everyone watch this okay

  • Lance: Keith and I are the main characters, so that means we're the love interests!
  • Pidge: Oh yeah? What does that make us?
  • Lance: You boys are the homosexual supporting cast!

I’m imagining the Triwizard tournament coming back with Ilvermorny house going to Hogwarts and anytime their champion comes on they all start doing the ‘stomp stomp clap’ for We Will Rock You and just start singing it as their headmaster tries to stop them.


You know, canon.

Bless these anti-social wilderness babies. Stalking people all day and all night before finally deciding to approach them.

I accidentally turned on a few layers at once and got this adorable huddle. Hahaha. 


I am bisexual! I’m going for drinks with this gay man, whom I have a crush on! 



Sometimes it’s like playing the character again when you watch it, you know what I mean. Like you’re going through it again. I played a guy called Robbie Turner in Atonement, and for some reason his story really stayed with me, and I felt so emotionally torn apart by that. It was on at Christmastime when we were flipping, and I was like, “Oh, fuck.” And everyone was like, “Let’s watch ten minutes!” And I said, “Okay, I’m going to leave the room.”

Nothing makes me laugh more than those awkward pauses in SKAM. I usually cringe at the smallest things in other TV shows, but SKAM’s just make me laugh! Not sure if its the show’s spell, or the fact I could relate to them so much.

New clip from 10:10 (Passe På Meg)

Linn: I shot it that way.

Even: So you have control here?

Linn: Yes. No, no, no!

Even: Back to him?

Do you want me to goal or what?

Linn: No, no, no, no!

Come on then, fucking Spain!!

No! Quick, No! Don’t!

Isak: Hello!

Even: Hello!

Linn: Good you’re home! I’m fucking tired.

Even: Bad loser?

Linn: I’m going to bed.

Even: Fun to hang with you, Linn!


Isak: Hello.

Everything okay?

Even: Did you ask everyone in Kollektivet to watch me?

Isak: What? No.

Even: You’re such a bad liar!

Isak: What? Am I a bad liar?

Am I a bad liar? I’m a master at lying, there is no one better at lying than me!

You have no idea!

Even: Tell me! What have you gotten away with?

Isak: You don’t wanna know.

I like watching you smile.

Fuck, Vilde! She nags so much about that Kosegruppa.

Even: Kosegruppa! I’ve totally forgotten.

Isak: You can’t say that to her though cause she gets so mad. She is shit scared that everyone is joining only because of the parties.

Even: I was there to meet you.

Isak: Seriously?

Even: Yeah, do you think I was there to have fun?

Isak: Had you seen me before the first Kose-meeting?

Even: Yes. I saw you the first day in school.

Isak: Oh..

Ah, fuck!

Hey, Vilde.

No, we don’t have any christmas tree here.

Yeah, but if you really want a christmas tree you will have to buy one yourself.

You can buy christmas trees everywhere, Vilde! At Kiellands!

Yeah. Cool. Bye.

Even: Christmas tree?

Isak: Yeah, speaking of Kosegruppa, I’m having a christmas arrangement here on Friday.

Even: Here?

Isak: Mm.

Even: Friday?

Isak: You wanna come?

Even: I.. I actually promised my mom that I.. I talked to her today. She wanted me to come home for a bit. To eat and such.. I don’t fully know. I was just gonna be there for a little while.

Isak: Just take it one day at a time.

at first i didn’t ship it and i really didn’t want to but now it’s my otp: an autobiography


Imagine ringing in the new year with Sam and your boyfriend Dean.

     “Okay, everyone gets a drink!”

     Yow watched Sam and Dean exchange an amused look as you handed them each a champagne flute – which wasn’t filled with champagne, but beer, a beverage choice that was the result of you giving up on trying convince them to drink the sparkling wine and deciding the delicate glasses were enough of a win, no matter what was in them. But it wasn’t about the drinks.

     When the countdown on the laptop in front of you started flashing you moved to your boyfriend’s side and wrapped your free arm around his waist, the other hand holding your makeshift bubbly. Dean pulled you closer and, to your surprise, started counting out loud.

     “Ten, nine …”

     You smiled and grabbed Sam’s hand, pulling him in front of the computer to watch.

     “Six, Five …”

     A smile spread across your lips as you counted with your boys, getting ready to ring in the new year after your first real Christmas.

     “Three, two …”

     You wrapped your arm around Dean’s neck and kept your eyes glued to the screen.

     “One! HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

     You turned in Dean’s arms and jumped up on your tippy toes, planting a kiss on his lips he would remember until next year. Then you spun and pulled Sam in for a hug, almost spilling your drink in a failed attempt to reach over his shoulder. The ringing sound of glasses clinking filled the air as you toasted to the new year. Animated Fireworks lit up the computer screen as a background for the glowing number 2017.

     “See! I told you that would be fun.” You smiled at Sam and Dean as they set their empty glasses down on one of the library’s wooden tables, the contents having been downed in one sip after the countdown struck zero.

