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Loser || Joe Sugg

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Word Count: 1k+

Summary: In which (Y/N), Zoe and Joe film a video called Sister-In-Law VS Boyfriend and Joe ends up losing miserably. 

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, I got so excited when I got your request and couldn’t help but write it immediately. I hope you like it!!xo

“Hello everyone, today I’m joined by these two!” Zoe begins her usual intro with a wide smile as she gestures toward Joe and (Y/N), who had Nala in her lap and was kissing her face, causing Joe and Zoe to burst out laughing.

(Y/N) sticks her tongue out at them but waves at the camera, her lips parting to talk but moving into a pout when Nala jumps down and scrambles out of the room.

“So today me and Joe were going to film something completely different, but then (Y/N) informed me that according to Wikipedia, she’s actually my sister-in-law! So seeing as she doesn’t have her own channel, I decided to bribe her with chocolate to do the boyfriend vs sister-in-law, aka me and Joe: on my channel instead!”

(Y/N) raises her hand and waits silently, staring at the pair as they spoke to the camera and between them before eventually glances over at her and snorting in amusement. “Can I express an opinion?”

Joe throws his head back and laughs, reaching over Zoe and patting his girlfriends thigh. “Babe, you’re not six, you don’t have to raise your hand.” Zoe nods in agreement, an amused grin on her face.

(Y/N) huffs and folds her arms across her chest, glaring at the siblings lightheartedly. “Shush, you guys spend the majority of your life behind the camera, this is still all new to me.”

Zoe smiles in sympathy and pats her shoulder, whereas Joe smirked and threw himself over Zoe and straight at her, causing them both to fall to the floor with a resounding ‘thud’. Zoe started laughing hysterically, especially when Joe stood up and his hair was standing in literally every direction humanly possible.

(Y/N), however, remains on the floor until Joe sighed over-dramatically and walked over to pick her up, setting her back at her feet and rolling his eyes at the smug smile on her face. “Mm, I love you.”

He grins and kisses her quickly before they both return to their spots on the bed, although this time (Y/N) sits in between the two Suggs and glances down at your phone slyly as they begin the video. “Okay so, I have six questions here and the answers written with them so I can’t cheat.”

They both nod, and Joe glares at Zoe playfully. “Oh, you’re going down.”

Zoe bites her lip and smirks. “Oh broseph, I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” She pauses in thought for a moment before snapping her fingers together in realisation. “We need buzzer noises! Mines gonna be 'bird!’”

“Bird?” Joe repeats, and Zoe nods confidently. “Okay them, well my buzzer noise is 'cat!’, because I’m gonna take you down!”

(Y/N) can’t help but smile at the competiveness of the two, before she read her first question out loud. “Okay, let’s start. When I was sixteen, I did my GCSE’s. What exam did I get my highest mark in?”

Joe’s jaw drops at the question but Soe spring forward immediately. “Bird! Bird!”

(Y/N) looks at Zoe with a wide smile. “Zo?”

“You got an A* in Higher Maths!” She exclaims, and (Y/N) cheers for her and nods.

Turning to face Joe, who was frowning at the ground and had a small pout on his lips, she smirks and pokes his side making him squirm slightly and giggle. “The next one’s pretty easy babe.”

“But I knew that one!” He responds, the childish pout returning to his face when Zoe laughs and throws her head back at his words.

Shaking her head in amusement, (Y/N) lists up her phone and begins to read out the next question. “Okay, how old was I when I got my first ever tattoo?” Joe gasps and flails his arms around, but his buzzer sound doesn’t escape his mouth until after Zoe shouts hers. She looks at the older Sugg and smirks. “If you get this right, I’ll be very impressed.”

Zoe furrows her brows and nods. “I swear you told me once that you were like, fourteen or something?”

(Y/N) nods excitedly, clapping her hands together and glancing over at her boyfriend with a sympathetic frown as she pats his arms softly. “I think your sister did her research, babe.”

