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5/23/17 pt 2

pairing: jason todd x reader

warnings: cursing, fluff, idk

prompt: the date lol
prompt list that i reblogged but don’t know how to insert soz

5: “ Why do you hate me? ”
17: “ Are you upset with me? ”
23: “ Why did you spare me? ”

or say other things like,
“Amazing, how you put up with her.”
Or once, when I was crying because my heel broke and it was raining and I lost the paperwork and it was a bad day and I had to be comforted by Trevor, as soon as he left Jason said,
“Had to call your boyfriend to come comfort you? Why’d he leave you here? Cant drive you home to watch cartoons?”

Let’s just say that we both said vile things to each other every time we had a short meeting.

Which brings me to today, where I have to go to a ball for the opening of another company’s new branch. I am here for diplomatic reasons and Bruce was gracious enough to give me a plus one. “Only two of my boys will be attending, feel free to bring someone along.”

I ask Trevor if he wants to come to a work event with me and he says no so I go it alone. When I call Bruce he says that it’s a shame but I am welcome to come over to the manor and carpool with them. He doesn’t say it like that but you get the gist.

It’s a winter ball and I’m wearing this navy/royal blue gown with long sleeves. My hair is that trendy “looks barely wet, out of the shower, but not ugly” kind of look and I pull a nude lip with a golden cut crease. I don’t plan on dancing so I wear one of my taller pairs of heels and drive over to the manor with some paperwork. Work doesn’t rest, does it?

When I get to the manor I have the joy of meeting Alfred again. He allows me inside and tells me that “everyone should be down in ten” and “oh, let me take those files for you, have fun tonight and blame the work papers on me!”
Mr. Wayne is in a tux already standing by the steps ordering Dick and Jason to hurry up and then I see them.

So handsome, Dick is wearing a black and white tux with accents the same colour as my dress and Jason, while I hate to admit it, looks dashing in his black but slightly maroon tinted tux.

“Where’s your date gone? Didn’t have work at the ball to help you with so he didn’t want to come?” (JT)

“Jason Peter, stop that at once.” (BW)

“It’s fine Mr. Wayne. Really, Jason doesn’t know how a proper boyfriend acts so he has to stalk mine.” (Y/n)

“Ooh, burn. Y/n, you look elegant tonight, I’d be happy to accompany you tonight.” (RG)

“Thank you Richard, it seems we make quite the pairing tonight.” (Y/n)

“The blue definitely makes your skin glow,” Dick says, “a dress fitting the woman wearing it.”

“It’s not the dress that makes my skin glow, thank you though. Your flattery is very well appreciated.” I giggle as we make our way into the car.

The drive is not too long, Bruce asked me about work and the recent activities in the work sphere and starts to talk to me about higher positions.

“Oh, Mr. Wayne, are you sure? I am quite young and would not want to upset the older offices that may want the opening.”

“Yeah, she actually just may upset herself, always stressed out enough as it is.” (JT)

“Jason, I think she can handle herself fine, she fits well with the family and there isn’t someone else I trust for this particular role.” (BW)

“I’ll definitely think about it and give you an answer tomorrow morning.”

We get to the ball and exit the car. As we waltz our way to our table I have this strange feeling and begin to worry.

“Hey, are you okay?” (RG)

“Oh, Dick, I am fine. I’m just a little queasy.”

“You’ll be fine, you’re probably just hungry. Let’s eat and we both can partner away for dances.” (RG)

“Of course, thanks Dick.” I nuzzle into his arm and let him lead me to the table.

Jason is glaring at Dick and I have no clue why. Does he hate me?

We sit at the table and begin our chat with some of the employees from the other company. They are so fruitful and lively. As we eat, I see something out of the corner of my eye.

“Is that Trevor?” I whisper. No one could hear except for Dick and maybe Jason if he was really listening.

“What?” Dick whispers back.

“Look,” I whisper even quieter than before, “he’s with anothe-”

And he kissed the girl he was with right then.

