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Friends? (M)

Request- Can I request a Jungkook smut where you are not his noona (you are younger or same age, but please not a noona) and you are quite innocent and naive, plus you are a virgin, and Jk and you are best friends, but he has the biggest crush on you, ans he finally confesses to you, and he tells you how much he wanted you and thought of you, and you are all embarrassed, and blushing, and such, cuz you are super innocent, plus is you first time. 

Sorry this took so long. Thank you so much for requesting, and I hope you like it. Sorry if it sucks. 


This scenario contains sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 

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Your day started off like any other, getting up and ready for class and going to them. Your best friend saved you a seat, Jeon Jungkook. He had been your best friend since you could remember, he was always there. You could talk to him about anything, he was the only person who saw you fro who you truly were and didn’t judge. He always encouraged you to let the world see you, as he thought you were amazing. 

Of course Jungkook didn’t tell you everything he thought about you. You thought you and Jungkook had no secrets, but you were wrong. Jungkook had a huge secret you didn’t know, he was in deeply, madly, life consuming in love with you. 

For the past two years he knew it, but hid it. Thinking you wouldn’t accept his feelings. He didn’t feel good enough for you, you were so pure and innocent. You weren’t all that experienced, well not at all. You kissed someone before, but it didn’t even consist so tongue. Jungkook thought you were the most pure being in the world, he didn’t want anyone to taint your purity. Well except for maybe him.. 

“Jungkook?” You sweet voice took Jungkook out of his daze. He looked at you and noticed people getting up and leaving. How long had he spaced out for? 

“Is it over?” He asked you with wide eyes, he had dazed out for the whole lecture. Your giigle took him back to reality. 

“Yeah, its over. Come on sleepy head, we need coffee. Namjoon’s party starts at nine and goes on til like eight am, and we have to actual stay past two this time.” You push his shoulder. You pack up you stood up and left the lecture hall with Jungkook. 

“Hey, I was tired. And is that any way to treat your elder. I don’t think so, little one.” Jungkook slings his arm around your shoulder, walking down the school hall to get a much needed energy boost. To any one passing you would like like a couple, most people did. You acted like a couple it just didn’t include, sex and the titles. You held hands all the time and cuddled and you loved it, because Jungkook was your first love. 

What a pickle you both were in, both in love with one another, but not knowing each others feelings. You never thought Jungkook would like you back. He always dated, well not dated fucked, sexy confident girls, that knew what they were doing. You did not. You wouldn’t be confessing to him, not wanting to ruin your friendship and because you were scared as shit. You were just going to ignore your feelings and stomp on them. 

You often got jealous of his flings, the way they kissed him, the way his hands were on them it broke your heart a little. You longed to just have him hold you like that, why wouldn’t he? 

The day came and went rather fast. In no time you were walking into Namjoon’s apartment, the party already in full swing. You looked around and spotted Jungkook, leaning against a counter in the kitchen. You made your way to him, but your stride was ceased when a tall blonde came into sight. She grab Jungkooks face and kissed him passionately. You turned and made your way back out of the house again. You needed air and to watch a full series of a sappy romantic K-drama to make you feel better. 

It was so cliche, all of it. Boy best friend who fucks around, girl loves him but is to scared to say anything. You didn’t want it to be cliche you wanted to not love him in that way. It wasn’t your fault he was so perfect and made you feel like a butterfly. 

You were half way through the second episode when Jungkook messaged you. You unwrapped yourself from your warm covers and opened the message. 

Jungkook- Where are you? The party isn’t the same without you :( 

You scoffed at his message. why couldn’t he just have fun with the blond girl and leave you to lay in despair in peace. You knew you would be talking to him tomorrow anyway, why did he not just enjoy himself. You didn’t like drinking anyway. 

Jungkook- Y/N? 

You had forgotten to reply to Jungkook, as you were to wrapped up in your drama to care. It was by the fourth episode there was banging at your door. You groan in annoyance, getting up to get the door. You’re startled to see Jungkook when you open the door. 

“Jungkook, why aren’t you at the party?” You asked, but Jungkook pushed passed you and entered your apartment. You close the door behind him and follow him into the living room, taking a seat beside him. 

“Why did you leave tonight?” His eyes met yours when he finished his sentence. His elbows resting on his knees. His question took you by surprise. 

“How did you know I was-” He cut you off. 

“Yoongi told me you left straight after you came in. Why did you leave?” You try to think of a believable explanation. 

“I wasn’t really feeling well, so I just came home.” You avoided his eyes, you were never a good liar. 

“That’s such bullshit. Y/N I think you’re forgetting I’ve known you my whole life, I know when you’re lying.” You can hear the annoyance in his voice, but why was he so mad? You missed one party so what, who gives a fuck. You were beginning to get annoyed as well. 

“Why do you care so much? It’s just a stupid fucking party, Namjoon has one every week. So what I missed one.” You stood up and walked across the room. Running your hands over your face in annoyance, just wanting this night to vanish. 

“Well it fucking matters to me if you’re not there. Okay, it’s not the same without you.” 

“Why would you need me? You have that blonde girl.” You spit out in anger, regretting it the moment you said it. 

“Because shes not you, no one will ever be as good as you.” Jungkook stands up taking long strides to you, you walk backwards to put distance between you, until your back is against a wall, he traps you with his arms on either side of your head. You move your head I order not to look at him, but he grabs your chin to make eye contact. 

“What I’m about to say you have to promise you won’t stop being my friend because of it, okay?” You nod, curious to know what he has to say. “I love you and not in the your my best friend way. I love you in the way I can’t get you out of my head ever, your giggle makes my day, your smile brightens my world. I love you. I want to kiss you all over all day long, I want everyone to know that I love you. I want for you to be mine and only mine. I want to love you the way you should be loved. You drive me insane and i love it. There was so many times I wanted to pin you up against a wall and make you feel so good. I love you.” 

His confession made you speechless, you just stared back into his eyes. Jeon Jungkook loves you.. 

“You love me? Don’t joke like that Jungkook, its not nice.” You scold. 

“Y/N, I’m not joking.” You huff, crossing your arms over your chest. Jungkook leans down and captures your lips with his. “Don’t be afraid, please.” He rests his forehead against yours. 

“Your telling me the truth?” 

“Yes. I know this is a lot, but just think about-” You cut his ramble off. 

“I love you too.” You don’t give him time to say anything else, you press your lips to his. You kiss for a few seconds before you pull away to giggle. 

“Why are you so fucking cute?” He groans. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him into another kiss. His strong arms hoist you up and carry you to your bedroom. He placed you on the bed, you lay back and he crawls on top of you. He kisses you passionately, his tongue slipping past your lips. You moan into the kiss, the new experience is amazing. You slide your hands down and slip them under his shirt from his to take it off. He pulls away from you. 

“Are you sure you want to do this? We can stop.” His voice is laced with concern, but his eyes are filled with lust. 

“I want this. I want my first time to be with you.” You smile, pulling his shirt over his head. You sit up and take off your own. His eyes are trained on the swell of your breasts. 

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” He quickly latches his lips onto your neck kissing down your neck, collarbones and chest. He reaches behind you to unclasp your bra. He throws it behind him. Jungkook kisses each breast, he gropes both of them with his large hands, pinching your nipples in between his fingers. You moan loudly, in embarrassment you smack a hand over your mouth. 

“Don’t do that. I want to hear your beautiful moans, I dreamed of the day I would get to make you mine.” His words are melting your heart, arousing you. He kisses down your stomach, until he comes to the band of your pjama shorts. He looks up at you, silently asking for permission. 

“Please Jungkook.” He was just kissing you and he had you this needy. Jungkook hooks his fingers under your shorts and panties, pulling them down until they leave you completely bare in front of him. He stares at you in awe. 

“Fuck, you’re perfect.” He spreads your legs, getting comfortable in between your legs. He kisses your pelvic area, making a shiver run up and down your body. His eyes are trained on yours the whole time. He kisses your pussy lips, starting to kitten lick your slit. This is a whole new experience to you, it feels amazing to have Jungkook eating you out. You know why your girl friends were such hoes now. 

“Jungkook t-that feels so g-good.” You stutter out. You can feel him smirking against your pussy. He pumps a finger into your core, pumping it in and out, as he continues to suck, lick and nibble on your clit. He adds another finger, pumping you for a while before hes scissoring you. It feels so good. You feel a tingling in your lower stomach, the feeling grows and grows and so its taking over your whole body. Its consuming you, your body shakes in after shock. Jungkook laps up all your juices, before coming back to your lips. You can taste your self on him, it arouses you more. You wanted him inside you. 

“You taste amazing, baby girl.” 

“Jungkook, I need more.” You never thought you would be like this, but Jungkook just brings that out in you, obviously. 

“It will hurt at first, but then I will make you feel so, so good. Okay? Don’t be scared.” He cups your cheeks, placing a soft kiss on your lips. He gets off the bed, taking off the rest of his clothes. He was so flawless, his toned body was beautiful and tan. How was he so amazing, how did you stay away for so long? 

“Are you ready sweetheart?” He asks, after he puts on the condom, he joins you back on the bed. 

“Y-Yeah.” You nod, assuring him you were ready. Sure you were scared that it would hurt, but its Kookie, he would never hurt you. He grinds his dick up and down your slit, before slowly slipping in. Your eyes sting with tears, it was painful him stretching you out. 

“Fuck you’re so tight.” Jungkook’s head goes back in pleasure, having your tight hot pussy wrapped around his member. He looks down at your pained expression, he moves strands of hair off your face. He leans down and kisses the tip of your nose. “I love you.” 

All the pain faded away soon enough after. “I-I think you can move, Jungkook.” His hips start to roll into yours, it was so pleasing, the way he filled you up. “Oh my god, this feels amazing.” That seemed to egg Jungkook on, as his hands go on either side of your head, he was rolling his hips into you faster. You hands grip onto his back, your nails digging into his soft skin, as your second orgasm approaches. You were seeing stars and couldn’t help but clench around Jungkooks dick, as you came. You chanted his name, like a mantra. 

“Fuck.” Jungkook groans into your ear. You were so tight around him, he was filling the condom up with his seed. He rests his head against your shoulder for a movement, before he pulls out. He gets off the bed, taking the condom off and putting it in the bin. He grabs a towel and cleans your cum up. You lay there exhausted from what you both just did. You felt amazing. 

