everyone snickered

Context: We’re playing a halloween oneshot campaign for paranoia with premade characters. One of them has the secret goal to stab as many people as possible with a certain knife that would summon eldritch horrors by drawing a card. He has just done so.

DM: All right… let’s see here… *draws a card and starts snickering*

Everyone: What is it?

DM:They’re really scraping the bottom of the eldritch horror here… You just summoned A Literal Roomba.

*Laughter from table*

DM: The strange device turns on and begins to suck up the dirt floor, digging itself into a hole in the process. After a few minutes of this a light turns on and it says “Filter change needed.”

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Omg, Sky, what if pastel!Dan was being bullied for wearing skirts and dresses and so one day he breaks down in the bathroom and punk!Phil comes in there and tries to talk him out the stall but can't at first. Eventually Dan does come out of the bathroom (fluff or smut, your choice)

warning ; transphobic slurs, bullying, physical and verbal abuse, pro self harm

Stay strong, Dan. C’mon, stay fucking strong. 

You’re strong, right? You’re not a wimp like they say you are. 

Dan felt his lip tremble, and he clenched his fists at his sides, bunching his soft blue skirt in his hands. Damn it. 

But really if Dan was being honest, he couldn’t take it anymore. The teasing, the shoving, the random insults in the hallway. He didn’t know what he had done to any of them. 

Dan flinched as another of the boys shoved him against the lockers, right after he had gotten up. The guy sneered at him; Dan avoided his eyes, calmly trying to move past him. Someone laughed. 

“Fuckin’ tranny. No boy who’s right in the head would wear a skirt to school,” one of the by-standing girls whispered, not trying very hard to keep it quiet. 

Dan bit his lip; he could feel the tears welling in his eyes but he refused to let them spill. It wasn’t fair. He tugged at the sleeves of his sweater, wiping at his eyes. 

School was an arena. It was a bloody showcase, and he was under the lights. He felt like everyone gathered around just to watch him be hurt, day after day. And none of them ever spoke up! 

“Aw, look! It’s gonna cry. Poor thing,” one of the boy’s said loudly, mocking him, snickering, and everyone laughed. Dan moved faster, and the boy who had said it followed.  

Dan sniffed, biting his lip so hard he could taste blood, and held a hand to his face. It was hot. 

Suddenly something hit his back, something that burned, and he could feel it explode. He stopped in his tracks, letting out a cry, feeling the boiling liquid drip down his thighs and onto his socks. 

Someone had thrown their coffee at him. 

Dan let out a soft whimper, trying to comprehend how much that actually hurt. The laughter rang in his ears like an alarm he couldn’t find the off switch to.

He caught the gaze of a boy, standing by his locker, watching all this with wide eyes. 

Dan knew him, he was in several of his classes, but they never really spoke. He didn’t think he even knew Dan’s name. He was tough, cold and dark, the opposite of Dan. Dan would be scared of him, but he had never really done anything to him. 

 Dan held his gaze for a moment, before looking away and bursting into tears. Choked sobs fell from his lips as he spun around, running straight to the nearest boy’s bathroom, the still hot as hell coffee dripping down his back. 

He had no doubt his sweater and skirt were both ruined, but he didn’t check. He rushed to the back of the room, pushing open one of the stall doors and locking it behind him. 

He crumpled to the ground, burying his face in his arms, shaking with sobs. It wasn’t fair; he didn’t know how much more of this he could take. His back hurt, everywhere the coffee touched, actually. He had no doubt he had burns. Wasn’t that assault? Why did no one stop them?

Because no one cares, Dan. You’re a toy to all of them, a spectacle. 

Dan whimpered, trying to keep himself quiet. He didn’t want them to hear him like this. 

Even his family couldn’t help him. When he had told his mum about the bullying, she had said, ‘Well, i’m not surprised. With how you dress, there’s sure to be hate. Maybe try dressing a little less flamboyant, honey.” He hadn’t tried telling his dad after that. 

Dan thought about the forums he had been on the night before. He had been searching for something, anything, to help him keep sane. He came across all these pro-sites… pro ana, pro self harm… and he had fallen too deep. He had spent hours reading all the awful posts. 

Dan, don’t cry. Crying is for wimps, weak people. You’re not weak, are you? You’re a big boy, keep it in..

Dan shook his head, tugging at his hair. Even he was abusing himself now. 


Dan jumped at the voice from the other side of the bathroom, the door creaking open. He didn’t recognize it. It was low, and husky; laced with worry. 

Dan kept quiet, trying to camouflage into the white tile wall. 

“Dan, I know you’re in here,” they said again, a small sigh echoing against the walls. 

“N-No,” Dan stuttered, hiccuping. “’M not.”

A quiet chuckle, and they knocked on the door gently. 

“Please let me in,” he said quietly. Dan bit his lip. 

“No. You’ll hurt me.”

Another sigh. 

“I won’t, angel,” they boy said, and he sounded sincere. “I would never.”

There was a moment of silence as Dan thought, chewing on his lip. 

“Why not?”

“Because no one should hurt someone as sweet as you, doll,” he replied immediately, leaning against the stall door. “I promise, I’m not here to hurt you, honey.” 

Dan felt his lip tremble again, the tears threatening to spill again. 

“I’m not coming out,” Dan whispered. “it’s not safe, they’re gonna hurt me.”

There was silence, and then - “I won’t let them hurt you, angel. I promise.”

Dan took a shaky breath, rolling the boy’s words around in his head. He sounded sincere… 

Dan decided he would take a chance, just this one time. 

He unlocked the door, pushing it open. 

It was him. It was the boy from the hallway, and up close, Dan could see how blue his eyes really were. He grinned, tugging at his leather jacket to straighten it. His happy expression soon turned to worry as his eyes flickered over Dan’s red eyes, messy hair, and stained clothes. 

“Shit, are you alright, angel?” He asked, his eyes widening, and he held out his arms as if to hug him. 

Dan took the offer, sinking into his arms without a second thought, sobbing into his shirt and clinging to him like a baby. Phil immediately embraced him, running his fingers through Dan’s hair like he had been waiting years. 

Dan sniffed. “You’re surprisingly cuddly. What’s your name?”

Phil chuckled, dipping two fingers under Dan’s chin to bring his face up. “Phil. Are you alright, angel?”

Dan rubbed his eyes. 

“I dunno.”

Phil wordlessly spun him around, tutting at the stain on his sweater and lifting it up to reveal his back. Dan heard a gasp. 

“What? What’s wrong?” He asked, turning and trying to see what Phil was seeing. Phil let out a low, growl-like noise. 

“They burned you, babe,” was all he said. 

He grabbed Dan’s wrist, tugging him over to the sink. He started to take Dan’s sweater off, raising his eyebrows to ask for permission. Dan nodded slowly. 

Phil folded it up, although it was already ruined, and set it on the counter. He got a paper towel wet, pressing it to Dan’s lower back. 

Dan jumped, flinching away from the sting, and Phil put a hand on his shoulder. 

“It’s alright, love,” he said softly, running his thumb over the skin. Dan shivered.

After Phil was done soothing his burns, he turned him back around, smiling at him. 

“I have a solution, no need to fear,” he said, grinning and shouldering off his jacket. He tugged his shirt over his head, exposing his pale chest. Dan frowned. 

Phil turned his own black shirt back right side out, gently pulling it on Dan, and picked up Dan’s sweater, putting it on, stain and all. Dan blinked at him. 

Phil looked down at himself, grinning. “Damn, I look good in pink.”

Dan giggled. “I think so too.”

“Well,” Phil held out a hand, tilting his head and licking his lips. “Shall we go? What’s your next class?”

Dan bit his lip, nodding and taking his hand, a shock running through him when their fingers intertwined. 


Phil smiled crookedly. “Hey, me too. I’ll be your bodyguard.”

So… maybe someone did care. 

