everyone should adore him

One of the most iconic moments in the entire series for me will always be Simon fucking Blackquill deciding to just up and leave in the middle of prosecuting (and drag Fulbright with him) because he was fed up with a witness’ bullshit. 

He is a treasure.

Reasons Ray Stantz is The Worst:

• says “what the heck”
• apologizes a lot for things which aren’t his fault
• “of course, you forget, Peter, I was present at an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration”
• accidentally summoned a giant Stay-Puft marshmallow monster
• cares a lot
• “the heart of the Ghostbusters”
• he ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts
• plugs his nose when he swims
• sang to ectoplasm
• wears one-piece pajamas
• waves like a 5-year-old
• smokes cigars bc he is #classy
• worried about other’s welfare
• tries his best
• likes pizza
• thinks Thai food is “too spicy”
• cute af
• when tasked with acquiring a company car he chose a horrendously broken hearse
• dances a lot
• soft
• really smart
• fluffy hair
• will drop kick u, don’t test him
• “it looks like a giant Jell-O mold”
• believes in people
• good
• uses big words
• just constantly is saying cute things
• has never done a single thing wrong in his whole life ever
• badass af
• all his friends adore him
• as they should
• “groovy”
• loves everyone
• smiley
• so cute
• rly nice butt
• pure
• sang his own name
• actually jumps when he gets scared
• nice to every person always
• tired
• supports u
• when asked if he was a god, he didn’t say yes
• lives for the D R A M A
• gets excited about slime
• excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• did I mention that he’s really smart
• would not hesitate to give u the shirt off his back if u were cold
• studied a lot in school
• Ray Stantz or Hermione Granger? 9/10 will get this wrong
• has good ideas
• “we can really bust some heads … in a spiritual sense, of course”
• the only one who ever has a plan
• we would be nowhere without him
• basically the sugar daddy of the entire Ghostbusters operation
• got starry-eyed about having a fire pole in his house he’s honestly so cute I don’t know what to do with him
• likes sleepovers
• a puppy
• everyone who has ever seen him is a lil bit in love with him
• a Nerd
• “listen … do you smell something?”
• sass master
• warm
• turns on music instead of confronting his problems #same
• asked a ghost nicely to leave
• honestly who is this guy and why is he so cute
• doesn’t want to fight but if he has to he will kick your ass back into the shadow realm
• unattainable coolness
• people hit him when they’re excited but he’s okay with it
• would make u breakfast
• took time in the middle of an intense confrontation with a malignant supernatural force to do the tablecloth trick
• loves his friends
• sings his own theme song
• “ungrateful little yuppie larva”
• takes charge of the situation! don’t cross him!
• smiles a lot
• *sees a ghost* 😍
• really just wants to take a nap
• uses “fuggy brain” as a hard insult
• loves u
• would be the little spoon
• wants to help everyone
• would smile at u if u saw him on the street
• everything about him is good

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Idk anything about the fandom but im now starting to recognize noct when i see him just from seeing him on my dash so much from you. Lol. :P

I am so, so sorry. But… he is fucking adorable, and everyone should love and support him lolol

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i listened to vixx's fantasy AND I LOVED IT SO MUCH ASDFGHJKL can you teach me how to tell vixx apart thank you~~

Cha Hakyeon - Stage Name: N


- absolutely beautiful so beautiful

- he is a mum an actual mum he loves his children members

- absolutely gorgeous tanned skin and a wonderful long neck

- certified cutie + angel

- he’s real sassy honestly the sassiest

- a gift to this earth from god, handcrafted from god’s hands I am not joking

- will punish his children + husband by neck chopping them

- inventor of the stank face

- works really hard and deserves nice things

- really emotional he cries when they win things isn’t he gorgeous honestly???

