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..You just have to be there for it. And sometimes to get yourself in a position to be there for it, is something that takes years of selflessness, or years of just a love for music… For whatever reason music produces the feelings in you that it does and playing an instrument produces the feelings in you that it does and you just… follow the light. 

we need more soft rhink so…

squished together on the bus, thighs touching, gently bumping along, whispering to each other, and smiling so close with eyes so lovely that everyone else on the bus is like wow gay

rhett’s hand at the small of link’s back as he leads him out and onto the stage before taking their seats for an interview

pinkies unknowingly overlapping on the hot bench seat as they eat popsicles and watch their kids at the playground

highschool randl stargazing out in a field at midnight with link’s head on rhett’s tum

beard scritchies

eating cereal together before filming in comfortable silence, every now and then link showing rhett something on his phone that reminded him of him

link “accidentally” kissing rhett’s cheek in a group photo

going thrift shopping at weird local shops and showing each other the most ridiculous outfits they can find

rhett wearing link’s glasses around the house without realizing while link stumbles around blindly looking for him

wrestling by the fire on christmas as their boys cheer them on and their wives roll their eyes and disappear into the kitchen

made up spells in abandoned houses spoken at the center of a handwritten chalk symbol with candles all around, unintentionally binding their souls

polyamorous neal-mclaughlin vacation to hawaii where they let their kids roam the beaches like wild piglets as they tan and kiss and relax together

laughing with each other for thirty years

tugging at clothes to get each other’s attention, fixing ties and collars, smoothing out each other’s creases

kissing under the winter stars

soft rhink in love

Joy Sparkle BS Interviews Greg & Lainey’s Exes

So, @the-damn-supreme sent me this video earlier that needs to be shared more. 

These girl’s names are Haley and Erin, I’m gonna try not to summarize the video too much in this post because it’s so long, but I suggest everyone watch this if you haven’t already. 

All I want to say is that after watching this video, it’s become clear to me that Greg and Lainey seek out potential partners through their fans, and it’s a disgusting and manipulative process. 

To start, Erin said she and Lainey were dating for a few months and that throughout the relationship, Lainey was untrustworthy, abusive, and downright mean to Erin. Now at first this threw me off. Some of you who have read my posts know that I used to support Lainey, I thought Lainey was in danger, I thought Lainey needed help, etc. But after hearing what Haley said next, it became obvious that Greg and Lainey are in this scheme together.

Haley went into detail about hoe Lainey reached out to her after she sent in a photo of her wearing Lainey’s merch, and that Lainey began to ask her if she was interested in girls. That lead to Greg messaging Haley asking if the was interested in a three way relationship, to which Haley said no. 

This is where things get scary.

Greg started to try to manipulate and guilt trip Haley into a three way relationship saying that if she really cared about Lainey, she “would do anything to be with Lainey.” Meaning that if Haley was interested in Lainey or cared about her at all, she would conform to Greg’s expectations and be with Greg and Lainey. That’s not all, Haley didn’t want that. She wanted to be exclusively with Lainey and not Greg. the full story is in the video, but after all that, Greg told Haley that she was just making things worse and basically forced Haley to say that she didn’t care about Lainey, and that Lainey wasn’t worth it.

That’s when Lainey tweeted this:

In response to Haley telling that to Greg. Even though he basically forced her to. 

So my final thoughts:

Like I said before, it’s become clear that Greg and Lainey use their fans to find the next potential partner. I also forgot to mention that Greg said Haley was “a distraction” from Billie between breakups. That just proves the point more. Billies gone, they seek out someone new, new person doesn’t want to be with Greg, Greg gets mad and makes them feel like shit, the cycle continues. There is also a point where Haley says that Greg told her that she was the only person who could save Greg and Lainey from Billie, and that if Haley didn’t, they would be forced to return to Billie. 

What complete bullshit.

If you don’t want to be with Billie, don’t be with Billie. Don’t put it on someone else to “save” you and your wife from your ex. It’s especially sad that Greg put these girl’s feelings aside an made everything about Lainey. You can’t use other people like that and expect them to just be your rag doll. 

Anyway, everyone should watch this video and share it, I subscribed to Joy so I could see more of her videos because they’re actually really interesting and she makes a lot of good points. I think it’s important to have more people speaking out and I definitely think Joy’s channel is important.

