's controversial plays. makes conspiracy theories on possible mafia involvements
  • Ten: stirs up the social media. makes memes. updates everyone in a very extra way
  • Jaehyun and Winwin: shows up with all the colorful wigs and face paint
  • Mark: the loyal™ fan. he was born to support his hometwown team. would support his team with his life
  • Renjun: would cry if his team loses
  • Jeno and Jaemin: would skip classes just to watch the game
  • Haechan: that one annoying fan of the opposing team. would start an argument on which team is better. be prepared for a mouthful when his team wins
  • Chenle: a big-shot gambler. i would not even need to explain
  • Jisung: tries to make himself love soccer. feels a strong spiritual connection towards soccer because his name is park jisung

this has been said 1000 times before but it’s worth repeating; leverage could have easily been dark and gritty and angry (and, of course, there are great things about that particular genre of tv) but there is something about making leverage something happy and light and a little ridiculous that is so refreshing. it feels good to watch it. you come out the other end of the episode with a weight off your shoulders. it’s not too complicated and it’s not too dark. sure, there are some fun references to actual sophisticated cons and every character has at least a somewhat traumatic past, but those don’t dominate the show. the best part of the show is watching these five broken people become a happy family. it’s ultimately about bad people with good hearts who love each other and that’s what makes it so good.

jane the virgin spoilers

i have so much respect for the jtv writers and thank them for creating a show that so many fans across the world have fallen in love with, but i’m really disappointed with michael’s death. i understand that this is just a show and everyone will tell me that i’m making a big deal about this, but i (along with most of the fans) always loved this show for its light hearted fun and lovable characters. i’m not trying to tell the writers how to do their job, but i don’t think they really understand their fanbase. most people did not watch the show for the suspense of “ooo what character is gonna die next?!” but instead to see the characters they love find their way in life. the show is gonna lose a lot of viewers from this, which makes me sad, because there was so much more to the show than just michael and jane’s relationship, but the fact that they dangled their (adorable) relationship in front of us for a few episodes just to kill him off for dramatic effect may work for a show like lost or pretty little liars where people want the thrills, but this does not fit well with the show, and i’m pretty annoyed that they thought this would make the show more interesting. 

Ok so. This man right here. Is amazing! I’ve always loved ice skating. Ever sense I was a little girl, I’ve always loved watching the Olympics and all the competitions.

Yuzuru Hanyu by far is my favorite. And I love him and support his choices.


I need to say something. Everyone who has been posting hurtful comments and ridiculing the anime community about the new anime Yuri on Ice. Just stop. Its not that serious. No one is saying Yuzuru is the main character from the show. No one is saying that they are the “ same person ” We just see similarities. I’m tired of seeing the hate about this. Its a show. A show that people really love. And to be honest. I love it. With a passion. And I love Yuzuru. I can love both.

So lets get this straight. People in the anime community Love the show and don’t mean harm. We know that they Are Not the same person. Let us have our fun and calm down. We mean no disrespect with what we post nor do we want to be talked about for sharing post.

leah remini’s fight against scientology is the greatest yet saddest thing ever. these families have been ripped apart by this “church” (frankly this is a cult that is hella sacrilegious due to its use of the cross, but that’s another discussion for another time). these people have been brutally beaten, stalked, harassed, and even raped by one man: david miscavige. the fact that leah is helping give these people a bigger voice than they ever thought possible is insane and i love and respect her for it. this is a show that everyone needs to watch.

Reasons you should watch Bojack Horseman
  • Accurate portrayal of depression
  • A canon ace main character
  • Takes on controversial topics with humor (abortion, Bill Cosby, Veteran praise, etc)
  • Animal puns and a million background puns
  • Relatable main characters
  • Accurate portrayal of abusive home situation and it’s affects
  • It’s beautiful
  • Crazy amounts of foreshadowing and full circle pay off
  • Shows both healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • A female main character puts her career in front of her love life for a while
  • Realistic portrayal of a couple who is middle aged but doesn’t want children
  • Explores hollywood toxicity and the ‘the grass is always greener’ meantality
  • Accurate description and portrayal of life and stagnation (the point in life where you finally stop growing and changing)

