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  • Me: I love Arizona Robbins and Calliope Torres. I am obsessed with Calzona even though it's no longer current.
  • Also me: I love Arizona Robbins and Eliza Minnick. I am obsessed with Ariliza (or whatever ship name you call Arizona x Eliza).
  • Any questions?
There is an innocence in everyone, that when rejected crawls itself back down your throat and buries itself in the pit of your stomach. There is a person for everyone, whose voice, whose hands, whose spirit has the power to churn the belly, calling forth that inner child who’s has waited so long for someone to see that it is still there, and still in desperate need of love. You won’t even have time to choke it back down the way your innocence will involuntarily leap into that person hands, knowing that there is someone capable of taking care of it this time around.
—  iammyss, this time around 
What The Signs Will Teach You

ARIES: they will teach you to stand up for yourself, even if you risk to be misunderstood

TAURUS: they will teach you to never lose your dignity, no matter how hurt you are, to always get away with grace and to never dumb yourself down for anyone

GEMINI: they will teach you to laugh when you’re not even in the mood to smile because people don’t need to see everything you feel

CANCER: they will teach you to love unconditionally, with every corner of your heart, not expecting anything in return

LEO: they will teach you to appreciate yourself, to know your own value, to accept your flaws

VIRGO: they will teach you to stay honest and pure in this dirty world full of liars

LIBRA: they will teach you to treat everyone equally, to love everyone, just because all the people are unique

SCORPIO: they will teach you to be passionate about everything you do

SAGITTARIUS: they will teach you to believe in yourself above everyone else, to fight for your dreams, not expecting help from anyone

CAPRICORN: they will teach you that loyalty pays itself off, either in love, in hard work or in waiting for something you want, that everything will always be okay in the end, as long as you don’t give up on what you really need

AQUARIUS: they will teach you to show off your imperfections since they are all that makes you who you are

PISCES: they will show you how far the human imagination can go 

I find it funny people (me) have to put disclaimers when making jokes about Luke bc some people can’t take a joke or can’t sense sarcasm so they have to be blatantly told it’s a joke so they don’t start sending hate and or indirecting and making it into a bigger deal than the entire joke

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unpopular opinion:I would hate to have a v ending romanticly. yes, I want to save him but it's clear he loved her. He did so much for her, he just wanted tobsee her happy. I'm not defending the hella abusive relationship, I just dont see him falling at MC's feet like everyone else in two weeks. Now,the route I'd love to see is Vanderwood.

yeah, he’d definitely need waaaaay more time- years, even- to get over everything, and be ready for something new. romantically, I don’t think the two week span of the game would fit, either; a modification or dlc where time passes would be absolutely needed. and I’d also love to know more about my NB Pal Vandy!

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Relationship status:

 “I love myself, I don’t need anybody else” - Hailee Steinfeld

Last song I listened to: 

“Do you stay up late, just so you won’t dream”

‘Feel me’ by Selena Gomez

Last book I read: 

Does Chemistry book count? 

If not then “All the light we cannot see” by Anthony Doerr

Favourite colour(s):

purple, black, blue, yellow, pink

Top three shows:

  • Vampire Diaries
  • Stranger Things
  • Chasing Life
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Reign

I would have said “Whispers” too but they never released the second season and I hate them for that 😐

(Does this say three ?!?!?! Sorry, but no one ever taught me to read)

Top three characters: 

  • Sebastian de Poitiers (a.k.a Bash) : Reign
  • Leo Hendrie: Chasing Life
  • Simon Asher: Quantico

Top three ships: 

  • Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore: The Vampire Diaries
  • Mary de guise and Francis II (why did they kill him ?!?!?!)😐: Reign
  • Barry Allen and Oliver Queen: The Flash and Arrow

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I love your love for Chloé tbh

It’s funny because as a young teen, I would have hated a character like Chloe. But now I just look at her and think, “Why are you like this? Why do you feel the need to tear others down when they’re most happy/hopeful? Who hurt you? What are you hiding from us??”

It’s almost as if she doesn’t want anyone else to be happy. But what does everyone else’s happiness have to do with hers? Could it be that she sees the others being genuinely happy and it makes her realize how truly unhappy she is?

I don’t know. It’s all speculation at this point. But I love characters I can speculate about.

