everyone was a loser in this video

Today’s Third Years : Challenge

Kentarou: Hello! 
Everyone: Hi.  Hi!  Hi. 
Kentarou: So… for today!  We thought we’d introduce ourselves in English.

[queue their attempts at English]

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

mike gets a video camera

some cute headcanons involving mike recording the losers!! also this is kind of got hella long so sorry haha

  • oKAY so let’s get started…
  • mike gets a video camera one year from his family on his birthday, and the first thing he does with it is take it to the losers so he could film them all goofing around.
    • the first thing you see is bev up close to the camera with richie making weird faces, bill yelling at them both to back up as mike laughed at how weird they looked, and eddie’s hand in between their faces flipping the camera off.
    • bev & richie finally move away and mike faces the camera to stan, who tries to move away but bill and eddie keep him in place. ben is standing beside stan looking awkward as ever but smiling nonetheless.
    • “we are the losers and we do dumb fucking shit,” mike says to the camera after turning it around to face him, almost like he’s talking to someone. “helL YEAH WE DO” - richie
    • he has a plan of sorts but no one needs to know that sshhh
    • the video goes to just show them playing a card game in bill’s living room and eddie yelling at richie about cheating before cutting off.
  • from there on out mike makes sure that the camera is fully charged and he takes it with him whenever all the losers hang out. they all question it but mike is like “i want to film richie doing embarrassing shit”. it’s a partial lie.
  • the next video he takes is when they’re at the quarry.
    • he’s filming them jumping off the cliff and into the water from below. he zooms in on everyone and makes sure he gets them all when they jump. when it’s his turn to jump, he races up there and bill films it.
    • it’s a bit shaky but that’s ok.
    • the next shot is them all shouting in the water for a few seconds before it zooms in on bev & ben talking. bev kisses ben’s cheek before swimming away.
    • cue the ‘oh shit oh shit oh shit’ from mike as he secretly gets it on camera. (he shows richie, bill, stan, and eddie later) (they all f r e a k o u t).
  • there are other short little videos of richie making jokes and eddie telling him to fuck off/stan declining his hi-fives; stan being a fucking savage back at richie or anyone who pisses him off (aka other kids at school who try and make fun of bill’s stutter) (they all had to defend bill at least once & everyone except the bowers gang soon realized that ‘oh fuck ok can’t mess with the Losers’). other short ones are of beverly telling ghost stories, or ben reading poems out loud, or bill playing the piano. just the tiny little things they all do. there’s a short video of mike singing that ben and richie got one day that mike decided to keep.
  • but the next long one mike takes is when they’re halfway through freshman year of high school and they’re at the barrens.
    • it starts off with mike zooming in on an obviously flirting richie tozier and an oblivious eddie kaspbrak by a tree not too far away. then mike moves the camera to stan and bill just a foot away from mike. stan’s on his back pointing to the clouds talking about the different shapes and bill is on his back, too, but staring at stan with a fond smile. then mike moves the camera to bev and ben who are sitting and holding hands. they say they’re not dating but tbh everyone knows it’s buLL SHIT
    • then mike turns the camera to himself and is like “i’m fucking seventh wheeling, i need a girlfriend”.
    • but then the next thing mike knows, richie is walking around laughing like a crazy person with eddie over one shoulder as the boy yells to be put down.
    • “i don’t want my face near your fucking ass, tozier!”
    • “but i have a great ass eds, even your mom said so last night!”
    • mike got it all on camera, thank god.
    • bev shoves them both in a stream near by and everyone laughs their asses off. but then bev gets shoved in by stan, who gets shoved in my bill, who gets pushed in my ben, who gets pulled in by eddie, and mike is laughing as he’s recording the entire thing. later once he’s dry, bill takes the camera from mike and records mike being pushed in the stream by richie and bev.
  • one of mike’s favorite videos is when they decided to do karaoke night together on the last day of summer before sophomore year. during the day they just hung out and he got a few funny/cute moments before they went to bill’s place and sent up a karaoke machine in the living room. bill’s parents were gone on a trip and wont be back until the next day and georgie was at a friend’s house so it was all good.
    • it was clip after clip of everyone singing badly to popular songs at the time.
    • richie and eddie sang africa by toto together, forced by bev. they didn’t want to do it bc “it’ll be gay” “exactly, you two fucking wanna kiss each other so go fucking do it”
    • cue a blushing reddie and cackling stan
    • but then stan and bill were blushing when ben and mike made them sing I Wanna Know What Love Is
    • bev and bill did a duet, too, but they weren’t ashamed at all surprisingly. mike did one by himself before he did don’t stop believing with richie and bill, bev recorded it.
    • they all sang Eye of the Tiger together at the end. mike propped the camera up so it wouldn’t fall and actually got them all in the frame. it fell over near the end, but thats only because bill was like “fuck it” and kissed stan and the two boys literally fell on the couch. mike didn’t bother telling them he got it on camera.
  • two days later he recorded everyone acting shocked when richie and eddie said they liked each other and started dating like a month ago.
    • “THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION” - Stan and Bev acting shocked.
  • he still talks to the camera about how much he loves his friends and narrates likes a story teller whenever someone is doing something Very Dumb or Embarassing. everyone questions him still but he’s like “it makes the video funnier, leave me a l o n e” (it’s for his Plan that he started when first started the videos ok?)
  • mike gets a serious girlfriend in his junior year and the losers all come over to his house to help get ready for their first date. ben records it all and mike tells him to put the camera away but he doesn’t listen. mike’s grandpa comes in at some point and ben gets him on camera staring at them all for a moment before excitedly telling them that the girl was here.
    • richie squealed but denies it. “rich, it’s on vid-” “shuT uP EDS”
  • there’s a video for every birthday party for each of the loser’s.
  • there’s a video of them all getting ready for prom at richie’s place because his parents were the only ones not home to yell about them being to rambunctious.
  • there’s a video of each of the homecoming dances, too; and prom.
    • there’s a video after prom where they’re all a bit tipsy, maybe high, sitting in a diner and all eating quietly with the occasional giggle or way too deep 2 AM thought from one of them.
  • there’s a video of graduation + them getting ready for graduation. mike got his family to record them walking down to receive their diplomas. they all hang out after at the quarry and there’s another video of them all jumping off the cliff in the same order when mike first recorded it.
  • throughout college, they’re in different places but they get together enough for mike to record whenever they do.
    • there’s one video of him yelling “HOLY SHIIIT” and richie yelling “fUCKING FINALLY” as he zooms in on a ring on stan’s left hand. then he makes it zoom back out so he can get both bill and stan’s faces and they both look so happy, mike actually starts crying.
    • there’s a similar video of stan and beverly doing the same thing to mike and his girlfriend, now fiancee a year later.
    • and another similar one with bill and ben doing the same thing a few months later as the camera zooms in on eddie’s left hand before going to both richie’s and eddie’s faces.
    • once again, it happens with ben and bev, and eddie and mike’s now wife say “HOLY SHIIIT” and “fuCKING FINALLY” for benverly.
  • and you guessed it, he has a some footage of each of their weddings!!
  • throughout the years they still hang out, even with their little forming families, and mike starts introducing every kid that comes into the picture and still they’re like “mIKE WHY THE FUCK DO YOU TALK TO THE CAMERA LIKE THAT”
  • they f i n a l l y find out why when they’re all about in their forties and mike insisted on them all coming to his place, just the seven of them plus his wife because she became an honorary loser when they noticed how in love she was with mike.
  • mike had found out a way to do a video montage of them all.
    • “ok ok so we’re going to go see my best friends in the entire world!” video and much younger mike told the camera as he rode his bike. “they’re amazing.”
    • he took the first footage of them jumping off of the cliff and voiced-over their names and what they were like before it went to the next video he took of them all. they were all confused about where the very first video of them was, tho. mike told them to just watch.
    • they’re favorite songs were playing in the background the entire time
    • anytime someone knew was introduced mike would pause on their face and a voice over would say their name and all of that shiz
  • the video montage basically showed all of their times together from middle school to just a few prior with their families and kids. mike’s wife laughed at the video where they were getting him ready for their first date. beverly shrieked when she saw that he got her kissing ben on the cheek. richie threw a pillow at him for the first few vids of him flirting with an oblivious eddie. stan and bill loved the ones that mike got of them, though, bc they were honestly cute.
  • after going through all of the kids of the losers, video went back to the very first video he took.
    • bev let out an ‘o shit’ at suddenly seeing her and richie’s younger faces so up close to the camera with eddie’s hand flipping them all off. richie busted out laughing.
    • once that video was over it went to bev’s son and richie’s and eddie’s two kids doing the exact same thing. (mike told them to do it). then it panned over to one of stan’s and bill’s kids trying to leave with bev’s & ben’s daughter awkwardly standing beside them and mike’s two kids blocking their way from leaving. it was basically a little replica of what their parents had done.
    • then at the end, the screen went black before saying “may the 2nd generation of the Losers Club have as much fun as we did”
  • mike’s and his wife’s kids both have video cameras of their own so they can do the same thing

