everyone was a loser in this video

Today’s Third Years : Challenge

Kentarou: Hello! 
Everyone: Hi.  Hi!  Hi. 
Kentarou: So… for today!  We thought we’d introduce ourselves in English.

[queue their attempts at English]

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

 consider: parent swap AU

  • Evan is Larry and Cynthia Murphy’s only child and they expect a lot from him. 
  • He’s terrified of disappointing Larry, who expects him to get the best grades, the best test scores, the best rec letters, and Cynthia, who expects him to be someone she can show off and boast about at Larry’s office parties and at the yoga studio. Evan never talks to them about how he’s too scared to talk to people, how he sits alone at lunch, how he feels like nobody would even notice if he disappeared. He doesn’t tell them about how his only friend–Alana, who lives in his neighborhood and who is speeding towards a bright, amazing future without him–is too busy with extracurriculars to spend time with him anymore. He doesn’t tell them how he really broke his arm, and they don’t ask.
  • Despite being anxious and withdrawn, Cynthia and Larry never take him to a therapist, despite his guidance counselor telling them that he would benefit from something like that. Larry doesn’t think his son needs to go to a therapist to talk about his feelings and Cynthia doesn’t think having a child in therapy would look very good.
  • When Evan gets his license–which Larry guilts him into doing, because “you can’t expect me and your mother to drive you around whenever you need, Evan, we have other things we need to do”–he starts going out to the national park he remembers his parents taking him to when he was little. He likes to climb up in the trees and appreciate how beautiful everything looks from up there. That’s where he breaks his arm the summer before senior year.
  • Evan started memorizing tree facts in middle school because, whenever he starts to feel nervous, reciting tree facts to himself helps him calm down a little bit. That works until halfway through high school when it suddenly seems like nothing can alleviate his anxiety, not even for a second.
  • Connor and Zoe are Heidi’s kids, and Heidi’s the Best Mom. 
  • The moment Connor started acting out in elementary school–read: the moment Connor threw a printer at his teacher–Heidi took him to a psychologist so he could get help, and she’s been supportive every step of the way. She doesn’t coddle him too much and she trusts him to be careful with his medication and to do his therapy homework. When she finds out he’s been smoking pot, she doesn’t fly off the handle and ground him or get angry at all, really. She just tells him to not make a habit of it and to make good decisions. 
  • Heidi doesn’t focus all her attention on Connor, though–she cares a lot about Zoe too, and she takes off of work to go to her jazz band concerts and gives Zoe pamphlets for colleges with good music programs so she can start thinking of where she’d like to go. When Zoe was little, Heidi took a few days off over one summer and painted the ceiling of Zoe’s room to look like the night sky. It’s really just black with a bunch of tiny dots, but Zoe loved it. 
  • Connor and Zoe fight. A lot. Heidi steps in when things get nasty and sends Connor to his room to cool off. He’ll usually come back out to find Zoe watching Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal on the couch in the living room a few hours later. Connor apologizes and Zoe reminds him that just because he’s depressed doesn’t mean he gets to be an asshole and Connor promises to do better. 
  • At school, Connor spends most of his time with Zoe or Jared, their family friend who likes to be an asshole just because. Jared may be an insensitive douche 99% of the time, but Connor likes his dumb commentary when they play mind-numbing video games after school, so he doesn’t mind having him around. Much.
  • One day, some asshole in the hall is giving Connor shit about his hair and lo and behold there’s Evan, laughing at him. If there’s one person at this school who’s a bigger loser than Connor, it’s Evan. He has no friends–the only person Connor’s ever seen him talk to is Alana, and Connor’s pretty sure Alana just talks to everyone because that’s what high-strung overachievers who spend their summer break boosting their resume do. They talk to the losers, throw them a bone once in a while. Connor gets pissed and, because he’s a dumbass who does dumb shit, he pushes Evan and immediately feels guilty because fuck the kid’s got a broken arm and here Connor is, pushing him on his first day of his senior year, and that’s just a real dick move.
  • Connor tells Zoe about pushing Evan and she tells him that he needs to go apologize, so he tracks him down at the end of the school day in the library, because of fucking course Evan goes to the library after school. From what Connor’s heard Alana say in Chemistry, Evan’s a shoo in for being salutatorian, so he probably spends all of his time studying. Connor accosts Evan as he’s getting ready to leave, probably heading to track practice. Connor’s seen Evan run a few times and, to be completely honest, Evan’s awful at it; he’s probably doing it for his parents’ sake or because he thinks doing some kind of sport will look good on college applications. 
  • Connor apologizes and Evan acts all flustered, saying that it’s fine, that it was his fault. Connor signs his cast–signs his name in big ass shaky letters because then it won’t be so obvious that this kid has no friends. He won’t lie; he feels bad for Evan. Evan’s awkward and anxious as fuck and he reminds Connor of himself a little bit.
  • After that, Connor starts saying hi to Evan in the hallway and tracking him down at lunch so they can sit together. He introduces Evan to Zoe–which is awkward as hell because Evan is horrible at hiding that he has a massive hard on for Connor’s sister and he stumbles through an introduction that is, quite frankly, painful to watch. He introduces Evan to Jared and Jared immediately starts being an asshole to him, because that’s the Jared Kleinman Way, but Connor tells him to fuck off sometimes because Evan is sensitive and seems to have trouble telling when something’s a joke not an insult and the whole point of introducing Evan to people was to help Evan make more friends, not to make Evan more miserable.
  • When Connor invites Evan over to his house the first time, he introduces Evan to Heidi and Heidi absolutely loves him. She treats him like he’s her own kid and, over the next few months, Heidi becomes a kind of second mom to Evan. She even talks to his parents about letting him go to therapy and, after a few tense conversations, Larry and Cynthia agree to take him to see someone.
  • Eventually, Evan admits how he broke his arm to Connor. He tells him about how hopeless he felt, how he figured nobody would even notice if he disappeared. He also tells him about how grateful he is to Connor. Evan has friends now–he has Connor and Zoe and Jared and Alana. He’s getting the help he’s desperately needed for years because of Connor and Heidi. Evan gets all teary eyed and Connor pats his shoulder and tells him its no big deal. Connor tells him that Evan is the best friend he’s ever had.
  • Evan tells Alana and Zoe and Jared about what happened after his conversation with Connor, and they’re amazing. They don’t get upset and they don’t make it about themselves. Alana suggests they start a group–an organization to help kids who feel the way Evan did, the way they all have at one time or another. 
  • Connor and Evan are co-presidents, Alana is vice president, Zoe is treasurer, and Jared is… well Jared is there, and that’s what counts.
  • Connor gets a scholarship to the state university and Evan gets admitted to a few different schools but settles on going to the state university with Connor. They request each other as roommates and spend the next four years screwing around, being dumb young adults, and it’s better than anything Evan could have imagined for himself.
Trust in Your Instincts
Trust in Your Instincts

