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Good To You

Summary: Based off of “Good To You” by Marianas Trench.

Word Count: 1628

Notes: this is such a good song, thank you for this request omg

Everyone’s around, no words are coming now

And I can’t find my breath, can we just say the rest with no sound

And I know this isn’t enough, I still don’t measure up

And I’m not prepared, sorry is never there when you need it

The Gallagher family was preparing for a big dinner at their house. Kev and V were coming, as usual, along with Jimmy, who invited his dad Lloyd. Mandy was also coming with Mickey.

Mickey was invited by Mandy because he was complaining about being bored at home so he lazily agreed to come– secretly though he was excited because he knew he’d see Ian. To his demise, Ian wasn’t happy with him at the moment. It was understandable, Mickey knew that he shouldn’t always act like Ian is nothing to him– like he’s not completely in love with the redhead.

As everyone sat down to eat, Ian ignored making eye contact with the Milkovich boy and engaged in conversation with Lloyd. No one would think anything about Ian and Lloyd talking, but Mickey knew different– he knew they were fucking which bothered him way more than he would have liked it to. He scowled at the older man for what felt like an eternity.

Suddenly Jimmy’s father and the redhead turn to talk to the rest of the family. They share a few laughs, clearing enjoying their time together. Mandy is deep in conversation with Debbie, and Mickey sits awkwardly and silently. He’s doing everything he can to stop glancing at Ian.

Suddenly Mickey hears Lloyd clear his voice. “So,” Lloyd starts. “Ian, my son has been telling me he and Fiona think you have a boyfriend that you’re not telling anyone about. Is that true?” Mickey heart drops to his stomach because he knows that he, himself, is the so called boyfriend that Lloyd is asking about.

With that being said everyone tenses up at the words. Carl turns his head to Mickey with the fear that he would lash out and beat his brother for his sexuality while Mandy got ready to hold her older brother back. Mickey masks the sadness that came to him when everyone reacted like that. “What the fuck? I know he’s gay. It don’t fuckin’ bother me,” is all Mickey can say. It doesn’t fucking bother me because I’m his boyfriend. It’s me. He can’t breathe, he feels like he’s suffocating because he wants to say more, it just won’t come out. The feeling worsens when Ian frowns at him and abruptly excuses himself from the table.

“Where’s he goin’ now?” Fiona raises her eyebrow.

Lip sends a threatening look to the Milkovich boy that told Mickey to fix whatever he did to hurt Ian. He then turned his head so he was looking at his older sister.  “No fucking clue.”

After a few moments, Mickey decides to go outside and take a smoke. He’s expecting Ian to be long gone, but instead the redhead was sitting on the porch with his knees ups to his chest. His eyes is red, it looks like he might’ve been crying. Mickey’s heart breaks at the sight he caused.

Mickey frowns and sits down next to Ian. He lights his cigarette and takes a drag before handing it over to the other boy. Ian thoughtlessly takes it and places it between his lips. They sit in silence– an unspoken conversation.

Eventually he glances up through his eyelashes to find Mickey staring at him. Mickey gives him a soft and apologetic look when their eyes meet. He then reaches out and quickly squeezes Ian’s hand. There’s so much flowing through his mind, but he cannot talk, and he doesn’t know why. He hopes this uncommon sign of affection is enough to at least show Ian that he cares, but he knows it’s not enough to be the man Ian deserves.

* * *

I thought I saw a sign somewhere between the lines

Maybe it’s me, maybe I only see what I want

As Ian went to bed that night his mind was completely occupied with the thought of Mickey. He tried to get him out of his head but nothing seemed to work. All he kept thinking about was the look that Mickey gave him when they were out on the porch— what was it? Nothing? Worry? Love? Care? An apology for making me feel like I mean fuck all to him? He couldn’t decrypt what emotion that Mickey’s eyes were holding. It was so odd for Ian not to understand the Milkovich boy.

He fell asleep think about Mickey, and woke up thinking about Mickey. Even in his dreams, Mickey was the main character.

He rolled over in bed and shoved his head in the pillow. At first, he didn’t even notice Lip kick him in the back. “Ian, get the fuck up.”

