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BTS Reaction - Their child runs on stage

Anonymous said: Reaction when during concert their little child run up on star with tears and saying something like"daddy this song is beatiful,you sing perfect" and starts crying and hugging him and all ARMYS make one sound like “owwwh cute” and kid gets shy🙈

So I’ve decided to just come up with Korean names for each of their kids. I feel like that makes it a little more personalized, rather than just putting Y/K/N. Also, my name is Sarah. I’m American and only know a small amount of Korean, so if I screw up these names somehow…I am so sorry and please politely correct me lol. Enjoy!

I kind of wonder if Taehyung picked those names for his future children because Taekwon sounds like Tae Kwon Do…Taekwon literally means “kick hand”


You were having trouble controlling your three year old, Taekwon, as he toddled around backstage, huge red earphones covering his ears from the noise of the concert. You brought him with often to BTS concerts, because he enjoyed being able to watch his dad, his uncles, and look at all the bright lights. Although normally, he wasn’t this nuts. Jimin’s wife must’ve given Taekwon a Popsicle or something earlier that day, because your kid was bouncing off the walls.

Whenever they preformed Spring Day, it would get everyone onstage emotional. Taekwon knew his dad’s voice - and would always ask you to pick him up and point out Taehyung singing his part in Spring Day. This time was no different, because your baby tugged on your pant leg and threw his arms up.

“Where daddy?” Taekwon asks in his baby voice, his hands gesturing out and his shoulders shrugging. You smile and point at the figure across the stage. Taekwon looks, struggles in your arms before you put him down and turn to grab a water bottle from the cooler on the floor.

As you’re digging in the ice for a cold bottle, you hear a huge chorus of “aww”’s coming from the stage, and the boys laughing. Securing yourself a water bottle and turning around, you glance up and notice that your son is not where you left him - and has run out onto the stage into his dad’s arms. You watched with a hand covering your mouth as Taehyung crouches to catch his son and hoists him up on his hip.

“Your singing is nice!” You hear your son say loudly into Taehyung’s microphone, and laughter rumbles throughout the arena.

“Thanks, buddy. Can you sing a song for us?” Taehyung asks, expecting his son to blurt out the words to Spring Day, but Taekwon begins to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star instead, which makes the entire arena resound with sounds of adoration.


Twins. You and Suga never expected them in the first place, and it’s been a wild four years with them. Their birthday was soon, and you still remember the day they were born - Min Yoon-Shik first then Min Gi-Dae second.

The twins became more like their dad everyday, and you’d find the sisters singing along to all of BTS’ songs, and would try their hardest to rap alongside their dad in each song. They’d even try to learn the choreography - and while Suga wasn’t all that bad, the girls seemed to have gotten your side of the family: because there wasn’t a dancing bone in your body.

It was BTS’ last concert before they ended their latest tour, and you had decided to take the girls to this one to watch their dad preform. To say the least, the twins were extremely excited and kept their eyes focused on Suga the entire time. They even began copying his lyrics as he rapped them.

At the end of the concert, the boys sang Spring Day and had rose petals raining down on them, and the twins thought it was hilarious. Yoongi looked over to the side of the stage and an instant smile grew on his face at the sight of his baby girls, and he ushered the twins to come out on stage. Yoon-Shik and Gi-Dae looked at each other, then back at you for permission, then ran off onto the bright stage towards their dad.

“Can you teach us the dances for the songs?” Gi-Dae asked as Yoongi hoisted both her and her sister up in each arm. The entire arena sighed in awe, the other boys laughing at how cute Yoongi’s twins were.

“Ask Uncle Hobi for that,” Suga laughed jokingly, then kissed his daughters cheeks before setting them down. “Run along, I’ll see you in a few minutes loves.” He said aloud, before gently giving them little pats on their backs before turning around and thanking ARMY.


Jihyun was just like his father.

It wasn’t even funny - you swear you had no part in making your son because Jihyun was a spitting image of Jimin. It’s as if someone put Jimin in the copier and spit out Jihyun - all the same features and personality, just a different name, and much younger.

Jimin would often times take Jihyun to the studio because the five-year old loved watching the dance practices. Towards the end, Jimin would grab his son and teach him the moves - and his son would execute them almost perfectly. He was gifted, just like Jimin, and everyone saw it.

“Jihyun, stay here.” You said to your son, who was standing in the middle of the exit to the stage, watching his dad and uncles jump around as they began I Need U. Jihyun didn’t acknowledge your words, but tried his hardest to keep up with the minimal choreography he knew. It was adorable watching him spin around and trip over his feet - but he was better than any other five year old dancer you’ve seen (okay, maybe you were a little biased).

You didn’t realize it until you looked over on the TV screen to see your son just off to the left of the stage, visible to ARMY but behind the boys. Jihyun didn’t notice that he had veered too far onto the stage, and was too busy twirling around and singing along to I Need U to hear the ARMYs cooing.

You watched Jimin spin around when the song was done and lock his eyes on his son, immediately bursting into laughter and walking briskly over to Jihyun. 

“Jihyun, you’re giving everyone a show!” Jimin laughed, scooping up his son and bringing him to the front. The five year old looked miraculously at his father but began to enjoy being on stage with his uncles, who all came over and ruffled his hair.

“I’m gonna be like you one day,” Jihyun said with a bright smile while looking up at his dad. Jimin threw his head back in laughter and appreciation while the ARMYs in the crowd continued to awe. 

“I’m sure you will be, bud.” 


Just like that - Hokyong was out of your sight and ran right into her dad’s arms. The two year old was the most excitable, energetic kid you had ever come to know, but you’d never trade that for the world. 

When Hokyong saw her dad, she would never hesitate to run over and hug him. It was just Hokyong’s thing - she’d laugh and toddle towards Hoseok with a big, toothy grin on her face. Your husband would just laugh right with her and cuddle his daughter in his arms.

“Look who has joined us today!” J-Hope said brightly into the microphone, glancing at his baby girl as she peered around with her hand stuck in her mouth. “Can you wave, Hokyong?” Her dad said, gently prying the hand out of the baby girl’s mouth.

Hokyong looked out into the crowd then shyly buried her face into her daddy’s shoulder, earning a huge, booming sound of adoration from the fans. The boys just laughed, Jimin coming over and patting your daughter’s back before looking back at you and shooting a thumbs up. You stood at the curtain watching, getting emotional at how perfect your little family was.

“Alright, baby. We have to finish the show, say bye-bye!” J-Hope said, putting the toddler down and grabbing her hand. Hokyong waved to the crowd before J-Hope walked her back to the side of the stage, kissing your lips before handing the baby back to you.

“My perfect girls,” he said, winking, before hoping back to his spot on stage and beginning BS&T.


Your’s and Jungkook’s daughter had just turned a year old. She’d just began walking as well, and you decided to bring her to the last concert of the tour to celebrate her birthday with all the boys afterwards.

Jungmee was extremely intelligent, but very quiet and reserved. The baby girl had been a daddy’s girl from the beginning - always reaching for Jungkook when she was upset or wanted to be held. It was no surprise that Jungkook was the best dad in the world: he admitted he was nervous at first but seeing him with your baby girl was heart melting.

You sat with your daughter in your lap`as she stared out onto the stage, and from time to time, Jungkook would glance over and wave at you and Jungmee - winking and making silly faces. Finally, towards the end of the concert, you could tell your baby was getting tired. She was crabby, crying and struggling to get out of your arms, but whining when you but her down. 

When you put her down on the floor for what must’ve been the 100th time, you hoped she would somehow fall asleep despite the music echoing around the arena. Jungmee was sobbing now, screaming incoherent words as she had a tantrum right then and there. You sighed and over the course of 15 minutes, you picked her up and rocked her, tried to console her with a bottle and then resorted to just swaying back and forth with her in your arms as she screamed.

Jungkook must’ve noticed, and had watched you struggle to keep Jungmee calm. With a smile playing on his lips, he jogs over and stands in front of you, placing his hands under the arms of your daughter before taking Jungmee into his arms. She stops screaming, of course, but still hiccups as leftover tears roll down her cheeks.

“W-what are you doing?” You stammered.

“I want everyone to sing her happy birthday. It was going to be at the end of the concert, but it looks as if you could use a break..” He said, giving you a little smile as he walked back off onto the stage, looking adorable as he held Jungmee in one arm.

“It’s Jeon Jungmee’s birthday…I think we should sing happy birthday, don’t you think?” Jungkook says, bouncing the now happy, tearless baby girl. The entire arena erupted, singing happy birthday to your little girl. By the time Jungkook came over and handed her back to you with a kiss on the cheek, Jungmee smiled as she drifted off as you held her against your shoulder.


Namsang was the sweetest baby girl on the earth - except when she threw The Tantrum. Your baby girl wasn’t spoiled - not by you at least, since Namjoon always decided to bring the three year old little presents and toys home - but when Namsang pulled The Tantrum, all hell broke loose.

So the little girl decided to pull The Tantrum at the worst time possible - just as Namjoon kissed both of you and ran out on stage with the boys. Namsang reached out after him as he hopped away, her lip curling into a pout as she began to cry. As the boys were jumping around and dancing to their opening song on stage, you turned your back and tried to bounce your daughter into calming down.

Namsang began to kick and try to pull away, and after 10 minutes of fighting her, you set her down. You sat down in the chair beside the stage and rubbed your hand over your face, already all of your energy spent. This is what was bad about bringing a three year old to a three hour long concert - you never knew what would set off another screaming-fest.

When you opened your eyes again, you didn’t even realize your daughter was gone from your sight. You were just relieved that the screaming stopped - and then noticed that something was missing. Frantically, you searched around, behind curtains, under tables and in the surrounding rooms, until you heard Namjoon talking on stage.

“Namsang! Come here,” Namjoon said, and you turned your attention to the CCTV streaming the concert. The camera was pointed at Namjoon with his arms wide open, crouching down to catch his daughter in his arms. Namsang ran into her dad’s arms, earning louds screams from the fans. 

“Aw, baby girl, what are you upset about?” Namjoon asks, wiping the tears from your daughter’s face with a small chuckle, picking her up and holding her close. 

“I didn’t w-want you to leave, daddy.” Namsang said, sniffling. The other boys covered their mouths to hide their laughter while Namjoon just turned his head and said, “Aw, I’m sorry. But you’re here now, right? You don’t have to worry, baby.”


There wasn’t a time in your house that nobody was singing. Someone always had a song stuck in their head, and your four year old, Jinhee, was no exception.

Seokjin was constantly teaching her the lyrics to various BTS songs, and she always begged to attend every concert her dad performed at. She loved singing along to I Need U, and Spring Day. Jinhee tried to dance to Not Today, but when she’d trip over her feet, Seokjin would tell her to keep trying her hardest.

Another thing Jinhee did was get emotional. At four years old, you would think she didn’t understand anything her dad and uncles were singing about, but oh man, she did. The little girl would ask what was wrong and why the people they were singing about were leaving in Spring Day.

You had left Jinhee standing at the entrance to the stage while you left to grab a snack from the waiting room. She was usually very obedient, and would listen to you when you told her to stay there. Although, when you walked back Jinhee was not where you had left her. You dropped the fruit snack you had snagged for her and immediately looked out on stage - and saw her running behind all the boys and heading straight for her dad.

“Daddy!” She hiccuped, and there were tears that ran down her cheeks. Seokjin turned around, eyes going wide at the sight of his daughter rushing towards him. He crouched down and held Jinhee in his arms, and you saw him wiping away her tears as he began to talk to her.

“Hey, what are you doing out here? Are you okay?” He asked, concern laced in his voice.

“I-I, the song is sad,” Jinhee cried, burying her face in her dad’s shoulder. Jin closed his eyes and laughed, picking her up and facing the crowd. The entire stadium was a mixture of laughing and cooing, and Jin waved before heading back to the side of the stage to put Jinhee down by you.

“Don’t cry, okay? I love you, stay with mommy.” Seokjin said, kissing his daughter’s forehead before looking at you with a small smile.

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Rachel has a hoodie. ADC Chara has a hoodie. cLEARLY THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON Yeah, no. That anon's crazy. Stop trying to inject Undertale and ADC into an original thing, people! This kind of thing is why I'm nervous about uploading my own original comic on another site; most of my followers know me for Undertale so I'm afraid of people doing this exact thing. I've already had someone tell me one character looks like what they think the Green SOUL to look, which is kinda ":/"

And the green Soul doesn’t even have a canon design, i swear these people…

But yeah, remember that “tumblr you’re killing art” I reblogged a few days ago? It’s exactly what I’m talking about, people need to support new ideas, and not bash them as soon as someone wants to come up with something else.