Also really good lessons I learned

  • You aren’t obligated to accept anyone’s apology
  • 'When you look at someone through rose colored glasses all the red flags just look like flags’
  • 'It gets easier. Everyday it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it everyday that’s the hard part’
  • Sometimes you have to just stop expecting someone to be a good person so you aren’t disappointed when they aren’t
  • Sometimes happiness is selfish and you can’t be apologetic for it
  • It’s easier to fix other’s problems than your own
  • Sometimes it’s too hard to be a grand hero and you just can’t do it
  • You have to take responsibility for you own actions, even if you did have a tough break and a shitty upbringing
  • Sometimes even though someone loves you, it’s not enough
  • Never EVER snort Bojack the heroin

summary; “surprise!”
warnings; mentions of death, cursing, lin being a cutie, C U R S I N G, a lot of capslock, bad plot, i Didn’t take my medicine so yeah its really bad, bad bad bad, shitty story
dedicated to; mY 100 FOLLOWERS A AA I LOVE YALL

“so, you watched hamilton last night?” asked jimmy. you were asked to be on the late night show- and you, being the big fan of him, instantly said yes. “yes! oh my god, it was amazing. i really liked it, and i have to say- lin manuel miranda is a genius. a cute one. and you know that i really adore him!” everyone cheered, as you smiled. “yeah, i met him once.” fallon joked, and the crowed laughed. “oh, so you know him?” you teased him. “damn right i do. did you meet any cast members?” he continued to ask you.

you shook your head, “uhh, no.” jimmy’s eyes widened. “what? that’s a shame.” he put on a sad pout face. you chuckled- and faced the audience. “i didn’t tell anyone that i was going to watch it, but i actually tweeted when i got out of the theater.” you answered. you watched hamilton alone last night, and told no one. it wasn’t that important, you thought. “we all know that lin is a fan of your tv show as well.” you nodded. your tv show was released last month, and you were really happy.

“ladies and gentlemen! y/n l/n, starring in ((insert tv show))!” you stood up, and hugged jimmy- as you went backstage. you checked your phone, and saw the notifications blowing up. you decided to go home, and just sleep. you were really exhausted, because you had a show before this interview. you sighed, and got into the back of your car. “how was it?” your driver, will- asked. you closed you eyes, “it was fun, but i want to choke myself to death; i am really tired.” you said, and he laughed in response. “thank god you have don’t have any interview tomorrow.”

will dropped you off, and you told him to go home. “go home, will.” he shook his head. “william, it is 2 am. go home, i won’t be needing you tomorrow, take a break.” you turned your back, and went inside your apartment building. as you went to your room, your phone rang. “yes, hello?” you looked at the caller id, it was your manager. “your interview is blowing up on youtube!” she giggled. natalie had been your manager for years, you really loved her- she was your best friend as well. “dear god, nat. i’m going to sleep, goodnight.”

“okay everyone, come back in an hour! great practice!” lin clapped, and the cast cheered. everyone went backstage to get a drink, and someone called him. “lin! lin!” it was leslie. lin walked up to him, and furrowed his eyebrows. “what’s up?” “you have to watch this!” leslie dragged lin to the backstage. “help! i’ve been kidnapped.” lin yelled, and everyone laughed. the dark-skinned man opened his dressing room, and pushed lin inside. “what do you want?” lin smiled. “don’t panic. but,” he paused. “y/n watched our show like 2 days ago, and-” “WHAT.” lin screamed.

leslie showed him the interview, “i can’t believe she called me cute. and i didn’t see her. ah fuck!” lin cursed, as his friend started to laugh at him. “we should invite her tho.” leslie suggested. “YOU’RE RIGHT, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” he yelled, and leslie flinched again. “stop screaming, and you’re welcome.” leslie smiled, as his friend pulled out his phone.

i didn’t know that @y/n watched our show! too bad i didn’t meet you.

you had just woke up, and your phone wouldn’t stop buzzing. “what is going on?” you asked yourself. as you unlocked your iphone. “okay, but my twitter is blowing up, what the fuck.” you clicked the app, and scrolled down. and you noticed something, a tweet directed to you from someone you adore. “WAIT LIN TWEETED AT ME?”