“That was amazing.” You finally say, earning a chuckle from Jungkook, who gets back on the bed with you. He pulls the blanket over your naked bodies and pulls you into his embrace. 

“Your amazing.” He kisses you softly, stroking your hair. He pulls back to look you in the eye, he has a smile on his face. “So.. will you be my girlfriend?” You giggle, leaning up to kiss his cheek. 

“I’d love to be your girlfriend.” You bury your head in his chest, not wanting him to see how red your cheeks were.  Jungkook places another kiss on your head and chuckles at how adorable his girl is. 

I hope this didn’t suck to much, and that you all enjoyed it! 

I love you all, good morning/evening/night x

-Admin Abe x

10 Things I Hate About You (Pt.2)

Summary: You are torn if you should stay or go back home.

Pairings: Park Jimin / Reader

Genre: Smut / Angst

Words: 3k

Part 1 | Masterlist

“Congratulations.” Your mother hugged Jungkook.

“Thanks mom.” Your brother kissed her cheek.

“My little boy is all grown up.” She teared. It was that time where everyone was getting ready to leave for the night.

Your eyes wandered over to the middle of the dance floor. Jimin was slow dancing with the flower girl. He was so cute. You loved how his smile lit up his whole face as he twirled her around. You slowly made your way over as you watch the girls mother come over to escort her out for the night.

“Hey.” He smiled as you approached him.

“Did you get her number?” You smirked.

“No…she says that I wasn’t her type.” He laughed.


“So…..where are you staying?” He asked.

“I have a room on the tenth floor.” He nodded.

“Alone.” You bit your lip.

He looked at you wide eyed. “A-alone? You want some company?”

You just nodded as you made your way to the nearest elevator.

Before you got too far you passed by the new bride and groom.

“Congratulations.” You hugged Ara, then your brother.

“Where are you two going?” Jungkook smirked.

“We’re probably going to watch a movie then go to bed.” You suggested.

“Yeah right.” Jungkook laughed causing a confused Ara.

“Good night.” You dragged Jimin to the elevator.

When you entered the elevator, you weren’t the only ones in there. You and Jimin corned yourselves in the back as you waited for your floor. Jimin couldn’t help his wandering hands as he slid his hand down until he touched your behind. You slapped his hand away causing him to laugh.

“You really don’t want to play this game with me.” You whispered.

You felt his fingers brush your back playing with your bra strap. “Jimin.” You warned quietly so only he could hear. This time you felt him bring his lips to the back of your neck. The feeling gave you chills. You felt yourself go into a daze as he brought his hand back down rubbing your lower back. You had no control, thank God the ding of the elevator brought you back to life.

As you stepped off the elevator it didn’t take you long until you reached your room. As soon as you opened the door you pushed Jimin on the bed straddling his hips. You immediately started kissing his neck as he pushed your dress up your thighs. He held onto your hips as you rocked against him. You could feel his erection poke you from underneath. You moved up kissing him desperately while you pushed off his jacket slowly.

He wrapped his hands around your back to unzip your dress. You felt the material loosen around your chest, letting the material fall off your shoulders. He stopped to look at your chest before he leaned in leaving wet kisses down your collar bone. You unhooked your bra letting it fall to the floor.

You tilted your head back in pleasure as he started sucking your left breast and caressing the other. “Jimin.” You moaned his name. That set him off to push you on the bed this time as he kneel in front of you admiring your body. He slowly started stripping his clothes off teasingly. He unbuttoned his dress shirt one by one. It was driving you crazy. You were being impatient and he knew it. The smirk in his face was visible as he finally made it to his pants.

“Jimin just fuck me already.” You moaned with a hint of annoyance.

He pulled down the rest of your dress and crawled over you. He started at your neck kissing every inch until he reached your face. You grabbed his member and started pumping quickly. You secretly wanted him to suffer from all the teasing he has been doing.

He moaned your name as you continued pumping him. He must of been closed because he grabbed your hand stopping you. You giggled from the look he gave you. It was like you both battled on who was in control. You pushed him back on the bed as you lifted yourself on top of him. You grabbed his length again guiding it to your center. You slowly slid down adjusting to his size.

He smiled watching you take control, it made him weak. You rocked your body against him as you tilted your head back. You felt the pleasure stirring in your stomach as he grabbed on to your hips helping you guide your motions. You leaned forward so you can kiss him once again. You missed his lips on yours the second they left.

You both knew you were close so he held onto your hips as he thrusted up into you. You moaned against his lips feeling your orgasm rise through. He kept thrusting at a quick pace until you eventually felt him release. You looked at him out of breath just giggling.

“Why are you laughing.” He cutely smiled back.

“Just thinking about how bad you are at first impressions.” You rolled over to his side. He pulled you in to his chest wrapping his arms around you.

You stayed in the position until you both fell asleep, but as for you, you couldn’t. You had too much on your mind. You glanced at the clock for the fifth time in the past hour. You were thinking about the future.

What were you going to do?

You wanted to stay with Jimin. You just started having feelings for him. It’s been a while since you have been in a serious relationship, even liked someone enough. The only thing that had your mind all confused was your job. You loved your job. You loved everyone you worked for and you worked too hard to get to where you are today. You had too many years of schooling, you had too many years of hands on experience, and you thought about how all that hard work to waist on a relationship was silly. You decided that maybe you should end things with Jimin before those feelings turned into love.


When you woke up that morning it was Jimin who was gone. Where was he?

After you took a shower you started to pack your bag. Just as you finished you heard your door opened.

“Hey.” You saw Jimin enter with a paper bag. “I got you breakfast from the lobby.” You smiled. Why was he so sweet? You are leaving soon, you can’t keep leading him on, even if you don’t want to.

“Jimin…..we need to talk.”

“What’s up.” But before you could answer his phone rang. “I’m sorry, it’s Jungkook.”

He answered. “Hey man……um -” He laughed embarrassed. “Okay…..sure….we’ll see you there.”

You looked at him until he had your attention. “Jungkook said we are meeting your parents for lunch.”

You nodded. “What did you want to tell me?”

“I’ll tell you later.” You smiled. You didn’t want to kill the mood with bad news so you decided to wait.


When you got to the restaurant, your parents were already there. “Mr and Mrs. Jeong-guk.” You mother grabbed Ara’s hand. “Welcome to the family dear.”

“Hello Jimin….nice to see you.” Your mother greeted.

“Thanks for having me.” Jimin bowed to your parents.

You all took your seats at the round table. You were stuck between your brother to your left and Jimin to your right. The weather was beautiful especially to dine outside off the pier.

The restaurant was quite fancy, you wouldn’t be surprised if your mother choose to eat here. The table cloth was a fine fabric that you would be too scared to spill anything on it. Unfortunately this place wasn’t really your style. You could care less about fancy.

As you read through the pages of the menu, it felt like it was never ending. How does anyone decide what they want with the hundred different choices you can choose from?  You rather just get fast food.

“Are you guys ready to order?” No, you rolled your eyes.

You hardly got a chance to see all the choices. “Can I have chicken Caesar salad?” You said the first thing to pop into your head.

She nodded and wrote it down. Of course they have it. Go figure. Everyone else made their choices all around as you tapped your fingers against your thigh.

The one thing your mother hated was phones at the table so you were quite bored from not able to look at it. Jungkook read your mind as you saw him look at his phone on his lap, to be hidden.

Your mother was having an in depth conversation with Ara and your father was reading his daily newspaper that he probably bought on the way here. Jimin leaned back in his chair as you brushed your fingers over his thigh by accident.

He immediately arched his eyebrow in your direction confused. “Sorry.” You whispered. He just smiled at you as he went back to listen to the conversation at the table.

You honestly didn’t mean to touch him down there but you laughed to yourself getting a devious idea. You couldn’t help but remember how Jimin touched you in the elevator. The little shit was a tease and you had the best idea to get him back.

You crawled your fingers back over his thigh gently rubbing dangerously close to his sensitive area. He didn’t turn his head towards you but his eyes wandered down to where your hand was.

“Sorry.” You smirked and took your hand back to your own thigh.

You saw him look at you but you couldn’t read his expression. He almost seemed uncomfortable. So you decided to go back to your original spot. It didn’t take you long to just get to the spot you wanted to touch.

You rubbed your hand up and down his length through the outside of his pants. He closed his eyes as you continued your stroke. He grabbed your hand for a second as it seemed he was processing what to do. Then he placed your hand back to your own lap. He didn’t want to be teased probably because he couldn’t handle it.

Not even five minutes and your hand was back to rubbing him up and down. You bit your lip to try and contain your enjoyment. This time you unzipped his pants to get a better feel. He coughed causing an attention at the table by accident. “Sorry.”

He took a sip from his water. “You okay?” You asked with a smirk on your face.

He glared at you amusingly. You unbuttoned his pants and reached your hand under his briefs. You could already feel the wetness dripping from his length as you pulled him out from under the table. He was hard already. He closed his eyes once again as you started pumping him slowly. The paleness in his face was amusing.

You enjoyed every moment watching him squirm. You saw his breathing get heavier as you quickened your speed but not too much to make it obvious. He couldn’t even speak, every question your mother would ask him he would just nod.

“Sweetie have you made a decision about if you want to move?” Your mother asked you.

You saw Jimin lean forward on the table as he leaned his chin on his hand. He was struggling as you continued pumping him.

“I know that I definitely don’t want to move right away but I don’t know yet…its a hard decision.”

“You should move here.” Your father suggested not looking up from his newspaper.

“I know dad but I love my job so much.” You continued with Jimin.

“What if you could get a job here, there’s plenty of magazine companies here.” Your mother said.

“I know….and trust me I’ll try.” You smiled.

“Maybe Jimin could help you.” Your mother looked towards him. He clearly wasn’t paying attention to any of the conversations.

“Jimin?” Your mother asked.

“What?” He weakly asked.

“You okay dear?” You mother asked concerned.

“Yeah…just have a lot on my mind.” He smiled falsely.

You just smirked. “We’ll talk about it later.” You told your mother.

Your brother and Ara looked at you both confused but no suspicion on what you were really doing.

The food finally came and was placed in front of you. You picked up your fork with your left hand to eat. Jimin still sat there frozen.

“Aren’t you going to eat dear.” Your mother asked Jimin.

