everyone stop what they're doing and look at this

Klance sing
  • So everyone knows that Lance can sing and everyone enjoys him doing so from time to time. But there is another Paladin that can sing.
  • Lance: Keith, Keith , Keith, Keith.
  • Keith: No Lance I've already told you I won't sing now leave me alone.
  • This argument had been going on for awhile now and the other Paladins were getting sick of it.
  • Shiro: Keith just sing with Lance once, that's all. Then you never have to again.
  • Keith feels betrayed by their leader but does as his told.
  • Keith: Fine, you better pick a good song.
  • Lance grabs his green guitar looking thing.
  • Lance: Don't you worry I've had this planned for a long time.
  • Lance starts playing his guitar.
  • Lance: Do you hear me, I'm talking to you.
  • Lance continues with a smirk whilst Keith face is slightly red.
  • Keith: Boy I hear you in my dreams.
  • Everyone stops what they're doing when they here Keith's angelic voice.
  • Lance and Keith: lucky I'm in love with my best, lucky to have been where I have been.
  • The two continue to sing Lucky together looking deep into each other's eyes.
  • As the song comes to an end both boys are very close to each other almost leaning in.
  • Pidge: Ha gaaaaay
  • The two look away from each other and walk their seperate ways. Though they defiantly sing together more often

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hey hey how about some bokuroo where people keep thinking their just super close friends and disregard of their gay jokes as bro jokes and one day they just get fed up and just straight out kiss each other so people can see that they're dating and not just "no homo bro" bros

@ everyone who writes Bokuro off as ‘bros’ why are you so scared of their love for each other??? - Admin Hope

Bokuto Koutaro x Kuroo Tetsurou

“Hey Kou wait!” Kuroo called out and Bokuto stopped and looked over at Kuroo. 

“What are you doing? You should be getting ready for your match against Nohebi.” Bokuto exclaims and Kuroo gives him a smile.

“It’s fine Kou I’ve got time, I just wanted to say, as your boyfriend that I’m really proud of you today but as your competitor there is nothing I want more than to beat your team.” He says and Bokuto gives him a wide smile, draping his arm over Kuroo’s shoulders. 

“Well as your boyfriend I can say the same that I am proud of you and think you played well but as a competitor of the winning team I’m going to hold this win against you forever.” He says overly sweet and nuzzling his face in Kuroo’s cheek. 

“I love you Kou.” Kuroo says and Bokuto nods giving him a smile.

“Yeah I love you too, now go and beat Nohebi to a pulp.” He says and shoo’s Kuroo away. Kuroo happily walks over back over to his friends until he hears a couple of people talking about his and Bo’s encounter.

“What good friends, so supportive of each other.” He hears them mutter and Kuroo’s face scrunched in confusion.

We said I love you to each other how is that friendship? Kuroo though shoving his hands in his jacket pockets. “What’s with the face Kuroo?” Kenma asks and Kuroo huffs.

“Nothing.” He mutters yet he couldn’t shake the thought of why in the world those two people would think that they are just friends.


“Hey Tetsu look at this? Isn’t it cute?” Bokuto says holding up the little owl stuffed animal that he found in the kids section of Ikea. 

“It’s super cute Kou, but we are here for stuff for our apartment remember? You know we graduate soon and kind of need furniture.” Kuroo says and Bokuto gives him a slight pout holding the stuffed animal close to his chest. 

“But Tetsu.” He whines and Kuroo sighs. 

“Okay fine put it in the cart.” He mutters and Bokuto smiles happily wrapping his arms around Kuroo in a tight hug as he continued to push the cart around into the next section. “You know all of the kids stuff is pretty cool.” Kuroo admits looking at the lights. “Nevermind we need to focus.” He says but Bokuto was far to invested in someone else’s conversation about them.

“What great friends, remember when we had an apartment together for college! Such good times.” A women spoke and Bokuto’s heart broke at her words.

Friends? We aren’t just friends, we are more than that he is my boyfriend and we are going to the same university and getting an apartment together for a reason. Bokuto thought and tugged at Kuroo’s shirt.

“Kou are you even looking at anything? Like what kind of light do you want in our room or what is the bedding you want? Duvets are much more cheep that actual bedding so maybe you should pick something out.” Kuroo said but Bokuto still dazed off thinking about what the two women had said. 


“Hey I’m going to go and get a coffee out of the vending machine do you want one?” Kuroo asked and Bokuto looked up from his book and nodded.