Legends family headcanons I have after 2x13: 

  • Rip does not know Nate’s name. Like, at all. Logically you can’t even blame him, because he was gone when Nate joined and then was brainwashed and probably wasn’t all too interested in knowing who Nate was, especially when Nate wasn’t really all that memorable in history.
    • He feels bad about not knowing but feels even worse asking so day after day goes by without Rip asking Nate’s name because he just feels so awkward and he’d rather go “hey…you…” rather than admitting he just doesn’t know. 
    • When he asks Jax & Sara they give him the wrong name and Nate ends up being too embarrassed to ever correct Rip so long story short Rip just calls Nate “Mark” for a year while Nate smiles and everyone else snickers in the background. 
  • Amaya is called the Dinosaur Whisperer after Nate and Ray tell everyone what she did with Gertrude. 
  • Gideon casually mentions that she and Rip made out in his mind. 
    • Mick: “I’ve thought about it.” 
    • Martin: “What?” 
    • Ray, Amaya, and Nate: “……………………” 
    • Jax and Sara are totally fine with it because they’ve seen Gideon and would 100% do the same - if anything, they’re confused about the fact that Mick hasn’t seen her and still wants to make out with an AI. 
    • Rip wants to crawl into the floor and die. 
      • “Gideon p l e a s e” 
  • Martin is super emotional about the fact that Jax will be left alone one day so Jax is forced to feel slightly sad and hear Martin sniffle whenever they’re in a room together. 
    • Whenever he looks up annoyed, Martin looks away really quickly and starts mumbling about allergies. 
  • Ray 100% keeps the dolls he made. They’re right next to his and Kendra’s lucky vase (which has definitely been glued down so they won’t break when the next ship crash happens). 
    • He also has a picture of Len’s cold gun (bc Mick def took it back when Ray got his suit back). He’s working on what he can have that reminds him of Nate & Amaya. 
  • Nate doesn’t know who Kendra is, and Ray denied dating Sara, and considering the first few things he said in that scene was about Ray trying to charm him? Yeah he definitely thinks Ray is bi now. 
    • He even mentions Sara being bi to lowkey feel out if Ray is bi or pan as well, and when Ray says he hasn’t dated Sara, Nate is convinced that Ray is bi too but just doesn’t want to expand on it. 
    • He respects Ray’s avoidance so he doesn’t ask but he wonders about it constantly
      • “He gave Mick a present at Christmas…but then again, he also gave Jax one…but I haven’t seen him around Rip…god I hope it’s not Stein….” poor guy keeps switching his answer every week. 
Alternate ending to The Last Olympian

Kronos: Luke Castellan is dead! His body will burn away as I assume my true form!
Percy: Luke
Percy: Have a snickers
Percy: Your not you when you’re hungry.

*Percy hands Kronos a snickers bar Kronos questions it then snatches it and eats it*

Percy: Better?
Luke: Better!

Kronos was defeated by a snickers bar everyone.

Hidden Behind Glasses (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

A/N: I’m just testing(???) this. Something that’s just on my mind.

Summary:  You’re Liberty High’s number one nerd. That can all change if you’d just upgrade.

WARNING: bullying

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Part 1

Y/N P.O.V.

The frame of your big glasses kept sliding down the bridge of your nose, causing you to automatically push them back up in the most ‘nerdiest’ way. Of course, you were unaware of how you looked doing it, but everyone around you snickered and mimicked your move. You walked the halls like a small child, wrapped in a big sweater and hunched over (because of the heavy backpack you carried which was twice as big as you) and your bangs covered the side of your face. You weren’t the prettiest girl in school, so you thought. (Not as pretty as you were back at your old high school). You wanted to be pretty again - like your best friend, Hannah Baker (sadly she wasn’t with you today) - but you had your motives.

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Hemmings & a bottle of rum


Part 2

Luke hemmings smut 

Request- Hi can you do a luke smut request where ur the band song writer and one day you and luke get tipsy and they end up having it in Luke’s hotel room (Hope you like it)

Word count- 2,200+

You scrunched your eyebrows, utterly frustrated and scratched out the few lyrics you had written on the piece of paper for what felt like the thousandth time. You preferred to write from experience and emotion, but right now you felt as if you were blocked. You stood up from your chair, crumpling the paper and threw it, along with the pen across the room. You groaned loudly and in that little fit of yours you almost didn’t notice the 5sos boys along with John Feldman and Alex Gaskarth walk into the room.

“When you said you like to work alone, I didn’t know it included this” Michael laughed out causing everyone else to snicker and laugh as well. Your eyes immediately darted to Luke’s icy blue ones to see what he felt about your little tantrum. Thankfully, he wasn’t laughing but you could see the amusement in his eyes. You blushed a deep shade of red and just looked down at your feet in embarrassment.

“Have you got anything yet?” Ashton voiced what everyone was thinking. “Yeah” you muttered quietly and signalled with your eyes that it was the same piece of paper you threw across the room. Luke was quick to react and practically jogged to the paper before you could protest. “Hey, it’s a work in progress” you said softly, worried about his opinions on your first draft.

Luke’s eyes moved back and forth across the paper, reading the few scribbled lines intently. His eyes widened the slightest and you walked to him and snatched the paper out of his hand. “I know it’s not good, but I’ll get there” you said exasperated and at the same time Luke was shaking his head ready to contradict what you had just said. You held your hand up in front of his face saying, “Save it”

You walked out of the studio and went to sit on the couch in the corridor. “Was it that bad?” John questioned in disbelief because he never ever doubted your talent. “Quite the opposite really” Luke said in a raspy voice and the image of him running his hands through his blonde locks flashed in your mind.

You walked back in, deciding you were being too immature and sat on one of the chairs. All of you decided to work on some sounds instead of lyrics as none of them wanted to get on your bad side. Seeing Alex sitting and brainstorming with Luke already you headed over to Ashton who was ready at his drums. He played a few simple beats and the both of you started working together in incorporating new ones.

Little did you know Luke was shooting daggers at his fellow bandmate in jealousy as he could see you getting closer and closer to him. The vein in his forehead was almost popping and in sudden force one of the strings of his guitar broke causing everyone, including you to look up at him. Your eyes locked with his and his features softened visibly.

Sensing the tense atmosphere increasingly today, Calum suggested that we meet tomorrow and continue then. You headed back to the hotel and time passed as you went to the bar with the boys. Luke was missing today though so you passed having a drink, missing your drinking buddy.

Throughout the night there was no appearance of Luke and that caused your curiosity to sky rocket. When it was getting late everyone decided to head back to their rooms while you went to Luke’s. Before you knew it, your hand was raised ready to knock at the door of the blonde boy’s room. You took a deep calming breath and knocked loudly. After hearing feet shuffle at the other side of the door, it opened revealing Luke in a pair of loose sweat pants and a muscle tee.

You took a step inside without waiting for his invitation and saw his room in a mess. You laughed to yourself and turned to look at the boy who was scratching the back of his head. “I didn’t want house keeping in here, touching all my things” Luke answered the question that was at the tip of your tongue. You saw his guitar lying on the king sized bed and commented, “I guess I’m not the only one who likes to work alone”

He walked over to the bed and sat down, placing his guitar on his lap. “I was actually trying some chords to match with the lyrics you wrote today” before you could protest, he continued “they were pretty amazing, Y/N” you shook your head in denial and sat on the chair in front of his bed. “Can I hear it?” you questioned and he instantly nodded.

He started strumming the guitar and sung out the lyrics from today afternoon. You were taken aback by the fact he had added some more of his own lines and how raw and emotional it sounded. “Woah, it does sound pretty good” you said shyly.