 It’s really nerve wrecking trying to stand out as an artist just with  fanart alone. :/  

One thing is to know that you can’t please everyone and accept criticism, but it doesn’t mean that you should sit back and not get the chance to show your ideas entirely, or having people shove their ideas down your throat. Like the only reason I’m not going to stop it’s because at least a large amount of people do seem to care, but a good amount are just being like this and it’s quite discouraring. 

All I say is, don’t be afraid to show the world what you want! And please, people be more considerate. 

this is the golden age (of something good and right and real)

♡♡♡ for the lovely @jackiemoreno, the brightest star in my sky ♡♡♡

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“I miss you.”

“I miss you too, darling.“ Lena answers right away, accent thicker than usual despite the fact she’s been back in Ireland for so little time. “Just two more days until I’m back home.”

Kara presses the phone closer to her ear, closing her eyes and concentrating until she can hear the steady rhythm of Lena’s heartbeat. She sighs for what feels like the thousandth time since her girlfriend has been gone, never mind the fact it’s only the fifth day of their week long separation - her heart aches as if they’ve been apart for months.

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Reverse Pining AU: Michael Signs Up For The Play

The day had been going as usual for Jeremy, crappy and soul crushing rejection from his peers along with another test he did not study for, only barely finished in time. He walked out of the room to an excited Christine.
“Jeremy guess what we just-oh wow you look terrible, what happened?”
“Life, school. What’s got you so excited?”
“The play! They just posted the sign up sheet! And I think you’re to like this year’s production a lot more than usual.” She gestured for him to follow her as she practically skipped down the hallway until they stopped in front of the sign up sheet. In big lettering was the name Michael Mell.
“M…Michael signed up for the play?”
“Yeah! I saw him this morning and thought well I know a certain guy who’s been looking to have a reason to talk to him forever now. You can finally give him that letter we worked on!”
“Yeah…I kinda tore that up and flushed it down the toilet.” Christine made a face. “It’s still progress.”
“Well this doesn’t require any writing! You don’t even have to think out what you’ll say to him, it will already be written down and then you two can go from there!” Christine handed him the pen. Jeremy nervously noticed Rich and Jake round the corner. They immediately saw him signing up.
“Hah, GAY!” Everyone laughed as Jeremy’s face turned red from embarrassment. Christine angrily turned towards Rich.
“Hey! The theatre is not a laughing matter, and even if he was gay why should you care? I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if-”
“No Christine, it’s alright. I’m used to it. I mean they’re not wrong.”
“That doesn’t give them an excuse to be such assholes!”
“Can we just go get lunch? I’m starving.” Christine reluctantly agreed heading down to the cafeteria and as they got in line Jeremy came to a dead stop, causing Christine to bump into him. Right in front of them stood Michael Mell himself, Christine noticed Jeremy starting to sweat profusely.
“Say something to him!” Instead Jeremy remained frozen until Michael was out of view. By then the people behind the two had started forcing them to move on allowing the boy to start moving again. “If I wasn’t such a romantic i’d say your hopeless.”
“I’m not completely hopeless, I mean I didn’t pass out this time.”
“If I wasn’t standing behind you, you probably would have.”
“That’ll all end today! Play practice will start and I won’t be awkward and-” At that moment Jeremy went to grab a milk when he felt someone's​hand on top of his. Looking up his eyes met Michael’s.

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Okay what about a klance au headcanon where Keith is like a single father™ and his kid plays for a little league soccer team or somethin that lance coaches and all the soccer moms want a piece of lances fine ass but him and Keith end hooking up, and at games and practices they low key(high key) hit on each other making all the soccer moms SHOOK I could NOT get this idea out of my head, sorry if it's weird 😕

Keith picked Shiro up, letting him whine his way into being carried, because Keith didn’t feel like arguing, plus Shiro was probably tired. He slipped the folding chair over his shoulder, his hand under Shiro so he wouldn’t drop him, but Shiro was quickly falling asleep on his shoulder, and he was harder to carry when limp. 

“Need help?” Lance smiled, and Keith had to stop himself from swooning, the field full of soccer moms watching the two of them like hawks. Lance took the folding chair and the bag full of Shiro’s soccer gear for him. “It’s hard to carry a tiny person and a bunch of stuff.” 

“Thank you.” Keith smiled, bashfully, as he hooked his other arm around Shiro who was now out like a light. They were still being watched, so Keith started to lead Lance to his car, hoping that everyone would forget about them soon. He knew better, soccer moms never forgot. 

“Y’know, you don’t have to look so nervous. What are they going to do?” Lance had waited until they were out of ear shot of everyone else. Keith sighed and rubbed Shiro’s back gently. 

“I just don’t want them to come down on Shiro for it.” He looked over Shiro’s little arm which came to a rounded end just above where his elbow should be. “He’s got enough going on as it is.” 

“Kieth,” Lance said, “Shiro makes jokes about not having two hands all the time. And you know he’d just yell at anyone who tried to say anything bad about you. He loves you way too much.” 

Keith stopped by his car, leaning on it just a little while  Lance smiled at him. “You’re right, I know, I’m just being over protective.” He glanced at Shiro, who was still sound asleep on Keith’s shoulder as Lance leaned a little closer to the two of them. 

“Besides.” Lance planted a kiss on Keith. “Does it matter what they say if I love you? And your kid?” He grinned, but they both froze when they heard a gasp. Well, everyone was going to know now. Keith and Lance stared at Betty, her hand holding onto her little girl’s. Lance’s lips pursed, “oops?” 

Betty was already gone, probably gossiping, but Keith just sighed again. “I love you too,” Keith said and kissed Lance again. Shiro woke up just in time to repeat a joke his Auntie Pidge had taught him. 

“Get a room!” He giggled when Keith turned to kiss Shiro’s cheek instead, and Lance ruffled his hair, quickly making off to get the rest of the soccer equipment. Of course, not without a promise to bring dinner over later, and asking Shiro what he wanted him to bring. Keith smiled to himself as Shiro babbled in the back of his car the whole way home about dinosaurs. 

Don’t worry anon this wasn’t weird at all! This was actually super cute, thanks for the request!!

For the Love of Harry, Part Four

5 ½ months. 152 days. 3648 hours…roughly. That’s how long it had been since you and Harry first took your friendship to the next level and became intimate. Now you were going to be meeting his family.

4 days. 97 hours…approximately. That’s how long it had been since Harry first said he was in love with you. Your heart nearly stopped beating when he said it.

Need m’ mum to meet the girl I’m in love with, don’t I?’ he had said.

.3 seconds…exactly. That’s how long ago you swallowed bile down as Harry pulled his car down the path that led to his parent’s home. He was holding your hand with a smile on his face, as he glanced at you quickly. He felt your hand beginning to sweat and thought you looked a bit green.

“Doin’ alright, love?” he grinned, unsure if you were ill or not.

“Fine,” you say, looking around at the view.

“Nervous?” he smiled. You shoot him a ‘don’t ask’ look and he laughs. “No worries, sweetheart. Everyone is going to love you.”

“Everyone?” you ask, swallowing the acidic taste down again. “Who the hell is everyone? I thought it was just your mom and stepdad!”

“My sister and her boyfriend should be along at some point, and knowing my mum, there could be a few friends or family who would like to see me and meet you,” he looks at you and laughs as you close your eyes at the thought of it. “Stop. You’re going to be fine. Besides, I’d like to take you into town and introduce you to a few people myself while we’re here.”

“Isn’t that dangerous, Harry?” you ask. “Aren’t you afraid some pap will be around somewhere just waiting to click a pic of you and your mysterious female friend? You’ll be the talk of the town!”

“Love, I’m already the talk of the town,” he laughs, and you gently shove his shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. I know how to get around quite well here, without being detected. We’ll be fine.”

About that time Harry stops in front of a lovely home, and one of the people you recognize from Harry’s photos in his homes as being his mom, walks out the front door of the home and toward Harry’s car. Harry quickly opens his door and steps toward his mom, hugging her tightly for a long moment. He hadn’t seen her for quite some time and was happy to see her again.

“Mum, I’ve missed you,” he says, hugging her.

“I’ve missed you too, son,” she smiles, holding her youngest in her arms. “Everyone else will be here soon.”

You sit in the car, a bit afraid to get out, but knowing the inevitable was about to happen. You aren’t even sure why you have anxiety about meeting her. You had no sound reason for thinking she may not like you, besides the fact that you were having conjugal relations with her baby boy. Harry and his mom both look at you, still sitting in the car like a nervous puppy about to piddle in the seat. You can hear Harry giggling, looking at you, from the other side of the car. His eyes and nose crinkle, dimples shining, as he walks to your door and opens it, all while you are softly mumbling a quick ‘shit, shit, shit’ to yourself.

“Staying out here all weekend, love?” he jokes.

“Are you a mind reader?” you say, quietly.

He laughs again and takes your hand, helping you out of the car and closing the door. He introduces you to his mom and you are surprised when she not only smiles at you, but wraps her arms around you and welcomes you to her home.

“Let’s go inside and visit, shall we?” she asks the two of you. Harry grabs yours and his bags from the car and follows you and his mom into the house. You spend the next hour being shown around the home, looking at what must have been hundreds of photos of Harry growing up, then taking a tour of the property. You were pleased when a feeling of relaxation finally set in over you and you felt like you could easily breathe again. By evening, you had successfully met nearly a dozen of Harry’s family, friends, and neighbors who had come to visit him. As the last person left to go home, Harry hugged you closely.

“Love, I have some friends I’d like you to meet in town,” he said. “Will it overwhelm you too much?”

“Yes,” you say bluntly, then smile. “It’s fine.”

He takes you into town to the bakery he worked in, introducing you to everyone there. After a short visit, and stepping out with a bag of his favorite baked sweets, he walked beside you a short distance to a local pub. Once inside he looked around, finding the table where his friends were sitting, and guided you there. You had already decided while in Harry’s hometown, that the two of you shouldn’t show any PDA, just to be safe, but that didn’t stop Harry from holding your hand under the table, or squeezing your knee gently. Harry introduced you to all of his friends, and the two of you enjoyed a drink with them. It was nice seeing Harry with his old friends. There was an ease about him, like an old, worn shoe that still fits and is comfortable, even if you don’t wear it much anymore. You had met a couple of his friends previously, when you visited with Alex years before, but it was nice to see Harry around them.

As the two of you visited and laughed with the group, Harry felt you squeeze his hand tightly. He looked at you, seeing you set your jaw and fidget in your chair, looking straight ahead. He furrowed his brow slightly and looked in the direction you were looking. Walking toward the table was Alex. The second he saw you he stopped. You thought the look on his face was almost one of retreat, glancing back over his shoulder as he rubbed his jaw lightly, no doubt remembering the punches it sustained from your fist, but then one of the guys at your table hollered at him to come sit.

“Sweetheart, we can go,” Harry whispers in your ear.

“No, it’s okay,” you assure him quietly. “I won’t do anything to embarrass you.”

“I know you won’t,” he said, shaking his head. “That’s not my worry. Let’s just…”

“Hello there,” Alex says to you as he greets the rest of the table, too. You nod to him, thinking it may be better to not say anything to him and hopefully he won’t speak to you again. He sees you sitting next to Harry and squints his eyes a bit at Harry. Harry feels you let his hand go and wipe the sweat of your palm onto your clothes, but he immediately grabs your hand again. “Babes, you’re looking as beautiful as ever tonight.”

You feel Harry squeeze your hand, rubbing his thumb aggressively against your skin. “Thanks,” you say quietly.

For awhile you think it’s going to be okay. You notice Alex look at you off and on, and Harry notices, too, but for the time being, he was keeping his distance, and keeping his mouth shut.

“Let’s go play snooker, yeah?” Harry asks you, as the group of friends have broken up into smaller groups. You nod to him and follow him to the empty snooker table. For a while you and Harry enjoy the game. Harry laughs playfully at your lack of snooker skills, all the while cheating his way through the game anyway. “Your turn, babe.”

As you pretend like you know what you’re doing, trying to set up an amazing shot, you stretch your body out a bit on the table, lining up your stick, making it look very professional in your opinion. Harry laughs out loud at your comical show. Being American, you knew nothing about snooker…billiards or darts being what you played in the bars back home. As you start pumping the long stick a bit, poking your tongue out through your teeth, you feel someone walk up behind you and press against you firmly. You quickly jump and straighten up the best you can with someone pressing against you, dropping the stick on the table in front of you, gasping at the hands on your hips and the pressure against your ass, pinning you to the table’s edge. You look at Harry as his expression immediately turns to one of anger, watching nervously as he runs around to where you are and knocks Alex away from you, standing between you and him.

