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In Hae Soo We Trust?

Or, alternatively, how I think Hae Soo is writing her own tragedy, and that’s the most tragic thing of all. 

how is it so easy for you 
to be kind to people
he asked

milk and honey dripped
on my lips as i answered

cause people have not 
been kind to me” 
Rupi Kaur, milk and honey

This post is really just me trying to understand Hae Soo. I think the main reason as to why I feel frustrated is the writing. Hae Soo’s trust goes back and forth so much, especially when it comes down to Wang So–and why is that? Really? Why is that? Is it just simply fear? Or is there something else? The answer is much more complicated than we’d like. 

I understand that there are many things that are haunting Hae Soo. Her visions are coming true, and she fears that So will turn out to be the ruthless king that she has come to learn about, the one that killed all his brothers and his subjects. Part of it is true. But she’s also seen the kind, warm, and soft side to him. She’s seen the way that he loves her, and what he would do for her. This causes her deep conflict. 

I think there’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that’s at play here. Ultimately, Hae Soo has a hand in her own tragedy, no matter how much she tries to fix things. Which brings us back to her conversation with Ji Mong: was it meant to happen, or did it happen because of her? Did she change something? And here’s another haunting question for Hae Soo: Am I Hae Soo or Go Ha Jin? Is this a dream, or was my modern life a dream? #thoughtsthatkeepyouupat4am 

WangSo:Why are you staring at me like that?”
Hae Soo: “I was wondering what it would be like to turn away from the things you love..” 

(ha ha ha foreshadowing anyone ha ha ha) 

This week confirms the sailing ship (they literally get a boat, for God’s sake) of the SoSoo couple (I find it funny we call it SoSoo couple here, and then Koreans call it the SoHae couple…). But while So has nothing but given his entire heart for Soo, I think we can see that Hae Soo is still holding back. She loves him–and has for a while now; her mind has constantly wavered when it came to him–but she doesn’t quite yearn for him the same way that So does. In interviews, IU describes the love between Hae Soo and Wang So to be “like fire” but like… dude, where’s the passion? Where’s the burning? SO IS JUST THERE, LITERALLY ON FIRE, AND HAE SOO’S STANDING THERE. Are we going to see more of her love show? Is she ever going to give So her all? God, I hope so, before everything goes to shit. 

And the reason as to why I’m convinced that Hae Soo will probably stop holding back and give So her all is because of this:

The translation:

If we had just not met, then I would not be filled with such longing…” 

The original Korean encompasses a lot of pain and yearning, I think. This does not sound like a love where Soo was careful and distant and held back the whole time; this is what you say when you love someone to the moon and back, and it doesn’t work out and you’re left nothing but with memories and a broken heart. 

Her holding back may also have to do with Wook, seeing the way that it painfully ended with Wook’s betrayal. And to add to that, So already knows that Soo used to love someone else, but she goes to So, anyways. So knows that Soo has accepted his feelings, and feels the same way towards him. Therefore, for me, it doesn’t make sense that this couple would fall apart because So learns that Hae Soo used to love Wook. Like… okay, I feel like that they could talk it out. That whole scene at episode 14 where they healthily communicated? With that kind of communication, what can’t they overcome? LMAO DESTINY But I do wonder if there would be something more grating to So if he learns that Soo loved Wook. But why would Wook be different from any man? Would it bother So more because he and Wook are rivals now? 

I would’ve picked a bone with Hae Soo, but… honestly, I wonder if by not telling So that she knew where Eun was, it was something that would have protected him, in the end. I think the reason as to why Hae Soo doesn’t tell him about Eun is because she doesn’t want So to get to the point where he has to kill Eun (like she saw in her visions). And Hae Soo’s been warned time and time again, that she cannot fully trust anyone in the palace, and she’s come to learn to fear what happens within the palace as well. 

But Hae Soo repents her actions for not trusting So because of Soon Duk (yes, bless your soul, precious bear child) and she goes to help get Soon Duk to be able to say goodbye to her father. She also remembers Taejo’s parting words: “Don’t be so afraid of the harsh future that you lose everything you have now.”

But the whole situation with Hae Soo and Eun and Soon Deok makes us wonder again what Hae Soo’s role is here… 

Ji Mong says he didn’t know that Wang Yo would become the king (yeah, but Ji Mong could be LYING!!!!!! In the words of our wolf prince, Wang So, HOW MUCH SHOULD WE TRUST THIS MAN????). He says that there must have been another variable. And who else would that be… but Hae Soo. I think she in herself is a trigger. 

I was reading through some Korean blogs, and one argued that the variable was the fact that Hae Soo told Wang Wook to be careful of Wang So. This is also something I agree with. And that being said, Hae Soo writes this whole tragedy by herself. She thinks she’s helping… but is she? Again, like Ji Mong, she’s going to watch everything unfold. She and Ji Mong must not interfere. But that’s where the lines also get blurred… is Hae Soo helping to cause these things to happen, or were they always going to happen anyways, regardless of what she does? I don’t know how time travel works god help me 

But enough about Hae Soo and trust. I want to talk about two important scenes! 