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Height: like 5′7 1/2″ i think 
Hogwarts House: hufflepuff but w/ slytherin tendencies
Favorite Color: maybe like a turquoise but closer to blue than green???
Favorite Animal: i lov my beautiful cats……….. so much
Average Hours of Sleep: idk………….. anywhere between 5 and 12
Favorite fictional character: Who Fucking Knows
Number of Blankets I sleep with: 5 if you count the sheet
Favorite Singers/Bands: oingo boingo, muse, and dan and leland are the only things i listen to???? erasure and elo are good when i need smth upbeat and pop-y but that’s rare
Dream Trip: go see oingo boingo dance party in socal, maybe visit disney while i’m there
Dream Job: if i were to be unrealistic and talk about the least attainable dream job ever i’d love to build & program animatronics for garner holt but afaik everyone there works on commission so it’s not a stable job + you need like 5 lifetimes worth of experience so i’ll settle for the job of ghost that haunts the building and freaks the staff out by making the animatronics move when they’re not plugged in
When this blog was created: god i think it was april 10th 2012………… i’ve had this blog for over a quarter of my life
Current Follower count: 541 but only because people keep leaving tumblr before unfollowing me otherwise i’d have Way Less
Why I created this blog: that was The Thing To Do 5 years ago……….. also because i knew it would be a good place to make friends at the time and social interaction and bonding is my favorite part of any fandom so…………

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This isn’t ~not~ Fandometrics.

Television: It’s What’s Streaming

The Walking Dead knocks ‘em dead, moves up seven spots to No. 10.
Gravity Falls returns at No. 14 on the one year anniversary of its finale.

Movies: The Books of the Silver Screen

The Lego Batman Movie (it’s that Lego Batman movie) shoots up to No. 1.
Moonlight won everyone’s hearts and jumps 11 spots to No. 4.

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Music: it’s Tunes

Lana Del Rey moves up eight spots to No. 5 after the dropping a video for her song, Love.
All Time Low returns at No. 11 after releasing a new single, Dirty Laundry.

Celebrities: They’re Not Like Us

Supergirl’s Katie McGrath leaps eight spots to No. 3. She didn’t need a cape for that but she can probably borrow Kara’s 😉
Laverne Cox is back at No. 12. Always good to see Laverne Cox.

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Games: Run Out Your Battery

Pokémon GO trots up to No. 6 after introducing more than 80 new Pokémon.
Eldarya returns (woah sounds like a sequel) at No. 17.

Web stuff: Beep Boop

PewDiePie moves up fourteen spots to No. 5, proving that all publicity is….publicity.
☆ Advice podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me debuts at No. 10, proving that even a category called “advice podcast” can be made fun.

Queer tv series couple: *are together for more than 5 years*

Heteronormarive fans: “Ugh why they are shoving this  forced gay shit in our faces”

Hetero tv series couple: *girl and boy have just met, have sex, immediately become a couple.

Heteronormative fans: “Ah, what a lovely couple! I ship them so hard, they are so perfect!

Queer tv series couple #2: *boy meets boy, they blush, touch each other’s hands, months later become a couple*

Heteronormative fans: “Why they are forcing this gay shit again? Why everyone needs to be gay nowaydays?

Hetero tv series couple #2: *girl in the bus, guy seats next to her and blushes. One stop after, she is gone, they never see each other again.

Heteronormative fans: "Oh my god, they are so cute!!

Queer character: *I’m a girl who likes girls, and I’m okay with that.

Heteronormative fans: ” Not every character needs to be gay!“

Hetero character: *I’m a girl who loves boys, I’m not like the other girls, because I’m cute, popular and funny*

Heteronormative fans: "Aw, she’s so sweet!!

Queer tv series couple #3: *give a couple of pecks and pull apart.

Heteronormative fans: "Disgusting, I don’t wanna see that pornographic shit in my TV”

Hetero tv series couple #3: *literally have sex in an open field*

Heteronormative fans: “Wow, so much chemistry, they are perfect together!!

Queer character: *dies*

Queer fans: "We are tired of seeing the only representation we have being killed off! Stop killing us in real life and in fiction, please

Heteronormative fans: "Stop playing the victims! In this show, everyone dies! It has nothing to do with the fact that they are queer!!”

Hetero character: *dies*

Heteronormative fans: “I’m not watching this show anymore! If "x” character (white,cis,hetero) dies, we riot!!“

Believe me. I loved you. I did. Why else would I wait for hours just to fit myself in your schedule? Why else would I adjust my sleeping patterns so that I could catch you awake? You were busy. You were pursuing your dreams and that you were good at what you were doing. I understood that. You strived to find time for me, and I appreciated that. But I needed more. I couldn’t stand days of not seeing you because unlike you, I didn’t have anything to keep me occupied. Over time I realized that I needed you more than you needed me, and that I was miserable. I needed to get out
Everyone else was discrediting what I felt because I left you. They said I didn’t love you. They were angry at me for breaking your heart.
I’m sorry. I know I hurt you. I’m sorry for wanting the things you couldn’t give. I know it was selfish.
But I loved you. Nothing will ever change that. It was real. It didn’t work out, but it was real.
—  waferqueen

alright so 

Kubo-sensei has, in my eyes, now confirmed that Viktor and Yuuri are indeed lovers/significant others


but I know that some people still had doubts or wanted an official confirmation so wELL HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE I GUESS IT’S AS CANON AS IT GETS NOW