i didn’t know that @y/n watched our show! too bad i didn’t meet you.

am i dreaming? oh my god, hi lin! too bad i didn’t meet you as well, but great performance! you nailed it. @lin_manuel

well since you really loved it, why not come back;)? i would be really happy! @y/n

“is he flirting with me? jesus christ, ljn.” you laughed, as you typed your response.

wow is that an invitation, or a what? cause i would love to watch the show again, but i would prefer a backstage tour;;))))) @lin_manuel

next week? it would be lovely,, @y/n

so excited to meet the cute genius! @lin_manuel

lin was smiling in real life, “i am going to meet my celebrity crush.” he said to himself. “you’re what?” pippa raised her eyebrows. he was startled by pippa’s presence, “u-uh, nothing!” he quickly said. pippa smirked and tried to grab his phone- “mhmmm, sure.” and then anthony came into lin’s dressing room. “LIN, YOU’RE GONNA INVITE Y/N? I AM SO EXCITED!” lin sighed. “oh, scandalous.” pippa winked at him, as lin blushed. “we all know you have a crush on her, old man.” jazzy said, as she went inside lin’s room.

“okay, first of all. why are you here? get out!” lin joked, and when he opened the door; daveed, oak, chris, renée, and leslie came in. “so, y/n- huh?” daveed teased him. “oh my god!” lin yelled. everyone laughed, and went inside. they were all inside lin’s dressing room- chatting. “you’re going to invite y/n to a ‘backstage’ tour?” chris emphasized the word backstage. “n-no, it’s really a backstage tour!” lin blushed again. “sure.”

you were walking down the street, while calling natalie. “so, next month- you’ll be shooting for the new promo, i think the director said on the 26th.” you nodded. “yeah, sure. oh, i’m going to meet lin next week, clear my schedule.” there was a pause. “uhm, nat?” “why didn’t you tell me earlier? i will arrange your schedule, bye.” you chuckled. you stopped in front of your usual coffee shop, and noticed a sign. it was closed. “sorry for the disturbance, but we’re closed for today!” you sighed, as you walked away from the shop.

“welcome to starbucks! how can i help you?” in the end, you decided to buy some overpriced coffee. “hi! can i have one tall cafe latte, and one cinnamon roll.” you ordered, and paid for your drink. you waited for the barista to call your name, and you realized someone was watching you. you turned around to see a familiar face. the famous anthony ramos, staring at you. “anthony!” “y/n! oh my god, finally!” you hugged him. “lin’s gonna be jealous if he knows i met you first.” he giggled.

the two of you chatted, “so, what are you doing here?” “we just performed, and it’s my turn to get coffee.” they talked, and he received a call. “hey, it was really nice meeting you. but, i gotta go- jazzy’s asking bout her coffee.” he smiled. you stood up as well, “yeah. i gotta sleep as well.” you joked. “see you next week!” you said to him. “what about you come with me?” he suddenly asked. you were shocked to hear his sentence. “i-is it okay?” you asked. “of course! let’s go!”

“everyone, i’m back! and i brought someone.” anthony opened the door, and the stage was full of people. the freckled boy walked towards the stage, and you followed him. everyone noticed that you were there. “Y/N? IS THAT REALLY YOU?” daveed yelled. “hi.” you greeted the people on stage. renée ran to you, and gave you a hug. “renée, its been a long time since i’ve seen you.” you said to her. you knew renée since you were only 16. “i’m jazzy, and i really love your acting!” jazzy suddenly came to you. you smiled at her, “y/n, and i really love your voice.” you said.

anthony realized that lin was not on stage. “where’s lin?” he asked oak. “oh, i think he’s backstage.” oak answered him. “then i gotta surprise him.” anthony smirked. “uh, y/n- can you come here?” you walked towards anthony, “let’s go backstage, lin’s there.” you quickly followed anthony, and he gestured you to lin’s dressing room. you knocked, “i’m busy!” he yelled. you kept knocking, “jesus, i said i’m busy.” but you continued to knock. you muffled a giggle, and knocked for the last time. “who the fuck is i-” he opened the door and saw you.


