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Okay I know we’re all very against Derek and Stiles ever breaking up, but hear me out: The Philadelphia Story AU, because there’s nothing I love more than assholes who realize they actually really love being assholes to each other, and find everyone else who can’t keep up with the assholeishness very boring.

And frankly, the lack of Sterek fic based on old screwball comedies is a tragic crime against humanity. I’m filing an official complaint.


The Hales are the obscenely wealthy family of socialites, and Derek is known publicly as the trouble child in the family after his explosive divorce from Stiles Stilinski, the scrappy son of the well-liked sheriff, known to be something of a smart-mouthed asshole. Pretty much all of the time. He’s prickly, most try to avoid him.

They had a fiery romance full of snarking and barbs that cut far too deep, got married on a whim (to many raised eyebrows among the wealthy elites in town) and fought constantly until the day they divorced and parted for good. In the end, Stiles didn’t even want to settle anything through a lawyer, he just took his clothes, signed the papers with a not-so-passive aggressive flourish, and left in a huff.

In the two years since, Derek has been working hard to fix his reputation for the sake of his family, who all got dragged into his fairly public drama. He’s got a nice job at the family company, he’s engaged to a nice woman named Jennifer, he’s got a nice car instead of the Camaro Stiles convinced him to buy so they could have sex in the back seat, and his life is just nice.

And he’s happy, as long as he doesn’t think about it too deeply, because when that happens, he realizes he’s bored. But then Jennifer comes home and smiles at him, and he’s just happy and calm.

They work well together for a number of reasons; he hates putting in time at the social clubs, Jennifer loves it and she’s good at it, and she knows he hates it so she handles it for him as much as possible. She loves remodeling, he likes to build things and spend time in his woodshop, finding ways to make her grand ideas come together–they’re a fun challenge. He likes quiet nights in, she’s a book critic and has no trouble spending hours in silence as she takes notes on her latest review.

It’s infinitely more peaceful than his previous marriage, in which Stiles went to social clubs solely to mock them and take subtle digs at other members, fidgeted and made noise when Derek was trying to read until he eventually dragged him out to a bar, and complained about all the sawdust and constant renovations throughout the house and why are there no stairs today, Derek, I need to get to work.

But best of all: Jennifer is handling all of the wedding planning, dealing with his family, friends, all of the social and decorating aspects. All Derek has to do is show up and say I do.

(So, again, the exact opposite of his last wedding: eloping at the courthouse then both of them getting blackout drunk at a bar, and Stiles waking up with an untreated broken foot that needed surgery to correct.)

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If you call black people “coons”, take their “black card” away, call them traitors, say they don’t love themselves, and/or just generally treat them like garbage when they don’t agree with you…

… You’re not pro black.

You’re pro black [people] who agree with you and buy into your hive mind idea of how all black people should think.
Everyone is allowed to disagree but behavior like I described above is disgusting.

Stop calling yourself pro black while shitting all over black people who dare have an opinion that differs from yours. Thanks.

“Do your best!”

IT’S TIME FOR SUMMER ୧( ‘̀ ᗩ ‘́ )୨





“Don’t mess with me. Because I will kill you and everyone you love.”

It all started because he wanted to prove to Mr. Stark that he was good enough to be an Avenger. That he could save the world just like the heroes he wanted to be like. Peter should have stayed at Liz’s party that night with Ned and [Y/N] But, instead he decided to venture off into the night to see what that blast of light came from. And if he had stayed? Then maybe he wouldn’t be in the situation he was in now. 

Her screams were like poison. It was slowly killing him from the inside out. He couldn’t think straight because all could focus on was her pained sobs and terrified shrieks. 

His body was aching, burning even. What he would give to have his suit back with Karen directing him. But, he had to go and be an idiot. He risked lives and all he could do was just wallow in the failure he was. 

