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i’m lauren and i’m from canada, though sadly not vancouver. i’m 18 and just finished my first year university! i’m like 73% gay and am big into dressing like an androgynous 90s dirtball.

i love dghda so much that i made a sideblog exclusively for it (my main is @ravvenstag) !! i honestly cannot pick a favourite character because i love them all so much. literally every single one is my sweet summer child. i’m reaallllly looking forward to watching season 2 with my pal/roommate @toddbrotzmanns !!! also can i say that this is the most kind, beautiful, and sweet fandom ever??? like wtf everyone is so Nice here and i love it <3

im ok with ppl calling me “Feli”,, but it feels so much better when ppl refers to me as “Felipe” instead,, i dont rlly know why, but it just feels rlly nice,,, so uhhh thank u @ everyone who calls me “Felipe” !! :’] 

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Aaron has find out about the cheating. He is drunk and plead robert to tell him that he is not in love with her. I want robert desperate both of them actually. Aaron ask him if he ever loved him. Make it angsty sad and beautiful. If you write it i mean

“Aaron?” Robert called, searching the dark living room for his husband. He flicked on the lights, noticing that Aaron wasn’t downstairs, wasn’t curled up on the couch, or in the kitchen, but there was a soft light coming from the upper floor that made him walk up the stairs, carefully navigating the spiral steps in the dim light.

“’m here,” Aaron greeted, waving a half drunk bottle of whiskey at Robert. He was sitting on the landing, knees hugged to his chest as he sat opposite to their bedroom door, his gaze on the half open doorway.

“Are you okay?” Robert asked, easing himself down onto the top step of the stairs, not wanting to make Aaron uncomfortable, or sit too close. He’d been worried, when he’d gotten a drunken voicemail from Aaron, wondering why his husband had called him at all.

Last he’d heard from Aaron, it was him screaming at Robert to get out of his house, Aaron angry and devastated as Robert admitted all, told him about what had happened with Rebecca.

In all the years he’d know Aaron, Robert had never seen him go from blissfully happy to absolutely broken in a matter of seconds, and it had been because of him.

Robert hated himself for it. 

“Okay?” Aaron snorted, laughing at the mere concept. “My husband cheated on me three weeks after our wedding. Do you think I’m okay?”

Robert ducked his head, ashamed. “You called me.”

“I wanted you to come here and make me understand.” Aaron admitted, taking a swig of the alcohol before he spoke again, wincing at the bitter taste. “I wanted you to make me understand. Make it right.”

“I would if I could, you know I would.” Robert said, hating the way Aaron shifted away from him as he tried to reach out for his husband, tried to reassure Aaron the way he always did, with touch, a hand on his knee, or an arm around his shoulders. 

“But you can’t.” Aaron said sadly, shaking his head, fresh tears rolling down his red, and splotchy cheeks. He looked exhausted, as though he hadn’t slept in days, his eyes red rimmed and swollen from crying.

Because of him.

Because of Robert.

“I fucked up, Aaron.” Robert said, picking at a loose thread on his tracksuit. He’d been sitting in front of the television with Victoria when Aaron had called, the two of them slobbing out in their comfortable clothes, drinking wine and mourning the apparent end of both of their marriages. 

“Do you love her?” Aaron asked, looking at Robert with tearful eyes. 

Robert’s jaw almost hit the floor. “Love her?” he said, incredulous at the mere suggestion. 

“Do you love her? I need to know, Robert, I need to know if you love her, if you want her more than you want me -” Aaron started to ramble, pressing his palms into his eyes as he started to cry even harder, choking out heartbroken sobs between his every word. “Do you love her more than you love me?” 

Robert scrambled to his knees, not caring now as he moved to sit in front of Aaron, prising the whiskey bottle from his hands. “There’s no one in the world I love more than I love you, Aaron,” he shook his head, desperate to just gather Aaron into his arms, desperate to hold him close, make it better.

“Why did you do it then?” Aaron practically begged. 

Robert’s heart ached as he looked at Aaron, hated how all of this was because of him. “She was easy to manipulate, I guess. I wanted to hit self destruct and I knew she’d let me.” 

Aaron choked out another sob, shaking his head. “It hurts, Robert. It hurts so much - the fact you could do this to me, after everything, after everything we’ve been through. I feel like it’s never going to stop hurting.”

He was drunk, and honest, and saying all the things he was too angry to say to Robert without the aid of half a bottle of whiskey, Robert knew that much. “I’ll never forgive myself for hurting you like this,” he said, knowing it was true, knowing he wouldn’t ever forgive himself for doing what it did, hurting Aaron the way he had.

“I don’t want to feel angry anymore.” Aaron admitted, hugging his knees even tighter to his chest, as though he was trying to fold himself up entirely, escape from all the problems Robert had caused.

Robert didn’t know what to say, didn’t know how to fix it, make it better. 

“Did you ever love me?” Aaron asked after a few minutes silence, a desperate look in his eyes.