“Yeah please.” He says and Kuroo nods walking out of the library and to the vending machine outside. Little did he know that Bokuto walked out not even thirty seconds later not wanting to be alone. 

“I told you I’d get you one.” Kuroo says as Bokuto hugs him from behind. Kuroo puts in money and buys two of the canned coffees. 

“I know I just didn’t want to be alone.” Bokuto mutters, Kuroo smiled taking the cans out of the machine as they both heard the whispers of a couple of people a little away from them.

“They must really be close friends to touch each other like that.” One of them said and Bokuto stiffened. 

“Yeah honestly, they must have been friends for awhile now.” The other said and Kuroo turns to face Bokuto whose face was getting more noticeably upset by the second. 

“I love you Kou.” Kuroo said with as much emphasis to make sure the two could hear him. Kuroo kissed Bokuto passionately, and the two stared at the boys their eyes wide as they awkwardly walked away. 

Bokuto pulled away and gave Kuroo a small smile. “I don’t like it when people assume that we are just friends. It makes me really upset.” Bokuto confesses and Kuroo pulls him in for a hug.

“Well I don’t think that anyone will be saying that.” He says and Bokuto nods in his embrasse. “You know I love you right?” Kuroo asks and Bokuto nods once more.

“Of course I do, you know that I love you too?” Bokuto asks and Kuroo presses a kiss to the top of his head. 

“Yes I do.”

may advice for the signs
  • aries: yes, working hard is important, but everything you're doing is already more than good enough. remember to take care of yourself. you can do this, whatever it is.
  • taurus: you know that one person you can't stop thinking about? tell them. seriously, tell them. you'll regret it for the rest of your life if you don't.
  • gemini: stop putting the opinions of others above your own. it's not their happiness that matters, it's yours.
  • cancer: there are people in your life who deserve you, and there are people in your life who really don't. realise who is worth your time and who isn't.
  • leo: look at everyone around you. you treat them all like they're worth the world. but what about you?
  • virgo: it's not about what he wants, or what she wants, or what they want. it's about what you want. you can't live your life through other people. for once, follow your heart. anything could happen if you just take a chance.
  • libra: look at that person. look how bright they shine. you want to be like them, don't you? well, if that's what you want, try being yourself.
  • scorpio: yes, the world is harsh and dark and cruel. yes, it can make you or break you. but are you going to let the darkness get to you? are you going to let it break you? you decide.
  • sagittarius: there are things about you that people truly admire, things they find beautiful. it's about time you started appreciating those things as much as they do.
  • capricorn: no one sees it when you break down and cry. no one knows when everything inside you is hurting. please, let people in. you can't do this on your own.
  • aquarius: feelings are not weakness. caring is not weakness. don't be afraid of falling in love. don't be afraid of never letting go. it's a learning curve, not something to be scared of.
  • pisces: of course it's wonderful when you're important to people. of course it's amazing when someone looks at you like in the movies. but don't forget to look at yourself that way too.
EXO Reaction To You Finding Out About Their Powers

Request - Anon said: Hi :) would I be able to request an EXO reaction where you find out about them having their powers Thank you!
A/N: OMG I love their power concept this was so much fun Thank you for requesting and I hope you like it! Happy Reading! - Rhin

 *he graciously helps you clean up when a pipe bursts in your house. It goes much faster than you thought it would and you finally find out why*
 You: Ah, now I’m really glad I asked you for help, Suho
 Him: You’re not surprised?
 You: At this point, not really. This just adds to how wonderful you are

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 *You and Kai are running errands, getting ready for Christmas, but something’s off because first he’s tracking white sand into the house, then you see a maple leaf in his hair, and where did he get those pomegranates that you needed*
 You: *confront him with the evidence*
 Him: Well… well, it’s actually a pretty cool story, maybe I’ll tell you sometime, but long story short I can teleport

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 *you just happened to pop out of the house to give Chanyeol the burgers at just the right time to catch him lighting the grill with his hand*
 You: *rush over to see if his hand’s okay* How do you not have second degree burns?
 Him: *lights his hand again* Well, it’s apart of me so… it can’t hurt me? Idk its cool though.       (You’re Sehun)

 *a child falls off the swings at the park you two are at and you two run over to see if he’s okay. Lay heals a cut as fast as he can without you seeing it but you catch him*
 You: That’s awesome! Wait.. is this why you never come home as injured as the boys say you get during practice?