On top of Tony taking away the suit, he caused Aunt May to panic, and then the final blow. [Y/N]. She was the reason he got up in the mornings prior to becoming Spider-Man. [Y/N] had been the strength he needed on days he felt like had none. And with him bailing for the millionth time to be a hero that she had no clue about, she walked away from. Leaving him in the wake of destruction. Peter was broken

So why wouldn’t he go after The Vulture. Why would he make himself suffer by watching [Y/N] dance with their friends in that beautiful baby blue dress? Why put himself through more misery in watching the girl who had been there for him through everything act like there was nothing ever there between them? Looking back on it now, it would have been a lot less painful than what was happening at this very moment.  

“What’s the matter, Pete?” Adrian bellowed as he hovered over the boy who was struggling to breathe to get back to fight. “Not going to come save the girl?” 

It took every bit of strength he had to pull himself to his knees. The sand burned his eyes, his body pulsating with painful tremors. Looking up into Adrian’s dark eyes, he muttered out. “Just let her go.” 

Adrian flickered a look over towards the girl who had passed out in the sand and who also regrettably reminded him of his daughter Liz. He had seen the girl once or twice over at the house, she was such a sweetheart, that he could remember. Shaking the guilt of having kidnapped his daughter’s classmate and friend, he yanked the girl from the sand and floated higher into the air. “I warned you, Peter. I warned you stay the hell away from me or else I’d kill everyone you loved.” He dug his talons into [Y/N]’s shoulder, causing her to wake and scream out in pain. “It pays to have a daughter that knows you so well. You see, it only took a few minutes to learn who you’ve got left in this world.” Clenching his talons into [Y/N] some more, he growled. “I’m going to start with your first love and then I’m going to rip apart that aunt of yours all while I make you watch and then have you beg for your life as I drain every last ounce of blood in your body.” 

Panic was an understatement of what he was feeling. His heart was beating loud, blood racing, causing his head to spin. “Please, just let her go.” Tears were brimming his eyes, [Y/N] was never supposed to get caught up in this. He never wanted this to happen. That was the whole point of not telling her about his secret. The whole point he risked the integrity of their relationship. “Please. Don’t hurt her anymore. If you’re going to kill anyone, it’s me. Please. Leave them out of it. They don’t know about me. Please!” 

“Desperation isn’t a good look for you, Pete.” Adrian snickered. He floated a little bit higher, “You know, I’m having a hard of hearing, could you repeat yourself?” 

Peter shouted, “Let her go!” 

Smirking, “Oh? Let her go? If you insist.” 

“NO!” Peter screamed as he pushed himself up off the sand and towards the plummeting body of his girlfriend. He had no leverage, he couldn’t relieve the speed at which she was falling. Bracing himself, he cushioned her fall. Grunting and groaning from the impact, he scrambled up. Ignoring every fiber that was screaming inside of him. 

Flipping [Y/N] over, he examined her. Tears started to fall, she was hurt, badly. Her soft blue dress was stained red, her shoulder was shredded to the point that Peter wasn’t sure if she would be able to move her arm, and blood was just oozing from everywhere. 

“[Y/N], hey, hey, look at me, hey, [Y/N].” Peter was begging for her to make a sound. Instead, she stiffly moved her head with her eyes fluttering. She needed a hospital and there was nothing he could do about it. “[Y/N]” He sobbed, “Look at me, please. Baby, look at me.” 

“Enough with the waterworks, boy.” Adrian yelled as he dropped to the ground and yanked Peter off of [Y/N]. 

“No, stop!” Peter cried out. Crawling back towards [Y/N], he watched as she started to regain consciousness. His heart was thumping louder in his chest as she tried to sit up. He could tell she was in pain and beyond confused. 

[Y/N] whimpered as she used her free hand to put pressure on her wounded shoulder. It felt like she had been hit by a truck.  Looking around her, she shielded her eyes from the smoke billowing from around her. She locked eyes with Peter, “Peter?” 

Swallowing hard, he tried to form words. Because the way things were going, this was probably going to be last time he would ever see her. “[Y/N]….” 