I gasp and immediately look down as if I was not supposed to see them. My eybrows furrow and I begin to pout.

I excuse my myself and run to the bathroom. I really didn’t want this to happen tonight, not with Jason here. This is embarrassing and making me angry. God, of all days?

“Of all days?” I yell into the bathroom mirror.

Luckily the bathroom was nearly empty and I swiftly left. I can’t stand Trevor. Gosh this is why we had to spend so much time at my work! All these nights he wasn’t spending with me he must have been spending with someone else!

I just entered the doors to the ballroom and quickly my left arm was being pulled and suddenly I was being pulled into an embrace. I am surrounded by the smell of Dicks cologne.

“Hey, how are you holding up?”
Dick smiles at me gently and guides me around the dance floor.

“Ugh, to be honest, not well but I’m going to get through it. I just don’t want to talk to him tonight.”

Dick dips me and we both rotate.

“Is this the first time something has happened like this?”

“Great detective, trying to solve another case?” I tease while swatting his bicep. “I mean, tonight was definitely a wake up moment but I guess I should have seen it all along.”

“Yeah? Jason tells me that you guys were real love birds in the office.”

“Jason talks about me? Haha, how sweet. You could say we were lovebirds, only in the office. I always wondered why he couldn’t stay the night or why we spent little time out of work hours. He was hanging around her during the hours without me. It makes sense now.”

“Don’t worry, you are a real catch, and if I could, I’d ask you out myself.”

“Oh, and why can’t you, billionaire bachelor?”

“Sweetheart, I already know someone who’s got eyes for you.”

The song is about to end,
“Really? Who?”

And Dick bows me goodbye and I’m standing alone on the floor. I see Trevor dancing nearby and I hope he doesn’t see me alone! Oh gosh! What can I do?

There! Is this my only option?
My way out? I can’t believe that this is how I have to do this…

I tug on Jason’s sleeve and quickly switch with the girl he’s dancing with.

“Rude much?”

“Okay I am so so sorry but it’s an emergency.”

Jason groans and looks away.

“Are you upset with me?” I ask.

“What? No.”

We are still dancing and Trevor is nowhere near paying attention to us. Still whispering sweet nothings to his other girlfriend.

I say nothing as we dance and soon Jason is pulling left and right and we sashay around.

“Woah! What are we doing?”

“Well, if you won’t tell me the emergency I am not going to stop having fun.”

I smile,
“Jason I hate to tell you this, but my boyfriend is over there and I am trying to avoid him, or at least not be seen without a partner while I figure out what to do.”

I start dancing more fearlessly as Jason’s hold on me becomes more secure.

“Why are you trying to avoid him?”
Jason begins to look around and sees how he is acting with that other girl.

“Hey dumbass, don’t make it obvious. He’s cheating on me alright! I thought he didn’t want hang out with me tonight but he already had plans.”
I start to tear up and I slow my dancing.

“Hey, hey. Don’t cry, you didn’t do anything wrong.”
Jason strokes the side of my face and lifts my chin.

“I did though, I wasn’t that good of a girlfriend and he needed another one.”
I attempt to look down but Jason doesn’t let me.



Jason guides me to the balcony outside and continues our slow dancing.

“All this attitude and you only show it towards me, why not show it towards him, huh? Does that make me special?”
He smirks and the corners of my lips begin to rise.

“Don’t think of yourself too highly, Todd.”

“Why do you hate me?” He asks with stern eyes.

I was taken aback by that sudden question.

“What? I don’t hate anyone–”

“So why are we like this?”

“Jason, I dislike a lot of aspects of you but-”

“What aspects?”

“Stop cutting me off and listen you bloke.”

His lips shut in two second and I smile.

“You really want to know the truth?”

He nods.

“I gotta tell you. The truth will hurt. Especially for a certain little daddy’s boy.”

He pouts and pretends to be upset.

