everyone on this show is my spirit animal

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Okay JAX since no one has asked what this show you've been rebloggin is. I'll Bite. What is it because that last video was hilarious xD

Oh okay sure thing I just got into this show thanks to a friend who wishes to remain nameless xD

The show is called 


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Its about these 3 triplet sisters who all have their own unique quirks

The Eldest one Mitsuba is like a fusion of Eric Cartman  from South Park and Angelica from Rugrats except WAAY bitchier

She loves to eat and is sadistic and wants everyone to call her Sama and kneel before her. 

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Then theres my personal favorite and spirit animal Futaba

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Now Futaba is the Lovable GOOF of the sisters.

She’s a bit of an airhead but she’s got a great heart. Also SHE IS INSANELY STRONG and ATHLETIC

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But the key thing about her is SHE LOVES BOOBS.

Like more than anything.

 She even has her own BOOB Love theme song for when she does stuff really athletic

Then theres Hitoha 

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She’s this really reserved girl who doesn’t know how to socialize or talk to people so she’s usually very quiet and she always carries this book around with her that she becomes GRUDGE scary Level if you try to touch it 

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She’s also a TOTAL FANGIRL of this Show called the Gachi Rangers (A Power Rangers parody) 

and she collects all this stuff but she doenst know how to talk to people cause she’s so anti social so she ends up scaring them off or making them sad

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Now you think the show is gonna be this G rated fun slice of life……BUT NO


This show is a HARD R. The Humor is this show is honestly like a fusion of 

South Park

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and Drawn Together 

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Though I will warn Pedophilia, sodomy and rape are contextual jokes in the show nothing Graphic but if you’ve seen South Park you know how they work their magic so waring there ya go lol

There are so many Three’s Company-esque Misunderstandings that I will admit later on do get overplayed but the ones that HIT ARE HILARIOUS.

TONS OF GREAT BackGround/Secondary Characters 

For example the teacher always gets mistaken for doing something foul with his students even though he’s innocent

Though real talk some situations will make you say this dude should be fired.

Then theres this mother who’s interested in her daughters 6th grade students cause she’s pent up and you’ll be thinking this bitch needs to be arrested.

and theres their father who keeps getting mistaken for a prowler or kidnapper when he’s just a good man who loves his daughters

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But its really short, It came out in 2010

So Theres 2 seasons
1 had 13 episodes

the second have 8

and 1 OVA

It took me like a day and half to marathon all of this on CrunchyRoll.  THE INTRO GETS ME HYPED!

 its just a funny SHOW. Like I didnt realize how funny it would be I was crying laughing hard in some of the episodes 

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So I’d def recommend it if you’re looking to laugh. Though Episode 2 has a really gross scene in the first 15 minutes of it so you might wanna skip that xD

So check it out if you want 


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I just saw BMC at the exit 82 theatre. I’m gonna try to seriously summarize but I dunno

Okay. Let’s go by song

More than survive:


Also it was pretty much like the bootleg if you saw that. It was superrrrr dope. (Omg I’m gonna use this word too much) plus everyone SCREAMED when they saw Michael. Also the boyf riends vibes when Jeremy was singing about Christine while Michael was there were very high key👌. I loved it.

I love play rehearsal:


She was so adorable and I swear her wardrobe was all from Justice. She stopped in the middle of the song and started making weird noises. Meeeeee. Like the bootleg too

The squip song:

Only okay and not amazing thing about the whole show: Richs ITS FRON JAAPAAN. ya know? But otherwise It’s amazing and fantastic!!

Two-player game:


Michael is again adorable. I absolutely love him way too much. He is an angel. During this song HE DABBED. Yes DABBED. IT WAS FREAKING ADORABLE!!!

Be more chill part 1

Dope. It was great. I loved it. The squip was sooo good. He was probably the best actor. When Jeremy took the squip was amazing.

Do you want a ride?

Was good. It was kinda awkward with Chloe and Brooke all over Jeremy. But the pink berry part was awesome( I should put this in its own section but I don’t care)

Be more chill part 2

Was super good. I love it.

A guy that I’d kinda be into


Jeremy got super excited and I really felt bad for him. CHRISTINE AND HIM DANCED FOR A LITTLE TOGETHER AND HONESTLY IT WAS SO CUTE.