Wincing, she coughed from the smoke filling her lungs. “Where am I?” Her memory of the night was fuzzy. One minute she remembered having somewhat a decent time at the dance and then the next she being kidnapped in the girls bathroom and thrown into a van. 

“Enough chit-chat.” Adrian snarled as he grabbed Peter and yanked him onto his back. “Sorry to do this to you but I’m really not sorry. Looks like I’m gonna have to kill you first.” 

“Peter!”[Y/N] screamed. Her eyes widened as she finally caught sight of his attire. Squinting her eyes against the smoke, she gasped. “Peter?!” What he was wearing was the same exact thing that the Spider-Man wore in the beginning. She’d be an idiot not to notice, she had spent hours studying the videos people caught of him. 

In a way, [Y/N] had become secretly infatuated with him. She kept it to herself because she didn’t want Peter thinking that she was insane. Plus, she wasn’t in love with Spider-Man, she was just intrigued by the idea of him. 

It all started to make sense. She thought it was incredibly weird that Tony Stark would have chosen Peter for the Stark Internship considering he wasn’t even eligible to register for it. And then the last minute cancellations on the nights that their neighborhood Spider-Man would make a grand appearance in stopping bank robberies and breaks ins? How in the hell did she miss that? 

“Oh my god.” [Y/N] whispered. He wasn’t wearing his normal suit which meant the ferry incident resulted in something bad. And if Peter’s Spider-Man then that also meant he bailed on her for the millionth time because he had a job to do. “I’m a fucking idiot.” She breathed as she looked around her for something she could throw. The Vulture’s suit was malfunctioning and even through the smoke and her sand irritated eyes, she knew if she just had something to throw into the exposed wires, she could allow Peter a few seconds to get away. 

Hissing out in pain from her shoulder, she started to crawl on her knees to look through the rubble of broken parts. Whimpering from her pain, she forced herself to keep searching. Looking back,  she started to panic as Peter started to defend himself less. “Come on, come one.” She muttered and then following quickly a yelp from an electrical shock of what she would have guessed that belonged to a panel of some sort. 

Closing her eyes, she mustered up all the strength she had left. Gritting through the painful surges of electricity, she picked it up and let it sail in the air and right into the open wings. Just as she had hoped, it created a minor short circuit. “Peter, run!” She screamed as she picked herself up and started to run towards the towering flames on the sand. 

Coughing, she shielded her eyes as she ventured further into the fire. Weaving in and out of burning debris, she gasped for air. [Y/N] could feel her lungs filling with smoke and for a minute, she wasn’t sure what hurt worse. Her shoulder or the fact that she couldn’t breathe. 

[Y/N] yelped out when an explosion behind her went off, turning her head, she only hoped that Peter took her distraction and ran.  All she needed was to make a few more steps and she’d reach the pier full of people that would no doubt help her. Just a few more feet, [Y/N] thought as she trudged through the thick sand. Her vision started to blur as her head got fuzzy. I must have lost a lot of blood. [Y/N] fell to her knees, whimpering because she was so close to help, she could taste it. 

“[Y/N]!” Peter yelled as he watched her fall. Forcing himself through all the torturous pain, he ran up to her. Kneeling down, he gently scooped her up in his arms. Tears rushed to his eyes as her eyes fluttered open, “[Y/N], stay with me, please. I’m getting help.” 

“Peter?” She asked, she was beginning to feel loopy. Coughing, she gripped his arm, “What are you doing here?” 

Biting his lip, he pressed a kiss to her head. “I’m getting help, baby. I’m getting help.” Standing up, he trudged the rest of the way up. 

When King Regis Calls (part 4)
  • *phone rings*
  • Noctis: *glances at it nervously seeing that it's his dad*
  • *everyone looks over curiously*
  • Noctis: I-It's just my alarm!
  • Prompto: you sure buddy? Because I see that it says "dad"
  • Luna: What if something's the matter and he needs your attention??
  • Ignis: I agree with lady Lunafreya, highness. Such matters shouldn't be overlooked. You should answer.
  • Gladio: Yeah, what Iggy said.
  • Noctis, frowning at everyone nervously: fine...
  • Noctis: D--
  • *Aranea- sex noise*
  • *Prompto- sex noise no.2*
  • Gladio: UGH YOU'RE SO TIGHT!
  • Noctis, crying, sitting in a corner: dad I'm so sorry
  • -dial tone-
  • Noctis: i need better friends

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At the first time you joined Tumblr, did you cope with the situation that no one ever noticed your work for once? How did you deal with it?