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 *You were on the roof helping replace shingles when you accidentally slipped off. Kris caught you, of course*
 You: *still shook*  What just happened? Were you flying?!
 Him: Don’t think about that right now, just breathe. 

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 *you come back from a work trip and you find mops and dusters floating around and doing stuff like some Fantasia shit*
 You: What is happening?! *walks around the corner to find Luhan stirring a pot of Mac N’ Cheese with no hands* Uh, Lu??!
 Him: Oh! You’re home! I guess I have to explain now, huh? 

 *the power goes out in your house and you’re deathly afraid of the dark so he uses his power to comfort you*
 You: Wow… that’s amazing!
 Him: *blushes* 

 *he makes coffee for you and a couple of guests that you have over. You walk in to the kitchen to grab more cookies and you see him cover the cups in frost to cool the liquid heaven down*
 You: So that’s your secret ingredient
 Him: Well, now our secret, okay?

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 *he catches a lightning bolt that was about to hit you*
 You: When were you going to tell me about this?
 Him: Uhh…. now?

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 *You two are driving through the mountains and there’s a rock slide ahead of you. There are multiple cars in its path and he quickly makes a barrier out of the mountain side to stop it*
 You: That. Was. Awesome.
 Him: Glad you think so

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 *he’s walking down the street with you when a wreck happens on the street ahead. He stops time to get everyone out of harm’s way*
 You: *for some reason you’re like immune to this?* Well, this is interesting *looks at Tao suspiciously*
 Tao: ….. Shut up and help me

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 *an unexpected burst of his power accidentally makes him blow all the books off the shelves around him*
 You: *whisper yells, because you’re in a public library, you have to* Sehun! What the hell was that?
 Him: Well… hehe…umm…well, I can do this thing…