“Okay, its honesty time. I don’t think we have each other a real chance. The first time we met was a disaster and I guess I still carry tensions because you wouldn’t apologize. You can blame my aggression on work or whatever, you were something to take it out on. I guess we were opposites and you know what they say about opposites.”

“That they attract?”

I laugh.
“They have more to fight about.”

We keep dancing in silence until he hand moves from my waist to my back.

“You look gorgeous tonight, just saying.”

“You look somewhat better than how I usually see you, thanks.”

He pretends to be hurt and I chuckle.

“Tell me Jay, why were you so mean to me?”

“Question of the century, why did you not spare me?”

I place me head on his chest and we continue to sway. I’ve almost forgotten what happened with my boyfriend.

“I like fighting with you. You are so cute when you’re mad. I also would like to take this opportunity to ask you out.”

He stares down at me as our dance paused.

I smirk and make my way to the bar, positive that he would follow me.

“Playboy, can’t you see I’m tired of having my heart broken.”

“Bubbling cider, make it two.” He orders the bartender and then looks me dead in the eye. “There is nothing I wouldn’t do to try and make you happy.” He proceeds to kiss my hand slowly.

“Cliche, much? Why me?”
I take a sip of my non alcoholic drink (a/n: soz I don’t drink and I don’t know anything about drinks sorry this is bland)

“You are a hard worker, brilliant, beautiful, why wouldn’t I?”

“Try harder.”

“Alright princess, ever since I met you, I’ve already known a little bit about Bruce’s little miracle worker. I caught you and tried to get you interested by making you a little jealous. It didn’t work, but at least we had a relationship that developed. I’ve been waiting too damn long to ask you this, so I’m asking you now. Will you go out with me?”

I grin, “ Of course, my hero for the night can get a dinner with yours truly.”

“You wanna break up with Trevor first.”
Jason smiles and tips his drink towards the happy couple.

“I forgot all about that, let me.”

I walk over to Trevor and right when he and his partner switch, I slide into his arms.

“Oh! Y/n, I can explain! I-”

“Yea whatever, we are over and I want all my stuff back by Thursday, you can bring them over to the office but be sure to leave it with the receptionist.”

I lean in close to his ear and continue, “Don’t be worried, no harsh feelings. Just don’t expect anything from me ever again. Like helping you explain what I’m about to tell your girl over there.”

His eyes widen and I leave him before he apologized. I then joined his girlfriend in a dance and explain everything. She storms mad at Trevor and leaves with out him, while I, leave with Jason.

“It was fun watching you dance kitten, you are so entertaining.”
He kisses my cheek as we head into the car.

Bruce and Dick are in the car, already sleeping while Jason and I spend the car ride cuddling and catching up on all we missed while we were spending months fighting each other.

It’s going to be a great relationship, sprouted from a coffee spill.

Wild speculation time! Ok, I bet by now everyone has seen this picture from Mark’s instagram already and maybe someone had the same thought before but as always I am way behind on my dash, so bear with me.

Appearently we see both Mark and Misha in the mask, Mark in costume and Misha not. Or maybe not? Because it looks like Misha is getting his make up. Wheter he gets it on or off I can’t tell, but either way it is weird to do that while he still wears his own clothes. It would mean he either gets in or got out his costume while wearing his make up, which would have risked stains on his costume and just doesn’t make sense. What I’m saying here is what if Mark the sneaky bastard posted a photo that contains a huge spoiler but nobody notices it because we all think Misha still wears his own clothes when he actually wears his costume? Human!Cas anyone?

Or maybe I’m completely wrong with this one. Anyway, thoughts?

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hello everyone! 
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-dragon age
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-tomb raider 
-life is strange
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-tbh any multifandom blog

—anime blogs, which post:

-tokyo ghoul

-anything from shinkai makoto (damn those graphics)

-zankyou no Terror
- ao no exorcist
-assassination classroom
-mob psycho 100
-bungou stray dogs
-ghibli stuff

-or any multifandom blog will do

Oh and Harry Potter.