Actually if you look around you can still see that Im not that popular because my disadvantage is because Im only doing black & white. I think Im the only artist in this fandom that sucked big time at coloring, and somehow people still follow me.

When I first started here I just know that I need to be persistent and determined, because I know I have what it takes. I had reputation before in Vietnam’s comic community, so I know my story can charm people. So the real question should be from the time I was literally unknown to everyone, which tracked back to 10 years ago, when I first started drawing comic.

How to cope with it? Easy, I don’t care if anyone see it, I just love what I do and the story I want to tell. I just draw what my mind tells me to, and somehow I gained reputation back then. Until I WANT TO HAVE MORE FANS, I suddenly saw that I don’t have that many and may be my story was shit, so I quited. IT WAS SO STUPID YOU KNOW. Looking back, I realized how stupid I was, I should just do what I love without caring what others like or dislike, if I continue on I propably more famous than I’m now. So now I just draw for me, for what I love and worrying about people’s like or dislike can only come second. To be honest, I adore my fans, but I learnt that only when I do what I love, do people will love me. So the crowd will always come second, passion comes first.

You have to be persistent, determined and most of all, let passion guide you, because it’s the only thing that matter. 

No one famous by their own from the start, that’s the gist of it. 

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i love how none of us like cody but we’re just so tired of paul running the house like the asshole he is, everyone following him blindly (+being like “i just want to make it to jury”/“we should throw hoh to raven”), and most of all we’re thirsty for blood after dom was relentlessly harassed in the house and then evicted way before she should’ve been.

Every single time I see a new piece of Hiveswap Fanart I have a mini heart attack like. “Did it just release and people are drawing their favorite scenes already and I didn’t realise it was out?”

Also I love the amount of art of everyone we know of so far. Except Cridea Jeevik, I don’t think I’ve seen much about her around. HMM. I should check her tag.

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Hey I hope this is okay to ask here, if not feel free to ignore. You make a lot of posts like "start caring about f/at people" (censoring so mean people won't find u) or "skinny people need to fight for us", what specifically are things we should be doing to fight against fatphobia?

i mean im not the only fat person who exists so everyone has their different ideas but rly some things i would like to see more of from skinny people off the top of my head:

work to unlearn the societal norm of skinny being attractive (fat girls have no choice but to do this so we can love ourselves. skinny people don’t have to, they can just keep living their lives. choose not to do that. choose to actively unlearn this), use the word fat like it’s a good thing because it is (don’t jump hoops to go around it like “has a little more weight on their body” - fat is 3 fucking letters and one syllable), don’t shut down fat people who are talking about fatphobia, don’t undermine posts or sentiments about fatphobia and make them about other issues, don’t make shitty jokes about the freshman 15 or how u eat so much you’re basically a fat girl, if you’re going shopping with your fat friends find stores that actually carry their size and go to them with them because we always just have to fucking sit there while our skinny friends browse

don’t just tell your fat friends they have pretty eyes tell them they’re fucking hot because they are, stop running aesthetic blogs that solely center stick thin models (if you reblog fat positivity posts and turn around and only rb stick thin girls it’s so obvious how fucking hollow your words are - rbing fat positivity means absolutely nothing if you don’t need it), don’t invalidate fatphobia because “oh skinny girls are insecure / skinny girls have eating disorders” as if fat girls aren’t insecure and can’t have eating disorders too, don’t lament to your fat friends about how fat you think you are because you are basically looking us in the eyes and saying “god i just hate that i feel like i look like you”