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  • psychic: *reading my mind*
  • me: here we go, the whiskering begins. gimme your face. no pressure. nose pressure ahahahhaha pa ching and pa zam. your nose is quite a nice texture today. today? that face is not helping. no, no, no, no. how do I look? pretty great. fabulous. aw aw. whiskening achieved. let's answer some Qs. that's an X. you had one job, phil. *clapping* what happens in the basement of google? it's where vloggers are born. mother. would you rather have barbed wire eyelashes, ow, or grass hair? uh, grass hair. why? get a tiny mower, different style everyday. brrr brrr brrr. is canada real? uh, no. it's a fictional country, isn't it? I was aboot to say. *finger snapping* advertise the item closest to you in the most disturbing way you can. it's actually a pair of my underwear which was on the floor. that is your underwear? oh my god. underwear? watch out for an under-scare! disturb not make the worst pun ever. sorry. do a creepy face! *dramatic music* oh wow, that's horrific *weird noises* nooo, no no no no. phil, sing the first song that comes into your head in a scottish accent. oh, I don't know what song is in my head. what the what was that? ow. rekt. no. that was like a russian no. what the fuck was that? there's a russian man in my stomach. I think phil's trying to drop hints that's he's a cannibal, guys. rrr. play tug of war with phil's stress mushroom. what is the stress mushroom? they mean this baby. no, not that. I hate that. No! *struggling* no *more struggling noises* Oh. there's wet stuff in it- OH MY GOD -what is this?-WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENED? rest in peace, disturbing mushroom. do the next question in dan's room. invent a new swear word and use it in a sentence. alright, ch-chanksplooned. alright, go on then. yeah, I chanksplooned your mom's face. do we wanna know what does chanksplooned-ok. what would be written on your tombstone? oh phil, there was never a better king of the universe. for god's sake. what's on yours, dan? ugh. dan, you're a penguin with rabies and phil, you're a mouse that's constipated. *weird noises* have a staring contest with dan while barking like dogs. whoever laughs first, wins. (?) 3, 2, 1. *barking noises* AH HA HA. y'all laughed. invent something that not one person would ever use. a bed made out of smashed glass. I wouldn't use it. fair enough. phil, sing the john cena theme while dan pretends to be john cena. *john cena theme* ow haha ow I knew that was coming *laughter* do an impression of a dying goose *weird noise* what the hell was- oh my god. *laughter* *weird noise* make a duet about ladders. ladders ladders ladders ladders ladders ladders ladders- who would(?) you step on them and you climb-ladders ladders ladders ladders- they're made of metal, they go up-ladders ladders ladders- if you're a fireman, they're really high. laddeeeerss. ladders ep. that's the symbol of our band. everyone put out their ladder hands. yeah, that's what the crowd's gonna be doing to our concerts. YEAH, LADDERS AH. you just broke the sound barrier. that's what happens when you go fast, you idiot. what the f- oh my god. become a season. oh oh wha what was that? oh, it's spring. you were birthing something. phil, what vegetable should be king? the op-carrot? scroll through your camera roll without looking, choose a random picture and explain the story. scroll scroll scroll STOP. I- I was witnessing nature in action. and taking sneaky photos of it, you perv. HAHAHA. what is happening in this photo? it looks like I'm in a public toilet mid-blink. wow. *bad beatboxing* dan, you're a nacho. phil, you're the salsa. make fanfic. I'm just so dry and crusty and until I just get inside you and submerged myself in your red juices. DIP ME - I can't get into myself-DIP ME DIP ME DIP ME AH DIP DIP AHH AHHH AAAHHH AHHH I'M COMPLETE MMMM MMM. stop it. let's all take a moment to just forget that happened. what is your favorite number of the alphabet? seventy-L. how dry is your wenis? wait, I know what your wenis is! ayee, ayee. it's this. mine's pretty soft. this is your wenis. let me stroke your wenis. that is a smooth wenis. tickle my wenis? *laughter* pretty soft as well. damn, guys. moisturized wenii. ah, let's just move on. let's move on. say a really unerotic word in a sexy voice and then lick your lips. exhaust pipe. OH *disgusted voice* OH I FEEL VIOLATED. concrete. *laughter* nooo. play the spoons. my grandma actually used to play the spoons so, prepare yourselves. *metal sounds* spoons. look up friendship yoga and imitate the first image. what? what the hell is that? HOW ARE WE GONNA DO THAT? so, we sit on our butts, not on our backs and make sure you're kinda like resting on your butt then feet together and then hands. reach. ah, I got one. and the other one. ow. ok. wait, wait, wait. alright now, over to the top. friendship. ow. *laughter* ow ow oh my god I pulled my leg oh oh. we have a very low friendship level otherwise that clearly would've worked. disaster. phil, reenact the photo of chris pratt and his raptors using house plants. I've got this. oh, god. here it is. ok, phil, very well done. *clapping* I'm so proud. that's pretty- you have a problem though. you seriously- I am chris plant. oh, did you just? do a trust exercise. no, no, no that's not a good idea. I'm actually scared. phil, you better-I'm gonna catch you. fall. oh my god. fall. AH OH OH MY GOD OH OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH. your scream was incredible. YOU CAUGHT ME. I did. I DIDN'T DIE. Yeah. let's end this right now. So, there we go. thumbs up for another year of phil is not on fire. I'm quite shocked that I actually lived through this video-yeah- it was quite dangerous. You can click on phil's face to subscribe to his channel or my face to subscribe to dan. or click our bellies to subscribe to danandphilgames. is that a thing? give em a little tickle. ok. also, there's loads of new stuff on dan and phil shop so check the out- check that out- there's a link below. and we will see you guys next year. yeahh. i mean, we are gonna make videos but until this, the whiskers will return- there, there will be another of this. ACHOO. uh, sorry. I think that that's a good time to end it. Goodbye. *slow motion screaming*