Ian groaned but turned his face from the pillow. “Why?”

“It’s noon. What the hell were you so distracted for last night?” He looks curiously at his brother. “I know it was about Mickey. Every time he’d stop staring at you, you’d start staring at him. Then when you and him came inside later you were all weird. What the fuck did he say to you?” He presses.

Ian quietly snorts. “Nothing. He said nothing.” Being that Lip is the only person who know about him and Mickey, he’s a little bit more open about talking about their relationship or whatever it is.

“Then why are you acting like you’re in outer space or some shit? It’s Mickey fucking Milkovich– not like anything will come of you two,” Lip scoffs.

Ian lets out a frustrated sound. “There is something in him that wants to be with me. I know what he felt with me. You can’t fake that.” His tone is hopeful, but Lip sees past it.

The older Gallagher boy thinks Mickey is a useless piece of Southside trash. “Whatever, man. I just don’t wanna watch you get screwed over.”

Ian turns his gaze away from his brother out of annoyance. He knows Lip can’t understand what he’s trying to say, so he doesn’t try to start a fight.

As Lip leaves their bedroom, Ian leans back into his pillow. “Fucking Mick,” he says to himself in a whisper. Why do I even try to stick up for him? He probably could give a shit about me, right? Ian doesn’t know what to believe.

* * *

And now I do want you to know I hold you up above everyone

And now I do want you to know I think you’d be good to me

And I’d be so good to you

Ian walks into the kitchen after work, takes a beer, and goes behind the counter to make himself food. Luckily, Mickey didn’t have a shift today so Ian didn’t see him at work earlier.

For about an hour, he has a surprisingly peaceful time with his family. Then, Mickey storms in with messy hair and red cheeks. It looks like he was running.

Ian completely froze. Since their last encounter his anger towards the closeted Milkovich boy has been diminishing, but he wasn’t completely happy with him. He never explained himself– always leaving Ian in the dark.

The two stare at each other for a bit before Mickey walks to him. Neither of them knew who initiated it, but suddenly their lips were suddenly connected. Ian’s hands cradled Mickey head while Mickey’s hands rested on Ian’s hip.

“Stop fucking the geriatric viagroid,” Mickey insists right after they separate. He doesn’t even give Ian time to process their kiss.

Ian nods rapidly. He can see that look again in Mickey’s eyes, but this time he finds it to be readable– it’s love. “Okay.”

“Good, that guy’s a fucking pedophile,” Mickey says harshly. “Plus, you’re mine now,” he looks into Ian’s eye with a bashful expression. The thought of Ian being with other people was slowly killing him.

“Only yours,” Ian beams. All the happiness he once had came rushing back to him. “Always will be,” he says. “Don’t need to be anyone else’s,” he wants to say, but he bites his tongue because he knows his family is listening.

Mickey nods and kisses Ian harder. He’s tried everything to not fall in love with Ian, but nothing worked so he’s almost fully accepted. They seemed destined to be together.

Cutting them off from their moment, Fiona speaks up. “What the fuck?” Ian tries not to but he laughs into Mickey’s mouth.

Mickey undoubtedly feels anxious when he thinks about turning around to see the whole Gallagher family looking at him, but he knows he needs to.

When they turn everyone is staring at them with wide eyes. No one would ever assume that a Milkovich could be gay.

“What the fuck?” Fiona repeats herself. “The guy you’ve been seeing is Mickey Milkovich?”

Ian nods slowly. “He’s good for me, Fi.”

“Bullshit,” Lip says under his breath.

“Fuck you–” Mickey starts at the eldest Gallagher brother, but gets cut off.

“We are good for each other, guys.” Ian speaks with a convincing and serious tone.

Fiona seems to understand that Ian won’t let up— that this was serious between them. “Alright. If you’re sure you two are good for each other I don’t really care.”

“Thank you,” Ian says softly to her.

Carl suddenly has a look of realization. “Cool,” he smirks.

When Mickey sees how accepting the Gallagher family is– besides Lip– he turns to look at Ian in awe. They genuinely smile at each other.