Wanting to eliminate the awkwardness in the room you changed the topic. “I missed my drinking buddy today” you said while sighing and walked up to the mini bar in the room. You bent down and pulled out the bottle of old monk. “You know they totally rip you off Y/N. Plus I really don’t like rum” Luke said making a face of disgust. “That’s what you get for ditching me today” you said, sticking out your tongue childishly. You opened the dark liquor bottle and poured a substantial quantity into two separate glasses. You picked up one and handed it to Luke who smelled it and made a gagging noise. Laughing at his silliness, you picked up the packet of cadbury twirls lying on the table. “We can use these as chasers” Luke seemed to love that idea and gulped down the dark liquid, immediately regretting it but opening the wrapper of the chocolate and eating it, just as quickly.

“You’re such a child” you giggled, sipping it first and then taking it like a shot. When you felt your throat burn you knew that this was a bad idea.

An empty bottle of rum and 30 cadbury twirls later, you were lying on the bed whilst Luke was bouncing on it like it was a trampoline. “Luuuuukeee, stop” you moaned and you could feel your head spin. He was on a sugar rush and you were annoyed. After exhausting himself completely, Luke sat down on the bed with his legs crossed staring at you with scrunched eyes. “What the hell are you doing Hemmings?” you asked amused and sat up in front of him.

“I’m just thinking” he said, sighing dramatically. “Bout what?” He grinned and said, “You.”

With the sudden change of mood you said, “What you did today was really amazing, with the song and all.” He shook his head and just looked at you blankly. “They were your lyrics, Y/N. I mean you are pretty amazing” he said, his cheeks held a slight tinge of pink now. “Y/N……” He stretched out like a little kid. “Yes, Luuuuu” you said while giggling. “You’re so cute, I could eat you up” he said. His bright smile slowly transitioned into a smirk and then into an evil tight lipped smile. You looked at him skeptically and the next thing you knew Luke was tickling your sides. You were screeching and laughing at the same time. Your back was on the soft mattress and he was relentless with his tickle-torture.

“Stop Lu, please!” you cried out and he slowed down a bit before stopping. You tucked your bottom lip beneath your teeth and looked into his ocean blue eyes. The ones you were drowning in and the ones you didn’t want to be saved from. You saw his eyes flicker from your own to your pink lips. You were panting in anticipation and he lowered his head ever so slightly.

Lifting your head up from the mattress, his lips were on yours and without wasting any more time his tongue was in your mouth. Although it felt magical, you both were really drunk and it was sloppy to say the least. His hands roamed your body before settling at your t-shirt and yanking it off, not a moment later. He dropped his head down to your neck and started nipping and sucking at the skin there. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he pushed his hips down grinding into you. He rotated his hips and created as much friction as he could, causing you to let out a moan.

Having never really done this with clothes on, you were soaking with the new set of sensations. He kissed you once again with force and you loved the aggression radiating off of him. You tugged at his muscle tee and in a second it was discarded, somewhere on the floor. You flipped over so that he was on the bottom and you were excited to be in control. Lowering your head down, you started sucking on the flesh just above his collarbones, causing him to let out an involuntary moan.

Luke snaked his hand around your back and un-clasped your bra, adding to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. His hands grasped both your breasts and roughly massaged them. “I fucking love these” he breathed out and began pinching and twisting your nipples. You sat up with your legs on either side of his waist and continued grinding on him, whilst he was playing with your tits.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Y/N”
“Then why don’t you do something about it?” you pushed further.

This seemed to ignite a fire in Luke as in a span of ten seconds your jeans and panties were gone. He grabbed your thighs roughly and kneaded them and you knew there would be bruises there tomorrow. “Sit on my face” he commanded and you didn’t need to be told twice. Your dripping core was above his face and he licked his lips before locking his arms around your thighs and pulling you down so your centre was on his mouth.

He licked a stripe and you shuddered in pleasure. His tongue thrusted in your entrance repeatedly. “Fuck! Luke” you yelled out and this egged him on as he started nibbling softly on your clit and rolling it around like a cherry in his mouth. He then stuck his tongue out so it was flat and moved your hips, effectively causing you to grind on his face. “I’m so close” you said in between moans and he sped up his actions causing you to come undone on his face.

You moved downwards so you were back to you original position, just above his dick. He flipped you over and slammed you down on the bed. “Face down, ass up baby” you whined at the nick name and complied. Your face was against the mattress and your once tied hair was now a complete mess. He took himself in his hands and rubbed it around your core, spreading the juices. “Fuck me, Luke” you whimpered and he pushed himself slowly into you. He closed his eyes at the heavenly feeling of your walls clenched, tight and warm, around him. He placed his hands softly on your waist and you were a bit shocked that he had suddenly become gentle but that didn’t last long as his grip tighten and he pounded into you. With each thrust your body moved forward and backward, in a rhythm.

Luke pulled you upwards and you let out a low mewl. One of his hands went to your breast, playing with them again while the other stayed on your waist. He moved his face minutely so that his lips were near your ear and he nibbled on your ear lobe. “You’re such a dirty girl, aren’t you Y/N? Letting me have my way with you” The pleasure increased with this and you replied. “Harder. Fuck me harder” you screamed out, your darkest fantasy coming to life.

He nearly growled and moved his hips faster. You almost lost balance but wrapped one arm around the back of his neck. Your head fell back on his shoulder and you let out a little moan with each thrust. “I’m so close, baby girl” you nodded and he knew you were almost there. “Come for me Y/N” he said, almost yelling. You whined out his name and he let himself go to causing your highs to occur at the same time. Your vision blanked and you allowed yourself to crash down on the bed with Luke falling on top of you.

Heavy breathing was the only thing heard in the room as Luke reached down and pulled up a thin sheet to cover the both of you. Your eyes began to flutter shut as Luke left a soft kiss on your lips and you fell into a deep sleep, too intoxicated by Hemmings and a bottle of rum to utter a word.

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Defence (MET with Reader) Happy 100!

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(( gif not mine - it’s cute wtf ))

(A/n): Honest to god, this came to me at about 1:00am this morning and thought maybe I’d use it as a 100+ FOLLOWER CELEBRATION OML

Summary: The four of you were in a park for another one of Mark’s fan get togethers. While playing a game with the audience, an asshat walks past and says something rude. In retaliation, (Y/n) says some colourful words of her own; standing up for her greatest friends.



Honestly, in some way or another, L.A was bound to be hot. Standing out in an open park didn’t do much for that. Neither did (Y/n)’s shiny (f/c) top.

Though, it was closer to evening than the last time they all were out, making everything just a bit better. The sky was beautiful and just the right temperature that helped everyone relax.

“I don’t understand!” Ethan cried “What is this?!”

“It’s your demise!” (Y/n) called back cockily, jumping around on the grass.

It made the crowd giggle; bringing a chain reaction of (Y/n) smiling back at them.

“What!!?” The blue haired boy spun around and pointed at the people whom were watching you four participate in all sorts of challenges “Don’t laugh! No!”

But they only laughed more, this time joined by (Y/n), Tyler and tied together with Mark’s own deep chuckle.

“Alright, It’s simple Ethan, gosh.” Mark confirmed and took in a large breath “You fucking climb up Tyler and sit on his shoulders and (Y/n) will be on mine and you two will FIGHT to the death! Whomever gets pushed from the others shoulders first, loses!” he finished, sputtering out his breath.

“I feel cheated, because Mark might kick me.” Tyler whined.

(Y/n) laughed with the crowd “Well, I feel cheated because Mark is short.” they said.

“Okay, whatever.” the brunette called “Just get on my shoulders, dick sucker.”

So enough, both Ethan and (Y/n) got into position and the audience began to count down.


“I don’t feel safe.” (Y/n) commented as Mark wobbled slightly.


“I feel I need an adult…” Ethan demanded. His hands were in a death grip on Tyler’s shoulders.


“Wait, where will we lan–!” (Y/n) began to ask, only shortly cut off by not the crowd, but instead by a lone voice.

“This looks like a waste of daylight, how fucking gay.” they snickered “Fags.”

Everyone dropped to a deathly silence.

The crowd started to ‘boo’ quietly and mumble among themselves. (Y/n) was the first to actually break the quiet air.

