everyone needs to go watch it now

Go watch 3% on Netflix RN


Lots of representation. You’re asian? Represented. 

Your mother is a redhead and your father is black? There you go honey.

Tired of romance centered drama? Yeah, 3% doesn’t need it. (did ppl know you can put a young cast together w/o a love triangle happening out of the blue? Some writers are propably shocked right now).

Wanna increase heart beat activity? Shit, I think I actually got myself a heart condition, wtf, the SUSPENSE… I still can’t breathe right.

Everyone is shady af. I don’t know, I love shady ppl.  Everyone has their own demons and shit.

Deep complex characters. I mean, Ezequiel???? He’s so complex, he has this evil side, but also, a soft one. I’m so confused by him.

The plot twist. If you saw it coming, I’m gonna bake you cookies and brownies for a month.

So much weirdness is going on in this picture

Jaebum showing us how he got that back injury while snowboarding in Guatemala “and then I just slipped like this argh…. are you even listening guys?”

Bambam well… he’s just f*cking the floor. Someone give this kid a Valium. 

Youngjae mimicking Jaebum’s sloppy body rolls after 3 shots of tequila, while laughing like a horse. 

Mark about to give Yugyeom what he needs, but instinctively turning over on all fours as he sees Jackson approaching 

Yugyeom ready to jump on Mark but getting choked by Jinyoung in the process

Jinyoung grasping his chance to finally end Yugyeom and make it seem like an accident now that everyone is watching Bambam fucking a floor

and lastly-


Well there you go if that ain’t the weirdest shit you’ve seen today I’m fucking a floor.  

but you know what, i think everyone needs to realize that this fandom is incredibly manipulative and toxic. 

look, i don’t hate this season. i actually really enjoyed watching it. and i avoided going through my dash while i was binging the show so i would avoid spoilers but i realize now that i wasn’t avoiding spoilers, i was avoiding this fandom.

so many people are trying making me feel like an asshole for enjoying the show i had been looking forward to watching for so long, and like…. i really feel uncomfortable with that. 


You’ve got to listen to YouTuber Hannah Hart talk about her experiences learning to be seen despite her mother’s schizophrenia

If you grew up around “dysfunctional” family members, remember you deserve to bee seen, too! Despite the progress we’ve made in dismantling the stigma around mental illness, we still have a ways to go to get everyone the mental health care they need. Author and YouTube star Hannah Hart knows this all too well, and she wants to change the way that we as a society deal with mental health.



This is an important thing everyone needs to watch right now. Watch the full video, and listen to what he says, really listen. Go to your family, your parents, your siblings, and hug them. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

The path unfollowed

I had been planning to skip on writing a post this week, after all it’s not like I’m one for regularity or consistency. It’s been a dark and frightening week for so many, too many, with global ramifications. This afternoon I went to see Arrival which is a film I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I won’t lie, I cried for about an hour afterwards. I can’t help but feel that it was scheduled to be released into a brighter world, a more optimistic week, but it is a wonderful and moving film and, honestly, the film that we need. Right now. Everyone should go and see it and open their minds and their hearts and just enjoy a film that both engages and challenges. I feel like, maybe, it will at the end of 2016 be a quiet sister-film to Rogue One. Time will tell. 

More importantly, and relevantly, it is a rare film that acknowledges motherhood and the importance of it it, the importance of connection. Even amongst politics, first contact, and the seeming threat of the end of days. Which leads me (tenuously) to the actual subject of this week’s post (which will be a short one): 

A long time ago - a long long time ago - I got an ask on my main blog that I never got round to answering, asking about the parallels between Padme’s Mustafar costume and Leia’s Boussh disguise. The similarities between the two costumes and scenarios are undeniable. Both costumes are worn by these women when they undergo a personal and dangerous mission to try to rescue the man that they love - one from falling over the brink into the darkside, one from imprisonment - a fun inversion of the Rescue the Princess trope. Neither mission goes entirely to plan, both women are stripped of their autonomy for greater or worse. But unlike her mother before her, Leia is ultimately and eventually successful in rescuing Han Solo from Jabba’s clutches.