He nodded and grabbed his chopsticks slowly. He closed his eyes tight as you continued your steady pace. He opened his mouth quietly as you felt him finally release into your hand. He let out a soft moan as he quickly placed food in his mouth to cover up the evidence.

“So good.” He smiled at your brothers confused face. You could tell Jungkook knew something was weird. You grabbed the napkin off of the table and wiped your right hand underneath the table and then slid it over to Jimin. He grabbed it from your hand wiping himself off. He glared at you once again causing you to smile.

“What the fuck (Y/N).” Jimin pulled you aside as you walked out of the restaurant.

“What?” You asked oblivious.

“You can’t do that to me.” He whined.

“You didn’t try to stop me.” You smirked.

“Yes I did.” That’s right he did the first time.

“I told you, you don’t want to mess with me.” You glared at him and walked off following your parents and your brother and new sister. But you got a glance of a small smile from his face.

Your parents suggested that they would take you home because that was where you were staying originally.


Jungkook and Ara were going on their honeymoon tomorrow morning so that’s when you decided that you would be leaving.

You didn’t even want to face Jimin. You didn’t know how, you felt guilty because you definitely had a connection but staying here was only temporary. You just had to keep telling yourself that, not matter how you feel.

You couldnt really speak for Jimin, you had no idea how he felt. It was obvious he liked you but that could mean a lot of things.

Your head was too confused to even think about this so you went to bed early. You had to be up at eight anyway to make your early flight.

You went downstairs early in the morning ready to say your goodbyes when you noticed that Jungkook was on his way out as well.

“(Y/N) I’m so sorry but I can’t take you to the airport….Ara accidentally booked our flights earlier then we thought so we have to get going…..but no worries Jimin should be here any moment to pick you up.”

Jimin? He called Jimin. The one person you wanted to avoid when leaving. You guess that Jungkook broke the bad news of you leaving when you couldn’t.

“My babies are leaving again.” Oh no. Your mother was already in tears.

“Don’t worry I’ll be back to visit before you know it.” You hugged your mother then your father. He was actually crying as well.

“I’ll see you in a week dear.” Your mother hugged your brother.

Then you leaned into hug Jungkook. He wrapped his arms around you tightly in a bone crushing hug. “I hope you change your mind about moving here.” He whispered. “You’re going to have a lot of people miss you….and I don’t just mean mom and dad.” He pulled away giving you a sad smile.

You felt your face flush and your eyes get watery but no tears fell. You knew exactly who he meant.

You went outside with Jungkook and you noticed that Jimin just pulled in. You felt nervous to see him. He popped the trunk so you could put your stuff in but he never got out of the car. As you shut the trunk you noticed Jungkook quietly talking to him until he said his goodbyes.


On the way to the airport Jimin was quiet and plus he looked really tired. He didn’t even speak one word to you exactly. When you reached the drop off you didn’t want to get out. You knew he was upset.

“Thank you for driving me.” You saw him nod. “Goodbye I guess.” You reached for the door handle.

“So I guess that’s it then.” He said with no emotion. “Leave, just like that?”

“I’m sorr-”

“No your not….if you were sorry you would of told me.”

“I didn’t know how.” You felt your eyes water once again.

“You were just going to leave without even saying goodbye….so this past week meant nothing to you?”

You stayed silent. “You make me believe that you liked me but you actually used me….for what?” He raised his voice but he still had softness behind it.

“That’s not true.” You argued.

He laughed sarcastically. “Right.”

“You just expect me to drop my old life for you?” You slipped out. “I can’t just change everything I worked for….I need some time to think about what I’m going to do or where I’m gonna go….its not that easy.”

He looked down away from your gaze. “You’re right what was I thinking.” He softly spoke.

“Please don’t make me hate myself for this.” You cried.

“It’s fine just leave then.”


“Just go.” He yelled. The tears fell and they fell hard.

You didn’t speak you just got out and grabbed your bag from the trunk. This was probably going to be the last time you were going to see him and it had to end like this. You walked up to the side and watched as he quickly drove off.


Your flight was hard to sit through. Fourteen hours of agony. You couldn’t get Jimin out of your mind, even the little sleep you had all you could see was him broken. The tears eventually stopped but your face was always flushed.

When you reached your apartment you were greeted by your friend. You lived alone but your friend had a key and she helped looked over your things while you were gone.

“Hey.” She hugged you. “You look wreaked…go get some sleep….its midnight.”

“I can’t sleep.” You tossed your bags and you couldn’t help the tears from falling once again.

“Hey what is it?” She sat down next to you.

“I think I made a mistake.”


Masterlist | Part 1

If He’s Going To Treat You Like Shit, I’m Going To Kick His Ass (Lafayette x Reader)

This is a bit late. Sorry. Let it be made clear that by no means am I trying to romanticize domestic (or any type) of abuse. This is what was requested, and this is how it played out in my head. IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSITIVITY TO DOMESTIC ABUSE, I URGE YOU TO NOT CONTINUE READING. I don’t want to hurt anyone. Enjoy.

The door slammed as he exited, shaking the house and causing a picture frame hung on the wall near the door to come crashing to the ground.

It happened again.

You always said it wouldn’t happen again. He always swore it wouldn’t.

It happened again anyways.

You stood in the corner of the living room, shaking like a small animal. Your heart was beating out of your chest, and you tried to steady your breathing and stop the tears from rolling down your face. You glanced around the room at the wreckage. There were holes produced by his fists that were left gaping in the walls. He had completely smashed several ornate dishes, the once full circles being shattered into copious sharp fragments. Your floors were littered with several objects, ranging from cutlery to candle holders. He had chucked them at you in an episode of rage. His sharp kits made your skin sting and bruise.

He was a nice guy, you continued to tell yourself. He just got mad sometimes. He became a tornado, fashioning any peaceful environment into a war zone for any kind of reason. This time: you had undercooked his dinner.

Time ticked by. You remained in your corner. You knew you were not to move. If he returned and you were not back at home ready to cook him another dinner and forgive him, all hell would break loose once again. You remained in the corner, waiting for his return. You were scared. You were terrified. But if you defied him again, things would be ten times worse. You stood in the quiet after the storm and waited.

A sharp knock broke the silence.

Your heart stopped. He was back. 

You began the routine you had run too many times before. You quickly pattered to the door, not wanting to make him wait. You smoothed out your dress, commanded your body to stop shaking, and spread a false warm smile onto your face. You took a deep breath as you twisted the door knob and swung it open.

“Hey hone-”

“(Y/N)! Mi amour, how have you been?”

You were suddenly pulled into a hug and felt a kiss pressed to each one of your cheeks. This wasn’t him. Thank God.

It was unmistakably Marquis de Lafayette, a good friend of yours for several years. It was such a comfort that he came to see you, and a real smile of happiness formed on your face as you sunk into his hold.

“I’ve been great, Marquis.” you lied. “ And all is well with you?”

“Of course! The revolution is brewing, you know.”

“So I’ve heard! Everyone seems to be catching on, finally.” you smiled as you broke the embrace. “We should be free in no time.” 

“Yes, it shouldn’t be long now,” he grinned. “I was hoping that before I have to go away, I could share a cup of tea with you?” he offered as he held up two bags of your favorite tea. 

You couldn’t help but giggle at the offer. You had no idea how he had managed to remember your favorite tea brand, but it was a sweet gesture.

“Of course!”

“May I come in?”

You froze. 

There was no possible way you could explain the disaster that was your dining room. Lafayette would know. You couldn’t let that happen.

“Actually, I c-can’t right now.” you stammered.

“Why not?” he asked, raising his eyebrows in concern.

“I…um….have some things to attend to.” you said, stepping back into your house. You were eager to get him to leave.


“Goodbye!” you exclaimed as you swung the door shut.

But the door halted right before it was closed. Lafayette had wedged his foot into your house, stopping you from slamming the door on him. He pushed it open again.

“(Y/N)…” he began. “What is that?” he asked as he pointed at something.

You followed his gesture to the shattered picture frame that had been knocked to the ground after your boyfriend stormed out of the house. 

“Oh, it’s nothing… it just… fell.” you lied. 

“Oh?” he questioned, not convinced.

You placed your hand on the door, barring him from coming in. “Listen, Laf. Now isn’t the best time and-”

He gently grabbed your arm off the door frame and scanned his eyes over your arm. There were apparent new bruises forming around your wrist.

“(Y/N)? What are these?”

“I fell.” you instantly replied. It was your usual response whenever someone questioned you about the marks.

“I don’t believe you.” he instantly shot back.

You were taken aback by his direct resistance to believe you.

“(Y/N), are you okay?”

You hung your head down. Tears began to blur your vision as you refused to answer him. You couldn’t lie to him, not again. He did nothing to deserve being denied the truth.

You felt him place his large hands onto your shaking shoulders.

“Who did this?”

You refused to respond. You weren’t going to lie to him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him the truth. His question was met with your silence. 

“Well if you’re not going to answer me-” he started as he began pushing past you, entering your home.

“No, no!” you interrupted, unsuccessful in keeping him out of your house any longer. He gently pushed you aside as he entered your home despite your efforts. It only took him a second to witness the state several rooms of your house were in.

He was silent. You watched as his hands curled into fists.

“Someone’s hurting you.”


“It’s your boyfriend, isn’t it.”

He looked to you for a response. You shook your head in defeat. 

“I’m going to kick his ass.” he said, a furious expression obvious on his face. 

“No, no, n-no, Lafayette, that wouldn’t be right.”

“If he’s going to treat you like shit, I’m going to kick his ass!” he shouted, trying to justify his previous statement. 

“Lafayette, please.” you begged.

“Why? Why are you defending him?” he snarled. He wasn’t angry at you, but he was irate none the less, and it was clear in his voice.

“I… I don’t know…”

There was silence as he gazed at you, waiting for a better answer.

“I just… don’t w-want him to get mad again.” you admitted, tears rolling down your cheeks as you covered your mouth with the back of your hand as if to physically keep more words from escaping. You sunk to the floor.

His expression fell into a sympathetic one as he rushed towards you, knelt down, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his chest.

“He won’t hurt you anymore, (Y/N). I can promise that.”

You sobbed into him.

“I’m so… scared” you wailed.

“I’ll protect you from now on, I promise.”