“Who the hell was that?” (Y/n) snapped, twisting a bit to jump down from Mark’s shoulders. He was careful to let them down lightly.

“The pack whore defends them. That’s rich.”

They were able to single out a man behind of the grouped fans. He was actually across the road.

“HEY! FUCK YOU!” (Y/n) started.

Tyler’s face instantly looked concerned as he looked to Mark. Though, Ethan was never present for any of the youtuber’s angry outbursts before; he was already taken aback.

“AT LEAST THEY’RE DOING SOME FUCKING GOOD.” They continued. (Y/n)’s voice seemed to shake with resentment, gaining in volume by the second “THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO SHOW FOR IS HOW NOT-VALUABLE YOU ARE TO SOCIETY.

The people cheered for (Y/n).

Everyone present was either looking at the delivery of (Y/n)’s speech or the man across the street looking scattered.


People who were passing by on their own business began to stare. Impressed, Mark still decided they’ve done enough.

(Y/n)’s posture showed their obvious readiness to fight. They began to get antsy and took a step forward.

From there Mark was quick to step up to them and lace their arms behind their back. Using one hand to hold them tight to (Y/n)’s back and the other to solidly cover their mouth.

(Y/n) jumped and twitched in his grip, yells now muffled into his hand.

Tyler put himself in front of the two, effectively blocking (Y/n)’s view. All the while, the crowd cheered brilliantly. Ethan encouraged them with screams of his own.

The unknown man now admittedly frightened, took this his chance to flee. The fans changing to ‘boo’ him off.

Slowly afterwards, (Y/n) calmed enough for Mark to uncover their mouth.

“Sorry…” they apologized simply.

Mark released their arms as well.

Ethan didn’t waste time taking a running start to hug them greatly.

“Thank you!” he laughed.

Once more, everyone collectively cheered. Everyone ran to hug (Y/n). Mark, Tyler, everyone.

They couldn’t help but let a hearty laugh slip their pale lips.

Once all of them parted again, (Y/n) was beaming brightly.

“Thank you,” Ethan repeated “You have fucking balls.” he laughed along with everyone else.

“Well sometimes I have to defend my people,” (Y/n) responded, a silly tone prominent behind her words “right!?”

The cheers were as loud as they could have ever been. No one would surely be forgetting this soon, it would be all over youtube in a matter of hours. But, all that mattered right now, was getting back to the challenge and having themselves a good time.



But, in other words. This was a small something I put into place for this occasion and I love it. Also, as of now, I don’t have any requests; so don’t shy from sending one of your own.

enoch o'connor taking a liking in you would include:

- you’d be really shy because it was your first day at the children’s home

- he’d be partly welcoming, partly his usual self

- at your first lunch/dinner, he’d say “you can sit by me. i don’t necessarily bite”

- you’d give him a shy smile and do as he suggested

- he’d be watching you from his room while you keep the children company in the garden

- if you ever needed help, he’d be the first to volunteer

- everyone would quietly snicker and laugh at him

- “look, enoch’s in love”

- “shut up, horace” 

- you wouldn’t understand what was happening that moment, but it didn’t matter a big deal to you

- he’d look at you with the look that said “she’s such a goddess” when you weren’t looking 

- you would, of course, be oblivious of the situation

- everyone else would be telling you enoch likes you

- you’d deny it, because why would such a gent like someone like you?

- of course you’d like him back

- actually, i think he would confess his feelings at the worst time possible

Title: Better Than Her

Title: Better Than Her

Type: angst

Characters: Reader X Yuta

Word Count: 1755

Summary: It’s already been 7 months but he’s still not over his ex

A/N: yall i was bored and felt angsty for some reason so i decided to write this with yuta. I hope it’s angsty enough for angst-loving binches like me 😅

hope you’ll enjoy it tho 💕💕


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Need a Ride, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Anything seems possible in the front seat of your beat up Chevy.

Words: 1,122

Author’s Note: So this is inspired by a real-life relationship I had with someone in high school (a lot of it is, you know, made up) but that’s basically the reason it’s so stupidly poetic. Also, this was so so so inspired by a midnight reading of @sunshinemiranda and @alexanderhamllton‘s collab ‘5 a.m.’ which immediately had me reaching for my laptop to write this fic, which took about 25 minutes from the bout of inspiration these amazing writers caused.

Warnings: The tiniest allusion to smut. Blink and you miss it.

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It was a well practiced and respected routine that everyone knew not to interrupt.

Following an after-school rehearsal or a late night performance, your little group often found its way to a local diner. They knew you well and had come to expect you whenever they caught word that another production was quickly approaching.

After you got your driver’s license at the start of Junior year - an entire month sooner than any of your other Junior friends - Lin started hitting you up for rides.

He made the excuse that he never needed a licence, he couldn’t afford a car and New York public transportation was cheap and easy.

But at 8pm on a school night, the warmth of your beat up Chevy was preferred over any bus or subway car he could name.

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Alphabet Boy

Tw: swearing.
Genre: literally fluff, smut, and angst with a happy ending.
Words: 3,146
Summary: Phil always pesters dan with the alphabet. Sneering at him in hallways and such. All because In 1st grade he was so nervous he said “A,C,B” but what happens when dan finally loses it and shows dan he’s big now? Riding, teeny tiny bit of overstimulation, Daddy kink and rough smut. Pastel! Dan and punk! Phil
By the way I suck at grammar and such as you can tell so I’m so sorry about this all and hopefully I’ll get better

Dan hated school. He absolutely despised it. He saw no reason to want to go somewhere super early only to learn stuff you’ll never use in your life again. So he couldn’t help the glare that he wore as he walked through the crowded halls. He couldn’t help it, people just got on his nerves. They were loud or picking on someone or some people just didn’t know when someone needed to be left alone. Sighing he stuffed his hands in his white jeans. Dan was definitely what people call an aesthetically pleasing person. He wore a soft pastel pink oversized jumper today, white jeans, some pastel lavender converse, and of course his favorite lavender and pink flowered flower crown. Dan never cared what people thought of his outfits. It’s his taste and he doesn’t force others to like it so he’s glad No one has tried to force him not to like it. You see, he didn’t hate people because of his outfits or sexuality, no, this school doesn’t judge. Everyone accepted him and he had friends, he just knew they respected his wishes to be alone. He hated school because of one person, one person who made his life hell. Phil Lester. Badass punk who somehow managed to beat dans grades by miles. He didn’t even study! How was that fair? But still he ruined his life. You see in first grade he was asked to stand and list the alphabet, not that hard right? But you see dan was a horrifyingly shy kid. Still shy, even at 17 years old, but when everyone’s watching you and you’re shy you speak quickly And of course the dreaded mistake happened.


Groaning internally he stood shaking slightly. Everyone was watching him, everyone knew him, if he messed up they would never let him live it down. He hated the attention being on him, it made everything so awkward. Some say it was anxiety and some say he was too young and simply shy. Either way Dan Howell was about ready to jump out the window. Deciding he could either embarrass himself or let the teacher embarrass him which also involved getting his mom involved for disrespecting his teacher, he said it once in his head then bolted out “The alphabet, a c b” He quickly glanced around close to tears as everyone snickered. Of course they weren’t being mean. Simply being immature like kids their age were. Dan didn’t know it just that moment, but a boy in the back of the class snickering to himself was about to change his life in a bad way. For now.

