everyone on my dash looks the same

I’m sorry if I’m the person people first hear this from, but I wanted to make this post so people know, and so I can offer my support for anyone who needs it.

For those who havn’t heard yet; @avpdkaneki, aka Deneb, has passed away. 

Deneb was a truly, truly wonderful person. Even though we didn’t PM much due to his AVPD, we interacted on posts often and he was always a positive presence on my dash, and I was so happy to have him as a mutual- I happily considered him a friend.

Deneb was a wonderful, loving, and helpful person. I know that a lot of tumblr users rightfully looked up to him and considered him a friend- myself included. I offer my deepest condolences to anyone and everyone who knew him- friends, family, anyone. This has personally hit me pretty hard, and I know it’s done the same with others. 

This will likely have a big affect on a lot of people; I ’m here for anyone who needs someone.

Rest in peace Deneb, we will miss you.

Wild speculation time! Ok, I bet by now everyone has seen this picture from Mark’s instagram already and maybe someone had the same thought before but as always I am way behind on my dash, so bear with me.

Appearently we see both Mark and Misha in the mask, Mark in costume and Misha not. Or maybe not? Because it looks like Misha is getting his make up. Wheter he gets it on or off I can’t tell, but either way it is weird to do that while he still wears his own clothes. It would mean he either gets in or got out his costume while wearing his make up, which would have risked stains on his costume and just doesn’t make sense. What I’m saying here is what if Mark the sneaky bastard posted a photo that contains a huge spoiler but nobody notices it because we all think Misha still wears his own clothes when he actually wears his costume? Human!Cas anyone?

Or maybe I’m completely wrong with this one. Anyway, thoughts?

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I’m looking for some mutuals

Lately, my dash looks always the same and I realized I follow so little people. So, trying to amend that, I’m making this post.

If you post about one or more of the topics listed bellow, reblog this. I’ll check everyone out who does it.

  • Skam
  • MCU
  • Thomas Sanders
  • Harry Potter (Better if you’re Darry shipper but I don’t really care that much, unless you ship Dramione. If that’s the case, please, go away. Sorry, not sorry)
  • Star Wars
  • Shadowhunters (books and/or TV series)
  • 13 Reasons Why discussions (like, really, I love to discuss this show)
  • The 100
  • Nordic mythology

You can follow me too if you like, I swear it’s free.

# 2 Blog Hunting (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

hello everyone! 
Sooo since my dash is kinda dead (once again) and I keep seeing the same posts over and over again(mainly ffxv), I decided to do a follow spree #2!


— a proper tagging system (this is a must if you have a multifandom blog, if it is a single fandom, i don’t really care!)

— please don’t be a dramatic ass starting shit everywhere

what i’m looking for:

— gaming blogs, which post:

-dragon age
-assassin’s creed
-the last of us
-horizon zero dawn
-final fantasy vii 
-tomb raider 
-life is strange
- uncharted
-tbh any multifandom blog

—anime blogs, which post:

-tokyo ghoul

-anything from shinkai makoto (damn those graphics)

-zankyou no Terror
- ao no exorcist
-assassination classroom
-mob psycho 100
-bungou stray dogs
-ghibli stuff

-or any multifandom blog will do

Oh and Harry Potter.

— other things like pastels/rain/sky aesthetics

+ bonus if

-you post your own edits/gifs/whatever
-are following me already because i need more mutuals
-if you will cry over ffxv, other games/animes with me
- reblog this and tag the fandoms you post about cause tbh i’m a lazy ass

So please reblog this post so I can check out your blog!

On Obi-Wan Kenobi’s character

There’S been a flurry of post on the faults of the Jedi Order, the Republic and Obi-Wan on my dash lately and it got me thinking.

Obi-Wan is the kind of person who says things like this:

“I don’t judge people based on race, creed, color, or gender. I judge people based on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.”*

With 0 awareness that he’s just showed his ass.