You stayed there for several minutes, crying out into his chest as he held you tighter, convincing you of your security. 

“(Y/N)!” a voice boomed outside your door as a fist hit it.

You immediately jumped and began to shake again. He was back.

“(Y/n), stay here… I’ll take care of him.” Lafayette cooed in a soft, sweet voice as he unwrapped his arms around you.

You whimpered as he stood up and straightened himself out, gave you a reassuring smile, then turned and began making his way to the door.

You heard the door squeak as it was opened.

“Who the hell are you?!” you heard your boyfriend shout.

Je vais vous faire crissement , porc.” Lafayette responded, absolutely livid.

“What the hell does th-” your boyfriend began. He was cut off by what appeared to be a fist colliding with his jaw. You squeezed your eyes shut.

The sounds that followed were all thumps, cries of pain, french and english swears, and the loud finale: someone’s skull being smacked against the wooden floorboards. You had no clue who had won. You sat in your corner and waited, your heartbeat obnoxiously thumping your chest.

You heard the floorboards creek as one of the men rose, and began walking towards you.

Mi amor?” a voice asked.

You slowly opened your eyes and gazed upon a torn up Marquis, lip split open and blood trickling onto his chin. 


“I’m fine, do not worry.” he said as he sunk to the floor and gathered you in his arms. “Are you okay?”

“I….I…” you searched for words that weren’t there.

Finally some fell on you.

“I’m free…” you breathed out in relief.

Lafayette smiled and looked down at you.

“Come now, let’s go. I would hate for you to be trapped here any longer.”

He took your hands and helped you up off the ground.

“Please, (Y/N),” he began. “When we leave, close your eyes. I don’t want you to see this.”

You shook your head in agreement. You had no clue what had happened, but you certainly did not want to see the aftermath of it.

Your eyes fluttered shut, and Lafayette wrapped his arm around your waist and began to guide you out. Together, you eventually shuffled out of the house, the sunlight stinging your eyes as you opened them. Fresh air rushed into your lungs; it was a sensation you had long missed.

“Is there anywhere I can take you?” he asked as he continued guiding you down the sidewalk.

“Home.” you requested. 

He smiled.

Hand in hand, you walked back to his house. Your shackles were broken, your chains vanished, and you could finally breathe again, free from fear. Lafayette gripped your hand a bit harder as your house vanished in the distance. 

“As long as I’m around, I promise that I’ll  be here to protect you.”


 Summary: Bucky’s greatful to have you

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 540

Warnings: nope

A/N: This was heavily inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Perfect so I suggest you listen to it while reading. Also two drabbles in two days holy shit, I’m so productive. And I suck at summarys.

Originally posted by panickingwiththefalloutboys

Happiness. Pure happiness was what he felt every time he was with you, and he felt it now, ten thousand times stronger than usually. Before he met you, he didn’t believe in love. Bucky didn’t believe that he was actually capable of loving anyone. Not after all the things he had done.

But then, there were you. Beautiful and sweet, that’s how he would describe you every time he was talking about you. Everyone just playfully shook their heads whenever he started to talk about you, but Bucky didn’t mind. He was in love, finally after all those years and everyone should now. 

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Co Workers (Part Seventeen)

A/N: Hopefully this part won’t break your heart as badly as the last few parts????

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Smut, language, Death (not a main character)

Word Count: 2.1k

Catch up here! Co Workers MASTERLIST

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“Um, well, he uh- he kissed me earlier.” you said nervously as you rubbed the back of your neck. You trusted Jensen with this information. It’s not like he was going to go off and spread rumors. He gave you a strange look before looking behind you. Someone heard that.

You turned around, Misha was standing right behind you.

“You um- left that out.” Misha said.

“Misha, I-” but you were interrupted by Rich pulling you up on stage. You looked back, but Misha walked away. Jensen flashed you an apologetic look and mouthed sorry, before you were thrown into your panel.

After your panel, you found yourself back in your room, trying to figure out what to do. Misha had seemingly disappeared again, and you’d been calling him non stop. You were relieved when you looked at your schedule to see that he was doing his photo ops; and hoped that he would call you after. Until then, you weren’t going anywhere. You didn’t want to talk to anyone but Misha.

You laid in bed and tried to take your mind off of everything, flipping through tv channels. You stopped on a channel that was playing reruns of Supernatural. They were showing your first episode. It was weird seeing yourself on tv, you never quite knew how to react to it. Your phone finally buzzed and you looked at it, happy to see that it was a text from Misha.

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finnick odair imagine | he’s insecure about his past

requested by anon

words: 997

warnings: mentions of prostitution

In which Finnick tells you about his past and how it made him feel, and you’re there to help him see his worth again.

Originally posted by drunksexhes

“There’s something I need to tell you.” Finnick worried at his lip as he finally broke the silence between the two of you. You had been seeing one another for weeks, but you’d had feelings for him for a lot longer than that, with him always flirting and you always rolling your eyes, secretly enjoying the attention. Ever since you had made it official, though, things had changed; he had been quiet, reserved, and you weren’t quite sure why. It seemed that perhaps now you were finally about to get your answer.
You sat down at the kitchen table across from him, your hands fidgety in your lap and your heart pounding so loud you were sure he could hear it. All you could think was: he’s going to break up with me. This is it.
“What is it?” You asked as calmly as you could. “You can tell me anything. You know that.”
He couldn’t meet your eyes. His usual cheeky smile had been long wiped from his face. You had never seen him like this, not even in the arena. He was always so confident, even when faced with death. That terrified you even more.
“[Y/N], I’ve not been honest with you about who I am. What I’ve done.”
He’s cheated, you thought, your heart sinking. “Okay,” you whispered. “What have you done?”
He took a deep breath, ran his hands over his face as though he didn’t want you to even look at him. “I’m a prostitute…or, was.”
“What?” Your eyes widened, your mouth slightly agape. This was certainly not what you had been expecting to hear. “What do you mean?”
“After my first time in the Games, Snow…He made me sell myself to women. Mostly those in the Capitol, but not always. He threatened the safety of my family. He made it clear that I had no choice.”
You had no idea what to say. He looked so broken—and more than that, ashamed—as he spoke. There were so many questions, so many thoughts rushing through your head, and all you could do was stare at him, a tear rolling down your cheek without you even realising. Your skin crawled at the thought of Finnick being treated so awfully.
“I didn’t let them pay me, at least, not with money. I asked for their secrets, instead. I never wanted it, [Y/N]. I never wanted to feel so…dirty.” His voice cracked on that last word and that was when you sprung into action, grabbing his hand above the table quickly.
“You’re not dirty, Finnick. It wasn’t your fault.” You squeezed his hand reassuredly, finding it difficult to hide your anger at the Snow. “It’s the Capitol. They’re disgusting. You didn’t deserve to be treated like some kind of animal. I’m so sorry you had to go through all that.”
A flicker of surprise passed over his face before his eyebrows furrowed again and he looked down at your intertwined hands. “I thought you’d be angry…or disgusted. How can you even look at me after what I’ve just told you? I was a prostitute, [Y/N],” he said again as though you had misunderstood the first time.
“It doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t make me see you any differently. How could it?” You smiled sadly, cupping his jaw with your hand and tracing a gentle thumb over the corner of his mouth. His eyes fluttered shut for a moment, and when he opened them again, they were filled with tears of his own.
“Sometimes I just feel like I’m worthless. My own body didn’t belong to me. I was used, treated like I was nothing. How can I expect you to love me after all of that?”
“Because I’m not like them. Because I know that you’re so much more than what they made you.” You stood up and rounded the table until you reached him. For once, it was not you that needed the reassurance. It was not you who felt insecure and underserving of him, and you just hoped that you could show him how much he was truly worth. You sat in his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck and wiping away a tear that had fallen. “You’re not worthless, Finnick. You’re everything to me. I’m sorry you felt like you couldn’t tell me sooner.”
“I thought you’d run a mile. I didn’t want you to see me the way that everyone else did, but I knew you had to know.”
“I could never see you that way.” You kissed his forehead gently and allowed him to rest his face in the crook of your neck. Of course, there was still so much that you needed to process, so much you knew he would eventually tell you more about, but you knew all that would come with time.
“What did I do to deserve you?” He murmured, the sound vibrating against your shirt.
“It should be me asking you that,” you smiled, pulling away and pushing his hair out of his face. You didn’t tell him you loved him—it was too soon for that, even though you both knew the feelings were there. Instead, you simply let him seek comfort in your warmth.
You sat there for hours, in his lap, his head against your chest. He was listening to the sound of your heartbeat as he told you stories about the Capitol and the women he would meet. He spoke for hours and you listened, not drifting off once.
“You never have to go through that again,” you told him when his voice had finally trailed off. “It’s over now.”
He nodded, the corners of his mouth turned up as though he wanted to smile but didn’t quite remember how to. When you woke up the day after, though, the smiling, teasing Finnick you knew so well was back and a weight having been lifted from his chest.
It wouldn’t be easy, but you would try your best to help him see his own worth again.