Mickey knew he had to be good to Ian for as long as they live, and Ian knew he had to do the same. They finally had the chance to be together.

Quick reminder that you’re totally allowed to like things without diving completely into knowing everything about them

you like 2 or 3 songs by a band and never listened to more? that’s perfectly okay

you like the Marvel movies but have no interest in reading 50 years of comic books? totally fine

you only play one or two videos games, mostly on your cell phone? they’re fun!

you read and enjoyed the Harry Potter books but don’t care about looking into crazy theories and clues planted in the stories? It’s not for everyone!

You don’t need to meet a requirement to enjoy something and anyone who claims you do is an elitist and an asshole


Okay I know everyone wanted to keep the song “Unstoppable” in the movie and believe me its a damn shame it was cut, but I think that the song ”More” NEEDED TO BE IN THE MOVIE BECAUSE HOLY SHIT IS IT HEARTBREAKING AND MAKES ME CRY LIKE A LITTLE BITCH! 

- It explains that Moana was given her name by Grandma Tala meaning “Ocean” and not given by her dad that wanted her to stay away from it 

- It hurts because she’s talking about the one person who truly supported her in everything Moana believed in 


- Just the evolution of the song is amazing it goes from Moana recognizing all that her grandmother has taught her and how she wished she could stay and guide her

- Then it becomes extremely powerful as she is determined to lead her people as a true chief and fufill her duty to the sea and her tribe 

- Marcy Harriel does a beautiful rendition of the song I mean the way her voice breaks makes you bawl and how strong she belts out just makes you shook 


- I’ve memorized the entire lyrics and it’s in the soundtrack and movie to me because I don’t give a fuck it didn’t deserved to be cut 

Okay here’s a cleaner post so if y’all could spread THIS and not the virus/screamer claims so people know they’re safe

Like a Lady by Crosa Rosa is being submitted to inboxes anonymously

it may seem odd but it’s NOT a screamer or a virus

it’s just a song

This is most likely a marketing technique to get the song and band more exposure

delete it if you’d like but I want everyone to know they’re 100% safe

please stop making posts about these things without actually checking the information first, it just causes a lot of worry and fear that honestly isn’t needed, like I know y’all wanna be better safe than sorry but PLEASE 

gay kpop songs abt girls liking other girls !!

Boy, 12, publicly rejects Simon Cowell's invitation to appear on BGT
The music mogul is yet to respond to the Tweet which has been shared hundreds of times after Tom 'Mouse' Smith was contacted by the show's team
By Keith Perry

A 12-year-old has been praised for publicly rejecting Simon Cowell ’s invitation to appear on Britain’s Got Talent .

Tom ‘Mouse’ Smith, a singer and guitar player, posted a picture of a polite handwritten letter to the music mogul on Twitter.

He wrote online: “Didn’t know where to sent this, but if someone could get it to Simon Cowell and BGT that would be cool. Thanks Tom x”

The picture of the letter said: 

“Dear Simon [Cowell] and BGT,”

“Thanks for all the phone calls and invitation to your TV talent show.

“Sorry if my first answer wasn’t clear enough but I don’t want to be in this competition.

“I write and sing songs for other reasons I can’t even put into words.

“No need to phone me back as now everyone has seen this so I could never come on the show without looking daft.

“Yours sincerely, Tom ‘Mouse’ Smith.”

Simon Cowell is yet to respond to the Tweet which has been shared hundreds of times.

The schoolboy even drew praise from bands including The Charlatans and The Vaccines for his firm message.

He said that the Britain’s Got Talent team contacted him asking to speak with his parents when auditions were announced.

He told journalists: “I was really pleased to be asked but it’s just not for me. They have rang two times since then and even suggested someone from the record label would call us as well.”

Tom said that he’s also been approached to appear on The Voice Kids.

He says he has been playing the guitar since he was six and performing live since he was nine.

Britain’s Got Talent returns to screens in the spring, with auditions for the new series currently under way.

also i know it’s a party but i need everyone in that room to shut up so i can hear harry sing the whole song it’s been literally a year since i’ve heard his singinG VOICE

Concept: the Paladins soaring toward battle, in their lions, all singing Bohemian Rhapsody together over radio.

