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I have no idea what this flower ball thing is that's going on and I'm only seeing what's coming through you but it looks like friendly, wholesome content and it's 100% brightening my day as an onlooker. Reuniclus, your dress looks fab you look great in pink boo <3

Reuniclus seems happy to hear that! She has a flower for you as well! 

The Flora Ball was basically organized to let daily blogs interact, especially since there are so many now, but we’re always stuck in our own little worlds! You can look through the tag floraball2017 to see other contributions to the event and here was the original post with all of the information!

The ball ends on the 24th, but Reuniclus was slow to join when it started on the 18th, so I’ll probably be posting through the weekend… 

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Draw your fursona in the fursona box affinelayer. com/pixsrv/index. html

so i’ve been doing various drawings for this for the past few minutes and i’m convinced every result possible is incredible???

and then even more tame, “traditional” cat drawings produce hilarious results


just……………………….incredible…………………………………………………..thank you for this gift

I like how most people I follow left the l00 fandom, but everyone occasionally reblogs sets of Raven, like we don’t want that trash show, but we still love our genius space daughter and wish her well.

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daniela works in a homeless shelter with women and young girls who are trying to get back on their feet. she gives everyone hair cuts and helps work the dinner shifts sometimes. she makes candles with one of the friends she made, platisha, from the bronx. daniela can still play the cello even after all the years since she was banned in high school. she plays it ominously and loudly when benny and nina are going at it

Yes, please everyone reblog and add what you think Daniela does in her free time, I wanna see what you’re thinking.

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Do you have any cats of your own?

I do!! (they’re living at my dads house but since I grew up with em they’re still mine lol)

there’s Milkyway, who showed up on our back porch when I was like 8 and she was half-feral with extra toes on her front paws and hates everyone but me

and Snickers, her weird daughter who acts like a dog and loves to run in front of moving cars to say hello

(yes that’s her eating a piece of cheese off of a window)

@ everyone y’all should reblog this with your own cat children

I want to thank everyone who has liked, reblogged, commented in the tags, left kudos or reviewed my fanfics for the past 7 weeks. I love you all <3

Now that I’m done posting my one-shots for Royai Week 2014, I’m not sure if I should continue with the ones for RW 2015 (I only wrote 4 of those, and I still feel like I need to complete the prompt list), or start posting one of my multi-chapter ones (either the complete one or my wip).

I’m working on First Lady of Amestris, I swear I am. I have the first half of next chapter written. I’m just 99% of the time not alone at home, and I need to be alone to feel at peace enough to concentrate on my writing. I would love to finish it this year because dear god, I started it in 2014 x.x I’m sure I lost a lot of my initial readers, but hopefully I’m getting new ones with future updates. I would really appreciate it if you sent me messages throughout the entire year reminding/asking me to sit down and write because I tend to get distracted a lot too. And well, I believe I’ll probably be updating now in about two weeks or so.

Let me know what you think I should start posting next week :)

Together again

This drabble is for @nomisimed​ She requested a drabble where Simon and Demi meet again after all this time. Hope you like it everyone! Please reblog/comment/like if you do. Have a great day!

Demi had just sung her heart out at her second performance at the Grammys and she was beyond thrilled. It was so exciting and gave her such a rush to be up on that stage. She was even nominated this year! She didn’t get it, but next time dammit she was going to be up on that stage accepting her very first Grammy! She began to silently hum to herself as she made her way to the dressing room.

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