:flashback over:

Of course people forgot. They moved on in only a week. Soon the biggest discussion was Annie broke her leg and used crutches and everyone got to draw on her cast, but that didn’t stop Phil from mentioning it. Didn’t stop him from making him cry nightly, and certainly didn’t stop him from reminding the whole School that he was stupid. ‘Speaking of’ he thought dryly as he watched the boy walk over. Phil Lester was beautiful. He couldn’t deny that, he had pale skin that dan swears sometimes he can see through him, his body was slim and tall standing at 2 inches above dan which royally pissed him off, his hair sat perfectly on top of his head never having to worry about it curling, and his eyes were enough to make anyone swoon. Still an asshole though. “Hey alphabet fuck up!” Phil said smirking at the Pastel boy with the same glint in his eye he got every time he saw dan, probably hate. “What do you want alphabet boy.” He asked glaring at the raven haired boy before him, more than likely here to fuck with him, and not in a kinky way. You see, those weren’t cute nicknames that made his heart melt, it was a reminder that no matter what Phil was better than him. Phil usually switched around the nickname but dan continued to call Phil alphabet boy. It was an insult in his mind, probably not in Lesters. “What’s the second letter of the alphabet?” Phil asked laughing darkly. Of course he was here to make fun of him. “Hmm I hope it’s F for fuck you.” Dan said smirking. Phil glared at that and stepped forward pinning the pastel boy against the lockers. He tried really hard not to think about how Phils body fit perfect on his own. “Don’t make me punish you Howell. That mouths messed up before but I’m sure we could find better use of it.” He whispered darkly grinding his hips ever so lightly to make it seem as though an accident. Dan of course let out a pathetic whimper blushing at the sound Phil could rip out of him at the smallest touch. He hated Phil. He did, But come on, hot guy pinning you against a locker and whispering dirty sentences in your ear? Fuck yeah he was gonna take advantage of it. He felt the hot breathe of the other on his neck and oh god, his neck was his most sensitive body part, he didn’t know why but it was. Phil laughed again before backing up, shaking his head and saying “pathetic.” Before walking away surely heading to smoke with his friends. And God fucking dammit did Dan Howell hate Phil fucking Lester.

Sighing he headed towards his English class a few minutes later. You see dan wasn’t stupid, he knew what to do, how to do it, and exactly why. He just didn’t care. Nobody took him seriously with English anymore so why bother. He saw no point in trying to impress the others. So he sat down at the back and pulled his sketch book out, zoning out and ignoring the teacher that walked in and began teaching. Dan began to sketch, at first drawing harsh lines that no one else would be able to picture but soon filling in and shading the picture in front of him. It was clearly a cherry blossom tree now. To most people this was just a tree, but to dan he saw the meaning, it explained the beauty of life but also how tragically short it was.

“Howell!” He heard his name being shouted, and with a breathless gasp he looked up from his sketch book to see his English teacher. “Finally with us I see.” She said before heading back to why learning this shit was “important.”
He heard a quiet snicker and immediately knew who it was but decided it was best if he just act like he’s listening and continue his sketch of a cherry blossom tree.
Once the bell has rang he proceeded to get up hoping to leave quickly and go home, maybe play some video games and ignore how fucked up his life was, but that was ruined when his teacher called out “Lester, Howell, I need to speak with you both.” Of course. Of-fucking-course. What did Lester do? Had he started something?Groaning quietly he walked over to her desk. “Yes Ms. Julie?” He asked hoping it was nothing serious and he wouldn’t have to stay for very long. “You’ve been failing Howell. Your just not getting this, so I think it’s best we get you a tutor.” She said. Are you fucking kidding me. How dare she. In front of Phil? Was this just more reason for him to insult me? “Oh, um okay.” He mumbled clearly embarrassed and fuck Lester of course he was smirking. “And since Lester has perfect scores, he’ll be tutoring you.” “WHAT?” He yelled, oh no no no no this couldn’t be happening to him. School was different. He had people there, but since he lived alone there would be no safety. This couldn’t be happening. He heard Phil quietly snicker and turned to glare at him. “Whatever, your coming to my house, and I don’t wanna hear a thing until we’re there.” He growled before storming out beginning to head to his house. He can’t believe she’s making him spend time with Lester. He just wanted to go home and relax but no. “Wow what nice words, alphabet slut.” He heard. Dan willed himself not to cry at the word slut. He was a virgin so why was he being called something so rude. “I will murder you.” He said through his teeth as he clenched them together. “Stop talking.” He added on.

The walk to his house was silent but he knew hell was to come. Walking slowly dan took this time to think about everything. Why Phil thought it was hilarious to torture him, why the earth was so pretty but held such assholes, and why he couldn’t read Phils emotion right at the moment. It annoyed him too no end not to be able to read his emotions. His face was just set in a blank expression giving no hints to what he was thinking about and It made him feel stupid. Soon he was arriving at his house and unlocking the door. “It’s not much..but I live alone so I guess it doesn’t matter” he shrugged awkwardly. He quickly made his way in inviting Phil inside before closing the door and heading upstairs. He opened his door blushing at the anime and video games that located around the room. “Sorry for the mess” he mumbled. “We could make a bigger mess.” Phil said smirking at dan and winking. Dan rolled his eyes but blushed more. “How about we get this over with?” He said sitting down at his desk and pulling out his books. Phil sighed and reluctantly sat down on the bed beginning to explain the chapter they are working on in class.
Even though Dan already knew what to do.

~time skip because I’m not a teacher~

They sat there for a few hours working on the lesson. Dan was beginning to get annoyed. He knew all of this he just didn’t care so why was he being forced to learn all of this? At the moment Phil was reading over a paper, so he decided to take some time studying him. He looked over his face first, the way his eyelids fluttered the tiniest bit when he read, the way his lips parted ever so slightly, he watched the way his eyes moved along the paper as though it was a girl he found attractive. You see, dan wouldn’t lie, he’s hot. God he’s hot and he definitely wouldn’t mind that mouth on his neck, wait shit he can’t think like that. Slowly his eyes travelled down to his body, his hands which would be perfect for holding him down, no, none of that, his torso which he could bet would fit perfectly on his, and slowly travelled down to his crotch, of course he was wearing skinny jeans which left almost nothing to the imagination. You know what, fuck it, He was done being teased, he just wanted to be fucked by Phil Lester and he had a plan for that, he would say something to annoy him, then say something in which hopefully he’ll take as a hint. So he slowly looked up and said “My eyes have crossed. I am now blind. I can not continue or I will die.” He said dramatically. Phil rolled his eyes “just shut up Howell.” He said glaring at the pastel boy. Dan but his lip before he spoke lowly, “why don’t you make me?” He said fluttering his eyes for effect. Phil growled under his breath before walking over to the boy. Phil knew his plan and if that’s what he wanted then that’s what he’ll fucking give him. Deciding they could do soft later he quickly grabbed Dans hair but before he pulled and they started this he looked down “are you sure you want this?” He asked. See he wasn’t a total dick. Dan quickly whined nodding “yes daddy.” And fuck every restraint went out the window as he yanked up on dans hair, forcing him to stand. “Say red if you need to stop. We won’t continue for another second but you’ll need to say it.” Phil said. Dan let out a whimper already feeling himself harden at the roughness. Yes he hated Phil, but he wanted to be fucked and screw anyone that judged him for that. “Tell me who you belong to.” Phil said dominance clear in his voice as he pulled dans trousers down quickly. “You daddy.” Dan moaned blushing and whimpering as the cold air hit his throbbing member that was already half hard. Phil smirked and smacked his ass before saying “I want you to ride me in your jumper and crown baby” he said pushing dan on the bed and undressing himself quickly. He stopped at the edge of the bed stroking himself for a minute while letting out deep grunts. Dan was in pure bliss and he hasn’t even been touched yet. He watched as Phil stroked himself and quickly looked up at Phil “can I suck you off daddy? Please daddy wanna make you feel good.” He whined his mouth practically drooling at Phils cock. It was huge but not too big and plenty wide. It was definitely perfect in Dans eyes and he needed it in his mouth. Phil smirked at his baby before climbing on the bed and guiding Dans head onto his cock. Fuck. Phil wasn’t religious but he was positive this was heaven. Dans mouth was hot and wet and he was kitten licking the tip and Phil was positive he was seeing Jesus.