masterlist | request an imagine

Jack Maynard x reader

Jack Maynard x reader
5. “Who would’ve guessed we’d be sharing a room.”
“Yo, Y/N!”
You locked the door to your flat, suitcase in hand, and turned around to see the buttercream boys sitting in the van they rented for the trip.
You’d gotten a cabin in the country rented out for the weekend and you and the boys were heading out there together.
“Sup buttercream?” You shouted back.
Various calls and shouts came back as replies making you laugh.
“Come on and get your little ass in here!” Jack Maynard shouted at you making you laugh again.
You threw your suitcase in the back and jumped in with the boys.
You were tossed around playfully a little bit before falling in a seat next to Jack and Conor.
“So how’s mama buttercream?”
You smiled. The fans had become accustomed to calling you mama buttercream after you started hanging out with them and the boys picked it up quickly as well.
“I’m good! Totally excited for this weekend!”
This only sent another chorus of excited shouts throughout the van.
“Oi! Pipe down back there would ya? A man’s gotta drive without distractions!”
You snickered. “How’d Oli get stuck with driving?”
“He picked the smallest straw,” Jack replied.
“Which reminds me,” Joe piped up and he lifted a hat, the boys wooing and making various noises.
“What’s that for?” You asked, confused.
“Roommates!” Caspar said. “You said there were only three bedrooms right?”
You nodded. “Yep. And there’s always the main room.”
“Yep,” Joe shook the hat. “Whoever picks the same color has to room together.”
“All right,” you said. “Let’s do it.”
“You first mama buttercream!”
You reached a hand in the hat, pulling out a red slip of paper.
Conor pulls a green one, Mikey pulls a yellow, Josh pulls a green, Caspar pulls an orange, Joe pulls an orange, and Jack pulls a red.
“Oli gets yellow! So we’ve got Joshor, Jaspar, Olkey, and (your names combined).” Joe tosses the hat down and you exchange a bashful glance with Jack.
A little while later you arrive at the cabin and Jack grabs your hand, pulling you from the van before you can think.
“J-Jack! What are you doing?”
“Placing a human call device before the others can get to the best room!”
“Would you at least let me get the key out to open it?”
You pulled the key from your pocket and opened the door, only to be dragged into the house and being practically tossed into the room Jack liked best.
“Stay here! I’ll get your bag!”
You sighed and fell back onto the bed. These boys were a lot of work.
“Damn, eager weren’t you mate?” You hear from the other room.
“Just wanted to get a good room before you idiots.”
“Are you sure it wasn’t because of something else?” Conor wiggled his eyebrows, making Jack glare at him.
“Stop being gross, Conor,” you chimed from the doorway. “Thanks, Jack,”
“No problem, mama buttercream.”
You set your suitcase on a bed and went out to sit in the lounge.
“Okay, who’s ready to play truth or dare. My style?” You smirked as the others settled down.
A chorus of what you took as readys.
You opened your extra bag and pulled out a bottle of vodka and eight shot glasses.
“You all know how it works. Answer truthfully, do the dare, or take a shot of vodka mixed with” -You pulled out the last thing in your spare bag- “mustard.”
You made them each shot and one for yourself before starting. “Okay. First up,” you spun the closed vodka bottle. “Josh Pieters. Truth or Dare?”
As the game went on, you experienced Caspar skinny dipping, Joe doing the ice bucket challenge in nothing, Josh becoming a human chair, Mikey getting makeup put on by the boys, Oli letting the boys hack his twitter, Conor tied to the wall with duct tape, Jack running naked through the trees, and yourself letting the boys draw on you with permanent marker.
You learned how Caspar feels about having celebrities around, how many girls Joe’s had sex with in the past six months, what Josh would do if he were a girl, how many things Mikey has stolen, what Oli’s most awkward date was, what embarrassing thing Conor has been walked in on, and what man Jack would kiss.
They’d all forfeited at least once and you were the only one with a shot glass still full of the gross concoction. And it was now your turn.
“Okay, Y/N,” Conor smirked. “Truth or Dare.”
You grinned evily back. “Dare.”
“I dare you to kiss your roomate.”
Your eyes went wide and you blushed. “Shit. Conor, you know I promised not to kiss any of you!”
“So you don’t want to kiss my brother?”
“I didn’t say that!”
“So you so then?”
“I didn’t say that, either!”
“Kiss him then!”
“Forfeit then!”
“Bloody hell, fine!” You downed the shot.
The boys cheered as you came up with a disgusted look on your face. “Bleh. Give me just the vodka to wash it down.”
You walked in your shared room and got under the covers of your bed, preparing to go to sleep when- “Who would’ve guessed we’d be sharing a room.”
You rolled over to face Jack who was staring at you through the darkness.
“Yeah, funny, right…”
Silence passed between you.
“Yes, Jack?”
“Why didn’t you want to kiss me?”
You blushed, even if he couldn’t see it. “I- um- I-i didn’t say I didn’t want to kiss you.”
“You didn’t say you did, either.”
You started thinking about your silly crush on him and how he’d never return it. You got butterflies in your stomach just thinking about sharing a room with him and now you were. He was just a few feet from you.
“…I don’t think I should answer you.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’ll make things awkward between us…”
“It can’t be that bad, just tell me.”
You took a deep breath. “All right, Jack. I did want to kiss you, just not in front of everyone…”
Silence again and you felt stupid for admitting it. Why, why, why had you done it?
Suddenly you heard shuffling and Jack was right in front of your face. Grinning ear to ear. “Maybe you should try that dare again, hm?”
You smiled. “Oh, Jack,”
Then you kissed him.
It felt so right and sweet that you didn’t want to let him go until-
“Er, Jack?”
“Shh, don’t ruin the moment with talking.”
“But Jack-”
“Well it’s about bloody time you made a move mate!”
Jack jumped and fell back away from you. He had failed to notice Conor standing in the doorway.
“Hey, everyone! (Ship name) finally happened! Jack grew some balls and kissed her!”
“Shut up, Conor!” Jack yelled.
“Wait, does this make you daddy buttercream?”
“Shut up, Conor!”
Ha, that ending though. First time doing a Jack Maynard imagine! How’d I do? Well, loviecleone43 hope you enjoyed!

True Love’s Kiss

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Diaval x Reader

True Love’s Kiss

Prompt(s): Omgomgomgomg Diaval one shot where the reader is Maleficent’s daughter !!!!” and “A Diaval x reader imagine, please?? I just read the Nutcracker one and fell in love!!”

Note: I have been wanting to write for Diaval for literally forever omg.

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1035

Diaval had realized very quickly that a side effect of Maleficent’s magic on him had been the lingering immortality that had been inflicted on his human form. To put it simply, Diaval didn’t age. At all. Mentally or physically. No matter how much time passed, he was trapped in the form of a young man or bird or whatever beast Maleficent decided she needed.

You had been born into Maleficent’s life at a very happy time. Her days in darkness were over, and her reign as the dark queen of the woods had come to an end. Instead, Princess Aurora ruled over the lands, both human and fae. Kind and loyal was she, ruling with love instead of an iron fist like her father or the dark magic of revenge like the former queen. All of the inhabitants of the land were happy, and this included you.

Diaval watched you grow and learn. And though he didn’t change, you did, flourishing into a beautiful young woman. He had been your protector for so long, always watching over you like a shadow, and yet, you had barely ever talked to him, really.

Before you knew it, you were preparing for a ball to celebrate your eighteenth birthday.

Your god-sister Aurora was helping you get dressed in the castle, although the party was to be held in the Moors. They needed some time to get the party ready, of course, and they couldn’t have you there to spoil the surprise.

“Do you feel any different?” Aurora asked. “Eighteen is a big year.”

“Not really, no. I mean, I feel like I should feel different, but I know I’m the same.” You replied thoughtfully.

“I didn’t feel any different on mine either.” She admitted with a grin. “Everyone says you’re supposed to. They all ask. It’s best to just agree with them.”

“Thanks for the words of wisdom.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Just under an hour later, you and Aurora stepped into the Moors.

“Bout time you showed up, princess.” Diaval greeted you immediately, taking your hand in his and pressing a tender kiss to the back of it. “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you.” You smiled. You couldn’t place how, but something felt different. Something about the handsome shape-shifter was different to you. Perhaps your burning cheeks should have been a clue, but the feeling was forgotten when your mother approached. Her arms wrapped tight around you.

“My little birdie is all grown up.” Her voice sounded sad and proud, and the maternal look in her eyes made your heart sink and soar. Maleficent’s careful fingers stroked the feathers of your wings. Like your mother, you too had been gifted with large wings that had carried you high over the Moors many a time. And at the thought of your wings, you were itching to fly.

So after socializing with the many creatures and fae that had gathered to celebrate your newfound adulthood, you took off, racing to your favorite tree in the entire canopy. It had the perfect branch for sitting with the best view of the sunset.

Pink and orange hues danced at the edge of the horizon, and after sitting there for a while, you realized you weren’t alone. A particular raven had found a spot beside you on your branch as he often did.

You glanced over at Diaval, a small smile gracing your features. He looked at you, tilting his head a few times and then hopping closer. He leaned forward and poked your hand with his small beak. You raised an eyebrow. Seeing that you didn’t understand, he poked you again.

Carefully, you lifted your hand. Magic, glittering and yellow, danced around your fingertips for a few seconds, waiting for instruction. You focused on Diaval and then whispered.

“Into a man,”

Diaval’s wings stretched into arms, feathers replaced by fingers as his tiny bird legs elongated into something more human.

“Thank you.” He seemed grateful for the transformation.

“Is it true that you once hated being a human?” You asked him. He was almost hesitant to reply.

“Back then, I didn’t really have a reason to be human. It felt weird to be so much larger and more awkward and unable to fly.” He chuckled. “But if I were a bird, how would I be able to talk to you, princess?”

“Why do you always call me princess?”

“Because to me, you are one.”

You didn’t really know how to respond. And then you did.


“Yes, princess?”

“Aurora always talks about…introducing me to Philip’s friends.”


“I don’t know. I just…In my heart, I’ve always been afraid that they could never compare to you.” Now it was Diaval’s turn to be speechless. His eyes tore themselves away from the sunset and instead landed on your fair features, searching for something to tell him if your words were genuine. “I know it’s foolish to think you could ever-”

“Princess, I never thought I could be enough for you. You’re a magnificent magical being, and I’m a bird that is occasionally not a bird.” He swallowed, hands shaking as he reached out for yours. Your fingers fit perfectly between his, and in that moment, Diaval had never been so thankful for fingers. For arms. For vocal chords and lips that allowed him to do more than squawk. “But if you’d have me, I swear to treat you like the princess you are.”

“I wouldn’t have anyone else.”

The moment your lips met his, it was like a million fireworks erupted in the darkening sky. The feeling was more potent than any magic you had ever felt, more precious than a million gemstones, and more eternal than the man kissing you.

In that moment, Diaval never wanted to be a bird ever again. He would kiss his wings goodbye forever if it meant he would be able to kiss you.

“Do you think your mother will be alright with this?” he asked once you had separated.

“I think my mother knows true love’s kiss when she sees it. And believe me, this was that.”

“I think so too.” He whispered, hand still tightly wrapped around your own. “Happy Birthday, princess.”

It was a happy birthday indeed…

Matthew Daddario Imagine

This was going to be an exciting day. You were on set of your new movie, plus your boyfriend Matthew was visiting you with his friends from his TV show Shadowhunters. At the beginning it was planned that Matthew was going to visit you by himself, but when the day came closer he asked if he could bring his friends. Of course you said yes, not only were you a fan of his TV show but also you really wanted to meet his friends.