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people say that kurt wasnt suicidal so what about his song 'i hate myself and want to die' or this video where he talking about suicide and depression 'i was suicidal you know i didn't wanted to live i didn't care' and his face in photos, he looked sad. he definitely was suicidal person. maybe he started to feel bad again and "he never talked about killing himself" sorry but not everyone talk how much they want to die. and this "there's something wrong with that boy he frowns for no good reason.

Kurt had been suicidal his whole life. There was many suicide attempts but he was always saved, but on April 5 he succeeded. I mean, you just need to watch interviews, read his journals, it’s all there. People just wanted someone to blame for Kurt’s death. Tom Grant took advantage, he’s making money off Kurt’s death and Kurt’s own fans believe that guy. Tom Grant is exactly the type of guy Kurt Cobain hated.

Ok so I just got hired at another Vet place and Im terrified . More than happy. Cause that other place scared me now to ever work anywhere . And honestly I wont get happy about it till my 60 days is up. Everyone seems nice but u never know till you work there . I honestly have been watching alot of Inspirational Taylor videos lately , and have been also listening to change alot , and honestly that helped me tremendously as much as I wanted to give up and felt like a failure, and so down , and not good enough , and to not try again , but i listened to that . And went out the next day and went to a interview and got hired , so thank you for that Taylor, for giving me that little push and confidence i needed … @taylorswift

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Have you guys talked about Trudey before? What are your opinions on Unpretty Rapstar in general? (If u have can u link me? I need some second opinions) Personally ,Trudey lowkey pisses me off but idk if I'm overreacting. (And also a side note- I watched a vid of her being interviewed and she was crying bc other ppl "don't believe she's Korean" OK??? Like u can fix that hunty)

Link to our truedy tag. Link to our UPRS tag. 

She was so busy trying to convince everyone that she was half-black and tryna be like Tasha until Netizens dragged her and found her school pictures…like trust me when I say none of us like Truedy and you’re not overreacting. Sis was cosplaying as a black person and still is probably (idk I haven’t seen her lately, she’s blacklist on my dash lol)

Also, I’m not sure if it’s in there, but like, UPRS can be great for female rappers that are lesser known and super talented because it gives them a spotlight and gains them popularity (like what it did for Kisum, Cheetah, KittiB, Jessi, Yuk Jidam, ect.) but at the same time, sometimes (and I’ve seen it mentioned by netizens alot) the editing in the show can make it like the girls absolutely hate each other, when they’re really friends? I get it makes for good TV and keeps people watching but like and UPRS is technically a competition (though as we’ve seen, if you show that you’re good and don’t win, eventually they get deals or popularity). Plus there’s this whole thing and I don’t know if it happened in the most recent season because I stopped watching but just like with the dudes on SMTM, there’s this ‘you don’t look hip hop’ mentality like……..what the hell does that mean?????? 

-Admin Kim 

Would You Rather

Hey Everyone!

In the wee hours of this morning, I decided to watch on Netflix…

“Would You Rather”

Currently on Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes, it’s rated rotten with 55% (Critics) and 37% (Users).

Iris (Brittany Snow) is struggling to make ends meet for paying for the her little brother, Raleigh (Logan Miller) medical bills; Which he is currently needing a bone marrow donor/transplant. 

After being interviewed for a waitress/hostess position; She heads to the hospital to meet with Raleigh’s doctor, Dr Barden (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) since he informed her there may be a way to lower her brothers medical cost. 

When Iris arrives to the office, she is greeted by Dr Barden and a mysterious, arrogant man named Shepard Lambrick (Jeffrey Combs). Who invites Iris to a dinner party that his foundation is hosting, and advised that there will be a few more guest that will be attending from all over the United States, where his foundation will determine who they will assist financially. 

Obviously, Iris is hard up for some cash… so she attends the dinner. 

If you’re curious how this movie plays out.. Think of it a mixture of 

Dinner for Schmucks / Hostel / Saw

Would You Rather (Below)

Dinner for Schmucks (Below)

What I struggled with on this film

The acting in this was terrible! 

Especially from Sasha Grey, After reviewing her IMDB list; she’s not really known for her “acting abilities”.

Regardless she is very pretty, but I think she could have done better job with playing the villain amongst the victims.

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Some of the stuff they did in this film, The reactions were unbelievable. 