and lin stood there in shock, he didn’t know what to do. “y-y/n? oh my god. it’s really you. i don’t know what to say,” you tackled lin into a hug. “you are much cuter in real life.” he hugged you back. “thank you, and you are really fucking cute as well.” lin replied. as the two of you were still hugging, you heard someone coughing behind you. it was anthony, “so, lin. finally met your celebrity crush huh?” he teased his friend. “fuck you.”

i finally met @y/n, anthony surprised me!
(insert pic)

we’re in the same room why are you tweeting at me @lin_manuel

i want to see your reaction;) @y/n

“did you just winked in real life?”

everytime @lin_manuel uses a winking emoticon, he winks in real life as well

stop exposing me @y/n

lin and you immediately clicked, you talked about everything, you both were flirting at each other. “and when you attacked the villain, that was awesome!” lin was talking about your tv show- which he was really obsessed with. “aww, thank you.” “i love it so much, i’m obsessed with you.” and he paused for a second. “that sounded wrong, i’m sorry.” he then proceeded to blush again. “you look cute when you’re embarrassed.” “well, you don’t have to be embarrassed to be cute.” he smirked.

“yeah, i really enjoyed meeting the cast! they’re so nice.” both of you ended up having dinner together. being the classy person you were, you chose mcdonald’s. lin chewed his fries, as he nodded. “and i really enjoyed meeting you as well,” you continued your sentence. “today’s really fun. thank you, lin.” you stood up, and kissed his cheeks. “i want to know you better,” “then cancel next week’s backstage tour, let’s go on a date.”


i hope y/n is fine

hey, if you are reading this- y/n, i love you so much

i really miss you

come back

rest in peace, rising star- y/n l/n. died of cancer, you will be missed

새해 복 많이 받으세요! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!


Hoping that only exciting things happen in the new year! PS. The drawing might look weird but its actually a show of excitement


I wish that we’ll be able to achieve the things we want in 2017~! Be on the lookout for Teen Top this 2017 too!! I love you  ❤


Angel ♡ Please be happy this 2017. Thank you and stay healthy.


It’s already 2017!! Everyone stay healthy and let’s achieve all our goals together. Fighting! 


To our pretty Angels who I treasure and miss everyday, you’ve worked hard this 2016. Watch out for an even better 2017. I love you.


Our Angels, I hope that you stay healthy all year and that only good & happy things come your way~!! Let’s all have a good run for 2017 ❤

trans.cr; fyteensontop

  • Someone: *ships something I don't ship*
  • Me: That's awesome, man. Good for you.
  • Someone: *proceeds to bash and ridicule other ships*
  • Me: What the heck, man! Not effing cool!
signs as tv shows

aries : American Horror Story 

why : super interesting to watch with some scary parts!! perfect for aries

taurus : Love ( on netflix)

why : because it tunes into taurus’s hopeless romantic side with lots of witty humour

gemini : friends

why : because it puts u in a good mood and is very positive and fun

cancer : stranger things ( on netflix)

why : since all of the characters are sweet and sensitive like u and its suCH a good show

leo : the walking dead

why : because all the leos i know love that show and it keeps u awake when u watch it since its very dramatic

virgo : greys anatomy

why : because everyone likes this show lmao

libra : the bachelor / bachelorette

why : fuck i love this show its so cheesy but its super entertaining and the characters are so terrible usually but its funny

capricorn : jane the virgin

why : its a really good show and there are so many plot twists u guys will love it

sagittarius : its always sunny in philadelphia

why : this show is so fucking funny like u guys and DannY devito oh my god

scorpio : orange is the new black ( on netflix)

why : lol this show is so twisted and dramatic and ugh the friendships and the romances its so gOOD just watch it please scorpio

aquarius : x files 

why : because ya’ll are weird af but still  super cool like this show

pisces : bobs burgers

why : this show is so lighthearted and cute but super funny


new tv show obsession: Timeless

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this show is amazing and wyatt and lucy are my new favorite thing in this world