everyone thinks their kid is the cutest kid ever


So I once had a conversation with an anon about this and some people actually requested I turn it into a series so now here we are! This is going to be another mini series but this time it’s about what it would be like if the boys were born in America, to start it off like always, the shoulder hyung Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • Jin’s English is actually really good as is and is so so underrated but needs to be highly appreciated bc he has lil accent and its so cute
  • Head canon that even though he’d grown up in America, he still had a slight accent with certain words
  • Like it would never be too bold or clear that he has an accent but on a few words it comes out just a lil bit and it’s the cutest thing ever
  • He seems more like a small town boy to me
  • He would be from one of the towns that not many people have heard of but he would love it
  • Jin seems like such a family man so I think to him, a small town just means a really big family
  • He’s the kid that kinda just knows everyone like on his way to school he’s just greeting every person that walks by bc hey friends !!!
  • He’d be the town sweetheart like everyone knew him as the kid who spent his weekends helping others
  • Like it wasn’t rare for him to just drop by people’s work and just be like hey I am here to help want me to file those papers for you hey man I can bag those groceries no problem
  • If he ever did leave his lil town to go to college or have a career elsewhere he would also promise that once he started his own family, he’d go back bc his home was that lil town and he loved it with all of his heart
  • Whenever people asked him about it, he just gets this really wide smile and you can tell he was so so happy living there and that he misses it so much and he’d tell such fond stories of it
  • American!Jin is just a small town girl living in a lonely world boy who has big dreams and never forgets where he came from

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Could you write some headcannons for the Rfa as parents?? Thanks xx

yaaaasss, i live! i don´t ever want kids but dang if they were real i just might reconsider :´D 


-his kid will be spoiled rotten

-he´s smiling all the time whenever his kids are around, his employees think it´s the cutest thing ever 

-treats them as a princess/prince 

-whatever interests they take up trough the years, jumin will pay for lessons (if they want it) and lots of the gear and material 

-well obviously they´ll go to the best schools possible..unless they would rather attend another school.

-will take them to watch all of the new kids movies, before everyone else, just him, your kids, and you


-just what you expect him to be 

-watches all of the disney movies with them, singing along and dancing with them

-he loves dancing with them…all the time 

-will do that jumping 1,2,3, thing with the kid in the middle

-tells them all the time how beautiful they are, and how much he loves them 

-”you know what? you´re prettier than any disney princess/prince! by ten times!”

-will take them to every single theater kids play ever


-that parent who won´t stop talking with a high pitched voice when talking at his kids. ever

-also the parent to start crying himself while comforting the crying kid

-the parent to cry when the kid is sent off on their first schoolday 

-he loves to play board games with them! it´s the best thing he knows!!! 

-he´s really bad at saying no to them tho

-and they take full advantage of that 


-the worried mom 

-even a slight fever has her panicking 

-when the child takes their first step she´s in tears…both because it makes her so happy….

-also because she´s scared they might fall and hurt themselves! 

-will always ask her kid if they have remembered their lunchbag 10 times 

-will be very very supportive, and make sure that her kid would feel free to pursue their dream


-that parent to throw their kid in the air, worrying everyone around him 

-he would´nt ever do something he thought could potentially hurt his child tho 

-he´s very nervous when the kid is young, is he going to be good enough?

-he gets over it pretty fast tho

-the type of parent to add weird sound effects when trying to get his kid to eat 

-his childs bed/cradle will be a car one, fight me on this

Overwatch Hero's YouTube Channels:
  • <p> <b>D.va:</b> D.vaTheRabbit, gaming let's plays and montages. Well edited and well recorded.<p/><b>Reinhardt:</b> Exercise and cooking tips and tutorials. D.va held him edit the videos because he doesn't understand computers (she gets to eat the food though)<p/><b>Genji + Mercy:</b> Shared couple vlogging channel about their life and adventures together. The entire team watches their videos and thinks they're adorable.<p/><b>Lucio:</b> Concert videos and recordings of his music, the most famous of the team. D.va is low-key jealous because 'my videos are way cooler'<p/><b>Mei:</b> nature montages that everyone pretends to like because seeing her happy is the cutest thing ever. Mercy is the only one who watches them.<p/><b>Winston:</b> makes those science videos that they show kids at schools. Kids think he's adorable but are recommended not to give carbon hydroxide to normal gorillas<p/><b>Zarya:</b> Nothing but workout videos of her lifting heavy things. Writes her own English subtitles and accidentally teaches you some Russian swear words<p/><b>Junkrat+ Roadhog:</b> makes stupid shit. Blows it up. Basically the mythbusters of the internet. Symmetra helps because 'i couldn't have you hurting yourself now could I?' but secretly enjoys the chaos these two get up to<p/></p>
AU where Blue and Adam have been best friends since primary school