     Dean pulled you against his side and said, “You were right, it was fun,” after kissing the top of your head. You looked to Sam and he said the same thing.

     For a moment everything felt normal, like you didn’t spend your life hunting monsters and there wasn’t danger lurking around every corner, and you smiled at the two most important men in your life.

     “Happy New Year.”

Note: This wasn’t technically supposed to be a part of my 12 Days of Supernatural but you can kind of think of this as a bonus 13th day! Not actually Christmas, but I think we all kind of lump Christmas and New Years together as one big holiday! Or at least I do :p

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fast paced. b.b

Type: One-Shot
Featuring: Bucky, talk of team but no one mentioned
A/N: okay, highkey know that it’s confusing asf but oh well.
Warnings: none?

You ran through the tower looking for anyone to talk to. You made it to the gym, watching as everyone trained. “Okay, this is where I should have started.” You mumbled before walking in after catching your breath. “Does anyone want to act like we’re getting married so we can eat free cake samples?” you asked. Everyone stopping their movements before saying in unison ‘no,’ you looked around. Disappointment on your face, your smile lit up when you saw Bucky about to leave. He was shirtless and had sweat dropping down his body. “Barnes!” you shouted, running towards him, “Do you know how much I love you?” you asked, smiling.

“A lot, I suppose.” He replied, “Exactly, and you know what you should do?” you asked, “Go try cake samples!” he rolled his eyes, “No, I’m sorry.” Your eyes squinted, “I put it under your name and I need to go because I already scheduled it for four, it’s two.” Your eyebrows rose, “Please!” you begged, following him out of the gym.

“Please! Please! Bucky, if you love me you’ll go! Please!” you carried on the ‘ease’ while sitting in the elevator; he looked at you before sighing. “Okay, fine!” he agreed your eyes lit up and smile grew as you hugged him, “Really? Oh, Bucky!” Your arms swung around his neck, hugging him, he smiled softly before hugging you back.

You were sitting in his bedroom as he got ready; his body roamed the room as he looked for a shirt and pants. “Can you help?” he asked, once he looked at you. Your eyes left the ceiling, “You want me to find your shirt?” you asked as he nodded. “Okay,” you rolled off the bed and onto the floor. You walked to his closet looking for the shirt he had described to you earlier. Finding it almost instantly you handed it to him. “It was in your closet,” you laughed, he chuckled. “I thought it was in my dirty hamper,” you smiled and looked down, “I’m going to go and get ready,” you noted before leaving.

You met him down stairs; his eyes met yours as he smiled. “You look beautiful,” he smiled, taking your hand in his. He guided you to the car before opening the door, “What a gentleman,” you laughed. He chuckled, “Only for you, doll.” You smiled and buckled your seat belt as you waited to leave.

By the time you two had gotten to the cake place, you had already told him what was supposed to happen, and what you told her. He nodded before parking, turning off the engine and getting out helping you. Your down to the knee, turquoise dress matched perfectly with his eyes. Your black heels clicked against the concrete as you both walked hand in hand towards the door. As you opened it, the bell rang. You smiled at the lady at the front desk, “Mrs. And Mr. Barnes?” she asked, and you nodded. She smiled before escorting you to the back. “Someone will be out in a minute,” she told the two of you; you sat down leaving a seat open for Buck.

“So, why did you make this appointment?” he asked as he let his thumb brush your, “I don’t know, I’m getting older and I haven’t gotten married yet. Thought this could be nice.” He nodded, “I understand,” he replied, you looked at him. “Yeah, but you’ll get married. I will not, work scares people off.” You paused before going on, “So does the way I look in the morning.” He chuckled at your joke, “You look beautiful in the morning,” he smiled. Your cheeks glowed red before smiling.

A lady wearing a black pencil skirt and a white button up shirt walked in with a trey. “Hi,” she smiled before sitting down, “You two are a adorable couple,” you looked at Bucky. Your heart melting at the way he smiled at her. “Now, you guys wanted vanilla or chocolate right?” she asked, Bucky answered.

Once you finally left, you had told her you’d give her a call and tell her what you decided on. You opened the car door, getting in and sighing. Buck looked at you, “What if we got married?” he asked, your face heated up, “What do you mean, Buck? Wouldn’t that be crazy?” you asked him, he smiled and turned the engine on.

“It might be, but the way I’ve always felt about you tells me that we could be together.” Your heart fluttered, “Okay. Yeah, but” you turned towards him, “You have to get me a ring.” Your eyebrow raised and he laughed, “Is that our next stop?” he asked, your eyes lit up, “You’re serious?” he nodded, “Let’s go then,” he smiled before driving off.

“hunk wants to quit the most out of everyone on the team” uh??? no??? didn’t you watch season one??? yeah okay hunk was like that at first but after the whole thing with the balmera and shay hunk is probably the one who wants to be on team voltron the most because, to quote the actual show, he “realized what it means to be a paladin”