“Don’t touch her, Alex,” Harry says sternly, not wanting to draw attention, but furious.

“Just trying to help,” Alex jests. “You were lining it up wrong, babes.”

“Alex, why don’t you leave?” you say to him with a tight voice, not from fear but anger.

“Line the stick up just right with the hole and you’ll slide it right in, beautiful,” Alex flirted deliberately.

“Shame the stick’s so small or else it would have no trouble finding the hole in the first place,” you retort.

You hear a murmur of “bitch” from his mouth as he shakes his head. You feel Harry tensing badly, his hands clinched tightly in fists, and know he’s only holding himself back to keep from being a headline in tomorrow’s paper. Small town news travels fast, and when you’re Harry Styles, it’s faster and bigger.

“Maybe we should just go, Harry,” you say to him quietly. He doesn’t move, just looks at Alex with clinched jaws and fists. “Harry,” you say his name, hoping to jolt him from his silent rage. He looks at you. “Let’s go, okay?” you ask him calmly. You see his fists begin to relax a bit and the anger in his eyes soften slightly. He looks at Alex again, then grabs your hand and walks toward the door.

As you leave the building, you start to pull your hand from his in case there are paparazzi around, or anyone who saw what happened and decides to document it. Harry feels you and tightens his grasp on your hand, a strong ‘no’ directed your way, holding it until you reach his car. Harry opens your door for you, then as you sit and reach for the door to pull it closed, you feel Harry’s hand on the side of your face as he kisses you deeply, holding your head to his so you don’t release his kiss. After a moment he pulls away, looking at you with a look that you weren’t sure you had seen on Harry before. You weren’t even sure what it was, but you felt it best in that moment to not say anything and let him have his moment, whatever it was.

It was a quiet car ride back to Harry’s parent’s home. It was late and you would be leaving after lunch the next day to return home. As you stepped out of the car and closed the door, you walked around the car to where Harry was waiting for you. You feel him take your hand and begin to walk toward the house, but you hesitate for a moment. Harry looks at you, still with the furrowed brow.

“Are you okay?” you ask him.

He looks at you, realizing the look on your face is one of worry, and tries to relax a bit. “M’ fine. Tired. Ready to get some sleep.” You nod to him and walk inside the house with him. His mom questions how the evening was and he says it was fine.

“Mum, we’ll be leaving in the morning after we get up, rather than after lunch,” he says to your surprise.

“Oh!” she exclaims. “I thought you would be here longer. I was going to cook your favorite, and bake a dessert for after.”

“I’m sorry, but no need to bother,” he says with not much expression to his voice or his face. “Have to get back earlier than planned. Sorry.”

“No worries, love,” she grins slightly. “I understand.” She hugs and kisses her son, and hugs you, then you all make your way to your rooms to sleep.

The two of you step into Harry’s room, and you watch him close the door. He walks to where his things are, then into the washroom to get ready for bed. You aren’t sure what to make of how he is reacting. You knew he was angry about what happened, and you didn’t think he was angry at you for any of it, but honestly, in that moment, you weren’t sure of anything, except that you were ready to return to London.

As Harry came from the washroom, you reached for your things and walked in. The entire time you got ready for bed, you talked to yourself quietly. Anyone who might have witnessed it would have thought you were crazy. ‘What?…I don’t get it…Is he mad at me?…I didn’t do anything for him to be mad at me about…Did I?…Alex, you mother…’ You trailed your cursing as you finished your nightly routine, then stopped a second before you opened the door. You leaned your ear closely to it, trying to hear any noises Harry may have been making, to get a new sense of what you may be walking into. You started to open the door, stopped, then shut off the light, hoping the darkness of the rooms would hide that you were peaking at him. You slowly and quietly open the washroom door and peak out through the crack, seeing Harry already lying in bed, facing away from the washroom and toward your side of the bed. You open the door as quietly as possible and walk into the bedroom, setting your things inside your bag, and tiptoeing across the wood floor until you reach your side. If you could avoid the awkwardness of before, you were going to try. The moon shining through the window illuminated the room enough to see…or so you thought.

Pain surged through your foot as you stubbed your toe on the foot of the bed. You sucked air sharply into your mouth, quickly pressing the palm of your hand against your lips to keep from making noise, then hobbled to the edge of the bed. You drew your foot up in front of you, clutching your foot like it was going to make the pain better the harder you squeezed it. For a short moment, you completely forgot about Harry even being in the room.

“Sister Mary Francis that hurt!” you quietly popped.

As you continue to squeeze your sore foot, you hear giggling from the bed behind you. You turn and look at Harry, who is literally shaking the entire bed, trying to suppress his laughter so he didn’t wake the entire house. You continue clutching your foot as you look at him, confused.

“What are you laughing at?” you ask him quietly.

“Love, how the fuck am I supposed to stay angry when you make me laugh?!” he said, more loudly than he should have.

His laughing continues as you shush him to be quiet. “Your parents are sleeping, Harry.”

You felt him lean into the center of the bed, and grab you around your middle, pulling you toward him, so that you were lying on your back on that side of his chest. He hugged you tightly and kissed your shoulder.

“Why are you so angry?” you ask as he calms completely. “Are you angry about what I said to Alex?”

“What?” he questioned, shocked that she thought it. “No, sweetheart, of course not! Sometimes I wish I had a quicker wit like you.” He kissed your shoulder again, holding your arms down on your stomach from behind you as you lay atop him. “No, I was just so angry with Alex. I am so angry at him. He had no right to do what he did, or say what he said.”

“He was bating you, Harry,” you reply, “And me, too. And apparently it worked on both of us. Once a dick, always a dick, maybe.” Harry giggled a bit again. “It’s more than that though, isn’t it?” you ask. “Something else. I could see it in your eyes. Never seen that look before.”

You feel Harry’s body tense under you as he starts to grip you tighter, but then relaxes and rubs your arms lovingly, once again kissing your shoulder.

“When he…” he started then stopped, took a deep breath, then began again. “When he grabbed you…touched you…I wanted to rip his fuckin’ head off, love.”

You think about that for a moment. “Well, in all honesty, so did I.”

Harry is quiet for a moment then giggles again. “I thought you were going to rear back and punch him again. Would have paid good money to see that again. Brilliant,” he says, remembering the scene from months before.

“Thought about it,” you admit. “But I didn’t want to cause a bigger scene than he was already causing. This is your hometown, Harry. I didn’t want to embarrass you, especially not in front of your friends. And even more so, because your family still lives here.”

Harry turns his head to kiss the side of yours. “Love, thank you for thinking of me, and my family. But you could never embarrass me.”

“Sure?” you ask.

“Yeah,” he says, kissing your shoulder.

“Then may I ask you something?” you say softly.

“Of course,” he replies.

You pull your foot up and nearly stick it in his face.

“Will you kiss my toe?”

Harry laughs again and teases you by kissing your toes several times, trying to help you rub the pain away, then you cozy up and both soon fall asleep.


The week began as any other. You made your usual walk to the station every morning and rode it into work, spent a long day at your desk researching, preparing, and creating your next assignment for the magazine you worked for, then returning home each night to whatever awaited you. Sometimes you thought, short of being in a relationship with someone so popular, that your life was probably pretty boring and mundane. Harry was spending long hours lately working with others, creating new songs for his next big project, having meetings and such, so you weren’t seeing as much of each other as you would both like. But you were proud of his strong work ethics and dedication, and supported him completely in his efforts, even if it meant sometimes not seeing him as much.

Tonight was going to be different though. You were going out and going to have a great time. You always had a great time with your best friend, Kari, and you hadn’t seen her as much lately either, and was definitely ready for some girl time.

As you stepped off the train and walked the short distance between it and the pub, you smiled a huge smile as Kari greeted you on the sidewalk outside.

“There’s my beautiful best friend!” Kari screamed, running to you and hugging you tightly.

“Kari, you just saw me a couple of hours ago at work. Have I changed that much so quickly?” you tease.

“I know,” she says, “But it’s not like our offices are even on the same floor or anything. It’s been ages since we girls have had a night out.”

“Too long, yeah,” you say, squeezing her again. “Let’s go inside.”

The two of you walk inside and find an intimate corner away from the noise for a bit.

“So,” you say, sipping the cold beer from your glass, “What’s been happening in your life? How are things with, what’s her name…Jenny? Jun?”

“Jani…” she says as you nod. “That’s over. Fun for awhile but she was a bit too…out there…for my liking.”

“Someone was too ‘out there’ for you?” you ask, surprised.

“Imagine that,” she says, not offended in the slightest. “Besides, wasn’t much fun in the bedroom, I’ll tell you that much.” Kari rolls her eyes. “She just lays there, I swear! Making me do all the work! I like to be taken care of too, you know?”

“Best that you realized it early on then,” you giggle at her.

“Yeah, too much work,” she says, sipping her drink. “I’d like to be the one just layin’ there doin’ nothin’ but receivin’ sometimes, I’ll tell you that for sure.” You laugh out loud and shake your head. “So how about you and Harry?” she asks, a bit too loudly and you shush her. “Sorry.”

“Things are great,” you smile. “We’re both staying busy right now, but it’s good. Couples need to have time away from each other, time to spend with other friends and such.”

“Are you in love with him?” she asks with a smirky smile.

“Yeah,” you giggle. “What’s not to love about Harry?” you say quietly.

“God, this place is dragging tonight,” Kari complains. “We need some excitement! Need to bring the girls out and get some fun going in here!” Kari begins unbuttoning her blouse and, realizing she is wearing no bra and already has one breast exposed, you quickly grab the button edging and close it again.

“Kari, stop!” you laugh.

You and your bestie sit for a long time, catching up with each other, laughing and enjoying another drink, then you realize how late it’s gotten and remember you both have work in the morning. You walk, arm in arm, out the front door of the pub.

“Would have been even more fun if you hadn’t closed up m’ top and made me put away the jubblies!” Kari said as you laugh. “No night is complete until you’ve flashed someone, right? Am I wrong?”

Before you can say anything else, you are immediately blinded by flashes and voices yelling at you.

“Bloody fuckin’ hell!” Kari yells.

You try to shield your eyes from the bright flashes, squinting to see if you can make out what is happening.

“Babe, does this happen to you all the time?” Kari yells to you.

“Never!” you yell back. “I don’t…” you are confused, then grab Kari’s arm and walk closely with her, trying to maneuver your way through the small group of photographers.

“Miss, how long have you and Harry been seeing each other?” one yells.

“Are you and Harry dating or just good friends?” another hollers.

“Where’s Harry tonight, love?” a third chimes in.

“Come on, Kari,” you say into her ear. “Just ignore them and keep your head down.”

“Bloody fuckin’ leaches! How about gettin’ a real job? Or better yet, a life!” Kari yells, as you tug at her arm and try to get her to be quiet.

The two of you duck inside the next open business and hide around a corner where the small group of photographers can’t see you.

“Holy hell, love!” Kari looks at you with wide eyes. “Is that what you deal with when you and Harry are out?”

“No!” you insist. “We’ve always managed to keep it under wraps. I don’t understand what’s happened, why all of a sudden…” You try and think what could have possibly triggered this to happen. You and Harry hadn’t even seen each other in a couple of days, and then it was only for a couple of hours at his house.

“You’re buzzin’, babe,” Kari says. You break from your deep thought and look at Kari, confused.

“What?” you ask.

“Your phone, love,” she says, grabbing for your purse and pulling it out, handing it to you.

You look and see it’s a call from Harry. Perfect timing, you thought.

“Harry?” you answer with a voice you don’t completely recognize as your own.

“Hey, sweetheart,” he says with a tired voice. “I hope I’m not calling too late.”

“What?” you ask, still confused as a flash blinds you momentarily and you realize you stepped out a bit too far from around the corner you were seeking refuge in. “Oh…no. It’s fine.”

“You alright?” he asks into your ear.

“Yeah,” you say without thinking. “Um, I mean, no actually.”

“What’s wrong?” he questions, hearing timidity in your voice.

“There are photographers,” you say, trying to think.

“What? Where? Where are you?” he riddles like a machine gun.

“Um…” you look around, not really sure where you are, and see a sign. “Inside a hotel lobby…somewhere. Kari and I went out for awhile and we were sort of ambushed as we came out. We ducked in here to get away from them.”

“Tell me where you are, I’ll come get you,” he says, nervously. He knows what the paparazzi are like all too well.

“No…Harry,” you insist. “It’s okay. It’ll just make it worse if you show up. Give them exactly what they want, won’t it?”

