everyone wants him to turn heel do it!

Love spell scenario

-Akuma that’s opposite of Dark Cupid
-Makes victims fall in love with first person they see
-Oh dear god, mdme bustier and gorilla make a cute couple, kind of random
-Marinette gets hit with the dust/spell before she can transform
-Quickly covers her eyes and Chat takes her to safety
-Ladybug is MIA, so all can do for now is drive the Akuma into hiding
-that means everyone is still under its effects
-Marinette is home. Akuma targets Chat, so she tells him to hideout in her room while he figures out a next course of action
-Has to wear a blindfold, but honestly as this point, is too frustrated to do much besides pout and tell Chat he’s not the person she wants to fall for
-he laughs good naturedly, but is still worried because without ladybug he can’t do anything
-Marinette playfully shoves him, clumsily letting the blindfold slip
-they both scream, expecting her to fall head over heels for him
-turns out the love spell can’t make you fall in love with someone you’re already in love with
-CUE confusion and internal and external screaming

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While reading your Gaston headcanons and just imagined where he picks you up to carry you across a large puddle, only for him to trip on a loose stone. Oops, both of you are covered in mud now. Fluff ensures...?

I said no but i couldn’t stop mySELF.

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Title: Muddy.
Pairing: Gaston x Female!Reader.
Words: 3,104.
Rating: T.

It had just rained not ten minutes ago, and vendors were already back on the street. Some didn’t even bother protecting their produce and products and let the rain do what it wanted. It wasn’t the typical gentle sort of rain either, it was a consistent downpour that wasn’t expected by anyone in the village. You had sought shelter under a small patio of a neighbor as it happened on your way to get some eggs. As a result of the heavy rain, the Earth now smelt clean and fresh. It was a soothing scent, one that made you forget your worries, if only for a few minutes. Giving your kind neighbor a smile for letting you stand under their roof, you waved at them, saying, “I’ll see you later,” before stepping out. A few drops of water hit the top of your head as they dripped from the roofs edge.

Drawing a deep breath in, you began walking. Tightening your shawl around your shoulders, you were appreciative of the sun now peeking through the clouds above. It would warm up soon, drying everything in the process. Mindful of your steps now as most of the ground was either emerged with water or was a seeping puddle of mud, you ran into the sights of a friend.

Friend wasn’t the right word, you thought and looked at Gaston with curious eyes. He was currently checking himself out in the window of the bakery, smiling on and off. Probably checking the wrinkles around his mouth, you laughed to yourself, remembering how he told you that women found them to be rather attractive. ‘It gives me a sort of… Older appearance.’ He told you once with a wide smirk. He was right, they did make him look different than other men you knew, but not for the reason he gave you.

The lines around his mouth gave his smirk, his smiles and his grins even more prominence and seemed to captivate those around him. As if his eyes weren’t enough to get the job just right. In fact, most of his attributes were enough to get anyone he set his eyes on, really. He was the definition of tall, dark and handsome. There were the occasional few that saw passed this facade, and you just happened to be one of them. Not that it came in much luck because Gaston had a keen sense on picking out women and men who he didn’t quite captivate. You supposed this came into play with his need for a chase. Whether it be chasing his next prey while hunting or chasing the next woman in his life, he enjoyed it regardless.

You raised your eyebrows in amusement as Gaston shot his reflection a wink and a kiss. You took this as an opportunity to walk past him quickly, in slight hopes that perhaps he wouldn’t notice you so you could get what you wanted and not linger around to talk.

He was more of an acquaintance, you decided tip toeing your way behind him, not a friend. You both knew each other, acknowledged each other’s existence, spoken here and there, flirted a bit but ultimately kept your distance. It wasn’t as if you hated him, in fact, you didn’t. You just found him to a be a bit… overpowering sometimes and it only elevated when you figured out that he was entirely interested in you. Of course, the smiles he sent your way, the tone of voice he used with you, his gestures and body language were all alarms going off telling you that Gaston thought he was a bit more than acquaintances with you, but it only hit you full on when he finally got around to asking you to have dinner with him.

It’s not like you weren’t interested him and hadn’t thought of being together with him. You figured most everyone in the village had, even the men. Gaston was certainly appealing and was very careful on making himself seem as attractive as he possibly could. But, giving a man his way when he thinks he’s entitled to it is something you didn’t want to feed into. An egotistical man is something you didn’t want to feed attention to. You owed him nothing. You were your own person and he’d have to realize that if he was really interested.

“(Name)!” Your face balled up in defeat. Stopping your movements, you turned on your heel and faced Gaston. In the time that it took you to do that, you relaxed your expression into the most neutral face you could muster. You watched rather intently as he pulled on the bottom of his tan overcoat to straighten it, clearing his throat while doing that.

You swallowed softly and smiled politely at him. “Good morning, Gaston.”

He didn’t miss a beat, grasping your hand and kissing your knuckles gently. He smiled against them, looking down at you through slightly half-lidded eyes. Your heart churned at the meager gaze that held a bit more than invested attention. He let go of your hand, almost hesitating doing so. Your hand was left to drift in the air before making its way back to your side.  “Good morning.” He finally said, his tone dipping into his chest voice. “Any plans for this evening?”

“What’s today? Wednesday?” You thought and looked around, eager to avoid his eyes. Crossing your arms in front of your chest, you thought of an excuse. It didn’t need to be a good one, just a logical one. You spilled out the first thing you thought of, “I’ve got to do laundry.” It was unintentional for your statement to come out as a question, but unfortunately, it came out that way. You just hoped that Gaston bought it as an obtainable excuse.

Slipping his hands onto his hips, you found yourself rather fixated on the shape of his torso. His fingers expanded there, cupping and holding himself as if he didn’t get enough from the women who’ve touched that very spot. He didn’t cock his waist to the side perse, and much rather, straightened his back to make himself appear even larger. The light brown pants were tailored to fit his body specifically, and if he moved just right, it left little to the imagination. His feet were a part giving the absolute definition of confidence and self-awareness though Gaston on more than one occasion, was completely clueless. At this moment in time, he wasn’t. He was thinking about your words. There was really no sense in doing laundry in the evening because if you left it out to dry overnight, the frost would most definitely freeze most of your clothes.

“In the… Evening?” Gaston inquired, his right eyebrow arching upwards in curiousity. The white ruffled shirt under the vibrant red vest lined with gold clung to his torso and defined his shape. Under the tan overcoat, you could see that Gaston was just as gentle on the eyes. Many didn’t see this for many only say the broad shouldered war hero. For a brief moment, you wanted nothing than to reach out and graze your hands up and down his sides. They appeared smooth.

“Uhm, yes.” You tore your eyes away, deciding that walking away was probably the best way to avoid any sort of eye contact. If he’s walking beside you, preferably a foot behind you actually,  it’d be hard for you to maintain gazes. Gaston followed you rather diligently, letting his eyes fall to the back of your head as you began speaking again, “It’s a lot easier to get it done in the evening when no one else is there.” That made complete sense, you reassured yourself.

“Then, can I join you?” You knew that was coming. Laughing quietly, you stopped in front of a rather large puddle that almost looked more like a pond because of its size. “I’ve never done it myself, but I’m sure you can help me.” Gaston informed you, studying the small body of water in front of you and your mild hesitation on how you wanted to get around it.

Without any chance to ask what he was doing, Gaston bent down, grasping your hips and picking you up seamlessly. It was sudden action and with your feet leaving the ground so quickly made your head reel. For a second, you were almost sure he was going to hike you over his shoulder and carry you like a sack of potatoes, but his arm remained around your waist and within moments, he was holding you rather securely while your feet dangled helplessly in the air.

Unable to protest now, he started walking forward through the puddle you were debating on how to get around. You sighed in defeat. He was nice enough to help you so there was no point in arguing now that he was halfway across. “Or better yet, you can do it for me. You see, I usually get women to do it for me, it’s amazing how they throw themselves on their knees for the opportunity really.” Gaston smirked at the thought, readjusting his grip on you.

Shutting your eyelids to reserve yourself from snapping at him, you wrapped your arms around his neck to feel a bit more stable. You could feel his muscles shift under his clothing and found it difficult to ignore the musky smell that seemed to linger with him. He smelt like the woods mixed with the smallest amount of gunpowder. You knew this wasn’t a scent you should grow attached to, but you still found yourself taking deep breaths in just to enjoy. Fluttering your eyes back open you looked at him. Your gaze was a threat in itself, telling him that he’d pay for it if he dropped you. Then, you began speaking, “I won’t do it for you, but I can show you how to do it.”

Gaston laughed quietly. He figured you’d say something of that nature and merely nodded in agreement. He shuffled slightly, feeling something under his feet slip and slide, and before he could really process what it was, the two of you were tumbling down. A few seconds later, you were sitting in a rather large puddle, covered with water and mud. Sitting up, you blinked back the mud near your eyes. You swallowed thickly and looked down at Gaston as he actually managed to catch you and soften your landing. You couldn’t say the same for him for you had actually landed on top of him.

Resting on his back, he groaned quietly and opened his eyes. Gaston looked blankly at the sky for a few seconds before rocking back into reality. Realizing you were on top of him, a small smirk crept its way onto his cheeks. You could feel the eyes of a few villagers digging into you as they watched the entire thing play out, and some villagers who just got there and were met with a rather compromising scene as you were straddling him.

Staring down at him, you came to one conclusion rather quickly. “You did that on purpose.”

“What reason would I have for doing it on purpose? I slipped on a loose stone. It does happen, I’ll have you know. I’m sorry.” He groaned while sitting up, reaching back and holding you close to him. It was unintentional and more of a habit, but you could feel the heat dancing from the tips of your ears to your face at the action. Your eyebrows rose in slow amazement.  He wasn’t usually one for apologizing for anything, even it was his fault. Gaston had a knack of making it seem like things weren’t truly his fault, so why did he take responsibility this time? You were still perched in his lap as he slicked back some of his now drenched hair, a bit offended that you assumed that he did it intentionally.

Your laughter started, soft at first before getting louder and louder. Gaston was shocked, his face twisting into an expression of confusion. “What could possibly be so funny?” He moved his head back a bit so he could see you more clearly and something inside of him slammed against his heart like a giant wave.