Because they’re stressed, they need an outlet, and there’s no rock song quite as unifying as Bohemian Rhapsody.

Lance hits all the high notes. Shiro is the only one who knows all the correct words; everyone else just kind of mumbles or babbles through the complex phrases. Keith just hums the guitar and piano solos. Hunk and Pidge got the “Galileo” and “WE WILL NOT LET YOU GO / LET HIM GOOOO” phrases on lock.

Listening over the radio, Allura is sure they’ve all lost their goddamn minds. Coran is highly amused because in Altea, that song would have been the stuff Baby Einstein is made of.

i remember when My Little Pony Friendship is Magic first started airing and everyone on 4chan’s /co/ was freaking out about how surprisingly good it was, i gave an episode a watch and was pretty taken aback by how legitimately good it was. the writing was solid and the songs were pretty engaging. 

i remember stopping and thinking to myself “You know what? I already watch a lot of embarrassing stuff, like slice-of-life anime. I don’t need to add ‘My Little Pony’ to that list.” 

i still think about that moment and how I dodged a massive, life-ruining bullet. it wasn’t even like a bullet. it was more like… i was out of town the day an atomic bomb was dropped specifically on my house. 

On Calvin Harris and Better Men

Two days ago, Little Big Town announced that their latest single, Better Man, was written by Taylor Swift. It’s an excellent song and has had a lot of success, even before anyone knew Taylor wrote it, but if you haven’t heard it, the song is about her experience with an emotional abuser, and is widely believed to be about Calvin Harris.

Which is why I was confused to find today that a large portion of the TS fandom is celebrating Calvin today. Not everyone, but many. Because he thanked TS for writing his hit song, This Is What You Came For; the same song and experience he used as a weapon against her, which Taylor didn’t feel free to actually sign her name to, because he didn’t want people to know she wrote it. 

What I will say, as a victim of abuse, is that if you support Taylor you need to not support Calvin, at least in regards to her. Specifically the idea that “he’s becoming a better man for her!” is INCREDIBLY toxic, because that idea, the idea that a woman’s love can transform an abuser, keeps countless women in abusive relationships. 

I understand where you’re coming from. Because you fell for the same trap she did, in the beginning, when he treated her well and was her Prince Charming. But then you didn’t get to see what was going on behind the scenes, so you never got to see who he really was. It’s easier for you to still see him as the Prince Charming character, and to think “maybe he made a few mistakes, but at his core he’s a good man, and they belong together.”

But if you love Taylor and want to support her, and I truly believe you do, you need to fight against that urge. Because he is toxic to her. She has said, clearly and decisively, that he has abused her. Pushing her to be in a relationship with him is not supporting her; excusing him, or celebrating human decency as an act of great kindness is not supporting her; not holding him accountable is not supporting her. 

In the vast majority of situations there is a middle ground, but not in situations of abuse. Because abusers feel so justified in their actions, it’s important for anyone who wants to support an abused woman to take a clear stand: abuse is unacceptable, regardless of who you are. Anything less is not enough. And to be clear, he hasn’t actually apologized or acknowledged his abuse; he has only done what should have been done in the first place, without taking any actions to undo the damage. 


Cloudy With A Chance

Part 14: …of fire.

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Please Destroy Me

I’m no masochist
But it’d save us all a lot of time

I’m tired
Sleeplessly sleeping on a antique floral print sofa
Walking in worn down canvas shoes
Worn down everything
Across uneven sidewalks

Everyone I know’s angry
Everyone saying
‘I’m not angry’
‘I’m not angry’
Sound waves shoot through my veins
Into my gut
If you want to hear me say I’m defeated
Well I’m defeated

I have nothing
No sad songs
No four chord progression
Just call my dad
And tell him I might need a ride home later

I’ve been hacked
Torn to bits
Pulverized into a protein supplement
I want to say bad things
Scream back at those who scream at me
But I have no voice
I walk ahead
With my head pointed at my feet
My eyes watering
My spine crooked
Hands shaking

100 people scream at me in unison
And I melt away


if your bf doesnt play this when proposing to you then is it really a proposal?

