everyone was so nice and happy and relaxed

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 43

We landed a short time later and thankfully since we were now back on schedule, everyone could relax a little. If the rest of the day goes as planned, we’d have about an hour before the Meet and Greet which I was happy about. I wanted a little time alone with Jared.

Emma had arranged for our luggage to be delivered to the hotel so we didn’t have to wait for it which was nice. Depending on how busy they were, you could end up waiting forever for that. Walking right past the turnstiles, we were able to head directly to our waiting van. Without a doubt, Emma has this routine down pat.

“The van should be here in the next ten minutes, security wouldn’t let them park.” Jared said, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. “I just want to relax together when we get to the venue.”

Looking up at him I smiled, “I like that idea.”

At least we were on the same page. I was in desperate need of some alone time, not for anything other than to cuddle up to him. To feel his arms around me. Just to be close. Shannon’s admission was still floating through my mind and it was stirring up all kinds of emotions I couldn’t even show.

Aside from that, I also felt like I needed a nap.

Last night was amazing and beautiful and intense. I wouldn’t change a single moment of it for anything. It was draining though. Although I thought I slept well, it wasn’t enough which was why Jared wanted me to stay back this morning. Then with the whole ordeal this afternoon, my energy was just about tapped out. Clearly, I couldn’t keep up with him.

“You look tired, baby.”

I was hoping it wasn’t that obvious.. Regardless, I had to be honest.

“Yeah, I kinda am. I was restless after you left so I packed us and got ready. After that, I, um, I got sidetracked.” I said, not really wanting to mention what happened again at all as I leaned my head against his shoulder.

Jared sighed, “I’m sorry about everything. I knew all the travel then last night would catch up with you. I feel bad. I don’t want you to get run down.”

It seemed he didn’t want to mention this afternoon either which made me feel relieved.

“I’ll live.” I reassured him.

“Maybe you should go to the hotel and get some rest instead of coming tonight.” He said looking down at me, “If you want to do that it’s okay. I understand.”

That was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. I didn’t want to leave his side. Pulling away, I wanted him to know how strongly I felt since I didn’t want his suggestion to turn into a command. Standing in front of him, our eyes met before I spoke.

“No… I’ll rest at the venue while you’re doing sound check or something but I want to be there tonight. I’m fine. Really..”

Jared seemed a little taken back by my insistence and shockingly he backed down from his suggestion. Emotions flared up and I know I looked upset.

“Baby, I want you with me, I just don’t want you to get dragged out. Don’t get upset.” He reassured, pulling me against him again.

“I just want to stay with you.” I said, wrapping my arm around his waist.

His hand found its way around the back of my neck, pulling me closer to him. Pressing his lips to my temple he said, “I want you to stay with me too, baby girl.”

I loved when he did that. His hand at the back of my neck without fail sent warm tingles throughout my entire body, centering in on my pussy, of course. My eyes drifted closed as my body and mind relaxed. THIS, this is what I needed more than rest. I needed my Sir.

“God, I love your natural reactions, baby girl.” Jared whispered, his fingers massaging the muscles in my thin neck.

My god, I wished we were alone right now.

Our little moment was interrupted by Emma who was walking around gathering everyone’s passports while we waited. Tomo ran to the restroom so Shannon walked over to us while he finished having another cigarette.

“Shouldn’t be much longer.” She told Jared who impatiently put his hand up with wonder then walked away.

Jared and Shannon started to talk about the issues he was working out with Emma on the plane regarding the venue while I just listened. Jared is demanding, everyone who knows him knows that which is why I think Shannon sees the humor in people actually trying to resist. It’s just his nature to fight for what he wants until he gets it.

“I wanted no tables, standing room only and they were fighting it. It’s bullshit. Why the fuck would they care?” Jared said very animated.

Looking over at me, Shannon elbowed me shaking his head, “Those fucking idiots..”

I giggled, I couldn’t help myself, which Jared didn’t appreciate.

“Whatever.” Jared said, rolling his eyes.

Jared certainly can dish it out but I don’t think he takes it very well. At least from what I’ve seen.

“Ah come on man. I’m only kidding.” Shannon said, hitting his arm.

A few minutes later our van pulled up and Jared took both my tote and his to load by our seats, leaving me alone with Shannon. I wanted to talk but now that we weren’t in the moment, it felt weird to open up an old topic. Still, I felt like I needed to. I wanted him to know Jared’s feelings weren’t one sided.

Once Jared was out of earshot and distracted, I nudged Shannon. This had to be short and to the point. I didn’t want Jared to get suspicious we were talking about him.

“Jared means a lot to me too.”

“I know he does, Vivie. Everybody knows. I just know how he is so I wanted to make sure you knew.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jared walking back to us so I didn’t have a chance to answer but I suppose I didn’t need to. We both had said enough.

“What are you guys talkin’ about…” Jared asked, his head cocked to the side with a slight smile.

Unfortunately Shannon and I only talked about Jared and neither of us were going to tell him that. It was also unfortunate we didn’t come up with something together to tell him BEFORE he asked either.

In unison Shannon responded, “Food.” and I responded with a shrug, “Tour stuff.”

Hello, red flags!

Jared instantly knew we were lying. I mean, we couldn’t look more obvious at being caught talking about something we didn’t want to share with him. Secrets do not sit well with him, not ever. I watched his eyes squint and brow wrinkle. He was not happy.


Jared didn’t look at Shannon, he kept his gaze on me knowing I’d break under his stare long before Shannon would. He knows I can’t lie if my life depended on it, especially to him.

“We talked about lots of stuff, ya know…” I said trying to shrug it off.