stop arguing against fatphobia by saying “ACTUALLY FAT PEOPLE ARE HEALTHY TOO” because yeah some of us really are but stop acting like we’re worth nothing if we’re unhealthy, stop buying plus sized clothing from thrift stores and cutting them to make aesthetic dresses you are taking away our only options of clothes, understand that experiences you may have being objectified by men as a woman aren’t universal and some of us feel like shit because we are actively ignored by men which is a whole other issue

if a fat person is talking about an experience about beauty standards that are specific to them being fat, don’t try to relate because you can’t, just listen to them and be understanding, support your friends if they’re talking to you about fatphobia they’ve faced, support your friends if they get harassed by fatphobic people, if your fat friend tells you they feel like they were getting looks our laughed at it’s probably because they’ve experienced a lifetime of that so don’t just say “it’s not about you”, stop making fat positivity posts that solely say either “PLEASE CRUSH MY HEAD LIKE A WATERMELON WITH YOUR THIGHS” or “i lov little squishy tummies uwu” like stop just fetishizing us or desexualizing us 

i could go on and on and on and on there are so many things skinny people can do to support us and we need the support because we live in a society that actively wants us to either change or be dead. support fat girls and when i say fat girls i mean ALL FUCKING FAT GIRLS, trans fat girls, fat girls of color, fat girls w/ body hair, disabled fat girls, chronically/mentally ill fat girls, fat lesbians, fat bi/pan girls, fat girls who fit into any combination of those categories. support fat girls of ALL fucking body types and not just the One Aesthetic Fat type. there is no right or wrong way to be fat, understand that. support us. actively work to show us that there is a place for us in this world and we deserve it.

/if you’re going to reply or rb w/ fatphobic shit consider shutting the fuck up instead, I’ve heard it all since i was 11 years old, you’re not helping ANYONE’S health by calling fat girls ugly on the internet or in real life. let us live our fucking lives. 

A deep silence hung in the room like a heavy cloak. Asriel had just finished telling his story to his mother in the hopes that she’ll finally believe that it’s him. He loves his mom; he loves his dad very much. And soon he might grow to like and even love the unborn sibling he’ll soon have. He only hoped that everyone would accept him now.

Toriel had just finished listening to the child’s story. Her mind told her that she should be rational and calm, but her heart ached for completion. She lost a piece of herself the day she lost Asriel, and every day, her heart begged to fill that void. Now that…he…was here…Asriel…her beloved son…

* M-My son…

* O-Oh, Asriel, my sweet, sweet baby…I am so sorry, my sweetheart, for not believing…I-I couldn’t believe…but now…
* …You’re finally home.

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hi!! i really love your bean verse i was wondering what donnies next works are gonna be or will be and if you could write how he came to say them? thanks id love to see this ^w^ sending hugs your way

Sorry this took too long! I kinda wanted to get the new chapter out of the way, before writing this :). 

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Dear Mr. Farmer Bachelor,

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Fiona Skye O’Rourke who grew up believing in magic and make-believe. She dreamed of the day she would find her one true love, her Prince Charming. She saw the world with her heart and not necessarily her head. She trusted too easily and people took advantage of her goodness often breaking her heart but never her spirit, at least not until seven years ago on her wedding day.

What should have been the happiest day of her life became a nightmare. Her Prince Charming turned into Toad who left her standing at the altar while he emptied her bank accounts. Now homeless and penniless, Fiona closed her heart to everyone. Never again would she trust in magic or make believe or true love.

She retreated to the one place she always felt safe, her Aunt Dejah’s animal sanctuary.  As an avid animal lover, she found comfort in the presence of the animals. Many of them rescued from abusive or neglectful owners, she knew they understood her pain. Three in particular adopted her and followed her everywhere she went, a fat little pony named Tigger who was always looking for treats, Butch, an old yellow mutt covered in scars, and Spook, a skittish gray kitten who lived in the barn and tended to avoid most humans, except Fiona.

