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Almost 2 years ago I created this tumblr because I discovered the use of Custom Content. I never imagined I would be recoloring cc, telling stories and making some life long friends! I am in utter shock and my heart is exploding. I want to thank everyone who is following for liking, reblogging and chatting with me ❤️ Words can’t express how happy this tumblr has made me. Thank you, THANK YOU! Now I have to think of an awesome gift to give to you all xD

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Sara aka Cali ❤️

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hello! recently (last night) my tablet broke (again) and i am unable to draw. which is my main thing i do plus i need it for commissions! so my family is looking to get a higher quality tablet, since this is my 3rd or 4th one that has broke in the span of the last few years ): i reaaaaaaallly want to help my parents pay for the new one! and i was wondering if i can do paypal commissions to help my parents pay! the tablet is 73$ us dollars! would any of you guys commission me. pay me, then as soon as i use that money for the tablet, i will then use my new tablet to draw your guys’ commissions! its ok if you cant pay, reblogging would be very much appreciated, thank you everyone!

contact me for information, such as paying through paypal and such!

examples of my art:


the inner senshi are finally finished!!! its a good start to black history month, a credit to all the magical black women in the world 💖

if you like these, check out my redbubble!! i have prints and stickers and all sorts of merchandise you can get 😁


My mom’s waiting….Keep thinking what you’re thinking. I don’t have a choice.

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

Some of my favorite K-Drama songs from 2016, part two.  listen here

01. Chanyeol & Punch - Stay With Me (Goblin)
02. Davichi - Forgetting You (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
03. Yoon Mi Rae - Always (Descendants of the Sun)
04. Basick & INKII - In the Illusion (W - Two Worlds)
05. Gummy - You Are My Everything (Descendants of the Sun)
06. Taeyeon - All With You (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
07. Crush - Beautiful (Goblin)
08. Noel - Again (Please Come Back Mister)
09. Sam Kim - Who Are You (Goblin)
10. Im Sun Hee - Will Be Back (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
11. Rocoberry - Console Myself (Bring it On, Ghost!)
12. SunBee - Hello (Shopping King Louis)
13. Han Hee Jung - Dreaming (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)
14. Woo Yerin - Struggling to You (Beautiful Gong Shim)
15. SALTNPAPER - Bye, Autumn (Jealousy Incarnate)
16. Bernard Park - DIRT (Beautiful Mind)
17. Echae En Route - Uneasy Romance (Another Miss Oh)
18. Elsa Kopf - IF (One More Happy Ending)
19. Tearliner (ft. Kim Go Eun) - Attraction (Cheese in the Trap)

I’m in shock that I’ve reached 17K followers and honestly I wasn’t going to do anything for it cause it’s not a major milestone but how could I not use Alec Lightwood saying 17 thousand. haha. Thanks so much to everyone who’s followed me, you are all incredible and I have so much love for you all (not you porn bots). I thought I’d do a follow forever for all the lovely people I follow <3


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kastle halloween gift exchange: reunited after a long time for @thekastlediaries! This was going to be an actual and legit fic, but I panicked and couldn’t get it done in time for the deadline :D so it’s a drabble :D Happy Kastleween.!!

She feels bad for her lack of enthusiasm, but she’s been falling through like this for every passing holiday over the last year and a half. If her family was too busy being a family, back home, for her to feel disruptive calling in to pretend she wasn’t lonely and always tinged with a little bit of fear. If Matt couldn’t put down his … sticks and his masks and his ego for just a few moments to remember that there were people in the world, in the real world without the flames of hell’s kitchen and his growing list of super friends. If Foggy was too busy with work or with Marci or with both of them simultaneously, to give her a ring or a text about getting together. She felt a lack of energy to pretend away the day. After all, tracking down, following, and collecting information from sketchy sources and an abundance of overnight research on all of the wicked dark deeds of the baddest of the bad in Hell’s Kitchen  was a lot of work. A lot of herself expunged throughout the days and nights.

So, she’d gotten through the work she’d wanted to (there were rumblings of the Russians trying to find their way out of the graves Vladamir and brother had found themselves in and rise back up) – wrapped alone in her office that she didn’t really deserve, with the purple string of lights the front receptionist had hung throughout the Bulletin casting a ominous hue over the files on her desk, all day. She’d bypassed all of her coworkers and Ellison in their ironic or silly or ‘scary’ costumes (she’d seen far scarier things in her life, real things) and the bowl of candy set out by the front door for children who happened to stop inside and made her escape. She’d watched through the taxi window as they drove by the hoards of people taking to the pavement. The streets had been lined with excitement rarely felt in this part of the city, as of late. Kids bundled up in ugly polyester superhero capes and plastic werewolf masks they couldn’t breathe through – parents trudging along behind them yelling at them to slow down and wait for crossing. She’d passed teenagers doused in fake blood (not real, not real, not real for a long time), talking about how they could manage to sneak into the major parties of the night and Karen couldn’t believe, with the current state of the Kitchen, that parents would dare let them travel the streets so alone.

