everyone spells my name with a double n and it makes me angry


Loud voices and threatening words draw your attention away from the simmering pot on the stove in front of you. You listen for a second. There are two voices; one is Rick’s. You don’t recognise the other.

You turn off the heat under the pot and put it to the side. Then you head outside. Your house is one of the closest to the main gate. You open the front door but leave the screen one shut, hiding you from the scene by the gate.

Rick is talking to a bearded man with a baseball bat. Rick is tense and his hand is clenched into a fist. The other guy is laughing and smiling, completely at ease. You realise who it must be.

Negan. The man who murdered Glenn and Abraham.

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Back Into It

Summary: For the Co-Writing groups, these lovely ladies were assigned Cas x Reader Angst. Try not to cry ;)

Word Count: 5000

Warnings: Angst

Authors: @just-a-touch-of-crowley, @baritonechick, @recklesspansexualpunk

“What do you want, Winchester?” You smirk as you bring the phone to your ear. Your snarky tone doesn’t go unnoticed by the man on the other side of the phone call.

Dean lets out a huff. “Nice to talk to you, too. Listen, we need some help.” You let out a heavy sigh and lean back in the chair you’re resting on.

“You know I’m no longer in that line of work.” A soft rustling can be heard as, you assume, Dean shifts the phone to his other ear.

“Yea I remember, but here’s the thing. It’s Cas.”

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