“You’re a mess.” You tossed your head back in absolute pleasure. You’d never seen Gaston like this before. Physically dirty and unappealing to most because of the mud, but also a bit more human for having apologize for making a mistake, for having a flaw. Grasping your sides from laughing too hard, you heard Gaston’s laugh mix with yours. Unsurely at first, before he started literally cackling. It was something that you never actually heard prior, because he had many sorts of laughs.

The cocky laughs, the fake laughs, and the hateful or scornful laughs. Those were the ones he used more often than not so to hear his actual, human, genuine laugh made yours die down so you could admire it a bit more. There were wrinkles around his eyes, as they were shut, his mouth forming what you would describe as being one of the most beautiful smiles you’d ever seen. The sound itself was a bit different as well and instead of resonating in his chest like you thought, it was a lighter, more flowful sound. Grasping a leaf that had made it’s way into his hair, you tugged it out gently and tossed it to the side. “I’ve known you for years but I’ve never heard you laugh like that.” You stated and wiped some mud off his forehead. In the process though, you had only managed to smear it with the water on your fingers.

“You best bask in it then. Not many people have heard it.” He whispered a bit too quietly and looked away. Surely, it was a subject you could press and see why he implied that it was rare for him to laugh like that, but you were in no true position to do so. You were acquaintances. If more, then perhaps you could seep into his childhood, the days before you even knew Gaston.

Leaning towards him ever so slightly, you stared into his eyes as if you were reading what emotions were swirling in them. Remarkably, as many people have told you, his eyes weren’t a complete and solid brown. You supposed that you had never paid attention to the flickers of green that were washed around the darkness of his pupil. The sunlight seemed to elevate the appearance of his eyes, giving them a much softer glow than darker light would give. Resting your hands on his chest, you swallowed back any intentions of going any further than this mishap and tried to convince yourself that standing up would be your safest way out.

You tried, but your legs weren’t moving. A refusal would be the best way to put it. Your mind was refusing to move your body, to flee from the scene. Why?

Silence ensued between the two of you as he stared back at you. From the vague expression on his face, you thought that he was going to lean forward and plant a smooth kiss onto your lips. You were positive that was what he would do had any other girl fallen with him. Why else would he need the excuse to get so close to you? His movement seemed almost hesitant and as he rested back on one arm, he reached the other up and wiped some mud off your cheek with the wet sleeve of his tan coat. You didn’t want to tilt your head towards his graze, but that’s exactly what you did. Your action led to Gaston cupping the side of your face, his fingertips damp against your soft skin. You were almost positive he could feel your heart beating against his touch.

It would be so easy to kiss you right now, he thought to himself and let his eyes drop to your mouth before seeking your gaze once again. One swift motion towards you and he’d have his lips on yours, something that he had thought about since the first day he met you. That was years ago. To pine after someone for so long was typically not his style but here he found himself wanting nothing more than to embrace you and to let you have him. Gaston swallowed, the muscles in his neck contracting as he did. He wouldn’t say that he was nervous because he wasn’t. He just found himself… Unsure of what to do now. He could kiss you and change things between the two of you forever or he could stand up, help you up and go on with life the way things were.

He had chased you long enough.

Now was the time to take some action.

You laughed quietly, pulling away from his touch, “We should probably start laundry earlier-” The sentence came to an abrupt stop as Gaston craned his head forward and captured your lips. Your eyes were wide with surprise, though deep down, you knew he was going to kiss you. And, despite that deep down feeling, you did nothing to stop him. The second he started kissing you, you had stopped lying to yourself. You wanted to kiss him just as much. You wanted to hold him closer and never let go.

It wasn’t quite a kiss, as half of his mouth actually landed on the space next to your mouth. He didn’t move for what seemed like eternity, constantly reassuring himself that he had done the right thing. And when he did move, it was to readjust his mouth so he could kiss you fully. Lifting both hands, he cupped your face tenderly while the hands that were resting on his chest rose up to hold onto his shoulders. 

You wondered what it must look like, the two of you kissing in the middle of the village, in the middle of a puddle, both soaked to the bone and covered in mud. You didn’t care about that for very long though as your eyes fell shut. Gaston didn’t completely devour and allowed you dominate slightly. Kissing him back, you squeezed his shoulders and laughed slightly when the small amount of facial hair tickled your face. He laughed as well, pulling his mouth from yours. They remained puckered, almost asking for another kiss, his eyes still blissfully shut.

You didn’t allow him the pleasure, at least, not yet as you finished your sentence from before, “because we need to get the mud out of these clothes.”

Holy crap that ended up way longer than I had anticipated. Reblogs and likes are appreciated guys, thanks for reading!

This is How a Heart Breaks ( Gaston x reader)

I finally finished it. I was so surprised at how many people actually like the teaser so that motivated me to finish it. I don’t know why but I have a lot of fun writing for Gaston. So again this story is of what would happen if the reader fell of the castle instead of Gaston. This also has a sort of Dracula Untold ending. 

WARNINGS: Death, Angst, Feels, blood, spoilers-ish?, and fluff. 

 Tags: @withouthannah because they so kindly asked to be tagged.

 So now that all that’s out of the way please enjoy!

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Hold Back The River (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Reader is best friends with Roman, traveling with him and valeting him to the ring. The two were inseparable. What happens when everything changes?

**A/N: ** Shout-out to @lclb13 because this fic is written based on a request from her imagination. I made this as true to the request as possible. Protective Roman is pretty cute. The song choice for this one: “Hold Back the River” by James Bay.

**S/B: ** Check out @thiickreigns for version two!


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“Tried to keep you close to me

But life got in between

Tried to square not being there        

But think that I should have been…”

           It was a long day, a really long and tiring day. The flights, the interviews, the training: long, tedious and tiring and all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and sleep. Instead, I was here in Orlando, Florida, sitting quietly in the stands of the arena an hour and a half before Monday night Raw began.

           “Hey, baby girl. Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

          Roman’s deep, soothing voice from behind my row of seats caused me to jump up in shear surprise. I turned around with a scowl planted firmly on my face, trying my best not to smile at his apologizing pout. We’ve been best friends since we started out in NXT five years earlier. Now, we worked together for the same company and traveled together all the time. When I say I loved this adorable Samoan to death, I truly meant it.

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Creepypasta #1072: What Makes A Dog A Dog?

Length: Super long

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my time. I made the most in a row about two years back, when I got myself a new neighbor.

I live in a good neighborhood in Pennsylvania. You’ll meet a lot of farm boys and good, christian folks. We’re pretty docile out here, long as you stay away from the things we claim for our own. You know, typical property stuff and privacy. I’m a good fellow, I like to think. I have a field full of cattle and a mutt of a cattle dog to get their fat asses going to the dairy.

But this ain’t about me, it’s about the new neighbor. He started this, and I hate his guts for what I know now. When he first moved in next door, I was as friendly as could be. Hospitality is a big deal, you know. You gotta be polite to the new people around here, or they’ll think they’ve gone and made a mistake coming around to live here.

He arrived in the evening in the house not ninety yards from mine. Squat, chubby city fellow who carried his boxes in one at a time. He ignored me the whole time I walked over to help. Max stuck at my heel like a good boy, ears up to meet the new guy next door. 

“Evening, sir.” 

He had gray hair and mine’s just starting to turn, but I was taught as a boy to call everyone sir or ma'am. He went right on ignoring me. I called to him again.

The man jumped and turned, startled behind his glasses. He looked like a spooked owl. “What do you want?”

I gave him a friendly smile, Max laying down on the man’s porch. He got tired of waiting, and wanted to go back to rounding up cows for the dairy. “Well sir, it looks like you could use some help unloading all them boxes.”

He just squinted at me like I had some ulterior motive in mind. “Why do you want to do that?”

I shrugged. “Right thing to do, I suppose.” I stuck out my hand for a shake. “Name’s Richard.”

He stared at my hand for a second or so, then took it. He wasn’t much of a man, but he gave one hell of a handshake. “Wesley.”

We moved boxes in near silence. He wasn’t much of a talker at any rate, just telling me to set the boxes in the kitchen. I set a large box on the kitchen counter and asked, “So, Wesley Where’d you come from?”

“Shadowcrest, Maryland.”


He turned on me, nearly dropping his box. “I didn’t name it.”

Jumpy fellow. “Well… you need anything, I’m in the house that way. Ain’t no one on your other side, though you might hear a mooing.” I grinned at my try at a joke, but Wesley blinked at me. He looked tired.

“You farm cows.” He wasn’t asking.

“Yup. Dairy cows. Uncle owns the dairy down the road a ways.” I tried again to get that man to say something, or crack a smile. “What’s your job, if you don’t mind me asking?”

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Say I Love You... (Part II)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean tries to take his feelings for Y/N to the next level with a confession, but will he fall through or chicken out…?

Part 1.


The brisk winds of Lebanon course through the empty bunker, licking up Y/N’s arms as she sits in the library, feet up on her seat and a book perched on her knees. It’s a frigid Autumn’s morning, the hallways whistling in the quiet. She’s supposed to be researching. Sam had left her trying to find them a case, something to busy themselves for the time being, but somewhere along the way she was distracted by a stray book left open on the table.

Licking her thumb, she flips to the next page, eyes focused profusely, that she doesn’t hear the heavy clunk of boots against the floor.

“You’re up.”

Y/N’s gaze lifts and head swerves in the direction of the voice—Dean. Standing in the entrance, pajama-clad, head-headed and sleepy-eyed. He must have just woken up, she figures, as she sets the book down and the corner’s of her mouth twitch up.

“You, too. Finally.”

Dean scoffs and runs a hand through his messy hair. “Yeah, barely. I’m still semi-asleep.” He says as Y/N makes her way over to him, smiling warmly, and wraps her arms around his neck in a warm hug. The elder Winchester chuckles softly, then pecks her hair that smells of lavender and milk.

Y/N pulls away with a devilish smile. “I can wake you up…”

“Not now.” Dean laughs. The crinkles by his eyes come out. Y/N tries not to stare. “It’s too early for that.”