Eventually she’d made it into the familiar of her own apartment and thrown the couple of bags of candy she’d bought on the way home, on the table by the front door, along with her keys. Without Foggy around or Matt or anyone else she knew, she could allow her lack of enthusiasm. She could remember last Christmas and Matt’s need for a dramatic bombshell present instead of, say, some nice candles. She could remember this past St. Patrick’s Day and Foggy heading home with Marci before the night had even done. And so, she stopped pretending this was any different, turned on the television, ordered a pizza, and answered the door with each knock of little fists against wood. 

And that’s where she’d been for the past hour – opening the door to little kids, smiling softly, and tossing pieces of candy into open pillow cases. 

Karen reached out to pull the door open for the billionth time that night, bag of kisses clutched in hand, to her next visitor in the hallway. Her eyes traveled upwards, from where the children normally rose, over combat boots and black beaten gear. Past the haphazard spray of a white skull and up through the cuts on the top lip and eyebrow. No polyester. No masks. But, blood. Real, real, real. It’s been so long since real, real, real blood. She’s tried to avoid it. Tried to keep her promise. Only speaking his name or paying him any mind when Ellison had her on a story where she had to let him occupy space in her mind for a moment.

“Great costume,” Karen stared blindly, her voice carefully and thoughtfully dead of emotion. Frank did nothing but stare back, the tip of a word somewhere in his eyes. “So lifelike,” Karen continued. “The blood almost looks real.”


Karen grabs at a kiss and places it in his hand, before moving to close the door, “Happy Halloween.”

“–Karen,” Frank’s foot presses out to stop it from closing. It wouldn’t do well for her neighbors to notice that The Punisher on her doorstep wasn’t just a really fantastic Halloween costume, but the real thing. She’d already seen a few of them, little kid versions, walking around with little kid Spiderman’s and little kid Black Widows. The world they live in – she doesn’t know what her dad would say. And Karen feels like a fool when she does nothing but sigh, shake her head a little, and let him inside.

Devil in your Smile

 (it’s chasing me)… A series by awriterwrites

The Devil You Know

“They found another body.” Ed’s voice brought Harry out of his fuzzy happy daydream.

“Yeah? Where at?” Niall asked, polishing off his roast in one huge bite.

“About a block from the last one.”

Harry grimaced, pushing his plate back. “That’s 4 now since Halloween.” Ed nodded while Niall just took a long drink of his beer to wash down the remnants of his meal. Harry finally spoke again, because someone had to. “Same as the others?”

“Dunno. Radio just said that the cops are treating it like a serial killer case now.”

“Well, fuck,” Niall muttered, “I knew this neighborhood was a bit dodgy when we moved in but never thought it’d be home to a serial killer.”

Summary: There’s a mysterious stranger down the hall from Harry’s flat, a killer on the loose and Harry’s obsessed with vampires. 

Morning Has Broken

The way Louis whispered his name, urging him to hurry up — it was all just this side of too much.  And this was how it was always going to be.  From now on. Incredible.

 Harry had never felt more alive.  As a dead man.  A vampire.

Summary:  The missing sex scene from The Devil You Know.

Stay tuned!  More to come in this series in 2017.


I reached 200+follower~!

It’s my first time in Tumblr. I saw a lot of amazing arts so I want to post some of my works.But never thought I can receive so much liked and reblogged.

I feel warm and grateful,thanks everyone❤

(And I draw a strange seven beacuse of my last blog.lolol)

Anyway thanks for supporting me.Without your support I can’t persist it.I want to give you mu heart(chu chu chu~!)

I will keep going,Thanks guys❤

calling all asexuals

hey everyone!! so i need a little help. i’m doing my math investigative task and my topic is on if there’s a correlation between GDP per capita and the number of asexuals confirming their asexuality. 

basically all i need to know is what country you’re from and what year you found out you were asexual! all data from 2000 to 2015 is extra welcome! please reblog your answer in the reblog and not in the tags so i can easily copy!

it’ll be super super extra helpful if you’re from the US, UK, China/India, or any other Southeast Asian country except for Singapore (sorry fellow Singaporeans!!) but feel free to help add on your data even if you’re not from the above countries!

and if you’re not asexual, please help boost this! i need all the data by february 5th so i have time to write up the report.

thanks so much!! as a way of saying thank you, everyone who reblogs this with data will be automatically entered in an art giveaway so please please do help me out, thanks!

Edit: thank you all so much for the data! I have plenty to work with now and won’t need more. The results of the giveaway will be posted this Saturday when my math has been submitted! Thanks again everyone, you’ve been a massive help!

Fall is here… but where is my new person???

Hi, I’m Pepper, the 100-pound lap dog from J & Co Dog Rescue in South Jersey. I was here one time before, but inexplicably did not get adopted!

I’m a totally sweet gentle girl, great with other dogs, and a real lovebug!

I’m house and crate trained and not destructive and just a tiny bit goofy. My only flaw: no cats!

So if you have a lap that could use a dog, email lblevine118@gmail.com to find out all about me, and set up a nice “meet and greet”! I really have waited SUCH a long time!

Don’t have a lap? You can still reblog me, right?

Lots of leaf,



“It can all suddenly be over tomorrow, but… I’m still insanely happy I met him. I was fake before it. And I’m over that, now I want… my life to be real.”

by gaysweaters / xLiesForALiar