everyone seems to think they annoy me

I’m getting so tired of everyone telling me they don’t think I have bpd!!! Like not doctors (3 of whom have diagnosed me with it) but other people. Because I “don’t seem borderline,” because I’m “too nice” or “not manipulative” or some other excuse like that. It makes me pretty annoyed actually. Like yes; I am a nice, compassionate, caring person. But you know who else is? A LOT of people with bpd. Like just because I do not fit your preconceived notions of an Evil Awful Borderline Monster, doesn’t mean I don’t fit the diagnostic criteria perfectly.

Everyone else seems to think Magnus was being cute with the magic ball thrown back at Alec but TBH I think he looks annoyed and Alec looks contrite. Like maybe he knows he deserved that magic ball almost-to-his-face. Obviously I don’t think Magnus would purposefully hurt Alec but would he send a little warning shot because maybe he’s not in the greatest of moods because Alec- for understandable reasons or not- was an bit of an ass earlier? Possibly.

Also Alec not seeming at all perturbed or bothered by Magnus’ magic makes me so happy.

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your voice is so annoying like i don't get u, u seem so fake? not a hater or whatever but u don't seem genuine like too happy clappy i feel like when ur mad ur MAD u lose it

hey woah woah woah! all valid thoughts but v untrue. i wish i could get mad more. i think it would be good for me. there’s no point in bringing myself and everyone else down. its hard to be 100% authentic online but i always do my best to be as genuine as possible. there is so much hate and pessimism in the world so i take pride in my positivity and willingness to be happy! :,) (also, i have learned to love my voice so if you don’t like it, me, or my content, there’s no point in following me! focus on things u like!)

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It makes me so upset to read the blogs of 1d 'stans' who hate on Liam. I just don't understand why he always gets so much shit. He's not homophobic, he's not an asshole, he doesn't think he's better than everyone else, so why does this seem to be the case? I love him endlessly and I don't understand why so many people are fooled into this 'Liam is homophobic' narrative when he's clearly being controlled externally. Please love my boy, because he means the world to me and I can't bear the hate.

Hi sweetheart,

As much as it annoys and saddens me to see the abundance of hypocrisy and baseless toxicity in this fandom, don’t forget what our precious beautiful boy once sagely said

Who’s gonna tell ‘em? Also, as far as the anti-liams go, I have come to the realisation that

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I completely relate with you on this, I love Liam a lot? Like a whole lot? And I know I am always going on and on about his beauty and how appealing he is but tbh, that’s just one of the gazillion + 1 things I love about him?? It’s his inner beauty, the kind of person he is, his heart that is so pure and nice and lovely.

Look, I know it gets frustrating because it is aggravating to see someone like Liam, LIKE LIAM, get termed as a condescending lad when he is anything but and we have ample proof of that throughout these years. AND TBH, even if he were full of himself – he is not, it’s plain obvious – he had good reason to be? LMAO? Faves aside, that boy got shit talent. Anyone who enjoys music enjoys his voice, anyone who’s got the faintest of idea when it comes to music appreciates his voice. So, I mean, if people are looking for reasons to hate on him because they can’t find any and hence resort to making them up, then what can I say? 

And don’t worry darling. These imbeciles do not even deserve Liam Payne and all his glory. Think of it this way, to get to the Liam stanning squad, the minimum basic requisite is for you to not be trash, and well, if the shoe fits, lmao. Rest assured, I will love this boy forever, and all us Liam stans and fans are going to cherish him forever, yeah? Xx

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What annoyed me most about the TVD finale was having Stefan say that Damon is the better man. Even Katherine knew Stefan is by far the better man and I think she was right that Elena would have chosen Stefan. Since the writers were so pro Delena, that's why Stefan died IMO, because Elena would have picked him because let's face it that one Stelena scene had much more chemistry than Damon and Elena (didn't even seem like Ian was trying TBH)

i think that honestly irritated the hell out of everyone? i mean my first thought when he said was like was he not a member of the confederate army? which you know is historically accurate but still lmfao it didn’t have to be included but whatever. the writers? i think you mean julie tbqh that woman turned the show into a train wreck… and tvd went downhill after the sirebond happened like there is no mystery why their ratings slowly sunk. but no really nina/paul’s chemistry was always on fire even as katherine and stefan. and ian didn’t try LMAO it was so stale and i was alive because of it. like lmao… 