All the horrid things they did, and just whimpering..
Sorry! I believe there would have been a loud, blood curdling screaming!

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Bravo for casting to land Jeffrey Combs and Julian (Robin Lord Taylor).

They were able to portray super creepy, rich psychos! 

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Look away count = 2 

Overall Thoughts

The overall plot for this movie…

Everyone has a price that we would be willing to do something we prefer not to. 

It becomes questionable of your character, once you’re willing to hurt someone else for money.

Which will always prove that money is the root of all evil!

This movie was typical for a horror genre, predictable to say the least… 
I would not watch this film again unless someone was really dying for me to watch it with them.

Ha! maybe for the sake of a joke on this film, I could ask them… 

What’s my other choice, and how much money will you pay me :)

Chris’s Rating : He was sleeping like a normal person

Stina’s Rating : 4.75

Suitable for a Date: No!
Suitable for Children: NOPE!!!.
Suitable for Girls Night Out: No, but Enver was pretty handsome :)

Share your thoughts…

What did you think of the movie?
What what your favorite scene?

Thanks for reading!

- Stina :)

Another murder and an attack victim weren’t on his list of plans tonight. After examining both crime scenes and watching the mayor’s body rolled away to the coroner’s, Graham needed to interview everyone attending the memorial. Unfortunately, too many were bombarding him throughout the entirety of the night. “I’ll say as much as I’m allowed, but I can only handle one question at a time.”

When everyone is at really cool Halloween parties and you’re sat in your room watching 5sos interviews having a great time  

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Niall is seriously the most precious cupcake in all of the land. He is the picture of innocence. So sweet and precious, so gentle and loving

And wow like everyone who knows Niall just loves him so much and wants to take care of him and nurture him. He’s so happy with his beer and football and playing the guitar and that’s all he needs in his life to be happy. He has so many friends and he’s always so protected. He makes you want to protect him because he’s so sweet and you never want to see him hurt or sad. His smile makes your heart warm and his laugh makes you want to laugh too. His happiness is contagious. Watch an interview where he loses his shit and tell me that you didn’t start giggling and your heart didn’t become happy. It’s impossible not to smile around the man. And his voice is so pure and gentle and it’s so unique but he can also imitate other artists and do impressions of so many different people and things and it’s just amazing. Oh lord and when he bites his little nails when he’s nervous and his eyes go all wide and he looks like he’s 5 years old. Swoon. And when he gives the fans that look like “You like that shit? That was good wasn’t it?” and raises up his eyebrows you can just see how proud he is of himself and his best friends and it’s just…words don’t describe. And his dances oh my lord his little dances. He’s definitely someone that you’d want your family to meet because you know they’d fall in love with him too. And he’s so grateful like all the time and appreciates everything. And all the charities that he hosts and participates in. He truly cares about people. Remember when he hosted a charity golf thing for his birthday because all he wanted was to give back? Yeah I really love Niall and I don’t know where I was going with this, it started out as thoughts and turned into rambling and wow wow wow we exist at the same time as him we are so blessed


this is a really interesting interview by Tom. he talks about his musical background, the time in The Wanted, and the industry surrounding it. and also the reason why now was a good time for a break and why they all needed it.

My takeaways and spec from SDCC

So, it was really interesting watching all the interviews and panels with everyone and the different perspectives we got. I really liked hearing from Andrew Dabb in particular. 

  • Dabb sort of confirmed what we meta writers have always known and controverted the stuff Bob Singer spouts - they DO consider where the plot in going in the next season and in seasons ahead and they will expand or contract those larger arcs as needed.
  • Carver and Dabb know a lot more about what going to happen than the cast - the boys have only read through episode 4 (which sounds AMAZING) - obviously. So, while Jared and Jensen were both excited that the boys would be much more of a united front, and Jensen is happy Dean is dropping the guilt, and is much more himself now, Carver and Dabb qualified that in saying that there will still be conflict and disagreements between the guys, and that they will till feel responsible for the darkness. I gather though, it’s more of a “we broke it, let’s fix it” sort of mentality.
  • Cas will stay under Rowena’s spell until at least episode 3, which we knew. My hope it that we’ll see him fixed/saved in three.
  • Dabb inferred that the new Character of Amara has potential to be a strong character like Rowena.
  • Crowley lived…but maybe he’s not in good shape. He’s introduced in a new way in episode 2 we hear….heh, maybe he did die, and he’s a ghost or a vision? Dabb did say the death of death will be addressed, and maybe that will play into Crowley’s fate.
  • We may be seeing characters from the past come up - I really do think Gabe at least might come back by midseason, What’s more intriguing in Dabb and Carver hinting we’ll see people we haven’t seen for a long time. My completely unfounded but fondest hope is that we see the return of Azazel - who was in the bible an archangel before he fell to join Lucifer…
  • Visions? Apparently both Sam and Dean are going to be having some dreams or visions connected to the darkness or finding a higher power? Again, I’d love to see a return to the psychic Sam storyline…
  • It’s gonna be an awesome season.

