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AU Ideas

Spy AU: I was pretending to love you just to steal secrets but now I’m regretting my decision, I may actually be in love with you.

Dracula AU: It’s a steampunk world with flying ships, mechanical wings and steam powered pneumatic multi-stake launchers. Vampires take heed.

Werewolf AU: I legit hate being a werewolf. Everyone makes it sound great, but the transformation is painful and there’s hair everywhere and I think I’m allergic to wolf dander.

Fantasy AU: I’m just trying to survive in a world where goblins are killing and stealing, trolls don’t just bother goats crossing bridges and everything smells like swamp… how are you so clean?

Zombie AU: The hordes have rotted away and society is rebuilding. We were doing fine until the new government started interfering. 

Angel AU: You’re an angel and I love you, but is that just because I’m suppose to? God is love and all that, so is that just transfer since you’re his avatar?

Teacher/Student: Yes, I’m aware that I’m more than a little hot but anything more than what we have is just morally wrong. I’d just like to be your friend.

Survival AU: I know we don’t have any food, but I’d like to point out that there are plenty of bodies in the wreck that are doing to get ripe really quick if we don’t start building some fires and preserving… look I know this is creepy and wrong but we’re going to starve if we don’t do something and this is the easiest way to get some food in us with little effort, so we can build shelter and signal for rescue. Don’t look at me like that.

The meme squad theme song!

I thought since the Star Sanses have a theme song, then why not the meme squad? I made this as memey(?) As I could.Enjoy!

If Justice Reign bought Tacobell

We get a lawyer and sue them very well

Cause if not Things would go badly

They might capture us but then we escape dramatically.

We  are the meme squad

We’ll always run away

And if you think we can’t

We’ll do it anyway

That’s why we hide in every universe, we are

Cross, Nightmare,Error and Kevin the 🐔

If   Dream could only know, where they really live

Or when they on spied on him, back on Christmas Eve

You would be amazed to find, how they fail a lot

And that their a bunch of dorks

But not really losers

Not really losers

But definitely dorks!

Nightmare: I will fight for the sake of Tacobell,  and all other fast-food restaurants as well

Error: I will fight in the name of shipping, and EVERYTHING that I believe in

Cross: I will fight for what my friends believe in, And I’ll try not to be afraid of any cow

Kevin:*Chicken noises*

Yeah the odds are against us

This won’t be easy

And we’re kind of alone…

We are the meme squad

We’ll always run away

And of you think we can’t

We’ll do it anyway

That’s why we hide in every universe, we are

Cross, Nightmare, Error and Kevin the 🐔.

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Requested by anonymous

You wouldn’t even be at Jessica’s party if it wasn’t for Monty. You hated parties and social interaction in general, so basically you were the complete opposite of your brother. Thankfully you quickly spotted two people you could actually stand not long after the party started.

“Hey guys what’s up?” You said greeting Alex and Clay. They both looked equally surprised to see you.

“Well well well I didn’t think you were much for parties” Alex said drinking out of his red plastic cup.

“I’m not trust me” you groaned “I lost a bet with Monty. I bet that he wouldn’t get anything higher than a D on his last test”.

“What did he get?” Clay asked, raising an eyebrow.

“A C-” you grumbled “dad took his car away since he was recklessly driving and stuff so since he won the bet I have to drive him wherever he wants to go for a week. Unfortunately that includes here”.

“Remind me never to make a bet with that asshole… no offence” Alex added quickly. You just shrugged. You knew your brother and Alex didn’t particularly like each other and to be perfectly honest you couldn’t disagree with his statement. Monty could really be an asshole sometimes.

“Sorry about that” Clay apologized even though he had nothing to do with the matter “ah I’ll see you guys later”.
You and Alex both watched Clay walk away and for a moment neither of you said anything.

“Look I don’t really want to be here either” Alex finally said “you want to go talk upstairs? Get away from everyone?”.

“That’s sounds like a great idea” you nodded.


Ep 15 thoughts:

¤If you make a well thought out plan , even if she is pissed, Miiko will appreciate it. You will be in deep trouble but you’ll have her respect!

¤The scene with Karuto slamming onto the floor was funny.

¤ Ashkore is sneaky.

¤ He has an insider for sure.

¤ He steals Eel’s food  even though Eel tells you more than once that their food rations are low AND even if they magically prepare a lot of food for Huang Hua in ep 11 and are back to reminding you of the low food rations, Ashkore still managed to steal food –I mean, where the hell did you find it !?
Is there a magic hole out of which you can pull out an infinite amount of food?

¤It takes at least two hard hits with a frying pan-on the head- to knock Valkyon out.

¤ Ashkore likes to pet his frying pan.

¤ He is also very chatty. 