Dan glanced up and made eye contact with Phil as he went deeper taking him down his throat. Pro of being dan Howell. No gag reflex bitches. Phil continued to let out moans and dan pretty much drank them up swallowing Phil down. Phil could only moan as he watched the boy take him and stared in amazement at his lack of a gag reflex. But soon he was getting close and all good things got fucking better as he stood up and shushed a whining dan grabbing the lube from his school bag. Phil walked back over to the bed leaning over dan as he left soft kisses up and down the boys exposed collar bones from his jumper pushing down. Dan whined softly at the feeling of Phil being sweet and his hips thrusted up on their own accord silently begging Phil to get on with it. Phil chuckled whispering a small “needy” to which dan whined at. Phil quickly decided this needed to move on and poured a generous amount of lube onto his fingers before taking his pointer finger and moving it in circles around the boys hole. Dan whimpered trying to push back onto the finger and Phil laughed making sure there was enough lube that it wouldn’t hurt as much then pushed his finger in quickly. Dan moaned loudly and leaned up sucking hickeys into Phils chest pushing back into the thrusts of Phils finger. “Daddy please” he whined “please daddy I need you!” He whimpered impatiently. Phil looked at dan and smirked quickly pushing in two more fingers loving the way the boys face twisted into pain but his mouth held open spilling moans that proved he loved this. “You’ve been so bad, being so rude to your daddy, your lucky I’m here to help you, I’d usually never help such a slut.” Phil growled out biting at dans neck leaving angry purple splotches. Dan was so close already and this hasn’t even gotten to the best part yet. “Daddy please need to cum daddy please make me cum with your fingers then take me with your cock daddy please” dan sobbed out as Phil began stroking him. Phil chuckled “kinky little shit” he said stroking dan faster “cum you little slut.” He said thrusting into the boys hole harshly with his fingers.

Dan sobbed as he came spilling all over their stomachs and began to whimper at the pain of Phil stroking him and thrusting into his abused hole. “Daddy oh please! Please don’t stop!” He sobbed. He wasn’t really sure if he was pushing back to get away from the pain or to get to the pleasure faster as his hips moved on his own. Deciding it was time and dan was hard enough he rolled them over lining his cock with the boys red hole. “Ready baby?” He asked sucking more hickeys into the boys neck. Phil whimpered letting out breathy moans as he nodded quickly and that’s all it took for Phil to smirk and drop dan into his dick. Dan continued to sob and moan slowly starting to move up and down making sweater paws and biting at his knuckles through the jumper to shield his sobs. Everything was so much. It was too much but not even close to enough and dan swore up and down this was going to kill him. Dan let out a series of small “daddy’s” and whimpers of “ah ah ah” and Phil couldn’t get enough of it as he flipped them over again pounding into dan roughly feeling himself get closer to the edge. “Daddy!” Dan screamed as he came again and Phil followed not far behind as he moaned loudly slamming into dan one last time before stilling and pulling out. Phil then got up and went to walk away when he heard a small sob and a tiny voice saying “your leaving?” At which Phils heart exploded with pure fondness of this boy. He never hated dan, he loved him, he just knew he would never go for someone like him so he teased him. Turning around his heart broke at the sight of dan looking up at him with tear tracks down his cheeks his eyelashes wet and his lips formed in a pout. He looked so vulnerable he would swear this wasn’t the same boy who called him daddy no less than two minutes ago. “No baby I’m gonna go get some towels, run a bath, and get you some water. Want anything else love?” He asked kissing the boys forehead.

Dan thought for a minute before nodding shyly “I um, is this, what, what are we?” He asked blushing. Phil melted and smiled “we’re us love.” And went to grab this stuff leaving dan to blush. Okay maybe he wasn’t so bad. Still an asshole though, he laughed to himself.
And that’s how he spent the rest of his night, being cuddled and pampered while they watched anime. And Of course he had questions and he didn’t fully forgive Phil yet but he knew he would eventually. Because Phil was HIS alphabet boy. “My alphabet boy” he mumbled kissing Phils jaw. To which Phil smiled.
The End

I’m a nice person I just hate everyone

Movie Night

Summary: It’s movie night at the Gallaghers, and everyone gets their first glimpse of real affection between Ian and Mickey.

Word Count: 989

Notes: To the person who requested this, I hope your mom is pleased with it!! :)

It was a rainy Sunday night, which means it’s another movie night at the Gallagher household, and this week it was Carl’s turn to choose what film they were going to watch. The young delinquent chose The Italian Job, which is mainly

about theft— so of course Carl chose it.

Fiona was curled up on one of the couches with Debbie, Carl, and Liam; they had set up a bunch of blankets to cover them so it was super comfortable. Kev and V were cuddled on top of each other on the recliner. On the other couch, Mandy was sitting on Lip’s lap, while on the other side, Ian and Mickey sat side by side.

About two months ago, everyone had found out about Ian and Mickey’s relationship, but they haven’t seen a whole lot of physical affection shown by either of the boys. From what the Gallaghers, Kev, V, and Mandy have seen, sometimes it was hard for them to believe Ian and Mickey were even together.

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!” Debbie said in an enthusiastic tone. “I want to watch it!”

Veronica let out a small chuckle. “Me too, sweetie. If Mark Wahlberg’s in it, I’m so fuckin’ down for it,” she said and playfully stuck her tongue out as Fiona hummed in agreement. Kev just rolled his eyes and ignored his wife’s comment.

Fiona laughed and then took the remote to press the play button. “Okay. Here we go, everybody lee your mouths shut.” Doing as the eldest sister says, everyone silences and cuddles into the person their next to.

Ian and Mickey link their hands together under the blanket that they’re sharing. They’re leaning on each other as well, but that doesn’t say much about being a couple. A lot of the time, Ian wishes that they were more open— and Mickey secretly does as well— but it’s hard for Mickey to get used to the idea of love, and Ian understands that.

Within the first twenty minutes of the movie, Mandy starts snoring, which is when the private couple gets even closer to each other. Being that Mickey wants to kill him sister for being such an obnoxious sleeper, he needs something to distract him, and that is Ian.

As Ian noticed how close their bodies were, he takes a chance and twines their legs together, and puts his arm around Mickey’s waist. Surprisingly, Mickey doesn’t fight it. The Milkovich boy leans his hand on Ian’s shoulder and breaths in his scent.

Eventually the people in the room became completely silent, causing Ian and Mickey to slowly forget the presence of them. If no one’s around they can be as lovey dovey as they want, right?

Mickey huffs breath and leans his head in towards his boyfriend’s face. Ian moves his arm so that it is propped atop of Mickey’s shoulders, and he runs his hand through the boy’s dark hair. Mickey then reaches for Ian’s free hand and soothingly rubs his thumb in circles.

Finally, Mickey connect their lips. The boys wound up making out like two teenagers in love— which they were two teenagers in love, they just got accustomed to being a little mature for their age in this town. Their tongues are twisting and their hearts are pounding. Ian runs his hands through Mickey’s hair down to the center of his back— holding him tightly. He props Mickey onto his lap so the boy is straddling him. As Mickey finds his place, he brings his hands up to cup Ian’s face.

Suddenly, breaking them from their moment, was a whistle from Lip. He was laughing at the two boys in a loving way. “Shit, man! Never thought I’d see that,” he snorted.

Mickey nervously hopped to Ian’s side and shoved his face in the redheads neck. This was fucking embarrassing, but the other boy didn’t seem to think that. Ian was just trying to choke back a laugh.

Mandy started laughing as well. She shoved her face into Lip’s shirt to choke it back. She then got up to speak. “Disgusting motherfuckers,” Mandy scrunched up her nose. “It is fucking weird seeing my brother all over my boyfriend.”

Mickey shot up and threw a pillow in his sister’s face. “He’s not your boyfriend, bitch!”

“Holy fuck!” Kevin said. He pumped a triumphant fist in the air for Ian’s sake. “Good for you, man. At least we know you actually get some now.” The statement made Veronica hit her husband upside the head.

“Oh, I definitely get some,” Ian smirked.