— other things like pastels/rain/sky aesthetics

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So everyone else noticed Dean/Cas stuff being attached to Sam/Eileen talks too, right? Ok, not just me.

Oooh yes I think so. I mean I haven’t looked at my dash but I had Mittens basically waiting for me to hit each mention so she could screech in delight about it while I watched, so I take it that’s a thing :P 

I love that it ended that Eileen disappeared off to Ireland at the same time Dean’s getting really worried about Cas having disappeared off to Heaven, mostly because that makes Ireland a parallel for Heaven and that pleases me.

Edna Mode headcanon

While we’re all here patiently waiting for The Incredibles 2, I wanted to leave a little headcanon I have and see if anyone else agrees with me.

My biggest hopes for The Incredibles 2, is that everyone has been aged up.  We’ve been waiting so long to see a follow up to this amazing movie.  I was around Violet’s age when the first one came out, so I would actually like to see her aged up in about the number of years it’s been since the first movie.  I wanna see older Incredi-family. Master’s degree Violet, adult Dash, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT for Jack-Jack.  Maybe some super grandbabies thrown in.  

But what I REALLY REALLY want to see is Edna…looking EXACTLY the same as she did in the original movie.  Like exactly. the. same.  And it can be a running joke throughout the movie how good she looks for her age,and she’ll say “I know, darling. I know.”

And this little wish of mine gave me an immediate headcanon.  Who’s to say Edna Mode doesn’t have super powers?  I mean, think about it?  The first time we see her at the Incredi-wedding and then the second time when Bob asks her for a patch job on his suit:



She said at one point that she “…used to design for Gods.”

WHO’S TO SAY SHE DIDN’T?! We don’t know the universe backstory to the movie.  We don’t know WHY superpowers even exist or how anyone actually gets them.  WHAT IF Edna Mode is an immortal being and she uses her powers to help others with their powers?  She has knowledge beyond what any can imagine.  She figures out how to make suits to fit the needs of EVERY SUPERPOWER with no problem.  What if she’s actually BEEN designing outfits for superheroes for millennia?

I WANT SERIOUS EDNA BACKSTORY in the Incredibles 2.  Even if it’s just a flash to maybe the original superhero and she’s there.  Or she IS the original superhero.  

THAT IS MY HEADCANON. EDNA MODE is a SUPER HERO and an immortal being that’s been designing outfits for superheroes for centuries.

So, we all know about this scene for this week’s episode of The White Princess. And that Henry and Elizabeth will be visiting Ferdinand and Isabella (even though that never happened IRL). We know the two screenshots below are part of the same scene. 

But I recently found a screenshot of the same episode from a website on my dash (which I’ll source link in a moment), and it was of this: 

Notice the background. It’s probably at the same place that Henry and Elizabeth will be meeting TCM (The Catholic Monarchs). 

Which begs the question….is that who I think it is??

Because there’s only one reason why Frost would include a young girl in a scene at a palace in Spain in what looks like…..an introduction where everyone is dancing. I:  Arthur and Katherine of Aragon’s marriage was one of the chief elements (if not the chief element), that held together the English and Spanish alliance. 

Hi guyssss,,, sooooo my dash has been kinda dead lately and i’m looking for new people to followww 🌹🌹🌹 i’ve also been stuck on the same amount of followers for a while and i would love to gain some more so if you like any of these: 1D/Larry/Little Mix/Lyric Posts/ and more pls make sure to follow me bc i kinda post about that a lot :))) i check everyone that follows me thanksss xxx ly 🌙

everyone on the dash: I have 8 fcs I’ve found and 123493453 ps actions I’ve set up to keep all my icons relatively uniform and to keep them from looking too different and if I paint this way on every icon to match them together then within one hour if I’m lucky and work hard I can have maybe fifteen ico—

me: every day i am thankful, bless the fe4 manga for existing solely because it means i do not have to ever look for a fc i am Not About That Noise,

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Omg so I'm scrolling through my dash doing my thing and I see a Kataang one shot, usually I skip that shit but I didn't this time and decided to read it out of curiosity and omg the characters are soooo ooc it's crazy and the same with Maiko stuff everyone is ooc, they change their characters personalities and everything just to make a better story and make their ship look good, in Zutara I've read stuff where this is also the problem but for the most part everyone is in character and I love it!