this is really pointless, but i really like this so…

  • They met on the first day of school, some big kid was shouting mean stuff at Adam so little 5-year-old Blue threw mud at him and shouted some words she learned from Calla at him, she got in trouble but she also made her first ever friend who she wasn’t related to so it was worth it 
  • One day Adam doesn’t have any lunch with him so Blue shares with him despite his protests (even at 5 he’s too proud for his own good) but Blue eventually wears him down, after that she tells Maura that her best friend sometimes doesn’t have anything to eat and extra chocolate bars and things end up “accidentally” in her lunch box 
  • They were those kids who sat in the back and whispered during the lessons, but the teacher wouldn’t tell them off because they were also the cutest and Blue mastered the puppy eyes thing fast 
  • Adam sticks by her even when other kids want to play with him and tell him to ditch the “witch girl” Adam replies “you better watch out or she’ll hex you” and he has never seen Blue smile as widely as she does then 
  • The fist time Blue brings Adam back to 300 fox way everyone is instantly charmed, Calla, in particular, thinks that he might be the cutest thing she has ever seen 
  • There are soo many sleepovers 
  • When they turn ten bruises start turning up on Adam’s arms and he tries to hide them but Blue sees them anyway and keeps asking about them until one day Adam tells her to stop and there’re tears in his eyes so she does
  • When they are 13 they try to date, it lasts exactly 3 days and is filled with awkward hand holding and avoided kisses  before they decide that it was a stupid idea and they are so much better as friends
  • Soon after that Blue tells him about her curse and she cries on his shoulder because she has never had to tell anyone before, everyone else has just known  and she wasn’t sure if he would still want to be her friend if he now she was curse, he just rubs he back and tells her that they’ll always he friends
  • Blue makes friendship bracelets, they are so colourful and they are the kind that are tied on so you can’t take them off and they are both still wearing them to this day
  • Blue tells him that she thinks she might like girls as well as boys when they are fourteen and she likes the pretty girl who just joined their year and her name is Cialina, Adam says that Cialina is really pretty and it doesn’t matter,  Blue says “of course it doesn’t matter, you idiot, I just wanted you to know” and hits him with her pillow, this starts a very intense pillow fight
  • when they’re 15 Adam has a bruise on his face one day and Blue decides that she’s had enough of ignoring it and asks about it, this time Adam does tell her she this time he’s crying while she rubs his shoulder and makes comforting noises, and she says that she thinks he is awfully brave!! but there’re tears in her eyes too because she can’t believe that her best friend has been going through this for so long and she’s not done anything about it
  • He also tells her about his Aglionby plans, she is the most supportive but also says “you better still be my friend when you’re at your fancy school, and when you’re off running the world” he just says “as if I could run the world without you” and they are literally the cutest friends of all time 
  • It takes weeks for Blue to convince him to tell someone about his dad, they choose Calla who then almost needs to be restrained from going down to beat Robert Parrish up herself until blue tells her that that won’t really help anyone so she takes them both to the police station to report it
  • After even more persuasion Adam moves in with them, he stays in Blue’s room and insists on paying them rent even though they all tried to stop him and insisted that he was practically family 
  • They are all absolutely ecstatic when Adam gets his acceptance to Aglionby, there is a party and cake 
  • Blue waits for him outside the gates on his first day and sneers at boys who give her weird looks and takes him out for pizza
  • She is introduced to Gansey and Ronan and Noah after a week and they all become inseparable
  • When Adam realises he likes Ronan he tells Blue who just smirks because she knew it and if they get together then Noah owes her $10
  • When it’s all over with Glendower (I’m going to assume that Gansey lives) Adam and Blue give near identical talks to the other’s boyfriend about how there will be hell to pay if they get hurt
  • Just generally, Adam having someone who he knows loves him and would do anything for him when he’d growing up and Blue having an actual friend outside her family 

I love to think about Frisk as a trendy kid. They love pop music. They know all the lyrics to several Katy Perry songs. Chara is tired of being asked if they have ever felt like a plastic bag.
Frisk also likes to have the CUTEST CLOTHES because they want to be the CUTEST KID EVER. They love cute things and they want to be cute.
They’re the kinda kid that knows what is going on with everyone, they’re who you talk to if you need some sweet information.

M-maybe one time this cute monster walked up to Frisk and asked…. hey… You know a lot about that Chara human…. Don’t you…. d-dont tell them but I think they’re pretty neat. …
And Frisk is like !!!!! :O

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So could you do a headcanon of the adultrio, main four, komugi and meruem in a AU actor (I'M OPEN TO ANYTHING!)

i can always do any AU. :D


- ever since he played that cannibal in that thriller-novel-turned-media-cash-cow, he’s had no shortage of work. granted, every role he’s offered involves either murder or particularly sadistic bdsm, but he’s okay with it. he’ll win an Emmy for playing Hannibal Lecter one day.


- his court trial for multiple counts of grand larceny has been followed to minuet detail by the entire world, and his domestic sales have never been higher. it helps that he really does have talent and charisma, and now all of his fans wear FREE CHROLLO t-shirts all the time.


- he’s played jack nicholson’s character in every single reboot of his movies. his rendition of the shining was apparently enough to have some theaters host ambulances outside of the theater for every showing. his coworkers are still debating on whether he’s secretly a hitman or not, but no one wants to ask.


- he’s already one several academy awards and has a cult following of adults who’ve seen literally every single one of his movies. he still doesn’t know that his movies are so popular, but then it’s hard to be aware of that kind of thing when he’s too busy being loved and adored by his coworkers (and hisoka)


- there’s a legion of preteens with his poster plastered all across their walls and rooms, despite the fact that he’s only even been in horror movies as the creepy antichrist kid. doesn’t matter - something about those eyes and being a white-haired kid.


- he gets picked to play lady roles more often than not, but it doesn’t matter, because no matter what killua’s legion of preteens looks like, it will never compare to the numbers in kurapika’s army. they wait outside set every day to ambush him (he wears disguises now)


- there’s always that one guy who wants everyone to think he’s a douchebag even though he visits little kids in the hospital, and he’s it. he rolls up to the hospital in his sports car decked out in his kid-friendly-movie costume, then donates half his movie paycheck to cancer research or something.


- she’s literally the cutest thing ever and plays in all those movies where the little girl finds a horse and befriends an ocean full of dolphins. everyone loves her because, i mean, look at her. she’s a princess. she has to do every movie with meruem though.


- there’s lots of tabloid speculation about his relationship with komugi, because he had an emmy-winning career before she came on the scene. but now he just wants to do those movie where elephants talk with her. his fans are kind of weirded out, but oddly supportive.