Joe grumbles unhappily and turns to face the camera with an annoyed look on his face. Zoe and (Y/N) share an amused grin before she continues onto the next question. “This is a good one. How many followers, to the nearest one thousand, does my main blog have right now?”

“Cat! Fucking cat, cat, cat!” Joe shouts, jumping up and down on the spot as Zoe laughs and his girlfriend turns to face him with a proud smile. “I know this! I was reading your latest post on the way down here! It was something like, one million, three thousand?”

(Y/N) cheers and hugs him tightly, leaving Zoe to pout just as Joe had been previously.

It turned out that the question above was the only one Joe managed to get a point for, either buzzing in too late or having absolutely no idea what the hell his girlfriend was referring too. The fact that Zoe knew the answers to the questions was bullshit, and he made his feelings very clear several times throughout the length of the video.

By the end, he had an annoyed scowl on his face, his arms crossed against his chest and an adorable pout on his lips. He was defiantly annoyed, but he’d spent so much time laughing during the video at some of (Y/N)’s absolutely ridiculous questions, he couldn’t find it within himself to be mad at her.

Instead, he pulls her into a kiss just as Zoe filmed the outro and smirked against her lips as she hummed against his. “Those questions were absolute bullshit and you know it.”

She pulls away slightly and looks into his eyes with a cheeky smile. “And yet you still love me, and even if you are still sore loser, I love you too.”

He brushes his lips back against hers and presses their foreheads together softly. “And don’t I just know it.”

Trust in Your Instincts
Trust in Your Instincts

Finally got this out at last! took a while to edit, video should be coming soon
Thanks to @surfacage for drawing and letting me dub this awesome comic! its so cool! i also did a little bit of off panel stuff to try give it a little more context, i hope everyone enjoys this dub ^^

Spark: KujiraShonen
Candela: @manicwednesdayvas
Rocket leader/Blanche:InThirteen

I’ve seen it asked before why Josh would make Chris and Sam, his two ‘best friends’ (and Ashley) go through the worst of the pranks.  I personally thought it was obvious but I’ll just put my 2 cents in anyway:

They were suppose to be the heroes.

Josh had planned to put it up on the internet, let it go viral.  A video of his best friend, saving and getting the girl who he’s saved multiple times that night.  A video of Sam being a badass heroine.

The others?  Forced to stumble around in the dark woods, meeting jumpscare after jumpscare (The mask in the truck, the scarecrow that pops up, the painted words in the cable car station) that he had set up.  They were just the losers you laugh at and forget.

According to his delusions, Josh was rewarding Chris and Sam by making them the stars of the video.  THEY would be the most famous out of them all!  Everyone got punished by being forced to feel the same thing the Twins felt but only Chris, Sam, (and by association, Ashley)’s suffering would have any meaning, have anything come from it.

Irrational thinking is a symptom of his illness/being off his meds.  Josh had convinced himself that his friends would forgive him and do it easily at that.  When they didn’t, that’s when he started losing his grip on reality even further.

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hey, i saw your requests are open, so could you do some where the seijoh third years go mini-golfing?

• it took about 5 minutes of what started off as a fun friends-activity to become a match of life and death 

• aka Hanamaki challenged Iwaizumi and loser buys everyone dinner 

Oikawa and Matsukawa takes bets on who will win while playing together as Makki and Iwa is off competing 

“guys please calm down it’s just mini golf” - mattsun at one point

• iwaizumi is very good at sports, we all know that. And he is strong, which we all definitely know. So when it comes to mini golf? Boi can’t really adjust his strength. The ball flies rIGHT OFF THE SURFACE AND THERE IT GOEs

Oikawa laughed so hard he started crying, Mattsun thankfully got it on video and sent it to the team messenger, Makki feels like he FINALLY has a chance at beating Iwaizumi in a game

• 12 golf courses later and the game is over 

• who won

Iwa-chan or Makki

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lovely little losers: a summary (so far)

alternatively titled the video to show to your friends who have no idea what the heck this lolilo thing you’re going on about is

My first kiss went a little like this...