¤Karuto’s kitchen is magical . The floor from the canteen and the floor from the kitchen are not the same.

¤Eavesdropping leads to nothing good: you either hear something you shouldn’t have or you hear only parts of conversations which leads to misunderstandings. Karenn will still do it. It’s Karenn.

¤Alajea’s sister ,who seems weaker than Enthraa, whiped the floor sea bed with her . To be fair, Enthraa was taken by surprise so…

¤Enthraa’s kind and Alajea’s kind are apparently cousins.
Hey cousin, remember that time I almost killed you? Good times.

¤We never get to see Alajea in the actual water if we don’t count the flashback. We know the story BUT she is not over the trauma.

¤Kraken seem to love mermaids…As food.

¤Karenn,MC and Alajea actually carried a mermaid to the beach. They had a legit excuse on being exhausted. A mermaid in original form weights a ton.
Miiko and the rest ran all the way to the beach without carrying anyone and they were out of breath. What is your excuse?

¤It seems the high ranks of Eel lack stamina . No wonder they can’t catch the masked man. I sense trouble.

¤Ykhar apologizes for wanting to burn you for destroying all the library books. I definitely exaggerated this.

¤I want to see how the other two nurses who helped Ewelein look like.

¤I want to see Cameria’s companion.
I want to see Enthraa’s companion.
I want to see Ewelein’s companion.

¤Preferably I also want to own all of them.

¤ On that note I need to see Ashkore’s companion. And own it.

¤Huang Hua is the boss.

¤ And yes, take MC away. X episodes out of Eel sound great.

¤ Everyone knows what happened in ep 13 now!
¤ Ezarel got slapped by Ewelein. Yes…There is definitely something else going on there…

¤ Alajea has a dark story, Lefitan has a dark story, EVERYONE has a dark story! *looks at the main character * Will you have the darkest of them all?


The following comes from lead composer Yasunori Mitsuda…

- music appears to be pretty much complete
- was worked on by 150 people, the largest production Mitsuda has been involved with
- mixing process for music began this week
- Mitsuda is responsible for budget management, booking, music sheet management, and composin
- it seems a Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack is coming, but a release date isn’t fixed yet
- mixing the music only started for the cut-scenes, so it’s just half of the tracks
- recording sound quality is good, and the team is trying its best to top the original Xenoblade
- this is among one of the largest scale projects in the whole gaming world

“Starting today we will begin mixing the xenoblade 2 soundtrack. With that being said, it’s just the tracks for the cutscenes, which still leaves half of all the music to go once those are done. But what we have recorded sounds great. Everyone is working hard to surpass the xenoblade 1 soundtrack. In my mind this is undoubtedly one of the largest-scale projects in video game music in the world.”

The Man in the Carrot Suit

  • short gag story
  • reader x junhui
  • summary: you meet junhui while online dating and think you’ll be a perfect match, until he shows up to your date in a carrot suit


You’d never been online dating before. It really wasn’t your thing. But then your best friend ditched you for the…4th time this week? For her new boyfriend, and truth is, you were lonely.

You scrolled through Tinder hopelessly after only 2 men had swiped right on your profile and they were creepy older men. Seriously older. They had to be 70+.

You had almost lost complete hope until someone by the name of “Junhui” added you.

You checked out his profile and he looked like a nice guy. It read:

Junhui. 21. Chinese. Vegetarian. 🥕

He had beautiful soft skin and big brown eyes. He was tall (it looked like, from the full body pics) and skinny, but not too thin.

You didn’t question the carrot emoji. You thought it was because he was a vegetarian. You added him back and heard a *ding* almost instantly.

Junhui: Hi!

You: Hi Junhui, I’m y/n

Junhui: Call me Jun. So I see you’re near me. Dinner tonight? If it’s not too soon, I’m just lonesome, lol

You: Of course… Where do you wanna go?

Junhui: Let’s go to Chili’s. They have good food that everyone likes.

You: Sounds great. Meet u @ 8

You got ready and hoped for a good night ahead of you. When it got to be 8 O'Clock, you texted Jun to make sure he was ready.

You: Ready? :)

Junhui: Yeah.. leaving now. I’m excited

You were excited too, but you didn’t want to tell him that. He won’t be expecting it so you’ll surprise him.

When you arrived at the restaurant, no one was waiting outside, except some guy in a weird orange costume. It looked like a Cheeto or something.

Since you didn’t see Jun, you went ahead inside to check if he was there. You still didn’t see him, so you messaged him.

You: Are u here yet?

Junhui: I’m outside waiting.

Maybe he arrived outside while you were looking around inside.

You walked outside and there was still no sign of Jun…

Or was that him?

The orange suit was waving at you from afar.

“Jun?” You called.