Her days always started the same. She gathered eggs from the henhouse and milked the cows. Then she worked the garden and the orchard while Tigger, Butch, and Spook watched over her. Once she finished with the plants, she turned her attention to them. After feeding them their treats, she walked down the pond and spend hours fishing or writing in her journal or taking photographs.

Days passed, then months, then years.

On July 9th, 2017, Fiona turned 30. It would also have been her seven year wedding anniversary. So much time had passed and what did she have to show for it? He had stolen her money and broken her heart, but her heart no longer hurt. She had been broken, but now she felt whole again. Like the animals who found refuge on this farm, she found a place to heal.

The thought hit her like a roar of thunder and flash of lightning. It was time to stop hiding from life. It was time to start believing in magic and true love again. It was time to find and create my own story, my happily ever after.

If you have not guessed by now, I am Fiona Skye O’Rourke. I am thirty years old. I am single and straight. My father was Irish and my mother was French/Dutch. They died when I was a baby and my Aunt Dejah and Uncle Mack adopted me and raised me as their own child.

My skills include writing, photography, and fishing. I have an eye for photography. I love animals of all kinds. I love to go fishing. I have a green thumb and gardening comes naturally to me. I can be all thumbs and trip over my own feet because I am a tad clumsy.

I would say my greatest strength is my empathy and compassion while my greatest weakness is trusting. I used to trust too much and then not at all. Now I am trying to find the balance between the two. As my Aunty Dejah is fond of saying, “I am a work in progress; my life is about my journey, not my destination.”

When my aunt told me about this challenge, I saw it as an opportunity to find love and create my own happily ever after. I know that farm life is hard work after all I spent the last seven years learning how to tend a garden and an orchard, milk cows and goats, and gather eggs from hens who wanted to peck me to death for stealing their children. So I know I can be an asset to your farm not just because I know how to do those particular things. I believe that with my photography and writing skill I can showcase the farm and highlight the services you offer.


Fiona Skye O’Rourke

my contestant for @goatkibble Farmer Bachelor Challenge

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Can I join the adoption bandwagon? Or is the time up? However before you adopt me I should tell you that I come with a big collection of adoptive parents. I love adopting parents.

everyone has been adopted.

that is a very interesting hobby.

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Isaiah laughs at things matt say, not at matt himself or his manner of speech. matt complain non-stop how everyone makes alecs life hard, but clearly enjoying hangin up with the cooll guys(tm). and harry's just all around delightful. between the three of them there's no mocking or belittling. it's so refreshing and I'm loving it? honestly, no one should be paired with doom straightwoods evil ass ever again

i completely agree, anytime they laugh they’re laughing at how ridiculous their friend is, its so cute! you know its often hard with trios but these three know how to do interviews tbh, each person let the other speak and there weren’t any overpowering personalities during it either? like they all mesh together SO well. they’re a press dream imo, just sososo good, i hope they keep it coming but most likely not bc we’ve got 8 mains now, so back to duo interviews.

Carlos wanting to join in their girl talk is strangely cute

And then Mel opening up is just like the kind of friendship everyone needs . And I love the fact that they’re all talking in a giant circle and evie saying how they should be proud of their roots in the isle is like wow .. All this closure and sweet advice is making me wanna cry .





Watanuki I feel like you should just give up and offer Tea to everyone new you meet. Apparently that’s all they really want out of you.

Unless they’re Yuuko Ichihara, in which case they also want A NEW FRIDGE. 



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That Lapis and Peridot tidbit cheered me up, since I was feeling down because of all the people complaining about the implication that Pearl will get some story focus in the trailer and saying how much she sucks and how sick of her everyone is. I adore Pearl, she's the one I relate to most, and I'm always excited when she gets to do anything. It's just hard when people tell you you should feel bad for being excited about something. Same with Lapidot, but I love them and can't wait.

Oh wow, I wish people wouldn’t do that :(

Pearl is an amazing character and in no way should you feel bad for liking her and enjoying her episodes! Just ignore the spiteful haters - believe me, they’re not worth your time.

We’ve got a new Pearl story to look forward to AND some more Lapidot - can’t wait! :D