Story time #1

So I was a junior in high school and I hadn’t had my first kiss. I felt like everyone else had had their first kisses so I lied whenever anyone asked. I would say “of course I’ve had my first kiss” but of course I hadn’t. It made me feel like a loser, no guys liked me. Worse? I felt stupid and bad for LYING about already having my first kiss. I shouldn’t have been embarrassed but I was.

One winter night, I was hanging out with my guy best friend. We were driving around and decided to go to one of his friends house. Once there, we went into the basement. We played video games and talked about memories from our past that we had together. One of our favorites was when We had a ballroom dance class in middle school. My guy friend got up and asked me to dance.

We moved to an open area in the basement and started dancing. I can’t explain what happened because before I knew it, we started play fighting. I am over a foot shorter than him so it was very silly and playful. I ended up pushing him to the ground during our little play fight. Once he was on the ground, I quickly got on top of him. I straddled him and my hands were resting on his chest. I remember smiling down at him and saying “I guess I win” then I giggled. He flipped me over with ease getting on top of me. We didn’t break our gaze. I remember biting my lip nervously watching him lean down closer and closer to my face. I felt ready, like the moment was so right. And We kissed. It was gentle and quick but so sweet. It felt like everything was right in the world for a quick second. After, he brushed his thumb on my cheek, smiled at me. Then he got up and we never talked about it again. But I have the sweet beautiful memory in my mind and that is enough ❤ I hope y'all enjoyed this story time. 🙈

the signs when playing mario kart

Aries: throwin all kindsa shells (especially the blue shells) and pushing everyone off the edge
Taurus: IM WINNING OH MY GOD THIS IS GRE-oh i lost.. meh i didn’t really wanna play anyway
Gemini: talks the whole time and telling jokes, or trash talking when theyre losing
Virgo: *uses strategy and picks only the best players and carts*
Libra: lmao im winning cuz i chose the best cart and cutest player, im so awesome
Scorpio: ..if you touch me or throw any shells at me i swear i will hurt your family.. *glares*
Sagittarius: laughing at anything and everything thats going on
Aquarius: picks a zany cart and character and ends up winning after being in last the whole time
Pisces: UGH I HATE THIS GAME I SWEAR TO GO-oh, look, im winning!! i love this game lol


I’ll fully admit that I have made my fair share of jokes about the fandom and I’ll even cop to the fact that a lot of them can be construed as mean-spirited. If it means anything, I never meant any of my jokes to be an attack on anyone and that…I understand. I understand that being around people in general can be scary and that it’s made worse when it seems like everyone around you has you pegged as a socially inept loser. I understand the need and want to make a real connection with another person, be it platonic or romantic–especially romantic. I understand that no man is an island but when there’s no one around you, you can feel like you’re drowning. I understand that in this day and age where talking with someone who is thousands of miles away from you is only a key stroke away still can’t replace a friendly pat on the shoulder to help lighten the burden of life. I understand that women can seem difficult and demanding and I also understand that men can seem scary and threatening. And I also understand that in the absence of this connection, what might temporarily meet this need is a figurine of your favorite character or a poster of your favorite character or even a body pillow. And I also understand that purchasing these things can make you feel ashamed, like you’re admitting that yes, you are a socially inept loser because who else would buy it? But I want to tell you, not just the people who purchased a body pillow or a full-length figurine or even just the Otakus out there, but anyone who feels like they have no friends or anyone who could feel alone in a crowded room or anyone who just wants one person to say they care about them, I want to say you’re okay. x

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im honestly not familiar with kpop songs but HAHA ok let’s just try this

KISE: Nope, you just couldn’t do it. You finally exploded into a round of laughter, probably catching the attention of everyone in that karaoke place. Kise was twirling around the empty floor and following all the dance moves of the boyband on the screen. After watching the music video once, he was able to perfectly copy everything and, God, you couldn’t stop laughing and grinning over how lame he looked but at the same time, since it was your favorite k-pop song, he was doing it perfectly.

