everyone was looking at me okay

(Dis)respect for the dead

Our party was at a funeral for the King’s nephew. I was fairly certain it was a conspiracy.
Rogue: so wait, who died?
Me: well, “died”
DM: Maybe don’t say that that out loud in a funeral.
Bard: wait, is it open casket?
DM: … okay, so you guys walk into a royal funeral and start loudly asking who died and if it’s an open casket. Pretty much everyone is looking at you in disgust.
Bard: I mean, that was supposed to be out of character.
DM: Nope too late it’s canon you guys are the worst.

You know, with the amount of miraculouses in that box, the whole class becoming superheroes isn’t completely impossible

So please just imagine with me:

*akuma attack*

Entire fucking class: *flings hand up* *in unison* “MADAME I HAVE TO USE THE RESTROOM”

Mme Bustier: *deep sigh* “yeah ok”

OR, alternatively:

*akuma attack*

*collective groans*

“Okay whose turn is it this week?”

“Don’t look at me, I went twice last week with Sabrina. Its Max and Kim’s turn”

“Um, excuse me, Ivan hasn’t gone in two weeks!”

“I have a broken leg, Kim! That was YOUR FAULT”


*Marinette and Adrien sneak out while everyone is arguing because they the pros*

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This is not a question that is related to writing but I thought maybe you could help me out. I'm a girl and pretty tall (180cm, 5'10") and I'm pretty uncomfortable with that. I would like to wear heels for example but it feels like I'd look totally weird in them compared to my friends. Any advice on how to get over that? I hope you and Cliff are good, the book trailer totally hyped me up, I'll preorder TSC asap

5′10″!?!?!?!? You know in the modeling community, that is the dream height. The best height. 5′10″ girls are coveted. Ugh, I hate you (not true, just jelly AF).

Okay, so besides the fact that your height is considered the best height among the fashion community, why the fuck do you care if you look “weird” compared to your friends? Are your friends goddesses? Are they the superior race? Does everyone in the world want to look exactly like them? I’m gonna wager no. In fact, I’m gonna wager your friends are pretty average, boring, and normal. So why would you be concerned about looking “different” from boring, normal people? Standing out is a good thing, you know. It means you’re special and unique. I’m over 6′ when I wear heels, and I fucking love it. I LOVE towering over people. It makes me feel strong, like an Amazon. And here you are trying to shrink. Why??? Who do you wanna be: Wonder Woman, or goddamn Thumbelina?

As usual

Other parents at the indoor play space in the mall are FAR more concerned my 1 year old doesn’t know her limits than I am. If she climbs it, she’ll figure out how to get off it or tell me she needs help by screeching. If she falls off the one foot thing she climbed, every single surface is padded.

I really appreciate everyone looking out for the kids, of course I do. But this is the softest place she encounters regularly. I want her to explore and figure out her limits without me doubting her abilities. She’s really okay.

You and I, Just the two of us - Chapter 11

You and I, just the two of us - (AU!) 11

James (Bucky) x reader, – Steve x reader

Summary: The reader is reeling from a life changing event; a year later can she finally move on? Or will the past come tumbling down like an avalanche…

A/N: I poured myself a gin and locked myself in my apartment and wrote this god damn chapter, don’t hate the reader she’s a little stupid sometimes, everyone makes mistakes? Right?. The smut is the filthiest thing I have ever written so be gentle with me please! enjoyyyyy

Word Count: 3421

Warnings: 18+, cheating, swearing, angst. nsfw gifs


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Okay so I’ve thought a lot about roommate!haz where y’all had a night in bc you both didn’t have plans on the same night (which hasn’t happened in a while) and for whatever reason (maybe he took your phone and was about to read ur texts where u told everyone how hot he’s been looking lately hm) you end up on his lap looking down at him and he’s looking up at you with that signature harrison smirk (you know what I’m talking about?) and it really fucks me up

the haRRISON SMIRK yeah goodbye fuck this is so good 


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Hey, I have to go swimming in a few months and I know it's really far away but I can't help but panic about it. I'm not out with who I have to go swimming with and I don't have an option not to swim unless I want to get bullied and teased for the next year or so. Any tips to feel more comfortable?

I have to admit, I love swimming but I’ve always hated going swimming because of the dysphoria it makes me have. I’m going to assume that you are a trans guy? But if that is not the case please send me another ask and I can give you some different advice. 

So what I found the most helpful when having to go swimming was wearing a shirt and shorts over my bathing suit. I always told everyone that I didn’t feel comfortable showing off so much skin. I got a couple funny looks, but overall people seemed okay with it. 

Also, if you do plan on wearing a shirt and shorts (and you think that you will be able to) then you don’t have to shave your armpits and the tops of your legs, which can also help with dysphoria.

Also, wearing a more masculine looking bathing suit, shorts, and top can also make you feel more comfortable when swimming.

I wish you luck!

So I just woke up. And I woke up from a really good dream so I’m a little pissed. But here what happened.

