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me: [tells a male on facebook that donald trump is bad for women]


TODAY IN “SHANNON YELLS ABOUT GAY LAWYERS SHUT UP SHANNON NO ONE CARES/OLD WOMAN YELLS AT CLOUD” - AA/YOI crossovers should have Yuuri and Viktor as APOLLO and KLAVIER not as PHOENIX and MILES do I have to write a dissertation on why this is BECAUSE I WILL.


SuperGay!au where bruce wayne is a HUGE lgbt rights advocate because

-dick is with wally
-jason is in a polyamorous relationship with roy and kori
-tim is with conner
-cass is with steph

And like he starts out being like “lgbt rights are important” but the more GAY his children are the more outspoken he becomes to the community and the press will ask about one of his kids and he’ll pull out photos of all of them and be like “THESE ARE MY CHILDREN THEY ARE ALL GAY AND I LOVE THEM”

Meanwhile damian is out kicking the asses of homophobes