eddie as a youtuber

- honestly my boys channel blows up

- he does a variety of different videos so there’s something for everyone

- he vlogs a lot too bc the internet loves his losers

- he once vlogged an entire trip to walmart with the losers bc it was literally mayhem

- he once did a ‘my best friend does my make up’ and bev went all out, everyone screamed bc eddie looked great

- eddie rants a lot as well, it can be anything from an annoying experience at a shop to discrimination etc

- richie is featured in a shit ton of his videos and everyones like ‘um are they dating or what’

- one time eddie’s live-streaming on insta and richie just walks by in his boxers

- ‘richie put some pants on im live to 50,000 people’

- ‘sorry babe i just wanted chips’

- everyone knows they’re dating now

- just my boy having an amazing channel and living his best life with his boyfriend and his best friends

A Lot of Very Important things i noticed about the new video:

  • all the names they called thomas at the start omg
  • They’er wearing sweaters i am complete
  • Logan and Patton at the same time “I’d say mine is rather toasty. “*GASP* DAD JOKE??” “NEVER.. intentionally” “sureee”
  • Virgil’s sweater paws ahhhh
  • “Our first christmas with Virgil” ….   :’ ) im fine
  • Patton cannot catch and i love him
  • “ughh im not bitter”
  • Virgil nervous tapping 
  • “Alright boys, lets! Get! Festive!”
  • Patton still says quack
  • “Is this some sort of punishment for something?”
  • “Seven slights at Virgil :)”
  • “The kids love it, incredible-” “…?” “Incredible sulk!”
  • “Fiveee ruined kids films!” “paTTON”
  • Logan’s like pointing? what was that?? a dance??? nerd
  • “five second cookies” AND VIRGILS SMILE AGAIN
  • “You jerks!”
  • “Are you trying to rap??” “i do not like to sing.”
  • “Come on Virgil, you can do it!”
  • “five FALSEHOODS!!!” help im dying hes so loud kjhgfdsdfgh
  • logan honey dabbing isnt cool anymore please stop
  • Also Patton and Roman looked so delighted omg same
  • “I don’t know much about humour but-”
  • Roman literally what is going on why r you so stressed boi chill
  • “Alright, it wasn’t…. goood?”  “idontlikeyou :( ”
  • magic pen
  • “And an emo who’s now our best friend” IM NOT CRYING SHH
  • “awww you love us, shut up.”
  • “I don’t know who the true love in that song was, was it Thomas?” “It’s not important.”  O.o ???
  • “….yeah, thats totally what I meant,,, merry christmas everyone!!”
  • “And hopefully not visions of your naked aunt pattiy” BITCH WHAT
  • Don’t u dare destruct on thomas’ creations bc ill fight
  • Patton’s so loud and excited what a pure boy
  • God patton is so fricking adorable
  • Virgil my anxious bby :( <3
  • They’re all so cute
  • “Dad joke” “aw shi-”
  • i love this video with every fibre of my being

 consider: parent swap AU

  • Evan is Larry and Cynthia Murphy’s only child and they expect a lot from him. 
  • He’s terrified of disappointing Larry, who expects him to get the best grades, the best test scores, the best rec letters, and Cynthia, who expects him to be someone she can show off and boast about at Larry’s office parties and at the yoga studio. Evan never talks to them about how he’s too scared to talk to people, how he sits alone at lunch, how he feels like nobody would even notice if he disappeared. He doesn’t tell them about how his only friend–Alana, who lives in his neighborhood and who is speeding towards a bright, amazing future without him–is too busy with extracurriculars to spend time with him anymore. He doesn’t tell them how he really broke his arm, and they don’t ask.
  • Despite being anxious and withdrawn, Cynthia and Larry never take him to a therapist, despite his guidance counselor telling them that he would benefit from something like that. Larry doesn’t think his son needs to go to a therapist to talk about his feelings and Cynthia doesn’t think having a child in therapy would look very good.
  • When Evan gets his license–which Larry guilts him into doing, because “you can’t expect me and your mother to drive you around whenever you need, Evan, we have other things we need to do”–he starts going out to the national park he remembers his parents taking him to when he was little. He likes to climb up in the trees and appreciate how beautiful everything looks from up there. That’s where he breaks his arm the summer before senior year.
  • Evan started memorizing tree facts in middle school because, whenever he starts to feel nervous, reciting tree facts to himself helps him calm down a little bit. That works until halfway through high school when it suddenly seems like nothing can alleviate his anxiety, not even for a second.
  • Connor and Zoe are Heidi’s kids, and Heidi’s the Best Mom. 
  • The moment Connor started acting out in elementary school–read: the moment Connor threw a printer at his teacher–Heidi took him to a psychologist so he could get help, and she’s been supportive every step of the way. She doesn’t coddle him too much and she trusts him to be careful with his medication and to do his therapy homework. When she finds out he’s been smoking pot, she doesn’t fly off the handle and ground him or get angry at all, really. She just tells him to not make a habit of it and to make good decisions. 