The scene where Mickey beats up the bartender is so sad. It was 100% not ok for him to victimize that guy, but I think the things Mickey was saying were important. Those were legitimate feelings of betrayal and hurt and anger. I get that some people found them scary and hurtful, and I’m really really glad that he did not say any of those things to Ian, because it would just make Ian feel even more terrible about himself, which is definitely not helpful when you’re trying to convince someone they need psychiatric care. But in my view, that was kind of the point. When watching this episode (and after reading the THR interview with Noel) it became very clear to me that Mickey was perfectly aware that he could not take out his anger on the person he was angry at, so he took it out on everyone else instead (the bartender, Lip, Sammi, etc.). That’s also why I still don’t believe his remark about the ER was intended as a threat to harm Ian.


Ok nerds–time for another pep talk from Megan.

March is here–that time of year when the final verdict for job/internships start coming in.  So far in 2016 I’ve had 3 rejections.  BUT all 3 applications made it all the way to the interview stage! That’s a first!

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The interviews were exceptional–I had a great time and felt very confident! Everyone was friendly and kind and I ended each interview feeling better than when I started it!  (except for the part in one where we watched my 3 year old student film–yuck!)

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However, I was not quite what these employers were looking for.  Perhaps my style didn’t fit their project, or they needed a particular skillset another applicant presented. I am feeling disappointed BUT all three of these applications made it further than I ever have before!  Getting closer all the time.

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Not getting a job you’ve worked hard for and looked forward to is very difficult to accept. I’m entering year 5 of applying to studios–from the second I was accepted to my school’s animation program until now, 8 months after graduation I’ve sent in new portfolios like clockwork every 6 months. I never scored an internship in school–never did any work more permanent than month long freelance projects.  But it’s what I really want to do so I keep improving my work and I keep trying! Last year, I applied to a whopping 50 animation/art jobs!

And the 50th one stuck.  Thanksgiving week, I finally got ACCEPTED to a job!  A six month storyboarding position in China. I sold my apartment, quit my 3 day jobs, and got ready to move around the world to start a new adventure.

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Days before I was meant to fly out, I got the crushing news that the project was put on hold and they were no longer in need of a story artist. So instead of the whole “new adventure”…I moved into my parent’s basement for Christmas.

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This was a new flavor of disappointment for me (the pep talk part is coming, I swear).  I thought I could handle any kind of rejection, but being that close, SO CLOSE, and losing this big dream was pretty crushing. Solution? Get better.

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This led to some great New Years Resolutions.Instead of taking back my day job, I’m taking a big chance. Living off a dwindling savings account and the generosity of my excellent parents, I’m storyboarding full time. I made those Hamilton videos in January mostly out of sheer rage but moved on from that to make stories out of love and excitement. Started up my own series, Doommates (which has been a blast so far),and I have bigger and better sequences in the pipeline.  Where I used to struggle to complete a hundred boards in a month now I complete hundreds of panels every week! I’m working on some fun collaborations and improving my skills all the time.

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Here’s the bottom line. DissaPOINTment.  It’s only a single point in a long stretch of personal progress. Recognize that it’s alright to feel badly as long as you keep moving forward.  And, although I got job rejection numbers 2 AND 3 today (and am going to spend an hour or two (or ten) wallowing in a tiny bit of self pity), there are a half dozen more applications I’ve already sent out and more that I’m still working on. 

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We’re not dead yet, and we’re going to MAKE IT!