  • psychic: what the actual fuck
Advice for the signs, 15th March
  • aries: Even though your soul currently doesn't feel at home, I can promise you that it's temporary. Let nature heal your wounds.
  • taurus: Yes, it's totally okay to just relax once in a while and do nothing at all. Screw the idea you have implanted in your brains that you must always work hard. It's okay to do nothing.
  • gemini: Don't even bother to listen to people who pretend to be friends with you. Just walk away from them. If the friendship is toxic and it doesn't make you grow, feel free to walk away.
  • cancer: I know it gets hard and sometimes you feel like you don't have a solid foundation, but you must remember you can work on that foundation. Slowly build it, brick by brick. It's not bad if you start all over again, what matters is that you don't stop. Make yourself proud.
  • leo: The waves get rough and you get tired of trying to be nice to everyone all the time. Drop the fake, say things that you truly mean and slowly but eventually you'll feel the softness of the waves and how they are not trying to break you, but are actually trying send you into the right direction.
  • virgo: Gather up all the confidence you have inside, and go and tell them how you truly feel about them. Trust me, it will be worth your time.
  • libra: You have to accept the fact that there is a lot of unfairness going on in the world. And stop trying to blame everyone for something you did.
  • Scorpio: No, not everyone feels the same the way you do. You know, that's what makes you even more admireable. Stop trying to hide your true feelings because you think they're 'weird'.
  • Sagittarius: Sometimes you have to bite through and complete some things you have started. You tend to get too excited but then you never really finish anything. It's good to look back at the things you have finished.
  • Capricorn: Try to socialize with different people. It's not easy and it doesn't feel trustworthy maybe, but you will be a different person, even if you just try it.
  • aquarius: The fact that you choose to not display all your emotions, is totally cool. Just don't let it wreck you inside.
  • pisces: The next time you do something, (socializing, going out, answering a question in class or whatever) try not to think about everything you said or how you could've said it better. It's not okay to constantly doubt yourself.
Stupid Ninjago Jokes Episode 1
  • If only it were a myth
  • Skylor: *stands at a balcony*
  • Kai: *keeps a lot of distance and admires her from afar*
  • Nya: *shows up randomly* Don't stare for tooooooo long!
  • Kai: Why not?
  • Nya: JAY. TELL HIM.
  • Jay: Oh yeah! I read about it in a book once! It says, that if you stare at a redhead for longer than 10 seconds, you'll fall in love.
  • Everyone else: *falls silent and stares at Jay for 5 seconds. Then they run, screaming around the place*
  • Jay: ... What did I say?
  • Cole: *runs covering his eyes* Don't look at him!
  • Clouse: Master Chen, the guests are freaking out over some myth again.
  • Chen: Oh boy. *walks over to the others* CALM DOWN.
  • Everyone else: *stops whatever they're doing*
  • Chen: Don't worry everyone, it's just a myth. And if it were true, y'all be falling in love with me! *holds up a picture of his younger self—with natural red hair*
  • Everyone else: .... AHHHHHHHHH *runs and screams again*
  • Chen: Wait...if everyone is freaking out about it...then it must be true! *causally walks to the running and screaming people* My admirers, come hither!
  • Clouse: *facepalms* Oh my God.
  • Chen: *grabs Jay* Tell me admirer, how fabulous do I look today?
  • Jay: Uh....
  • Cole: *runs into a wall with blindfolds on* Stay away from Jay!
  • Turner: Here's a solution! Stay away from Skylor, Jay, and Master Chen and we shall be safe!
  • Bolobo: What about you? You have red-ish hair.
  • Everyone: .....*runs and screams like little girls*
  • Clouse: *doublefacepalms*
  • Robert: Zero points for imagination I'm afraid. I'm not gonna say it's the first place I looked.
  • Liv: Where's Aaron?
  • Robert: If you're bothered, why don't you call him? Or you just too busy plotting new ways to ruin my life?
  • Liv: Leave me alone.
  • Robert: It's tempting, believe me.
  • (picks up a picture)
  • Liv: Give it back! I should burn 'em all, to be honest.
  • (text message alert)
  • Why can't everyone just leave me alone?
  • Robert: What did it say this time?
  • Liv: Does it matter?
  • Robert: Well, it shouldn't, but it clearly does. Bullies are good at that, homing in on your insecurities. The truth is they're the most insecure ones.
  • Liv: Right, thanks for the chat.
  • Robert: I should know. I was a bully. You could try looking a little more surprised.
  • Liv: I did try and stop him, you know. Ryan. It was just too late. Do you think you could go to prison for it?
  • Robert: I dunno. Maybe. The truth is, I'll had it coming. I guess you could call it karma. I've done my fair share of bad stuff over the years, believe me.
  • Liv: I'm sorry.
  • Robert: Yeah, me, too. Come on, let's get out of here.
  • Liv: Don't tell me what to do.
  • Robert: You know, you could try being a little less annoying.
  • Liv: Right back at you.

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Okay but Jahan AU, Root always gets a little possessive when Shaw decides to work out in the park? Because it seems everyone is slowly stopping what they're doing just to look at Shaw. It doesn't help that Jahan is there, trying to do the things she does. They're both oblivious and Root's thinking "That's my family, stay away?" So she struts into the park, kisses Jahan sweetly before bending down as Shaw does crunches and kisses the hell out of her. Shaw just thinks Root wanted to surprise them

replace the dog with jahan and it’s a great day

when one of the most praised and adored riders on instagram rides in a pelham with a single rein.. that single rein being what should be the curb rein.. remember this is a girl that is looked up to by many children who even seek her advice..

god bless this generation of equestrians