“Y/n…. Hi!” He got off the bench he was sitting on and walked quickly over to you.

It was a carrot suit.

The carrot emoji on his profile wasn’t just that he was a vegetarian…

“I love Carrots. They’re my life. I AM A CARROT. Let’s go in now. I have a special order here.” He was talking so fast he was basically rapping.

“What do you order? Carrot stew?” You giggled.

“Not funny,” he said sternly, “and just carrots.”

You decided to let the fact that he was obsessed with carrots slip right past you. You had obsessions, too. Plus, he was good looking and smelt good. Sorta like carrots, but that’s beside the point.

Throughout the dinner, Jun only talked about carrots.

Finally, you’d had enough.


You stormed out of the restaurant and Jun quickly followed.

“Y/n, please. I’m sorry. I can’t help my obsession. But give me another chance,” he said softly.

You felt bad but you couldn’t handle this. If all he was going to focus on was carrots, why would you be in a relationship with him?

“You’re a nice guy, you are. But I can’t handle this whole carrot fiasco. I hope you find someone…” You started to walk to your car and he grabbed you.

“Get the fuck off freak!” You tore away and he let go, leaving you to fall on the ground.

You hopped up and walked towards your car.

On the drive home, you listened to music and paid no attention to anything else. You just let the music hit your soul.

When you pulled in to your house, someone pulled in behind you.

You got out of the car and saw a carrot scurrying towards you.

“I’ll call the police if you don’t leave me alone.” You screamed.

“Not if I kill you first,” Jun grinned with pure evil lacing his lips.

“What did I do wrong?”

“You insulted me and my family.”

“Binch…I said your obsession isn’t my taste. Move on smh you’re so extra.”

He inched closer to you, and pulled out a carrot.

“The fuck you gon’ do with that?” You laughed.

And that was the last thing you did before












Class Reunions

(A/N): I loved this request so much! 

Request: Can you write another protective Chris x reader? Like Chris joining the reader on her class reunion but reader got bullied in her school time so she’s kinda afraid they will do it during the reunion too?

Warnings: some swearing

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms

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   You sigh as you check your appearance in the mirror for the umpteenth time that night, glancing in the mirror to see that everything was perfect. Truth be told you hated the idea of a class reunion, it was almost like having to go back and experience high school all over again, something you weren’t too keen on but Chris, for some strange ass reason, was dead set on going alongside you tonight. 

   “(Y/N)! Come on we’ve got half an hour to get there-” Chris stops in the doorway of your bedroom, smiling softly at your little getup. “You look amazing,” You smile softly, sighing as you look in the mirror again. 

   “Did you know I used to get bullied?” You ask as you check your skin for any imperfections, something you once were mocked for quite a bit. Chris smiles sadly as he steps into the room, only to stop by your side. He wraps an arm around your waist, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead as he does. 

   “And that’s why we’re going, you’re gonna show ‘em that you’re successful and gorgeous and then you’re gonna rub it in their faces,” You chuckle softly, resting your head against Chris’ back. 

   “Isn’t that a bit condescending?” You ask, smiling as you tilt your head back just enough to look up at him. 

   “Yeah, well those asses need someone to rub their success in their face and why not you?” 

   “Because It’s rude?”

   “Well for tonight we’re rude people, yeah?” You can’t help by smile fondly at Chris, nodding your head as you do. “Well then, let’s get your gorgeous face to that stupid reunion and shame everyone there,” 

   “Sounds great,” 

    Despite Chris’ little uplifting talk to you you still felt rather scared of the whole idea. All your classmates, all your bullies, everyone who had ever unknowingly made you feel like shit was going to be there and quite frankly you just didn’t want to face that. 

   “(Y/N),” Chris’ states calmly as he drives into a rather packed parking lot. “You’re going to break my fingers if you squeeze them any harder,” You look down, realizing that you must have been squeezing Chris’ fingers tightly given that the skin nearly looked snow white. 

   “Oh,” You mutter, releasing your hold on his hand. “Sorry,” 

   “Hey, I said you were squeezing them too tight, I didn’t say to stop squeezing them,” Chris smiles as he takes your hand once again, intertwining your fingers as he does. “It’s gonna be fine (Y/N), what’s the worst that could happen?” Flashbacks to high school flit through your head causing you to externally cringe. 

   “You don’t want to know,” You mutter as Chris pulls into an empty parking space, his parking impeccable. The building before you damn near makes you want to cry but you refrain, keeping it all contained for now. 

   “You ready?” Chris asks, his thumb running somewhat soothing circles over your knuckles. 

   “No,” You answer meekly, sighing as you stare at the many people walking in. “But I know you’re gonna make me get out of this car anyways and go socialize,” 

    “You’ve figured me out well (Y/N),” Chris chuckles, lifting your hand to press a sweet kiss to your knuckle. “Come on, you’ve got this, I believe in you,” You smile softly, looking down to your intertwined hands. 