“Sweetheart, you don’t understand how they are,” he nearly shouts. “It can be dangerous.”

“Harry, it’s alright,” you say, snapping out of your thoughts with a possible plan. “Listen, I need to go. I’ll call you as soon as I’m home.”

“No, love!” you hear him objecting, but the last thing you want, and the last thing Harry needs, is to have to be in the middle of this. You’re an adult and you’re smart. You can figure it out. You hear your phone buzz and see it’s Harry calling you back, and slide your phone into your purse.

“Come on,” you say to Kari, grabbing her arm.

The two of you walk to the front desk as the photographers begin flashing away at the sight of you.

“May I help you?” the person behind the counter asks with a smile.

“Yes, thank you,” you say as politely as you can. “See those loons out front flashing their cameras all over the front of your building?” The hotel employee nods, having already been annoyed by the flashes and occasional holler of a question. “Help us out and I think they’ll soon leave.”

“Are you someone I should know?” the young man asks, almost excitedly.

“No,” you state clearly and deliberately. “But I am associated with someone who is very influential, thus the reason for the cameras.” You look at him as he contemplates. “I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking if you leave matters alone and let us suffer through this on our own, that my influential friend may pop up, bringing a nice little spotlight on your lovely little hotel here.” The man smiles. “Or…or my friend and I could cause a scene here at your lovely little hotel, all caught on camera, and because of who my influential friend is, and because I am a writer for a very popular British magazine, it could do a bit of damage to your nice little establishment.”

The young man looks at you with wider eyes now and clears his throat. “What can we do to help?”

“Do you have a back exit?” you ask. He nods. “Pretend you are registering a room to us and hand me a keycard. We’ll follow you over to ride the lift to make it look real, then if you would kindly escort us to a different lift somewhere that we could take back down to the back exit, I’ll hand the key back to you and we’ll be out of your hair. Once the photographers see we appear to be staying the night, I think they’ll leave.” You look at him as he mulls the plot over in his mind.

“Or I can flash them these and have even more photographers chomping at you, Charlie boy!” Kari says with force as she rips open her blouse, exposing her breasts to the unsuspecting young man.

You look at Kari and close your eyes, shaking your head slightly, then looking back at the employee. He looks at you, then at Kari and her still exposed breasts, then back at you, handing you a keycard.

“If you’ll follow me, ladies,” he says with a grin.

You look at Kari who smiles at you and you both follow the man to the elevator doors, flashes exploding outside of the large glass doors and windows. Kari keeps a huge smile on her face as you notice her blouse still open.

“God, Kari, put those things away! This isn’t Mardis Gras,” you say to her quietly, and she closes her top.

Soon you both find yourself escaping the building through a private employee entrance, passing a nice tip along to the young man for helping, then begin an eerie walk down a partially lit alleyway, until you are far enough away from the hotel to return to the street. You walk arm-in-arm until you reach the entrance to Kari’s building.

“Well, lovely, sad to admit that’s the most exciting night I’ve had in awhile, but true as it is, I’m glad it was with you!” she says lovingly as she hugs you and kisses your cheek. “Best friends for life, aren’t we?”

“Best friends for life,” you say, squeezing her tightly.

You quickly make your way to the nearest tube station and are extremely happy when you walk into your house and collapse on your sofa. You look at the ceiling and exaggerate a deep exhale, then hear pounding on your door.

“Oh, God, now what?” you say, exasperated. You stand to walk to the door and hear Harry’s voice.

“Babe! Are you here?!” you hear Harry yell. “Please be here.”

You quickly open the door and barely see the look of fear mixed with relief on his face as he draws you into his arms.

“Oh my God!” he says, relieved. “Why have you not been answering your fuckin’ phone, love? I’ve been out of my mind with worry!”

You realize it probably wasn’t nice of you to not get back with him immediately, but you were so thrown by the events of the night that your only thought in that moment was to get home as quickly as possible.

“Are you alright?” he says, pulling away from you and holding your face in his hands. “You’re okay?”

“Yeah, Harry, I’m fine, really,” you tell him, smiling to try and reassure him. He hugged you again tightly for a long moment, then the two of you sat on the sofa, his hands never leaving you.

“Please, never do that to me again!” he nearly shouts. “You have no idea the panic I’ve been going through.”

“I’m sorry,” you say, frowning. “I didn’t mean to…” you say, looking down, feeling terrible and seeing the look in his eyes. “After I talked to you, my mind was focused on getting back here as quickly as I could. I was still kind of shocked it even happened. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you,” you say sadly and honestly.

He hugs you again then kisses you sweetly. You explain to him how the night transpired and discuss it.

“Well, it’s apparent we’ve been found out to some extent,” he said unhappily. “I’m sorry, love. I’m afraid your life is going to change somewhat now. Not a normal life anymore.”

“Since when has any of this been normal?” you ask him with a grin and he grins slightly, too.

“Still,” he continues, “I presume this is only the beginning. Should find out soon how this happened, who’s responsible for it.” You exhale deeply and he kisses your cheek. “How about you grab what you need and let’s go back to my house for the night. You look as tired as I feel. I’ll make sure you get to work in the morning. Closer from my home anyway.”

You pack a few things, go back with him to his house, and are grateful to finally drift off into sleep. As the two of you sit at the tall island eating a bit of breakfast the next morning, Harry explains some things to you.

“Sweetheart, I was none too happy last night when you hung up on me,” he says as you look at him apologetically, “but I understand why you did, and thank you. But…that being said, we need to discuss how things are inevitably going to change now. Not only for you, but for us.”

“Alright,” you agree.

“Unless we have been spotted out together somewhere, someone who knows us would have had to have told someone,” Harry states. “No idea who, but that’s besides the point. Not sure that it matters now. But, I am not comfortable with you walking alone to and from anywhere now. So…”

“Harry,” you counter, “Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?”

“After last night, you’re seriously asking me that?” he questions, his brows raised high. “Love, I don’t think you have any idea what this means. An enormous amount of your privacy is gone now. And as long as you and I are together, you’re not going to get it back. Lose more of it, too.”

You concede and nod. “So what are you suggesting?”

“I think we should either get you a car, install a good security system at your home, and get you a bodyguard,” he says while taking a drink of his juice, “Or…you could live with me.”

You look at him, thinking you maybe didn’t hear him right, as he takes another bite of his food. You crunch your eyebrows deeply into the center of your forehead as you think. Harry watches you as he eats his food.

“What do you think?” he asks. You set your fork next to your plate on the island top and think. You know what you are thinking, you just don’t know how to say it to Harry. “Love?”

You look at him with a bit of a frown. “Yeah, um, I don’t know, Harry.”

This isn’t how it was supposed to happen. It was supposed to be romantic, and sweet, and cheesy, all very Harry. Instead it was laid out like a trip to the market. Cutlet or Scotch fillet, poppet? Although unintentional, you’re sure, you didn’t think Harry even seemed excited at the prospect of living together. It was an option. Either one or the other. Made it sound incredibly platonic, which you knew was not the case, but still, it was so black and white. Drink of juice, question, and not even a smile or giggle or squeeze of your knee under the counter, showing he was excited at the thought of it. It didn’t feel right. You had definitely been together long enough to be living together, but he made it sound less than appealing with either option.

“Need to think on it, I guess,” you say softly.

Harry nods, then continues eating. You push your food around with your fork a bit, thinking about the conversation, then stand when he does. You dump your food as he washes his plate and fork.

“You didn’t eat much,” he observes. “Not hungry?”

“Um, no, not really,” you answer. “It was good, though, thank you”

You start to wash your dishes but he takes them from you, kissing your forehead, and grinning at you. You thank him, then finish what you need to do to leave for work.

“I’ll take you to work before I go to the studio,” Harry tells you as he puts his boots on.

“Harry, you don’t have to,” you say, putting your phone into your bag and making sure you have everything you need. “It’s not a long tube ride from here, and it’s out of your way.”

“I didn’t ask,” Harry said without a smile. “I’m taking you. Are you ready?”

You look at him and see that look again. That same one after the confrontation with Alex in the little pub in Cheshire. That look sends a chill over your body, so you don’t argue, looking back into your bag. Harry walks to you, turning you to face him, placing his large hands on either arm.

“I need to know that you’re safe,” Harry says, lovingly. “Just do this for me, okay?”

You nod to him as he kisses you gently. He pulls away, caressing your cheek with his thumb, then kisses you more deeply. You can feel it in his kiss. He loves you. And he does want what is best for you. So, at least for now, you’ll do as he asks, without argument.

As Harry’s car approaches your building, you hear him cuss under his breath. You look at him, then to where he is looking down the street, several feet from your office doors. Five, maybe 6, photographers, standing outside the doors, looking around, chatting with each other, checking their phones and talking no doubt to whoever tipped them off this time.

“How did they find out?” you ask, shocked.

Harry takes a deep breath and exhales deeply. “Are you starting to better understand, sweetheart?” You both just sit and look at the photographers for a moment, then he looks at you.

“Take the service entrance, just there,” you point and he drives around the back of the large building, unbeknownst to the photographers at the front of the building. He drives where you direct him, to a large door that says, “Delivery Entrance”. You look at him and believe the look on his face is probably much like the one on your own.

“Be thinkin’ on it, love,” Harry tells you. “It’ll only get worse.”

Again, you are uncomfortable, and kind of sad, that the way the idea of you and Harry living together is being propositioned to you, is nowhere near the way you had envisioned it to happen. It made it seem like it wasn’t really what he wanted, or at least not yet. You reach to open the door of the car when you feel his hand grasp your arm.

“Hey!” he says, almost growling. “Don’t I get a proper kiss before we have to work?” You grin slightly then give him a quick kiss to his lips, but he still doesn’t let you go. “I believe I said a proper kiss,” he teases with the first real smile you’ve seen from him for awhile. You smile a bit more, leaning to him and kissing his sweet, soft lips. You feel his hand gently on your throat, stroking your jaw lightly with his thumb, as you taste each other’s lips. You lean away, looking at him for approval. “That’s more like it. If I can’t get away to be here by 5 to get you, I’ll have a car waiting. Use this entrance until the photographers get bored of standing around outside the front.” You nod at him again and turn to push your door open. Still feeling his hand grasping you, you turn and look at him. “I love you,” he says warmly. “Know that, don’t ya?”

You smile and nod. “I know. I love you, too.” He smiles again at that, leaning to you for one more kiss, then finally releasing his hold on your arm, allowing you to walk inside your building.

You tried your hardest to work but you couldn’t concentrate. As you sat in the break room eating your lunch alone, Kari walks in with hers and sits next to you.

“Having lunch with all your friends, are you, petal?” she teases, looking around at all the empty chairs.

You smile. “Thought if I came at a busy work time, maybe it would be quiet in here.”

“What’s wrong, darlin’?” she asks, kissing your cheek and hugging you lightly. “Not your normal, chipper self today. Do I need to kick someone’s ass for you?”

You giggle, “No, everything’s okay. Just a lot on my mind, I guess.”

“Tell your best friend all about it,” she encourages. “Bored to tears today.” You stay quiet as you take a bite of your food and look at her. “Come on, out with it. Ain’t got all day, ya know.”

“You just said you’re bored to tears today,” you chastise.

Kari rolls her eyes at you as she bites into her food. “What’s happening? Trouble with the boyfriend? No fornicating happening lately or something?”

You chuckle slightly then shake your head. “No, everything is fine. He…actually asked me to move in with him this morning.”

“Well, I’ll be a monkey’s ass, you’re moving in with him?!” she blurts loudly.

“Shh,” you chide, “I don’t know yet, Kari.”

“What? Are you insane?” she yells and you beg her to be quiet. “Sweetheart, do you know how many women and gay men…hell, straight men, for that matter…around the world would give their right testicle to live with Harry Styles?”

“No, Kar,” you chortle, “How many women around the world would give their right testicle to live with Harry Styles?”

“All of them!” she shouts. “Every last fuckin’ one of them!” You giggle at her excitement. “Why aren’t you jumpin’ for joy about it, darlin’?”

“Because, Kar,” you say, trying to bring the volume levels down once again. “Because, I don’t know if I’m going to accept or not yet.”

“Why the bloody hell not?!” she reprimands. “Sweetheart, this is wonderful news! Why wouldn’t you want to live with the most amazing boyfriend you’ve ever had, who just happens to live in a multi-million dollar home, one of many I’m sure, around the world. Are you ill?” she says, feeling your forehead.