I cried. I’ll say that. I cried for my man, my main man Michael was super sad and stuff. I cried for him. I loved the squip. Also Christine and Jake were kinda ADORABLE. Also this was the last song before the intermissions n so I was like crying throughout that.



OMG so good. It was probably one of the best songs. It reminded me a lot of Big Fun from Heather’s. It was so good. I was so happy

Do you want to hang?

Was so good for the worst song on the album. It was hilarious and the dialogue was so good. Jake got super mad. And crashed through a window

Michael in the bathroom

The Michael protection squad’s anthem. It so really good. I thought I was gonna be disappointed but it was AMAZING AND I LIVE WHOEVER PLAYED MICHAEL. HE WAS AN ANGEL. But my heart? It hurt? I have feelings still?

The smartphone hour

The best. There were some of the male actors with crappy wigs on dancing with the girls and it was hilarious. I absolutely loved it. I was AMAZING.

The pitiful children

AWESOME. ya know those like light up on the soul shoe? Yea everyone was wearing them and marching and it was so cool.

The play

MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE!! He ran through the crowd and everyone screamed at him. It was amazing and Jake on his crunches and having both his legs broken was hilarious. Michael and Jeremy were like laying on top of each other when Jake poured the red Mountain Dew. And it was AFORABLE cuz Michael had his arm around Jeremy and it was cute cuz he was being protective of his boy.

Voices in my head

The diagolue before this was the best cuz you meet un-squip PRD Rich and he kept screaming I AM SO BI and I was like meeeeee. Plus he flirted with Michael. And Jeremy and his dad were talking about Christine and Michael looked super jealous. He song was great too.

The bows were amazing.

The way Jeremy (whoever played him, I’m in my car and it’s dark so I would put his real name in but I can’t read the playbill thingy) walked on to the stage was meee. He literally shuffled/ waddled or whatever. WE ALL SHOULD UP BECAUSE THE SHOW WAS FABULOUS. Plus the actor for Michael took a selfie at the end. According to my brother, Jake was dabbing. (He called him Dave. It was hilarious 😂)

I am so grateful for getting to see this show plus being there the same day as George Salazar. I’m so happy right now. Thank you to the whole team. You were amazing.

I know nobody’s gonna see this but I needed to get it out.

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first of all i would like to tell you that i love your blog~! secondly, i would like to say that i'm tired of seeing the phrase "but otherkin doesn't hurt anyone!!1!11!". because, yes, it does. i've seen multiple people of different groups complaining about the otherkin community and why they're harmful to them. but, as a native american i would like to explain why this hurts us. because back when the otherkin fad came to be back in the 60's-70's, it was taken from my culture. yes, taken.(1/4)

they got their little game of make believe from our spirit animals. and for people out there who may not know what a spirit animal really is, it’s what our spirit takes the form of. sometimes they can be a guide. sometimes we see them in our dreams in place of our human forms. and that is what our spirits take the form of after we die to live in the High Prairie(Heaven basically) with the Great Spirit(or at least that how it was told in my tribe).(2/4)
we do not actually believe we are our spirit animals. i do not believe that i am a snow leopard(that’s my animal spirit). i am human. i know i am human. i do not think in anyway i am this large cat! it’s just what my spirit looks like. if i could physically show you my spirit you would see this short, stocky and fluffy snow leopard. my point is though, since my culture was once again stolen, it’s been made more of a joke then it already is. it’s a mockery to everyone else.(¾)
it’s hard talking about our animal spirits and our cultures without being questioned. i’ve seen people say that our culture sounds similar to otherkin. i hate it. i hate when people compare my culture to this joke! people don’t take my culture seriously enough already, we don’t need these kids playing their little fantasy games making it worse. my culture is not a joke. the joke is otherkin. my culture is real, otherkin is not. sorry for the rant. i hope you have a lovely day, hun~! 💜(4/4)

As someone with native american ancestry (my grandma), THIS^

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What do you think about everyone's favorite cuddly cat, Lord Beerus

My favorite Sphynx, Lord Beerus! (Also I love your URL, very clever!)

- First Impression:

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My spirit animal. I relate to him so much too! Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do, Beerus amuses me so much.

