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So You Want to Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So you may have heard that Buffy the Vampire Slayer just turned 20 years old and now everyone’s talking about it and you’re thinking of watching it, but there are just so many episodes and it might expire on Netflix at the end of the month, so how are you going to manage that? 

WELL GUESS WHAT, I have made you a bunch of curated episode lists depending on what you want to watch for. 

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All The Best People Are Crazy

Character: Rhion Hatter x Alice (OC)
Song Prompt:

Mad Hatter – Melanie Martinez
You think I’m psycho, you think I’m gone
Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong

So what if I’m crazy? The best people are
All the best people are crazy, all the best people are
Summary: What happens when the bidders try to intervene in Alice’s relationship with Rhion?
Warnings: Fluff.

“You sure you want to leave the two of them alone?” I can hear Baba’s voice through the penthouse door. A grunt is all that is given in response.

“Eisuke, she’s just as mad as he is.” Ota’s voice sounds both whiny and concerned. My eyebrow twitches as I slowly turn the door knob; everyone freezes as I enter the room, caught out in their gossip of my new relationship with Rhion.

“A-Alice.” Baba and Ota exclaim as they take in my outfit: my blonde hair is tied up with a black ribbon, bright red lipstick and neutral make up, a baby blue dress that sits just low enough where it doesn’t reveal anything when I bend over, black knee high stockings and black high heels. An outfit I wouldn’t be caught dead in before I met Rhion.

“Good evening.” I bow before I skip around the penthouse, cleaning and humming as I go.

“I told you she’s as fucken mad as he is.” I pause as I hear Ota’s hushed whisper, taking a deep breath; I calm myself before I continue with my job.

When I’m about to leave, a hand rests upon my shoulder and I quickly turn to see the worried face of Mitsunari Baba.

“Alice, I’m worried about you.” I smile brightly, cocking my head to the side slightly. “You’ve always been a little…”

“Nuts!” Calls Ota from behind us.

“…well, yes. But lately, you’ve been crazier than usual. Are you okay?” I open my mouth to reply when the door suddenly opens, startling me.

“Alice?” Rhion’s gentle voice calls me to attention, his slender grey eyes softening as we meet each other’s gaze. “We’re going to be late.” I pull my phone out of my pocket and check the time.


Moving from Baba’s firm grip, I move quickly towards Rhion’s outstretched hand; everyone looking shocked at the seemingly normal exchange. Without a word, we leave and hurry towards the hotel roof. Taking off his jacket, he wraps me in his warmth as we sit and stare up at the sky, the meteor shower has already begun and we sit in comfortable silence as we watch it.

“Is everything okay?” His quiet voice echoes in the night sky, the opposite to his ‘Mad Hatter’ persona.

“Hmm?” I look away from the show and gaze at his profile next to me.

“Why were you late?” I chew my bottom lip as I try to phrase my answer.

“They are worried about me losing my mind.” I snort at their concern; frankly I lost it before I met any of them. “They reckon I’m going crazy.”

“I love it when you’re crazy,” his soft smile crinkles his eyes; “it matches my crazy and shows me I’m not alone in this sane world.” I chuckle at his words; he’s always told me that I made him feel safer in the outside world. His Wonderland that he never left until I arrived, his ‘Alice’. Ironically, that is my name but it wasn’t hard to fall for both Rhion Hatter and the Mad Hatter, the two sides of the same handsome man.

“All the best people are crazy.” I rest my head on his shoulder as we sit, once again, in silence.

Eisuke pages me early the next morning; when I arrive at the penthouse, I’m greeted by several frowns and an unfamiliar face. The unfamiliar face, it turns out, is a psychiatrist.

“WHAT?” I yell, a bit louder than I intended. I can’t help but stare daggers at Eisuke as he forces me to sit on the couch opposite the psychiatrist, Dr Henry Jekyll. “You do realise you’re forcing me to talk to a man who has the same name as the fictional character with a split evil personality?”

“You do realise your name is Alice and you live in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter.” Ota retorts, causing me to huff and pout.

“I can accept the erratic behaviour from the Hatter but not from you.” Eisuke says shortly.

“Why?” I ask. “How long has it been since Rhion stepped foot outside? How many times have you tried to get him ‘help’? Did it work? No, yet ever since we met, he’s experienced so much because I make him feel safe.” The good doctor smiles as he observes our interaction.

“And why is that?” His deep voice brings my attention to him; I almost forgot he was even here.

“Because to him, I’m the one thing that makes sense in this fucked up world, a world that terrifies him. His whole life he’s been forced to live in a fantasy to escape his reality.” I meet Dr Jekyll’s gaze with an intense stare. “So what if I act a little crazier than I actually am to make him feel safe? You do crazy things when you’re in love!” Nobody meets my eyes as I glare around at their faces, eyes darting every and which way to avoid me.

