everyone on this show deserves normal

Schizophrenia Jokes

I’m here to talk about schizophrenia jokes. They aren’t funny, you aren’t clever, and we aren’t a walking one liner for you to tell. For starters, most schizo jokes are made at the expense of people with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) which is an entirely different thing than schizophrenia or its spectrum, (with its own stigma that I cannot speak to). This is annoying for a myriad of reasons but mostly it goes to show just how little is known about schizophrenia by the lay person and how frustrating it can be to have a disorder no one understands but everyone has an opinion about.

Schizophrenia is a spectrum, similar to the autism spectrum. Many people may have schizophrenia or an associated disorder and be perfectly able to live a normal life independent of assistance of any kind, others require round the clock care, and there are a million versions of ‘inbetween’. Everyone on this spectrum deserves the same amount of respect and kindness as people without schizophrenic disorders. There is literally no reason to assume someone that hears voices can’t hear you laughing at them. Or that someone who sees things that may not be there or believe in things they shouldn’t doesn’t know you’re a huge piece of shit.

Stop talking shit about the homeless people you see that are shouting at no one. Stop making fun of people who live in tin foil lined apartments. Stop assuming you know literally anything about another persons mental health simply because you have witnessed one symptom. Stop thinking that “hearing voices” is somehow a joke in and of itself.

I’m relatively well off, considering I’m on this spectrum, and many of my friends and family had no idea until I told them that I have this disorder. What does that mean? It means most of the time I’m telling these people after they’ve unknowingly made an insensitive remark or an offensive joke at my expense. I’m in a place where telling people about my illness doesn’t put me at risk. I’m lucky in that respect. Most people have negative opinions about schizophrenia – assuming they know what it is when they likely have no idea at all, and assuming those of us on the spectrum are incapable and utterly “crazy”. This stigma means that most people on the spectrum aren’t going to call you out on your shitty jokes for their own safty, so just stop.

If you can’t find a better word to use than schizo, crazy, insane, loopy, psycho etc then you need to beef up your vocab. We aren’t a joke. We don’t deserve to be the butt of your shitty jokes. I’m here for my schizophrenics and I’m determined to see positivity for us on this god forsaken website.

Reading Hart’s interviews / quotes about fighting with FOX for 12 years basicaly made me so cringey and angry. And then sad. I mean, it’s true that famous people (including actors and producers etc) get a lot of money compared to normal people who work 10 hours to get 800$ sometimes. But anyway, running a tv show and playing a character for 12 years is extremely hard and money is not all that matters in life. It’s discouraging to see how FOX has tried and tried to discredit the work of this extremely talented group of people. I mean, as a producer, it definitely isn’t easy to never see your creaton get the credit it deserves. And as an actor? Even more so. Everyone on the Bones cast worked hard for 12 years. Emily and David have worked up to 18 hours per day in the first years and later not less than 12 anyway. I am so sure they have made sacrifices when it comes to their personal lives to give everything to this show for how possibile. Emily worked on Bones when she was like 3 days away from giving birth to Henry. David got sick during s11 and came back to work because he was so committed to it. And so did the rest of the cast, and to be honest, they never really mattered to FOX anyway. I mean, to FOX, once ED and DB signed their deals, the show was renewed no matter what TJ, Tamara and Michaela said. So who wins? NO ONE. Hart Hanson as a producer/creator had to fight with FOX for promotion and technicalities. Emily, David and the rest of the cast never won an award, never saw their show getting promotion, never got recognition for their talent as actors as they were snubbed by every award show to exist. The most important TV news sites usually used Bones for clickbaiting or to throw some shade at it. Reviewers were  mean the 99% of the time (psa: Thank you Give Me My Remote and later TV Insider for being basically the only website that loved covering this show and it showed.) Because after all, the only reason why FOX picked up this show back in 2005 was Emily’s boobs. They weren’t even given the opportunity to have a decent time slot for more than 2 years - where other similiar shows like NCIS, Castle, SVU, Grey’s Anatomy were considered their network’s MVPs. When Bones got 5.2 or 4.8 ratings’, FOX prevented Hart from putting Booth and Brennan together because they were scared the show would end. After that, when Bones continued to get decent ratings in the following years despite FOX’s crisis - for their low standards - the network started to complain it wasn’t enough, even when they had NOTHING ELSE on their schedule that performed even slightly better than Bones did. And even in their final season, with zero promotion, Bones is still above-average when it comes to ratings. (Preliminar ratings for Tuesday’s episode were 1.0 and I don’t care it was later adjusted down to 0.9) but yeah, who cares. So, this extremely long post is a way to say that I’m amazed by the Bones cast and crew for being able to ignore all of this and creating a family and a working enviroment based on mutual love and respect. To me, they win. 12 years are an incredible accomplishment and I hope they know that from the love of their fans who - after all - supported them through all of this. Speaking for myself, I am so proud to call myself a fan of this show that gave me so much and sort of made me who I am today. 

