everyone watch the video cause you gotta hear his voice ok

OK so there’s a lot of shit going around about what happened to twenty one pilots at Reading so as someone who watched the whole thing, this is what happened:

Ok so bit of background, here in England Reading Festival is pretty much where teenagers around 15-18 go after they’ve got their GCSE and A Level exam results, basically just to get high and drunk as fuck and just party and watch some music, so basically the crowd is always full of drunk teenagers. Now onto what happened to our poor boys.

Initially everything was fine, then it came to Holding Onto You and the band’s first interaction with the crowd. The cameras were on the crowd for most of the time throughout the other songs and you could see it was rather rowdy and moving around a lot as people were pushing each other around a lot. Tyler (if you don’t know) stands on the crowd and people hold him up whilst he sings the first verse of HOY, and he was swaying about a bit because the teenagers underneath him just couldn’t hold him up, Security were doing most of the work holding his legs and waist. So Tyler got down after he finished his bit and everything seemed to be OK again.

Then is came to Ride (which again if you don’t know) Josh has a mini drum kit on a platform that goes into the crowd and they support it. Again, security were doing most of the work holding the platform up and the kids up underneath it, but even then the platform was swaying A LOT from side to side with Josh on it, I was so terrified he was going to fall. So that ends and he gets down, luckily he’s fine and no injuries to him and (as far as I could tell) everyone in the crowd was OK.

Then the blackout at the end of Ride happens.

There’s a long pause, like I mean REALLY long. The crowd starts bubbling and yelling.

Tyler’s voice comes up: “Um for some reason the lights have gone off and they won’t come back on again so we’re just gonna play the rest of our set in the dark if that’s okay”. So that’s what they do. They play Stressed Out mostly in the dark but luckily the back screen is working so there is some light. Then Guns For Hands comes on and Tyler only sings about half of it, snippets of the verses and the chorus, as he’s clearly talking to backstage about the clearly still absent lights.

Then during Guns For Hands Tyler does his whole crowd surfing in the hamster ball thing. This actually goes surprisingly well and I mean he trips a couple of times but that’s kind of expected due to the slippery moving surface of the ball.

Lights still aren’t on.

Lights come back on about halfway through the next song, which is Car Radio. Everything is going well, the crowd is singing along, Tyler is singing, Josh is killing it on the drums. Then Tyler walks to the front of the stage, indicating a tower in the middle of the crowd which he is going to climb up, as he usually does in Car Radio. He points at it and says to the crowd “I need to get over there okay?” 

This is when everything went to shit.

Tyler gets in the crowd and immediately it collapses to the side with him on them, security goes to grab him but he waves them off, obviously intent on getting to the platform. The crowd is still swaying underneath him and he’s not making much progress. 

You can hear people yelling on his mic, things like “stop doing that” “help her” “get off”, that sorta thing. The point in the song where Tyler is meant to be at the tower comes. And goes. Camera points at Josh a couple of times, you can clearly see he’s mad and worried. Car Radio ends. Next song starts, Josh continues drumming bless him. Next song finishes, Tyler is still not at the platform but he’s nearly there. People are still yelling over his mic. Security at the platform are waving him over towards them.

Finally Tyler reaches the platform as the third song begins and he climbs it. He slips near the top but catches himself and doesn’t fall. But then he stands up and you can see his shirt has been completely ripped and is dangling off him. He’s sweaty and covered in beer and clearly mad and hot and stressed. The song ends and Tyler yells “Are you all still with me?”

Then “Josh we gotta be done, we’re done”. “Thank you, we’ve been twenty one pilots”. This wasn’t because they were upset or cut off, this was because of all the lights issue and Tyler getting to the platform ate into the concert time they just ran out of time and they had to get off the stage because there were other artists due to play after them.

That’s it.

It was so heartbreaking to watch. I’m sure the video will be up later when the BBC post it on iPlayer. There are photos of Tyler on Tumblr. 

As an English person I must emphasise that this is NOT what the majority of clique members in this country I like. Like I said, the crowd was full of drunk teenagers and people who either don’t know the artist or just have little to no respect for the artist as they’re just there to have a bit of a party and cause a bit of chaos for fun.