“Alice.” A singsong voice cuts through the awkward silence and I stand up to walk towards the source. “We must not keep the Queen of Hearts waiting.” Getting into character, I give a bright smile and skip towards the Mad Hatter, whose high heel boots are already retreating from the room.

“Oh,” I pause at the door, dropping the façade enough for everyone to see the seriousness on my face. “If anyone needs their heads checked, I think it should be all of you, not me.” Not waiting to hear their replies, I skip towards my love waiting patiently by the elevator.

“Is everything alright?” His voice drops to the low, gentle level he reserves for me.

“Let’s go home to Wonderland.” I take his gloved hand, kiss him on his magenta painted lips and smile brightly.

anonymous asked:

i personally agree with you completely about how the fandom mischaracterises both Will and Nico while shipping Solangelo, and that pisses me off as well. I dunno, I ship it, but it's just very different from what everybody else imagines.

Yes! If I completely ignore the fandom, I could probably ship solangelo, I probably would

But fandom Solangelo is just too… forced. Like I mentioned last night. I think I’ll expand on that now.

The way the fandom thinks Will and Nico interact and the mischaracterization is what really made me not like the ship.

Nico is someone with a big personal bubble and boundaries. And here we have the fandom having Will invading and breaking all of those and Nico supposedly not minding. Are you kidding? 

  1. Will would never do that. Sure he’s pushy, we’ve seen that, but having no respect for someone’s personal space is very different.
  2. Nico would close off so fast to Will his head would spin. Nico is a very private person, and if someone came barging into his life and space like that he would almost definitely resent that person immediately.
  3. I don’t care about that scene in BOO. If you think for one second that would be what the entirety of Nico and Will’s relationship, what it would be like, with Will demanding and Nico complying, then ???? No??? Goodbye??? That’s not healthy!! That’s not a healthy relationship!!! Yes I am saying that some versions of Will and Nico in a relationship is not healthy!!

I’m not saying Solangelo isn’t a healthy relationship, but I am saying that the way some people view it as could be unhealthy.

But!! Solangelo could be this awesome relationship if everyone would just stop twisting their characters to fit the relationship people think they SHOULD have

That is the icing on top of the cake.

Real Will Solace: Calm, laid back, a steady presence, hardworking, genuinely kind and caring

Fandom Will Solace: Happy-go-lucky, outgoing, bossy, does what he wants when he wants, and altogether Jason Grace and Leo Valdez smashed together (oh yeah I said that)

Real Nico di Angelo: Slightly reserved, keeps to himself, has issues with people telling him what to do, only lets people in when he’s good and ready

Fandom Nico di Angelo: let’s Will barge his way into his life with no complaints or resistance.

I think you get my point.

But because we know so little about Will Solace, I think that’s why the fandom has been easily able to ignore his canon traits and twist and shape him and Nico to fit their ideal version of the ship. 

If people stopped doing that, then I would definitely start shipping solangelo

On BH6, Hiro Hamada and HiJack

Soooo even though the trailer for BH6 only came out like today, there’s already concern going around about Hiro being shoehorned into HiJack as their love child… or something like that. And people are already complaining because they don’t want BH6 to be added to RotBTD like Frozen was by some fans.

For myself, it seems kind of silly to be worried about that kind of thing or to already condemn the idea when BH6 isn’t even out yet.

Personally, the idea of Rise of the Big Hero Brave Tangled Dragons probably isn’t going to work for me (just like Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons doesn’t), but I’m not going to bash it either. If people want to add Hiro to the mix, by all means have fun with it! For me I would rather have the extra characters like Elsa, Anna, Hiro, etc, just make cameos. But everyone is entitled to their own opinions and since it doesn’t affect me, why should I have a problem with it, right?

As for writing AUs with Hiro as Jack and Hiccup’s son, I’m reserving my opinion on that until I’ve been the movie and understand Hiro’s character more, but based on the little teaser trailer I can kind of see it, since he seems really scientific/invention-oriented like Hiccup, but also excitable and enthusiastic like Jack. (Of course the little fact that he is Japanese makes it a bit strange, but whatever.)

The only thing that I’m already not very fond of is that I’ve seen people talking about adding Hiro in with Hiccup, Jack and Guy (and Sherman shut up he’s a Dreamdork to me!) And that makes no sense to me because they are the Dreamdorks and Hiro is from Disney. .__.

I can already tell you that I’ll 100% agree that he can be friends with Hic and Jack etc. at the very least, though. I might even give him a cameo in the next fic I’m working on because, lets’ face it, Hiro’s freaking adorable already. <3

Anyway, so yeah. Just my two cents.

The bottom line is that everyone should stop stressing over it, try not to cause the same kind of drama that happened in the fandom(s) with Frozen, and have fun with what they enjoy!

Okay but seriously look at this cutie.