L & C: Boush sketches by Nilo Rodis-Jamero, R: The completed costume from the archives

Somewhat notoriously Boushh, like Boba Fett before her, was a Joe Johnston creation. However, whereas Boba Fett was fleshed out from a rough helmet sketch by Ralph McQuarrie, Boushh was first explored in 3D by Johnston before any design pinned down. Using model kits, odds and ends and scraps from the costume and manufacturing workshops, a maquette was built around an artist’s model that was then passed on to the costume department. Due to this unusual prototyping approach, it meant that the influences in the design itself were primarily internal. The underlayer of a kimono, the wide belt called back to those same Japanese influences seen elsewhere in the franchise with Obi-Wan, Yoda and Luke, transposed into hardy suedes, leathers and rubbers. The quarter-circle cape was a nod back to Boba Fett placing her firmly within the galaxy’s underbelly:

‘It was supposed to be a different kind of bounty hunter. there were a bunch of them in the palace.’ 
Joe Johnston, p. 125, Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy

The helmet shape was so other, that it took extensive building and reshaping to form something that could be comfortably worn by a person, nevermind taken off easily on camera. 

L: Sketches by Iain McCaig ‘The red is in her hair because it’s the end of the film, and i thought she might be going after the bull [Anakin] -
Iain McCaig, The Art of Star Wars Episode III R: The final costume.

The costume worn by the heavily pregnant Padme to go after Anakin on Mustafar went through some vague conceptual explorations, before falling on this design. It is neat and simple, arguably elegant, a galaxy away from the complexity of the Boushh disguise, but it is obvious that it was used as a key influence. The suede fabric and colouring directly parallels the Return of the Jedi costume whilst making it something new. The front panel and sloped hemline echoes the under-kimono and fall of Boushh’s cape, whilst creating an empire-line shape that could potentially enable to Padme to continue the concealment of her pregnancy. Padme’s sleeves are an unembellished take on Boushh’s studded sleeves encasing her hands. 

L: Replica WWI Nurse’s uniform. C: 1916-1918 Women’s Motor Corps of America uniform. R: Thimister Spring 2010.

While following the narrative symmetry of echoing Leia’s future in Padme’s present costume, there was also space to introduce a fashion element and historical element. This is especially evident in the leather detailing of Padme’s costume, the crossed belts holding a particularly military influence: echoes of cape suspenders, which were commonly worn by British nurses during in WWI for security when working, and Sam Browne belts which were a key component of military uniforms from the mid-nineteenth century and were adopted into some women’s uniforms as a statement piece. Sam Brownes in particular have appeared several times in fashion iterations, both in the lead-up to WWII, and again in high fashion in the ‘70′s, ‘90′s and noughties. In this cases, its appearance was more often than not a statement of protest against war and militarisation, even whilst set against military cuts. This point of protestation, quiet rebellion would not have been out of character for Padme as she is set to fight for the democracy that is crumbling around her, but equally it is a statement of strength and defence as she goes to save her husband from himself.

Some things run in the family.
This is also a rare live action costume that was translated into TCW, in the season episode An Old Friend. The costume was altered slightly to include a darker suede overtunic, which is possibly to explain alterations made to Padme’s preexisting wardrobe as she began to show. 

Drawing a direct line between Leia and Padme was a great opportunity to show character and explore both personal and wider stories through costume, and served to deepen the emotion of Padme’s actions in Revenge of the Sith through those future echoes. The differences in these two costumes show how radically the galaxy has changed, the changes in scales and tactics, the differences between the two women’s role. Padme’s mission to rescue Anakin failed because she was on the edge of dying hope, a galaxy falling apart, and because she was alone and isolated. Leia danced with disaster and hope was nearly lost, but she had already lost so much and had a team of friends to save her and save Han. Leia’s disguise was cobbled together (though i believe in the old EU stolen it was stolen from a preexisting bounty hunter), Padme’s was a product of fashion. Ultimately these two woman shared a determination, a hope, and a mission in the face of all odds. The connection between the two women gets lost so much both in fandom and in canon, so these moments of highlight are always notable. Like mother like daughter.