That being said, I apologise to Tyler and Josh so so so much on behalf of this country and the shitty people in the crowd. This never should have happened.

Stay alive |-/

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Request where the reader watches cartoons on breaks and days off (Bee and Puppycat, baman piderman) to get rid of nightmares and triggers of her job, soon she recruits everyone to watch, Spencer first ( even JJ and Henry, Hotch and Jack.) Big cuddles

This is a cute idea!  I will be using different cartoons, mostly ones that I’m familiar with, but I hope you enjoy your story nonetheless, because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

Throwing the door open to your apartment, you drop your go-bag at your feet as you jump, shaking your coat off as your breathing begins to pick up.  You felt your temperature rising and your legs were already beginning to shake.

It had been a long case.  13 days from home was enough to drive anyone insane, but when you were exactly what the unsub was looking for, looking over your shoulder became exhausting and paranoia-inducing.

And that’s not always the greatest combination for someone struggling with anxiety.

Dashing over to your television set-up, you throw open a drawer as you dig through, finding the self-made disk with hours of cartoon videos on it.  Mashing buttons on your DVD player as it finally springs to life, your trembling fingers shove the DVD into the slot as you lay back onto the floor, the whirring of the disk spinning in its cage settling your nerves as the TV begins to glare into the dark room, the sound of the Tom and Jerry theme song striking up as a relieved smile begins to creep across your cheeks.


Your favorite childhood memories.

The things you set alarms for on Saturday mornings before scrambling to make yourself a bowl of cereal.


That was a good idea.

Rising to your feet as you head into your kitchen, you throw open your cabinet dedicated to your sugary addiction as your fingers drift over the boxes before settling on the oh-so-delicious Reese’s Pieces.

You were feeling a barrel tumbler.

Grasping your gigantic to-go cup, you pour the cereal into it as it clinks on the sides, the smell of the peanut-butter and chocolate-y mix causing your mouth to water as you place the box down before heading to the fridge and throwing it open for the milk.

And much to your dismay, there was absolutely no milk.

“Fuck!” you exclaim, slamming the door as you feel the tears brewing behind your eyes.

Charging into the TV room as you pick up the remote and jam the pause button, you grab your keys as tears spring to your eyes, your breathing picking back up as your hands begin to shake.

You just…needed…milk.


Throwing your sunglasses on at 8 o’clock at night, you barge into the grocery store as you make a beeline for the milk in the back, making a mental note to grab two gallons instead of only one.

Wrenching the door open as you thrust your hands into the refrigerated enclosure, you hear a rough, familiar voice emanate from behind you.


Whipping around as your eyes widen behind your sunglasses, you hold two gallons of milk at your sides as your boss and his son stare at you, confusion wafting across both of their faces.

“You alright?” Hotch asks.

Nodding slowly, you lift the gallons of milk as you say, “Needed more milk for my cereal.”

Your voice cracked at the tail end, much to your disappointment.

And you could tell by your boss’s face that he caught it.

“Cereal for dinner?” he asks, his eyebrows stitching closer together.

“Mhm,” you murmur, lowering them to your sides, “cereal and cartoons.”

“Cartoons!” Jack exclaims, “Daddy, can we go watch cartoons at her house?”

The sentiment made your cheek twitch lightly with a grin.

“No son, I’m sure that Miss Y/L/N doesn’t want to be bothered right now…” he meanders off, his eyes side-glancing you as you take in a sharp breath through your nose.

“If it’s alright with your father, then it’s alright with me.  But rest assured, the only thing I have to eat right now is cereal,” you say, your sunglasses slipping down the bridge of your nose just long enough for Hotch to catch your reddened, puffy eyes.

Damn it.

“Cereal for dinner sounds awesome!” Henry interjects, running around the corner as the two boys embrace each other, with J.J. and Spencer close on his heels.

“Oh, hey guys!” Spencer breathes as you whip your head to him.

“Needed milk, I see?” he says, throwing you a little smirk as your face hardens again.