They brew coffee and burn the omelet they tried to make and it everything anyway. Sitting on the kitchen counter, legs dangling limply like a doll’s, Y/N  tosses some burnt bacon into her mouth.

“So…” She chews. “What’s today’s agenda?”

Dean shrugs from the floor where he’s seated, chugging black coffee like its water. He’s still in his pajamas, still messy-haired and his voice is a bit croaky and rough from his deep slumber, but he looks more awake now. More here. Y/N is grateful for that. He should be here, she thinks. After their conversation the previous week back in that motel, that’s all Y/N wants from Dean. Presence. Being. She remembers being worried sick about him a few days before the hunt when the elder Winchester had seemingly fallen into a depression of sorts. He’d shut everyone out, became a recluse. Seeing him here now, smiling, drinking coffee and rubbing her Achilles heel, Y/N felt her heart swell with relief.

“Do you….uhm…” Dean speaks suddenly, reeling the young girl back to reality as she turns to him.

Her brows quirk up in query. “Do I…?”

“Uhm….Do you wanna go out today? Like, an old fashion date? It’s been a while since we’ve been on one of those”

“It has been a while since we went out.”Y/N affirms.

Dean feels a swell of hope within his chest, but tries not to show it. “So that’s a yes? I thought that maybe we could ditch work today and hang out. Maybe do other things.” The elder Winchester smirks at Y/N, tickling her heel, and she squeals as she pulls it away. “What do you say?”

“Yeah, that would be fun. Where do you want to go?”

“It’s a surprise. Can’t tell you.”

“Is it fun?” She asks. Dean nods curtly. Y/N then smiles once more, hopping off the counter. She bends down to capture his lips in a quick and sweet kiss, then pulls away, pecks his nose and runs off to get dressed.


Dean remains behind in the comfort of the silent kitchen, lips still buzzing from the kiss. His hand, involuntarily, floats up to his mouth and he runs his thumb across it. God.

God, this girl.

It’s amazing how much she can affect him just like that, he thinks as he rises to dump his cup in the sink. It’s amazing and scary. He’s never felt this way before; he’s never wanted to, and yet here he is, stomach filled with violent butterflies and wanting it to never stop.

Wandering through the bunker, Dean makes his way into his bedroom to get changed for their date. They’re going to the nearby lagoon to drink beer and see who can skip the most stones, and then, if the heavens are in his favor, he’ll gather the courage to tell her. To confess.

Three little words: I love you.

Dean has never thought that he’d be in a position where he’d have to utter them, where he’d be scared shitless to utter them, but he’s realized that dwelling on that won’t do any good. The time has come, inexorable and scary and real, and so the only option he has is to fall through with his destiny.

I Love You.

He’s been saying it in his head religiously, like it’s a chant, a mantra that connects him with the higher beings somehow. Throwing on a grey undershirt and a blue-black flannel, the elder Winchester tosses his pajamas onto his bed and then moves to get the keys from his bedside drawer. It’s full of little trinkets; bullet shells, coins, medallions and receipts with unholy numbers for beers. Dean trawls through it all until he finally finds the key. He palms it.

The drive to the lagoon is relatively long, an entire forty five minute journey up the road then into the valley and out. Dean’s hand steers the wheel while the other arm hangs limply out the window, facing the vicious touch of the breeze.

Seated in the passenger’s seat, Y/N’s legs are crossed up Indian-style on the leather. She’s wearing her date-dress;a pleated peach-colored skirt that stops mid-thigh with a fitting strapless torso. Her hair, soft, silky tresses of y/h/c dance in the wind, and Dean tries to remind himself to keeps his eyes off her and on the road if he even wants to make it to their date.

“Someone looks nice.” He comments, casting brief glance at his girlfriend.

She blushes and tries to hide it by turning her head to the window, chuckling and shaking her head. She then turns back to him. “I know.”

“Do you, now?”

“You’re looking nice, too.” Y/N smiles as she takes the elder Winchester’s hand in hers and starts tracing shapes on the back. “I mean, you always look nice, but today it’s especially nice.”

“Nice save.”

“Wasn’t it?”

Dean laughs, shaking his head, and Y/N only smiles like she’s so proud of herself for drawing it out of him. He’s noticed that about her before—how she’ll say something, something dorky and goofy and funny and then wait until he acknowledges it with a laugh to pride herself in it. When he brought it up to her once, she thought it was embarrassing. Dean thinks it’s adorable. She’s adorable.

She drags her finger along the back of his hand in random lines and curves and zigzags, like she’s drawing a map.

The car slides down a sloping tarmac road, into a grass clearing and then further down until the little woods surrounding the lagoon are in sight. Dean kills the engine and then yanks the keys out as Y/N reaches into the backseat for their things.

“I’ll get the beer.” The elder Winchester garbs the six pack. He climbs out. They walk down to the lagoon because it’s not too far, and they like the feelings of their hands pressed together as they traipse down the paths. The grass has been trampled on and all that remains is a narrow path of dirt that leads into the woods.

Y/N, smiling and glowing with excitement, squeezes Dean’s hand as she turns to him. “So this is the surprise, huh?”

“ I remembered how much fun we had the last time we were here with Sam and Cas. A pretty long time ago, before we even started dating, but…” He falters a bit, trying to grapple for words that can describe what he’s feeling because even he is lost. He might already be accepting of it, but Dean still needs some getting used to with speaking of love.

But he forces himself on, swallowing thickly as his nerves come alive. He squeezes Y/N’s hand in his a bit.

“…I can never forget that day, even if I wanted to.” He admits. “Stupid, huh? Yeah, I uh…I know. But, it’s only because that day was the day that I…that I…”


They stop walking as Y/N steps in front of the elder Winchester, blocking him.  His footsteps halt and he stills.

“Y/N, what’s up?” Dean asks, disconcerted. The young girl gapes at him, big y/e/c eyes that are swimming with something, something profound and real, and it’s only then that he notices the shift in atmosphere—the solemnity, the intimacy. Y/N is smiling at him—really smiling, with dimples so big you could eat soup out of them, and her eyes are little slits in her face.

She lifts his hand to her cheek and holds it there for a bit. The lagoon is no less than twenty feet away. Dean splinters, because it’s soft and it’s warm and Christ, now, say it now…

“Y/N, I….” His tongue feels swollen and heavy and he’s beginning to panic. He wants to smack himself over the head, because he’s a hunter, dammit, these shouldn’t be the things that make his knees wobbly….but they are.

She is.

‘Y/N, I love you’, he wants to say.

“Dean, is something wrong?” The young girl’s brow furrows, gaze swimming with concern. Dean gulps, shaking his head.

“No, nothing’s wrong, I just…”

“You look a little flush.” Y/N places a cold hand on his warm forehead then pulls it back. “You’re a little warm—sure everything is fine?”

“Let’s keep moving.” Dean sidesteps her and then walks quickly and jerkily because he’s knees feel like jelly and his head is spinning. He needs a beer.

The Lagoon is big and blue and surrounding by large rocks towering fifty feet high as an enclosure. The only leveled land is the little patch of grass that he and Y/N walk onto, emerging from the forest.

As soon as they see it, nostalgia washes over them. This is where it happened, Dean thinks. Where he first realized his feelings for Y/N. Where he opened the gate for love to sneak into his heart like a burglar in the night.

He wouldn’t trade it for the world.

“Can I have a beer?” Y/N asks, laying out their blanket on one of the rocks. She dumps her bag and  the beef-jerky nearby and walks over to her boyfriend. She slides a beer out from the packaging, then uncaps it and takes a long sip.

“Ah, that’s refreshing.” She pulls it from her lips, wiping her mouth. Then she tips it at Dean, raising her eyebrows like it’s an offer. “You want some?”

“I’ll get my own.”

“We always share our beer…?” Y/N’s voice harbors an edge to it, and before he knows it, she sits and faces him, eyes swimming with concern.

“Dean,” She begins. “ What’s going on? You’re acting strange.”


“Stop lying to me.”

“I’m not lying, Y/N. Nothing is wrong, okay? Nothing. Let’s just…” The elder Winchester’s voice melts away, his voice exasperated, tensed, muscles twitching. Dragging a hand down his face, Dean shakes his head a little and wonders what is happening.

This isn’t how it’s supposed to go. He tries to salvage the moment, refill it with heart and intimacy as he turns to his girlfriend but Y/N’s head is already bowed sullenly. Her hair hangs in a rich y/h/c curtain across her face.

At this, Dean feels his heart wrench. He sighs, reaching out to touch her shoulder. “Y/N….”

“I’m just trying to be there for you.” She says in a small voice, hush, vulnerable. Dammit, she’s so damn vulnerable. A swell of sympathy wells in the hunter’s chest as he scoots closer and engulfs her in a hug. Her head is on his chest, and she feels small and fragile and he wants to make her feel better.

“I know.” Dean responds. “And I appreciate it—really, I do…I’m just….” Shutting his eyes, he shakes his head.

“You’re just Dean. You don’t want anyone to help you. You just want them to watch you burn yourself to the ground.”

“Y/N, that’s not what I meant—“

“We talked about this just the other week.” Y/N whips around to face him face marred by anguish.

Her brow is furrowed and her eyes have glazed over; Dean can tell she’s holding back her emotions, trying not to burst, but it’s like watching a balloon filling with air, just waiting for the inevitable pop that doesn’t seem to come.

“I want to help you, Dean—I thought I did, but, God— you make it so hard sometimes.”

“It’s not like I’m purposely trying to.”

Y/N says nothing, instead waving him off as she reaches for her beer and then taking a big sip from the bottle. Her head tilts back and she chugs it. The light is leaking onto them through the partings in the trees overhead and the lagoon is glinting in the sun’s light. Birds are singing.

Dean’s gaze lingers on the girl before him as she fiddles with the label on the bottle. She isn’t angry per se—she can’t be. It would take a lot more than his mere stubbornness to get Y/N angry, the elder Winchester knows, but she’s upset, and….


“What?” She glances over her shoulder, un-amused. The sun spreads a warm glow of light over the profile of her face.

Dean is sweating.