Finally got this out at last! took a while to edit, video should be coming soon
Thanks to @surfacage for drawing and letting me dub this awesome comic! its so cool! i also did a little bit of off panel stuff to try give it a little more context, i hope everyone enjoys this dub ^^

Spark: KujiraShonen
Candela: @manicwednesdayvas
Rocket leader/Blanche:InThirteen

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for general headcanons for the main four or adultrio playing video games? Who's a sore loser? Who obsesses over combo moves? Who rage quits? Sorry if that's too much, I just love how spot on your characterization is!

i can do that! ♥


- he consistently comes in third place on mario kart but he doesn’t understand that it’s because he keeps playing as yoshi and everyone hits him with the red shell.


- the master of video games, and yet the sorest of losers. he plays competitive shooters and he’ll throw the controller at the wall every time someone starts sniping.


- do not give him a controller. he can’t play anything and he pouts when he loses (which is often).


- almost as bad of a sore loser as killua. he also plays mostly shooters and those sports games where you yell at the tv and press every button on the controller until something happens


- he likes stuff like tetris and he can keep it going for hours. it’s insane. and infuriating.


- he plays those rage quit games like dark souls and bloodborne and really gets into the lore. 


- he’s annoyingly good even though he just picked up a controller for the first time. he doesn’t know what the buttons do but he’s number one on the leaderboards and no one can figure out how

Legends + Buzzfeed Unsolved concept AU because imagine how amazing this would be: 

  • So let’s get this straight right off the bat: 
    • Believers: Kendra, Carter, Jax, Mick, Amaya, Gideon. 
      • I cannot tell you how hardcore Gideon is about this she will literally pull up ghost videos as proof in the middle of an argument. 
    • In the Middle: Sara (granted she’s had her soul saved but she “needs more proof” before she believes in demons), Ray. 
    • Non-believers: Stein, Nate, Snart, Rip. 
      • Snart as a ghost: “Ghosts aren’t real, losers.” 
  •  Conspiracy theory wise though, Ray, Rip, and Nate are all ridiculous and are Here For almost every conspiracy theory. They’re making huge ass powerpoints on why the government is behind every weird disappearance in history. Seriously. They made a 52 minute powerpoint and made the other Legends sit through the whole thing. 
    • Mick and Sara snuck their flasks to everyone else and everyone was thoroughly hammered enough to listen to it. 
  • Ghost hunting. Oh my god. Somehow Jax gets roped into ghost hunting with Mick, Sara, and Nate and he almost cries. 
    • “I only have two rules: don’t crash the Waverider and don’t fuck with the supernatural. And you guys can’t do either.” 
    • *5 minutes later* “This is really some white people shit.” *3 voices at once* “Yep!” 
  •  They’ll lock Rip into places every now and then and even though he’ll never admit it sometimes he feels a tugging sensation and he’ll freak out ever so slightly before going “CLEARLY THIS WAS MY TRENCHCOAT MOVING.” 
  • Stein does the biggest reaches when it comes to explaining away the paranormal. 
    • “It wasn’t an apparition, it was a mere projection of spectral -” “It was a ghost, Grey, just say it was a ghost.” 
  • Ray doesn’t really believe in ghosts but he and Nate get really excited about ghost hunting in general and they buy a shitload of equipment like an EVP, audio recorder, heat sensors, etc. 
    • Ray will hear noises on the recorder and go to the greatest lengths to try and make it sound like a voice to everyone else. He even said that one was going “I want cake” and insisted it the entire trip. (”What? Ghosts can get hungry.”) 
  • They grab a Ouija board and Jax goes “hahaha cool NOPE”. Kendra breaks it over her leg. Amaya helps her and takes it a step further by burning it (which Mick gladly helps with just for fun). Even if he doesn’t believe, Snart is a Person of Color and therefore knows you don’t fuck with Ouija boards so he goes an extra step and throws it off the ship. 
  • Sara and Mick are ridiculous and keep inviting the ghosts to kiss them. 
    • Amaya: -_- “why” 
    • Mick: “Why not?” 
  • Sara is the Shane Madej of the group and will go around yelling, “DEMOOOOOOOOOOOONS? IT’S YOUR GIRL SARA.” “GHOUUUUUUUUUUULS? THE LEGENDS ARE HERE!” 
    • Sara, what is wrong with you?” “I don’t know, Jax, the ghosts seem a bit scared to me. Hey come on ghosts, tussle my hair.” “Yeah, slam one of us against the wall.” “Mick you believe in ghosts what are you doing?” “It’d be fun.” 
    • Sara: *lies on a pentagram* “DEMONS!!!!!!!!! GUT ME AND MY FRIENDS!!!!”  Mick: “YEAH, GUT US! POSSESS ONE OF US!” Jax: *furiously spraying holy water everywhere* 
PDP Introductions: Kasumi Nakasu [EN Translation]

Here’s my attempt at translating Kasumi’s introduction in Dengeki Online! As always, please let me know if you find errors.

This is mainly an SIF-style dialogue. Kasumi says everything in the dialogue, addressing the reader, an older student at the school. The rest of the article is her introduction from the PDP website (see here for my translation of that).

(…if the images are weirdly sized, blame tumblr.)

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Secret Love Song (Louis Tomlinson Imagine)

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(not my gif! credits to owner)

REQUEST: (from Anon) You’re a famous singer and you and Louis have been dating for about a year and you come out with your relationship imagine? Love your blog btw x 💛💕

WAAAAHHHH! MY FIRST REQUEST! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who requested. I really do appreciate them! Keep on sending them in and I’ll do my best to finish them quickly. Feedbacks are very well appreciated. 


Being Y/N Y/L/N has its pros and cons. A pro of it is being able to travel the world while doing what I love the most… singing. Singing is just one thing, but singing songs written by me, for me, and with me is a whole other level.

Another pro is finding the love of my life during an award show, where he and his bandmates won against me for best music video.


“And the winner for Best Music Video is…” Rihanna says through the mic. Each tear on the envelope sending chills down my spine.