You felt your breathing slowly begin to pick up again.

“Y/N?” J.J. asks.

You felt your head begin to buzz.

You needed to get home.

You needed to decompress.

You needed to be able to breathe again.

“Miss Y/N?” Jack asks as you clench your jaw and swallow deep.

“Whoever wants cereal and cartoons is more than welcome at my apartment, but please you guys…I gotta get out of here.”

And with that, you pushed through the overwhelming crowd growing as you scurry to the counter, your tears slipping underneath your sunglasses as you throw a $10 dollar bill at the cashier and grab your milk, jogging quickly out of the grocery store as you leave your team and their kids in the dust, confusion and worry spread across their faces.


Leaving your door wide open as you run into your kitchen, you throw open your fridge as you toss one gallon into the door and sling the other up onto the counter.

Your anxiety was running high, and you could barely get the top off of the milk.

Feeling your glasses slip the rest of the way off of your nose, they clatter to your feet as the tears continue to pour down your face, your hand slipping as the cap to the gallon of milk goes crashing to the ground, rolling away as your eyes dart for it frantically.

You hadn’t even realized that everyone from the grocery store had pulled up, parked, and come through your front door.

“Hey kids,” Spencer coos as he dips down in front of Jack and Henry, “why don’t you guys go press play on the cartoons?  We will bring you guys your cereal.”

“Ok,” Henry says, going in search of the remote as Jack follows suit.

Picking it up in your trembling fingers as your vision begins to tunnel, your hand outstretches to grasp the wall as you try to pull in big, long breaths.

Until you heard the sound of Tom and Jerry rolling in the background.

Slowly rolling your eyes over towards the sound, you see Hotch, Spencer, and J.J. taking close stock of you, your swollen face and your red-rimmed eyes giving away your anxiety as you slowly rise up, rolling your shoulders back a you clear your throat.

“Um…bowls are, are up here,” you say as you point beside you, “and that cabinet right there,” you continue as you move your finger in front of you, “is filled with the cereals.”

Walking towards your huge tumbler of cereal as you reach for the gallon of milk, your unsteady hand begins to drop it as Hotch comes rushing to your side, grasping it before it can hit the floor as tears begin to pour from your eyes once more.

“We’ve got this,” J.J. coos, grasping your shoulders as she pushes you slowly towards Spencer, “we can bring in everyone’s cereal as we get it ready.”

Feeling Spencer take your hands, his worried eyes running over your body, he slowly leads you into the room as the sounds of the Rugrats theme song wafts through your ears, along with the belly-laughter of two beautifully naive little boys.

You wanted them to stay that way forever.

Feeling Spencer sit you down on the couch, you feel him sit beside you, his leg propping up and pressing into the back of the couch as he puts his arms up under yours, pulling you to him as he holds you close.

“Just breathe…” he murmurs lowly, his hands stroking your arms as the trembling in your body slowly dissipates.

“Who wants cereal!?” J.J. taunts, coming into the room with bowls for the boys as they squeal with delight.

“Best dinner ever!” Henry says as he takes the bowl from his mom.

“Thanks, kid,” she mocks, rolling her eyes as a grin spreads across your cheeks.

“Here, Reid,” Hotch says, handing him a bowl as you sit up slightly.

“And for the big kid…” Hotch says, his eyes dancing across you softly as he hands you your tumblr.

“Wow!  That’s a really big bowl,” Jack says.

“Well, I have a really big tummy,” you say, winking at the boy as he giggles.

“Oo!  Oo!  Oo!” Henry exclaims as he points at the TV, “Bugs Bunny!”

“Yeah!” Jack exclaims.

“You’re the coolest, Miss Y/N!” Henry yelps as he begins to munch on his cereal.

You felt your smile broaden as you watch J.J. take up residence with the boys on the opposite couch.

“Mind if I sit?” Hotch asks, motioning to the cushion that your legs were covering as you raise your eyes to him.

Raising your legs, you curl them towards you as he sits, balancing his bowl of cereal in his hand as he drops down before ushering to your legs.