Omg I both love and hate when that morbid curiosity gets the better of me 😂😂

The MBTI Types according to a not charming ENTJ

Because, you know… my opinion is law. I’m half-kidding about these, btw.

ISTJ: Why does everyone dislike you?! I mean, really. I often envy Si/Te pattern, and I’m looking forward to having an ISTJ as… anything, really, except nemesis. Although that would be fun too. Anyway, keep being awesome and dashing, you good person you. (also, I know you are secret cinnamon rolls)

ESTJ: Ergh. I personally tend to disagree a lot with ESTJs, I think it’s because I see some of my defects/qualities, and other defects that I don’t feel I have, but that I loathe. We’re too similar and too different at the same time, you know?

ISFJ: I don’t care if you hate the cinnamon roll stereotype, I’ll still consider you one 9 out of 10 times. I lowkey want to hug you guys.

ESFJ: Can be annoying sometimes, and too clingy. But I can’t hate Fe doms, to be honest. I personally tend to be in neutral/no-thanks relationships with ESFJs, but still better than what I have with ESTJs.

ISFP: Screw the emo stereotype, I know you are chirpy. I can see it in your face. Be my friend now, so we can be the Duality Power Bromance™ and rule the world.

ESFP: I need more Se in my life. How do you manage to be blunt and caring at the same time? What’s your superpower? Anyway, you’re another candidate to be my co-worker in the Operation Rule The World.

ISTP: You’re probably a nerd, but you hide it well, even without trying. ISTPs are hella cool, I need more! Seriously, where you at.

ESTP: Unfortunately I met, like, two nice ESTPs out of 5 or something. Still, I like you lots. Again, I need more Se in my life. And I love the ESTP/ENTJ dynamic, so that’s a plus.

INTP: The Bae™. Nuff said.

ENTP: The Crazy Scientist trope personified. Bro material. Le Sinnamon Roll. There are two types of ENTPs, though, at least on Tumblr: the obnoxious cock slap and the ENTP who actually uses Fe. The second type can join my squad at any time.

INFP: I never met a completely healthy INFP. You guys must be great when you actually stop daydreaming and come back to the real world! You guys are too good for this world, too pure. Unless someone pisses you off. Then run. Run for your life, children.

ENFP: Somehow I’m a magnet for these unicorn-looking creatures that run around things. Every person I typed as ENFP has somehow established a relationship of some kind with me (50 shades of bromance). Loyal member of my squad, I’ll yell at you until you stop staring at that unknown colored dot you saw on the wall and listen to me.

INFJ: How come you all have ☆ミ that vibe 彡☆? I’m not kidding, fictional character or real person that is, you all have something that makes me think “INFJ.” immediately. Anyway, you’re cool. Join my squad.

ENFJ: Like I said, I can’t hate Fe doms. Can be too nosy and controlling in a way, though. I ship ENFJ x ENTJ(who isn’t me) pretty hard though, because it has potential to be the ultimate power couple, rulers of the world. But yes, you’re lowkey rad, but please don’t go all overprotective on me, you’re embarassing me in front of my friends!

INTJ: I tend to like very few INTJs, I don’t know why, though. Some of them can be even more pretentious than ENTJs. But all in all, you guys are ok. If you don’t act cocky, you can join my squad.

ENTJ: I met another ENTJ (most likely), and he was cool, probably because he had more developed Se than I do, so we were different even while sharing the same type. Generally though, eh, I can give talking to you a try, but I tend to dislike people too similar to me, so I don’t know.