I was nominated for my music video for “Salute”. My opponents include Zayn’s “Pillowtalk”, Maroon 5’s “Don’t Wanna Know” and One Direction’s “Night Changes”. The competition was tough but I really wanted to win this award. I gave my everything on that song and its music video and winning will pay off the hard work.

The air became almost non-existent when I heard Rihanna shout One Direction. It felt like the air was physically punched out of my system. But with the cameras filming our reactions, I had to fake a smiling face and clap for the winner.

During the after party, I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate my Best Female Singer award and socialize with everyone on the room. My manager just forced me to attend as to not start speculations of me being a sore loser or what not. The lose really took a toll on me. The worst thing was… I only lost to them by 5 votes! I mean… 5 votes?! It really bummed me out.

“Hello?” Someone said, shaking me out of my frustrated thoughts.

“What?” I said, shaking my head to bring me back to reality.

“I’m sorry.” The person said. I looked at the person and saw none other than Harry Styles.

“No.. I’m sorry. Just really not in the mood to be here.” I said honestly.

“Oh, sorry ‘bout that love. But my friend Louis right there was just too nervous to meet you, and seeing your reaction tonight about the award, he was really to scared to approach you.” He said, pointing towards Louis’s direction. Louis had a sheepish smile raising his hand as a sign of hello, which may I say was adorable.

“Was it really that obvious?” I asked nervously.

“Just a little.” Louis said. I didn’t even notice his appearance up until now.

“I’m really sorry.” I said genuinely.

“It’s alright love.” He said with that same sheepish smile.

That night, I got to know him better. We didn’t even notice that we were already conversing without Harry.

I silently thanked my manager for forcing me that night.

Because that night was the start of something great.


A few months and a few dates after that award show, we started dating officially and up until now, Louis and I are still going strong. Although with our situation, with both of us always being under the limelight, we decided to keep our relationship to ourselves for the meantime. Only our closest friends and family knew of our relationship.

That was the con of everything. The line between my private life and public life was almost invisible. Rumors after rumors of us dating have been published but we just shake them off, saying that we were just really good friends.

In a few weeks, we’ll be celebrating our first year anniversary. I’ve been working my ass off at the studio for the special gift that I was about to give the man that makes me smile every second of every day.

A song about us.

“Guess who?” said that voice that I knew very much, him covering my eyes with his very soft and fragile hands.

“Louis William Tomlinson, I’m so stressed so please let me see your beautiful face so that I can kiss it.” I said. He finally let go and turned the office chair that I was sitting on and gave me a peck on the lips.

“So, why did you ask me to meet you here?” He said, taking a seat on my right, Greg, my producer sitting on my left.

“Listen to this. “ I said as Greg played the song that I wrote with him.

When you hold me in the street

And you kiss me on the dance floor

I wish that it could be like that

Why can’t it be like that? Cause I’m yours

The song started playing, Louis passionately listening to the newly recorded song. I wasn’t listening to the song because I was busy reading Louis’s expressions.

I wrote this song for him and for us. I couldn’t stand not being able to show everyone how much I am in love with this Doncaster boy.

We keep behind closed doors

Every time I see you, I die a little more

Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls

It’ll never be enough

It’s obvious you’re meant for me

Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly

Every second, every thought, I’m in so deep

But I’ll never show it on my face

Tears started streaming down Louis’s face. He wiped it as unnoticeable as possible but I was still able to catch his small gesture. The song ended with a few tears pooling in his eyes yet with a huge smile on his face. He just shook his head and kissed me.

After regaining himself, he thanked Greg and asked if he’d be kind enough to let us talk privately. Greg nodded and left the room, patting Louis’s shoulder and congratulating him.

“When are you going to put the song out?” He asked.

“I’m not sure. Why?” I asked.

“Do it within the week or so.” He ordered.

“Are you sure? This soon? Why?”

“Because I want to shout it from the rooftops from now on. I’m yours and you’re mine.”


We decided to tell everyone of our relationship during our James Corden’s Late Late Show appearance, which coincidently, we were both on at the same time. The song was a huge hit and people caught on the meaning of the song causing ruckus here and there with regards to who the song was about.

On the day of the filming of the Late Late Show interview, Louis and I were sat beside each other on the couch, just the two of us. James was in front of us asking questions about our career plans for the next few months from now, until my new song was mentioned.

“So Y/N… A little birdie told me that your new song is about a certain someone called the Swag Master of Doncaster. Care to explain?” James asked showing a photo of us exiting the studio with Louis’s arm protectively and lovingly around my waist. I started blushing, my cheeks heating up quicker than normal.

I didn’t say a word. I just simply held Louis’s hand and smiled.

James let out a loud chuckle and that was it.

We were officially a couple in the public eye… and we couldn’t be happier.


That’s it for my first imagine! Don’t forget to send in your feedbacks and requests! 

Love you all! 😘

Today’s Second Years: All Together Now!

They start out by pretending Kenshin is Kouhei and Kaito is Kazuma.  Kenshin/Kouhei gets “upset” that the other two recorded a video yesterday without him.  

And then…

“Ole!!!  Who are you????”

“Well, I know Kenshin.  Since he looks like me.”

“But who are you?”


Loser || Joe Sugg

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Word Count: 1k+

Summary: In which (Y/N), Zoe and Joe film a video called Sister-In-Law VS Boyfriend and Joe ends up losing miserably. 

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, I got so excited when I got your request and couldn’t help but write it immediately. I hope you like it!!xo

“Hello everyone, today I’m joined by these two!” Zoe begins her usual intro with a wide smile as she gestures toward Joe and (Y/N), who had Nala in her lap and was kissing her face, causing Joe and Zoe to burst out laughing.

(Y/N) sticks her tongue out at them but waves at the camera, her lips parting to talk but moving into a pout when Nala jumps down and scrambles out of the room.

“So today me and Joe were going to film something completely different, but then (Y/N) informed me that according to Wikipedia, she’s actually my sister-in-law! So seeing as she doesn’t have her own channel, I decided to bribe her with chocolate to do the boyfriend vs sister-in-law, aka me and Joe: on my channel instead!”

(Y/N) raises her hand and waits silently, staring at the pair as they spoke to the camera and between them before eventually glances over at her and snorting in amusement. “Can I express an opinion?”

Joe throws his head back and laughs, reaching over Zoe and patting his girlfriends thigh. “Babe, you’re not six, you don’t have to raise your hand.” Zoe nods in agreement, an amused grin on her face.

(Y/N) huffs and folds her arms across her chest, glaring at the siblings lightheartedly. “Shush, you guys spend the majority of your life behind the camera, this is still all new to me.”