Wang Jung and Hae Soo

Jung: “We’ve changed. There will come a time where you have to choose.”
Soo: “Even if it comes down to that, I don’t think I’ll be able to choose. I just wish nobody gets hurt.” 

Ah, Hae Soo, bless your kind heart. But could you like pick Wang So’s side please 

These interactions set up the plotline where Hae Soo and Jung end up together. Which is fine, as long as they do it well. But I’m also against it because Jung’s character is quite… immature, for lack of better words. I’ve talked about it him before. Jung has grown up a lot, but at the same time, he lacks understanding for others–especially when it comes to Wang So. There are reasons as to why Jung may not like So; because of So, his mother and Yo have changed to the point where Jung cannot stand to be with them, and because So also hurt Yo. The kid just needs to grow up a bit more.

But he says something important. Something that haunts Hae Soo, more or less. Will she choose a side? Can she choose a side? For those who want to help everyone, it is difficult to choose one person to be loyal to. But she cannot remain neutral. Nobody can, especially when it comes to survival. 

“it takes grace
to remain kind
in cruel situations”
–Rumi Kaur, milk and honey

Aaaand I’ve been dying to discuss this scene. 

This is an interesting scene in itself because Hae Soo and Yo have never really had interaction before. He was never interested in this strange girl, until she became someone he could use to control his brothers. Because that’s what Yo excels at. He’s good at finding others’ weaknesses and using them against them so that he can gain the upper hand. 

A part of their conversation snagged my interest. Hae Soo doesn’t back down in front of his man–the king who became a king through killing his brother. And Yo realizes that this girl isn’t to be taken lightly. 

Yo: You’re quite daring, aren’t you? Then again, even from when you were young, you weren’t a pushover. It’s entertaining.”

The fact that Yo says “even from when you were young” made me think a lot about Hae Soo. The way he phrases it in Korean, the way I interpret it, it feels like he’s talking about her childhood, and not about a couple of years ago when she was younger (and Go Ha Jin fell into her body). I may be overthinking it. Yo could be simple talking about Hae Soo a few years ago–he saw her fight with Eun, he saw her stand up to Yeonhwa and take Chaeryung’s punishment. 

But who actually was the real Hae Soo? If you look back at episode 1, Chaeryung doubts Hae Soo forgetting her memories and asks her what she’s really trying to hide. Hae Soo (Go Ha Jin) is surprised to learn that Soo was actually some sort of rebellious child… the girl who pretended to be good and sweet on the outside, but was actually a bad girl in reality. 

I guess all that really matters, though, is that Hae Soo is not to be taken lightly, and she will fight for those she loves. She’s not scared to bear her teeth at those who try to hurt her. 

But we circle back to these questions: How much can Hae Soo do? Why is she here? What will happen now? 


“the world
gives you
so much pain
and here you are
making gold out of it” 
- there is nothing purer than that” 
–Rupi Kaur, milk and honey 


The Truth Is in the Eye Heart of the Beholder

“Wang So… I’ll kill him… Before he ends up killing everyone, I’ll kill him first!”

“No… you can’t. He wanted it. Prince Eun wanted it. It isn’t his fault. He is having a hard time too.”

Truth is a point of view and there are as many “truths” as there are people, because “truth” is what people want or expect to see/hear or rather, what they don’t want to see/hear. In reality, JUNG AND HAE SOO DID NOT HEAR WHAT EUN SAID TO WANG SO. 5-7 meters are simply TOO FAR TO HEAR THE WHISPER OF A DYING MAN who’s using every bit of his last strength to pronounce the words despite all the physical and emotional pain. The viewers’ perception of that scene is distorted because they are able to hear Eun’s silent voice in the same volume as So WHO IS MERE CENTIMETRES AWAY FROM HIM. Jung and Soo don’t have this. The truth isn’t what they heard (because they heard nothing) BUT WHAT THEY KNOW IN THEIR HEARTS. Jung who feels only hate for his older brother immediately assumes the worst of him, without even giving him the benefit of doubt; however, HAE SOO KNOWS THE WHOLE TRUTH, SHE KNOWS WHY SO DID IT WITHOUT NEEDING TO HEAR EUN’S LAST WISH AND THIS IS THE ULTIMATE PROOF OF HER TRUST AND LOVE. She knows him, THE REAL HIM, she knows his reasons and motivations, SHE KNOWS HE WOULD NEVER KILL HIS OWN BROTHER FOR SELFISH REASONS AND SHE KNOWS THAT IN KILLING EUN HE HURT HIMSELF THE MOST. 

Now, she is begging for him, begging Jung not to bring him even more pain - not because she would be afraid Jung could actually kill So (because So is so superior to everyone in combat adn there is no way Jung could last long in a fight against him), but because there are no guarantees in a fight and Jung in his blind hate and stupidity could actually make So unwittingly kill him in self-defence which would probably drive Wang So completely mad.

“No, you can’t.” 

When she utters this plea just before So swings his sword, HS is only caring about him, about how it will break him since she knows how terribly he suffered when he thought he killed Yo - SHE KNOWS BECAUSE HE FELL APART IN HER ARMS, SOBBING AND CLINGING TO HER AS IF ONLY SHE COULD GIVE HIM ABSOLUTION.