If you need me I’ll be over here screaming into my pillow over these two 

their love is too good to be true I owe Kubo-sensei my life

What I crave the most out of love, affection, physicality, what I crave the most is really to be understood.
When I talk to someone I want them to care. I want to see in their eyes that they want to hear what I have to say. That my voice matters.
My whole life my voice has been quieted. I have so much to say but the words don’t come out anymore. I’m used to having to be quiet. I’m used to no one wanting to listen, because the truth is everyone only cares about themselves and their selfish need to be the center of attention.
—  v.m

Wait guys are you really seeing “i love all of you” as castiel trying to cover up the first i love you? That wasn’t a cover up, that was a confession. Let me explain.

Cas says “i love you” and looks down(that is the only time he looks down, except when he’s thinking of what to say), camera cuts to dean and dean is.. a bit annoyed by it?? Because he knows where this is going. Cas loves them and he’s dying and dean is tired of all this saying goodbye crap. He’ glad he hears these words, but why are they always said in situations like these?

bUT THEN MY FRIENDS, cas says “i love all of you.” Camera once again cuts to dean, but this time dean doesn’t move a muscle. There is no need to say it twice, unless you’re one of these two idiots can’t confess their love without getting family in it. But they do say it one way or the other. He realises this is how he said that to cas and now he knows the first “i love you” was only for him. (May i add, i don’t think anybody ever said to cas they loved him except dean and dean said it this way. I might be wrong but..) It honestly looks like he’s caught off guard, he thought the L train has passed(tf am i even saying, but you get the point). And guess what, sam notices too. He’s heartbroken because his best friend is dying,obviously, but he knows cas loves them, he knows cas is family. He also knows what dean means to cas, and cas to dean. He’s spent too much time with them not to know.

Idk, to me it seemed deeper and more honest than cas just hiding love for dean in his last moments. They all already know so what’s the point. I also think this was a response (a very ironic one), to “we need you. I need you.”

Some Things Kent Has Said to the Rookies While Sober: (See Drunk version here)

1. (About his blind date) “He’s a nice guy, but he kissed me and then he left me at the door? What the fuck?” (“Maybe he wants to take it slow?”) “I’m not the fucking Pope, James. I’m horny now.” (“The Pope doesn’t—”) “Maybe I need to flash my ankles some more. I’ll wear booty shorts for the next one.”

2. “I hope everyone here knows that if a—” (shouting) “—hot, tall, single dad in this establishment would like to buy me a drink and take me home tonight, I would literally leave all my friends in a heartbeat—” (turning back to rookies) “—Sorry. I see you guys like everyday.”

3. (On why he isn’t speaking to Jeff) “Jeff convinced me to watched ‘Me Before You’ yesterday. He promised me nobody dies. I cried the entire time when I was trying to order takeout afterwards. And then I cried on the toilet. I’m so fucking pissed. I can’t even look at him right now.”

4. “Dom and I are going to sing ‘I Have Nothing’ for the AcesTV special. I practiced every single fucking night in the shower this past week, and my neighbors filed two complaints against me, so just letting you know to like, get ready to eat my entire ass.”    

5. “My favorite things? Kit dressed up in one of those cute bowties they make for cats on Etsy. Mashkov’s ass in nice jeans. Extra guac in my burrito. Finding the love of my life and then realizing that they’re actually a prince or Batman. And winning the Cup every year. I don’t ask for a lot. It’s not a lot.”  

+1. “The lighting in the locker room is amazing, what the hell, did they change the bulbs? It makes my abs look fantastic. Someone help me sext my husband, he’s gonna want to see this.” (Smacks rookie’s arm.) “No, not like that. Take the photo from the top-down, do you not know your angles? God.”


16.09.2016 // High school has ended, all my friends are going to college and i couldnt get the score for med school at my nationals. yeah, i failed.
Let me tell you what, i’ll be at home studying for the nationals again but this time with strong steps, straight voice & determination. Oh and no school! Yay!

Its hard. Its hard to stay for another year. Its hard to see everyones college photos. Its hard to disappoint everyone including myself. Its hard to fail. So i need my community’s support. Can you please send me some motivation?

I love you all 🐱

in case u missed it….,,. the ensemble member who was playing seabury the night i saw hamilton was magical and his hair looked pink in the lighting……i cried like 4 times