The tips of his fingers go as cold as ice and he can feel his muscles tense. Everything around him stops; he stops. It’s like his body has halted functioning, because he can’t even seem to get breath in his lungs and blood in his fingertips and face and do it, do it now, he thinks but—


“I love you.” The words are forced out of him.

Dean lets the silence that follows hang in the air, his chest still tight and wrought with butterflies. Y/N’s eyes go wide, the confusion and worry melting away gradually as she lowers her beer.

She looks at him.

Really looks at him.

And the elder Winchester feels his mind spiral into a panic because he realizes—now what?

He’s said it. The words have escaped him and his proclaimed his affections and yet nothing is happening. The seconds are floating by like wisps of wind. Y/N is saying nothing, shock-ed still, and having not anticipated this, Dean begins to panic even more.

“Uhm…” he stumbles, averting his gaze. “…yeah, that came out of nowhere. Never mind that, sorry.”

Y/N’s eyes are still glassy-and perplexed, her face looking like she’s truly baffled by this claim. “You love me.” She says, sounding it more like a statement than a question.

The elder Winchester rubs the back of his neck, abashed, as a warm blush warms his face.


“Dean I…” He waits, feeling his skin tingle,..And then Y/N laughs.

She laughs.

It’s a brief and precise laugh, chuckle, really, that sounds disbelieved, and Dean nearly dies right there on spot, and he wants the earth to swallow him and he stumbles to try and backtrack and tell her to forget it when he feels fingers lace with his.

The green-eyed hunter glances down at their hands. Y/N’s sits enveloped in his, tiny, fragile, like that of a porcelain doll.

He casts his gaze up.

And she’s crying.

“You love me…”The tears are soft and very feint, but he can see them. She’s crying. She’s crying and he loves her.

Dean feels a lump in his throat bob up and down, and he swallows. His voice is hoarse, croaky. He’s glad he’s sitting down because if he were standing he’d end up on the floor minutes ago. “I do..”

“You’re not just saying this to ease the tension?”

“What?” His face is incredulous, offended, even. “Of course not.” He insists. “I mean, it—Jesus, Y/N…what does that mean? You don’t think I mean it?”

“I want to be sure.”

“Well, then be sure—I mean it.” Dean says and squeezes the young girl’s hand for emphasis. Her gaze then slides from his face to their hands and back up as Dean waits. He wants her to say something, to respond.

And she does.

In the best way possible—because as soon as their gazes meet, the silence growing heavier and unbearable and eating Dean up from the inside out, a smile breaks through Y/N’s face and then—

She kisses him.

String-like arms wind round his neck like veins and the feeling of warm, soft lips pressed on his encompasses Dean. He stumbles back a bit, bringing her with him as she rolls on top of him. Her lips never falter. She kisses him, devours him.

When she pulls away, eyes half-lidded and lips barely parted, Y/N smiles sadly and Dean notices the tears in her eyes.

She sniffles, overcome by her emotions, and then the words that leave her lips melt him—destroy him, a like meteor crashing into an oncoming planet, like the strike of a match that sparks a fire.

“I love you, too, Dean Winchester.”


Of course he came through! it’s Dean!

Thank you for reading; as usual likes and reblogs are much appreciated. Also, feel free to follow to see a few more one-shots and imagines or to send in a request and have me write it for you because I do actualyl do that (i’m sorry if have sent in a request and its not yet out I’m a terrible procrastinator)

Faking it (Grayson) Part 3/?

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 2,204
Warnings: None.
A/N: I’m so happy you guys like this so much. The feedback has been amazing. Also, I’m almost at 300 followers!!! Thank you so much. Enjoy part 3!! xx

Faking It Masterlist.

You took a quick shower and dried yourself in the bathroom, changing into the clothes you had taken with you. Once you had dried your hair so it wasn’t dripping you decided to join the others downstairs, hoping that they weren’t waiting for you to finish before they ate. But one glance into the open doorway of the kitchen told you that the dinner was still in the making, Lisa and four other adults bustling around, talking over each other, resulting in them almost shouting to be heard over the other’s voice. You smiled in amusement before turning to walk into the living room.

The living area was breathtaking. Like everything in the cabin, it was out of wooden walls and floors, but it was styled in a very cozy and western feel. There were two red sofas and one mustard colored armchair all pointed toward the largest fireplace you had ever seen, made out of grey stone, and of course a large sofa table in the middle. It seemed like this whole cabin was made out of windows, because at the far left of the living area, there was a whole wall made out of glass, giving off that gorgeous view of the backyard and lake, the one you had in the room you were staying at.

Grayson and Ethan were both preoccupied with talking to their small cousins, three sitting by Ethan and one in Gray’s lap. You smiled at the sight, feeling something twist in the pit of your stomach. It was just too adorable. Gray looked up at, catching your eye. He smiled easily and bounced the little girl in his lap, who couldn’t be more than five or six years old.

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That Makes Us A Secret

Thanks to @shelbybros-ltd for this good picture of Isaiah, not much of those out there. Find more here 

“Isaiah, shhh, we have to be quiet.” You shout, causing him to put his hands over your mouth.

“I know, you’re the one who’s bloody shouting. Are you going to stop?” He asks you and you nod your head. He slowly takes his hands of your mouth.

“Sorry.” You giggle.

“It’s ok. Come on.” He says, helping you into the house. Struggling with the lock and trying to maneuver around the unfamiliar house in the dark led you to make a hell of  a lot of noise. Isaiah tried to help, but it was pretty useless. He was trying to walk you up the stairs when the lights turned on. You held your breath, slowly turning around afraid to find Tommy sitting on the couch waiting for you. Instead it was Grace.

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Young Dean x Reader / Young Peter x Reader

Requested by Anon

Everyone at Beacon Hills High was abuzz with chatter as the shiny black car roared into the carpark. Derek had pulled you away from Peter to go and see the car and you realised that nearly every girl in your years was gathered around, although none of them were looking at the car.

“Hi, I’m Dean.” The boy who’d driven the car muttered to someone in the crowd.

“Don’t see what’s so impressive about the car.” Peter sighed loudly and Dean turned to shoot the oldest Hale a horrified look.

“Peter!” you hissed and elbowed him in the ribs.

“What, it’s just a car.” He grumbled and tried to tug you off but you pulled away and followed Derek who was talking to the other new kid.

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Untouched pt. 4

Bucky x reader

Notes: fluff, swearing, losing virginity, SMUT. 

Summary: the whole team is surprised to find out you’re still a virgin, and the news seems to make you more allegeable to some of the men around the compound. Bucky is no less surprised than the rest of the team, and finds it even harder to keep his eyes off you as he nurses a secret of his own, which he feels obliged to reveal to you after an incident in the training room.

The big moment! I hope I did it justice. :) 

Originally posted by wintersthighs

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No Holding Back // Jeon Jungkook & Park Jimin

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Jimin

Genre: Angst with slight fluff

Summary//Request: Hi can you write a fanfic or a scenario where Jungkook is your best friend and you’ve been liking him for a while but then suddenly Jimin comes and starts being friends with you and you both start flirting with each other while Jungkook is there, making him jealous?

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The sound of typing fills the room as Widowmaker steps inside.

           It’s dark as dusk, save for the overbright screens—four of them, all angled towards a woman silhouetted against the glow, seated comfortably in an office chair, spinning lightly from side to side as she keeps typing, occasionally glancing at a different screen, muttering under her breath as she works.

           The sniper takes three steps into the room when the other woman’s voice drifts over.

           “It’s polite to knock, you know,” she calls. A pause. Widowmaker can hear the smile in her voice. “Or do spiders not have manners?”

           Widowmaker lets the jab go. Sombra’s good mood will not last—of this she is certain.

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Make Me Your Home

Miracles really do come true and I’ve managed to finish my gift exchange fic on time! Here’s some post cacw, Sam-centric, hurt/comfort samsteve loving for you @serazienne! I hope you love it!!

Read on ao3

When it’s all said and done, Steve finds them a new home. It’s a tiny thing- just a little cabin somewhere too cold, too white and too suburban for Sam’s taste but-

“It’s safe, Sammy.” Steve tells him with wide pleading eyes.

Sam nods, because where the hell else is he supposed to go? Right now, they don’t have anywhere to be but here and Sam hates it. He can’t go home- fuck- where would he even consider home? It’s not where he’s been living for the past two years because that’s at the New Avengers Compound. Sure, it was convenient and luxurious but Sam always felt closed in despite the remote location. Sam always felt a little too big for his skin, a little too fizzy. Steve would notice before Sam could even identify the feelings for what they were and the two of them would escape for the weekend. They’d go all sorts of places- the beach, Sam’s mom’s house, Brooklyn, Philadelphia. Their cute little weekend getaways. Natasha would always tease them about it.

“Please,” Steve begs, snapping Sam back to himself. “Just come inside.”