Bambam Imagine - Annoying (Harry Potter AU)

A/N - Another little Harry Potter AU for you all! I’m thinking of doing more AUs like this and I plan to do a Game of Thrones one for all the members once I’ve finished my Jinyoung and JB series so let me know if you’d like that. Keep sending in your requests everyone~

You were sat in the Ravenclaw common room, wiritng quickly as you tried to get your head around the Muggle Studies essay you had been set. It hadn’t seemed overly difficult when you were told the homework but now that you were actually doing it, it felt so much harder. Luckily, you had made some good notes to use but it still wasn’t enough. What made it worse was that your best friend, Bambam was with you. Bambam, despite being a fellow Ravenclaw, was like the polar opposite of you: you were quiet and he was loud. You always got your homework done on time and he always left it to the last minute. You were like the stereotypical Ravenclaw who got good grades and was a perfect student while Bambam was the one who cracked jokes in class and always got in trouble. But despite your differences, the two of you got along. It was like you complimented each other. Your weaknesses were his strengths and vice versa.

The only problem was, whenever you wanted to get homework done, he wanted to gossip about some Gryffindor girl he had a crush on or he would want to go and watch the quidditch. Today was not an exception and he used his toes to poke your side.
“(Y/N),” he complained, dragging the syllables in your name. “Are you almost done? I want to go and talk to Alicia.”
“Well why don’t you go now? I’m busy doing the Muggle Studies homework.”
“But you’re friends with her.”
“Bam, she knows you and thinks you’re alright so if you go up to her then she’ll probably talk to you.”
“But what do I talk about?”
“I don’t know! Talk about quidditch maybe since she’s on the team?” You were getting more and more frustrated with him now and he could tell.
“What’s up with you?” He asked, unsure as to why you were so on edge.
“You’re distracting me! I know you mean well but I want to get this done so I’m not stressing out for the rest of the week. Please just give me 10 minutes to get my head around this essay.” You picked up the quill and began to write again. This time without any distractions.

About 10 minutes later you were done. Letting out a pleased sigh, you leaned back onto the sofa and stretched your arms. You always got a nice sense of accomplishment whenever you finished a piece of homework, especially one that was as long-winded as that. You then felt someone’s fingers wrap around your wrist, making you open your eyes to see Bambam tugging on your arm.
“Can we go talk to her now?” He asked, eyes wide like a puppy. Letting out an exasperated sigh, you stood up and said, “You are so annoying, Bambam.”
“I know,” he replied, laughing as the two of you moved to leave the common room.

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Dude....I'm an INTP and there's this INTJ I tend to work with in class projects.... And she kinda pisses me off because of how uptight and vexing she is. When I first met her she would always judge and make fun of stupid people and I found that extremely amusing. But she has this perfectionist personality and it annoys me to no end. It's to the point where I start snapping at her now and I feel kinda bad. She's told me she knows it sorta annoys everyone but she can't help but worry constantly.

That sounds very INTJ-ish. But being aware of it also sounds very INTJ-ish. 

That’s always seemed to me like the biggest outward difference between the INTP and the INTJ. INTPs tend to be way more laid back than INTJs, and that can definitely clash. Laid back people always think uptight people should chill, and uptight people always think laid back people should get it together. 

What is not true is that you have no control over your personality. You can never control anyone else, but you can always control yourself. And in doing so, it can help you to spark good reactions from the people around you. So, maybe you can’t actually get INTJ to change from being uptight. But responding to her in a kind way, especially if you see that she’s being bothersome to someone else, might be more effective than snapping at her.

Although I totally understand wanting to snap. I get awfully antsy myself if someone seems to be nagging me or others around me. However, learning to speak respectfully even to nagging people is always important.

And I guess INTJ, since she knows it annoys people already, is probably trying to fix the problem. Lots of times when people know about a character flaw or weakness and it bothers them, they try to fix it. Not always. But lots of the time. INTJ probably wants to improve herself and not always feel like a perfectionist, and the best way to help her is to be as patient as possible with her. 