* quote stolen from this excellent post

I’m looking for some mutuals

So. I know there is a previous version of this, but I decided to update it because people change, interests change, and so on.

What hasn’t changed is that I follow so little people that my dash looks always the same. So, trying to amend that, I’m making this post.

If you post about one or more of the topics listed bellow, reblog this. I’ll check everyone out who does it.

  • Riverdale
  • Shadowhunters (books and/or TV series)
  • Harry Potter (better if you’re a Drarry shipper but I don’t really care that much. Unless you ship Dramione or anything involving Snape or Riddle; if that’s the case, please, go away. Sorry, not sorry)
  • Star Wars
  • MCU
  • LGBTQ+ positivity 
  • Sense8
  • Nordic mythology
  • Greek mythology
  • Digimon (I’m rewatching after all this years and my love for it have never been bigger)
  • Once Upon A Time (I have to catch up tho, I’m half a season behind)
  • Stranger Things
  • Random Science sh*t
  • Game Of Thrones

You can follow me too, I swear it’s free.

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So everyone else noticed Dean/Cas stuff being attached to Sam/Eileen talks too, right? Ok, not just me.

Oooh yes I think so. I mean I haven’t looked at my dash but I had Mittens basically waiting for me to hit each mention so she could screech in delight about it while I watched, so I take it that’s a thing :P 

I love that it ended that Eileen disappeared off to Ireland at the same time Dean’s getting really worried about Cas having disappeared off to Heaven, mostly because that makes Ireland a parallel for Heaven and that pleases me.

May I Have This Dance? (Jack Lowden x Reader)

Summary: A sudden illness leads to a new addition to the set of “War and Peace”.


AN: So this fic has a male reader. I don’t know what Jack’s sexuality is – and I respect his boundaries and all, it’s his business. This is fic is for me. Because I’m trans-masculine, I feel left out of all the fics that are aimed at women readers. Not having a dig at fanfic writers or readers – y’all go and are amazing – but it is a little tiring, that’s all.

 This is just a nice scenario I came up with and wrote during a bad night when I couldn’t sleep. It’s quite personal and I don’t think it could ever be considered complete because all I ever want to do is edit it until I finally “got it”. But maybe there’s another person with typically male pronouns who needs something along these lines to make them feel included.

Thank you @hie-mal my bes fren whom I love v much and always makes me feel better. Thank you to @lowdenlowden for letting me confide in the above a week or two ago which led to the motivation that got this fic written. Finally, thank you to my followers and anyone really who reads my stuff, leaves a like, reblogs, adds a comment etc. I love writing on this blog and any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading, now let’s get to the fic!

Masterlist     Gif Credit     Next Part

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Probably going to be my last comment on this, but:

You can not develop an eating disorder from looking at pictures of thin people, if you could then almost everyone in the world would have an eating disorder because we are surrounded by images of people society deems attractiv and societal beauty standards are harmful (and also widely predicate around someone’s weight).

If people are triggered by thinspo, why aren’t they triggered by advertisements? By people around them who are thin? They can block me or avoid my blog or blogs similar to mine but they can’t never go out in public or never see an add, can they? Why are people advocating against pictures of people on blogs when the bigger issue is the societal pressure to be thin, models, runways… Everything around us that tells people that society views pretty and thin interchangeably.

Also I don’t think I really need to point out that so many people’s eating disorders actually has nothing to with weight, which is another reason as to why thinspo is really hardly worth fighting. 

Of course, I’m not saying there’s no issue with thinspo. The nature of them is harmful. But I cope how I cope, and having a public blog allows me to find people I can talk with too.

I think this is one of those instances where people need to pick their battles.

Pictures of thin people isn’t harmful, it can be harmful to people with eating disorders or body dysmorphia, but pictures of thin people aren’t actually harmful on their own.