When the day came, you asked the director the give you a slow day. You had to do few scenes and then you were off. In exchange for the slow day you promised to do a full day pf work and even extra, but the director said no. You had been doing so much work before so that one slow day for you would be nothing. He was even going to give you a full day off, but didn’t feel right about it.

“You ready for today?” your friend Ella, who is also filming in the movie, asked as you were getting ready for them to arrive.

“Yes. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.” you jumped up excited. “I’ve miss him”

“I bet” she said then looked in the distance and slowly started to walk away “You don’t have to wait any longer” you looked back seeing Matthew and everyone else walking your way.

“Matt” you yelled out and ran to him. He smiled big, opened his arms and lifted you up.

“Gosh how I missed you” he whispered in your ear, letting you back down to the ground. You kissed him then pulled away when someone spoke behind you two.

“You two are so cute” turning around you saw Katherine smiling at you and Matthew. “I just ruined a moment didn’t I?” she said making you laugh.

“No, it’s okay. We should go. I have so many things to show you” and so you all walked. You showed them all the sets were you filmed, all the different gadgets you used in the movie and even let them try them out. Everyone was having fun and you finally had a chance to spend some time with Matthew. After the big tour you and everyone else sat by the table and had dinner.

“This was really fun. Thanks (Y/N).” Harry said and everyone agreed.

“To be honest I didn’t think you were going to be the way you are. Since you are so famous.” Dominic said looking at you and Matthew. You felt Matts hands tensed up around your waist. “But I was wrong. You are really sweet and cool. Down to earth. So I’m sorry I assumed something that wasn’t true” he gave you a true apologetic look.

“Don’t worry, It’s normal to think that way. I thought that about the people I work here, it’s normal. I was scared to meet you guys, but it all worked out.” Matthews hands relaxed and he kissed your cheek. It was normal to make assumptions about people who are in the public eye, since everyone liked to make up stories. What was important was to meet them and find out what they really were like before you judge them. 

More than just a storyline

Roman Reigns x Reader

**Word count: 1398**


QUICK NOTE: Requests are open, you are more than welcome to request one or more oneshot(s)

The big boss man, Vince McMahon himself, had decided that Roman needed a lover.

And of course, that would be you. You two had been in this storyline for a few months now, although it hadn’t made that much progress. The two of you were currently going over tonight’s script.

Roman was leaning up against the wall, facing you while you were sitting on a crate. “This is stupid.” You muttered, glaring at the piece of paper in front of you.

“Why’s that?” Roman asked, looking up at you.

“Why’s that? Have you read this? They decided to make me a damsel in distress! ‘Oh no Roman! The mean man scares me, help!’ I could kick Bray’s ass.” You spat angrily, tossing the script to the floor. Roman chuckled, shaking his head at you. “I’m sure you could.”

A crew member with a thick ginger beard walked up, stopping at looking at you. “Your match is now.” You nodded at the man, jumping off the crate. You jogged down the hallway, turning around and giving Roman a Salute, “I’ll see you in ten minutes or so!”

Your music hit, signaling it’s your turn to go out. Pushing through the curtains, you gave a big grin as the crowd burst into cheers. Making your way down to the ring; you kept eye contact with Paige. You slid into the ring, going into your corner.

The bell rung and the two of you met in the middle, you getting the upper hand and bringing Paige to the ground. You stood up and quickly delivering an elbow drop, giving you the time you needed to get to the top rope. Carefully, you stood up and got your balance. You brought your arm up, why not add a little bit to the storytelling. You clocked your fit like Roman does, getting a reaction from the crowd. Paige has stood up and spun around, only to get a fist to the face. You just hit her with superman punch, off of the top rope. You didn’t quite stick the landing though; nearly gasping in pain as your ankle twisted underneath you.

“Son of a bitch!” You spat out, holding onto the ropes for support. Paige had stood up, scooping you up and slamming you onto the ground. She covered you for the pin, quickly asking if you were okay, you nodded. Stopping the count at two, you kicked you.

The Wyatt family music hit and the lights went out. Your eyes widened, they weren’t supposed to come out until the match was over.

By the time the lights were back on, you had stood up and Paige was gone, the Wyatt family now in the ring. Bray and Luke Harper stood in front of you, meaning Braun Strowman was probably behind you. You confirmed your worries when you backed up, only for your back to meet a chest. You turned around and literally looked up at him.

Suddenly you were scooped up by Strowman, he had you in a fireman’s carry. “What the fuck!” You spat, your fists hitting the large man in the back. This wasn’t part of the script, hell they weren’t even supposed to be out here. Bray had picked up a microphone, all he had said was “Anybody but you.” You were confused, maybe even a little bit scared; not that you would ever admit that.

The Wyatt’s left the ring, you still being carried by Strowman. Then none other than Roman Reigns’ music hit, causing the crowd to cheer. You watched as he nearly ran down the stairs, the family quickly retreating, scrambling up the ramp to the stagetop. By the time Roman had jumped the barrier, the Wyatt family, and you, had made their way backstage.

You passed crew members and superstars on the way, nobody batted an eye. You had given up trying to escape Strowman’s grasp, letting yourself lay limp in his grasp.

Suddenly, he put you down. You were in a broom closet. Luke and Bray had shut the door; leaving. Braun was silent, leaning against the door. You sighed and sat down on the floor, letting your head lean back against the wall. Braun had tapped you on the shoulder, making you open your eyes. In his hand was a dark red apple, “Eat.” Was all he said. You gave him a small smile, taking the apple from his hand.


How long you two were in the closet, you weren’t sure. A knock at the door made you jump, Strowman looked at you and gave you a look that said sorry, before he picked you up again and walked out. You let out a groan as they walked over to the curtains, probably watching the TV screen to see what was happening in the ring but you couldn’t see.

“I am not leaving ring until Bray Wyatt and his posse get their asses out here now!” You heard Roman spit, his voice deep and angry. Bray laughed. Then you heard the Wyatt family music hit, and we were headed down the ramp.

You were put down in the ring, surrounded by the three Wyatt’s. You looked at Roman, eyes wide.

Roman decided it was a lovely idea to attack Bray, completely disregarding the fact that Bray had backup. Harper and Strowman were on him in an instant. They tore him off and beat him down. You sat there with your eyes wide. You couldn’t just stand there, you had to do something! So you did.

Bray had Roman set up for Sister Abigail, his back facing you. You did the first thing that came to mind. You ran up behind him and threw your foot up, hitting him with a low blow. He released Roman, who fell to the ground.

Pain filled your face as you hit the ground, Luke Harper had super kicked you right in the jaw. Was that actually supposed to make contact? You weren’t sure. It sure hurt like a bitch though. You looked up to find Luke having the shit beat out of him by Roman, who was furious. You scrambled up, grabbing Roman and pulling him back. His breathing was heavy. The Wyatt’s had fled the ring.

Roman had turned around and cupped your face, running his thumb along your jaw. “Are you alright baby girl?” His voice was no longer angry, it was soft and caring. Your cheeks tinted pink as you gave him a nod. He smiled and wrapped his arms around you, bringing you into his chest and lifting you off the ground. You laughed as you wrapped your legs around him, resting your head on his shoulder.

The crowd had began chanting ‘kiss’ causing both of your cheeks to heat up while looking at each other. Roman shrugged, making you tilt your head in confusion. Hoping down off of Romans waist, you looked down, hoping your hair would hide how red your face was right now. His fingers met your chin and lifted your face up, forcing you to look at him. He was smiling.

Then his lips met yours, causing your eyes to widen and the crowd to erupt into cheers. It was a soft kiss, merely a gentle peck of the lips. But it was over nearly as soon as it began. Roman turned to leave, only to be pulled back by you. You reached up and pulled his head down, getting up on your tippy toes. You brought your lips to his, him immediately kissing you back and pulling you into him. This kiss was much different from the first one, this was probably more heated than it should have been seeming you were on like TV. As cheesey as it sounds, you felt sparks fly, it seemed like everyone around you had disappeared.

When this kiss finally broke, you both looked at each other and smiled widely. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.” He spoke, holding onto your hand. All you could do was laugh and the both of you made your way out of the ring. Roman’s music played and you made your way up the ramp, grinning like a fool the whole time.

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Behind The Story – Pt. 2

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend and also a cast member of the show and it’s her first Con after her injury in set.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.3k+

Warnings: PURE FLUFF.

A/N: NO HATE TOWARDS DANNEEL, SHE’S AMAZING Y’ALL! Thanks to babe @lovin-ackles for beta it ♥ Her Outfit  Feedback is always very much appreciated it.

Pics Source: @justjensenanddean

Behind The Story Masterlist


Hearing the fans shouting your name as they clapped made your heart flutter. They were as anxious as you were to get up there and have a great time with them as always. Rob and Richard were doing the intro before announcing the boys and you. The green room was crowded with the cast and staff. You stood next to the black thick curtains hearing the fans laugh at one of Rich’s comments, a smile on your lips.

“Hey,” Jensen appears in front of you holding two cups of Starbucks.

You wink at him grabbing the cup that has Sunshine written in black sharpie and licking your lower lip before taking a sip of the coffee. You glance at him when your taste approved the mochaccino. Moaning slightly, “It’s good.”

Jensen smiled and took a sip of his black coffee.

Both of you were a bit tired from last night’s shenanigans. You and Jensen thought it was a good idea to have some skin to skin fun just after a fourteen hour shift and a one hour and twenty five minute flight to DC. But who could blame you? Being pregnant had increased your sexual appetite to another level. Not that Jensen or you complained, which was pleasant and amazing as always but today both of you felt like the sheets were still on.