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My Everything

Fandom: Star Trek
Characters: Pavel, Spoke
Relationship: Pavel/reader
Request: I was wondering if there could be an angsty chekov fic if you’re not too busy, my addiction for the Russian cinnamon roll will not subside
Everything inside you was screaming at you to shut up and not say what you were about to. You knew it was wrong and you weren’t meant to be here, but your heart had dragged you here and now it was breaking. But there was no other way. It wasn’t to be.
It had all started when you had stepped foot aboard the Enterprise.
Those curly locks, amazing eye, breath-taking accent had made you fall head over heels for him.
He had turned and started at you for a couple of seconds, his mouth falling open slightly. He looked like he had just seen a mythological animal as he stood from his seat and walked over to you.
“H-hi. I’m Pavel Checkov.” He stuttered, his cheeks growing red as he offered you a hand, which you shake, your own blush growing.
“[y/n] [l/n].” You giggle as he beamed at you.
From then on, the two of you were inseparable. You were positioned in the medial bay and he was the main bridge, but that didn’t stop you seeing each other. Both of you would offer to take messages to the other department, Chekov would always manage to make his breaks line up with yours and he would find you in the mess hall.
You were younger than him by a month, so you had a lot in common, sharing the same interests as well as a decent knowledge of mechanics.
And of course, the evenings were spent at either yours or his room, talking. Once, you had even fallen asleep in his room and woke up to find he had lifted you and placed you on his bed with a cover draped over you with he slept on the floor.
It had been that night that you realised that your crush had developed into love for Pavel.
Then you had been called into a meeting with Spoke.
He personally requested you, so you knew it wasn’t anything to do with the medical bay otherwise it would have been Bones, and it shouldn’t be because you hadn’t been doing your job right, because that would once again be bones who dealt with that. So you walked along side the Vulcan with a quizzical look on your face. He had sat you down in a room with just a table and two chairs, one either side of said table.
“Whats your relationship with Mr Chekov?” He asked straight away, not even skipping a beat. You sat there for a minute, trying to process why it was of any importance to Spoke.
“He a close friend.” You finally say as you drop the eye contact.
“Just a close friend?” He sounded like he didn’t believe you as you blinked a couple of times before nodding. Spoke didn’t seem to like your answer and, to be honest, neither did you. But you knew the rules.
“[y/n]. Do you know that relationships between cadets is forbidden?” He asked sternly. You nod again, trying to figure out what was happening.
“Do you also know that if you are caught having a relationship with another cadet, you can face disciplinary action?” You, once again, find yourself only able to nod, your cheeks burning red as you put two and two together.
“Look, Mr Spoke. There is nothing more than friendship between myself and Checkov. And I doubt there would ever be anything more.” You sighed as you stood from your seat. Even Spoke could see the sadness in your eyes as you tried to look away. “Am I excused?”
Spoke stood and nodded and you left.
But what happened next was what broke your heart.
You were talking back to your room when you decided to stop by Pavels room and ask him if Spoke had spoken to him.
Of course, Pavel happily pulled you inside and into a hug, which you happily returned.
“[y/n]!I didn’t think you would be coming today.” He laughed as he swung you around, making you giggle.
“I didn’t think so either, but I wanted to ask you something. Has Spoke spoken to you at all recently? About me?” You take a step back from Pavel as you twist your fingers around a loose strand of hair. Pavel frowned and shook his head.
“No, he hasn’t. Why? Did he say something to you?” He stepped forward and placed a worried hand on your waist. You heart sped up as a blush crept to your cheeks.
“Yes, I don’t know why though. He was just asking what the relationship between us is and…”
“what is the relationship?” Pavel interrupted you as you felt his hand slightly shaking on your waist. You frowned slightly as you shrugged your shoulders.
“I just said we were close friends.” You were now pressed up against Pavels front, your hands had somehow managed to find their way to his shoulders. You could feel his heart beating rapidly through his shirt as you saw his own cheeks redden.
“What if I want more than that?” He whispers, his lips now mere inches away from yours.
This had all spun out of control so fast. Your mind was clouded as he held you close, his eyes bore into yours. If it were anywhere else, you have thrown yourself at him, wrapped your arms around him and kissed him until you couldn’t breath.
But you weren’t anywhere else. Both you and Pavel had worked so hard to get aboard this ship, Pavel even more so as he had to learn English along with all his studies. You wanted him, you needed him more that you had even needed someone’s touch before.
You were struggling to breath.
Then Pavel leaned forward and pressed his soft lips to yours.
It was perfect. His soft lips moved against yours as you heard him moan which made you weak at the kneels. His hands gripped your waist as though if he let go, you would disappear. The kiss. It told you everything about how he felt for you.
But your job.
Oh god. It wasn’t a job you could up and leave, and it was your dream to be here, it was his dream.
If anyone found out, you could both loose everything. Your futures would be gone, every hope shattered and over what? One kiss.
A tear cascaded down your cheek as you realised what you needed to do.
In one swift motion, you pushed Pavel away from you. He stumbled back, his eyes wide with fear and hurt as his arms still outstretched.
You wanted to run forward and back into his arms again and kiss him, telling him you didn’t mean it and that you were just playing around. But you couldn’t.
Taking a shaking breath, you stepped away from him.
“We are just friends.” You said before turning and running out.

So now here you were. Lying on your bed, crying your eyes out. The image of Pavel stuck in your head. You had done it for the best, right? For both your futures.
And nothing would change, right? He would still be your friend.
You smiled slightly.
———————————–small time skip——————————
Everything had changed.
Pavel no longer spoke to you, nor would he sit or even look at you. When he would bring stuff to the medical bay, he would only give it to Bones, and then would leave without looking back. He would nt even come near you at lunch or dinner and you spend all your free time alone.
There was nothing you could do. Nothing.
But it was for the best? Then why did it hurt so badly?
You hadn’t said to him that you really did care for him because by the time you had calmed yourself, Pavel had stopped talking to you all together.
So here you sat, another lonely night. You were barley able to concentrate on your book. No, your mind was wondering along the corridor and to the one bedroom.
Pavel Chekov.
Sighing, you chucked your book to the side and walked to your door.
You needed to make this right, to show Pavel that you really did care for him.
You opened the door and turned right, only to bump into someone who was standing there.
You both fell backwards, your hair falling in front of your face so you couldn’t see.
“[y/n]?! I didn’t think you would be here!” Your heart nearly stopped when you heard the Russian accent. Gently, you pushed back your hair to see him kneeling in front of you, reaching out a hand.
You took his hand as he helped you to your feet.
His palm were sweating and there was a deep blush over his cheeks. But there was something else off.
“Why were you outside my room?” You ask, turning your head so your hair covered the blush that had formed on your cheeks at the small touch.
This sent Pavel into a stuttering mess as he ran his fingers through his curls.
“well, I came and… Obviously you came out…. But you didn’t know…” His eyes avoided you as he search the walls. You shook your head and smiled gently making Pavel stop for a moment.
It had been so long since he had seen your smile, it made his heart jump at the sight. The last few weeks had been hell for him and everyone had noticed. Although he didn’t show it in his work, everyone on board saw the longing looks he would give you when you weren’t looking, or the way he would stiffen when he walked by you.
“Do you want to come in?” You ask, gesturing to your door. You noticed how he tensed up and looked over your shoulder at said door. “Only if you have anywhere else to be, I mean.” You quickly add.
He shakes his head violently and smiles, making your heart leap as you turn and head back in with him at your heels.
“Your still reading that? I thought you would have finished it ages ago.” Pavel says as he picks up your book, flicking through it. It was true, you had started reading it just before the kiss.
“yeah, I know. Ive just been… distracted.” You trail off as you sit on your bed, looking at your feet.
You expected Pavel to sit on the chair that you would curl up on when reading, like he always does. Did.
But he came and sat next to you, his own eyes on his feet.
“You didn’t answer the question.” You smile and look at Pavel. “About you being outside my room.”
Pavel just sighed and shook his head.
“I don’t know. I just wanted to see you.” He half whispers, hurt filling his voice. Your heart broke in two at the way he spoke, like he hadn’t seen you in years.
“Pavel, you see me all the time, in the mess hall and when I come onto the bridge or you to the medical bay.” You shrug as Pavel takes a deep breath. You were the only one who called him by his first name and he loved the way it would roll off your tongue.
“But we don’t speak.” Pavel sighs as he looks at you.
“That’s not my fault. You were the one who decided to all but ignore me.” You meet his gaze with tears pricking at your eyes.
“But you ran out.” You could hear the hurt in his voice.
“I didn’t want to!” You exclaim and storm across the room, getting a little annoyed that he was making it out like you were in the wrong. You had done it to protect him.
“Then why did you?” He stands up and follows you.
“Because I…” you trail off again, shaking your head as tears flow down your cheeks. You were grateful you had your back to him.
“Because you don’t love me back.” Pavel sighs as he walks towards the door.
You eyes widen. Love?
“You think I don’t love you?” You turn your head slightly to see Pavel freeze at the door, his hand half outstretched to open it. He didn’t respond so you continue.
“Oh Pavel. If only you knew. I have loved you since the first moment I saw you. I didn’t say anything because of two reason. One being that if you didn’t return my feelings, then it would ruin our friendship. Two was because of our jobs. If we were caught having a relationship, it could result in us getting fired. I know how hard you worked to get here and I didn’t want you to jeopardise that for me. I’m not worth it. So in answer to your question, no. Its not because I don’t love you. Its because I love you too much.” Your voice broke as your tears made your cheeks burn. You turned your head away from Pavel.
He stood there watching you for a moment before walking up behind you and snaking his arms around your waist, burying his face in your neck. You let your head fall to the side as you sniffed, feeling hot drops of water fall on the skin of your neck.
You hear Pavel whimper slightly as you reach up and run your hand through the his curls for some form of comfort.
“[y/n].” He whispered, pulling you so your back was flush against his front. You twisted so you could face him and he raised his head.
“We could keep it a secret?” He whispered as he leaned his forehead against yours. He had a tear of the tip of his nose which you kissed away. But upon hearing his words, you frowned slightly.
“What do you mean?” You ask, totally unaware of your arms coming up and wrapping around his neck.
“Us. We could keep it a secret from everyone. We could go back to how we were before and see each other every night. No one knew before so why would they now?” Pavels accent made you weak at the knees like normal.
“Why are you wanting to risk everything for me, Pavel?” You, once again, run your fingers through his hair but bring one hand down to cup his face.
“Because I love you. I thought it was just a crush but I started realising that I couldn’t get enough of you. When I kissed you and you left, it killed me and I realised there was no way it was just a crush. I don’t have to risk everything for you because you are my everything. You mean more than anything in the world to me. You deserve so much more than I could give you but I would give you everything I have just to spend my life with you. You are my everything.” Pavel finished by capturing your lips in a deep and passionate kiss.
There was no way you could walk away from this kiss. Maybe because Pavels hands were gripping your side like you would disappear if he let go. But after what he had just said, there was no way you could let him go.
“Oh Pavel.” You moan against his lips, earning a low moan from him.
As you pull apart, Pavel smiles down at you.
“So, we give us a try?” He asks softly.
You nod your head fanatically and go in for another kiss.
Not long after you and Pavel had started seeing each other in secret, it was found out that Spoke was now seeing Uhura, which made a little angry because of what you had went through with Pavel, but your anger subsided when you saw the way Pavel would smile at you with such adoration in his eyes. He was your everything, just like you were his.


“Don’t worry. We’ll figure this all out.”