You know after the shit storm of a finale I made a tweet saying how much I feared that they would “Daisyfy” Skye, but even silly old me thought they would actually do it on screen in s3 and not just straight up present as with Daisy instead of Skye.

Skye was awesome from the start, she was amazing and strong and kick ass and this show did not deserve to have her.

I’m sorry the show (and the neckbearded ~fanboys~) couldn’t appreciate Skye as the amazing character she already was.

I’m sorry they could only appreciate Skye when her fighting skills were top notch.

I’m sorry for every girl, every woman who took to heart the message that Skye was meant to represent us.

I’m sorry for everyone who found “not every hero has to be super” inspiring.

I’m sorry for everyone who know feels like the show is saying normal actually isn’t good enough.

I’m just so fucking sorry.

Edwards and DeLuca?

Am I the only one who (during 13x17) suddenly realized Edwards and DeLuca would be perfect for each other - at least on paper?

The are both such good, genuine people. Like everyone they have some history, but they are not covered with trauma-scars. On itself all quite unique in this show! Plus they both never seem to deserve being with someone great. As I recall Edwards has only been with Jackson (yearrrrrs ago) and DeLuca had this weird (but okay) thing with Maggie going on, but that’s pretty much it. Weird isn’t it, considering how… normal they are?! So yeah, I think they deserve each other.

Too bad he’s in love with Jo.

And she’s leaving the show.

And they have like zero chemistry.

King Richard
from the amazing tv-show “Galavant”

You know I normally live in one fandom at time, but this one is truly amazing: Galavant deserves your attention and I warmly recommend this tv-show to everyone! It’s full of dorky songs, demential stuff and a lot of bromance (seriously A LOT) <3 <3 <3

It’s such funny and lovely, especially this cutie up there: Timothy Omundson did an awesome work with the character of King Richard and I m sure you will love him <3

Pfiu..! First attempt of pencil portrait after months… I need some practice and new pencils >u>’


And I am saying it loud with a “not-the hobbit-related-pic” <3

There is no Kitten without ALY, so do what you want, I have amazing friends here and they won’t leave whatever I am posting, so if you don’t like what I post you can frankly kiss my lovely ass :)

Thank you King Richard you gave me the 
strength …ok it's bullshit, Pabu, ceallaig1, precious-durins, scarredaxel, cloudshapedrain, thunder-stormbay and everyone who wrote me today and yesterday made me come back on my steps <3

Thank you darlings, I owe you a kiss on the forehead <3

To everyone freaking about the SU/Uncle Grandpa cross-over:

there is already talks of Steven Universe being pulled from the show, as their re-runs have been stopped. 

Their one way of saving the show would be partnering WITH a nonsense, silly show (that doesn’t deserve to take a spot if a beautiful show like SU may be pulled imo). 

Once they do this, views of SU are guaranteed to go up, re-runs’ll come back, and the show will be back to normal. 

Besides, it’ll be non-canon, save for any abilities Steven’ll show. And to my loose knowledge of UG, he’s related to everyone on earth; so no, he’s not a “distant relative” of Greg. 

the SU crew have done something really smart, so stop sending hate. It’s just business.