Gone Public (JB)

Request: So you & JB just announced your relationship to the public. You’re invited to present an award at an event & GOT7 were one of the guests. While you’re presenting an award, the big screen kept focusing on JB & he unexpectedly did something which made you smile. Vice versa, while GOT7 were performing, the camera caught you dancing and singing along. And while accepting their award, he was asked to say something to his gf (you).

Length: 879 words

Genre: Fluff

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Would you ever consider watching black sails? IMO it's a breath of fresh air with its treatment to (several main characters that are) canonly bisexual and gay plus the canon poly couples. It's a pirate drama that is not at all romantized, everyone is morally grey and it's very gritty and action based but at the same time gorgeous and poetic! Fantastically acted and filmed although season 1 is a bit of a drag I promise you it's worth it when you get to season 2.

Hi Nonny,

Thanks for the rec. I’ve seen the gifs on my dash, and it does look pretty great, I have to say. It’s on my “maybe” list at the moment, along with American Gods.

Right now I’m halfway through s1 of Dirk Gently, which ticks all my boxes. Timey Wimey surrealist humour! Totally my jam!

Next up after that, my watching buddy and I are giving Anne of Green Gables a go. Once we’ve finished that, we have no set plans, so maybe Black Sails will get a look-in.

Hey everyone my dashboard been looking kinda dead lately, please like this post if you post:

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*cackles evilly* What about a Fierrochase fanfic where Alex is dared to kiss Magnus 😏

I should be doing my homework right now… But I had to do this omg.
“Truth or dare?” Mallory asked. “Magnus, truth or dare?”

Everyone turned around and looked at Magnus, whose head was resting on Alex’s shoulder and was snoring softly.

“He’s passed out,” TJ said dismissively. “And that moves us on to Alex.”

Halfborn and Mallory exchanged knowing glances. “Truth or dare?” Mallory asked again.

Alex sipped her hot chocolate for a moment and then decided, “Dare.”

Halfborn’s eyes glinted maliciously. “Well, then,” he began triumphantly, “we dare you to kiss Magnus.”

Alex nearly spewed her hot chocolate. “Sorry, what did you just say?” she asked sharply.

“‘We dare you to kiss Magnus,’” Mallory repeated, her eyes alight with hidden laugher. “You heard him.”

Alex felt his face burn. “I– but–” he spluttered. “I’m a boy now! Maybe Magnus is straight!”

“You did say ‘dare,’” TJ reminded him. “You can’t opt out on it now.”

Alex looked like he was considering either to strangle them or just dash off. At last he relented, “Fine. But Magnus has to be awake.”

The three others exchanged looks of glee. TJ leaned over and shouted into the sleeping boy’s ear, “Magnus, wake up!”

Magnus’s eyes shot open as he jumped backwards. “I… What…” He glanced around the room and seemed to realize where he was. “Oh, is it my turn now?”

“Nope,” TJ said cheerfully. “It’s Alex’s turn. And his dare is to kiss you.”

“Her,” Alex and Magnus corrected at the same time.

Magnus’s eyes suddenly widened. “Wait, to kiss me?”

Everyone nodded, except for Alex, who was burying her face her hands. She slowly raised her face and seemed to have reached a decision. Alex held Magnus’s face and looked into his eyes.

“You do know that you’re stupid, right?” she asked.

It was all Magnus could do not to leave his mouth hanging open. Alex pressed her lips to his, and for a moment, it didn’t matter that everyone was watching.

Because they both finally had what they wanted. They had each other.

kaladanda replied to your post: can we talk about griffin’s constant use of aave…

oh. is that who you’re talking about?? Those two just appeared on my dash one day all popular and I was like ‘who the hell are these two’


everyone kept talkin about the brothers and the only reason i even got into taz because of this one character (kravtiz) and then it turned out that look he had was just fanon and not actually canon and the brothers never confirm races so now i have no reason to get into taz lmao