Zoe smiles in sympathy and pats her shoulder, whereas Joe smirked and threw himself over Zoe and straight at her, causing them both to fall to the floor with a resounding ‘thud’. Zoe started laughing hysterically, especially when Joe stood up and his hair was standing in literally every direction humanly possible.

(Y/N), however, remains on the floor until Joe sighed over-dramatically and walked over to pick her up, setting her back at her feet and rolling his eyes at the smug smile on her face. “Mm, I love you.”

He grins and kisses her quickly before they both return to their spots on the bed, although this time (Y/N) sits in between the two Suggs and glances down at your phone slyly as they begin the video. “Okay so, I have six questions here and the answers written with them so I can’t cheat.”

They both nod, and Joe glares at Zoe playfully. “Oh, you’re going down.”

Zoe bites her lip and smirks. “Oh broseph, I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” She pauses in thought for a moment before snapping her fingers together in realisation. “We need buzzer noises! Mines gonna be 'bird!’”

“Bird?” Joe repeats, and Zoe nods confidently. “Okay them, well my buzzer noise is 'cat!’, because I’m gonna take you down!”

(Y/N) can’t help but smile at the competiveness of the two, before she read her first question out loud. “Okay, let’s start. When I was sixteen, I did my GCSE’s. What exam did I get my highest mark in?”

Joe’s jaw drops at the question but Soe spring forward immediately. “Bird! Bird!”

(Y/N) looks at Zoe with a wide smile. “Zo?”

“You got an A* in Higher Maths!” She exclaims, and (Y/N) cheers for her and nods.

Turning to face Joe, who was frowning at the ground and had a small pout on his lips, she smirks and pokes his side making him squirm slightly and giggle. “The next one’s pretty easy babe.”

“But I knew that one!” He responds, the childish pout returning to his face when Zoe laughs and throws her head back at his words.

Shaking her head in amusement, (Y/N) lists up her phone and begins to read out the next question. “Okay, how old was I when I got my first ever tattoo?” Joe gasps and flails his arms around, but his buzzer sound doesn’t escape his mouth until after Zoe shouts hers. She looks at the older Sugg and smirks. “If you get this right, I’ll be very impressed.”

Zoe furrows her brows and nods. “I swear you told me once that you were like, fourteen or something?”

(Y/N) nods excitedly, clapping her hands together and glancing over at her boyfriend with a sympathetic frown as she pats his arms softly. “I think your sister did her research, babe.”

Joe grumbles unhappily and turns to face the camera with an annoyed look on his face. Zoe and (Y/N) share an amused grin before she continues onto the next question. “This is a good one. How many followers, to the nearest one thousand, does my main blog have right now?”

“Cat! Fucking cat, cat, cat!” Joe shouts, jumping up and down on the spot as Zoe laughs and his girlfriend turns to face him with a proud smile. “I know this! I was reading your latest post on the way down here! It was something like, one million, three thousand?”

(Y/N) cheers and hugs him tightly, leaving Zoe to pout just as Joe had been previously.

It turned out that the question above was the only one Joe managed to get a point for, either buzzing in too late or having absolutely no idea what the hell his girlfriend was referring too. The fact that Zoe knew the answers to the questions was bullshit, and he made his feelings very clear several times throughout the length of the video.

By the end, he had an annoyed scowl on his face, his arms crossed against his chest and an adorable pout on his lips. He was defiantly annoyed, but he’d spent so much time laughing during the video at some of (Y/N)’s absolutely ridiculous questions, he couldn’t find it within himself to be mad at her.

Instead, he pulls her into a kiss just as Zoe filmed the outro and smirked against her lips as she hummed against his. “Those questions were absolute bullshit and you know it.”

She pulls away slightly and looks into his eyes with a cheeky smile. “And yet you still love me, and even if you are still sore loser, I love you too.”

He brushes his lips back against hers and presses their foreheads together softly. “And don’t I just know it.”

Two can play at this game - Part 1

Request from Anonymous: Ooohhhh!!! Or a Christian & Jay scenario where they both like her or something? Sorry, I can’t make up my mind!! -Anon who asked for Christians scene.

I wrote this with 2 point of views; Jay and Christian and tried to make it as petty as possible lol. I was going to do a third one from the reader’s p.o.v but that got too complicated so that idea was scratched. Also, there will be another part to this story.

 I hope this is easy to follow :) Happy readings xx

It’s your birthday party tonight and you have invited your close friends to your house for a small party. There were still many things to do before everyone arrives. You have to get the cake, prepare food, decorate the place, buy drinks and maybe squeeze in a little cleaning if you have time. You left your house early morning to buy the grocery and once the cake shop opens, you would pick it up. 

Jay’s P.O.V.

Tonight is [Y/N]’s party and I can’t wait to give her the present which I bought. It’s a silver bracelet that she liked when we walked past the jewelry store the other week. I was afraid she was going to in the store and buy it herself, but I told her to wait for another week because that is when they usually have sales. I lied, of course. I’ll call her and ask if she needs any help because I know she has heaps of things to do before the party. 

“Morning [Y/N], how’s everything?” 

“I’m drowning with grocery bags at the moment and out of all days, there doesn’t seem to be any taxis around. And I still need to pick up the cake,” she replied. 

“Are you shopping at the usual place?” 


“Great! I’m like 10 minutes away so I’m on my way. Text me where you are standing and I’ll meet you there”.

Christian’s P.O.V.

Yes! I just finished wrapping [Y/N]’s present. I hate wrapping presents but I’ll sit through a million how-to wrap videos for [Y/N]. I got her a personalised watch and hand bag. I put her initials on the watch’s band and the bag. I’ll call her and ask if she needs any help since I know how hard it is to plan a party. 

“Good morning, [Y/N]. Do you need any help?” 

“Hey, Christian. Yeah I’ve just done the shopping and I’m just waiting for Jay to come and help me,” she replied. 

“Jay? Isn’t he working today?”

“Nah I don’t think so. He called me earlier and asked if I needed help. I told I was doing the grocery so he’s meeting me soon. OH shit! I forgot about the cake?! Damn. Can I call you back, Christian?” 

“Cake? I thought you ordered it?”

“I did, but I need to pick it up and it’s across town. I should have told Jay to pick it instead.”

“I’ll do it, [Y/N]. Give me the address.”

“You’re a lifesaver, Christian! I’ll text you the address and I’ll call them in advance so they know. Can you drop it by my house when you get it?”

“Sure thing. I’ll see you soon then”.

Jay’s P.O.V.