Dating Jonathan Byers

I know everyone does these but omg I love him


- “Babe”

- Lots of cuddling

- “You need to listen to this song, it reminded me of you”

- Midnight drives

- Talking on the phone until you fall asleep

- Candid. Just dozens of candids.

- Soup when you’re sick

- “Do you think I’ll be a good father?”

- Makeout sessions in his car

- Dinner with Joyce and Will

- Makeout sessions in the dark room

- Hands on your upper thigh at the dinner table which creep a little to close

- Napping together after school

- “I love you to the moon and back”

- Piggy back rides

- Nudes (like lowkey ones like he just grabs the camera while he’s on top of you)

- Him getting in trouble for developing the nudes in the school dark room

- Skipping class to go adventure in the woods

- Rubbing his back after a nightmare

- “I finally don’t feel like I’m alone”

Markiplier Community 'Silent Night' Cover!

Credit to @lum1natrix and the lovely anon for the idea!

So, first, we have singers. Myself, @totallynormalmaggie, @fandoms-and-music, @zombii-pandaa, and others (let me know if I missed you or you are interested!) are willing to do vocals! For that, I’m wondering if anyone either wants to do harmonies or sing the whole song and we’ll cut to different people.

Instruments: @darkimooplier is a musician, and plays piano wonderfully! If anyone wants to join her with an instrument, let us know!

Lastly, we need an editor to put this together…sadly, we don’t have anyone yet. If you think you’d be up for it, please let us know ASAP!

Thanks, everyone!

ok yall this is just idk 

i genuinely do not understand taylor swift fans (or anyone for that matter) who have been sitting around for her entire career watching her be slut shamed for dating a couple people and shamed for writing songs about love/heartbreak. like yall know damn well that if she were a man she would be praised for doing those very things!! and YET, for SOME REASON, people think that she cannot use those experiences as a way to justify why we need feminism?????? like suddenly when she goes “i dated 3 people and became the national lightning rod for slut shaming but if it was a guy it wouldve been ok” sudDENLY HER FEMINISM IS ALL ABOUT HERSELF or when she says “i can write a love song and people will hate it, but bruno mars can write one and everyone will love it” and SUDDENLY, AGAIN, just because the woman is drawing from her own experiences means that her feminism is invalid because of that???? like i was not aware of this whole thing where you can only be a feminist so long as it is for every other woman but yourself???? that would be like me saying “my male colleague makes more money than me even though we are equally qualified, which is why feminism is important” and yall going “yeAH see, YOU COULD HAVE BEEN A FEMINIST, but unfortunately you just used an example from your own life so now you cant be one :/” 

like what kind of bullshit logic is this??? all the girl has done is said that women should be treated equally to men, and has given examples from her own life and yall just come for her throat???? 

Roadtrip Headcanon


-K-2 and Cassian are up front flying the ship

-Bodhi backseat pilots until they finally let him switch with Cassian

-Chirrut has to pee every ten minutes                                                                   “we’re stopping so if you need to go do it now”                                                   “I don’t have to”                                                                                                    *20 minutes later*                                                                                                  “Can we stop”

-He also tries to sing songs so everyone is entertained (they’re not)

- Chirrut is honestly just that guy on the trip he won’t shut it

-Baze is asleep the entire time

-Bodhi and K-2 are bickering in the front about directions and Cassian is not having it                                                                                                                “WE WILL TURN AROUND RIGHT NOW AND I WILL DO THIS MISSION MYSELF”

-K-2 plays “pod-buggie” and hits so hard

-Bodhi keeps eating snacks and nobody knows where they’re coming from

-Jyn is just so uncomfortable

-Her options                                                                                                          A. K-2 trying to play roadtrip games with Bodhi and him just repeatedly saying stop                                                                                                                       B. Baze snoring                                                                                                     C. Chirruts every thought

-Ends up listening to Cassian mumble spanish curses 

- When everything finally goes silent                                                                     “who farted”