- sexy boi

Jung Taekwoon - Stage Name: Leo


- he looks scary but he’s actually so sweet

- loves children loves animals he’s a prince

- had long hair once that was fun for the whole family

- don’t shout you’ll scare him

- the father of VIXX he’s wonderful to his children members

- people think he doesn’t smile but he actually does and his smile is beautiful

- high notes will kill you so prepare your grave

- acts like he hates his life but actually loves every minute of it

-also acts like he hates VIXX but he wouldn’t trade them in for anyone else

- he loves VIXX basically, like a lot

- he’s also a cat

Lee Jaehwan - Stage Name: Ken




- also a blessing to this earth such a blessing

- if you see a nose first it’s Ken

- everyone absolutely adores him and you should too

- a walking ball of happiness and sunshine

- he’s good at animal noises, he can be a pterodactyl, stan talent

- his voice can reach heaven and above it also kills and it’s a horrible death

- he has a LOT of charisma, he was born for the stage

- please love him because he’s just full of love

Kim Wonshik - Stage Name: Ravi




- voice be deeper than the pacific ocean

- he looks rough and tough but he’s all marshmallow-ey on the inside

- he’s actuallyl really cute he giggles a lot

- VIXX makes him giggle

- this man has tats so you know he’s a cool kid

- listening to him rap is a religious experience I highly recommend it

- is like a big teddy bear

- loves VIXX to death and they love him right back

- love this man or I won’t love you he’s an actual god

- another sexy boi

Lee Hongbin - Stage Name: Hongbin


- not only is he a sexy boi he’s a cutie boi

- does he make your heart flutter cause mine’s going wild

- is also sassy, very sass, probably gets it from his mum

- he is naturally very cute like seriously so cute

- he doesn’t even realise he’s cute bUT HE’S SO CUTE

- has many names such as Bean, Bing Bong, Hongkong, King Kong, Binnie

- ^^ I could go on but I won’t ^^

- his smile cures cancer and he’s a feather off an angel’s wings

- that is to say he is a beautiful being and I always thank god for his existence

- for some reason always plays with the little cards at fan meetings


- a real prince charming or princess however you want to look at it

- when he sings he goes real deep get ur ovaries ready girl

- giggles a lot probably the main giggler of VIXX

Han Sanghyuk - Stage Name: Hyuk


- he’s the youngest but also the tallest whaaaaat

- used to be really smol like REAL smol but boy shot up

- an alternative name for Hyuk is Manhyuk

- always troubling his hyungs cause he loves them and he’s a shit

- honestly he’s the devil he loves starting shit

- he used to be scared of Leo but now I think Leo is scared of him

- everyone loves him so much he’s their sweet child

- he does actually really loves his hyungs like really a lot

- him and Hongbin love making N’s life stressful

- acts like a 12 year old most of the time but is walking happiness

- makes a lot of weird noises

- he’s also a potato

I don’t know if this will help bUT THERE YOU GO PLEASE LOVE VIXX!! :D

Next year’s awards

Should be PK Subban hosting, with the following presenters;

Sharpie and Tazer roasting each other while trying to announce the nominees.

Corey Crawford revealing the winner by pointing to them and saying, “Fucking Right (insert name here)!”

Sidney Crosby with a bunch of children on stage, do it NHL.

Sharpie and Henrik Lundqvist presenting, shooting glares at each other before asking the winner who’s better looking.

Roberto Luongo. 

And the Blackhawks rookies (Trevor Van Riemsdyk) as the one who carries the NHL Awards to the presenters. TVR is adorable and everyone should gaze upon him, okay! Ooh, and Tuevo too! Let’s watch him squirm onstage. Throw in Johnny Hockey with one of his chaperons.

Erik Karlsson


Benedict Cumberbatch and Ewan McGregor on the red carpet. Bromance level.

When I say I love Patrick Stump I don’t mean I just have a crush on him and think he’s cute, I mean he is my hero and I adore him and he’s a human being everyone should aspire to be like and a literal angel and such a sweetheart and so talented and fuck I love Patrick Stump

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PROMPT: A night by the fire on the beach. Killian plays guitar and Emma surprises him by dancing. THANK YOU.

She knows how talented he is with the guitar, she’s heard him play it a plentiful of times.

But he’s like a shy puppy when it comes to playing it in public, and that, that is one reason why she loves him so much. He’s a humble man, too sweet for his own good when it comes to the people he cares about.

It’s a bonfire they’re attending tonight, and she’s stashed the guitar in the back of his truck for many reasons, and tonight, she’s going to have him play it - entertainment and for him to face his fears.

He holds one of her hands the entire time they drive down the road, occasionally squeezing hers gently, a smile on his lips when he takes a turn, his head glancing back and forth to check both sides.

The only times he’s touched his guitar are the times he’s sung to her while in bed, struggling to sleep or because she just wants to listen to him. And his voice? God, he sings too, the perfect yet imperfect man she’s gotten lucky to marry. Though, they’ve never done anything spectacular with his talent at all, only a hobby, he insists often with a shake of his head and a coy smile. Sometimes, she feels as if he doubts himself even though he’s fantastic - he sells himself short.

The sun is slowly setting as they grab the two packs of beers in the back seat before they link their hands and walk down the path toward the beach, catching sight of their other friends either in the water or sitting on some logs they’ve found.

“Poor Elsa is stuck babysitting two children.” He chuckles. “On the other hand, her husband which is my arse of a brother is here enjoying his time.”

“Our kid will be fine, he’s not a troublemaker like his father used to be,” she teases playfully, leaning into his side.

He glares down at her, eyebrows scrunched together in disbelief at her statement. She just grins and shakes her head with a quiet laugh before she’s tugging him toward them, jogging their way to the others.

With Liam, they’ve rarely gotten time to spend time alone. They love their son, but he’s an active one who clings to his father like a pet to its owner, so sometimes they need time alone and tonight is one of those nights.

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