I wasn’t even sure which of the men sitting in front of me was speaking right now. My head was too busy laid down on the table in front of me with my eyes tightly squeezed shut as if that somehow would wash all of this painful reality away.

Maybe I could return to the reality of two weeks ago when Cristiano and I were on holiday just enjoying each other’s presence. Maybe I could return to the reality of me having lunch with my sister for the first time in months since she lived all the way in Florida.

Unfortunately, my current reality was this. It was a situation I had never thought I would be the type of person to be in. I could admit I looked down on the women who were in this position before me, laughing as their faces came across the screen and I wondered how in the hell could people be so stupid?

Now I knew firsthand just how stupid people could be because I was one of them. I was contemplating just how awkward it would be if I called up the likes of a Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton for advice on this…on this…

Sex tape.

It still made me cringe just thinking about those two words. I wasn’t even sure if I could label what this was as a sex tape. It was more of a blatant invasion of privacy of a private moment shared between me and my boyfriend that was maybe on its way to being shown to the world.

Cristiano had hired every big name he could to handle all of this. The press, the lawsuit, anything he could do to prevent the media from creating a bigger firestorm than they already had as if we weren’t stuck in a flaming truck already.

Someone, whoever they were, was threatening to release all that they had and I was scared just how much they had. Based off the pictures that were plastered on the internet and magazines, I figured they had enough.

The initial images were grainy and dull in color, captured from a far-off camera in the parking deck where Cristiano and I were that night. We should have been smart. I should have resisted the temptation to even engage in any steamy acts with him while in his roomy car but it was just too much to resist and with no other cars parked around us, we figured we were safe.

We just didn’t factor in the cameras that were policing the lot, meant to capture criminals rather than famous athletes screwing their girlfriend in a car.

“Love.” The soft, tired tone of my boyfriend’s voice along with his fingers tracing circles on my back made me raise my head from the cool table and look up at him. I had been like this ever since I saw the first headline and though he was taking this much better than I was, I knew he was probably fed up with this all.


“Are you hungry? You haven’t eaten today…”

“I’m fine. Thank you.” I gave off a weak smile before lowering my head back to the table. All I wanted to do was sleep and fight off this pesky migraine that had been plaguing me on and off for the past few days but there wasn’t much time for that. There wasn’t much time for anything besides thinking about just how much I had ruined my future.

Surely no one would ever see me the same again if they got their hands on a low quality video of me and my famous boyfriend in the front seat of his car. I could already imagine how embarrassed my parents would be or maybe I should say even more embarrassed because still images were enough as is.

“I’m going to figure this out. I promise.” He began brushing the hair away from my forehead and placed a soft kiss to my warm skin. I could tell he felt guilty about all of this. If it wasn’t for his status, whoever stumbled upon the videos probably wouldn’t have even cared. It probably wasn’t the first time they had come across video of a couple engaging in steamy acts before but it was the first time someone of Cristiano’s caliber was in it.

“I know…”

“I’m sorr—“

“Don’t apologize. Please. It’s not your fault.” I stood up from where I sat now, realizing that everyone else had vacated our home and probably gone off to finish their work revolving around all of this. I began to walk towards our bedroom and Cristiano was hot on my heels.

“But you’re making me feel like it is,” he admitted for the first time. I stopped in my tracks but I was not yet willing to turn around and face him. I could see why he felt that way. I had been cold towards him for the past few days but to be fair, I had been cold to everyone. I didn’t want to talk or do anything besides sulk in the comfort of my home. I refused to even leave the confines of these walls and thankfully I didn’t have to with my best friend bringing me food and groceries.

“It’s not your fault,” I reiterated before turning towards him. “I just…it really isn’t your fault. I don’t want you to think that I think that either. I’m just scared. I feel like this is going to ruin me. I’m going to lose my job. No one is going to look at me the same. It’s going to ruin me.”

By now tears were staining my cheeks and Cristiano couldn’t stand to continue watching me cry, pulling me into his warm chest and rubbing his hands up and down my back. “It’s not. I’m going to protect you.”

“You can’t protect me from everything, Cris.”

“I can try.”

For now I let him believe that, deciding to silence my words and simply cry into his chest while he held me closely and attempted to make me feel better in any little way he could.

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Jamilton for the prompt?

Yeah, I’m using this as an excuse to write more jamilton. This one is based on the post I just reblogged and a fic I read on Ao3 that was called something along the lines of “Of Gold Tipped Canes and Mascara”. I wanted to link it but it’s been deleted since the last time I read it, sadly. So if the author happens to see this, I just want them to know that it’s still my all-time favorite jamilton fic. This will get a part two eventually because I hate to leave something without a happy ending.

Warning for mentions of blood.

“You know, you’re not going to win him over by insulting him all the time.”

James brought a bowl of macaroni over to the couch in his living room, where Thomas was curled up in a ball. Thomas always came over to James’s house after debate club, but today James hadn’t gone to school and Thomas had arrived at his door in tears.

“Come on, don’t cry,” James said, sitting down next to his friend. He tried to hand him the bowl, but Thomas wouldn’t take his face out of the pillow he was sobbing into. James sighed and put the bowl on the coffee table. “So what exactly happened?”

Thomas mumbled something into the pillow.

“I can’t hear you, Thomas.”

Thomas sat up, revealing just how much of a mess he was. His mascara was running and blood was streaming from his nose.

“Oh god, Thomas, my mom’s pillow,” James exclaimed, grabbing the pillow from his friend. He would have to wash it before his mom got home.

“I’m sorry,” Thomas muttered, wiping at his face, which only served to smear the makeup and blood together.

“It’s fine,” James said. “Now give me details.”

Thomas leaned his head on James’s shoulder.

“He punched me,” Thomas said, his voice shaking.

James sighed. Thomas had been antagonizing Hamilton for years. James knew it was because Thomas had a massive crush, but to Hamilton it seemed like Thomas hated him. Being friends with both of them, James had to listen to both of them talk about the other, but he was powerless to tell Hamilton that Thomas didn’t know how to express his feelings without being an asshole. He knew it was only a matter of time before Hamilton snapped, and of course it was on the one day he wasn’t there to stop it.

James ran his hand through Thomas’s curls, something he knew Thomas found very comforting. “Maybe if you tried actually talking to him…”

“I don’t know how,” Thomas wailed, turning his face into James’s shoulder. The smaller boy tried not to wince as Thomas’s mascara smeared onto his shirt. “And besides, he hates me. He told me so himself, in no uncertain terms.”

Thomas hiccuped as Hamilton’s earlier words resurfaced in his mind. They were so cruel. Thomas knew he deserved it, as he wasn’t kind himself, but Hamilton’s words had so much pure hatred in them.

He just wanted Alexander to like him.

James looked at his friend with pity. The poor boy was a wreck. James came to a decision.

“Go get cleaned up,” James said. “My sister’s makeup remover is in the top drawer under our bathroom sink and the washcloths are in the closet.”

Once Thomas had left the room, James picked up his phone and texted Hamilton.

Hey can you come over? We need to talk.

Hamilton’s reply came only a few seconds later.

Is Jefferson there?

No,James lied.

Ten minutes later, Hamilton was at James’s doorstep. Thomas was still in the bathroom, so James led Hamilton to the living room. Hamilton eyed the bowl of macaroni on the table suspiciously as he sat down, but he didn’t say anything.

“So what happened with you and Thomas?” James asked.

Hamilton studied the couch cushions. “He called me… Well, he called me a name that really wasn’t okay, and I kind of snapped. I just let go of all the anger I’ve had because of him and then… then I punched him.”

James could guess what the name was and made a mental note to admonish Thomas for that later. At the moment though, he only checked to make sure Thomas was still in the bathroom.

“Okay, look,” James said, as quickly as he could. “I know Thomas seems like a jerk, and he says things that he shouldn’t, but he’s really not like that. I really shouldn’t be telling you this, but the only reason Thomas acts like that around you is because he has a major crush on you, and he doesn’t know any other way to act.” James checked around him again and let out a sigh of relief when Thomas was nowhere to be found.

Hamilton was stunned. “He… What?”

“He’s like, in love with you dude.”

Thomas chose that moment to emerge from the bathroom, still wiping at his eyes with a towel. “Hey James, do you think I could borrow your sister’s mascara? I don’t like not wearing any makeup.”

“You have a crush on me?”

Thomas snapped his head up to see Hamilton sitting next to James. His gaze flickered between the two of them, his expression one of horror when on Hamilton and one of betrayal when on James.

“James, what the hell?” He finally asked.

Hamilton didn’t give James the chance to answer. He was already crossing the room so he could be face to face with Thomas.

“Answer the question,” Hamilton demanded. “Do you have a crush on me?”

“I-I… N-no!” Thomas stuttered, his cheeks burning. He didn’t know why he would say that. But how could he justify being such a jerk if Hamilton knew he liked him?

Hamilton scoffed. “Asshole.” He turned on his heels, glaring at James as he walked towards the door. “Thanks for nothing, James. I thought we were friends, but clearly, everyone just wants me to feel like shit about myself.”

“Alexander, wait,” James called, but Hamilton had already slammed the door shut.

Thomas burst into tears the second the door shut.

“Why would you do that?” Thomas asked in between sobs.

“Why would you do that?” James demanded. “I gave you the perfect opportunity to tell him how you feel and you just convinced him even more that you hate him.”

“I would’ve told him when I was ready,” Thomas shouted. James highly doubted that, but he wasn’t given the chance to say so, because Thomas was already storming towards the door. “Now he’s never going to like me. Thanks a lot.”

Thomas slammed the door and James threw himself down on the couch with a groan. This was what he got for trying to help his friends.

A few minutes later, his mom walked through the door.

“James Madison!” she exclaimed. “What in the world did you do to that pillow?”

“I’ll take care of it,” James sighed.

Royally Fucked (6/?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Swearing, sexual indication
(Wrap it before you tap it kiddos)

Summary: When you and Steve agree to end your relationship you didn’t expect to take it so hard, or seek comfort in his best friend. After one night of drinking and mistakes, now you feel like you’re struggling to keep your lies straight, but what happens when you’re seeing plus signs and Steve’s hovering, someone’s going to end up hurt if you can’t keep your lies straight.

