everyone should watch it ok

Listen up, founding fathers garbage:

So Hamilton’s pretty cool, right? Everyone seems to know Hamilton now. We all love Hamilton. But do you know what’s just as cool?

This thing called “I Made America.”

So the story? Basically, six of the founding fathers (Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Franklin, and Adams) are time-traveled to 2012 Chicago to endorse a campaign. They refuse, soooooooooo……..they’re left alone to try and survive in the 21st century. Boy…what a ride.

They can even be sexy:

That’s hot.

There are 10 episodes and then some extra fun clips on their YouTube channel. I honestly enjoyed it a lot, albeit the fact that they haven’t uploaded a new episode since…2012. But I still have high hopes that they might come back. Maybe if we hit their videos up and spread them around, it can become a thing again.

In case you aren’t interested yet, here are some facts about the characters:

  • Hamilton sets up booby traps in his own room
  • Franklin loves Pop-Tarts 
  • Madison foresees shit
  • Washington works at a desk and he doesn’t know modern terms 
  • Jefferson is literally in a band 
  • Adams is adorable and works in a coffee shop like??? 

You can watch it here! 

a small portion of naruto a day keeps the sadness away

Recap: Act 1, Episode 14

IS JOSS WHEDON ON YOUR GODDAMN PAYROLL. Yet another reference (Buffy, season 5, the god Glorificus i feel like i should start explaining these fucking things because NOT EVERYONE WATCHES BUFFY).

Ok so how did they all come to this conclusion?

that ain’t just a Sumerian poem. The other gods were like lolol no hell is bad and used blood magic to bind her using 4 Horcruxes Talismans.

So Inanna is like, a legit badass god. For real gonna fuck shit up. Carmilla is strugglin’ up that River of Denial with “mother isn’t Inanna” until she realizes that YOUR MOTHER IS A GOD, CARM GOOD LUCK. On a scale of 1-to-you-are-royally-fucked i’d place you at about 800.

Of course! Who can forget someone who’s that sarcastic. Also take her advice and fuckin’ listen to her stuff and work out a way to get this situation un-fucked. Which they do and with a fair bit of guilt. Mel’s got a bit of a decent connection so she gives a rundown: 16 hour shifts, a bell ringing means its bedtime for kittens and that waste of air Danny or Human Tapeworm (good name) Theo supervise it but he leaves early to be a piece of shit and harass women so that’s their best bet to slip in a steal shit. There’s an..upside i guess and that’s that the sword is still there and no one wants anything to do with it. Even the Dean is scared of it, which, yikes.

Sure. Or your girlfriend fuckbuddy is gonna just rip down there and take it.

Ye there it is.

Carmilla grabs the sword and loses consciousness. Not good.

“Thank you for tending to my head wound Laura ily”

“GTFO ginger I can take care of myself”.

Ok so book, sword, 2 more to go.

That’s an “oh shit” face if I’ve ever seen one.