  • Heidi doesn’t focus all her attention on Connor, though–she cares a lot about Zoe too, and she takes off of work to go to her jazz band concerts and gives Zoe pamphlets for colleges with good music programs so she can start thinking of where she’d like to go. When Zoe was little, Heidi took a few days off over one summer and painted the ceiling of Zoe’s room to look like the night sky. It’s really just black with a bunch of tiny dots, but Zoe loved it. 
  • Connor and Zoe fight. A lot. Heidi steps in when things get nasty and sends Connor to his room to cool off. He’ll usually come back out to find Zoe watching Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal on the couch in the living room a few hours later. Connor apologizes and Zoe reminds him that just because he’s depressed doesn’t mean he gets to be an asshole and Connor promises to do better. 
  • At school, Connor spends most of his time with Zoe or Jared, their family friend who likes to be an asshole just because. Jared may be an insensitive douche 99% of the time, but Connor likes his dumb commentary when they play mind-numbing video games after school, so he doesn’t mind having him around. Much.
  • One day, some asshole in the hall is giving Connor shit about his hair and lo and behold there’s Evan, laughing at him. If there’s one person at this school who’s a bigger loser than Connor, it’s Evan. He has no friends–the only person Connor’s ever seen him talk to is Alana, and Connor’s pretty sure Alana just talks to everyone because that’s what high-strung overachievers who spend their summer break boosting their resume do. They talk to the losers, throw them a bone once in a while. Connor gets pissed and, because he’s a dumbass who does dumb shit, he pushes Evan and immediately feels guilty because fuck the kid’s got a broken arm and here Connor is, pushing him on his first day of his senior year, and that’s just a real dick move.
  • Connor tells Zoe about pushing Evan and she tells him that he needs to go apologize, so he tracks him down at the end of the school day in the library, because of fucking course Evan goes to the library after school. From what Connor’s heard Alana say in Chemistry, Evan’s a shoo in for being salutatorian, so he probably spends all of his time studying. Connor accosts Evan as he’s getting ready to leave, probably heading to track practice. Connor’s seen Evan run a few times and, to be completely honest, Evan’s awful at it; he’s probably doing it for his parents’ sake or because he thinks doing some kind of sport will look good on college applications. 
  • Connor apologizes and Evan acts all flustered, saying that it’s fine, that it was his fault. Connor signs his cast–signs his name in big ass shaky letters because then it won’t be so obvious that this kid has no friends. He won’t lie; he feels bad for Evan. Evan’s awkward and anxious as fuck and he reminds Connor of himself a little bit.
  • After that, Connor starts saying hi to Evan in the hallway and tracking him down at lunch so they can sit together. He introduces Evan to Zoe–which is awkward as hell because Evan is horrible at hiding that he has a massive hard on for Connor’s sister and he stumbles through an introduction that is, quite frankly, painful to watch. He introduces Evan to Jared and Jared immediately starts being an asshole to him, because that’s the Jared Kleinman Way, but Connor tells him to fuck off sometimes because Evan is sensitive and seems to have trouble telling when something’s a joke not an insult and the whole point of introducing Evan to people was to help Evan make more friends, not to make Evan more miserable.
  • When Connor invites Evan over to his house the first time, he introduces Evan to Heidi and Heidi absolutely loves him. She treats him like he’s her own kid and, over the next few months, Heidi becomes a kind of second mom to Evan. She even talks to his parents about letting him go to therapy and, after a few tense conversations, Larry and Cynthia agree to take him to see someone.
  • Eventually, Evan admits how he broke his arm to Connor. He tells him about how hopeless he felt, how he figured nobody would even notice if he disappeared. He also tells him about how grateful he is to Connor. Evan has friends now–he has Connor and Zoe and Jared and Alana. He’s getting the help he’s desperately needed for years because of Connor and Heidi. Evan gets all teary eyed and Connor pats his shoulder and tells him its no big deal. Connor tells him that Evan is the best friend he’s ever had.
  • Evan tells Alana and Zoe and Jared about what happened after his conversation with Connor, and they’re amazing. They don’t get upset and they don’t make it about themselves. Alana suggests they start a group–an organization to help kids who feel the way Evan did, the way they all have at one time or another. 
  • Connor and Evan are co-presidents, Alana is vice president, Zoe is treasurer, and Jared is… well Jared is there, and that’s what counts.
  • Connor gets a scholarship to the state university and Evan gets admitted to a few different schools but settles on going to the state university with Connor. They request each other as roommates and spend the next four years screwing around, being dumb young adults, and it’s better than anything Evan could have imagined for himself.