Debbie started giggling and everyone looked at her with a cocked eyebrow. She was practically beaming at the two tangled up boys who were sitting on the couch. “You guys are so f’ing cute!” Debbie squealed.

“I think it’s cool,” Carl said without much emotion. Mickey was blushing so badly at everything that was being said.

V nodded. “I agree. I mean, I thought that Ian was nuts for wanting to date the dirtiest white boy in America, but I don’t know. You kinda grew on me, Mickey.” Fiona laughed at her best friends words.

“He isn’t dirty—” Ian started, but Mickey cut him off with a response to Veronica.

“Wow. Nice to know I fit your standards, bitch.” He spoke with no malice, but to get to the point, he chucked the finger as well.

Fiona started waving her hands for everyone to surrender for a moment. “Alright, alright. Leave the lovebirds alone,” she winked. She had finally started to accept the relationship between Mickey and her brother. “Let’s get back to the movie.”

Everyone was still snickering, but in reality, they were all glad to see Mickey Milkovich be so caring towards Ian. For fuck’s sake, Mandy hadn’t see this side of her brother since they were young. It was just nice for Mandy and everyone else to know that both boys had someone to love and care for them.

II headcanons

I feel as if Fan would have panic attacks if he lost is phone. He broke it? PANIC. Lost the charger? PANIC. Lost his phone in general? P A N I C. He would feel tears build up in his eyes as she literally turns everything upside down, in a attempt to find his phone.

Lightbulb loves glow in the dark stuff (ex. Markers, glow sticks, etc). Like, she ADORES glow in the dark stuff.. She would go out for hours and return with TWENTY BAGS of glow in the dark items. Then she would go around and just put them in random places. Once she painted Paintbrushes hair with glow in the dark paint. They didn’t realize it until the next night, when everyone was snickering at them. That didn’t end well.

Baseball LOVES to bake on his spare time. Nickel usually teases him about it, but deep down he ENJOYS Baseball’s pastries. He may have no arms, but he sure does have a talent for baking.
But since Nickel is gone, he has no longer stepped inside of his little bakery/kitchen. What’s the point of making cakes, if the one person who actually enjoyed them is gone?

Balloon can make paper flowers. He would spend the entire day writing inspirational and lovely messages to Suitcase, and he would fold them into flowers, and he would place them in her usual sleeping place. Now that she’s gone, she would see them, read them, and cry, knowing that he’s still there with her.

When Test Tube is having a panic attack, or when she’s really really upset, she will say THE SCARIEST AND CREEPIEST FACTS about life, or anything in general. She’s in this void she can’t get out of, and the others would help her through it.

When The Bright Lights are camping, and they want some smores, Paintbrush is usually their source of fire. Just get them angry; and BOOM! A warm fire.

Should I do more of these? :0 did you like them?

By Your Side (Peter Parker x Tony Stark’s daughter!reader)

Happy Friday! I just want to say that even when my days are bad, it makes me feel so much happier to reply to you guys, you’re all amazing. Much love 💗 I hope your day goes well and that maybe you find a lucky penny. Remember, Smut Saturday is tomorrow! I got a pretty good request from an anon a while back that I was saving for this. Also, taglist is open. xoxo

Request:  Can I make a Tony x daughter x peter Parker request? Stark is enrolling her in the high school but she’s extremely shy and nervous. She ends up crying her eyes out cause it’s a new school for her and she doesn’t make friends easy. So he gets Peter to make her feel welcome. Even though peter is in a higher grade he ends up being best friends with her and very protective.

Warnings: Again, just one curse word. 


“Come on, F/N, you’re going to be late.” Tony was yelling up the stairs, beckoning you to come down. 

“Why can’t I just be home schooled?” You groaned as your slipped on your shoes and threw your backpack over your shoulder, trudging down the stairs. 

“Because, you need to have friends and keeping you here could put you in lots of danger. You’re an easy target if you’re here all the time.” He tilted his head towards at you, raising his eyebrows. “Now, come on. We gotta get you to school.” 

You were the daughter of Tony Stark, the Iron Man, but only people who ever bothered to talk to you actually knew that. You were the total opposite of him. He was witty and charismatic, while you were shy and soft spoken. You didn’t like attention, you would rather keep to yourself and blast music rather than going out to party. 

“Have fun, okay kiddo?” You nodded, opening the car door. “I love you.” 

“I love you too, dad.” You waved, turning towards the school doors. You made your way up the stairs, the loud hum of his car’s engine fading into the distance. “Well, here goes nothing.” 

You went to the office to pick up your schedule, your first class being chemistry. After wandering aimlessly around the halls, you finally found the classroom. You were mortified as every pair of eyes in the room snapped to you as you stepped through the threshold. You gulped as the teacher greeted you, a nervous smile quickly flashing on your face. Today they were doing a lab to make pennies look silver and gold. The teacher had told everyone to be careful with the liquid, for it you spilled it on your clothes, it would burn holes right through it. 

It seemed like everyone already had partners, so you worked alone. You felt like there was always a pair of eyes on your back. Your hands were shaking out of nervousness, and you spilled the liquid out of the beaker. It ran down the counter and made contact with your shirt, the smell and sound of burning fabric filling your senses. 

“Shit…” You looked up to see everyone snickering at you, whispering between each other. Your eyes flickered from person to person, seeing the same thing from each of them. Tears began to fill your eyes and cloud your vision as you ran out of the room. You found a pair of doors that led out to the stadium and jogged your way over to them, wiping away tears. You kept your head down as you went underneath the bleachers, pulling your knees up to your chest, the grass feeling cool through your jeans. You buried your head in your folded arms, letting the tears fall. You pulled out your phone from your pocket, dialing you dad. 

“Hey, kiddo. How’s school going?” You could hear the hope in his voice, he wanted you to be happy. 

“I can’t, dad. I need to go home. I need you to pick me up. I can’t, I’m too shy.” You choked on little sobs, trying to make you words as understandable as possible. 

“F/N… what happened?” 

“I-I messed up in chemistry and I was all by myself and everyone started laughing at me. Dad, I’m not like you. I’m not outgoing and liked by everyone. I’m that girl in the corner that nobody wants to talk to. Just please, please pick me up. I want to go home.” You pleaded, you couldn’t stay here.

“Okay… I’ll be there soon. I’ll tell you when I get there. I love you, kiddo.” You could hear the sadness and pity in his voice. He hung up the phone, and you stayed there, waiting and huddled under the bleachers. 

A couple minutes later, you heard footsteps approaching and you froze. You quickly wiped away any stray tears, hoping they wouldn’t be able to tell that you had been crying if they discovered you. 

“F/N? Where are you?” Peter Parker was peering around, whisper yelling as he scanned the area. 

“Peter?” You were surprised to see him here, let alone see him here looking for you. 

“Hey, are you okay? What happened?” His eyebrows were stitched together with worry, his voice filled with concern. You didn’t have to say anything besides hold your the front of you shirt, showing him the gaping hole. “Oh.. Here, put on my jacket.” He stripped it off and handed it to you. “I’ll turn around so you can change. I promise I won’t look.” He turned away from you as you quickly threw off your burned shirt and zipped his jacket on. 

“Alright..” He turned around, offering his hand to you. You took it and he helped you off the ground. You stared at the ground, not meeting his gaze. “Hey, you’re going to be okay. I’m going to be here for you. Whenever you need me, I’ll be right there. And I’m going to show those punks in your class that laughing at you was a big mistake.” You chuckled softly, the corner of his mouth pulling up into a smirk. 

“Thanks, Peter. But, I didn’t think you’d want to be seen with a sophomore when you’re a senior, let alone that sophomore being me.” You fumbled with the sleeves of his jacket, shrugging your shoulders. 

“You must be kidding. You’re the nicest person I know, and I’m not just saying that because your dad is Tony Stark.” He nudged his shoulder lightly against yours, earning a light laugh from you. Your phone chimed. 