So I’m at this party with no one I know but my cousin. BUT Tom and Harrison are also there. No idea why, everyone else at the party is like younger than 15 but whatever. So I don’t really talk to them much bc I don’t wanna look stupid so I just kinda keep my distance after I say hi to them but Harrison stares at me a lot. Okay well suddenly were in Nashville at some kind of park thing? Idk how to describe it. Either way all the other kids that were at the party are all playing and Harrison was standing off by himself. I have no fucking clue where Tom was, I don’t see him again in the dream. So I go stand over by Harrison and say “I’m gonna stand here and talk to you if you don’t mind?” So he tells me his name and something else but he was being really quiet and it was kinda loud there so I couldn’t hear him. But then bc you know dreams do jumps all the time he’s sitting at a table with what I guess was his mom? And he tells her my name and THEN STARTS TALKING ABOUT HOW HE’S GONNA FALL IN LOVE WITH ME??? And then I woke up.

So I’m pissed bc I woke up and bc why couldn’t this be a real thing??? Like please????

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I know you said you would be fine, but I wanna apologize on the behalf of everyone who was at your stream yesterday. We're sorry for making you live through that. I'm sorry you had to see what you saw. I legit wish I could hug you right now.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

It’s okay, I’ll be alright.

I just fełt so betrayed at looking at her poster, then finding out what Monika did, then apparently having her taken away from me again after I believed wholeheartedly that she was finally back and that I got the good route was just too much for my Tiny Drye (my emotions) to handle.

But don’t worry, I’m all good now.

I try to make a safe space and this happens. I probably shouldn’t have tagged all the ships but I just wanted to let everyone know that this sideblog is open to everyone and meant to be a safe space???

🤔🤔🤔  okay they want say reylos using slurs yet follows antis that calls other shippers racial slurs. And I remember them blocking me and other poc reylos when we asked for names/poof of racist reylos. 

Block them if you haven’t and anyone looking for safe blog that multi-ships @stop-tfa-ship-wars is blog for you. They still getting everything to together such as tags but you should def follow them

i got a lot i wanna say & nowhere to say it and since none of you know the slightest about me, i feel i can place it here.

can a person feel like home?

like you are wandering around life with no real purpose and then suddenly you find someone, someone who seems like a glimp of hope that everything will be okay.

you learn intimate and ordinary traits of this person to which you characterize them in your head as being this perfect being and you begin to realize that they were what you were looking for. you place this person on a pedestal above everyone else and deem everyone who breaths to be lesser than them.

everything flows together seemlessly as you are gliding on induligance everytime speaking with this being, the world without purpose no longer is of importance because you have the one thing you desire.

how long can one stay high on another person? when one day you realize that your dosage is dwindling down to nearly any, and that one thing you longed and depended is whittling away, and you would do anything to feel that high again.

does one person always love one more?

do things align at a time just to realign some time later?

does the feeling of home in another person ever really go away?


Can you believe I stopped in the middle of a serious thing just to draw this bullshit because honestly I can’t


This ended up being way more dramatic that what it was meant to be lmao ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭

Anyways, here’s some bts from the new bts gayo

Realestate Fight!

The following happened while we exterminating a Goblin’s nest, and to locate our missing caravan driver and stolen backpack. I (human rogue) failed to hit the Chief with a dagger, and failed to hide. I’m now getting ready to die, as I’m a low level. Everyone else is currently is out of sight of the Goblins.

Talu (Goliath Warlock): “Hmmm, I guess I’ll cast Misty Image over Shala (me).”

DM: “Interesting. What image do you create?”

Talu: “I’ll make her look like the Goblin chief.”

DM: “Okay.” *rolls* “The chief while heading to Shala quickly looks around to see if anyone else is around. When he returns his gaze to Shala he is bewildered to see a Goblin instead. He shouts at you in Goblin.”

Me: “Um can I respond?”

DM: “Sure.”

Me: *trying to mimic a squeaky/screeching voice that the DM used for the Goblins* “What! Who are you? Why you in my cave!?”

DM: *using the Goblin voice* “What! This my cave! I live here!”

Me: *Goblin voice* “No! My cave. I always live here. Been here ages!” *ooc* “Can I roll deception?”

DM: “Why not.”

Me: *rolls Nat 20* “Oh my god!”

DM: *laughing* “So this Goblin, who has lived here for a long time is confused as to why it’s not his anymore. Panicking, he grabs the back pack and…” *Goblin Voice* “Trade! Trade bag for cave. It’s good!”

Me: *Goblin voice* “Good? Really? Okay. Trade cave. I find new one.”

Ellura (Elf Wizard): “I sneak behind him and use Shocking Grasp.”

DM: “Ow, What?”

Me: “I stab him with my rapier and shout,” *goblin voice* “Deal. Over!”

DM: “And as your rapier pierces his heart, you see a look of defeat in his eyes. With his dying thoughts, he is saddened that someone has taken his home from him.”

Everyone: “Awww!”

Me: “What, no! They were ambushing, slaughtering and eating travellers! How is this sad bit?”

Oh it seems we are allowed to post our @meowraculouschatnoirzine pieces now! This is titled how many tears did I shed over this boy’s hair haha I had a lot of fun drawing the dorky cat son and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been able to participate in such a fun zine!


he’s so beautiful (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


So exboyfriend!Joshua’s voice message plays while Jun looks over old letters from him, and then currentboyfriend!The8 finds the letters???

EDIT (after multiple replays): Jun went to find Joshua in room 1013 and left a note for The8, idek anymore