- Impression Now:

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Still the same!

- Favorite Moment:

How about all of these?

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- Idea for a story:

More of a one-shot. Beerus goes to Earth and bonds with Bulma and Chi-Chi over their cooking.

- Unpopular Opinion:

Nothing for this cat.

- Favorite Relationship:

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- Favorite Headcanon:

I actually don’t have one, everything that I see was already showed in the movie.


Artists in Action!

Meet Sarah Marino, a Background Painter on Shimmer and Shine! We sat down with her to talk about her career, what inspires her, and (of course) Kenan and Kel.

Read on to learn more about this wonderful artist!

1)    What is your role here at NAS? How long have you worked here?
I’m currently a Background Painter on the Nick Jr. show Shimmer and Shine. I just had my two year work-iversary in February!

2)    How did you get started in Animation?
After graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2009, I relocated to Dallas, Texas, where I freelanced for the commercial division at Reel FX.  After freelancing for a year, I started full-time as a production assistant in February of 2011 on the Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas special. I then worked as a production coordinator on the “Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem” ride before I was promoted in April 2012 to a visual development artist on Reel FX’s second feature, The Book of Life. I had the wonderful opportunity to come out to LA and start at Nickelodeon in 2014, and it’s just been amazing. A lot of hard work, persistence, and networking helped get me to where I am today!

3)    What is your day-to-day like? Any interesting routines?
Come in, eat breakfast, check emails, queue up my Hulu, Netflix and YouTube shows, then get to work! No two days are exactly the same at my job, as I’m constantly painting fun new environments and characters drawn by the design team. Our world of Shimmer and Shine is growing, and I can’t wait for everyone to see Season 2!

As for unique routines, every morning while I’m getting ready for work, I listen to the Diane Rehm show on NPR. It helps keep me informed on what’s going on in the world outside of my happy animation bubble! During the work day, I always try to take an afternoon walk around Downtown Burbank – I get a little sun (vitamin D is necessary, people!) and it’s a great time to catch up with coworkers.

4)    What continues to motivate you to be an artist and work in animation?
Telling stories that resonate with people of all ages.  Knowing that what you’re doing matters, even if it is just a silly cartoon to some, because for others it makes a world of difference.

5)    What are your favorite parts of the job?
My coworkers! Nickelodeon really has the most wonderful, talented, and fun people in the entire industry! That, and getting to tell stories for a living. Could anything be more awesome?

6)    Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career?
Speaking on a panel at San Diego Comic-Con last summer was definitely a career highlight! I loved getting to share my story with people, and how there are careers out there that will totally embrace you and your weirdness. And even though I’ve now had several credits in both TV and film, the feeling you get when you see your name on the screen is just as awesome as the very first time you saw it. I always make sure to sit through the credits of anything I watch – so many people work so hard to entertain us and I love to acknowledge them in my own way.

7)    What/who inspires you?
I’m inspired by so many things! From movies to anime, books to music – I am a nerd through and through (and I’ve got the action figure collection to prove it)! As for artists and creators who’ve inspired me:

Naoko Takeuchi, Hayao Miyazaki, JK Rowling, Annette Marnat, Pascal Campion, Yoshitaka Amano, Erwin Madrid, Studio Trigger, Chris Appelhans, Mary GrandPre, Loish, Tadahiro Uesugi, Edmond Kiraz, Tetsuya Nomura, John Singer Sargent, Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino, Kazu Kibuishi, Lisa Keene, Eyvind Earle, Paul Lasaine… and SO many more!

8)    What is your advice for aspiring artists or people interested in entering animation?
Work hard and be humble! Having a great portfolio is a way to get noticed, but being a great person is the way to get hired! Social media and networking are so very important. Don’t be afraid to put your work out there!

9)    Who was your mentor and what advice did they give you that inspired you to continue pursuing your dreams/career goals? Advice you’ve give to aspiring artists in the industry?
I’ve had so many kind, generous, and talented people help me along the way; from my parents, to my teachers, to my friends and coworkers. It’s hard to pinpoint just one person. I think that’s really important – find people you trust, that are honest with you and rooting for you, that will be there through the good times and the bad. I wouldn’t be who I am without my support network and I’m eternally grateful to everyone who has helped me get where I am today.