“Because,” you continue. “Because, when he asked, it wasn’t sweet, and special, and romantic, like I’d been dreaming about. Like every girl dreams about. It was almost like…I don’t know, an offer, like he was proposing a business deal. Either I accept extravagant amounts of additional security measures, or I move into his house. It just didn’t feel right.”

As you talk and begin to clean up your mess to go back to your desk, your phone buzzes with a text.

Decided yet?

So romantic. You take a deep breath, reply with a simple ‘no’, leave it at that, and go back to work. At the end of your day, you are beyond ready to go home. You walk to the front doors of the building, and as you see the small hoard of photographers talking and adjusting this or that on their equipment, you remember Harry was supposed to meet you at the back of the building. You quickly walk there, but as you open the door, you see a black car, with a driver standing by the door. You sigh and walk to the car, allowing him to open it for you, and get inside. That meant Harry would probably be working late, and you would be forced to sit and think about the subject all night, driving yourself mad in the process.

As you realize the driver is going the opposite direction from your home, you question him.

“Excuse me?” you say as he turns his head slightly to listen. “My home is that direction.”

“Miss,” he nods. “Harry asked me to take you to his house.”

“Why? If he’s working…?” you ask him, like he was supposed to have the answer.

“I’m sorry, miss, I don’t know,” he kindly answers. “He asked me to pick you up and take you back to his house.”

“Thank you,” you reply, confused but accepting. No doubt he wanted to discuss it more after he gets home from work.

When the car pulled into the drive of the large home, you walk to the front door. As you begin to open it, the knob pulls away gently from your hand, and you look up to see Harry standing in front of you.

“Hello, love,” he says sweetly, smiling at you and kissing your lips, one hand on the door, the other hand on your waist. “How was your day?”

“It…was fine, thanks,” you say, pleasantly surprised. “How was yours?”

“It was fine, too,” he hugs you, pulling you inside and closing the door behind you. You start to pull out of the hug but he only draws you closer to him. You especially loved the long, drawn-out, warm hugs from him. His hands slowly caressing up and down your back, his face buried into your neck, sweet kisses being planted on your skin over and over. It felt like…home.

Harry takes your hand, walking you through the hallway toward the dining room, where you see a beautifully set table, complete with a delicious meal and lit candles, soft music playing in the background. You look at him, sweetly surprised.

“What’s this?” you ask, confused but happy.

“Can’t a man make a delicious meal for the woman he loves?” he beams at you.

You smile with a bit of tears building, but you blink them away. “Of course,” you say, “But why?”

He stands facing you, holding your hands. “I thought about our conversation this morning, and I realized how cold it sounded. Honestly couldn’t shake the thought of it out of my head all morning, the look in your eyes. By noon I decided I was never going to get any work done if I didn’t relieve the stress from my mind over it, and show you the proper way that conversation should have happened.”

“Harry, you don’t…” you start but he silences you, placing his finger over your lips, then softly brushing his thumb across them.

“Had this evening planned out for a good month or so already,” he admits. “Fucked it up this morning because of what happened with the photographers last night. Let me try again?” He looks at you with a pouty face then grins. “Please?”

You grin at him and kiss his lips gently, accepting the returned kiss he applies to your lips. Harry pulls out your chair, always the gentleman, and you enjoy a beautiful, romantic meal together. After a lovely evening of talking, giggles, music, and wine, Harry takes your hand, turns off the lights, and walks you quietly into his bedroom. He closes the door behind you both and turns to kiss you. He stands, looking at your face, and smiles slightly. “So beautiful,” he says softly. “Not sure you can yet truly understand how deeply I feel for you. But I hope you never doubt it.”

“I don’t doubt it,” you gently say. “You mean so much to me, Harry.”

You feel his strong arms engulf around your shoulders as his lips begin a path of gentle kisses down your neck. You feel his teeth lightly nicking at your collarbone as his hands slide slowly from your shoulders down to your ass. You feel the slight gathering of warmth beginning to travel under your skin. He leans away, taking your hand and turning. You follow his lead as he walks past the large bed and into the washroom. It’s an enormous washroom, with every luxury a person could possibly need, but in that moment, those luxuries are the last thing on your mind. You stand still as he kisses you softly, then walks around, lighting numerous candles he has thoughtfully placed all around the large room. As he finishes, he looks at you with a grin, and turns the bright lights of the overhead bulb off, leaving the room illuminated beautifully by the vast array of candlelight.

Harry walks back to where you are still standing, not moving a muscle, and holds you closely from behind. You feel his beautiful pink lips kiss your neck as his hands move methodically over your body. His fingertips press firmly into your waist and hips as he tastes your skin, nibbling on your shoulder. His hands feel firm as they fondle your breasts, clutching each in his grasp, pulling you as closely against his body as he can. He releases them for a moment as he slowly unzips the zipper on the back of your dress, separating the fabric and sliding it down your body until it puddles at your feet. You move your hands behind you enough to grab his hips and hold them tightly to your own, feeling the lump in his pants becoming more prominent against your ass. His hand slowly moves back around your body as one of them wraps around your waist, and the other one moves gently over the fabric of your panties. He cups you in his large hand, rubbing you slowly through the silky fabric of your panties. His lips trail up your neck to your jaw, as he uses his free hand to gently pull your jaw around for your lips to meet his. He licks your bottom lip, biting it lightly, tasting your tongue as you tease, all the while still rubbing and cupping you in his hand.

“Feel you getting wet for me, love,” he breathes into your ear. “Knickers are soakin’ through already.” You nod without saying a word, loving the sensations he is already mastering inside of you. You feel his free hand lift your chin. “Open your eyes, kitten,” he whispers. You do, not even realizing you had closed them in the first place. He nods forward. “Want you to watch what I do to you. Want you to see how fuckin’ beautiful you are when you cum.” You hadn’t realized you were directly facing the large mirror over the smooth stone vanity until then. Harry always loved to watch everything sexual you and he did together, and now you know why. Watching his hand cupping you, his other hand working over your nipple through the lacy fabric of your bra with his fingers, all the while as he watches your body, your eyes, your expressions…yeah, you understood why now.

You don’t know how he manages to flick open the clasp on your bra with only one hand, but you’ve decided in that moment he is a genius. He gently tosses the offending clothing onto the floor, then raises his hand once again to find your erect nipples waiting for his touch again. He pulls them gently, one at time, between his thumb and fingers, biting gently into your neck as you both watch in the mirror. He feels your hips buck into his hand a bit. He slides his finger over the fabric, causing it to disappear inside of you from the force of his finger against your slit. He rubs the fabric back and forth along your clit, as his other fingers caress up and down your lips. You feel him tugging at your nipples while biting your neck a bit more forcefully. You aren’t sure which sensation is greater and you begin finding it more difficult to keep your eyes open. You begin grinding against his hand as you hear him moan quietly in your ear. “That’s it. Cum fo’ me, pet. First of many, I promise.” The promise of multiple orgasms is all it took to send you over the edge as your breathing increases and you moan, grabbing the clothes still on Harry’s body closely behind you as your body shakes. You release another moan as you tremble from the orgasm you are experiencing, slowing your breathing as it begins to ease. “Good, baby, good,” Harry praises, as he pushes your panties down your hips and to the floor.

You stay standing where you are as you notice Harry quickly undressing and starting the shower water. It was a gorgeous open shower, large enough for several people, much less two. He made sure the water temperature was perfect as he finished undressing himself and took your hand.

“Come,” he tells you as he leads you into the stream of water. You eagerly follow him as he begins passionately kissing you, his tongue lapping at yours, sucking your lips into his, biting at your jaw. He was without question leaving bite marks and hickies on you, and you loved it. The excitement of the moment with the slight pain was gratifying. Painful pleasure. He kissed you over and over again, his arms never leaving their place around your body, holding you tightly between his body and the tiled shower wall. At some point he managed to lather both of your bodies, but you were in such a euphoric haze, you barely remember it. You feel a blast of water suddenly hit you below and your eyes shoot open. The amazing power of multiple, adjustable shower heads, you thought. You feel Harry keep the pressure right on your clit as you pant against his neck, biting it and hearing a full-throttled moan escape his throat.

Harry moves you out of the direct streams and spreads your thighs open with his leg. You feel by the nibbles and bites he trails from your neck, down your body, that he is becoming more aggressive. He kisses your belly, kneeling in front of you, moving his eager mouth lower, before blowing hot breath on your sensitive areas. He layers kisses…beautiful hot, wet kisses…all around you until you are dripping from the pleasure of it, begging for him.

“Please…Harry, please…” you plead, urging him closer by caressing his head and jetting your pubic bone forward. “Please…”

Instantly you feel an intense lick of his tongue from the bottom of your lips to the top of your clit, and you catch your breath, pulling his hair unintentionally. He likes the pain of the stinging of his scalp and does it again, causing a loud moan from your throat. You hear a long moan from Harry, that sounds like he is having more pleasure from it than you are, but that couldn’t be possible, could it? You feel him use your juices to coat his fingers, as he sucks gently on each of your lips. He feels you sink down on his face slightly and he groans in pleasure again. He parts you with his fingers, sinking them into you, as his mouth manipulates your tiny nub until it feels like it could explode. Harry covers your clit with his mouth, flicking the little button furiously. You moan loudly, pulling his hair again. You feel the vibration of his moan on you and see stars. He hears your breathing become more rapid, vacuuming his lips around you, his fingers stroking you as you balloon inside. You pant loudly as if you were giving birth.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” you yell, writhing under him, but he is merciless and doesn’t release you at all. You feel your muscles contracting as your body shakes in orgasm, warmth spreading over you, as you holler out one more time, your juices exploding onto Harry’s face and mouth. He continues sucking and stroking you until he feels your trembling subsiding a bit but not stopping yet. Harry immediately stands and turns you to face the wall, stroking his cock a couple of times and rubbing it against your well-lubricated lips, before thrusting deeply inside of you. “Oh God!” you nearly beg for mercy, but it just felt too good to want it to end. He pounds his full length into you deeply, over and over again. You can hear his panting against your ear and the side of your face.

“Oh, you feel so good, baby,” he spoke, almost breathlessly into your ear. “Fuck, always feel so good for me.” He pushes deeply forward as his fingers quickly find your clit and begin circling it again. You nearly whimper a cry, unsure how much more you can take, but not wanting him to stop. He presses you nearly flat against the shower wall, thrusting harder and faster. Your hands raise above your head and drop at the elbow until your fingers once again find his damp, curly locks and tug firmly. You feel that familiar build up again, as your body begins to tremble inside and you tighten around him.

You hear Harry moan, puffing loud breaths into your ear. He’s full inside of you and you feel him pulsing against your walls. “Need…need ya’ to cum for me now, love,” he says. “Need ya to…” Before he can even finish saying it again, you moan loudly as your body quakes. Your pussy squeezes him, milking brutally, as you hear Harry grunt loudly next to your ear, feeling him push one more aggressive thrust into you before holding himself deeply inside of you, allowing your walls to squeeze him to completion. You feel his dick pumping his seed into you, as you both continue to face the shower wall, trying to recover the act of breathing. A moment later, you realize you still have a good hold of his hair, and release it, rubbing his scalp.

“Sorry, babe,” you say, taking a deep breath. “Sorry.” You feel him shake his head, letting you know to not apologize for it. You feel him kissing your shoulder, and move your hand to his cheek, caressing him. He kisses your hand, then your cheek, then leans away, relieving the pressure of his weight off your backside. He turns you to face him, looking into your eyes, both of you looking spent, but in the best way possible. He kisses you sweetly for a long moment, tasting you once again, then holding you, simply loving the feel of you in his arms.

After a quick clean, the two of you make your way into the bedroom and collapse into his bed. He lays close to you, facing you as you lay on your back, peppering your shoulder and neck with gentle kisses. You lean your head toward him so that his forehead is pressing gently against your temple.

“I’m sorry that this morning, I made you moving in with me, sound like it wasn’t important to me or something,” he speaks softly to you. “I didn’t mean for it to sound that way, I just…I worry for your safety, and my mind was in that mode. I never want anyone to hurt you. I want to take care of you.”

You turn your head and kiss him sweetly. “It’s okay,” you reply.

“Babe,” he says, looking more directly at you, as your heads rest on the same pillow, “I’ve been planning how to ask you to move in with me for weeks now. I was just thrown by everything that happened. But I want you to live with me, if you want it, too. My home is…closer to your work…more central to everything than yours…has amazing security…and I’ll make sure you safely get anywhere you need to go. I worry about you when you’re at your house, and I’m here or away. I want you with me. I want you around me.” You see the serious but loving look on his face as he caresses yours. “Move in with me, please?”


Like the cliff hanger? *insert maniacal laugh here.