I got off the taxi and saw [Y/N] standing there with grocery bags surrounding her feet. She must be cold as she was only wearing a t-shirt, black jeans and sneakers. 

“You’re saviour is here, [Y/N]. No need to look further.” She laughed. It is always good to hear her laugh at my jokes. “Here take my jacket. You must be freezing.” 

“Thanks so much for coming and yeah it’s so cold. I didn’t expect to buy this many. Now can you please hail a taxi, Saviour.”

When we got back to her house, I got the grocery bags and as we were walking up the steps there was somebody sitting there. It was Christian. What the hell is he doing here? Doesn’t he have to shoot those Instagram videos with them fancy visuals? Or go on Instagram Live just to show everyone that he vapes. What a loser. 

Christian’s P.O.V.

When I received [Y/N]’s message, I immediately got in a taxi and went to the cake shop. When I got the cake, the staff told me [Y/N] had already call them in advance. They also told me how lucky she was to have such a caring boyfriend. Even though [Y/N] and I aren’t a couple, I didn’t correct the staff instead I smiled and nodded. By doing that, I’m not hurting anyone right? 

I got to her house but she wasn’t home yet. Where the hell is that Jay taking her? He probably told the cab driver to take the route where his gym is. Just to show [Y/N] where he works out. What a loser. 

A few minutes later, a cab arrived in front of her house. I saw [Y/N] walking out of the taxi and she was wearing a ripped denim jacket. It looked far too big on her. As I was watching [Y/N] another figure exit the other side of the cab. The one and only Jay so the jacket must have been his. Look at him, carrying all the bags just to show off. 

“Hey Christian. You didn’t wait long at here, did you?” she asked.

“No I just got here. I saw the cake design. It’s very pretty and probably tastes sweet, just like you [Y/N].” 

“Christian, my actual birthday passed already. You don’t have to say nice things anymore. Well once every week is okay.”

We both laughed. [Y/N] unlocked her door and went in first, then me and lastly Jay. I didn’t bother helping him with the bags or greeted him.

Jay’s P.O.V.

“It’s very pretty and probably tastes sweet, just like you [Y/N].” Ugh. Who says things like that. That was so cringy I nearly dropped the bags. And that idiot didn’t bother to ask if I needed help or at least, hold the door. Why is [Y/N] friends with him.

I set the bags on the table and saw the two of them in the kitchen. They were huddling in front of the fridge. Probably looking for Christian’s sense of humour. 

“What are guys doing?” 

“We’re trying to fit this cake into the fridge. Ah there! Perfect.”

[Y/N] turned to face us and crossed her arms. 

“So, I have to start preparing the food. If the both of you are not busy, can you stay and help me? Please.”

“I’ll stay here to help you.”

Christian also insisted to stay. Great..!

Christian’s P.O.V.

Dammit, Jay also volunteered to stay. This is going to be fun..

“What do you want me to do?” 

“Um, well I need these vegetables cut and I still need to decorate the place. So one of you can help me in the kitchen and the other can decorate. So boys, choose your role.”

Jay’s P.O.V.

Obviously, I’m going to be the one helping [Y/N]. I don’t want her to be alone with Christian. 

“I’ll help you in here. Christian can decorate. He’s probably better then me, anyway.”

Christian’s P.O.V.

“What? I’m not good at decorating. Jay, you can’t cook so why would you be in here? It doesn’t make sense. You’re a musician, I’m sure your creativeness will shine through once you start to decorate.” I then threw one of the bags that had what looked like decorations in it. Or something that looked like a green balloon. It didn’t feel like it when I picked it up but oh well…

Jay’s P.O.V

“Ow! There’s a fucking melon in here, you idiot. And [Y/N] is cooking, I’ll just be cutting the vegetables and shit.”

Christian just threw a fucking melon at me. I swear, if [Y/N] wasn’t here I’ll beat his ass.

“Wow. I didn’t know I had two 5 years old in my house now. Okay, so why don’t you split the role. You guys can swap later on. Ok? Ok. Let’s get to work.” [Y/N] suggested. “Now, let me go get change into something comfy. These skinny jeans are sucking the blood out of my legs. Oh and I need to make a phone call as well. Jay, I’ll leave your jacket here.” 

As soon as [Y/N] left our sight, I turned to Christian. 

“Dude, why did you throw a melon at me? That shit hurts.”

“Oh I’m sorry, but don’t you work out and have abs or something. Surely you can take a hit from a melon.”

“Whatever man. Just stay out of my way, ok?”

Christian’s P.O.V

“Stay out of your way? What are you, a ‘do not enter’ sign? Jay, [Y/N] is also my friend so I have pretty much the same rights as you. I know how you feel about her and you probably know I feel the same way too. 

Damn.. Should I have just said that? Did I just let him have an advantage of some sort? 

Jay’s P.O.V.

“Yeah bro, I know you like her too. Kinda obvious. So what are we suppose to do? A fight to the death? 

“We’re not living in Rome [ay a reference ;)] , Jay. It’s not like we’re gladiators in those olden times. Plus she’s not a prize.”

“I know, she’s not, Christian. Well, Imma do my thing and um you do yours. We’ll let her decide?”

Christian’s P.O.V.

I don’t know how I feel after hearing Jay agreeing with me. It was good to know he’s actually serious. I’ve always thought he was somewhat of a player..? But after hearing him agree that she’s not a prize and the fact that, he wants her to choose… I can live with that. 


As a baptan stan, every time I see people say things like “b.a.p would have been as popular as bts is right now if it wasn’t for the hiatus” or “b.a.p fans left and became bts fans because they got bored of waiting during the hiatus” I kind of want to bash my head against a real living version of the stupid ass tsent tree logo. 

I mean of course the hiatus did come at a bad time in terms of where they were in their career, and some fans did leave, so ultimately it did harm their popularity. But seeing this repeated everywhere sheds unnecessary negativity on the hiatus which we really don’t need because there’s already enough of that. B.a.p filed a lawsuit because they were being mistreated and taken advantage of by their shitty company, and were on hiatus for so long because said shitty company played dirty and kept postponing things and dragging it out. (Also please don’t ever wish b.a.p never took action to protect themselves for the sake of maintaining their popularity - wouldn’t it be hypocritical for a group known for their musical themes of social justice and standing up for what’s right to stand down when it came to their own matters and let themselves be used like that? Of course we don’t know exactly how things are now, but if they have money to buy cars and get time to go on holiday and see their families etc, it’s definitely better than before. Popularity is not more important than health etc.) 

