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  • Can we appreciate the fact Hades offered Nico a room at his palace in the Underworld in case his son dies in battle, because he doesn’t want Nico to feel like he’s got nobody and that he’s got his Dad no matter what? That’s some special treatment there. Nico doesn’t even need to be judged or whatever to be placed in Elysium or any fields in the Underworld–he’ll go straight to the palace.
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades’ gift to Nico’s birthday was a French zombie–who was a professional racer–to be his son’s chauffeur that Nico can summon anytime and anywhere to take him literally any destination in the world?
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades protected and saved Nico (and Bianca) when Zeus wanted to kill his Italian children, because Zeus didn’t want any child of Hades to be the child of the prophecy (and lost his beloved Maria di Angelo in the process)?
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades wanted Nico to be an exception from all his children in the past, and wants Nico to be genuinely happy despite fate’s cruelty to any child of the Underworld?
  • Can we just appreciate this one last fact that Hades loves Nico so much and obviously his favourite child because he knows his son suffered the most than any demigod simply because Nico is his father’s son?

#NewGodSquad | Actual dysfunctional family

  • *On the way to Dragonstone*
  • Jon: Is Sansa okay? Should I turn back? I should turn back. She needs me.
  • Davos: Your grace, for the last time, your lady sister will be just fine. She is a strong woman.
  • Jon: *huffs*
  • Davos: *sighs*
  • *Drinking wine with Tyrion*
  • Jon: Sansa thinks highly of you, ser. And I trust in her judgement. She's an amazing woman.
  • Tyrion: Yes, my wife is *laughs*
  • Jon: *angry kitten growls* Not your wife. My Sansa.
  • Tyrion: Uh....
  • *Meeting Theon*
  • Jon: I must thank you for bringing Sansa back to me. For that, all is forgiven.
  • Theon: She deserves to be safe. I only want her to be safe.
  • Jon: *annoyed kitten growls* Yes, yes and I'll be the one to protect her now. She's my Sansa.
  • Theon: Uh....
  • *Speaking to Daenerys*
  • Dany: And it is your sister now ruling in your stead?
  • Jon: Yes, my Sansa. She's wonderful and fierce and strong. I have no doubt she will be just the most amazing ruler there ever was. The North is lucky to have her. The world is lucky to have her. *sighs dreamily* I'm lucky to have her.
  • Dany: Uh....
  • *Meets the Hound*
  • Jon: *knife to the throat, angry murderous kitten growling* You ever come near Sansa, you ever touch her or speak to her and I'll kill you myself!!
  • Sandor: All I said was hello...

Paul I will literally pay you to try, cause the fact that you think a lackluster Fashionista with a short man complex can actually win in a fight against a trained marine twice their size is hilarious and I would very much like to see the results, you poor delusional bastard

sometimes i think about how prompto is the literal human embodiment of sunshine and everything Good in the world. he helped pryna, he was determined to turn his life around and become friends with the prince, he helped that dog in the road in brotherhood, WHEN HE WAS TRAINING FOR THE TRIP HE WAS MORE CONCERNED ABOUT BEING ABLE TO SAVE NOCT THAN HIMSELF, he stays by ignis’ side The Whole Time when ignis first goes blind and makes sure he’s ok, tries to intervene when gladio and noct are fighting even tho gladio could literally kill him in .2 seconds, determined to stay alive so he could see noct again and he still moves forward with his life and determined to help noct and the guys even tho he discovers his origins and is visibly upset and hurting, waits 10 years for noct……. and the first thing he does when he sees him again is make sure ignis knows noct is there im Fuckingngngng

nothing beats awkwardly trying to explain being ace without…actually using the word

avpd positivity!

- that embarrassing thing you said or did a week ago? No one remembers it! You’re the only one still thinking about it. It wasn’t as bad as you think.

- the people you wanna talk to don’t hate you! They don’t even know you yet! And if/when they do get to know you, they won’t hate you then either!

- don’t worry if the words catch in your throat, or your fingers won’t move to type. I know it can be hard to say things. Just take your time, because what you have to say is important no matter what. And if you never manage to say it, that’s okay too. I’m proud of you for trying.

- and if you overshare, that’s great! Even if their reaction isn’t what you expected or wanted, it still meant a lot to them that you were comfortable enough to open up to them. They’re happy to get to know you better.