My GOD, I’m a horrible liar, I didn’t even dare to make eye contact. I could feel my whole body burning as I internally cringed.

Thinking quick, Shannon tossed his butt in the ashtray then grabbed his bag.

“Come on guys, we gotta go.” He said in a hurry, bumping Jared’s arm as he walked past him. “Emma’s waving us over.”

That bump broke Jared’s glare at me as he looked over his shoulder. His eyes following Shannon to the van.

Pulling it together, when he did turn around, I had a smile on my face though I still avoided eye contact. Slipping my arm through his while gently pulling him towards the van, I hoped he’d let it go.

“I’m ready, babe. Come on!”

Therapy :)

I just had a REALLY good therapy session with my daughter.  We talked about many things, and went out to dinner after and had a nice time together and we are both going to work on things and I’m super excited to move forward with her!!!

I’m so relaxed now…I can get back to my requests!  And my 12x15 coda!  I can focus now!  If you’ve requested something from me and I haven’t posted it, please send me an Ask reminding me…I’m working on one right now that’s going to be a good brother bonding story.  (So happiness for both Sam & Dean in this one - yay!)

I’m so happy…:) Thank you to everyone who dropped me a note/ask/message giving me positive comments and support.  Ya’ll are amazing!

anonymous asked:

Eye colors for the states?

Ohh nice ask! Feel free to send more!

Alabama: light green. They border on creamy colour, but only in bright lights

Arkansas: muddy brown. Have a tendency to light up to maroon when happy or excited

Delaware: sea blue. Very calm and relaxed. Doesn’t reflect their personality at all

Florida: teal. Very odd colour to have among the states, so they like to brag about them

Georgia: a average brown, not much else to say, but everyone says Georgia’s eyes are very friendly

Kentucky: light grey, but can seem lighter or darker depending on light

Louisiana: almost completely black in colour

Maryland: dark green, the complete opposite of Alabama’s eyes. Never seen to light up, and always look dulled down

Mississippi: hard to pin down. Can change from azure to teal to ocean blue. These are big colour changes, but nobody knows why they happen.

Missouri: kinda maroon in colour, but can be brown at times

North Carolina: gentle blue, like the sea

South Carolina: red, surprisingly, or not. Seem to glow when happy or extremely enraged

Tennessee: a weird mixture of blue and red, and can change between the two shades often.

Texas: chocolate brown, but can grow darker in light

Virginia: a calm Blue, which can be described as azure

West Virginia: stormy grew that can seem so dark, it’s black.

Thanks for the ask!


Ok so I drew my girls in @butterapplego‘s High School AU.
FemPap: The nice girl everyone knows and talks with. She popular without trying to be.
FemSans: Sleep through class but passes with Bs. She also love pulling pranks on the teachers.
Peaches: Relaxed all the time. She helps out any Sans that might need some help.
Cotton Candy: The hyper girl who want to know and hang out with everyone. She not trying to be popular just want to be happy with everyone.
Scamp: Vice President of the student council. She’s very strict with the rules and find some way that someone is breaking a rule. She also have blackmail on everyone in the school for control.
Brat: The socially awkward follower of Scamp. She’s very self conscience of her body so she tend to hide behind her sister for ‘protection’.
G!FemPap: Female nurse of the school. She’s also the one students tend to go to if they are having problems. She’s like a loving mother to all students.
Barbie: Female gym teacher. Tend to over work student while she does nothing. Also flirts with all the male teachers.

Will add my Genderswapfell girls in later


E and i went swimming today! my water baby fell asleep about 25 mins in, so i laid her in the pack n play for the time i was swimming. it honestly felt SO nice just to be in the water but it was really gross out, our hair kept frizzing out lol i feel so tired lately. but today was nice. but small updates, simplicity gets out of school tomorrow and im happy i get all summer with baby bear. going to be a really relaxing summer. and im 18 weeks tomorrow! woop. closer to meeting her/him! hope everyone is having a lovely week. and happy Thursday

oh yeah 17/18 week belly (kinda) and E sleeping in the water^-^

I really just needed some fresh air today to clear my mind and put things into perspective. I’ve felt so out of it these past few days and I feel isolated from everything and everyone.

Instead of dwelling on those negative emotions I decided to get away for a couple hours and take a taxi to the bike trail near my house (my dad was at work). The weather was beautiful and so relaxing. I even ran for a lil bit which felt really really nice! I’m still here and now I’m sitting on a bench overlooking this gorgeous lake and I can hear fireworks starting to go off in the distance and I’m just so happy it’s incredible.

I’m so thankful to be alive and well and healthy. I’m so thankful for this moment and to be able to enjoy it in solitude with no one but the birds and trees to accompany me.

This is a tiny reminder for all of you to just stop EVERYTHING you’re doing once in a while and to just get away from it all. Breathe deeply and realize that everything is temporary. Embrace the changes and challenges that life throws at you and never forget that sometimes its okay to throw your worries out the window and just exist in the moment.

“Feels so nice to no longer be relaxing on a balcony somewhere and instead being greeted by Snape’s beautiful smiling face at 8am again. How I’ve so missed wearing itchy polyester robes.”

“Calm and relaxed, I’ll run fast” -Des Linden
I finally understood what this meant this past weekend and was able to grab that pr!
This was taken just before the finish and I was yelling to @joshuamyers “I’m going to pr!!”
6 mile recovery run this morning felt nice. Thank goodness no lasting injury from the fall, just some ugly bruising and scrapes!
Thank you to everyone for all of the nice messages! I was so happy to finally report some GOOD news to you all!