I am humbled by the amazing response I am getting to this series. Thank you all so much! And thank you to those who reblog, sharing it with others. I appreciate it more than you know. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and thanks to Harry, it’s taken this warped twist. :) I love being slightly warped, don’t you?

I will begin working on Part Five tonight and hope to have it posted over the next couple of days. Long stories are my specialty, as my experience is more with writing novel-lengths and screenplays. Writing the short stuff is new for me, but I appreciate the great response to my Music Series writings, as well.

Please feel free to come talk to me or send asks. I love people! Writers love to talk and get to know people. It’s great character development. :P

I hope you are all having an amazing weekend, and have a lovely week! xo

What’s Wrong With Love? (Bucky Barnes x reader)

pairing: Bucky Barnes and (disabled) reader

Prompt: Reader is having a hard time with self-loathing thoughts and can’t understand why Bucky loves them. So he shows them why. 

Warnings: self-hatred, lil angsty, a small bit of smut if you tried to look. 

Words: 2,043

A/N: Hi everyone! This is my first insert reader fic, so please consider that! I’m really new to writing fics, but not new to reading them. So that’s why I finally thought I should try to write some and make the reader a little more like me cause I like to see myself in the stuff I read. I hope you enjoy this!

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You were dating Bucky Barnes. You didn’t know how this came to be, to tell the truth. You guys meant when one of The Avengers had a mission near your college and had a day off when you ran into The Winter Soldier himself at a farmers market. You were near the berries when you spot a man with long black hair and a metal arm looking at the plums. He looked homeless, you thought to yourself. Was he homeless? Why did he have a metal arm? You had so many questions running around your head. Should you go up to him? You didn’t know the answer to that.  

 So you went up to him. You mostly had questions about his arm. You’ve never seen anyone else around here who wasn’t normal like you. You’ve had scars on your chest and back from surgeries you had when you were younger. You always hated them. And your hair is short like a boy, and you always get questions about that too. Nothing about you says “normal”. It would only make sense you would go up to Bucky, right? You hoped so anyway. You moved your way from the barries to the stand that had the plums, trying to look interested in the plums and not the guy standing right next to you on your left.  

 You put your hand a plum to see if it was good enough to bring back for a quick lunch when you go back home when his hand covers yours. Crap. It’s his metal arm. Which to you isn’t a bad thing at all.  

“Oh, um, sorry. I didn’t mind to…” He said, quite enough where only you can hear him.  

“Oh, no! It’s okay, I should be the one that is should be saying sorry. I only came over here cause you look like you didn’t fit in here like me, and I was just interested in you I guess.” You replied back, hoping you didn’t say the wrong thing to him.  

“Really? In a bad way or in a good way?” He asked you. He’s used for having people having questions, but mostly in a bad light.  

“in a good way, trust me. I noticed your arm and just thought finally someone here who’s like me, not normal. That sounds really teenagery of me, but it’s the truth.” You really shouldn’t have said it in that way, but how would you say it otherwise?  

“oh, okay then. What’s your name by the way? Mine is… Bucky.” It took him a minute for him to say his. Maybe he just had a lot of nicknames you thought? Who knows.  

“Mine’s Y/N.” You answered him. Finally really stupid with just saying your name.  

“That’s really pretty actually. I’ve never met anyone who has it.” He replied.  

“That’s cool I guess. I’ve never met a Bucky either to tell you the truth.”  

“Yeah, my little sister couldn’t say my middle name growing up so she just said Bucky, and that become my first name and not my middle name.”  

“That’s cute actually. My parents just named me this because they didn’t want to name my sister with my name.”  

“Oh, cool. So, I’m about to go back to my work, but if you could give me your number we could try to keep up with each other.” He pulled his phone up at this. He gave it to you and you typed in your phone number. “There you go. So, since it sounds like you aren’t from here, where are you from?”  

“I’m from Brooklyn. I’m here with my team to look at some stuff. Sorry to keep things vague, but I can’t really tell you what I’m really doing.” “No, that’s fine! I’m just a college student so don’t worry. You probably won’t remember me anyway.” “I’m not sure about that…” He was about to say something about this when a man who strangely looks a lot like Iron Man came up to him telling him he needs to go, that some monster started attacking the main police building and they need to go fast. So much for a day off, Bucky thought.  

That happened almost a year ago now. Currently, you and Bucky were in your guys’ room, cuddling. You wouldn’t think that that meeting would lead to something like this, but it did. And it was one of the best things that could happen to you. After that first meeting, you and Bucky started talking a lot and you found out who he really was, You never judged him for anything he did. How could you? Instead of you hating him like he thought you would you started to developing feelings for him. You were scared though. How could he like you back? Yeah he was just as messed up as you, but still, you felt that if you told him you liked him he would still run away from you, but he stayed. Which is why you are in his arms right now, your face hidden in his chest and his fingers running up and down your back. His arms holding you like you’re the most important thing in the room. You didn’t feel important though. How could you be? You felt like a burden most of the time. With your health issues and everything else that comes with you.  

 A couple of days ago you went to your yearly heart appointment, and after it, you would always get these self-loathing thoughts in your mind. Reminding you how messed up you are. Now you’re hiding your face so Bucky couldn’t see the tears forming in your eyes. But he still ends up noticing that you look upset.  

“I can feel you thinking, love. Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asks you, clearly worried.  

“Everything. Everything is wrong.” You said, could barely be heard since your face is masked in Bucky’s shirt.  

“Really? Everything?” Bucky asked, not sure if he was being serious or joking.  

“Yes, everything about me. I don’t know why you love me.” Tears are threatening to come out.  

“Dear, there are more to you then what’s wrong with you. You tell me that all the time. You should start listening to your own advice.” Bucky tells you. “Yeah, but still. I have so much baggage with me, no one should deal with it.”

 "And I think the same way with what I’ve been through and yet you put up with it.“ He says.  

 There’s a moment of silence when he flips you two, He’s on top of you now and puts you down on your back and his hands are now on your hips. Why does he think now is the time to try to get anything started, you thought.  

"Bucky, what are you…” You started to talk, but he quiets you with his lips on yours. Is he trying to make you feel better? You don’t want to break the kiss since he’s moving his lips downward, first your neck and going down your chest. Ah, you know where this is going now.  

“If you are still wondering what I’m doing, I’m trying to show you that I love all the bad things about you, cause to me they’re just as beautiful to me as the things that everyone knows are good about you,” Bucky says, and then continues kissing down your chest, his lips are now where your scar starts on your chest. Your shirt is now off, his clothes are still on cause this is all about you, not him. His lips keep going down until they’re near the waistband of your sweats. He stops.  

He’s thinking about what he should do next. Should he continue down? He shouldn’t he thinks since he knows you won’t be up for that right now. So his fingers move from your hips to your chest, moving up and down your scar. Trying to calm you. His face is hidden in your neck, nuzzling it. Humming now.  

“I love you, Y/N. I love you for everything that’s good about you, and for everything that is wrong with you, I love you because you’re you. You’re not like everyone else, and that’s what makes you special.” Bucky finally speaks. And your heart leaps.  

“And you know, I used to be like this Steve all the time you know? He wouldn’t get why he was with me either so I would have to show him.” He says. Kissing you behind your ear. “Oh, really?” “Hmmm, yes. I’m sorry for bringing this up, But I love how even though you are skinnier than him before the war, it doesn’t bother you as much. That was his main thing.” He says He moves his face out of your neck to give you a nice look. He has an adoring look on his face.  

“Oh? Yeah, that just never bothers me I guess… just the heart thing. Since you know…” “Yeah, I get it, doll. But I hope one day you get to a point where it doesn’t bother you as much like it does now.” He says and kisses you right under your heart. “Like that will ever happen.” You laugh. “No, I promise you, It won’t be like this forever, you’ll learn it won’t always be a bad thing.” “If you say so… I trust you.” You say finally. You kiss him on the mouth, his hands are on your waist now, holding you so tightly. Bucky gets control and bites your bottom lip, making you give him access to your mouth before he attacks it. Your hands are moving all around his chest, trying to touch him anywhere. He breaks the kiss.  

“Do you want this? We can stop if you don’t.” You think, and truly you don’t. Which feels weird, but you just want to be near Bucky as close as you can.  

“I, uh, don’t want to. Sorry. I just want to be near you, is that okay?” “Of course it is. You know I love you for other reasons besides that.” Bucky flips you two back to where you were before, You in his arms and your face hidden in his chest. Calming down from everything.  

“I love you so much Bucky, thank you for not running off when I get this way sometimes.”  

“No problem, doll, and I should say the same thing when I get the way I do sometimes. I think that’s why we’re together you know?” “Really?” You say sleepy now, trying not to let the sleep win. But you couldn’t fight it.  

“Yeah, we have enough things messed up between us that it actually fits for us. It’s not weird for us, which is why we work so well.” He says before he looks down at your face and sees that you’re asleep, so you probably didn’t hear him. He smiles at himself and laughs. How could he get so lucky to get a girl like you? He might find out that answer someday when you have a ring on your finger and a promise between the two of you, but right now, he’s just happy that he’s the one that gets to love you for everything, even the bad things that keep you from thinking you should be loved.  

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pls enjoy my rant about how i am sick of people treating others like shit in this fandom!!

i love this fandom, and i love the outsiders. but what i DON’T like is how rude people are. i have seen so many people get bullied bc of someone they ship or don’t ship. if they don’t ship jally, big fucking deal. if they don’t ship stevepop, well WHOOP DEE DOOO. you realize everyone is entitled to their own damn opinion right? and just because it might not be the same as yours doesn’t give you a right to make them feel like shit. if you don’t like their writing, don’t fucking tell them that they suck!! (which btw, everyones writing on here is fucking amazing.) each and every person in this fandom who writes imagines, ships, headcannons ect works extremely hard and for you to say they do a bad job is just straight up fucking wrong. grow the fucK up and stop treating eachother like shit. this fandom should love and support eachother no matter what. I don’t care who you fucking ship, you go dude. ship who you want. write your imagines how you want. post those headcannons about what you think ponyboy does at 3am. but DON’T bring someone else down bc their beliefs are different than yours, bc if you do that. you don’t deserve to be in this fandom. I don’t care how harsh that sounds. stop bitching and start realizing what you say hurts others. grow the fuck up and start supporting eachother instead of bringing eachother down. ok? ok. thank u.

Mercy Bonus Pt 1 Kol M; D. Salvatore; Reader

Song: Like I Would (Troyboi Remix) - Zayn

“Are you ready?” Damon asked behind me as I clasped the last diamond and ruby earring in my ear.

“Yeah,” I breathe. “How do I look?” I turn around, the ruby red dress flaring out around me. It was a simple dress, no glitter or jewels adorning it, but red silk. It was beautiful itself, it didn’t need anything extra for it to shine, that’s what I loved about the dress. It had a trail, but not too long, it made me feel powerful, and confident.

“You look gorgeous, come on.” Damon held out his hand, I smiled and took it. I grabbed my sliver clutch on the way out of my room, praying that this was going to be a good night.

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I Trust You

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This is the fourth part to Closer. Murphy returns only to trap Reader in the camp with The 100.

Reader X Bellamy Blake

Warnings: None I don’t think.

Let me know if you want to be tagged in this or any of my other stories :)

I wake up to nightfall and a empty tent. Hearing a gunshot I jump up ignoring the pounding in my head. Looking around I’m glad to see one of my blades next to the bed. Grabbing it I leave the tent quickly. I watch as a group of people rush toward the gates, making me want to shake my head since they leave it unguarded.

“Y/N?” Asks a voice making me turn around.

I met the face of none other than Finn.

“Are you planning on using that?” He asks looking down at the knife in my hand.

“Only if I have to. Where is Bellamy?” I ask knowing that he is the one keeping his people from turning on me.

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Imagine  Jensen announcing your engagement at Saturday Night Special.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: All the fluff

Word Count: 1.7k (lyrics included)

A/N: Read Part 1 HERE - After the most surprising engagement, Jensen decides its time to clue in the Supernatural family. He wants everyone to know that he is madly in love with you and always has been. Your role on the show may be coming to an end, but he wants to make it crystal clear to you and everyone else that he is not done with you and never will be.

Listen to the song Turning Page while you read the end. It’ll definitely set the mood. Hope you enjoy and for those of you who were begging for a second part, hope this met your expectations at least a little.

Gif submitted by the LOVELY @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Thanks for the inspiration, Kari!

Feedback Welcome

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Singing in the Car


The Buttercream squad had found themselves wandering around London for the majority of the day. Realizing that they hadn’t spent much time together as a group, they decided to have lunch and see where the rest of the day will take them. And you can’t have an outing with the boys with theres not at least one person vlogging right?