I know this is tough advice, because really the maturing process (which is what this is all a part of) is never easy, but I do hope it helps. Also, thanks for stopping by!

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Why do people think they can just openly say dickheadish stuff like this but still act like they're a good fan. I bet they use the excuse "it's for the betterment of a character i enjoy", but they don't seem to realize that even if Matt's girlfriend was bad (which she isn't?? Why are people suddenly complaining???), not everything has to end well. That's called story telling. I dunno, it annoys me.

A wise sauce man told me once, a long time ago

“You cant please everyone”

People can hate it, people can love it

I just dont understand why people hate an OC made by a person whos done

Nothing wrong ? Can you give me at least one sentance explaining why @crystalcherry123 is a bad person, besides “shes an attention horse” or “her art is bad”

Tell me legit why you hate her.

  • So like, why is everyone so against despicable me 3? The first two were really good and even the minions movie was okay? Sure minions are annoying but that's mostly because of the weird obsession and over saturation of merchandise and stuff but tbh aside from that in the actual movies they aren't that bad? Illumination has really pretty, colorful animation and nice character designs so?.. I think the thing with gru having a twin brother seems a little gimmicky but I kinda don't care since it's pretty harmless

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who could hate u lol is that even possible? u seem lovely

i dunno i just feel like people think i’m annoying because i mean i don’t know how to properly interact with others and everyone i’m friendly with always invite me to hang out once and then never talk to me again or sometimes when people do invite me to things i feel like it’s out of pity and also i feel like i say weird things and that i show off too much when i’m finally comfortable around people and that i’m awkward and not in a cute way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but thank you 

the symptom that is most annoying for me with my bpd is my fear that everyone hates me and that they are all constantly annoyed/wanting to not talk to me

logically I know that’s not true and that everyone has the free will to stop talking to me whenever they want and that nobody has actually ever said they don’t wanna talk to me or they don’t like me (out of the people who I think feel that way)

but unfortunately logic doesn’t overcome the gnawing obsession I have with thinking everyone in my life hates me

it’s the symptom I struggle with most, it’s the one I can’t seem to overcome easily, and it’s the one that bugs me the worst

Once again, I feel like the odd man out in the fandom, since everyone seems to LOVE Scaramouch and I’m just sitting here like, “eh, he’s alright”. I’m honestly just thankful he doesn’t annoy the hell out of me like Demongo does, oh my god. I find him a bit annoying, I’ll admit, but he’s not nearly as obnoxious as Demongo. I’ll take Scaramouch over Demongo any day.

Eyes Wide Open All the Time Chapter Twelve: “Heathens Take It Slow: Part I”

Chapter Summary: In that moment Haru realizes that he has vastly underestimated Makoto, but he has no idea by just how much until a man gets up from a nearby table and walks over, wringing a cap between his hands.

His voice is a heavy wobble of nervousness. “Excuse me?” Everyone turns but his eyes are locked on Makoto. “Hi.” He sounds breathless. “Sorry to bother you but I think – no, I’m pretty sure we’ve met before.”

Makoto doesn’t look annoyed, though his smile is confused as he shakes his head. “I’m sorry, I can’t seem to remember –”

“Are you Corporal Tachibana?”

Work Summary: "You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,“ Haru says even as he can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The light is in Makoto’s eyes. “I know you.”

In which Haru is a former drug addict selling dope, Makoto’s a teacher fresh out of the army, Sousuke’s a cop who makes the mistake of helping a rentboy named Rin, Nagisa and Rei run a support group in a church basement, and Nitori’s just trying to keep up.

Read Chapter One Here | Read Chapter Twelve Here


So I played for a little bit tonight, not much. The biggest thing so far I noticed is how drastically different the starting area/questline is. Like, it’s basically the same (free the Prophet and gtfo) but the whole map is different, the whole way it’s done is different. Much more expedited without losing the enjoyment, I think.

Landscape is still as gorgeous as ever. NPC conversations have improved, they’re more realistic conversations, the voice acting seems to be have been polished and finalized a lot more. There’s still a couple inconsistencies, like your “origin”… I woke up in Davon’s Watch, where I was told Liazi or whoever saved me on her way from Bleakrock. But then I get to Bleakrock and everyone’s like oh yeah, Holgar or whatever saved you, washed up on the shore.