Next Time: The explosive aesthetic of Sabine Wren

Last time: The historicity of Satine Kryze

  • What they say: I'm fine
  • What they really mean: Did you see the Dirk Gently season finale? Where is everyone being taken to? Did Amanda and Vogel escape? What's going to happen with Todd now having pararibulitis? Season two is coming and I'm not okay. I haven't recovered yet. Who else is involved in project Black Wing? I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! IF MORE PEOPLE DON'T WATCH THIS SHOW IT'LL BE CANCELLED! *sobs into a corner*
Scared (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

Baby It’s Cold Outside, But I’ll Keep You Warm - chocolatesaucelester

Summary: Dan’s first time and he’s scared but Phil comforts him.

Finding Love In Fear - phannosaurusdil

Summary: Dan and Phil set about to watch a horror film, despite Dan bigging it up all day and showing his enthusiasm, Phil has no idea that Dan is actually scared of Horror Films. Who would of guessed that confessions about their feeling would soon start flying.

I’m Here Now - phancuddleswithstyles

Summary: Everyone always talks about Dan being scared of the dark. But sometimes, Phil gets scared too. And in those moments, Phil’s mind starts racing, and he needs a little help from his (too) perfect boyfriend to feel better again.

I Wasn’t (that) Scared! (ao3) - insert_aesthetic_url

Summary: Phil’s snuggling with Dan watching a horror movie. Suddenly, they both hear a noise. They grab stupid items for defence to go check it out. Fluffy one shot.

Scared of Storms (ao3) - laughoutlester

Summary: Dan is scared of storms and is surprised when the old couple that usually comfort him during a storm aren’t at their home. Instead, a very attractive man named Phil is there.

Sinister (ao3) - DJToby

Summary: Dan and Phil play a horror game on DanAndPhilGAMES, but it is an unexpectedly horrifying game. Dan is spooked more than Phil, and he looks to him for reassurance.

The Power Outage - livefreeandshipfree

Summary: The power goes out, and poor Dan gets scared.

Thunderstorms - oakleysfthoying

Summary: nonyoutuber+mute!Dan is terrified of thunderstorms. Popular youtuber!Phil is doing a live show when it’s storming and Dan needs comfort.

You’re Cute When You’re Scared (ao3) - starsalign

Summary: After doing a Halloween themed liveshow, Dan finds himself maybe - just a little - really f*cking scared.

I’m so tired of this administration telling me what Americans want when they lost the popular vote by 3 million people, like, buddy, America didn’t even want YOU… we certainly don’t want to go back to the days of women having to seek out their healthcare in alleyways or a giant wall that security experts have all said would be much more symbolic than practically effective in terms of keeping out immigrants and which totallyyyyy doesn’t have anything to do with his need to overcompensate for his tiny… hands.

Also lol @ everyone who ever chanted that Mexico was gonna pay for this wall and now can watch Trump say that we’ll actually pay for it at first, but we’ll be reimbursed, in “perhaps in a complicated way. ” That translates to - “I’m gonna make y'all pay for it and then point to any old trade deal and be like ‘See, were making money’… even though that’s all money that was already on the table.” This man is a swindler, simple as that.


everyone with netflix needs to watch one day at a time. right now. it’s so good and hilarious but also deals with so many issues like racism, homophobia, sexism, PTSD, single mom parenting, separated parents, etc etc etc it’s just so amazing please go watch it

so i went back to The Scene that everyone is talking about right now, and i can’t tell if it’s the light and/or the camera focusing, but the head does look like it’s manifesting. the gif quality is terrible, but if you go back to the episode and watch it, you can kinda see towards the end that an eye opens and the mouth starts to move. i for sure can’t say if this is a ghost or not (zak even said he can’t explain it), but hot diggity damn it’s cool as heck.

Currently obsessed with the fic Something Wild Calls You Home by  @resinonao3 so I was compelled to draw a scene from chapter 5. Everyone go check it out! Snow leopard Bucky is the absolute best!


As he makes his way towards Fort McNair he sneaks a few looks over at his sullen passenger. He doesn’t mean to stare, but he can’t help himself and it’s safer than pinching himself to check if he’s dreaming while he needs to pay attention to driving. Bucky doesn’t look back at him, but he seems to be more relaxed now that he’s free of the muzzle. Steve even catches how he seems to be watching DC roll by out the passenger side window. Definitely an improvement.