On this particular day, everyone was vlogging. Everyone except Caspar, Mikey and Conor that is.  

“Will you please just admit that you’re a daily vlogger yet?” Caspar asked, as Joe turned off his camera, shoving it back into his pocket. 

“Not a chance mate. Because I’m not.”

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I want to see Chat Noir stop in the middle of a fight to help a cat out of a tree. Everyone should just go with it too. Can you imagine? 

Ladybug and Chat are kicking an akuma’s ass and suddenly Chat just screams “STOP.” All the fighting and panicking halts, all all eyes turn to Chat. Chat calmly walks away from the fight, uses his staff to climb up a tree, he grabs a stuck kitty, hops down and sets the cat on the ground with a wide, proud grin.

There’s a long moment of silence and everyone is staring at him in confusion and Chat just keep grinning before saying, “Okay, you can continue now.”

xxdark-princessxx  asked:

Could you write a HC about how the rfa+v reacts when MC gets a bad case of pneumonia and has to be hospitalized?

Pneumonia is literally the worst. 
I’ve gotten it pretty bad a few years now


  • He’s petrified 
  • he’s honestly never been so scared in his entire life 
  • Of course, he knew that MC was sick, but it had just been the flu which normally didn’t do much more than making you feel miserable, right, so why had it gotten so much worse? 
  • And why was it that none of the medicine they’d been given was helping at all? 
  • They’re more important than his classes. 
  • The only reason he was really trying at them was because of them, so he’d bring as much with him as he could and would work from the chair next to their hospital bed, afraid to leave their side from too long, and when visiting hours ended he’d go home and wait until he could go nad see them again 


  • They’d looked to be getting better, and then things had taken a turn for the worst. 
  • MC’s breathing had gotten more labored and their coughing had only grown worse, despite the medicine they’d been given and she knew that, as much as it scared her, the best thing to do would be to take them to the hospital 
  • When she first goes to visit after they’re stable, she brings them their favorite drink from the shop and they sit and talk for hours before she has to go back
  • She’s already waiting when they’re released, ready to take MC home and take care of them to the very best of her ability. 


  • Even with the best doctors, they’d only gotten worse
  • He was incredibly reluctant to send them to the hospital. 
  • Hospitals are full of disease, they could just end up sicker is they went there, surely it would be safer for MC to stay with him at home and he could get any medical assistance that they required, still he wasn’t going to put them in more danger because he was stubborn so he allowed them to be transported there
  • The RFA has never seen him so obviously distressed before 
  • He throws himself into his work
  • He visits every day


  • He doesn’t show up to rehearsal or reply to any calls that day
  • Work could wait when MC was so sick 
  • He doesn’t really know a whole lot about medicine and had insisted they go to the doctor, but they refused, saying they were fine. 
  • Now it was clear that they were not as he stood beside the hospital bed, glancing down at his phone, a mix of texts and calls from the director that he knew he should reply to and concerned messages from the RFA demanding if MC was okay.
  • He placed the phone back into his pocket
  • If he’d been more insistent, then maybe they’d be out of the hospital. 
  • Still he’d stay by their side, giving them whatever they needed


  • He stops talking to everyone in the chatrooms 
  • They’d known MC was sick and that they’d been getting worse recently and suddenly Seven wouldn’t reply to anyone’s messages 
  • He doesn’t tell anyone about the fact that they’re in the hospital because he can’t bring himself to pick up his phone. 
  • He refuses to leave their side once visiting hours are over and MC begs for them to let him stay
  • The day before they are released, he leaves without a word and returns to the chatroom with apologies and cheerful 707 persona intact, cracking jokes and leaving excuses that everyone knew were jokes, but he refused to tell them any more
  • He didn’t come to pick MC up either, but MC was shocked to find when they got home, that the entire place was clean and Seven was asleep on the couch 

anonymous asked:

Uh, fuck you buddy. As someone with a history of protein deficiency, anemia, and anorexia, fuck you. Not everyone can enter your fucking cult, so stop shoving it down people's throats when all they wanted was to make their own choices. I bet you're deficient in everything and don't even know it. You're actually sickening.

So… you come into my inbox naming off all these reasons why you can’t go vegan, but then proceed to end it with calling veganism a cult, and saying I’m “shoving my views down people’s throats” and that I should let people “make their own choices”. This is very telling to me.

This first says to me that you’re not willing to do even the smallest part. Not only are you ignoring and erasing the experiences of vegans that are disabled, of which there are plenty, but you’re also missing the point that veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet. You personally may not be able to adopt a plant-based diet at this time; that’s fine, not everyone can, but you can still abstain from non-food related animal exploitation. Avoid going to zoos, aquariums, circuses, etc. Avoid leather, fur, and wool. Avoid buying products tested on or made from animals. You can still do something to help.

Secondly, this says to me that you only seek to justify yourself. If you truly can’t, then why do you even bother to send me a message? If you truly can’t, why get offended, especially since I often make it very clear that my posts about veganism don’t apply to those that can’t? Most importantly, why use your position to try and erase the vegans that have still remained vegan despite adversity in their own lives?

One last thing; are vegans sickly, malnourished, and deficient in everything, or are we ableist scum that hate disabled and sick people? You can’t have both, lmao. Pick one and stick with it.

Mysterex thing fklhdsavbraehuvjeurehjdf I can’t think of titles so just roll with it

(Nyoon nyoom I can’t write so forgive me if they’re out of character u.u)
(And- Polli stop procrastinating okay TwT)

Rex at atop Mystery’s shoulders, covering his eyes as Mystery had told him to, though it was incredibly tempting to peek from time to time. “Are we there yet Mystery?” Rex whined a little, getting a bit impatient. “Almost~” Mystery seemed to walk slower, as if to just pick on Rex. Rex uncovered his eyes and looked down at Mystery with a blank, mildly annoyed look. “Mysteryyy you’re doing that on purpose…” Mystery chuckled and continued on, Rex recovering his eyes.

The two had been together for a long time now, at this point spending almost every day together, gawking at each other. Yeah, they got into some trouble, Rex looking a lot younger than Mystery, and, well, Mystery himself can be spotted as trouble from a mile away, but neither of them let it bother them too much, none of what people really had to say or do.

Rex suddenly felt Mystery stop walking, and lift him up off his shoulders. Rex beamed, though still covering his eyes, his legs swinging excitedly. “Are we here?!?” Mystery nodded, as if Rex could see, and let go of him… Rex nearly hit the ground, not expecting it, before flying up and staring at Mystery, confused for a moment, before realizing it was an honest mistake. Mystery scratched the back of his head and grinned sheepishly. “Oops~” Rex shook his head before looking around, hearing tons of different voices and shouts.

His expression soon turned to glee. “M-Mystery is this the one park?! Where we first kinda met?!” Mystery just gave a nod. Rex hugged Mystery excitedly. “Ahhh! Thank you Mystery!” He flew back away, and looked around it. “It’s all so different! What should we do first!? Where should we go first?!” He flew back up to Mystery expectantly.

Mystery blinked, and shrugged, taking Rex’s hand. “Let’s just walk around and see what there is first, it is busy right now, after all~” Rex nodded and went with Mystery.

Half the time of them walking about, it was Rex following Mystery, and the other, it was Rex excitedly dragging Mystery about to see everything, not that Mystery minded at all

“Ah! Hey Mystery look, look!” Rex flew over to a small booth, that seemed empty and old, nobody around it or paying any mind to it. Mystery follow over, suddenly getting a bit of nostalgia. “Isn’t this that one booth? From back then?” Rex nodded. “I remember it! … It must have been left here though…” The booth back in that time was bright colored, had targets to throw at and hit, to win prizes and such, a simple thing is most ever theme park. Now it looked empty and unclean, and looked like paint had been scratched off in some places.

Out of curiosity and nostalgia, Rex flew in and looked around, just empty shelves and hooks everywhere, the entire thing seeming super prone to fire, like the smallest spark could make the whole thing burn down in moments. Mystery stood just outside it, peaking in as well, before smiling and going in next to Rex. “Hmm? Mystery what are you doing?” Rex watched.

Mystery knelt down where the back of the counter was, and took out his knife. He forced it against the old wood and started carving into it. Rex watched over Mystery’s shoulder. After a few moments of it, Mystery had made a little heart with, “Rex & Mystery” underneath it. Rex blushed but was still smiling brighter than ever. “Awhh Mysteryyyy!” He hugged him around his waist, Mystery gently rubbing Rex’s head in return.

“I love you Mystery.” Rex mumbled.

“Love you too Rexy~”

“Hey?! Who’s back there?!” The two heard shouting, clearly directed at them. They sat for a moment, frozen, before getting up and running away.


They ended up wandering around for a bit longer, people coming and going, little kids running around screaming their heads off, then parents scolding their kids not to do this, or not to do that. It was honestly a little bit funny to watch at times.

They played some games and ate a little, getting a few glares from people when they kissed or held hands, but nothing unusual to them really. When playing anything, if Rex didn’t win, Mystery would get all angry at whoever decided it to be that way.

The park was open until midnight, and the two were planning on staying as long as they could, till there were forced to go home, and they both were having a nice time.

At one point though, the two ran out of things to talk about, and it went quiet as they walked around. Rex pouted for a moment, before smiling again and flying off suddenly. “I wanna see if you can remember where everything is here! Come and find me Mystery!” Rex playfully laughed. Mystery watched in confusion for a moment, before grinning and walking after. “Fine Rexy, I’ll play this with you~” Rex flew around, looking for a place to hide, not somewhere too difficult though. 

As he looked about, he ended up accidentally bumping into a couple people, almost everyone immediately forgiving him, or assuming he was just a young and excitable child, which really, he kinda was. But there was one lady he bumped into, who didn’t seem to take it too well.

“Excuse me miss! My bad!”

She turned around to Rex, as he continued off, but grabbed him. “Excuse you? You should be careful where you’re walking you little brat!” Rex shrunk down, trying to gently pull back. “I-I’m sorry.”

“That’s what everyone says when someone finally tells them off! But the moment I let you go, you’re gonna go running off all clumsy like again, not caring about the people around you. You could hurt somebody! Stop being a bratty little girl! Where the hell are your parents even?!” Rex bit his lip, incredibly uncomfortable and nervous, barely able to speak back to her.


Rex flinched back, tearing up a little. “I’m not with-”

The lady didn’t even let him finish.

“Don’t give me the story that you’re alone! You certainly aren’t if you’re being a spoiled kid, running around, setting a terrible example for all the other younger kids. Where are they?!”

Rex was rubbing his eyes, choking up a little.

“Excuse me miss, he would be with me.” The woman felt a hand on her shoulder from behind. She whipped around and flinched when she saw Mystery. “Hmm…” She looked him over, whispering something to herself, likely something not exactly kind to hear. “Great, because I demand I talk with you and your daughter.” Mystery grinded his teeth, but kept quiet for now. “You know, she, is a he, actually…” Mystery stated very firmly, taking Rex’s hand and following the lady.

She turned in shock and stared. “Then why the hell would you allow him to dress like that?!” Mystery clenched his fists, gripping Rex’s hand rather tightly. “It’s his choice, not yours, not mine.” The woman just scoffed, stopping right in the middle of the path, turning to face the two. “That’s exactly the problem, you’re not disciplining him right! You-” Mystery fought back stabbing her right than and there. “Miss… Let’s go somewhere private first please…” Mystery hissed.

The woman glared at Mystery, a firm and strong look. “No, if I have to spend more time talking to you two, I think I’ll get sick… Metaphorically and literally…”

Mystery grinned wildly, pushing Rex back, and taking out his knife. “AND I’M SICK OF YOU TOO SO WHY DON’T WE BOTH JUST FUCKING STOP?!” He shouted, gaining attention from every which way. He swiftly grabbed the woman’s arm and threw her to the ground, then immediately drove his knife into the back of her neck.

People from all around began screaming and running away, one person knocking Rex over. Mystery looked up, his expression shifting to worry. “Rex…” He looked back at the woman, choking and coughing up blood. He huffed, taking his knife, and then sweeping up Rex and running off. “Let’s go…”

Mystery and Rex sat out in some field, full of just grass, a couple shrubs, and little flowers here and there. It was quiet between them. Mystery looked over Rex. “Rex, are you okay? She didn’t manhandle you did she?! Did you get hurt when you were knocked over?” Rex rubbed his arm. “A… A little…” Mystery clenched his fists again, but sighed after a moment, and shook his head. “Is there anything I can do for you Rexy?”