Afterwards, when he asked you how his dancing was, you squealed and threw your arms around him and proceeded to do the next number together.

TAKAO: You couldn’t help the stupid, goofy grin that plastered itself on your face as you watched Takao close his eyes and sway to the music. He was moving his hips from side to side while his mouth sang out all the lyrics to your favorite song. It was slow and it was sweet but your boyfriend made it hilarious by doing some weird moves while belting out all the lyrics. God, he was doing the chicken dance. “Takao, stop.” You laughed as he came up to your face, as if he was serenading you at a concert.

He pulled you up and twirled you around, pulling you close to him. Oh God, your boyfriend was such a loser but you loved him anyway.


Everyone!! Let’s make GDxTY - Good Boy MV hit 100 000 000 views! Right now (2016/03/03) the MV has 94 422 510 views. There’re “only” 5 577 490 views left. Not a long time ago “BANG BANG BANG’ hit the milestone. This year is BIGBANG 10th anniversary and probably the last year we will see them promoting as 5 before they enlist in the army so let’s make it big! 2016 is BIGBANG year!!   

PS: Loser has  86 520 330 views, let’s make a jackpot this year ;) 

Learn Korean Vocab with K-pop! Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang

Big Bang Bang Bang Bang is back with their new song… wait. Big Bang is back with their new song Bang Bang Bang! There we go! Everyone and their mother has the lyrics to Loser memorized after only a month, but we’re here to help you learn some Korean vocabulary with Bang Bang Bang!

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[MPD/Fancam] 150507 M!countdown BIG BANG off the record(빅뱅 직캠)


TY: Are you guys in vacation?

RI: Don’t you go to school? no class tomr? University students everyone? who’s in highschool? highschoolers raised hands and LOSER was played

RI: y'all shouldn’t be here! hear this? LOSER is being played! LOSER~ Gangster~

RI: joking* y'all know TOP was a vocal before he started rapping? know that he can sing high melody so well? Fans: YEAH!!!!

DS: He’s the one who can sing the highest melody among BB members.

RI: Please, sing for us! *TOP singing LOSER*

TOP: You think I’m funny?

Fans: YEAHHH!!!

TOP: I also think that I’m funny.

Fans: TOP, you’re cute!!!

TOP: You are cuter.

GD: I just heard we’re done now.

Fans: Nooo

GD: We should all go eat together or something, I’m hungry.

RI: Do you like our song? Which do you like better, LOSER? *Fans scream8

RI: or BAEBAE? *scream louder *RI sings BAEBAE

TOP: So we’re done -recording LOSER- if there’s BAEBAE MR, we should sing.. *Fans scream

DS: Your smiles are so innocent. wow..

Music was stopped but Fans sang LOSER for TY bc he was dancing*

GD: after listening* you’re good. good.

RI: Please play the music! Let’s go BAEBAE! LOSER played*

RI: NO NO NOOO Not it, not it!! Play BAEBAE, BAEBAE!

RI: Please look forward to MCountdown Comeback stage!! 

DS: wow I thought RI’s a voice actor.