“I love you so much Aaron, I don’t know what to do with it, most of the time.” Robert said, echoing Aaron’s words from their wedding day, those words that had sent his heart racing in the best way possible. 

“So you slept with her to make yourself feel better?” 

Robert closed his eyes, hating the sick feeling that rose up in his stomach as Aaron spoke. “I don’t expect you to ever forgive me,” he mumbled, not quite able to look at Aaron.

“I want to forgive you.” Aaron said quietly, picking at the skin around his thumb. “I don’t know if I can.”

Robert nodded, spotting the top of the whiskey bottle, screwing it back into place. “Do you want me to get you a glass of water?” he asked, gesturing toward the kitchen downstairs. 

“I want you to go back in time and make it so none of this ever happened.” Aaron sighed, sobering up now, roughly wiping at the drying tears on his cheeks. 

Robert gave him a sad smile. “If I could, I would.” 

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Hey..i don't and sorry for wasting your time.

Yo my dude. Don’t be upset for something like this. I wasn’t talking only for u but for everyone so they can understand. U r sweet and nice and I forgot to thank u for saying my works about Poth being good. Thanks. But even compliments like this can bother me sometimes. Because all I feel like is I’m just a Poth content maker for y'all. I’m just like others who wants to be free. And do things I want too, not only be known for Poth shipper or smt. I did mention before that I’ve been working on some wips. One of them is Poth.. so…. Please be patient- I don’t get payed for this while I also have family and personal problems. :’/ understand and don’t get upset about it.

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Could I pretty please have a preference about each of the boys favorite positions {doesn't have to be long at all} pretty please with a cherry on top? {& because I'm asking don't be afraid to say no} the reason why I asked you earlier if you're okay with the promo thing is because that blog is NSFW! & the closest thing to a porn blog possible.. some people don't want to be associated with that .. so I wanna respect your wishes & your work & not involve in something without asking!!

honestly everyone who leaves a request is so nice about asking like u could be all “bITCH GIVE ME THIS AND THIS AND THIS” and i would still do it everyone’s so nice but thank you omg

and also i hope this is ok with u bc i was feeling lazy so i just decided to do a visual (which means if u don’t like seeing actual dicks u might wanna keep scrolling)

ashton: missionary

ok so like he would be so experimental with lots of positions but i feel like he’d always go back to something tried and true cause you don’t fix what’s not broken, right?

michael: wall sex

idk if there’s an actual name for this, but i feel like michael would love how animalistic it was and he’d probably be the type of guy who got bored of fucking in the same place every night

calum: reverse cowgirl

i feel like he’d get tired of doing all the work and insist you ride him, but backwards, because he’d just love the ass views, honestly

luke: cowgirl

this boy just needs someone to ride him, like i feel like he’s the type of dude who would dig getting whacked in the face by tits or just seeing more of the front of you

requests are open, please go leave one ;)

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Ur art is so pretty and I especially love the clothing u design! I don't know how u do it but everyone's outfits always look so nice and pretty and I'm honestly so impressed it's amazing!

Thank you so much!! :D <3 I’m so happy you like my designs!! I have lots of fun making them. Thanks so much for taking the time to send this, I appreciate your kind thoughts!! :DD

thank you guys for all the kind comments & asks!!!! i’m really astounded and grateful that people like this silly gta knock-off experiment o(-<

i’ve compiled all the pieces into a wallpaper album (except for jack’s, who i drew mistakenly at 72dpi :^(…) if you’re interested! if you plan to crop or use them for graphics, please keep the credits, thank you ;-;

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You are a wonderful person, you aren't playing a victim and the therapists know that is difficult to talk. Everyone knows that these kinds of trauma are horrible and difficult to move on, but you are a strong and beautiful person and you need to life a splendid life like you deserve. Talk only when you want and start with little things. If you are in trouble or anxious, breathe and start counting till ten or more. They want you to be comfortable and to be happy (and everyone who is here too) 💞

Omg you’re so nice thank you ; u ; I’m so worried and now I lost where the psychiatry is while going to the bathroom so aaaaaa. I just feel so panicked rn but it’s okay!!! I’ll manage ahah. Just very very very anxious. Thank you for the reassurance. You’re literally my guardian angel ♡ I hope you’re having a great day! ♡

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As someone who suffers from anxiety and worries a lot, its really nice to just relax for awhile and go to ffxv blogs that make my day :D like u guys r so nice to everyone. I wish all fandoms were like that lol plus I can just imagine the chocobros and them being accepting without feeling judged just like yall dont judge ;3; SO THANK YALL FOR BEING SO WELCOMING

Honestly, anon, this is great to hear, because even through the pockets of negativity that any fandom has, the fact that you can find happiness in this corner of it is to be cherished.

I have anxiety and shit too, and that’s also why I do my best to keep my blog free of negativity. My life is full of bs on its own, and I’ll always fight to keep this place as much of a safe haven for others as it has been for me in my hard times.

Besides, the Chocobros only judge Ardyn, not anyone else LOL! *hugs*