Rex shrugged, and rubbed his eyes again. Mystery took Rex, then slipped him into his lap, and gently hugged him. “Oh Rex I’m so sorry that happened… I really was hoping nothing bad like that would happen today…” Mystery apologized. Rex sniffled, but smiled. “I-It’s okay Mystery… I-It was still really fun, a-and I had a nice time!” Mystery smiled again. “I’m so glad to hear that~…” Mystery kissed the top of Rex’s head and snuggled him, wrapping his tail around him.

It went quiet again between them.

“Mystery… It-…” Rex yawned. “It’s a little late now…” Mystery pet his head. “Would you like to go home?”

“Yes Mystery…”

Mystery stood, both of them having blood covering them now.

Mystery was carrying Rex back home, gently petting his head from time to time… He noticed Rex had soon fallen asleep, or at least seemed like it… He waited a bit longer to make sure…

Mystery then shifted to hold Rex with one arm. He reached into his back pocket and took out the small, black box he had. “Hmm… I suppose next time… Will work out better…” He checked it again, opening it to see the rings, and smiled. “Perhaps today was just another day for now…” He then quickly closed the box and hid it again, continuing on, carrying Rex in both arms now.

“Yeah… Next time I’ll be able to ask… Next time…”

(Hhhhh lies on the ground am I a failure because I can’t tell.)
( Rex belongs to @princechain and Mystery belongs to @sleepy-kinq )

It’ll not be easy (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Request: could you do one i don’t really care what character but 100,99,96,66 and 60

A/N: This is, probably, the most personal thing that I wrote here and it would really difficult for e to write, but I wanted to give it a reason-to-be. I’m sorry for take too long to post it and I really hope you like it.

Warnings: Mention of eating dissorder.



60. “Please, don’t cry.”

66. “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

96. “This isn’t fair!”

99. “Something’s clearly wrong.”

100. “Keep your eyes on me.”


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It’ll not be easy (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Just a note before we start: laughs and screams are almost the same.

The laugh echoes in my ears and I fall. And fall. And fall. After infinite seconds my back shock to the ground. My eyes are blind, all I can see is the darkness in front of me. Tomorrow, where the impact beat me hard, will be a kaleidoscope of colors tattooed on my skin, they’re will be purple and blue and yellow and green and… My fingers intertwine with the vegetation and I can feel the wet land. It start to rain . Or was raining before. I’m too tired to care about the cold drops in my naked skin, because now, the cold run into my veins. My own heart its sending the cold in bursts into my body. My body.

Lights dance into the darkness and I try to smile. I would like to smile right now, but I can’t. I try to hold the little consciousness that I have, but I can’t. I try to get up, but I fall into the dark before my brain recognize the command.


When my consciousness return I’m not in the ground anymore, I’m in a confortable bed – or at last, more confortable tha my own. I open my eyes, but everything is dark. I look around trying to find out where I am, but I see nothing. So I seat up first and get up soon after that, and then I give two steps. But I did it to fast. I’m dizzy. I lose my balance and fall. Before I hit the ground again, I feel arms around my waist, getting me up and putting me into the bed again.

“Stay still, Y/N.” Bellamy’s voice is clear into my ears. “I’ll call Clarke.”

“Please, don’t.” I interrupt him. Clarke is playing the doctor, as her mom in the Ark and all I don’t need now is another doctor playing the cards of my life. “I’m feeling better.”

“Sure you are.” I can’t feel the sarcasm in his voice even if I can’t see his eyes clearly. “Something’s clearly wrong, Y/N.” He say’s while he light a flashlight, turning to face me. “So you’ll tell me or to Clarke?”

“What do you want, Bellamy?” I seat in his bed again, holding my legs. “Here, take this shit wristband, I don’t care anymore.” I say to him, holding my arm to him. But he just hold my arm and let it into my legs again.

“I’m sorry.” He say seating down into the bed and looking at me.

“For what? For being an asshole?”

“For that too. But I meant, I’m sorry for don’t let you eat if you don’t take out this wristband…”

“It isn’t your fault, Bellamy.” I assure to him, looking in front of me, avoiding his gaze. “Is not your fault that I had passed out.”


“I don’t want to talk about it, ok?” I said, finishing the conversation.


“How are you going?” Bellamy ask seating next to me, holding a piece of meat for me to eat. I look it for 54 seconds before take it. But I don’t eat, I just look to the meat, holding my breathe.

“Good.” I answer him, but I know that he don’t trust me. I can do this, I say to myself, but my hands are shaking, my heart are beating fast. I look to Bellamy just to find his eyes on me and I give him a little smile.

Madness is not what it seems like. The time stops. I feel like I can’t breathe with Bellamy looking at me in that way, waiting for me eat. I feel my eyes filling with tears and when I put the meat in my mouth I want to run away.

I count 41 bites before I swallow the meat. I feel it coming down my throat and soon my thoughts start screaming in my head. I get up, looking at Bellamy.

“I need to go, but thank you for.. It.” I say before run out off his gaze. Giving the piece of meat to the little girl called Charlote, who smile at me.

I go inside of my tent, laying on my bed, holding my own waist and whispering to me: “It’s going to be ok.” Over and over again, like a lullaby. Soon the tears start to roll down. I’m felling like a shit. I want to die.


The next day, Bellamy is waitig for me outside the tent. He hold my hand before say anything and pull me into his own tent, seating me on his bed.

“I need to help with the wall, Bellamy.” I say calmly to him.

“The hell you need, Y/N.” He say angry to me. Putting into my hands a plate full of fruits. “Eat it and then you can go.”

“What?” I ask him. “I’m not hungry Bellamy. Why I need to eat it all? Are at last three rations in that plate… It isn’t fair!

“You don’t ate a thing for the last two days, Y/N…”

“I ate meat last night.” I say to him, putting the plate on my side and crossing my arms into my chest.

“No, you don’t. You gave it to Charlote, I’d saw you.” I stare at im with my mouth half open. “Why?” He ask me. I still not knowing what to answer. “Why you don’t eat?” I thing for some minutes, I can make a list of reasons why I started not eating, but they’re not the reasons why I still doing it. I circle my wrist with my index finger and my thumb.

“Because I’m sad.” I say finally to him, looking to my wrist. “Can I go now?”

“No, Y/N, you can’t.” He kneels in front of me, holding my hands. “Keep your eyes on me.” He says, and I do look at him. “You can talk to me.”

“But I don’t want to.” I say trying to let go of him, before my tears appear again.

“Y/N, please, I just want to help you…”

“No one can help me, Bellamy! Because I don’t want any help! I do not want anyone looking at me with pity, as you’re doing now!” I scream at him, finally letting go of his hands and getting up. “People sucks, you know?” My tears start to roll down and I try to wip them of my face, but they never stop.

“Please don’t cry.” Bellamy whisper to me, holding me against his chest. I hear his heartbeat: always strong and constants. My heart is a mess.

Everytime someone hugs me, I get tense, I hold my breathe. This make everyone feels uncomfortable and they let me go soon as they can, but not Bellamy. He hugs me tight.

“You know, you should hug me back…” He says. “But that’s ok…” He sighs. “I hug you.”

“Why?” I whisper to him.

“Because I want you to know that I’m here for you.”

“No you aren’t.” I say, trying to let go of his arms again. “You’ll get tired of me and will let me behind like everyone else!”

Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” He holds me thighter. “I’ll not get tired of you.”

“Yes you’ll.”

“No, I’ll not. I’ll not left you. And I’ll not hurt you, I promise.”

“You can’t promise that.”

“Yes, I can. You can trust me.”

“I can’t.”

“You can, princess.” He let his lips in my forehead. “Please, let me help you.”

“It’ll not be easy.”

“I know, Y/N, I know. But I want to do this, because I want to see your smile again, like when you were a kid playing on school…”

I just look at him. “He remember when we first meet. He remember.” Maybe he’s different after all.

Short, Joe Sugg Imagine

-Gif not mine-

-Joe sung is made fun of for being short so you and up for him-

You were at your boyfriend Joe’s house with all of his buddies. You were making yourself and Joe some popcorn to share during the movie you had forced all of them to watch and was melting some butter. Josh was sat on the counter while talking to Joe who was standing next to him showing him some pictures he had of their friends from the night before. The two of them would giggle and it caused you to smile. The other boys were sat in the living room talking loudly but it came through as mumbles.

You threw some butter into the pan and turned around noticing your forgot to put the popcorn in the microwave. “Shit” you say under your breath and Joe, as caring as he was asked if you were alright. You nod your head and explain the situation to him and both him and Josh burst out laughing at your mistake.

“It’s in that cupboard babe” Joe says pointing to the cupboard which was high above the sink. You look at it and instantly see it as a challenge. You were considered short, at least when you were surrounded by all of the guys and you didn’t want to make it seem like a big deal.

You walk closer to the cupboard and jump to grab the handle but miss. You sigh and try once again, this time successfully grazing the handle. You instantly feel defeated and stop trying, turning to Joe for help.

Joe was about to come to your rescue when Josh put his hand on his chest to stop him. “Woah short stuff, calm down, clearly she needs someone tall to grab it for her” Josh says pushing himself forward to come and grab the popcorn for you. Joe’s face became straight and you could tell he was annoyed.

At that moment Jack just so happened to walk in to grab himself some water and laughed at the sight of Josh coming to the rescue instead of Joe. “Looks like you’re dating the wrong guy” Jack says snickering. “Pfft, don’t take it the wrong way, Joe just isn’t tall enough” Josh says while handing you the popcorn bag.

You almost didn’t want to take it from him but you did anyways. You unwrap the bag and throw it in the microwave setting it for the time it needed. You turn back to see Josh patting Joe on the head while Jack stayed to carry on the insults.

Joe looked to you clearly upset, you wanted to help but with Jack and Josh on a roll, they would’ve just made it worse. The popcorn dings signalling it’s ready and you turn around to grab it, pouring the melted butter on top of it once it was in the bowl. You zoned out the boys rude comments while doing so and when you turned back around you were surprised to see Joe had left the room along with the other two.

You leave the kitchen to walk into the living room and are upset when you see the group of boys joking about Joe’s height when Joe was no where in the room.

“Hey small, where’s short?” Conor asks giving you and Joe nicknames causing the rest of the boys to laugh. You don’t respond because you were afraid you would lose it on his friends and make yourself out to be crazy. You wanted to keep things peaceful; that was until one friend took it too far.

“You need someone a little taller in your life” Jack says standing up giving you a wink while wrapping his arm around your shoulder.

You push his arm off your shoulder and put the popcorn down on the table to stand in front of the TV facing everyone. All eyes were on you and you could tell they knew you were mad. “Why the hell are you doing this?!” you yell angrily, “Joe isn’t even in the room and you’re still talking shit… even if it is just jokes, you clearly hurt him”.

The boys don’t respond and just look shocked. “I love Joe for who he is and you guys should stop bugging him about his height, go apologize” you say pointing to the hallway. Nobody moved until you looked Mikey in the eyes and pointed once again. He stood up out of fear and slowly each of them followed.

They were gone for a few minutes and you sat on the couch trying to get comfortable. When they return Joe was with them and he gave you a smile as he came to lean in and give you a kiss.

“I mean, boys, if we’ve learned anything tonight, it’s that Y/N wears the pants in that relationship” Josh says laughing, the boys joining in with him. Joe sat down next to you and kissed your forehead as the boys continued to make fun of how you stood up for Joe.

It didn’t offend you and Joe because you both knew that it just meant you cared about each other. As they carried on before the movie you both just rolled your eyes and carried on minding your own businesses.

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gency, 9!

9. Reunion

“Take your time,” said Zenyatta.

Genji stood outside the Watchpoint. He took a deep breath and let the heat sinks in his shoulders click out and steam. He raised a hand to press the button on the intercom, hesitated, then immediately turned on his heel and probably would have walked back to the hovercycle had Zenyatta not gently (but firmly) put a hand on his shoulder and turned him around.

“Empty your mind,” said Zenyatta, “Clear away your guilt and your doubts. When you have done this, the task is simple: hit the button and speak.”

Genji raised his hand toward the intercom button once more, but again he withdrew it and now paced back and forth in front of the gate, “It is not simple,” he said, pacing.

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You want to stay alive in a zombie swarm? You go alone or in a small group where everyone is of similar physical condition and weapons training. You never stop, you never hesitate, and you never show any mercy for the people that would slow you down. That’s what the military says we should do, and if I ever meet anybody who listens to that particular set of commands, I may shoot them myself just to improve the gene pool. When you can help people stay alive, you help them. We’re all we’ve got.
—  Mira Grant, Feed