 *TY and TOP imitates RI 

Translated by: @HuisuYoon

New Girl // Hayes Grier

Hey guys! Here is another imagine yay!! I really like this one, I tried to make it longer and adorable. Did you guys see the new Dolan twin video? It was so 😍😍😍 anyway, enjoy😘

First day at my new school and I was beyond nervous. I had moved here really recently, and I was starting at a new school. Somewhere that everyone already knows each other. I’m going to be the outsider, the loser, the one everyone laughs at and has no friends. I sighed as I approached the large building and pulled open the door, walking in. I walked to the front desk and the principal showed me my locker and handed me my schedule and everything else I would need. I thanked her and she walked off, leaving me alone in a crowded hallway. I placed all my things in my locker and soon enough it was time for home room. I grabbed my books and walked to class, keeping my head down to avoid any attention being placed on me. I walked into the class and the teacher introduced herself, talking to me for a while before I took my seat.
“Alright guys, announcements,” she said as she walked from her desk to the front of the class.
“Football practice after school, cheerleading tryouts after school, bake sale for charity on Thursday, and that’s it,” she smiled. I always loved cheerleading, I wanted to try out, but I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. I mean, nobody knows me, and what if the girls make fun of me? Whatever, I’ll decided later. I made my way through the long day of hell, I mean school, and eventually made my way back to my locker. Screw it, I’m trying out for cheer. I grabbed the clothes I had for gym and went to the locker room to change. I opened the doors to the football field and walked to where all the cheerleaders were getting ready to try out.
“What’s your name?” a girl with a clipboard asked.
“Y/N Y/L/N,” I said shyly.
“Oh, you’re the new girl?” she asked.
“Yeah that’s me,” I giggled lightly.
“Welcome to our school, and town,” she grinned.
“Thank you,” I said with a warm smile.
“So, Y/N, how about you start us off?” she asked.
“Uhm, okay,” I said shyly. I walked in front of her and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath before I began doing a cheer routine I had learnt with my cheer team back home. I finished and she smiled at me.
“That was awesome,” she smiled.
“Thank you,” I nodded as I went and sat on the bleachers. After all the girls took their turn and the tryouts were finished, we gathered into s circle.
“Alright girls, good job today, the team will be posted some time next week,” the girl said. Everyone nodded and soon enough I could go home. I fumbled with my bag and I grabbed my phone. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I spun around to see someone I’ve never seen before. A boy about my age, with dark brown hair, beautiful crystal blue yes and a warm smile.
“Uhm, hi,” I said awkwardly, not really sure why he was talking to me. He was wearing a football jersey, so I assume he just came from the field.
“You’re Y/N right, the new girl?” he asked.
“Yeah that’s me,” I sighed.
“I’m Hayes,” he smiled.
“Nice to meet you,” I smiled.
“I saw you cheering before, you’re definitely gonna make the team,” he smirked.
“I don’t know about that,” I said quietly.
“Don’t doubt yourself, you did awesome,” he grinned.
“Well thank you,” I said as a smile formed on my lips.
“So, since you’re new to this place, how about I show you around all the good spots?” he asked.
“Right now?” I asked. He nodded.
“I don’t know you, what if you kill me?” I asked.
“You’re right, I’m some murderer who’s out to kill shy but very beautiful girls,” he said. I blushed but turned away so that he couldn’t see me.
“So what do you say?” he asked.
“Sure,” I smiled.
“Let’s just go get changed obviously,” he laughed. I nodded as I grabbed my bag and we walked back into the gym and then to the separate locker rooms. We met up after we got changed and he smiled at me again, making my heart flutter.
“Are you ready for an adventure?” he asked enthusiastically.
“Always,” I grinned as I held my fist in the air. He began skipping and I followed next to him and soon enough we were outside, walking around this unknown place, with an unknown boy.
We walked around for a while and eventually stopped for ice cream.
“This place is awesome,” he said as we walked in. I reached for my wallet and he grabbed my arm.
“Please, I’m paying,” he said.
“No Hayes I can do it,” I insisted.
“Nope, that wouldn’t make me a very good gentleman,” he said as he out my wallet back and gently zipped it back up. We ordered and then sat outside at a table.
“Do you wanna come to my house?” he asked.
“Wow now you’re inviting me over?” I asked as I raised my eyebrow.
“I can teach you the ways of our school you can meet my family and then we can watch a movie or something,” he smiled.
“I would like that,” I smiled. We made our way back to his house, and I realized that it was extremely close to where I lived.
“I literally live on the street behind you,” I chuckled.
“Really?” he asked.
“Yep,” I said.
“Awesome, now we can see each other all the time,” he smirked as he opened the door to his house. I saw a boy run down the stairs with longer hair and the same blue eyes as Hayes.
“Nash, this is Y/N, she’s new in town, Y/N, my brother Nash,” he introduced.
“Hi,” I smiled as I waved.
“Welcome to our homeland,” he smiled as he bowed. I did the same, receiving a laugh from both him and Hayes.
“Hayes who’s this?” I heard a voice form the kitchen ask.
“Mom, this is Y/N, she’s new at my school and just moved here,” he said.
“Welcome sweetie, you can come here any time,” she smiled as she pulled me into a hug.
“Thank you,” I smiled.
“Okay we’re gonna go to my room now, bye!” Hayes exclaimed as he walked away, and I followed him. He opened the door to his room and I stood there awkwardly, not sure what to do.
“Come sit, silly,” he smiled. I laughed and out my bag in the floor as I plopped down next to him.
“Your family is awesome,” I said.
“Yeah, sometimes,” he laughed.
“So, how are you liking our school?” he asked.
“It’s fine, I mean, I haven’t talked to anyone,” I laughed.
“Yeah, it’s okay. But, you need to hang out with the right people, which is why I shall guide you and you will now hang with me,” he smiled.
“Well I don’t know your friends or anything,” I said.
“That’s okay, they’re friendly, they’ll warm up to you quick,” he grinned.
“Sounds good to me,” I smiled.
The rest of the night we spent getting to know each other. Being with him made me feel special, and I’m happy my move to a completely new place has started on a very, very good note.