Do you really think that a company who still pays their managers two months late, and announced a world tour out of the blue even though b.a.p members on several occasions said that they wanted to stay in korea in 2017 and focus on domestic activities (at least someone knows how to promote), would be able to put in half the thought and promotion that bighit has been doing since day 1? Of course nobody could predict the extent of the immense popularity bts has acquired (and several other kpop groups, or kpop in general recently), but bighit has been consistently marketing bts so well even since before debut: they were inevitably going to have a strong breakthrough of some sort.

Since everyone seems to be so eager to keep comparing the two groups (??????? never understood it and the pettiness shown by some fans from both sides????? please don’t be a loser thank you), let’s compare the management and marketing for a minute instead. 

Awesome things bighit has done to show they actually care about their group: 

  • constant presence on social media (twitter, facebook, youtube!!!!!!!! personally what made me really pay attention to bts back in 2013 was their bangtan bombs - humour reaches people where music taste might not)
  • actual dance practice videos!! (it’s ridiculous how easy it is to get views on youtube and yet we only have 2 proper b.a.p dance practice videos???)
  • focused on constantly promoting in korea without running the bts members into the ground and instead waiting for good times to go on tours, thus establishing a strong fanbase in korea (very important!!!!!)
  • don’t want to go on variety shows? make your own! bts run and gayo videos on v app - cheap and easy way of keeping fans interested during times when there’s not much new content

Stupid ass things ts did before the lawsuit (aside from the whole mistreating them thing y’know) that limited b.a.p’s popularity from the start and showed that they didn’t give a shit about their main money-makers:

  • not doing any of the cool things above that bighit does
  • no but seriously where the FUk are the dance practice videos???? listen this loses ts out on millions of youtube views I don’t understand what’s so hard? about filming them doing what they do all the time? and posting it?

Stupid ass things ts does now after the hiatus:

  • hahaha international fans = $$$$$$ right? milk out the international fans and throw b.a.p on an impromptu world tour when you’re in debt why not
  • it’s not like b.a.p is a korean group living and promoting in korea right? not like appealing to potential korean fans matters right? of course not hahahah :))
  • only gave b.a.p two-ish weeks to promote wake me up instead of the usual four (+ extra week of follow-up promos) to squeeze in said world tour
  • literally does not know how to promote - spends a load of money making nice music videos but then doesn’t seem to care about getting people to watch them

So basically, even if the whole mistreatment/lawsuit/hiatus thing hadn’t happened, and music styles/member personalities/etc aside, as long as b.a.p was with ts to begin with, you can’t really say they could have been as popular as bts. If they had debuted with a better company - well that’s too much guessing - we really can’t know what might have happened then. People really like to exaggerate how popular b.a.p was before the lawsuit and talk as if the hiatus completely destroyed them - really not the case. To quote something I wrote on a previous post:

people sometimes compare B.A.P’s youtube views to other groups, where we usually don’t do as well. then there’s the usual topic of some fans leaving and moving to other groups during the hiatus etc etc etc……. well actually, our youtube views aren’t really that different from pre-hiatus? I remember when 1004 (their main breakthrough and at the height of their career back then) was released on the 3rd of february, jongup’s wish was for the mv to reach 1 million views by his birthday on the 6th - 3 days later and it still didn’t reach 1 million. on the other hand, wake me up reached 2.25 million views in around 5 and a half days. with the explosion of kpop in the last couple of years, some groups enjoy immense success on a whole new scale. our achievements only seem inferior if we compare them to others 


So final remarks:

  • let’s please stop comparing everything b.a.p ever does to bts. and before you somehow call me out for doing that on this post, the point i’m trying to make is they’re really not the same and bts’s success was not a direct result of b.a.p’s hiatus. sure, it might have made a tiny impact in 2015, but right now? really? nope
  • b.a.p hasn’t been frozen in time since 2014? they’ve been active and gaining fans for the last year and a half. take a look at b.a.p mvs’ youtube comments and see how many people are curious and wanting to learn more. see how many new b.a.p blogs are popping up on tumblr. see how many more people are starting to make gifsets etc. see how many more views their comeback stage for wake me up got compared to any of their other post-hiatus comeback stages.
  • neither b.a.p nor their fans need pity

and on the bright (?) side, some slightly nicer things ts has done recently / since the hiatus:

  • this 찰떡B.A.P series on youtube and v app - posting fun videos at times when there’s no new content thus keeping a constant stream of it to keep fans entertained (finally)
  • letting the b.a.p members have more creative freedom. letting yongguk and sometimes zelo and the other members control their music, their concepts, their music videos etc clearly resulted in better quality music.
  • let jongup have blue hair
  • ;) semi out

I’ve seen it asked before why Josh would make Chris and Sam, his two ‘best friends’ (and Ashley) go through the worst of the pranks.  I personally thought it was obvious but I’ll just put my 2 cents in anyway:

They were suppose to be the heroes.

Josh had planned to put it up on the internet, let it go viral.  A video of his best friend, saving and getting the girl who he’s saved multiple times that night.  A video of Sam being a badass heroine.

The others?  Forced to stumble around in the dark woods, meeting jumpscare after jumpscare (The mask in the truck, the scarecrow that pops up, the painted words in the cable car station) that he had set up.  They were just the losers you laugh at and forget.

According to his delusions, Josh was rewarding Chris and Sam by making them the stars of the video.  THEY would be the most famous out of them all!  Everyone got punished by being forced to feel the same thing the Twins felt but only Chris, Sam, (and by association, Ashley)’s suffering would have any meaning, have anything come from it.

Irrational thinking is a symptom of his illness/being off his meds.  Josh had convinced himself that his friends would forgive him and do it easily at that.  When they didn’t, that’s when he started losing his grip on reality even further.