The Losers Club as Youtubers

The Losers Club as types of youtubers

Beverly ~

~ makeup all the way

~ and clothes

~ but also weapons she’s collected over the years

~ the epitome of a badass basically

~ ‘heyo girlies’

~ occasional tag or challenge

Ben -

~ book reviews videos


~ will base a character off of bev in his book because love

~ vlogs too


Stan -

~ animal videos

~ like a creature feature type thing


~ gets lit at vidcon let’s be honest dis boi

~ has 27 pets

Richie -


~ comedy? Check

~ does short films

~ tags and challenges galore

~ click bait whore

~ his coming out is the sweetest thing ever tho he’s so soft

~ 'hey guys. This is my boyfriend Eddie’

Eddie -

~ asmr

~ it’s for health and relaxation he says

~ has a side channel for vlogs, and vlogs for behind the scenes of his asmr videos

~ what/ how to do videos too

~ his coming out is sweet but blunt

~ ’ hi I’m gay for my boyfriend ’

Mikes -

~ education and book videos

~ has a collab channel with Ben

~ likes to edit videos in the library

~ writes a book series

~ it’s super fun

Bill -

~ collabs with everyone like is it even his own channel? The world may never know

~ adventure vlogs with Stan

~ does bevs makeup for videos

~ help write and peer review with Ben

~ Does vlogs while getting eddies supplies for asmr

~ and Richie’s short film props

~ films Mikes editing process

~ has a collab channel with Georgie

The Losers Club has a collab channel for all 7 of them + Georgie cause this is a headcanon ok no one dies everyone is happy

Being Tom Holland’s Baby Sister Would Include:

*gif not mine*

Summary: Just some fluffy headcanons on what it would be like to be Tom Holland’s baby sister.

Author’s note(s): This was a request from @potterposts001, so I hope you enjoy it love! I made reader around nine years old, as they asked for reader to be around Paddy’s age :)

Warning(s): None! Just fluff <3

Being Tom Holland’s Baby Sister Would Include:

•being in a house full of boys was always normal for the holland crew 

-so everyone was really excited when they found out Nikki was having a girl.

 -everyone except for paddy tbh 

•paddy trying to dispose of you as a baby -he was legit like three when you were born 

-disposal being him swatting you in the face 

•thus a beautiful bond was formed. 

•You and Paddy do everything together

 -like everything

 -being similar ages made you really close

 -even tho he tried to kill you 

always being at the front in family photos 

-bc you’re really short (even tho you’re not that much younger than paddy)

 -sometimes the boys will give you piggy backs.

•all of your friends have crushes on Tom, Sam or Harry 

-you finding it gross bc Cooties 

-banning your friends from coming over on play dates.

 -getting jealous when your friends take away tommy’s attention. 