150501 gigiangelini_official’s Instagram Update of T.O.P
“My role in the new Big Bang - Loser MV 😊 hard work pays off! I was so blessed to be given this opportunity to be featured in a video for one of Asia’s biggest artists’ comeback album. I had such an amazing time with the production team and my fellow actors and actresses. I hope I will meet you all again some day. 💗 Thank you everyone!”

this time last year hero was dumped in public in a humiliating way, ostracized from many of her friends and from school, and had her sweet sixteen, which she had been so excited about, completely ruined, all over something she didn’t even do (but that everyone blamed her for anyways)…

i don’t know, man, if this video was more filller, it was the best kind of filler they could do. she deserved every single one of those sweet words after last year. 


150517 BIGBANG at SBS Inkigayo - Loser + No.1 of the Week

Today’s Winner Message Trans

GD: Thank you so much, for who came here today, giving much love to our music. Thank you VIPs, the artists here, everyone. we’ll work hard

Seungri: Also it’s Taeyang’s birthday tomorrow, so please, Happy birthday to youuu *singing bday song

Taeyang: LOL Thank you, it’s my birthday tomorrow and how come I feel a bit shy. Thank you so much.

Translated by: @HuisuYoon

i’m in denial over here no question but if this is the last lolilo video, i want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in these two webseries. the cast was spot on with every single person and they are all so incredibly talented that i was consistently blown away by their performances. the writing ranged from making me laugh to breaking my heart and it’s so rare to find a script or writer that can do both so seamlessly. the direction in all these episodes never faltered and it was delightful to watch every time. i discovered nmtd about a year and a half ago and it makes me extremely proud to look back on those videos and see how far everyone has come. the candle wasters have only gotten better coming into lolilo and i expect it will be nothing but up from now on. these four ladies are so talented and amazing and i know there is still a lot to come from them, but i am just so thankful for them and these characters and i am glad we will still be getting content when the nmtd/lolilo arc has ended. these two webseries have been such a big part of my life for so long and has meant so much to me that i don’t think i can ever say thank you enough for the hours and work the cast and crew put into making two of the greatest adaptations i’ve ever seen, but thank you, thank you, thank you. we are so lucky there are content creators like you in this world.