everyone was over life at that point tbh

okay so when do we get to start speculating about Jon becoming the Mad King redux because of that Targaryen gene, or does it only apply to  Daenerys? i’m just saying…he’s displayed some questionably unhinged behaviors like bloodlust and violent outbursts and suicidal tendencies, and he DID fuck his aunt tbh.

i mean i’m sure being brought back to life after being killed by your own men has really got to fuck with your head. and once he finds out he’s not Ned Stark’s son and his entire life is a lie? woooo boy. you guys wanted dark!Jon, maybe next season will deliver after all!

holy macaroni! when i first started this adventure, back in july 2015, i never thought i would be here for 2 years, let alone have 2,000+ followers! i really wouldn’t be here today without all of you lovely people who make my dash so worth it! it’s been a ride. during those two years, i passed my tests to apply for my program, i was accepted into my program, i did my first semester of student teaching, i finished my first year in my program, and i’m about to start my second, and final, year of the program! it’s crazy to think how long y'all have been with me. you’ve seen my ups and downs, my twists and turns, you’ve stuck through my craziness. i want to thank all of you for being here. i’ve made some amazing friends, hopefully friendships that’ll last a lifetime. i’ve found partners that i would never trade for the world. ned has been on so many adventures and that’s all thanks to you guys.

now, without further ado, and in no particular order, thank you everyone on this list. you have been in my life one way or another over the past 2 years, some of you 4 years at this point tbh:

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Boyfriend Jaemin

this is for you @jaeminnana ;)) i think your question got deleted because you changed your url but it’s okay !!

  • tbh i didn’t want to do this because i might just cry halfway
  • because this angel has been ruining my life lately and i miss him lots
  • okay kidding thanks for requesting and hope you like it ~

  • he’d probably be that one guy in your class who literally smiles at everything and everyone ,

  • to the point where you thought he was crazy because how can one have this much positivity ??
  • lots of girls would swoon over him and his smile
  • you thought you weren’t like them but you lowkey admired him
  • one day during chemistry class the both of you got partnered up for the rest of the year
  • and deep down you were so excited but on the outside you tried to keep a straight face
  • but jaemin’s smile and his offers to help you do your part made you feel all fuzzy and warm ??
  • like what is this feeling
  • when you did something wrong or couldn’t follow the instructions ,
  • he’d calmly and willingly explain everything to you , making sure you understood everything
  • he started hanging out with you more often ,
  • his group of friends joined your group during breaks and lunch
  • your friends knew both of you had feelings for one another because it was so obvious
  • like you’d steal a glance at him across the table when donghyuck was talking to you
  • and jaemin would also smile to himself whenever he caught you looking
  • and when you talked , he was always paying full attention , nodding his head and agreeing with you even when what you said didn’t make sense
  • “ omg guys have you ever wondered what the first man on earth felt when he saw he was the only one of his own kind ”
  • “ wth Y/N why are you thinking of things like that during lunch break ”
  • “ idk im just curious ”
  • “ haha you’re so cute Y/N ”
  • “ Jaemin what ? You call that cute ? both of you have issues i swear ”
  • and you and jaemin would giggle at each other while donghyuck pretended to vomit
  • “ get a room both of you ”
  • you often sat beside him in class even when you were not supposed
  • and you and jaemin would talk for hours and hours , the teacher gave up on both of you because no matter how many times she asked both of you to stop talking , yall wouldnt
  • probably lots of skinship before you guys were a couple though ,
  • like sometimes holding hands and hugging would be normal
  • until one day mark would ask him
  • “ bro are the both of you dating ? ”
  • “ no , i dont think so ”
  • “ wait what , then why do yall act like a couple ”
  • “ we do ? ”
  • “ you’re telling me holding hands , hugging and giving heart eyes to one another every second isnt a couple thing ? ”
  • “ oh hyung .. you’re right ”
  • and he’d smile because he knew what to do
  • one day while you were over at his’ you were lying on his lap , on the sofa as usual
  • while he was playing with your hair he’d ask calmly
  • “ do you like , wanna make us official ? ”
  • “ what official ? ”
  • “ a couple , Y/N ” -  “ wait aren’t we one already ”
  • “ what , since when omg ”
  • “ donghyuck told me weeks ago that you told him to convey the message to me that you liked me and wanted to be my boyfriend ? wait what- ”
  • “ seriously that guy- it’s okay , we’re officially official now ”
  • lots of matching outfits and accessories
  • and when you forgot that you had to wear one with him that day he’d get all pouty and upset
  • he’s another baby who wants attention i swear
  • lots of backhugs and hugs
  • you’d be doing your homework seriously
  • then suddenly he creeps beside you and hugs you
  • and when you tell him to go away ,
  • he’d pull you closer even more
  • and this boy would love it when you initiated skinship first
  • he’d be queuing up to buy lunch for you while he told you to wait at the table ,
  • but you didn’t listen
  • so you hugged him from behind and hid your face in his back
  • he’d be shocked at first but then smile like an angel while holding your hands while your arms were still around his waist
  • he’d motivate and encourage you whenever you need it
  • he’s supportive of the choices you make because he wants you to be happy
  • literallty everyone in school ships the both of you because yall are too sweet
  • okay maybe not those fangirls
  • if he realises he did something wrong or upsets you he’d apologise right away because he doesn’t want to upset you even more
  • lowkey the very protective and clingy boyfriend but doesn’t make it too obvious
  • “ um babe you can let go of my hands now i need to go to the toilet ?? ”
  • “ not until we reach the entrance of the toilet ”
  • “ it’s only 2metres away jae ”
  • “ no listen to me ”
  • and he’d smile and let you go finally when he’s standing right at the entrance waiting for you
  • he’d shower you with gifts and homemade things
  • he once gave you a book he made himself filled with photos of both of you
  • he probably says ’ i love you ’ to you randomly literally every few minutes
  • and everytime you’d reply with a ’ i love you too ’ and he’d smile to himself like crazy
  • in conclusion , na jaemin’s a total boyfriend material
  • he’ll love you forever so you’re lucky to have him
  • im dead bye guys

anonymous asked:

Hi! Umm this might sound weird, but I just want to know your opinions of Alec? What do you think.of him? What according to you are his strengths and weaknesses? And just your ramblings(?) about him. Thanks x

it isn’t weird! i don’t talk about alec as much just bc most of the q’s i get are about magnus but i love alec !!! in many ways, i identify with him more than i do with magnus bc alec has a similar conflict of growing up in a conservative family/society but also at the same time being exposed to a more liberal world that he isn’t sure he’s allowed to be a part of without bringing shame to his parents. like he lives in new york, he must’ve noticed an increase in open same-sex couples, seen the pride parade, etc, but he’s stuck behind glass. he can see it, but it isn’t in reach for him and that’s a painful experience.

which is why alec discovering his parents were part of the circle is so important for his character. he spent so long hiding himself, and then it turns out his parents had already ruined it long ago and he’s like ??? i gave up everything for nothing ??? this is why jace and isabelle handle it better. the lie must’ve hurt them, too, but for alec, it goes much deeper than being lied to; it’s about how much he’s sacrificed his entire life only to learn it amounted to nothing. it’s no surprise he had a massive meltdown over it.

anyway, like all of the characters – and like people in general tbh – i think his strengths are at once his weaknesses. alec is super focused and determined which is great but he also gets massive tunnel vision as a result, and getting him to change is like trying to tip over an angry bull. he’s also highly selfess/self-sacrificing, but there’s a point where he takes it too far and then he’s just setting himself on fire and everyone is like “alec this is no longer helpful whatsoever” but there he is all “this is fiNE ARE YOU WARM YET I CAN ADD MORE FIRE” as his face melts off. alec pls.

i hope season 2 will be a journey of him slowly reinforcing his self-worth until he really believes it. magnus is a good partner for him bc magnus doesn’t need him. i mean, yes magnus cares, but it isn’t in the way his family needs him or the mundanes need him. magnus wants him, which is a distinction i feel is important for alec. in alec’s mind, magnus saw alec doing nothing special, just being usual grumpy un-fun self in a corner behind the Angelic Jace Wayland, and still magnus went yes that one i want that one.

this is why jokes aside, i don’t believe alec was clueless to the flirting; to me, his bafflement wasn’t about whether magnus was flirting or not, it was about him not understanding why anyone, never mind someone like magnus, would ever bother. but magnus did bother, he chased him all the way to the aisle. eventually alec is going to start to think, you know, there’s a reason an amazing person like magnus is dating me?? it’s been 3 weeks now….3 months….a year….? maybe i’m actually a dateable loveable person? maybe i am important?? these are feelings everyone deserves to have.

tl;dr i love my grumpy tol son and i hope he gets to be happy

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the problem is that college kids are now considered "fandom elders" and these college kids started out during the cringy part of fandom and everyone always loves some good ol nostalgia

I think the whole notion of a “fandom elder” is kind of absurd tbh like, none of this is real, fandom isn’t a society, like if you’ve gotten to the point where it’s so consumed your life that you consider yourself a practically hereditary authority over others you need to like…… go outside…….

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werewolf elipana au


  • hanayo is a werewolf, but an oddity among them. she turns into a…….. fluffy potato thing, like this, and it’s super mortifying for her cuz werewolves are supposed to be fierce beasts!! all her friends are apex predators while pana is a useless potato. 
  • eli is a skilled werewolf hunter and is often the first to be called whenever someone’s having a werewolf problem. she doesn’t care much about them and will kill them with no hesitation.
  • one night eli is out in the woods when she finds hanayo in her potato dog form squeaking around and hanayo is. pretty fucking terrified since p much all werewolves know about this famous hunter, but eli actually has no idea that this potato is a werewolf since she’s so cute and fluffy?? 
  • eli immediately snatches up pana and cuddles n gushes over her n shit and takes her home. at this point hanayo is both terrified and confused as hell cuz everyone always thought that the hunter is a stone cold motherfucker, and here she is being cuddled to near death. 
  • and then hanayo accidentally transforms back and there’s quite an outburst from both parties. pana is crying and pleading for her life. eli is conflicted cuz… fluffy potato werepup…… but it’s also her job to kill these things.
  • in the end she decides to protect hanayo and things are pretty tense and awkward for a while. yeah! tbh eli’s just too embarrassed about her mistake and she wants to ask hanayo to shift to her werewolf form again. ok.

au in which a girl band poses naked for a magazine, with their lyrics written on them. the reactions from the public are instant: “wow, they’re such whores, i can’t believe they would do that just for attention!!”
when you open the magazine, you can read about various topics- the dominant one is them having sex. “it’s obvious that those sluts are totally talentless, and that they’re only famous because they sleep around.” says everyone.
when you keep reading, various topics seem to appear: they objectify and discredit their male fans who are just obsessed with them, keep talking about their sex and party life and boyfriend’s trust fund.. where is the music?
at one point they get serious and talk about one of the member’s mental health: “they’re just drama queens!!!”

the public gets mad, it blows up. in one day their career is over.