-he’d always co-ordinate your outfits too

-mini tom™

•having all of your older brothers wrapped around your finger

 -literally forcing them into pink frilly tutus and making them drink tea

 -“More tea? Princess Samuel?”

-“Most certainly Queen (Y/N)”

•you and paddy being called the terrible twins

 -always pulling pranks on people together 

-one time you almost knocked out Tom. 

-that’s a story for another day. 

-also being called Fred and George. 


-Nikki hates him for it 

-but he loves seeing you so happy

 -he treats you like a princess 

-*ahem* this may or may not have something to do with Tom buying tessa

•when Tom became spiderman you called him Peter Parker for months 

-you refused to call him anything else. 

-you also blabbed to your friends that he was spiderman 

-you got some real street cred that day.

•All of the boys being protective of you. 

-the first time you crush on somebody Paddy has a Pokemon duel with them.

 -Sam and Harry start appearing outside your school gates so you can’t walk home with your crush

.-Tom giving your crush the “If you break her heart, I will find you” talk

-endless teasing tho

•Growing up in a house of boys, you are a force to be reckoned with.

 -if one of them break something of yours or they gang up on you, you will show them who’s boss. 

-one time at dinner you put hot sauce in their dishes. 

-they couldn’t taste anything for weeks

 -you are a spawn of the devil.

•Being around Harrison a lot 

-ending up having a huge crush on him -Haz playing along cause he’s a sucker for you. 

-“There’s my gorgeous girlfriend!’’

-“Future Mrs Osterfield!”


-Tom getting jealous when you say you like Haz more than him. 

•Walks with Tom and Tessa whilst Paddy goes to Tennis practice. 

•Since your family is very active, you decided to do gymnastics and dance as well

-Tom attending all your gymnastics competitions 

-Also attending all your dance recitals

-Tom and Haz cheering you on whether you win or lose. 


-if you win he’s like. “SUCK IT LOSERS”

-*judging stares from middle class parents*

-Taking you out for ice cream afterwards. 

•Tom’s always posting videos of you and him dancing on his Instagram story

-he wants everyone to know how talented his baby sister is.

•you’re really close with all of your brothers

 -so when they go away on press tours with Tom you get really upset 

-Tom hates to see you so sad

-So he calls you and facetimes you everyday

 -always showing off your new skills from dance and gymnastics when you talk 

-Tom is a proud bean™

•You’re always asked about during interviews

 -Tom getting so happy he can’t contain himself. 

-“I’m really proud of my little sister, she does so well and even though I’m not always around she never fails to amaze me”

•Being his little sister has its perks

 -when you do visit him abroad, you get to go on set.

 -You once met RDJ

 -You cried. 

•Sam and Harry holding your hands when you walk down the road and doing the thing where they swing you up in the air

 -they like how you giggle and smile. 

•Meeting Zendaya after telling Tom she’s your idol.

 -she takes you out on a girls day bc aw

-“How do you deal with Tom he’s such a pain?”

-“The world will never know, Zendaya, the world will never know”

-Tom trying to spy on this bc he doesn’t want you to embarrass him 

-You do it anyways.

 -“Did I ever tell you that one time when Tom was younger and he-”

-“(Y/N) NO”

•Rough housing with Sam and Harry-always winning.

-although they claim to let you win. 

•Saturday morning cartoons with Paddy at Tom’s place. 

•After Tom got his own apartment, you and your brothers would go over for movie nights

.-always ending with the five of you cuddled together on the couch.

-Haz totally doesn’t take pictures of you guys. 

-He doesn’t share them to twitter either. 

•Making Valentine’s Day treats for the twins on their birthday because aw 

-Harrison’s always your valentine 

•Dressing up and having a photo shoot with Harry because he knows how to work a camera.

 -he prints out the pictures and frames them around the house

.-he loves doing little photo shoots with you. 

always going for cuddles with sam

-you think he’s the best at it. 

-although it makes your other brothers jealous 

-they always end up joining.

•Your older brothers low key compete for your attention.

-like at Christmas they’ll have competition to see who gets you the best gift.

 -Harrison always wins 

-just because you have a crush on him. 

•Tom having cute nicknames for you


-Baby sis

 -little holland 

•looking up to all of your older brothers because they’re all so talented and cool. 

•just being one big happy family overall

anonymous asked:

How do you think each other the losers would behave at a high school party

Bill: Bill is kinda the one in charge, he takes care of everything and tries to be sure everyone is having a good time. He doesn’t drink that much (maybe a couple of beers but nothing too strong, so he can watch over the others) and spends the night talking with new people and laughing at his friends absurdity (also join them sometimes!)

Ben: Ben used to be really nervous about going to parties with his friends at first, but slowly, he realised how much he loved it, and now the boy is fully enjoying the nights spending with his friends. He’s always the one choosing the musics for the parties because boy sure have good tastes!!

