everyone on this show is my spirit animal

So I Saw Hamilton...

And here is what I thought was amazing about it… (spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen the stage version):

  • At ham4ham, a group of us started a singalong. And our impromptu harmonies were on point.
  • Also, petition for ham4ham to be on the balcony at the Richard Rodgers, so that way everyone could see what was going on.
  • Before the show, one of the ushers came out to address our section and informed us that if we used our phones we would have to deal with her- a pissed off woman. She is now my spirit animal.
  • King George III made an announcement that the show was starting, and asked us to please enjoy “his” show.
  • The audience clapped at everyone’s entrance- and when I say “clapped,” it was more like “rock concert screaming” than “polite theater-goers” type clapping.
  • The entire cast is on stage the majority of the time, watching the action play out in the shadows and on the balcony. Makes it very interesting.
  • The dynamic between Laurence and Ham in act one is so much more stronger. All four of the boys had a stronger connection, like there were so many brohugs tho. Especially between Laurence and Ham. Which made Lauren’s death much more dramatic.
  • -During “Schuyler Sisters,” Eliza is dragging along Peggy, who is not amused. 
  • During “Farmer Refuted,” Hamilton begins fighting with Seaburry and ends up pushing him off of the box he is standing on.
  • After “You’ll Be Back,” King George orders to kill an ensemble member. He marches off while Ham looks on in shock.
  • At the start of “Right Hand Man,” the lighting looks like they are in the ocean and it is sooooo coooooolll.
  • The choreography is the exact same in “Helpless” as it is in “Satisfied,” except “Satisfied” is slowed down with the exception of Angelica who is full speed in the center, it looks like she has stopped time.
  • The choreography for “Wait For It” is mostly still, with the ensemble sitting and standing until the very end when there is subtle movement. The juxtaposition between the song and dance is very well done.
  • Lafayette’s and Mulligan’s raps GOT SO MUCH APPLAUSE and again, more like a rock concert than a theater crowd.
  • On the line “I’m so blue” in “What Comes Next?” King George stomps his foot, and his spotlight changes from red to blue.
  • “Dear Theodosia” is mostly Lin and Leslie alone on stage, behind a chair and looking over into it, as if it were a crib. 
  • Lauren’s death is horrible but so well done in the transition between “Theodosia” and “Non-stop.”
  • Lin has changed the way he says “I was chosen for the constitutional convention,” so it is more like a high-pitched adorable voice with a little bit of excited screeching. 
  • When Daveed came out as Jefferson, the crowd went nuts. He made a gesture as if to say “Oh, stop it!” and the audience stopped clapping. He looked thoughtful for a moment, and then motioned for the audience to start clapping again. 
  • Daveed is having way too much fun and I am loving it.
  • Jasmine slays as Maria Reynolds. 
  • At the end of “Say No To This,” Maria Reynolds stays on stage with Ham, until James Reynolds aggressively motions for her to follow him offstage.
  • Ham is still reeling from “Say No To This” in the beginning of “The Room Where It Happened.”
  • “Daddy’s calling” got a ton of laughs as well.
  • At the beginning of “Washington On Your Side,” Burr starts singing and it takes Jefferson off guard, like he didn’t even realized Burr existed until he started singing.
  • After “I Know Him,” King George demands a chair be placed so he can observe the action. He begins mimicking Burr during “The Adams Administration.” During this, Leslie looked behind at Rory and began laughing. 
  • During “The Reynolds Pamphlet,” someone hands Phillip a copy, he reads it as he walks across the stage, and then passes it off to George Washington.
  • At the end of “Stay Alive Reprise,” Eliza screams when she realizes Phillip is dead. And it is so haunting and chilling and just so painful to hear.
  • Phillip slowly walks off stage after his death, with Eliza watching.
  • The staging in “It’s Quiet Uptown” is so simple. She takes his hand without even looking at him, and Lin just falls apart.
  • On the lines “Can we get back to politics?” “Please?!” Madison comes out dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief, and continues sniffling for the next several lines.
  • Burr sends Ham one letter at the beginning of “Your Obedient Servant.” Hamilton sends back several, each ensemble member running across the stage to hand a letter to Burr.
  • During the final duel, an ensemble member reaches in front of Burr’s gun and appears to hold the bullet, moving slowly towards Hamilton. 
  • All of the people Hamilton mentions seeing on the other side are looking down at him from the second floor.
  • On the lines “Eliza, my love take your time. I’ll see you on the other side.” Eliza appears in front of Hamilton and holds onto his hand, before walking away.
  • Eliza address the audience on “Can I show you what I’m proudest of?” and it makes everyone cry.
  • At the end of “Who Lives, Who Dies,” Eliza is downstage center, and makes a loud gasp, which I think is her dying.
  • Ham follows her throughout the finale, but keeps at a distant. 
  • While we were walking away from the theater, Anthony and Jasmine ran out of the main exit to avoid the chaos of the stage door and ran off, I’m assuming to get some food before the evening show. BUT THEY WERE HOLDING HANDS IT WAS ADORABLE #relationshipgoals

So yeah. Def worth all the hype.


everyone’s like: KYAHHH THEY’RE ALL SO HOT while meanwhile i just got the game because i was pretty curious about it since it showed up a lot on my dash. needless to say, i’d probably get a bad end for all of them.

5x16 Quid Pro Quo

Once again a stream of consciousness:

Nice low key episode, sometimes it’s nice not to have a lot of in your face drama.

So far, I like this Mason guy.  He seems like he has everyones best interests in mind. Then again, Taylor could seem like that sometimes too and there were times I really hated him.  Have to give Mason a little more time to show his true colors.

Amy falling for Hickman’s line again kills me.  Someday Amy will learn.  She’s getting smarter, but still making questionable decisions that make you groan ‘Oh Amy’ every time.

The faces in this episode.  Words weren’t needed half the time, everyones faces told the story every time.

I love Judge Grove, he’s probably what my spirit animal is really like.  His exchange with Rusty is sweet and wonderful.

Shandy matching is on point, even without any cuteness this week.

I knew Mark would be coming back in some form in some way, but now I foresee the Rusty and Mark show coming our way.