Therefore, a blog full of images of thin people isn’t harmful on it’s own. Hell I know some people who haven’t got eating disorders, who do use people who are underweight as inspiration, who aren’t aiming for an unhealthy weight.

What is harmful? Pro ed blogs, blogs that call deadly disorders nicknames like ana and mia and pretend to talk to them and ask for help, people who tell people how to better starve themselves, which foods are easiest to purge. These. Are the harmful blogs.

Thinspo can be integrated into blogs like that, I’ve seen (and reported) many many blogs that are actually harmful, especially ones that tell people what weight they should be (usually, disgustingly, with a bmi around 16) - that is actually promoting. However if you looked through my blog and looked past the pictures of thin people you’d actually see something very fucking different. This is a difference. A huge one, an important one.

Those blogs, blogs that /teach people/ how our minds work, how we think, how we harm ourselves, they can trigger disordered patterns and thinking. They are the real problem, these are what will really help people who don’t already have disordered thinking patterns or a full blown mental disorder.

Pictures of thin people doesn’t do that, or the entire world would have an eating disorder because you can not escape looking at thin people.

Long story short? People should be picking their battles and stop throwing around the term “glorifying” when there’s far worse, stop devaluing the word by using it so frequently and so liberally, and don’t assume all blogs are the same. My coping mechanisms don’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. I’m not actually harming anyone with my blog. Some people are. 

                                   How To Run A Non-Toxic Gossip Blog

                                                       Action vs Portrayal

Gossip blogs for roleplays on tumblr are about as old as tumblr roleplaying itself. We’ve all probably been in a group with one, in fact we’ve probably been in many. That being said the chances are pretty high you’ve run into a poorly run gossip blog. It’s very easy for one to go from fun to insensitive very fast, so with this guide I’m going to teach you the difference between action and portrayal so you can run a gossip blog that won’t make your players feel uncomfortable.

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I love how everyone is posting new GIF's of the other characters in the new Start Wars trailer while everyone in the Hux fandom is happy with a blurry still. Like "Look! There he is!! Our boy has been included :D". My dash is full of the same picture over and over. It's just lovely how something so small makes us all so happy!

I know, right! We’re that thirsty for anything that we’re all getting excited over a blurry screencap. But it’s all we’ve had of him!!!!

Don’t be ashamed for self-reblogging your work, and don’t let others shame you either. As a creator, I put a lot of work into my edits, gifsets and scans. It means a lot to me when people see that effort and reblog my posts. I think we can all relate to that.

Also, not everyone is on tumblr 24/7. We all miss content as it fades from our dash, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little boost.

Sometimes I feel pathetic that my entire mood can be changed by 7 dudes I’ll never have the pleasure of even talking to and I get morbidly embarassed by how happy a single photo can make me but then they just go blow it out the fucking ball park and I look at my dash and everyone is just sharing the same experience as me and fucking loving it and throwing nothing but excitement and positive vibes and I feel so fucking elated to be sharing this experience with my mutuals you’re all so lovely and perfect and happy and despite all the negative shit that has been posted in the past few days I’m just glad everyone is out right now supporting the boys.

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People are turning off my enthusiasm for this album, everyone is wining about Gorgeous not being a good song like others, now looking at the tracklist everyone is like "i hope those aren't actually the titles" and stuff like that. Why people do have always to complain about everything? ☹

tbh its just a minority complaining and i haven’t seen much complaining on my dash so i guess i follow the right people, but those people are the same ones that usually complain about everything soooo just ignore them. dont let their negativity bring you down ONLY 4 DAYS TO GO

The MBTI Types according to a not charming ENTJ

Because, you know… my opinion is law. I’m half-kidding about these, btw.

ISTJ: Why does everyone dislike you?! I mean, really. I often envy Si/Te pattern, and I’m looking forward to having an ISTJ as… anything, really, except nemesis. Although that would be fun too. Anyway, keep being awesome and dashing, you good person you. (also, I know you are secret cinnamon rolls)

ESTJ: Ergh. I personally tend to disagree a lot with ESTJs, I think it’s because I see some of my defects/qualities, and other defects that I don’t feel I have, but that I loathe. We’re too similar and too different at the same time, you know?