10)  What are your favorite hobbies?
Drawing, playing video games, watching cartoons, cosplay… not much has changed over the years!

11)  What is one of the most challenging aspects of your job?
Choosing which glitter brush is most appropriate for the occasion.

12)  What is your Spirit Animal?
Ilana from Broad City...

13)  Favorite Nickelodeon Show?
Doug and Avatar!

14)  Favorite Nickelodeon Quote or Catch Phase?
“Who loves orange soda? KEL LOVES ORANGE SODA.”

(I asked my sister what she thought of my choice, and she said: “I think that is your favorite quote. At least it def was in 1998.” Sister approved.)

15)  Favorite Snack?
Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus.

Follow Sarah to see all of her amazing work: 

Tumblr: @sarahmarino
Twitter: @sarahmarino 

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I need some advice. My dad doesn't approve of me being a bio/pre-med major because he just assumes that I can't make it into medical school. It's really discouraging that my dad thinks this because I am so passionate about medicine, and I've had my mind on medical school since I was in high school.

Ok, first off, that is some bullshit right there. Something similar happened to me.

When I was 19 and got the urge to go to med school literally out of nowhere and told my then-fiance (ps- don’t get engaged before you turn 21, it’s just a terrible idea 99% of the time) and he told me I wasn’t smart enough. Then he dumped me. So I showed him, and what started as a mission of vengeance became a mission of holy-crap-this-is-awesome-and-I-love-it. 

I’m really sorry your Dad is being an unsupportive jerk. It’s a terrible feeling. But instead of letting it get you down and keep you from your dream, use it as rage fuel. When you feel like quitting, imagine your Dad saying “I knew it,” AND GET MAD AND FUCKING SHOW HIM HOW TOTALLY SMART AND BADASS YOU ARE.

Find a new support system, people who believe in you and will encourage you when you’re feeling down. Use that quiet inner strength we all have, that part of us that keeps going when everyone around says to quit. You got this. 

Not sure how you feel about pink, but I suggest channeling my spirit animal, Elle Woods. 

One Direction + Philly = YAS

One can’t be to sure as to why…but August 13th One Direction basically put on what i would like to think the most entertaining show of the tour thus far…in no particular order here are my reasons why.

1. Lets start with Harold’s hair shall we

It started out all nice and tucked away in this sweet innocent head wrap turban headscarf whatever you wanna call it..then

It ended up unleashing itself from the head wrap where it remained flowing free similar to my raging hormones for the rest of the concert 

2. Zayn did a thing… aside from looking like a damn god who was sent from heaven to grace the earth with his vocals and soft feathery eyelashes

3.While this was occurring we had Liam beatboxing…how does one go from beatboxing to giggling like a school girl? Idk but keep it up Liam.*cue mic flip every .3 seconds

4.Did i mention Harry wore the shirt…

yes this photo was necessary because that was the exact face i made when i found out he had this shirt on his body

Just kidding because this was my face because i actually started crying.

5. Everyone hugging Niall

Im actually offended by this because what about me

6. Liam tossing on a purple hat and singing some MJ

7.Harrys Hair

8.Louis Just being cute as shit like always 

Like did i say you were aloud to prance around with your perfect little ankles showing and jeans so tight on your thighs that some fans including myself were actually begging you to suffocate us with them?


no i did not say you could do this.

9.Harry decided he was going to become my spirit animal and throw a unicorn mask on his head.

also some cheese


11.Harry Styles MOther f-ing HAirrR

12.Liam decided, that he was going to be cute as fucking shit

And then Zayn decided..no Liam you are not going to be cute as fucking shit.


Olly short for Oliver because i fucking like that name it just fits well.

14. Zayn..just Zayn


15. Finally we spent the afternoon on Twitter wondering why this girl wore a wedding dress to the concert..some of you may have even laughed WELL YOU CAN GUESS WHO WAS FUCKING LAUGHING WHEN HARRY STYLES HIMSELF PROPOSED TO HER ON STAGE DURING THE CONCERT

Basically at this point i was being strapped to a gurney and rushed to the ER because my vision went blurry and then my life ended.

16. Last but not least…Lirry dancing oh my sweet jesus this was just wow.















Remind me again why I’m sitting here writing this post and not at the Concert in Philly tonight like i had planned….