With this, HS’s visions of death come full circle, proving that while they were all true she misinterpreted them completely, committing a grave sin and injustice towards the best of men, a man who protected her and everyone else from the the very beginning. The truth was always there, but even if it’s the truth if the person seeing it closes her ears and her heart how would the truth be delivered?

stay o1 [taehyung&you]

Summary: When your twin sister lost all hope, you took this chance to rid of your guilt ridden for the eyesight loss you gave to Taehyung.

a/n: fxck the summary right now lmao because this anon did a good job at requesting this scenario. i am dying as i write this and i’m just telling yall right now, prepare yourselves. bye.

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You can hear him screaming—and worst of all hear him say, “I hate her!”

Of course he doesn’t mean the woman he loves, but he means you. He hates you, and he’s not the only one. You hate yourself too, because who wouldn’t?

Tears fall from your eyes, staining your cheeks and you wiped them quickly. You’re in no position to cry, no position at all. But the tears wouldn’t stop flowing, for you can’t stop yourself.

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140429 D&E Sapporo | part 2
  • Before teenage dream Donghae took off his jacket and he was in just a white t-shirt and HIS NIPPLES. Donghae would occasionally stick his hand into his pockets and noooooooo that shouldn’t even be legal
  • So when Hyukjae showed the last picture of ‘handsome Donghae’ he said younger children should close their eyes. In the picture you could see a bit of Donghae’s chest sfshdjsmdkdnd anyway when Donghae came back from changing they started talking about having age restriction for the next tour. Hyuk: only fans above fifteen can come. Hae: it should be for fans under fifteen. Hyuk: we should do for ages seven and younger, we should change oppa oppa to appa appa..
  • Hae said everyone needs to dress up like a kindergartener for that tour, he wanted to say dress code but forgot the word (?) so he went over to Hyukjae and used his mic to say ‘dress code’ Hyuk said why did you come all the way over here just to say that and Donghae said ‘because we were far apart and I felt lonely’ Hyukjae just laughed
  • Anyway Donghae said that there should be a dress code on the next tour and he said the dress code he really wants is… wedding dress. Hyuk said ‘the dress code I really want’ he became shy and was like never mind and we were like tell us and he said lingerie in a small voice. They kept talking about lingerie after that (I don’t remember much) but when it was time to introduce oh no Hyuk said OH LINGERIE HAHAHAHA
  • Hyukjae was doing this thing (?) to calm himself down and Donghae told him that he was the one that needed to calm down lol when Oh No was about to start Donghae was on the floor laughing his ass off and they kept laughing during the song too. The part in Oh No where they go backstage to get their speakers Hyukjae acted like he was fixing his bra and Donghae did it too…during Oh No Hyukjae looked so embarrassed he ran around the stage for no reason and Donghae laughed and punched him for it
  • During Oppa Oppa, Donghae said ‘I say Donghae you say oppa’ and then ‘I say Eunhyuk you say lingerie’
  • Last night EunHae went to eat with the staff. They played bingo and there were about thirty prizes. Donghae wanted the electric toothbrush since he loves brushing his teeth. He got a bingo and he drew a raffle to decide on which gift he would get. He accidentally grabbed two so he asked Hyukjae to pick and he got the electric toothbrush just as he had wished \o/ before Donghae explained the pictures he said ‘let’s go to sleep. Close your eyes and push out your lips (like a pout)’ we all kept our eyes open and watched Donghae do this, saying awwwww. He said ‘why aren’t you closing your eyes!’ he got embarrassed and couldn’t stop laughing. Donghae also said if you turn around I will back hug you all.
  • When Donghae was explaining the first photo which was of EunHae brushing their teeth while shooting for the vcr the screen zoomed up in Hyuk, Hae said ‘Hyukjae looks like choco doesn’t he?’ but then got upset saying ‘why don’t you zoom up on me : c’
  • After ‘Ten Years’ Hyukjae asked us to sing. He thought we sang ‘ten years ago’ though the lyrics were ‘ten years after’ and he was like eh? You got it wrong, Donghae then said ‘it’s okay, we are human and we all make mistakes, you have me to help you’ Everyone was touched by how sweet Donghae was lol he made us sing again and said we were very good! Hyukjae was sulking and then left the stage saying bye
  • Hyukjae’s throat wasn’t well today and didn’t do so well during 君が泣いたら so after Donghae asked him ‘is there something stuck in your throat?’ Hyuk said his throat hurts today but Hae didn’t accept that as an answer, saying ‘you told the fans that they didn’t do well singing but you made a mistake as well’ Hyukjae was like but my throat hurts, Hae kept on bullying Hyukjae. We were asked if we could sing 君が泣いたら better than Hyuk. When everyone answered 네~! Hyukjae looked a bit hurt lol after we sang, Donghae praised us saying ‘elf are pretty and can sing well’ Hyukjae said ‘I had always thought pretty people couldn’t sing well’ Donghae then replied by saying ‘that’s why you should be able to song much better!’ OTL
  • cr ‏@xmep