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Sebastian Stan is a gift to mankind


  • because when a fan was waiting for him in the street, he stopped and got out of his car for a photo and hugged her.
  • when he noticed a fan’s self harm scars, he looked her in the eye, squeezed her hand and told her: ‘It’s gonna be OK, you know’ 
  • when a fan was so happy to see him that started crying, he hugged her
  • when he noticed that her fan didn’t want to smile because of her teeth, he told her she shouldn’t hide them, “just be yourself, you should smile all the time, because you are beautiful.” 
  • when he saw how bad this girl’s hand was shaking, he grabbed it, kissed it, and told her that everything was cool
  • his hugs are not lame and small
  • he was sticking his tongue out to lick someone on the face during a photo op
  • he hated that he couldn’t touch anyone during the Philly Con. ‘It’s like a prison.’
  • and yet he hugged everyone and got into trouble, but he didn’t give a shit
  • and took photos with fans not like a famous person but like a cool brother
  • and he was giving free pictures to kids
  • he’s a dork, just like all of us
  • he can walk into a fridge and a wall and staying fabulous
  • he can act like a 12 year-old and be cool about it
  • his face is just the best thing in the world
  • he smells like vanilla, sex, rain and flowers
  • he makes us wonder every day; what did we do to deserve all this beauty?

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Seven minutes in heaven with Jiper, Percabeth, and Frazel?

I have a Jiper one and a Percabeth one. So here is a Frazel one.

  • Frank looked at the girl who spun the bottle. She smiled at him, knowing that the spin was a good one. 
  • They got up and went to the bedroom that people were getting locked in for the seven minutes. However, the joke was on them. 
  • Frank knew the girl that spun the bottle, they have been dating for a few months now but they haven’t told anyone about it. Her name is Hazel and she was the sweetest person Frank has ever met.
  • Hazel walked over to him and gently kissed him. Her lips were soft against his.
  • “I really wanted my spin to land on you.” She smiled. 
  • “I’m so glad it did.” He leaned down and kissed her again. Hazel was standing on her tiptoes to reach him in the middle. 
  • Frank wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up by her waist. Hazel chuckled when she became the same height as Frank. 
  • He went to the bed and sat down. He placed Hazel on his lap. They were in a slight bliss. Their relationship has been going great and keeping it a secret was such a great thrill.
  • Hazel moved so she could straddle his lap. Her butt was hurting from sitting on his thighs and at least now she can be the same height as him. She broke the kiss and looked into his brown eyes. 
  • “You have beautiful eyes.” Frank whispered to her. “I can stare into them for hours.” 
  • She giggled as she tried to keep eye contact with him. “Frank, I think we should tell people we’re dating.” 
  • “Why? Don’t you like sneaking around?” He asked. 
  • “I do! But I want to be able to tell our friends and hold you hand all the time.” She said. 
  • He smiled and took her hands. “Alright, we can tell people because I want to hold your hand too.” 
  • She leaned up and kissed him, hugging him tight. 
  • Seven minutes was a short amount of time for two people that were in love. There was no awkward conversations and lots of loving kisses. 
  • The door opened and everyone who was waiting outside gasped. Hazel was still straddling Frank’s lap and kissing him. The two of them were red as Hazel got off of his lap. She took his hand and walked out of the room.
Winchester Brothers x Chubby! Reader / Not A Problem

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Prompt: The Reader sets two girls straight in an awesome fuckin’ way

Warnings: Probably triggers idk

Genre: Fuckin Awesomeness

Words: 781

A/N: We need more body positivity! Be proud of your body and rock it out!! ;)

Being ‘Thick’ Or ‘Chubby’ had so many pros and cons. The pros were that you didn’t need a blanket in winter and always being warm. Cons? Having people make fun of your weight. You didn’t mind at all. You were perfectly content with your body and didn’t really care for anyone’s opinion on how you looked. You loved how you look and that’s all that mattered. You were currently wearing Dean’s flannel. Sure it was tight on you, But he said he loved you wearing his clothes so.. Why not? Sam had given you his flannel also, Saying that you needed more than one; But it was obvious he was jealous of his older brother. You were leaning against the impala, Playing with your phone for a while until Sam and Dean came back from the grocery store.

“Why is she wearing such a tight shirt? Does she not know that it fits her?”

You look up, The woman’s friend shushing her. They both looked like they were waiting on the bus.

“She heard you! Be more quiet Alex!”

“It’s true. Look. I can see the buttons of her shorts struggling to stay on”

You knew that was a lie, Since these pants were your size and you always checked that it didn’t have any rips.

“Right? I swear. Can’t people buy stuff their own size? She looks like a whale”

They were giggling and you were starting to get pissed off. Whales were cute. You were cute. Who were they to talk about how you’re supposed to dress? You straightened up, Starting to walk toward them.

They immediately shut up, Looking away from you.

“Excuse me?” You were trying to not explode in front of them. “I heard you two talking about my weight. Just so you know, I’m actually proud of how I look. I love how I look and that’s all that matters. At least I’m not like those girls who try and get their body the shape of supermodels” You eyed them up and down “And not starving myself to get love and recognition. I really think you two should stop before you actually hurt someone. Or someone hurts you”

You smiled, Starting to walk away.

“At least I have a boyfriend.”

You turned around, Stomping toward her.


“Yeah. And she has two” Sam’s voice booms, Startling the three of you.

“Huh!?” Both of the girls mouths are agape, Unable to close them while looking at your two best friends

“There is no way you’re going out with.. Her” Her friends voice is soft, Almost scared.

“Don’t believe it?”

You feel Dean’s hand go around your chin, Pulling you to the side. He plants a quick kiss to your lips, Sam doing the same.

“Now?” The brothers have amused looks on their faces, And you blush but smile at the two girls.

“Why don’t we leave now darlings? We seem to be running late” You play along, The two girls giving you jealous looks.

The boys nod, Wrapping their hands around your waist. While walking away from the girls, Dean slaps your ass; And you smack him on the arm.

All getting into the impala, You explode in laughter. Dean starts to pull away, But you tell him to stop in front of the girls.

“Such a nice boyfriend you have. Making you wait on the bus stop instead of picking you up. Get a better boyfriend sweetheart. Also..” You smile, “Be body positive”

Dean drives away quickly, And you all once explode in laughter.

“We are total bosses!!!” You laugh, fist bumping them.

“Hell yeah! That was fucking awesome!”

“You totally owned them (Name)”

“That’s what I do baby” You chuckle, Sitting back on the seat.

“Just in case, Don’t listen to them (Name). You’re beautiful just the way you are”

“Don’t worry about what other people think”

“Heh Thanks guys. I know. Just don’t want them to say that to the wrong person. They might hurt them. Or they could get hurt back. I love my body and everyone should too.”

They smile, Dean looking through the mirror to meet his eyes,

“Sorry about the kiss too. Wanted to make it believable”

“It’s alright guys. You could do it again if you guys wanted to” You wink at them, And they laugh.

“Yeah okay. We’ll do it next time”

You kiss both their cheeks, Smiling.

“Thanks for having my back guys. I’m lucky to have you guys. Not a lot of people like me have people on their back. Thanks babes” 

You kiss their cheek once more; Ruffling Sam’s hair and slicking Dean’s hair back, Watching as it got all puffy.

“No probs (Name)”

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Ashton Irwin- Daddy's Home

Request: Ashton smut based of the song ‘Hey Daddy’ by Usher.


Hearing the vibrations against the table, I grabbed my phone off the table and quickly answered it.

“Y/N, can you go check on my mom for me?” Ashton’s voice asked through the phone. “She’s acting strange and I can’t really come home.”

“Yes, Ash. Of course.” I answered, grabbing my keys and beginning to leave the apartment.

“Thank you, call me after you talk to her. Okay?” Ashton said sweetly.


Ashton and I weren’t technically official, but I knew that he was the only person I wanted to be with. It’s hard to maintain a relationship when you aren’t in the same country as the other person, so I was fine with whatever we were. So of course when Ashton asked me to check on his mom I immediately jump to it.

When I pulled up to the house her car wasn’t in the driveway. I parked my car and walked up to the door, I used to get yelled at for knocking or ringing the doorbell so I walked in.

“Anne.” I called out, but I didn’t get a reply.

A shadow moved against the wall of the hallway, then a tall figure came around the corner. “Oh my god.” I said, covering my mouth and tears forming in eyes.

“Come here, babe.” Ashton giggled and I ran into his arms. He squeezed me tight, his arms around my waist as I cried happily in his arms. We stayed like that for about five minutes, then Ashton told me about the party he planned on having and he wanted my help to put it together.


After talking to everyone, I decided to get away for I moment. I made my way to Ashton’s room and closed the door behind me as I made my way to his desk. Instead of sitting on the chair, I sat on the desk and rolled a blunt like Ashton and I used to.

Once I sparked the blunt and took a couple of hits the door opened. Ashton walked in with a smile on his face as he walked over to me. I hit the blunt again, but this time Ashton ghosted his lips over mine and sucked the smoke from my lungs. I was in complete awe from then on. Ashton grabbed me from my hips and pulled me close to him.

“Damn Irwin.” I smirked.

Ashton leaned close to whisper in my ear, “Daddy’s home, so it’s time to play.”

He pressed his lips to my neck, leaving a trail of kisses to my lips. Ashton kissed me hard, grinding his hips again my core. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled on his shaggy blonde curls. We were both so ready for what was about to happen.

Ashton messed with the button to my shorts, when he got it undone I lifted my hips off the desk and he pulled them down my legs. I took off my shirt as Ashton pushed my legs apart and slowly dragged his fingers up my slit.

“You obviously missed me.” Ashton chuckled, pushing two fingers in me. I gasped and tried to close my legs, but Ashton wouldn’t let me. He shoved his fingers in and out of me at a rapid pace, curling his fingers every couple of time. I felt Ashton press his thumb to my clit and I moaned out. Right before I could cum, Ashton pulled his fingers away and sucked them clean.

He took my hand, helping me off the desk. “Bend over and grab the edge of the bed.” Ashton ordered, so I did as I was told and heard his zipper go down. Ashton kicked his pants aside, he took a hold of himself and pumped himself a couple of times. I felt his tip press against my clit and gasped, waiting for him.

One of his hand grasped my ass, squeezing as he pushed in slowly. I threw my head back, and Ashton took a hold of my hair. He pounded into me, pulling on my hair and digging his nails into my hips as he did.

“Daddy! Fuck!” I cried out, feeling Ashton let go of my hair and cover my mouth.

He bent over and whispered in my ear, “We still have quests, you have to keep quiet.”

I bit on my lip and nodded, letting him know that I understood. My legs began to feel weak, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could handle. Ashton brought his hand back, soon connecting it with the cheek of my ass. That smack pushed me over the edge and I came around him. “Ash, Daddy.” I moaned out as I saw stars.

“I love hearing you say my name like that.” Ashton groaned as he pulled out of me.