Sorry to pester you with this again but it just hit me: what if various aliens, mostly the Galra, also get the Voltron crew’s stream sessions? Like legit paladin discourse among the Galra:

  • “Alright men, we need to destroy the paladins but keep the yellow one alive because he’s the reason the food in the mess hall is getting better.”
  • “The blue one just chugged an entire bottle of capsaicin and claims that his family eats it all the time. We must approach him with caution.”
  • “The small green one is a genius with robotics. Maybe we could recruit her?” “We literally tortured her brother and have lost track of her father.”
  • “What about the red one? He’s part Galra already! He should be living with us and not the humans.” “Yes, let’s kidnap someone the Champion views as family what a swell idea.”
  • “I have not seen my family for half a decathebe I am starting to relate to the paladins and their need for parents.”
  • Zarkon getting tired of anonymous petitions coming from various soldiers to “adopt the paladins” instead of destroying them. He is starting to hate media as a whole.
  • Sal having a framed picture of Hunk at his food stand with a plaque under it saying “Creator of the Vrepit Special”.
  • Everyone stopping whatever they are doing because the stream is starting.
  • The Voltron Force have official codenames that they are referred to in mission reports: Champion, Galra Red, Yellow Chef, Blue Sharpshooter, Green Child, Princess, and Various Titles Man.
  • Soldiers asking to be interviewed in the middle of combat so they can give a shout out to their families.
  • “We’re going to attack cruiser PX-157.” “Haha I feel sorry for those losers.” “…Hey everyone that’s our ship!”
  • “That short video that was posted cannot be seven ticks long. How does someone fit so much into a video that short?”
  • “Do I want to know that happened this time?” “The latest stream had the Champion state that if he were to perish, Galra Red would take over as the black paladin. Everyone is either in agreement or trying to argue that someone else should lead Voltron. My money is on the Princess.”
Let It Snow (Cisco x Reader)

Requested by: anonymous “could you please do a cisco x reader with 123 and 120 from the prompt list? thank you ahead of time; your writing is wonderful!”

Prompt: 120 + 123: “Wanna kiss?” + “Seriously!?! The power’s out?”

Winter Prompts


Word Count: 1,065

Author’s Note: Just message me if you guys want to see some winter stories! I love writing these:) Sorry for the delay, some family is coming over so I literally spent the past day cleaning. Anyways, hope you enjoy this imagine!

“Yes! Yes, I won!” you cheered as the scores popped up on your screen in bright green letters. You glanced over at Cisco’s computer to see the same bright letters but in red with the words “LOSER” written on it. You gave him a well-deserved smirk of triumph as he glared at you.

“Another round!” he urged.

“Nope.” you held your hands up as if to say ‘I’m finished’. “No more, Cisco Ramon. You just have to admit that I’m better at Mario Cart than you are,” you said with the same smirk plastered on your face. He huffed before crossing his arms in frustration.

You smiled at him. It was the night before Christmas and you two were having a video game battle in S.T.A.R. Labs. Snow fell heavily outside the building. Everyone had gone home for the night but the both of you had no one to come home too. As depressing as it sounded, you were actually glad because then you could spend Christmas Eve with the guy that you had been subtly crushing on…even though you couldn’t stop thinking about him for even two seconds. It was a miracle that you won the game with him sitting right next to you.

You knew that liking someone that you worked with was just asking for disaster, but you held on hope because you thought, more than once, that he liked you back. Now, you weren’t being conceited or anything, but you really thought he liked you too. You were just too nervous to come out and tell him. Every time you did, you would think about what would happen if he didn’t and that stopped you from ever confessing your feelings for him.

You looked over at Cisco, who was pouting cutely. ‘Damn it,’ you thought. 

“Fine,” you sighed, but still smiling. “Rematch,” you said. 

“Yes!” he grunted, fist bumping the air. He cracked his knuckles and looked at you intently with a gleam in his eyes. “The Vibe is ready for his comeback.”

You laughed. “You did not just say that,” you dared.

He winked at you teasingly. “Yes, I did, babe.” 

Suddenly, a blush erupted from the base of your neck that spread its way up to the apples of your cheeks. You were about to say something when the lights flickered for a couple of seconds. You both stared at the ceiling, just waiting for it. A minute passed by without any signs of a blackout.

“Oh, good, I thought the snow would’ve taken out the po-” Cisco started. And he jinxed it. Right then, all of the lights in the lab shut off except for the one backup generator light that illuminated the Cortex in a dim red. 

“Seriously!?! The power’s out?” Cisco yelled irritated. 

“Look what you did, Cisco,” you started in mock anger. “You jinxed us.”

He started to laugh. “It’s the power of The Vibe,” he said with extra emphasis on his superhero name. You laughed alone with him. 

“Yeah, okay.” You paused to stop your laughing. “So now what?” you asked. “We can’t exactly leave in the middle of this heavy snowfall. And there’s no electricity to turn on the computers either.”

Cisco began to think deeply. “Hold on,” he said, holding a finger up, “Lemme think about something.”

As he was distracted about thinking of an idea, you were distracted with him. Even in the middle of a blackout, you couldn’t stop thinking about Cisco. He was the only person in the world that could make something like this, being stuck in a building on Christmas Eve, okay. More than okay. Enjoyable. 

He glanced over at you and you quickly looked away, hoping that he didn’t notice you making lovey-dovey looks at him in the dim lighting.

Cisco rolled over to you in his leather chair and leaned on elbow on his knee, looking at you with a serious face.

“Wanna kiss?” he asked.

A moment passed. Then, you began to laugh. You couldn’t keep it in. The nerves messed up your common sense and you couldn’t believe what you just heard. You laughed until you came to control it.

“You are one cheeky man, Cisco,” you said with a large smile. You could feel your face turning red. Did he really just ask you to kiss him? Now?

“I’m serious, Y/N,” he said with a soft smile. This made you stop laughing and your heart beating faster than it was before.

“What?” you whispered.

He took your hands in his. “I mean, Y/N, I have liked you for a long time. I just…” he looked off in the distance before making eye contact with you again. There was a determination there that you haven’t seen in a while compared to his usual joking manner. “I just really like you, Y/N. And I don’t know if it’s because of the snow or the Christmas feeling or your smile, but I really want to kiss you right now.” 

You took a deep breath in.

“So..can I kiss you?”

You instinctively licked your lips before smiling back up at him. 

“Yeah,” you said softly, your heart still going at a hundred miles per hour.

Before you knew it, you felt Cisco’s lips against yours. At first, you didn’t know what to do. You’ve only kissed two guys before and you didn’t nearly like them as much as you did Cisco. But then you let go and let your instincts take over. You pulled your hands out of Cisco’s to wrap your fingers in between his hair, his hands going to your waist. You kissed each other heatedly until you couldn’t breathe.

He bit your lip gently before pulling away, his breath fanning over your cheeks. 

You closed your eyes and laid your forehead against his.

“I like you too, Cisco,” you hummed happily. 

He pulled away to give you a large smile before kissing you again with more passion. 

The lights flickered back on, making you two pull away again. You saw that the snow had calmed down, falling gracefully now. He grabbed your hand.

“Let’s go celebrate Christmas together, Y/N,” Cisco proposed, still smiling.

You returned it, feeling a warmth inside of you grow larger.