Richie: the Party Boy. Richie is always the most drunk at every party. He spends the night dancing and talking super loud, making stupid jokes about stupid things and then laughing for an hour about it. He always ends up naked/on the roof/completely dressed in the swimming pool. He’s like a clumsy tornado of energy, but even if he‘s a fucking mess, his friends love having him around at parties

The Mom Friend of the night. Eddie spends the party worrying about richie his friends when they’re drinking, claming non stop how bad alcohol is for your health, and how Dangerous the things Richie does are??? iS He On The FUCKING RoOf???!!! He tries to clean up all the mess but Bill is always there to tell him everything is ok and he should relax and have some fun

Beverly: the Party girl!!! Beverly doesn’t need alcohol to be the fucking Dancing Queen on the dancefloor. She really enjoys partying with her friends and is probably the one who hold alcohol the best. she wins every drinking games and then starts to dance like nothing happened and wow??? how she do that

Stan: Stan isn’t really into going to parties but once he’s in the mood (and had a couple of beers) he starts singing and dancing like a Fucking Prodige, and does all the songs on the karaoke machine. At the end of the night, he always starts telling his friends how much he loves them and cares about them, drunkly hugging them (but will never admit he did, the next morning)

Mike: Mike doesn’t drink alcohol either during the party but still loves spending his time watching all his friends doing stupid stuff and dancing like crazy. He’s always the one taking pictures/video during the parties then show them in the morning to everyone, laughing hysterically while all the Losers are Terribly Embarassed.

Today’s Second Years: All Together Now!

They start out by pretending Kenshin is Kouhei and Kaito is Kazuma.  Kenshin/Kouhei gets “upset” that the other two recorded a video yesterday without him.  

And then…

“Ole!!!  Who are you????”

“Well, I know Kenshin.  Since he looks like me.”

“But who are you?”


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i am so tired of the media and the free lance writers and what not. im so tired of it all.


I JUST READ THIS ARTICLE IN COSMO written by a woman i might add


first it starts off all innocent even though the headline made me wary

then some token talking about the video and then it quotes a few posts from taylor’s likes last night 


it goes on in full attack mode ????????????!!!!!!! the media is not out to destroy taylor WHAT ROCK HAS THIS PERSON BEEN LIVING UNDER

and then for good measure, this author attacks her fans and throws in a trump comparison. classy move. real classy. what the fuck this is absurd i cant believe this article EXISTS

then this person compares fans to Trump supporters and insinuates taylor is misleading us, and everyone ??? how about accept the fact that THE MEDIA DID HER DIRTY WTF

this loser author’s conclusion? taylor’s out here BRAINWASHING US y’all. oh and note this last paragraph the author throws in the rest of the attacks as if she had some checklist to work off of, mentioning squad and feminism and oh holding it against her for dating people. because thats a crime. okay. 

be enraged with me you guys THIS IS NOT OKAY


Trust in Your Instincts
Trust in Your Instincts

Finally got this out at last! took a while to edit, video should be coming soon
Thanks to @surfacage for drawing and letting me dub this awesome comic! its so cool! i also did a little bit of off panel stuff to try give it a little more context, i hope everyone enjoys this dub ^^

Spark: KujiraShonen
Candela: @manicwednesdayvas
Rocket leader/Blanche:InThirteen

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Can I get some head-cannons for dating Richie?

My meme boi

  • Most dates consist of playing video games in the arcade 
  • will he ever stop talking about you to the losers? nope they all know that you’re a goddess according to Richie
  • “Richie for the last time we know that y/n is the Game Queen in the arcade”
  • really bad pick up jokes are exchanged between both of you “I’m sorry I lost my heart y/n, mind giving me yours?” cue in everyone in the gang groan
  • nose kisses are a must for him , you trying to concentrate on hw? boop you get a small kiss for being too cute
  • this boy legit bought at Atari just to play pong with you at his house
  • he often makes bets saying winner kisses the loser
  • always tries to win so he can kiss you
  •  he ends up losing which of course end up with peppering kisses around him making him blush so hard
  • you stealing his glasses as a way to tease him 
  • “y/n give them back I can’t see” “not unless you give me a kiss!”
  • sometimes when he pokes too much on the losers they ask you to intervene which when you do Richie automatically stops
  • you’re the Richie whisperer of the group 
  • he likes holding your hand
  • wherever Richie goes you’re there and vice versa

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if it's not to much trouble, sad and angsty grunge Richie in 1994 after Kurt Cobain died it's super lame but i really like the idea that he likes Nirvana sorry

- richie is 18, nearly 19, in 1994 and has been a grungey little shit for the longest time

- nirvana is his favourite band - literally everyone he knows will tell you that

- bev is the one to break the news to him, and at first he thinks she’s joking

- “come on bev, even i’ll admit that’s messed up to joke about, quit fooling around”

- when he sees it plastered on the news papers however when he’s out with eddie his heart literally breaks and he stops talking all day

- eddie tries to cheer him up by cooking him dinner and asking to play video games but richie can’t listen to him

- the other losers try their best to cheer him up in the following week but richie is just walking around with his walkman all day everyday blasting nirvana into his ears and blocking out the world

- one day eddie would go to his house with some snacks and movies in order to make him feel better, and he’d hear ‘come as you are’ being blasted through richie’s house 

- eddie gets to richie’s room to see him curled up on his bed sobbing

- when eddie manages to calm him down richie tells him that kurt cobain meant so much to him and his music helped shape him into who he is and eddie feels so bad for him

- eddie then offers to listen to their albums together and he holds his hand everytime richie starts to cry

- but he also sings along with him when he perks up after a few hours

- every so often after that richie wears a green and black striped shirt in honor of kurt, as well as scratching ‘cobain is king’ onto his locker at school

the naruto american vandal au: who did the dicks?

27 dicks were drawn on the teachers cars. 5 suspects. zero answers.