Ashton moved to the chair, once he sat down he pulled me to him. I crawled on top of him, with my back against his sweat stained chest and placed my feet on his knees. Ashton sucked on my neck as I rested my head on his shoulder and sank down on him.

“Y/N, roll your hips.” Ashton breathed into my ear.

Once I was completely down on him I rolled my hips like he asked. Ashton moaned loudly as he played with my boobs. I began bouncing up and down, hearing every noise that Ashton made.

Ashton brought a hand down and began rubbing my clit. The familiar knot of pleasure started to grow in a my stomach once again. Every time I went down I rolled my hips, this time it was about him.

“Baby, I, I, fuck.” He swore as he released himself inside me. Ashton slowed down his rubbing, which caused my to come undone.

When I got off of Ashton I moved over to his bed. Ashton put his pants back on and walked over to his suitcase, he pulled out a shirt and gave it to me.

“You should get some rest, I’ll tell everyone it’s time to leave.” Ashton smiled, kissing my forehead and pulling the cover over me. “Tomorrow we’ll stay in bed and watch your favorite movies all day.”

“I love you.” I mumbled, then stopped breathing because I never told him that before.

Ashton was quiet for awhile, I almost wanted to disappear but then I heard, “I love you too, Y/N.”

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“One more taste...”

Wrote a little something based off of an amazing piece of art by @lordzuuko

The art can be found HERE

Thank you for pulling me farther into Sheith hell.

*Cut for length, not content*

“So you really don’t remember anything?”

“No, I’ve already told you this five times. I don’t remember.”

Sitting in a room, watching Lance attempt to ‘interrogate’ Shiro, wasn’t exactly Keith’s idea of fun. It was frustrating the way they continued on back and forth, neither of them seeming to realize just how aggravating they were being. Was this some kind of game to them at this point? It certainly looked like it.

“Lance, I think you’ve done enough damage for the day, don’t you?”

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My Home

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Derek Hale
Words: 1,977
Warnings: violence, (theo x josh violence) suggestion of smut (but none) and texting and driving (DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE PLEASE!!!)
Request: yes or no
Parts:  1 2 3
Inspired By: the movie John Wick, because I watched it and got inspired to make something similar to it…so thank you John Wick!
A/N: so here is my new Derek Hale story, which i sincerely hope you all enjoy! of course I now need to make a *disclaimer *  so even though this story was inspired by John Wick it will NOT have any parts of the movie in it! this also conflicts with Season 5 of Teen Wolf which I altered a bit because we all know Derek Hale was NOT in Season 5 of Teen Wolf, so things will end differently then in the show if not at all. that is all. Enjoy!

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You Can’t Escape Love

gif is not mine

Title: You Can’t Escape Love

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 432

Warnings: Fluff and angst

A/N: This was next on my list to post, so AYY IT’S ANOTHER GABRIEL! I’m going to update my masterlist soon, minus the prompt requests. However, those are still open! :D Prompts, imagines, one shots, you name it.

The archangel fought off tears as the Winchesters gave him the news of your death.  However, you hadn’t died.  The Winchesters were told by one of Crowley’s lackeys that you were killed in cold blood.  After they killed the demon, they told Castiel, who in turn told Gabriel.  

Gabriel meant to tell you how much he loved you before you left the bunker that fateful night.  He thought he was going to be able to see you again, but now he was never going to get to tell you.  He excused himself from the two brothers; he needed some air.

You escaped the clutches of your demonic captures a few days ago.  You were bloody and bruised, but you had to get back to the bunker.  You opened the door to the bunker, sighing as you closed the door.  You descended down the stairs, walking straight to the kitchen.  You immediately plopped down in a chair, resting your legs for a few minutes.

You got up to get a glass of water when you bumped into a familiar archangel.  “Shit, sorry Gabriel.  I was just getting some-.”

You were immediately cut off by Gabriel’s tight embrace.  You wrapped your arms around him, slightly confused at his unusual affection.  He leaned back, pressing his fingers to your forehead, healing you.  You saw tears falling down his cheeks and wiped them away.  He chuckled softly, “it’s nice to see you [Y/N].”

“Is everything okay Gabe,” you asked, still perplexed by seeing him this vulnerable.  You didn’t see Gabriel like this, ever.  He was always having fun and laughing, but this was not Gabriel-like behavior.

The archangel ran a hand through your hair, cupping your face in his palm.  “I need to tell you something.  I should have told you a long time ago,” Gabriel smiled.  

“What are you talking about,” you furrowed your eyebrows.

Gabriel leaned his forehead against yours.  “I thought you were dead; everyone thinks you’re dead [Y/N].”  Gabriel put a finger to your lips, so you couldn’t interrupt him.  “I love you [Y/N].  Everything about you, I love it.  Your smile, your laugh, all of it,” he whispered.

“Gabriel,” you smiled, “I love you too.”  You pressed your lips gently against his, resting your arms around his neck.  You leaned into Gabriel as he broke the kiss, laying your head against his chest.

Gabriel snapped his fingers, ridding you of your bloody clothes and giving you clean clothes.  “Much better sugar,” he smirked, taking your hand in his.  “Let’s go tell the knuckleheads the good news shall we?”

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So I completely got lost with this and I quite like it to be honest. I just let the words felw out of my mind and this is how it turned out. Definetely one of my favourite twin imagines so far. I’m sorry for it being so short tho! Thanks to the lovely @mysummertimemusings for requesting it xx

It had been a few months since Y/N and Joe kept it a secret. They were long time friends but they soon realized that it wasn’t just friendship, it was actually love. Joe didn’t want his friends to know at first because in his small group of mates, there was this person that Joe was a bit unsure of ; Jack, Y/N’s twin brother. Joe knew that Y/N and him had a special bond and relationship but he also knew that Jack was not joking around when it came to her. But after a certain time, they decided that their friends should know and they started leaving small hints, figuring that they would find out by themselves and they quickly did.

And as they were all at the Maynards/Josh flat, Joe had kissed Y/N in the hallway, thinking that they wouldn’t see but they all did. The lovers exchanged a smile before their friends started to tease them about their relationship, even Conor joined in. “Cor hitting on your mate’s sister, that’s evil!” Oli said as everyone laughed at his comment as we made our way next to them on the couch. “I bloody knew they would get together!” Conor exclaimed and Y/N was surprised to see him so thrilled about it as he was her older brother but it warmed her heart. “We can’t leave these two alone in a room now.” Josh joked as they went on and on about the couple and soon enough, Y/N noticed how quiet her twin was being. She frowned as she watched him get up and walk away with her lovely boyfriend, Joe.

Joe followed Jack without saying a word until they were in the kitchen, the voices of their friends being ruffled in the background. Jack was glaring at Joe and Joe felt himself tense under the intimidating stare of his mate. “You know what I’m about to say, right?” Jack spoke, crossing his arms. “Um, I’m not exactly sure.” Joe admitted, obviously getting nervous. “You better not break her heart.” Jack started, keeping his gaze hard and threatening as he watched Joe get more and more uncomfortable. “You better not use her or whatever because I swear to god, Joe.” He stopped for a second, thinking about the biggest way to scare his friend because it was amusing him in a way. “If you do break her heart, I will nicely tear your head off and feed it to crows before throwing your body into the Thames, understood?” Jack asked as Joe swallowed loudly while starting to sweat. “Understood.” Joe repeated, wanting to disappear into the ground. And then Jack smiled, patting his mate’s shoulder and Joe was confused. “But I’m happy for you, buddy! I’d rather have you dating her then some weird pervs.” Jack stated and Joe didn’t know what to do so he chuckled slightly as Jack wrapped his arm around his shoulder, leading him back to the rest of their friends who were laughing at something that Caspar had said.

Jack let go of Joe, winking at him as he smiled and sat back on the couch. Jack’s eyes felt on Y/N and he smiled as he watched her throw her head back as she laughed and their eyes met. Jack was truly happy for them, Joe was his best mate and he couldn’t wish for anyone better to date his sister because he knew how much of a good guy Joe was, he had no doubt on that. Jack made his way to where Y/N was to sit next to her, leaning in to say something that he only wanted her to hear. “I’m glad you found someone like Joe.” Jack said, feeling himself bubble up with happiness as she smiled warmly at him, because it filled him with joy to see her so happy. “But please, be careful.” He whispered in her hear and he watched as her eyes met Joe’s from the opposite side of the couch, their glances filled with love. She looked back to her brother and this time, she was the one leaning in to say something. “I couldn’t feel safer with the three boys of my life.” She spoke, meeting Conor’s glance who winked at her and Jack laughed. “Nah, I’m the only guy in your life and that won’t change.” Jack stated and she hit his arm playfully. “Shut up!’ She exclaimed, their laughter echoing in the apartment. “What’s so funny?” Caspar questioned, all of the boys looking into their direction. Jack and Y/N exchanged a look and at the same time spoke, “Twin secrets.” and the whole group frowned as the two twins simply laughed again.

“I’m sure your skies are quite spectacular in Asgard,” Ororo said as she drifted onto the cold stone that served as the outer wall between the new Avenger’s facility and the local towns. It was a deeply wooded area, cloaked with the latest Stark tech.

There were no lights, but the sky was cloudy, gearing up for a summer rainstorm. Thor looked over at Ororo, who was sitting comfortably, staring fondly at the clouds as they moved before the moon, glowing. 

“Different, yes. But no more spectacular than yours, though I cannot say I have been much fond of star-gazing in Asgard, or had much time for it here.”

Ororo turned to him, a disappointed pout on her face, just barely visible in the moonlight. 

“Well that just won’t do!” she said, gently gliding up towards the clouds. She disappeared for a moment, Thor’s eyes locked on the slight disturbance in cloud formation.

Then suddenly, gracefully, the clouds parted ways around her, diverting out of sight for hundreds of miles to reveal a perfectly clear view of they summer stars, Ororo floating in the center, striking even though she was not in her all white costume. 

She floated down gently, smiling as she did so, “You should always take a little time to see the stars.”

Thor reached out a massive hand, enveloping her smaller one, and carefully moved so that she was once more in his line of vision, the sky in a spray of reds, purples and gold behind her, “I can see now, why everyone fights so hard to protect this sky,” he kissed her hand, silently vowing to do his best to protect Ororo’s sky as well.