- stand up for yourself! You’re not someone’s doormat to wipe their feet on. You’re important, and not everyone who talks shit about you is right. If you can’t stand up for yourself, it’s okay to ask for help.

- 99% of the things you’re paranoid about will never come to pass.

- people don’t look at you as often as you think! no one’s staring at you.

- and if it makes you more comfortable, it’s okay to ask people not to look at you, if they’re the understanding type. Not looking at someone isn’t that much trouble, and it’s certainly worth it for your comfort.

- you are NOT a burden. you are NOT annoying. you are NOT ugly. you are NOT hated.

- you don’t have to feel guilty for existing. You’re allowed to exist! Even if existing is just laying in bed all day.

- people don’t hate you if you don’t respond to them. people don’t hate you if they don’t respond to you. Life happens!

- you’re a good person, and you deserve good things, I promise!

- some days are really gonna suck, but some days are gonna be really nice!

- relationships of all kinds are gonna be hard for you, but they’re not impossible. You can have AVPD and still be in healthy, happy relationships!

- There’s people who care about you and love you. They think about you even when you’re not around. You’re important to them, and they’ll be patient for you. (Yes, this especially means your safe person(s)!)

- It’s okay to avoid when you need to. You don’t owe anyone your company.

- It’s okay to isolate when you need to. Take all the time you need.

- You’re gonna be okay. ♡

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what do you most want nick to ask harry?

For his hand in marriage

the signs as things my brother has said
  • aries: i'll choose moose because i sexually identify as one
  • taurus: RUN THOSE KIDS OVER. NATURAL SELECTION. but don't hurt the dog.
  • cancer: if my future kid's ever an emo, i'll slap them
  • gemini: no i won't shave...i prefer being an untamed lawn
  • virgo: *smacks me in the face* itachi forehead touch
  • libra: this offends my veganism
  • scorpio: i can't call you a hoe??? fine you fucking shovel
  • sagittarius: it's gucci my dude
  • capricorn: i like cheesecake, maple syrup, and strippers
  • aquarius: *looks at the night sky* i'm so glad i paused dragon ball z for this
  • pisces: who cares about the sea life. i care about the tree life. Recycle.

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What exactly happened with Dave Filoni? I've seen people mention it here and there, but I'm not familiar with it.



This was around the height of people associated with LF liking Reylo fanart, talking about it in positive terms, etc. The Reylo fandom was pretty much over the moon because HOLY SHIT CLAUDIA GREY SHIPS REYLO. DAISY LIKED REYLO FANART. MARK LIKED ART. WE ARE BECOMING MAINSTREAM, YO.

It was a bad time to be an anti. It’s always a bad time to be an anti, but, well, it was pretty good for us and they were mad. 

Enter Dave Filoni’s blog. 

A blog purporting to be that of Dave Filoni made a post absolutely trashing Reylo, and it EXPLODED. We’re talking thousands upon thousands of notes, antis in total celebration mode, much laughing and crowing that “HA DAVE FILONI THINKS YOUR SHIP IS DISGUSTING AND SO ARE YOU”

At the time, one particular anti blog was pretty much the leader of the whole movement. They were incredibly damaging and all-around horrible (I think they went on hiatus awhile back. They could still be around. I neither know nor care). They reached out to the blog and thanked them for supporting the anti cause. “Dave Filoni” announced that he was actually a big fan of said anti blog and announced that he was now following them. The anti blogger preened and talked about how honored they were, total fangirling, this is amazing. 

The antis were utterly convinced that they had a staunch ally at LF on their side, and oh, how they milked it. 

Until a few Reylo shippers asked Pablo what the deal was with Dave’s blog. 

Pablo shortly responded that he wasn’t aware of Dave having a Tumblr at all (and we know that Pablo is familiar with Tumblr discourse, albeit primarily in the sense that he hates it).

When given a link, Pablo’s response was a completely flat “yeah, there’s no way that’s him”. IIRC there was more or less official confirmation from the real Dave Filoni not long after.

An anti soon came clean and admitted that they’d created the impersonator blog themselves.

This was not long after the Matt the Radar Technician skit, and needless to say, the Reylo fandom had a field day with Matt memes since the antis had flat-out pretended to be a major player at LF just to make it look like their side had support when, as always, they had nothing.

It was absolutely hilarious and I’m still laughing about it a year later. 

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