Hope i didn’t leave anything out if i did be sure to set my ass straight and tell me 

some cute sportarobbie going on here

robbie is so nervous it’s just adorable. And sportacus juggling with those apples robbie gave him??? I MIGHT DIE

i haven’t finished the episode yet, though i recommend to watch it already (season 4, the lazy wizard) not sure where this is going, but i hope it’ll be fine and nice just like it already is

these moments are the reason i adore season 3 and 4. it’s just some nice lazytown routine i really enjoy. I love everything about this episode already. Steph and the mayor are out for some camping. The kids are playing bowling in the background. Robbie is being his usual self, just like sportacus
Man i love everything. I love all you guys watching this show and enjoying these pieces of simple adorable life in it. I really do hope you all are feeling better watching this just like me. Just thanks to this fandom for existing the way it exists. Mostly kind, pure, cute, funny and encouraging

sry I’m not usually this emotional. And sry for poor editting (i’m too lazy for this and robbie is still my spirit animal, but i really wanted to share)

and merry christmas to everyone celebrating it. i do not, cause i live in russia, but for all the other people who do - happy holidays!


Artists in Action!

Meet Amanda Rynda, Art Director for our new show The Loud House! When Amanda’s not overseeing all the artistic elements needed to make The Loud House happen, you can find her working on photography projects (Zombie Engagement Photos anyone?) and playing with her twin boys. Busy gal!

Read on to learn more about Amanda’s background, influences and koala/dolphin conundrum.


1)    What is your role here at NAS? How long have you worked here? 
Hey! I’m the Art Director on The Loud House. I started here at Nick about a year and half ago.

2)    How did you get started in Animation? 
My path into animation was a bit of an organic one. I grew up drawing, painting, and involved in various creative outlets. I knew I wanted a life filled with art but at that time I really didn’t understand what that meant or what I would be doing. I spent some time at MICA painting, I spent some time studying graphic design, but eventually I ended up in the Character Animation program at CalArts for college. I got sucked into animation there. The love of the art form and the enthusiasm of the animation community was really inspiring to me at that time of my life - and still is! A student film I made at CalArts got some attention and I went on to animate for JibJab, and then worked for Disney TV on Gravity Falls and Star vs. the Forces of Evil before coming over to Nickelodeon.

3)    What is your day-to-day like? Any interesting routines?  
Oh my gosh, my days can be very busy, but my week to week routine is pretty much the same.  The short answer is that I work with our crew to design and put together a blueprint of designed backgrounds, characters, props, effects, background paint and color (essentially all the elements that we see on screen for The Loud House) before sending them off to Canada to be animated. I review every visual element of the show at different stages throughout the creative process and make sure that as a team, we are all staying on course both visually and in terms of our scheduled timeline.  Most weeks I am working on at least 5 different episodes at a time. I often have to stop and remind myself which episode I’m looking at. It can be a little nutty, but it’s really exciting to be so involved.

4)    What continues to motivate you to be an artist and work in animation? 
The end result is so incredibly rewarding. I love seeing the team’s efforts all come together. But most of all, I love to see people react to the finished product. The feeling you get seeing people have genuine reactions to the art that you’ve spent months or even years thinking about is unparalleled.

5)    What are the favorite parts of your job? 
I love working together as a team. Everyone on our crew has a really unique perspective and their own enviable, artistic style that shines through in their work. I love seeing that all come together. Despite being able to distinguish each artist’s hand in the designs, the heart of the show still beats true to what we are trying to communicate. I think that is so cool.

6)    Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career? 
This one for sure! But I think it’s more personally significant. Chris Savino, the creator of The Loud House, really took a chance on me by asking me to art direct. I have never felt like someone who stands out in crowd, so I feel so fortunate that Chris noticed something in me that made him think I was the right person for this job. Art directing was a dream of mine that I thought might never come true, so I don’t take a single day for granted here at Nickelodeon.

7)    What/who inspires you? 
This is a really tough one because as a true gemini, this will forever be changing. I am really inspired by photography, interior design, dance and music. More specifically, I find it awe-inspiring when someone sets out to do something incredible and actually does it! It’s easy to let negative thoughts get the best of you, but those who just throw those thoughts out the window and really go for it are the most inspiring to me.