    “I swear if you let go of my hand for a single second in there I will never forgive you,” Chris chuckles, giving your hand a gentle squeeze as he does. 

   “You got it,” 

   The two of you only parted your hands for a split second, just long enough to get out of Chris’ car then you immediately grabbed his hand again, your anxiety starting to kick in. 

   “You’re going to be okay,” Chris whispers as he begins to pull you along, his hand squeezing yours once again. 

   “I’m having flashbacks to my angsty teenage years,” You mutter causing Chris to laugh heartily. His laughter soothes your nerves slightly as you finally walk through the doors of the building, your stupid school colors nearly blinding as you walk in. “God, couldn’t they tone it down just a bit?” You mutter, damn near getting ready to pop one of the many balloons that crowded you. 

    “You are already so negative,” Chris’ tone is lighthearted and the smile on his face only adds to his teasing tone and you can’t help but smile, even if you were already having a shitty time Chris was there to make sure you at least felt okay. 

   “Oh my god, is that (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” You cringe at the ever happy tone, even all these years later and all these fake people still don’t know how to speak normally. With an almost pained smile you turn to look at the person behind you, one of the student body officers who had actually been a bully to you back in the day. 

   “Hey!” You put on a fake voice, just as happy and preppy sounding as the body officer’s was. 

   “Oh my god! You haven’t changed on bit, still rockin’ that great skin I see,” Your smile falls but before you can even retaliate Chris has wrapped an arm around your shoulders, smirking at the old student. 

   “Hi, I’m Chris, Chris Evans, and who are you?” The body officer looks up at Chris in sheer shock, their lips parted as they look between him and you. 

   “(Y/N), you uh- you didn’t tell me you had connections-” 

   “Chris is actually my fiance,” You smile, sticking out your hand to showcase the ring he’d bought you a few months prior. The body officer gasps audibly as they take your hand in their own, staring at the ring in pure shock. 

   “That’s- that’s-” They look up to the two, their cool, fake demeanor returning once more. “That’s amazing you too! Congrats!” You chuckle dryly, smirking as Chris gives your arm a gentle squeeze. 

   “Well thanks, it was great talking to you but we’ve got a lot of catching up to do,” With another tight lipped smile you wave goodbye, turning on your heel to get as far away as you could from the ever snobby officer. “See? We’re not even here five minutes and someone has already found a way to make fun of me,” 

   “But we stopped it before it got any worse, we rubbed it in their face, remember?” You nod your head, sighing as you walk into the main room where all your old classmates had previously gathered. 

   “Chris, you are going to owe me so much after this,” You growl as you take a seat at some table, the farthest from anyone else. 

   “I promise I will take you out to buy some icecream and look at puppies,” 

   “Good,” You grumble as you fold your arms over your chest, glaring at anyone who passed your table. Chris smiles as he lets go of your hand, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and tugging you closer to him. 

    “Tell me when you want to go rub your success into people’s faces,” You can’t help but smile, looking out at the crowd of kids you once hated. Even now they still had that ‘I’m better than you’ aura about them and it sickened you. Guess Chris’ idea of knocking these asses down a few notches wasn’t such a bad idea after all. 

    “Give me five minutes and I think I’ll be ready,” 

america is fucked up, but so are a lot of countries

do not act like racism, classism, and violence are america-specific

analyze and criticize your own country and others because otherwise you aren’t understanding this goddamn world

Attack On Titan- Get The Titans Attention

(alright guys we waited so long for this and here it is! the last clip, i hope you all enjoy. Thank you for everything i hope my followers stick around and be friends with me. I AM STAYING IN ANIME JAIL SATSUKI MADE ME CO WARDEN, HELLA)

I Personally think everyone sounds great when they are in a scene with eachother IM SATISFIED

Naruhina Month, Day 8

Day 8: Karaoke

Summary: Kiba had been so insistent that they try Karaoke, so much so that it almost seemed suspicious. Naruto had a feeling that he was up to something. Modern day AU.

FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11705776/7/Walking-Beside-You

Day 7http://spyder-m.tumblr.com/post/136789777137/naruhina-month-day-7

A/N: So, if you’ve read my oneshot series, Day After Day, you might know that I headcanon Hinata as a good singer. I guess it makes sense, considering her seiyuu. 

“Come on man, everyone’s gonna be there!” Kiba pleaded from the other side of the counter.

Naruto sighed, moving away from the sink and wiping his sopping hands. He really wished his friends wouldn’t bother him while he was in the middle of a shift.

“Thanks but no thanks, Kiba. I’m not even that good at karaoke.”

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