“Okay,” you agreed. 

Together, with fingers interlocked, you walked out into the crisp, calm Christmas Eve night where you knew that this new year would be one to remember.

The End

Winter Prompts

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Today’s third-years!  Theme is: Third-Years forever!!!

Ken-chan: Ok!  Good job everyone!
Hiroki: Good job!
Justin: Ah, is this a video?  It felt like a photo.
Ken-chan: Last show!  I’m so glad we could wrap it up with no problems
Hiroki: Yay, so glad!
Ken-chan: Thank you!  Ok, Hiroki…
Hiroki: Ok! Thank you everyone who came to see us!
Justin: Ok!  Uh… thank you so much!
Ken-chan: Thank you!  This was today’s third-years!  See you again!
Hiroki and Justin:  Someday somewhere!  

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

Bad Day- Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request// @amapola-flowers23 The Reader was feeling lonely at the school despite her friends. Her friendship with her best friend Kurt had not been the same. The only moment they had was at class and in even in there he would sit near his other friends but her. So, she began to ignore him. However, one day Peter finds her crying to herself after seeing her sad through the whole day. So, he comforts her and does funny things to cheer her up.

Originally posted by chanandler-bong-mondler

You sighed, leaning back against the pile of pillows on your bed, the day had been a long and shitty one. Actually, the past few weeks had been. You’d just felt so alone recently. Kurt, who’d been your closest friend for as long as you could remember, had been drifting from you, spending more time with other people until it came to the point that the only time you had with him was in your classes, and even then he sat and talked with what felt like everyone except for you. You knew you should just talk to him, tell him how you feel, but despite the fact that he’d always been the easiest person to tell things to, it suddenly felt like you’d even lost that connection with him. You just had no idea what to say or how to say it.

You were exhausted and worn out and while Kurt, and a handful of other students, had gone out for the night together, you were left alone, again, stuck in your room. You opened your phone and turned on your Bad Day playlist on Spotify. Sometimes it was the only thing left to listen to after practically everything had gone wrong. You rolled onto your side and closed your eyes, trying to find a bright side to the situation, but instead felt tears gathering behind your eyelids, threatening to spill down your cheeks. After holding them back for as long as you could, you finally gave up, allowing them to slide across your face and down the bridge of your noes, wetting your pillow. Maybe you just needed a good cry, you thought, continuing to search for the glass half full scenario of your predicament. You laid there for a few more songs, allowing the negative thoughts to crowd your mind, despite your best effort to keep them out, when there was an unexpected knock on your door.

You quickly wiped away your tears and sat up. “Hey,” a voice said gently, it was Peter Maximoff.

“Oh um hi, sorry I was just, I’m fine,” you stumbled through your words, embarrassed to be caught crying in your room. Peter stared at you for a moment, unsure what to say. 

“Alright,” he finally spoke, “I can’t take this.” You opened your mouth to speak, to ask him what he meant, when, without invitation, he marched across your room and hit the pause button on your phone, silencing the depressing music you had playing, “Jesus,” he groaned, “I mean if I was forcing my self to listen to songs as sad as those, well I’d be tearing up too.” He smirked a little to let you know he was joking and you smiled despite yourself.

“W-why aren’t you out with everyone?” You asked him.

“Well don’t tell anyone, but my idea of a good time, is some junk food, video games and movies,” he smirked, “because you know, total loser,” he pointed his thumbs as himself. You wiped away another stray tear, feeling better.

“You think you’re a loser?” You laughed at the irony of the situation, “I’m the one crying on my bed on a saturday night.” 

“Well I’m the one who lived in my Mom’s basement until I came here,” he raised an eyebrow, challengingly.

“Fine, you win,” you joked with a smile.

“YES,” he fist pumped the air, “well, as winner of this contest, I guess you owe me,” he smirked again. You looked at him questioningly. “Come on, get up, we’re going out.”

“Where Peter,” you had yet to move from your position, “we don’t have a car.”

“You do know my mutation, right?” He acted offended.

“Alright,” you gave in a little, “but I can’t go anywhere looking like this, you motioned to your appearance, “I look terrible.”

“You’re right,” he paused, looking you up and down for a second then reached up to smooth your down your hair with his hands, “there,” he stepped back as if you’d received a full makeover, and not just him patting down your hair, “now you look great.” He smiled, revealing his dimples. You laughed at his satisfied expression. “Are you ready now?” He waited. You knew he wasn’t about to leave you alone so you gave in.

“Fine,” you tried to bite back your smile, but you were truly grateful he was there.

Aww, quality family time for everyone!

Unfortunately, Ruby is not good at video games. What a loser.

I believe in you, Yang! Kick Qrow’s ass!

Oh my god, this got serious. Qrow is recounting the tale of his most recent mission. We braved the harsh wilds of Mistral and stumbled into an Inn, worn and weary. But it was then, at his weakest, that he was utterly defeated.

Defeated at the mere sight of…

“The innkeeper’s skirt length!”

Oh, Qrow. You rascal.

Carefully dodging around sharing his actual mission, as well. I wonder if Qrow is aware that Team RWBY has been getting into fights with the very enemy he’s been tracking down…

official_a.c.e7초이스를 위한 오늘의 팬인사 미션‼️
윙크하면서 인사하기😘 김와우님 당첨👏
#DEBUT #데뷔 #에이스 #선인장 #CACTUS

official_a.c.e7 The fangreeting mission for CHOICE today‼️ 
Greeting while winking😘 Mister Kim Wow won👏

#DEBUT #데뷔 #에이스 #선인장 #CACTUS

In the video: Chan: “To be a hero, hello we’re A.C.E. When meeting the fans today will be winking. The loser has to do it. How will you do it?” 
Jason: “Should we show it one by one?”
Everyone except for Wow: “We are the champions..”
Chan: “Show us!”
Jason: “Wow will do it to Jason.” *Acting as a fan* “Is it a gift?”
Jason: “One more time.”
Wow: “I won’t give it to you.” 
Chan: “Everyone, we’ll do winking like that. Hyung, hurry up and say bye.” 
Jun: “Sorry.. until now it’s been A.C.E.”

anonymous asked:

All these losers talking about how sexy and mysterious Dark is. Hmph... As if. He's just a bad joke and needs to be put in his place. Also I'm not saying I agree or disagree with his "style" of doing things, well in the murdering aspect, I'm just saying isn't it more fun to make a mess and let everyone know who's boss?

if you’re talking about that Dark in the videos.. meh. if you’re talking about my Dark, he’ll probably put you in your place