ISFJ: I don’t care if you hate the cinnamon roll stereotype, I’ll still consider you one 9 out of 10 times. I lowkey want to hug you guys.

ESFJ: Can be annoying sometimes, and too clingy. But I can’t hate Fe doms, to be honest. I personally tend to be in neutral/no-thanks relationships with ESFJs, but still better than what I have with ESTJs.

ISFP: Screw the emo stereotype, I know you are chirpy. I can see it in your face. Be my friend now, so we can be the Duality Power Bromance™ and rule the world.

ESFP: I need more Se in my life. How do you manage to be blunt and caring at the same time? What’s your superpower? Anyway, you’re another candidate to be my co-worker in the Operation Rule The World.

ISTP: You’re probably a nerd, but you hide it well, even without trying. ISTPs are hella cool, I need more! Seriously, where you at.

ESTP: Unfortunately I met, like, two nice ESTPs out of 5 or something. Still, I like you lots. Again, I need more Se in my life. And I love the ESTP/ENTJ dynamic, so that’s a plus.

INTP: The Bae™. Nuff said.

ENTP: The Crazy Scientist trope personified. Bro material. Le Sinnamon Roll. There are two types of ENTPs, though, at least on Tumblr: the obnoxious cock slap and the ENTP who actually uses Fe. The second type can join my squad at any time.

INFP: I never met a completely healthy INFP. You guys must be great when you actually stop daydreaming and come back to the real world! You guys are too good for this world, too pure. Unless someone pisses you off. Then run. Run for your life, children.

ENFP: Somehow I’m a magnet for these unicorn-looking creatures that run around things. Every person I typed as ENFP has somehow established a relationship of some kind with me (50 shades of bromance). Loyal member of my squad, I’ll yell at you until you stop staring at that unknown colored dot you saw on the wall and listen to me.

INFJ: How come you all have ☆ミ that vibe 彡☆? I’m not kidding, fictional character or real person that is, you all have something that makes me think “INFJ.” immediately. Anyway, you’re cool. Join my squad.

ENFJ: Like I said, I can’t hate Fe doms. Can be too nosy and controlling in a way, though. I ship ENFJ x ENTJ(who isn’t me) pretty hard though, because it has potential to be the ultimate power couple, rulers of the world. But yes, you’re lowkey rad, but please don’t go all overprotective on me, you’re embarassing me in front of my friends!

INTJ: I tend to like very few INTJs, I don’t know why, though. Some of them can be even more pretentious than ENTJs. But all in all, you guys are ok. If you don’t act cocky, you can join my squad.

ENTJ: I met another ENTJ (most likely), and he was cool, probably because he had more developed Se than I do, so we were different even while sharing the same type. Generally though, eh, I can give talking to you a try, but I tend to dislike people too similar to me, so I don’t know.

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I felt sad looking at my dash last night and seeing everyone attacking Harry for being a stupid white boy for not acknowledging the flag. I would have loved it to be acknowledged of course but I can’t blame him for not. Especially the circumstances, it was a dark venue. A dark flag. Maybe he didn’t know what it said? Maybe he did and didn’t feel it was his place as a white man to advocate, especially if he isn’t educated on the entire platform. LGBT issues he seems heavily knowledgeable in.


Gone Public (JB)

Request: So you & JB just announced your relationship to the public. You’re invited to present an award at an event & GOT7 were one of the guests. While you’re presenting an award, the big screen kept focusing on JB & he unexpectedly did something which made you smile. Vice versa, while GOT7 were performing, the camera caught you dancing and singing along. And while accepting their award, he was asked to say something to his gf (you).

Length: 879 words

Genre: Fluff

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