- kiba is the main suspect. known dick drawer, everyone at school considers him a loser and a lost cause. claims he didnt do it. alibi: was supposedly getting high w his equally weird friends, shino and hinata (the proof: a live video of him drawing his fursona), but said he was going to take a shit at priceless moments (a deco shop at the corner) at the exact time when the dicks were painted. suspicious. motive: hes stupid. additionally, he is known for getting into frequent prank wars w friend naruto. could this be a prank taken too far?

- sai: second suspect. sai is also a known dick drawer and dick talker, but his quiet demeanor in classes caused people to forget about him at first. alibi: none (but the suspect raises an interesting question: “why would i paint dicks in the parking lot when i could do them at home and keep them?”). motive: also none. is it fair to judge sai based only on his love of dicks?

- naruto is a suspect for being a known prankster and the class clown. is associated with kiba. alibi: supposedly at his best friend slash rival slash fuck buddys, sasuke. no proof besides sasukes testimony, who said: “get fucked its none of your business”. motive: once again, it might have been a prank war that went too far. the spray paint is also a known naruto signature: in 2016 he was found guilty of spray painting the schools statue of its first principal, hashirama senju. question is, is he dumb enough to repeat a similar prank after being caught the first time?

- sasuke….. sasuke has the motive. just one day before TDI (The Dicks Incident) sasuke received a B on his spanish test. all of his classmates confirm: sasuke was very nervous and argued with the teacher. is this motive enough? his best friend slash rival slash fuck buddy, naruto, lets it slip during our interview: “yeah, he was- he was pretty mad, dude. i know its a sensitive issue for him because of his brother, yknow… itachi is fluent in spanish. he can get pretty… unreasonably competitive where his brothes concerned”. and guess what: one of the spanish teachers tires was slashed.

- gaara: scary fucker. pushed a kid down the stairs in middle school and threatened like everyone of murder. could be up to anything. motive: is scary. alibi: none of the students had the courage to ask

Have some more concepts:

Adult Mike Hanlon keeping framed pictures of his family on his work-desk. YOU BETTER BELIEVE this includes pictures of the losers club. 

He also keeps his football trophies on a shelf in there. When people see them, they look at this really bookish dude in, like, argyle sweaters, sometimes even sweater-vests, with just a bit of surprise.

He plants flowers out in front of the building.

Mike reading a different book to the groups of kids that come to the library every Friday. He actually volunteered to start doing that way back in high-school. The kids like the way he does character voices. A certain boy named Richie Tozier inspired him to practice voices.

Obviously, he scrapbooks, but he also still plays video games in his spare time. Animal Crossing.

Mike Hanlon flips his lid every. single. time. he sees a dog. He takes pictures and sends them to everyone he knows. Sometimes this also goes for hares, frogs, deer, and other wild animals if they sit still long enough for him to get the pics. 

Secret Love Song (Louis Tomlinson Imagine)

Originally posted by louistomlinsonsgifs

(not my gif! credits to owner)

REQUEST: (from Anon) You’re a famous singer and you and Louis have been dating for about a year and you come out with your relationship imagine? Love your blog btw x 💛💕

WAAAAHHHH! MY FIRST REQUEST! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who requested. I really do appreciate them! Keep on sending them in and I’ll do my best to finish them quickly. Feedbacks are very well appreciated. 


Being Y/N Y/L/N has its pros and cons. A pro of it is being able to travel the world while doing what I love the most… singing. Singing is just one thing, but singing songs written by me, for me, and with me is a whole other level.

Another pro is finding the love of my life during an award show, where he and his bandmates won against me for best music video.


“And the winner for Best Music Video is…” Rihanna says through the mic. Each tear on the envelope sending chills down my spine.

I was nominated for my music video for “Salute”. My opponents include Zayn’s “Pillowtalk”, Maroon 5’s “Don’t Wanna Know” and One Direction’s “Night Changes”. The competition was tough but I really wanted to win this award. I gave my everything on that song and its music video and winning will pay off the hard work.

The air became almost non-existent when I heard Rihanna shout One Direction. It felt like the air was physically punched out of my system. But with the cameras filming our reactions, I had to fake a smiling face and clap for the winner.

During the after party, I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate my Best Female Singer award and socialize with everyone on the room. My manager just forced me to attend as to not start speculations of me being a sore loser or what not. The lose really took a toll on me. The worst thing was… I only lost to them by 5 votes! I mean… 5 votes?! It really bummed me out.

“Hello?” Someone said, shaking me out of my frustrated thoughts.

“What?” I said, shaking my head to bring me back to reality.

“I’m sorry.” The person said. I looked at the person and saw none other than Harry Styles.

“No.. I’m sorry. Just really not in the mood to be here.” I said honestly.

“Oh, sorry ‘bout that love. But my friend Louis right there was just too nervous to meet you, and seeing your reaction tonight about the award, he was really to scared to approach you.” He said, pointing towards Louis’s direction. Louis had a sheepish smile raising his hand as a sign of hello, which may I say was adorable.

“Was it really that obvious?” I asked nervously.

“Just a little.” Louis said. I didn’t even notice his appearance up until now.

“I’m really sorry.” I said genuinely.

“It’s alright love.” He said with that same sheepish smile.

That night, I got to know him better. We didn’t even notice that we were already conversing without Harry.

I silently thanked my manager for forcing me that night.

Because that night was the start of something great.


A few months and a few dates after that award show, we started dating officially and up until now, Louis and I are still going strong. Although with our situation, with both of us always being under the limelight, we decided to keep our relationship to ourselves for the meantime. Only our closest friends and family knew of our relationship.