(P.S. long story short Doommates 4 is going to be late)

Leo doesn’t need to play a fantastic match in order to score 3 goals. He is worth watching whether he scores or not. He had one of the best matches I’ve seen against Manchester City and he couldn’t score. When he gets the ball, you know something is going to happen. He’s the only one who has this ability to draw everyone. We are talking about someone who can do something different with the ball at his feet.
—  Javier Mascherano on Leo Messi, interview with Barça TV. 
I just want everyone to remember...

While yes it will be great to win this poll and get an interview with Jen and Colin and I encourage people to vote as much as they can, please don’t do so at the expense of your mental health.

If you feel like you’re getting too stressed out and anxious both about the poll and any negativity, please take a break. Take as long as you need to feel better and ready to come back. Grab a snack, watch a movie or two, take a shower, hang out with some friends or family, do whatever it is you need to do to make yourself feel better. We will still be here when you get back.

Interview: Rossi ready to renew Yamaha deal before calling it quits

You are mentioned with the likes of Diego Maradona, Carl Lewis, Muhammad Ali, Ayrton Senna, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt and Roger Federer. What is that like?

“It’s a huge honour. I watched many of them when I was young and to think that I’ve reached the top of my discipline. Being compared to other stars makes me smile.

(Oh, the beauty of him being a living legend who doesn’t need to keep comparing himself to all-time greats, because everyone else is already doing it.)

Without friends like Uccio, Albi and others you wouldn’t be the same Valentino?

“Probably not. They are a safety net for me, and they provide me great support.”

The only thing missing from Tavullia is a museum dedicated to you.

“We’re thinking about building one. We have a lot of material and something good could come from it. However there is still time to think about that.”

(a 9-time world champ who still hasn’t built a museum in his own honour; rare sight in motorsport nowadays.)

People say you don’t change your opinion on someone once they do you wrong.

“I am relentless.”

So you exclude the possibility of you and Marc Marquez rebuilding your relationship?

“Yes. After what happened we can no longer have a relationship. However we must be opponents on the track, for some years I hope, and we have to respect each other. That is important.”

Did you overestimate his capabilities?

“More than anything I allowed myself to be tricked by Marquez. He really betrayed me. He said he was a fan but those were all lies. I almost believed him and I was ready to have a rivalry with him, giving 100 percent on the track, but those were all lies on his end. At Assen I realised he was only my friend when he beats me.”

(Having spent the entire season giffing parc fermé reactions too - yep. Easy to be gracious in victory.)

You regularly post pictures of Alain Prost and Senna on Twitter. Which one are you more like?

When Senna raced I didn’t like him. I cheered for Nigel Mansell, and when he joined Ferrari, I cheered for Prost. But I really liked what Senna did at Suzuka in 1990. He was worked over the year before and then he did what he had to. He showed some balls.”

(As much as I admire and love both Senna and Rossi - nope. Darkest moment in Senna’s entire motorsports career. Last thing I’d want is a repeat of that from Rossi, especially since that’s a line he never crossed.)

Are you going to renew your contract?

“I’ll take part in five or six races but I’m fairly convinced I’ll spend the next few years with Yamaha. Then that will be enough as I am getting white hair. However at 39 I could take part in a few auto races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans or the Dakar Rally.”

(Just some light little races, like Le Mans or Dakar. Sure, sure. :D )

Last year Sebastian Vettel won in Malaysia while you won in Qatar. Both of you will be racing next Sunday as well.

“If Vettel wins it would be a good omen. However things are always changing as I started well and finished poorly. I would prefer not to start well and then finish strong.”

(That weekend was pure magic)

These are not all the questions, go click on the source to read all of his answers!


IMPORTANT! (Read if you care about the safety of Dan Smith)

Okay so the other day I was watching a bunch of videos of Bastille traveling and stuff when I realised Dan wasn’t wearing a seatbelt in most of them (shown in the photos above)

Clearly this man needs to be stopped because safety comes first. I was watching an interview the other day when Dan said “Safety always comes first.” Well Dan if safety really does come first maybe you should wear a seatbelt?

So if you truly care about the safety of Dan Smith the fandom must help this man! Help stop Dan Smith and put and end to Dan Smith not wearing a seatbelt.

#Petition for Dan Smith to wear a seatbelt 2k15 #DanSmithSafetyComesFirst

Every day I think: “I wonder what else we’ll get spoiler-wise before the revival is released.” 

another magazine article with pictures?

interviews with the cast?

a confirmation of the number of episodes everyone is in?