“Come on,” he says, patting his lap as you tentatively lower your legs back onto him.

Turning your perplexed gaze back to the screen, you laugh along with the boys as you feel Spencer chuckle behind you, a smile gracing both J.J. and Hotch’s faces as everyone munches on their cereal, their eyes glued to the television screen.

Drinking your milk from your tumbler as J.J. begins to gather the boys’ empty bowls, you try to wave her off as she locks her eyes with you.

“I’ve got it,” she enunciates.

“Is this how you unwind from cases?” Spencer asks as you cock your head back to look at him.

“Just the rough ones,” you say, slowly turning your head to the forefront as you feel Hotch’s stare permeate your face.

“Are you alright?” he asks, his hand mindlessly caressing your legs on his lap as you try desperately to blink back tears.

“A few more cartoons and I’ll be ready for bed,” you snicker, swallowing hard as you clench your jaw.

“Doggy pile!” you hear the boys scream, jumping up and flopping down onto you as you laugh, your hands flying everywhere as you tickle the boys.

“Biiiiiiiiig mistake!” you roar, a smile encompassing your face as J.J. gets in on the tickle action.

“We’ve got you pinned now!” she yelps.

“I surrender!  I surrender!” Jack exclaims breathlessly, his face red as he holds his hands to his stomach.

“We give up!” Henry pants.

“Can we watch a few more, Miss Y/N?” Jack asks, his eyes pleading as you cup his sweaty face in your hands.

“You guys like Power Rangers?” you ask, a smile spreading across your face.

“Yeah!” the both exclaim.

“Do you like Power Rangers?” Hotch asks, his eyebrow cocked in the air as you giggle lightly.

“Yep,” you say, popping the “p” as you reach for the remote.

And as the boys sit on the floor in front of the couch, with J.J. in the middle as she wraps her arms around them both, the group of you watch through three episodes before the boys’ eyes start to droop.

“Looks like you guys nee a bed,” J.J. coos, her hands rubbing their backs as they shake their heads lazily.

“We’re not tired…” Henry trails off.

“Speak for yourself…” Jack lulls.

You felt Spencer’s stomach jump behind you as he chuckled at the boys.

“We better get these guys home,” Hotch says, patting your legs as you slowly rear them up.

“Thank you so much for having us,” J.J. says, smiling kindly at you as she picks Henry up in her arms.

“You gonna be alright?” Hotch asks, picking up Jack as his eyes connect with yours.

“I’m always alright,” you muse, throwing him a tired smile as he scolds you silently.

“I know, I know…” you trail off, feeling your own eyes begin to lazily drop closed as Spencer pulls you ever so closer to him.

“You comin’, Reid?” J.J. asks as they open your front door.

“I’m gonna catch a couple more, just to make sure she’s alright,” he says, his hand coming up to smooth down your hair as his other arm holds your stomach tight.

“Alright,” Hotch says, smiling lightly as he ushers everyone out the door, closing the door behind him as Spencer hears it click.

“Wanna turn it back to Bugs Bunny?” Spencer asks, turning his attention back to you as he reaches for the remote in your lap.

But your chest was rising and falling, and your eyes were screwed tightly shut.

And as Spencer smiles lightly, his body wiggling as he slowly shifts himself down onto the couch, he scrolls through and begins playing the Bugs Bunny cartoons as he grabs the blanket off of the back of the couch, spreading it over the two of you as he holds you close to him in his arm.

“Bugs Bunny it is,” he whispers.

I’ve been in roadrat hell for so long and I finally decided to try writing something small with them. Inspired and building off this amazingly cute but heart breaking comic by the amazing browsdraws! Hopefully if I keep doing small practice things like this I can start writing bigger stories for the junkers~

                                                   Pepe is online

:Junkrat: wat did you do hana?

:D.va: I think it’s more fitting c:< don’t you?

:Junkrat: you right

:Pepe: I trust you with my account password, and this is the thanks I get? After all I’ve done for you?

:D.va: It was meant to be, Lucio!

                                Pepe changed his name to Frogger

:D.va: Lame

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