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Okay this is my last rant about it.

People get so damn upset over killing stalking featuring dark themes and I just don’t understand.

Literally, there are some much more fucked up things I’ve seen ON TELEVISION yet everyone is going off saying that Killing Stalking is the worst of them all.

And then you people saying that we’re wrong for enjoying it? Fuck off. That’s like saying we’re wrong for liking things like Hannibal, Game of Thrones, Stephen King horror stories and many horror movies that have very fucked up things in them.

And while I understand that the comic can be very triggering, and I agree that us in the KS fandom should tag these things so other people don’t have to have panic attacks, and those people have the will to unfollow us if it happens.

But honestly, the Antis act like little children sometimes.

You don’t need to call us disgusting just for enjoying something that’s completely fucked up.

We KNOW it’s fucked up. We KNOW that the relationship is horrible and that it’s awful in real life. We ARE AWARE that this shit is absolutely disgusting in real life. And NO we are NOT suddenly gonna go into relationships and start abusing our partners because we read the comic.

That’s like assuming everyone who watched a horror movie or played a violent video game is gonna automatically start killing people, or they support murder in real life.

Or like watching a movie about a suicidal character and assuming everyone who watched it is gonna commit suicide.

If you’re going to get mad about killing stalking, then you’ll have to get mad about everything in psychological genre’s because those have very fucked up things too. Don’t act like Killing Stalking is the only production that has some very fucked up things.

Hell, even some tame shows have horrible things (like Law and Order:SVU. Some really dark things there.)

I understand that everyone has an opinion, but your opinion ruins a well drawn comic with good character development and suspense. You do not HAVE to read it. You don’t HAVE to go into the tag. YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO BLOCK PEOPLE WHO ENJOY IT AND REPOST IT TO THEIR BLOG.

Same with a lot of things on any website, you don’t have to be an asshole over fiction that has been done before.

And yeah, we could enjoy something like Yuri On Ice or other various BL shows/manga/comics, but just like you, we like to enjoy a specific genre of art and storyline.

And to you who like Killing Stalking:

Don’t fight with the Antis. Tag the comic so they can block it and shut the fuck up.

And draw some good ass art for this comic.

Write fan fiction.


Make tribute videos more.

Know that it’s OKAY to enjoy a comic and NOT AGREE with a characters actions in a real life setting.

It’s okay to ship the characters so long as you know their relationship isn’t goals. You’re totally free to make comics of them being all domestic and cute and it’s okay to make fucked up scenarios with them too.

Just know that Antis, you can block and be in your own fandom and leave us alone . And everyone in the fandom, you are free to enjoy a comic whilst knowing that it’s not okay in real life.

Now off I go to post this even though, literally no one will see it. lol.

man the whole point of these posts isn’t that platonic male friends can never call each other nicknames or that people HAVE to interpret tony and rhodey’s interactions as the homogayest of homogays. but it’s a fact that romantic shipping culture dominates the majority of fandoms, especially on tumblr, and most fans view character interactions though a romantic lens, and the fact that tony and rhodey’s friendship is far less likely to be interpreted that way is indicative of racist trends in shipping culture.

like this is a critique on how the friendship between these two characters would be prime material for that section of fandom (which thrives on interpreting queer subtext/queering the canon to view such friendships as romantic), but is ignored solely due to the fact that one of the characters is black. like if you see someone critiquing the fandom at large for this, it’s not because they think everyone personally should subscribe to their shipping tendencies. it’s because this is a trend that occurs in multiple fandoms constantly and it is absolutely due to internalized racism and it needs to be called out???? don’t just sit back and be like “oh well some people don’t have to see it as romantic” this isn’t about “some people” it’s about fandom as a whole.