8)    What is your advice for aspiring artists or people interested in entering animation? 
Practice your drawing like you practice a musical instrument. Remember that you need to learn your scales before you can play a concerto. (My husband says that all the time and he’s totally right!)

9)    Who was your mentor and what advice did they give you that inspired you to continue pursing your dreams/career goals?  
My first mentor was my high school art teacher, Dr. Robert O’Boyle. He told me to believe in myself. And then he told me again, and again, and again.

10)  What are your favorite hobbies? 
A few years ago I took up photography and shot a zombie engagement photo session that went viral. Since then, there have been tons of copycats which is pretty awesome. I still do photo shoots occasionally. But my weekends are pretty much dedicated to my husband and my 3 year old twin boys. We spend a lot of time playing with trains. :)

11)  What is one of the most challenging aspects of your job? 
This job seriously tests my memory and my multi tasking skills. I am constantly jumping from one thing to the next.

12)  What is your Spirit Animal? 
I’m probably a koala but I wish I was dolphin.

13)  Favorite Nickelodeon Show? 
Definitely The Ren and Stimpy Show. Those gross out drawings will stick with me for life. And I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve sang the log song. Everyone wants a log, right? Everyone needs a log.

14)  Favorite Nickelodeon Quote or Catch Phase? 
Nick Nick Nick Nick na Nick Nick Nick Nickelodeon!

15)  Favorite Snack 
Milk tea with BOBA! And anything chocolate! Mmmm…


Check out Amanda’s work here:
Tumblr: @amandarynda
Twitter: @amandarynda​ 
Website: http://www.amandarynda.com 

And make sure to watch the first episode of The Loud House online right now!

I’ve been sketching this thing for like 2 weeks now, and I didn’t like anything I sketched enough to color block it in. Maybe it’s the pressure of the approaching deadline, but I think I’m finally ready to paint in gouache. I’m giving myself 10 hours.. uhh.. yah. We’ll see. For the Animystics show at Light Grey Art Lab! :D Everyone picks a spirit animal (based on myth, made-up, anything goes) and writes a background story about it. Special abilities, powers, etc. 

My animal is a wolf-tengu, inspired by my own dog, Hana. I wanted to do especially well on this show because part (or all) of the proceeds from the sales will go towards an animal shelter!! (I picked a no kill dog-rescue in the area) Totally in-line with all that I love. Right after my own heart!

(The finished piece will probably look different from this, as it’s just a quick color block.)

six am thoughts: girl meets i am farkle + girl meets world rant

girl meets i am farkle is one of the most important episodes of the whole show in general and as much as i ship my ships and as much as i love them, this episode it’s not about ships, not at all! (but smarkle is actually cute af here) THIS EPISODE TALKS ABOUT TWO TOPICS, ASPENGER’S SYNDROME AND LABELS, AND THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. it’s an episode that talks about a topic that not many people even knew about, for example: me, i do know what autism is, gosh, i even have an autist cousin for god’s sakes, but i never really went to explore the whole topic, now i know what aspenger’s syndrome is and i feel educated. that’s why i love this show, it actually educates people about stuff and topics going around, like, let’s not forget that in sludge they’ll be talking about sexism, they’ve covered cultural appropiation in their first episodes of the first season, broken families, troubled pasts, labels, they’ll be covering cyber-bullying, conflict resolution, hope, commonism, beliefs, forgiveness, how important art is, the list goes on and on. 

i’m actually glad we have a show like this for our generation, every time i see a little girl watching or talking about girl meets world i feel so happy that they do, because now they have a show that teaches them about life and how hard it actually is, not about magic or about having a double life (but, i actually love wizards of waverly place and hannah montana, like, alex is my spirit animal but did they thaught me something about how hard life actually is? no, but they were still great shows) like, i was on a printing centre to print something for my school (not everyone in my country has a printer in their houses so there’s many printing centres around) and i saw a little girl and her mom with a gmw notebook and i thought: “this little girl sits every saturday and sunday night to learn about life via a show that is actually funny and doesn’t has to necessarily be PG-13, she laughs with it, maybe she watches it with her mom or alone, who knows but she is learning how hard life actually is.”