Not a big thing, but still a little annoying. But hey, I just got back from the dead, so maybe my memory is a little wonky still. So far no big difference in combat, but I haven’t really done much yet. At the very least, if you have already purchased the game and you’re like me and just stopped playing, it’s worth trying it out again. You’re not losing anything but time. :) 

Also I’m totally pleased I got a screenshot of Molag Bal with a huge evil grin. :D

My Wu Expierence

After viewing phoenix-of-the-sun‘s Wu Hunting Guide I decided to venture out into the Wu realm.

Here is what happened:

I was at first confused as to why everyone was violently rotating. (Some were even standing on top of one another!)

One of the male specimens referred to this action as “spinning”

Another male specimen (i’m assuming they are in the same pack) stated that it is what the Wu people refer to as “cool”

Melisa, my first female Wu specimen encounter, seemed annoyed and quite shocked by my confusion. I think the Wu people would refer to her anger as “totes mad.”

Luckily, the first male specimen was nice enough to explain to me what this “spinning” thing is. I thought he was done explaining when…

the unexpected happened

This is an exciting (and scary) new development I have found about the Wu people! This new information is quite startling and I think we all need to take safety precautions from here on out upon entering the Realm of the Wu.

Tbh one thing that annoys me in media geared towards teens is the tendency for everything to be so cliquey…like idk maybe I had a weird experience growing up, but the “preps vs. *insert whatever counterculture trend is in vogue*” thing wasn’t anywhere near as huge a deal as they make it seem like it would be when I was in high school… and yet I still go on facebook and see stuff like “I’m half about pastels and lace and pretty things, and half about ripped jeans and concerts and piercings lol I’m so weird??” and it’s like no, that’s p normal…you’re allowed to not be a stereotype or trope, you can branch out and have your interests extend beyond your “type” or hell, not even have a type at all! 

The Signs According to a Pisces
  • Aries: You are so strong, and so generous, and so happy go lucky, but you are very impatient with me and everyone else.
  • Taurus: Sometimes you can come off as rude, and I don’t feel like you’re always listening to me talk, but I trust you with my life, and all my passwords and keys.
  • Gemini: You are very manipulative and it annoys me that you always have to be right. But you care deeply for people, and you are funny, even though you don't seem to think so.
  • Cancer: You sure do love to talk about yourself, but you are very compassionate and you put other people’s needs before your own.
  • Leo: You can be overbearing and dramatic at times but you have such a wonderful heart. You care so deeply for others and you always put everyone before yourself. I admire you so much.
  • Virgo: You can be hard to get along with on some days, but you are always helpful and always thoughtful. You keep me grounded.
  • Libra: You’re easy to get along with, and you’re always neutral in thought and action. I admire that, but you should try choosing a side sometimes.
  • Scorpio: I never know what’s going on in your head. You scare me, but in the best way possible.
  • Sagittarius: You’re honest, kind, and you are able to look at the good things you have, rather than what you don’t have. You never let anybody get away with treating you badly. I wish I could be like you.
  • Capricorn: You lie often, either to make people think highly of you, or to protect them from the truth. You care about others deeply, but you are not so great at showing it. You are always thinking with your head. Try thinking with your heart sometimes.
  • Aquarius: You are kind, and smart, and vaguely threatening. Your exterior seems extravagant to some, and you come off as distant and aloof. But I know that your heart is made of gold and your mind is always racing.
  • Pisces: You care deeply for people, but you are so concerned about how everyone else feels that you are always walking on broken glass. It is good to be aware of people’s feelings, but you let them overpower your own.

I know that always getting asked if you’re dating anyone or if you like someone etc constantly can get pretty annoying after a while, but I’ve kind of gotten to the point where I would actually like to say ‘yes I am actually seeing someone’ or whatever. Seriously it has been way too long! I honestly think that I have become a virgin once again, that is how long it has been. Everyone around me seems to be in a relationship or getting some and I’m just in watching reality TV shows and eating junk food. Is it something about me that just repels people or am I just way too picky, though I haven’t even found anyone to be picky to. It is starting to get to the point where I am just going to go out and pick the first person that I see. Hopefully it’ll never get to the point of going onto Tinder.