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sometimes i think about how prompto is the literal human embodiment of sunshine and everything Good in the world. he helped pryna, he was determined to turn his life around and become friends with the prince, he helped that dog in the road in brotherhood, WHEN HE WAS TRAINING FOR THE TRIP HE WAS MORE CONCERNED ABOUT BEING ABLE TO SAVE NOCT THAN HIMSELF, he stays by ignis’ side The Whole Time when ignis first goes blind and makes sure he’s ok, tries to intervene when gladio and noct are fighting even tho gladio could literally kill him in .2 seconds, determined to stay alive so he could see noct again and he still moves forward with his life and determined to help noct and the guys even tho he discovers his origins and is visibly upset and hurting, waits 10 years for noct……. and the first thing he does when he sees him again is make sure ignis knows noct is there im Fuckingngngng

  • Ranpo: If you had to pick one of the other two guys to go out with, who would you pick?
  • Atsushi: No way.
  • Kunikida: I'm not answering that.
  • Dazai: Atsushi-kun.
  • Atsushi:
  • Kunikida:
  • Ranpo:
  • Dazai: ...No way, I'm not answering that.
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part two coming asap, but you guys waited long enough, i think. part 1 of 3 planned updates. happy holidays!

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Avengers Alcohol headcanons

Cap: Samuel adams, like he wont drink bad beer but he’s not going to drink pretentious craft beer either, he finds that reasonably priced medium. The guy in the bar who feels like he can instruct the bartender on what channel should be playing on the TV and how loud it should be. After four beers he starts to point a lot.

Tony: He crosses the broad spectrum of alcohol, like from toasting everyone with Dom Perignon 2008 Vintage champagne to ‘ay who wants to watch me down this bud light lime out of caps helmut’ just 100- 0 real quick

Natasha: no its not stoli or russian standard, not all her vodka is russian you stereotyping fuks, but hey, you want some i have some out back its 89% and was brewed in a soviet war bunker by a guy named ivan, it’ll burn a hole in your tongue, your oesophagus and your soul, here i’ll pour you a shot

Bruce: Doesn’t know anything about wine but if he just asks for ‘the house wine’ at restaurants he knows he’s gonna sound like he’s ‘with it’ 

Falcon: classy belvedere vodka done in shots from the tackiest plastic shot glass he got free from a sale bottle of Sierra Nevada. Is in charge of the jukebox/ipod dock/aux cord and no one appreciates that but they should

Thor: MEAD and ALE served in TANKARDS by WENCHES and… you know… I guess Heineken or whatevers on tap is fine too…. I mean it’s not served in an ivory and gold drinking horn but….ok

Rhodey: Sierra Nevada or Blue Moon, beer for the man who knows what the term ‘hops’ actually means. He is the designated driver and knows his limits, he’s defintely only going to have one and then he’s going to make sure Tony isn’t going to steal thor’s cape and try and use the infinity gauntlet as a substitute drinking horn, he is going to be responsible. An hour passes. He is up on a table with tony, both wrapped in the cape, using caps helmet as the substitute drinking horn as they both scull bud light lime while singing sweet caroline

Bucky: Doing shots with natasha


Fine five star cognac aged in oaken barrels in some rich provincial french town shipped to his estate exclusively and served to him by a beautiful lady in a crystal glass carried on a polished vibranium tray as he sits in a plush leather chair overlooking his land

Clint: It’s always tequila, and every time he puts the little plastic sombrero hat on his head and thinks he’s really funny. That or he’s the guy that drunkenly pressures people to eat the tequila worm for an hour and then when no one wants to he does it himself and fifteen minutes later he’s vomiting behind someones car in the driveway

Wanda: did a shot of 89% soviet vodka and is regretting her decisions

Vision: Requires no alcohol as it serves no apparent function. Is enquiring to the whereabouts of a bucket so that he might assist wanda

Spider-man: tony stark let him have a sip of his bud light lime if he promised not to tell cap and it was so rad but oh my god that was so nasty but he cant say that because like its probably fancy millionaire beer, this is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to him, he can’t believe he was even invited to this party.

Ant-man: was not invited to this party

Trump: Look at what happened last night in Sweden! SWEDEN! Who would’ve thought? Sweden. They took in large numbers and they’re having problems like they never had before.

Sweden: …….*cricket noise*….. Bro nothing happened last night….The tryouts for Eurovision Song Contest was going down if that’s what you’re referring to. That was pretty exciting.

More people should be talking about what’s going on with Jaehyo. He basically lived off of beer, salt, and bread crumbs for days for a Men’s Health magazine. I feel like this should be more publicized. I mean if it was any other idol people would be freaking out. Block B may not be your favorite group, but honestly, this is serious shit.

maylovely  asked:

I've been meaning to ask you; why is Eomer your favorite character! I like him too! But I wanted to know why you love him so much!!

@maylovely my friend held me at gunpoint and set before me 2 pictures of karl urban as cupid and eomer. They said you can only choose one, so I did. they continue to make sure i like the character for the rest of my life. please help me. 

i deadass usually can handle shitty members when i’m admining bc god knows all admins get treated like shit but man sometimes i think its people’s mission to tear u down

Stop! Tagging! Your! Boho! Bullshit! Gypsy!
It’s offensive and rude! That’s not what ‘gypsy’ is! It’s a racial slur! And they, the Romani people are people treated as 2nd class citizens, get their children taken away, are living in poverty! GYPSY IS NOT A FASHION TREND OR SOME “SPIRITUAL” SKY PICTURE ASSHOLE