That was the con of everything. The line between my private life and public life was almost invisible. Rumors after rumors of us dating have been published but we just shake them off, saying that we were just really good friends.

In a few weeks, we’ll be celebrating our first year anniversary. I’ve been working my ass off at the studio for the special gift that I was about to give the man that makes me smile every second of every day.

A song about us.

“Guess who?” said that voice that I knew very much, him covering my eyes with his very soft and fragile hands.

“Louis William Tomlinson, I’m so stressed so please let me see your beautiful face so that I can kiss it.” I said. He finally let go and turned the office chair that I was sitting on and gave me a peck on the lips.

“So, why did you ask me to meet you here?” He said, taking a seat on my right, Greg, my producer sitting on my left.

“Listen to this. “ I said as Greg played the song that I wrote with him.

When you hold me in the street

And you kiss me on the dance floor

I wish that it could be like that

Why can’t it be like that? Cause I’m yours

The song started playing, Louis passionately listening to the newly recorded song. I wasn’t listening to the song because I was busy reading Louis’s expressions.

I wrote this song for him and for us. I couldn’t stand not being able to show everyone how much I am in love with this Doncaster boy.

We keep behind closed doors

Every time I see you, I die a little more

Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls

It’ll never be enough

It’s obvious you’re meant for me

Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly

Every second, every thought, I’m in so deep

But I’ll never show it on my face

Tears started streaming down Louis’s face. He wiped it as unnoticeable as possible but I was still able to catch his small gesture. The song ended with a few tears pooling in his eyes yet with a huge smile on his face. He just shook his head and kissed me.

After regaining himself, he thanked Greg and asked if he’d be kind enough to let us talk privately. Greg nodded and left the room, patting Louis’s shoulder and congratulating him.

“When are you going to put the song out?” He asked.

“I’m not sure. Why?” I asked.

“Do it within the week or so.” He ordered.

“Are you sure? This soon? Why?”

“Because I want to shout it from the rooftops from now on. I’m yours and you’re mine.”


We decided to tell everyone of our relationship during our James Corden’s Late Late Show appearance, which coincidently, we were both on at the same time. The song was a huge hit and people caught on the meaning of the song causing ruckus here and there with regards to who the song was about.

On the day of the filming of the Late Late Show interview, Louis and I were sat beside each other on the couch, just the two of us. James was in front of us asking questions about our career plans for the next few months from now, until my new song was mentioned.

“So Y/N… A little birdie told me that your new song is about a certain someone called the Swag Master of Doncaster. Care to explain?” James asked showing a photo of us exiting the studio with Louis’s arm protectively and lovingly around my waist. I started blushing, my cheeks heating up quicker than normal.

I didn’t say a word. I just simply held Louis’s hand and smiled.

James let out a loud chuckle and that was it.

We were officially a couple in the public eye… and we couldn’t be happier.


That’s it for my first imagine! Don’t forget to send in your feedbacks and requests! 

Love you all! 😘

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Suga: Our teammates are?
Kageyama: …everyone is undeniably strong.
Hinata: “As long as I’m here, you’re invincible.”  Right?!
Kageyama: Of course!!!

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and second, pastel!richie where he’s new to derry and everyone expects him to be sweet and quiet and easy to bully, especially in that short skirt, but this trashmouth is ready to fight to death even though he rarely wins. and also how he becomes friends with the losers?

this kind of went down a stozier route im sorry im a sucker for punk!stan and pastel!richie…

- richie’s parents would be fashion designers or something so high class and everyone assumed they were snobs when they first move to derry but they’re super chill?

- and their son is always in pastel blue sweaters with rainbow patches sewn into his jeans and he may or may not wear mascara sometimes but no one needs to know

- on his first day he rocks up in a white tennis skirt, lilac sweater, with his hair all messy and curly with a lily tucked behind one of his ears and a cigarette in his fingers, where he definitely has lilac nail polish on his nails, and he’s humming Asia’s ‘Heat of the Moment’ to himself as everyone stares at him, he literally takes no notice

- he passes stan and mike in the hallway and stan nearly chokes on his water because jfc he has never seen someone so pretty before

- some asshole in richie’s social studies class starts making fun of him and stan and ben and bev are there and bev is ready to fight this kid when richie just squares up to him even though he hasn’t said ANYTHING yet

- the kid backs down and everyone respects richie after that because damn, the boy can really hold his own

- after class bev offers to sit with richie at lunch with the other losers and richie is all smiles and even links his arm with her after 10 seconds of meeting because they’re ‘absolutely going to be good friends’

- stan is literally staring at richie across the lunch table as he chats fashion with bev, architecture with ben, video games with bill and mike, and complimenting eddie on his outfit choice, making the boy blush

- richie spots stan after school and asks him to show him around town because the boy is HOT AF in his leather jacket and cuffed jeans and his hair is literally golden and richie is ready to fawn over him

- stan takes him to the arcade where the losers go and richie beats his high score in one go and stan is both pissed and turned on over it

- richie invites the losers over to dinner at his parents freshly decorated house and it’s so modern and pretty and everything’s all white and clean and the losers are so impressed??

- also richie definitely doesn’t drag stan away mid dinner to make out with him the bathroom, and stan definitely doesn’t almost rip richie’s white fishnets, NOPE