A/N: Angsty, drama, secrets, and twists. Shit is going to hit the fan…

(Let me know if you want to be tagged)

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“Shut up and sit down.” Nat pushes Steve towards one of the couches. It took two hours to find him, fill the team in, and Nat was not happy.

“I’m not doing this.” Steve stands staring at Nat.

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Hold Me - Draco x Reader

Hi loves! Sorry this took so long! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. :)

Request - @bloodstill-stains : Can you do an imagine with the prompt: “Do you want me to leave?” “Please don’t ask me that”

Warnings - None that I know of? Please let me know if there are!

It’s not like Draco Malfoy meant for any of this to happen. He was honestly just trying to make his father proud of him. He didn’t know how he’d gotten so deep into something that was bigger than himself. He was doing this for his family - for his father and his mother. But it felt wrong. He hadn’t wanted to do any of what he’d done during his sixth year.

He didn’t want to do the mission he’d been assigned anymore. Draco wanted no part in it now - not since he started dating her. Her with the long h/c hair. Her with the e/c eyes. Her that he craved when he was alone in the Room of Requirement. Her that he wanted when he darted into Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom in a panic. He wanted her now.

He’d just left the Slytherin common room. His intention was to find Y/N. Draco wanted to confess everything to her - he wasn’t sure why. Maybe he thought that since she was so smart that she could figure out how to get him out of the mess he’d made. Maybe he just need some confirmation that he was doing the right thing - that he was protecting his family. Or maybe he just wanted her to hold him and not say anything.

Making his way through the halls, he asked around if people had seen Y/N. They all shook their heads and Draco continued to the Great Hall. Surely she would be there, eating dinner or talking with Pansy Parkinson. As he stepped through the Great Hall, he made his way towards where she usually sat. He stopped in his tracks as soon as he realized Katie Bell was back. He had accidentally cursed her earlier in the year. Again, he didn’t mean for it to happen, but it did. She was talking to Harry Potter.

Suddenly, Draco’s tie seemed too tight. His shirt seemed to be too small- so small that it felt as though it were suffocating him. He was hot. Sweat had accumulated on his forehead. He became aware of his own too fast heartbeat. Draco felt as if everyone was staring at him. He loosened his tie and turned on his heel. He couldn’t deal with this right now. He all but ran to the bathroom he was so accustomed to crying in. He wanted Y/N. She’d know what to do. She’d help him calm down. But the more he thought, the more he didn’t want her to find him like this.

Draco rushed to a sink, tears streaming down his face. He pulled his tie off, along with his sweater vest he’d been wearing over his button up shirt. Undoing the top few buttons, he turned the water on. He looked himself over in the mirror. He was disgusted. He’d become a person he wasn’t proud of - rather someone that Y/N wouldn’t be proud of. He splashed water on his face and turned as he heard a noise behind him.

He expected it to be the “savior”, Harry Potter, there to interrogate him. He was wrong. It was the one person Draco had thought he wanted to see, but he didn’t want to see her while he seemed so broken. He wasn’t ready to share an emotional side of him with her - although he’d seemed so set on it only thirty minutes before. Draco changed his mind often and Y/N had continuously told him she wished he’d make a decision and stick to it. Draco closed his eyes and his head hung low over the sink. A sob escaped his lips.

Y/N didn’t know what to do. This was a side of Draco she’d never seen before now - and she’d known him for five years. His sobs came quicker and louder. She stood where she was, frozen. Her heart ached because she wished she could help him somehow - with whatever it was. She hesitantly took three long strides and put a hand on Draco’s shoulder. She was surprised as Draco turned around. His blue eyes met her e/c ones. His eyes seemed more blue now than they ever had. Draco’s eyes were glossy with tears that threatened to keep felling.

Turning the sink off, she grabbed Draco’s hand. She led them to the back of the bathroom and made him sit. She sat next to him, their knees touching. Y/N had no idea how to comfort Draco but she felt like she had to do something.

They did this when she cried. Draco would take her to a secluded spot, he’d make her sit, and he’d let her cry it out. He wouldn’t ask questions and he wouldn’t touch her unless she made the first move. This was what Y/N intended on doing. However, she couldn’t just sit there while Draco seemed to be in so much pain. She took a deep breath.

“I’m not going to ask you if you’re okay. Obviously, you’re not. I wasn’t even planning on talking, but, er, do you want me to leave?” she asked and played with her shoelace.

Draco was split into two different emotions. He wanted her to stay with him and tell him everything was going to be okay. He didn’t have to tell her anything. He could just sit here and cry it out and she wouldn’t ask a single question. Draco also wanted her to leave. He was embarrassed. He’d never shown so much emotion in front of her. He was emotional in the romantic sense of things, but he’d never cried in front of her, or anyone for that matter. Draco shook his head to clear his thoughts.

“Please don’t ask me that.” he mumbled.

“What does that even mean? Draco, babe, you’ve got to start talking to me. You’ve got to open up. I know something is wrong with you. You’ve been so weird and distant since the year started. You don’t have to tell me everything… I’m just really worried about you.”

The tears returned to Draco’s eyes.

“Just hold me, please.” he said and buried his face in the crook of her neck.

Her arms wrapped around him. She rubbed soothing circles on his back as he sobbed. She wanted so badly to help him, but she couldn’t if he didn’t want to talk about it. The night dragged on and eventually Draco’s sobs turned into soft snores. He would open up when he was ready and Y/N was more than okay with that - as long as they still had each other in the end. That’s what really mattered.

Fic: Reflection

Words: 4900

Summary: Just an ordinary Friday evening in the Hummel-Hudson home or the first time Blaine sees Kurt naked by accident and then it’s time for Friday night dinner. (canon gap filler, set in the second week of Kurt’s senior year of highschool, right after 3.01). Through Kurt’s eyes. And then through Blaine’s. The exact same scenes.

Written for Prompt #9: (Canon compliant)  The same story, but told from both characters’ point of view. For example, their first kiss or their first date or the first time, but told first completely from Kurt’s POV and then from Blaine’s.



It had taken Kurt a while to get to this place. Comfortable in his body and skin in a way that he now revels in the ways he can make himself feel good. For the first time in his life (and yes, he’s only eighteen, so give him a break) he likes being naked with himself, memories of Blaine’s hands and lips on his body, his neck, his chest. Not more than that. Not yet.  But when he’s alone, naked in his room but for his t-shirt pushed up his torso, he can imagine it being more. Blaine’s hands instead of his, telling him how much he turns him on. His door is closed so he lets himself moan out loud-

“Ahhhh!” Oh my god.  “I am so sorry! Oh my-” Kurt’s hands fly over himself as he sees the tail end of Blaine running back out of his room and quickly slamming his door shut. “God.” Blaine finishes his sentence.

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GENRE: Angst/Fluff

PAIRING: Reader/Jinyoung (Junior) !!my bias!!

WORD COUNT:  2,835

SUMMARY: As an idol under JYPE, you and your colleagues are invited to a company dinner along with GOT7. You had always been Jinyoung’s arch-enemy, but when the both of you are stuck in the same elevator, things take a drastic turn.



The hall was bustling with commotion as your colleagues under JYP Entertainment passed by you, forcing you to shuffle side to side to clear the way. Your group, along with the rest of the idol groups under your agency, had been invited to dinner tonight. Everyone was ecstatic for not only free food, but for a night absent of stress and labor. The hallway was filled with laughter and excitement ran throughout the brightly lit building as people made their way to the main dining room upstairs. Jaebum spotted you from the other side of the lobby, a spark in his eyes lighting up while jogging his way towards you. He was one of your closest friends in the company, asides from the other girls in your group of course, as he had always been there for you ever since your trainee days. You had joined the company around the same time as Jaebum and ever since then you had spent nearly every lunch hanging out with the other boys in GOT7.

Jaebum swung his arm around your shoulders the second he was just a foot away from you, his body weight dragging you down as he cackled in laughter. “Yah, Y/N, you look so lost right now. Where’s your friends?”

You nudged your elbow into his stomach, causing him to wince and teasingly pull you even closer. “They’re busy with their individual schedules, so they couldn’t come tonight,” you couldn’t help but laugh along when he playfully ruffled your hair.

“Ah… whatever you say, Y/N!” he sang in a sing song voice. Jaebum proceeded to place his hand firmly onto your left shoulder, guiding you towards the capacious dining hall. Familiar faces greeted you as you two passed by them, smiling and waving at you as you reciprocated their gestures.

“So where’s your boys, Mr. I’m So Popular?” you rolled your eyes, picking up a brownie from a plate laid out amongst the numerous entrees on the mahogany, rectangular table.

“Well, unlike you and your little ‘excuse,’ the others actually have a real schedule to attend to. Jackson’s in China, Yugyeom and Bambam are filming some ‘Best Friends’ variety show, and Youngjae and Mark are too busy with Coco to come apparently,” he proudly smirked at you with his chin held up high. You pursed your lips and quirked your eyebrows, crossing your arms as you pretended to doubt his claims. Seeing your growing suspicion, he shrugged his shoulders and continued, “naturally, as the almighty leader, I had to rep our group tonight.”

“Uhuh…” you muttered, nodding your head as though you were actually listening to him. Popping the brownie into your mouth, you glanced at Jaebum who seemed preoccupied with the glass of punch in his hands. “Where’s Jinyoung then?”

Jaebum nearly spat out the drink from his puffed cheeks, his eyes formed crescents as his lips were pressed into a thin line, obviously trying to suppress himself from bursting into laughter. “I can’t believe you actually remembered him. I thought you hated him, so I didn’t bother to bring it up,” he started chuckling after gulping down the remainder of the punch down his throat.

“Oh please, I’m not that bitter. Your group’s name is literally got SEVEN, I’m not dumb, okay?” you pushed him against his chest when he snickered at your last phrase.

“Well, I mean… not too sure about that last part,” he winked at you before rambling on, “everyone kind of knows that you hate his guts.”

“I don’t hate him, our personalities just don’t match up. It’s just hard to talk to him, that’s all,” you made up an excuse from the top of your head.

