everyone stands together

My thoughts go out to everyone in my home, London - to strangers who were affected, to all tourists in the area, to minorities and immigrants who will be affected by the attack, to muslims in the UK and the West who will be affected by what happened today, to friends who were within Westminster Palace today, to my friends and family who are working nearby, to every single human in the city which is my home. I can’t help but think of my friends, family, and strangers within London who are scared by what has happened. I hope this doesn’t lead to more divisiveness or fuel the right wing rhetoric, although I’m sure it will. London is an amazing, multicultural, liberal city which welcomes everyone. We will stand together and not let this have harmful effects on anyone, no matter who they are, who lives and travels to London and the UK. 

And there they were,

National Park Service, the leader of the rebellion, and their terrifying renegade, Merriam-Webster. 

Hey white people:

That whole “I don’t keep up with the news. I just stay optimistic!” attitude is actually pretty shitty. It’s a form of privilege to be able to disregard world events, the corruption in your country, the election of a rapist into office, and the words of your fellow citizens of color just because you just “don’t see it”.

The systemic oppression PoC face, and the morally bankrupt capitalist industry our entire country runs on, requires you to stop being willfully ignorant if you want not just our respect, but the true freedom this country is supposed to represent and you claim to believe in.

Don’t let yourselves be those people in history books that ignored the warning signs and then later cry out “But I didn’t know it was happening!”



shared motivation : keeping the avengers the family together

anonymous asked:

Waitt WHATTT so youre saying all US shows are just seats? I mean the tickets I bought did specify row and seats but I thought that's just how they organized the amount of spaces per section. If its just seats, I'd be so sad bc I don't think it's as fun as standing and dancing. But I guess I wont have to camp out a week prior to make sure I can see him, haha. Unless I sit behind a ridiculously tall person which in that case, I'll bring a booster seat with me.

I think they’re all seats, yeah. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit the whole time. It doesn’t even mean you have to sit at all! It just means you’ve got a designated area to occupy, but you can totally stand in front of your seat and dance as much as you want, and this way you’ll have more room to move around than you would if everyone were standing close together anyway! And the seat will be there right behind you in case you get tired and your legs don’t work like they used to before. :D

To spread some Ace-positivity after the Ace-discourse drama of today…

Here is a picture I took with @mishacollins 2 years ago with the purpose to raise some Awareness for Asexuality and also to offer a positive message to every Asexuals out there.

 His reaction was heartwarming to say the least~ 

It’s one of my fondest memory even tho it was back before I started my transition, when I was on chemotherapy, doing VERY badly and extremely sick. ( you can notice the mask I had to wear because I was immunosuppressed.) so I ain’t looking at my best there…

but it’s still one memory I hold very dear.

Thanks Misha for everything then~ 

So here is my message for everyone today : You are valid, you matter, Homophobia has to stop, Acephobia has to stop , Transphobia as to stop , everyone needs to stand together in these hard times.