“Speaking of him, he’s here to pick me up.” You gave him a soft smile and began to walk away. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Peter. Thanks again.”

“No problem, F/N. And, keep the jacket, yeah?” He gave you a small smile, shoving his hands in his pockets. You gave him a small nod, walking towards the parking lot. 

Everything was going to be okay, Peter made you feel okay. 

You finished the remainder of the year with Peter at your side, finally feeling like you fitted in somewhere. You felt like you belonged. He introduced you to his friends, and he always offered to hang out. He had become one of your best friends, and he always would be. As you watched him walk across the stage at graduation, you gave him a big smile and a thumbs up. He formed his hands into a heart, giving you a wink. He was like a big brother to you now, and he made it okay. Even though he wouldn’t be there for the last two years of your time in high school, you knew that he would always be there. You knew that it was all going to be okay. 

How’d you like it? It’s a quick, cute little one shot. I’m trying to get back on track and write as much as my brain lets me, and hopefully that starts this weekend. I love you all and have an awesome Friday. xoxo



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Timing is Everything - Drarry Oneshot

12.6k, Mature.

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Harry soon finds his piercing is good for throwing Malfoy off-balance, and shamelessly uses it at every opportunity to torment him. Malfoy pointing out that Harry’s taunting is actually flirting should have put a stop to it. Instead, Harry only becomes more determined to get a reaction, and goes to greater lengths to get one.


Harry watched Malfoy every moment they were in the same room. Ron groused about it. Hermione rolled her eyes. Everyone else snickered behind his back, or to his face. But he didn’t stop.

Sooner or later, he knew curiosity would get the better of Malfoy.

And it did.

It was a Quidditch match. Ravenclaw against Gryffindor. For unity, the eighth-years were packed into the same stand. Malfoy was leaning against the barrier, and Harry was a few rows higher. In the midst of a play that had the crowd screaming, Malfoy looked back, and up.

Harry was waiting.

It was like his whole body shook, as Malfoy met his gaze. Heart hammering, Harry raised his hand. Malfoy’s eyes caught the motion, and followed it. All around, the crowd was screaming, and Harry thumbed at his lip ring briefly, a smooth ring that day. Malfoy didn’t look away as Harry’s hand dropped.

Before he lost his chance, Harry licked along his upper lip. He’d already been told enough how alluring it was, as the bottom ball of his tongue piercing dragged along his bottom lip, and then bumped the ring.

Malfoy’s eyes widened, and his mouth was open, like he was breathing heavily. Harry moved his tongue in a way that showed off the bottom of the barbell as it disappeared into his mouth, and then he bit his lip. Colour was rising to Malfoy’s cheeks. It couldn’t be the cold. There were warming charms on the eighth-year stands, thanks to Hermione and Padma.

Harry felt his own face warm. He flicked his lip ring with his tongue, and then caught it between his teeth, and tugged.

Malfoy looked up, and met his gaze. Harry stared back.

It was only when he was suddenly jostled by Dean and Theo getting into a scuffle, that he lost that eye contact. The roar of the crowd came back, as if it had faded. When he looked again, Malfoy was gone.

Truth or Dare (Riverdale, Pt. 5)

Summary: Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, and Y/N are spending the night at Y/N’s house. Kevin suggests Truth or Dare at some point and they all decide to play. Shenanigans ensue and eventually certain feelings are shared, but will they be taken seriously or laughed off? Possible angst.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader (maybe), Kevin x Reader (platonic), Archie x Reader (platonic), Betty x Reader (platonic), Veronica x Reader (platonic), Cheryl x Reader (platonic)

Beta-ed: No

A/N: Okay I’m so sorry this took so long, I’ll make a post about it later tonight, but here we are finally, part 5! i actually had a little problem with this guy too *frowns forever* oh well, enjoy! Also this one’s pretty long too in an attempt to make up for the qualit so-

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


Previously: “If anything Kevin,” Archie spoke. “We should be blaming you, after all, you were the one who dared Y/N to do this.” He said with a sly grin. Everyone spoke their agreements as Kevin blanched. “Woah woah wait, how was I supposed to know Y/N would get so emotional and sappy, honestly I was expecting more of a “Hey Betts, you’re so sweet and innocent I love it. Cheryl, you’re fierce and a little crazy. Ronnie, you’re an amazing fashionista, and so on and so forth. I didn’t expect Y/N to go all Shakespeare on us!” He cried. We all started laughing as Kevin’s face bloomed red. “You guys are jerks.” He muttered. “Anyways… Y/N, whose next?”

“I guess Archie,” I sighed, trying to sound exasperated, which only earned another pillow being thrown at me. I giggled as I grabbed it and threw it back. “Archibald Andrews, how dare you!” I scoffed, a playful look in my eyes. “You know what? Now you’re my second favorite ginger.” I muttered. Archie clutched his hand over his heart and gasped. “Now that just hurts Y/N, how could you?” He said, mock hurt in his voice. I stuck my tongue out at him before continuing. “Fine, you’re my favorite male ginger, happy?” I asked, annoyance in my voice. “Very much so, actually.” He said with a arrogant voice as he turned his nose up. 

We both took one look at each other and lost it, bending over in laughter. “This is exactly why I love you so much Arch, we can always be goofy together.” Before I could say anything else Jug threw a pillow at Archie’s head. “You were dared not to be silly for the rest of the night Arch, commit to the dare!” Jug spoke with irritation, but Arch and I saw the playful look in his eyes. We both stuck our tongues out at Jug before giggling again.

“Anyways,” I cleared my throat. “Archie: my ginger, my Ron Weasley, my Peter Pan, my best friend, my brother. The love I have for you can only be described as absolute, and even that doesn’t do you justice. You fit the whole “protective older brother” persona perfectly, you’re always looking out for us and you’re the best when it comes to helping us distract our minds for a little while. You always figure out a way to make us feel better, and the few times you couldn’t, you made sure we were never alone and had a shoulder to cry on.”

“From the very first day you’ve always been a little on the protective side,” I gave him a look while he sheepishly smiled at me. “Especially when it was about me or Betty. I remember you came running out of nowhere and practically tackled her, you pushed her behind you and asked who I was, your chest all puffed out with this serious look on your face.” “You never can be too careful, you know?” Archie cut in, a smile on his face as he remembered that day as well. “Sure Archie, we all know you were just trying to impress the new girl, quit lying.” Kevin cut in now, a grin on his face. Archie blushed slightly before speaking. “We were five!” He wailed as he shot his hands above his head. “You guys are never gonna let me live that down are you?” He said as he pouted slightly.

“Oh Archie,” Betty spoke as she rubbed small circles on his back, a look of sympathy on her face. “Never in a million years.” She finished with a giggle, Archie just glared at her while Betty, Cheryl, and Kevin laughed, Archie’s face heating up more. “Wait,” Veronica spoke up, awe in her voice. “Archie had a crush on Y/N?” She asked as she raised an eyebrow at us. “That is so cute!” She squealed while bouncing in her seat. “Archiekins, that has to be the one of the most adorable things I’ve ever heard!” Archie and I blushed at her words.

“Well in my defense who didn’t have a crush on Y/N when they first moved here!?” He tried to defend himself, his eyes widened in shock as his blush got worse when he realized what he said. Ronnie squealed even more at that, her hands trying to cover the huge grin on her face. “Oh, you’re not wrong there Archie,” Kevin spoke, a twinkle in his eye. “But we all pretty much got over that, the question is, did you?” Just about everyone started laughing as both our faces got redder.

As I looked around I noticed Jug was staring at Archie, almost glaring at him. When he caught me watching Jughead’s eyes widened slightly before looking away again, and it almost looked like a blush was starting to form on his face. ‘Why would he glare at Archie?’ I thought, confusion washing over me. I guess it showed on my face because before I could think more of it Archie nudged me with his foot. “Hey, you okay?” He asked, slight worry on his face. “Yeah Arch, I’m fine.”

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