I found Seán in 2015 through a Markiplier video, but didn’t start watching him until 2016, and then I was finally able to subscribe in September 2016. Seán, you have helped me through so much, now I wanna be there for you, in this really rough time you’re going through right now. The JSE community loves you so much, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, we miss you being active on Twitter and Tumblr. But, also, we respect and understand why you’re not being very active. You take all the time you need! 😊 Just thank you for everything, I hope you’ve at least smiled a little in the past couple days…thinking of you not smiling is almost impossible! 😄 Stay strong, Seán! ❤️

( people I’ve met through this community who mean a lot to me: @brethespork @super-septic-pewdie-plier and more amazing people on Twitter ) ✨


Drag of the Day (02/14/2017): The Boulet Brothers! 

Again, another dynamic drag duo that many already know about, BUT apparently some do not… and EVERYONE needs to know who the fuck the Boulet Brothers are! They’ve been keeping it spooky for 15+ years, with alternative events that bring out all the ghouls! You’ve probably seen me promoting the shit out of their YouTube series on Hey Queen called Dragula (go watch it if you haven’t, and if you haven’t make everyone you know go watch it right now), but Dragula actually started out as one of their regular events in Hollywood. I am so happy that Dragula got to be made into a show and I hope so very badly that they make a season 2 because, even after one season, it is now my favorite show ever. Deal with it. The Boulet Brothers always crank out amazing, fang-tastic lqqks and one day I will attend one of their events and ask them to adopt me. 

Follow them on instagram: @bouletbrothers

Go watch Dragula on YouTube dammit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK0-nz02P8Y&t=1s

lefreakette  asked:

Okay so can we talk about the stream? I am watching it now and im in love with their passion while talking about the video. Mark seems like an excited child, and everyone seem like they had a blast while shooting. I'm obsessed. I'm also incredibly happy for Mark because he found a group of such passionate and dedicated people because that shit is RARE. It must feel incredible

Hearing them enthuse about how editing took 30 hours and all that good stuff was really amazing! It seems like they needed something bigger to work out to get things really going :D

He deserves to have a group as wonderful as them working with him. They bring out the best in each other!

anonymous asked:

how did u feel abt cn lying to us and saying we were gonna meet a new gem huh

I’m not really that mift about it? I was disappointed at first, but I’m actually really relieved. We didn’t need another new character; we need to develop the ones we have right now before introducing someone new.

Yeah, I’m sure CN knew they’d piss off some folks pulling that stunt. It wasn’t the smartest move. But hey, it got people to watch the episode. With the falling ratings, I can see why they’d do that.

I don’t agree with it, but … I’m not salty. I didn’t even wanna go on tumblr after that episode though, because I knew everyone was gonna be down CN’s throats and hating the show even MORE now.

By all means, if you’re outraged, you’re free to rant about it. But don’t cling to that hate for too long. It’s just unhealthy and bad …

Please don’t quit the show based off one episode. There’s so much more to come.

Education Session

You were sitting on the couch in your older brother, Kian’s, apartment. You were up in LA visiting him for five days. He was your best friend, only a year older an you. Jc was also a best friend to you. He had been a part of your life for so long now that he was kind of like a brother to you too except you had a major crush on him.

Kian and Jc had been including you in their filming over the last few days and today were going to include you in a video where they educated you on something. They wanted to educate you on sex. Little did they know, you didn’t need educating.

They set up the camera and started rolling.

“Hey everyone this is my little sister, Charlotte. If you have watched any our recent videos you should recognize her. She’s visiting me for a few days. Jc and I thought it would be fun if we answered her questions on a matter that she doesn’t know anything about and that we her older brother and brother like figure knew a lot about.” Kian introduced the video.

“Basically, we’re going to answer her questions about SEX.” Jc says.

“So, Charlotte, my virgin baby sister. What kind of questions do you have?”

“I don’t have any. I’m not a virgin.” You say. Kian’s jaw drops and Jc immediately starts laughing.

“What? When? Who? I’ll kill them!” Kian yells.

“Um well I’m twenty…so it’s been like three years.” You say smiling.