“Okay… or maybe… you’re still angry over that time he accidentally spilled soda all over your ‘brand new’ shirt,” he mocked you as he mimicked your voice, his high pitched shriek supposedly resembling yours. “Come on, you guys aren’t kids. Just cause you guys broke up doesn’t mean that you should just avoid each other for the rest of your lives.”  

“That doesn’t change the fact that he still owes me a new shirt… one that he’s been refusing to give me for YEARS!” you crossed your arms against your chest, loudly sighing as though to over exaggerate your frustration. Jaebum chuckled along with you before looking over your shoulders, his eyes widening for a split second as he picked up several brownies into his rather large hands and forcing them into your mouth. He started to snicker and repeatedly apologize to you as he squeezed both sides of your shoulder, “sorry, Y/N, really. But I need to go to the bathroom, so can you stay here for just a couple of minutes?!” Before you could even part your lips to reply, especially with your brownie stuffed mouth, he bolted out of the room, holding his snapback in place as he swung his arms back and forth like he was running a marathon.

Turning around to glance at whatever had made Jaebum so alarmed, your eyes landed on the very boy you two had just been discussing about; Park Jinyoung.

Struggling to swallow the excessive amount of cake in your mouth, you quickly threw a hand over your lips as an attempt to conceal your stuffed cheeks.

“I know what you’re about to say,” he smirks cockly, hands flying up to cup his cheeks, “OH MY GOD IS THAT PARK JINYOUNG?” he imitates a little girl, the condescending look never leaving his annoyingly handsome features. (You would never admit that out loud)

You simply glared at him before finally forcing yourself to swallow. “What do you want Park?” you scowled, looking down to check if anything had gotten on your satin dress.

“I was looking for Jaebum. I could have sworn he was here a second ago..”

You chuckled dryly at the memory of Jaebum dashing off to the ‘bathroom’ and silently reminded yourself to strangle the shit out of him later. “He was. But he’s not anymore.” you deadpanned before turning on your heel to head for the lifts to join everyone upstairs.

It wasn’t until you were pressing the ‘up’ button on the wall that you realised Jinyoung had been trailing behind. A strange mix of anxiety and disgust began stirring in the pits of your stomach as you thought of yourself and Jinyoung in the small space of a lift. All the forced down triggers were slowly resurfacing as the palms of your hands began to sweat and your breathing began to stutter. You forced down the urge to curl into a ball and instead focused on the sensation of your nails digging into the palm of your hand.

Once the steel doors slid open, you quickly made your way in, jabbing at the ‘close’ button in hopes Jinyoung would not join you. “Quick, quick, quick…” you repeatedly muttered to yourself, hoping that he wouldn’t hear you as he quickly approached the elevator. Unfortunately he was quicker than you thought and easily slipped his hands between the doors, forcing them to slide back open. You pretended to act apologetic as you held the ‘open’ button instead but he knew better and sent you daggers and leant himself against the wall opposite you. “Oh, sorry, didn’t see you there,” you forced a smile onto your face to which he sarcastically mocked the distaste evident in your expression.

He wrinkled his nose and his eyes narrowed at you before crossing his arms against his chest and mumbling to himself, “yeah, yeah… run off and close the doors on me…” You eyed him down discreetly, but he unexpectedly caught you glaring at him when he turned to glance at you momentarily. A playful scowl plastered all over his face, causing the both of you to turn your backs on each other and huff in distress.

As the lift began to ascend, the awkwardness in the air continued to increase and you were struggling to swallow the anxiety attack threatening to make its appearance for the first time in years.

3 floors to the dining hall a rattling catches your attention and suddenly the lights begin to flicker. At first you think nothing of it until the entire lift begins to shake and you’re holding onto the railings for dear life. The screen flashing the current floor began glitching and before you knew it the lift came to a complete halt, throwing yourself and Jinyoung to the floor. Suddenly overwhelmed by emotions and the situation, you started hyperventilating loudly, the air in your lungs feeling like fire and you stayed crouched on your knees, trying to handle the oncoming attack.

Jinyoung was over to you in record time, pulling you into his lap and pushing your head into the juncture of his neck and shoulder. He began singing to you softly as you clutched tightly onto his shirt and it instantly felt like deja vu. Even after your breathing evened he continued to hum lightly, rocking you side to side.

“18 months without me and you still can’t get your anxiety under control.” he chided playfully, trying to lighten the suffocating atmosphere. You weakly pushed yourself out of his hold, crawling to the other side of the lift to curl yourself into a ball. Jinyoung sighed in defeat as he watched you shake with every sob, the pang in his heart extremely hard to ignore.

“(Y/N)-ah.” he whispered with difficulty as he watched you rock yourself quietly. He cautiously crawled over, all cockiness and playfulness in his demeanor gone. He gently placed a hand on your shoulder and you flinched at the contact.

“Don’t touch me.” you croaked, shuffling away from him. Jinyoung tried to keep his anger at bay, he tried not to lash out at you for something that happened so long ago but you were making it hard for him.

“Okay that’s it.” he sighed in frustration, pushing himself back to the wall away from you, “What the hell did I do to make you hate me like this (Y/F/N)?” he almost sounded sad as he slumped below the handrail.

You stayed quiet, afraid your voice would fail you, and looked up instead. He watched you as you took in his disheveled appearance. “I don’t hate you.” you mumbled half heartedly, shooting him a sad smile, “I’m jealous of you.”

His eyebrows furrowed and he frowned, completely lost.

“How do you do it?” you marvelled, playing with your fingers absentmindedly, “After we broke up you seemed to get over it so quickly. I had thought you moved on and hated you for being able to throw us away in the blink of an eye. But I wasn’t stupid; I realised it was a facade. That’s when I started hating you for your ability to hide yourself behind that irritatingly cocky mask. I tried to act like I was okay but it was easier to pretend that I hated you.”

His vision dropped to his hands in his lap; he was deep in thought. “Did you regret it?” You cocked your head to the side, waiting for him to elaborate. “Breaking up with me; did you regret it?”

“N-no,” your lips trembled, your voice quivering as you squeaked.

“Are you really going to be this stubborn, Y/N? After all this time?” Jinyoung ruffled his hair frustratedly and took a deep breath before loudly exhaling.

“No, we broke up for good reasons. We both just debuted. We didn’t have time to fool around and date. We were busy, we were under a contract.”

Jinyoung scoffed and rolled his eyes, kicking his feet in front of him in anger. “So you don’t regret anything at all. I was the only one stuck-”

“-but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt,” you interrupted him before he could go on any longer, “it did affect me. I didn’t know how much I depended on you until you were gone. I missed seeing your heart-warming smile, the draping of your collection of trench coats, the small back of your hand… I missed everything, but it was a necessary break for the both of us.”

“I still don’t get it,” he mumbled through his barely parted lips, “then why did you avoid me? Why did you always hang around Jaebum, but not me? Couldn’t we have at least been friends?”

You bit the bottom of your lips as you contemplated whether or not you were over sharing your deepest thoughts today. Was it the anxiety that was talking or was it you? Either way, you figured that you had gone too far to return now. It was now or never. Gathering all of your courage, you deeply inhaled before blurting out, “I was afraid that you didn’t feel the same.”

“Didn’t feel the same…? I mean, why wouldn’t I? It’s not like I could get over our year long relationship just over one night.”

“But I thought that you hated me. I thought after what I did to you, you wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere near me. So… I ignored you, and to me, you seemed to recover just fine,” you bitterly spit out, keeping your eyes glued to the floor, afraid to look up at his now peering eyes. You didn’t notice him slide across towards you until you felt him pull you against his chest again.

“Well you’re wrong, because I didn’t. I’m still not over it, not over us. I don’t understand how you could assume something like that, of all people especially, I would never do that. Not to you,” he muttered into your hair as he held your head right in the crook of his neck. “How about you? How do you feel?” he gently asked you, careful not to push any further buttons. You paused, keeping your lips shut and your eyes on the floor. Jinyoung had always been the mature one, the resolver of all conflicts in your relationship. He wasn’t afraid of speaking his mind, even more importantly, he would always reach out for your opinions. You couldn’t deny that you had missed the maturity you saw in Jinyoung, no one could ever fill the gaping hole he had left in you.

“I…” you hesitated to speak out your true feelings, “I missed you, I wasn’t ready to break up so suddenly… but things happen and we can’t change the past.” Right as you leaned your hands onto the cold, metallic floor, the lift began to shake violently side to side. Before you could lose your balance and fall to your side, Jinyoung swiftly caught you in his hands, holding your head close to his chest as you whimpered in anxiety. The lights flickered along as the elevator swayed side to side for a few more seconds until everything became still.

“We can’t change the past, but we can change the present,” Jinyoung whispered as he stroked the back of your head comfortably. “Can’t we start over? Can’t we at least be friends again?”

A ring resonated in the lift, signalling the end of the disaster. You grabbed a hold onto Jinyoung’s warm hand and squeezed them like you always did, “yeah, yeah we can. Let’s do that.” He chuckled under his breath in relief, holding you even closer to him than he had done before.

“I promise I’m never letting you go again,” his voice muffled by your hair as the elevator door slowly drew back. “Come on, let’s go now,” he stood up and pulled you up with his firm hold on your hands. You gladly took his hand and brought yourself to your feet, the anxiety and fear in you fading from your system before the doors were completely opened.

Jaebum stood in front of the doors, his eyes immediately widened in bewilderment as he stared at the two of you. You froze next to Jinyoung’s stiff body, both of you stunned after being caught red handed. “Why are you two… in here… together?” he barely managed to speak, his voice stuttering as he pointed between the two of you. Jinyoung widely grinned and dragged you out of the lift, walking past Jaebum without an answer. Of course, Jaebum followed you and began pestering you two for answers. “Oh come on, just tell me what was going on over there! Are you two dating again? Did you guys make out?!”

You shrugged your shoulders and pretended to zip your lips shut, following Jinyoung out of the hall as he started to cackle under his breath. Jinyoung turned to you and placed his forefinger to his mouth, telling you to keep the secret from spilling out. You giggled along with him, squeezing his hand once again as he started drawing circles on the back of your hand with his thumb. Today’s incident would be just between the two of you. Whether the event happened to be coincidence or fate, neither of you could have expected just a few minutes of words could bring you back together.