everyone needs to go to this exhibit!!!


A/N: A request from @damhunterofartemis for a one shot where JJ’s son Henry is chaperoning a field trip at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History where unbeknownst to her, Spencer is on a date with his girlfriend, who she doesn’t know. @coveofmemories


“Ok, everyone,” JJ said, clapping her hands to gain the children’s attention. “Eyes up here! I need everyone to look at me, so I can make sure we have everyone before we move to the next exhibit.” As she finished counting heads, she was confident that she hadn’t lost Henry or any of his classmates, so she ushered them forward to the next exhibit. “Keep a hold of your buddy’s hand and don’t let go,” she said to the sea of seven year olds. For years now, schools made a habit out of pairing off students and having them hold hands during a field trip. It actually did a lot for keeping students safe during a school outing.

As they entered the next room, which focused on the role of food, drink and agriculture on American history, JJ turned around to give her group the necessary instructions. “Stick with your buddies, but have a look around before Heather comes back and tells us all about food and drinks in America - and don’t leave this room.” 

While the children walked around, JJ sat on the bench in the center of the space. Not that she hated being there, but this was one of her few days “off,” and instead of being at home, she was here; she was only here because Henry had asked her to be a chaperone. She felt guilty about being away so much recently, so this was her way to make it up to him. Raising her hands in the air, she yawned widely, emitting a much louder sound than she had intended to. Hopefully, she would wake up soon. She hated to say it, but she was bored.

About 10 minutes later, Heather, the museum employee in charge of children’s tours showed up, and about 15 minutes after that, she was done and they were on to the next exhibit. It was good for the kids, but JJ became even more bored because they had time to explore on their own prior to Heather coming in to talk to them. 

The next stop was women’s history. Thankfully, JJ found herself a little more interested in that topic. Once again, she rounded up the students before moving on, ensuring that she hadn’t lost any one of the 22 students. There were a few other chaperones there, but they sucked, only paying attention to their own children.

Walking into the next room, JJ repeated her earlier requests, wanting to make it through this day alive and with all of the children, without dying of boredom. When she allowed the students to go exploring on their own once more, she turned to the bench in that room, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone that looked a lot like Spencer.

It couldn’t be him though. He was holding hands with a woman about the same age. Spencer hadn’t mentioned seeing anyone, so it couldn’t be him.

She sat down, keeping one eye on the children while keeping the Spencer doppelgänger in her line of sight. The two glided across the room, looking at each piece of the exhibit and each other - nothing else, which was probably good for JJ because she found herself staring after a few minutes.

Before making the announcement to the kids that Heather was back, she wanted to get a good look at the doppelgänger, but he wasn’t turning around. They were about to leave the room, when the woman turned toward him and asked him something she couldn’t make out. JJ watched as he laughed and then the woman leaned in to kiss him. As she did, the man leaned in and his jacket rode up his back, reveling a gun.

That was Spencer’s gun.

JJ’s eyes opened wide as she realized what that meant.

Spencer was seeing someone and hadn’t told anyone. And judging by their body language, they had been seeing each other for quite a while. He picked her up by the waist and spun her around, which left both of them giggling and everyone around them jealous of their overwhelming happiness. They headed on to the next room, leaving JJ in a stupor, but definitely more awake than she had been before.

Should she go up to them? She wanted to bust him, but she had the children to take care of. 

She had to - she was too curious. “Can you two keep an eye on the kids while I use the restroom?” she asked, excusing herself. They both shook their heads and she quickly walked out of the room, not wanting to lose sight of the two lovebirds.

Within minutes, she found them in the Latino history section. She and Spencer were the best of friends, so she decided to confront them and if they wanted her to keep their secret then she would, but she had to meet the woman that brought that smile to Spencer’s face. “Funny meeting you here,” she said, as she sauntered into the room.

Spencer turned around open-mouthed and sheepish. The woman turned to her. “I’m Y/N,” she said, extending her hand, “you must be JJ.” 

She confirmed. “That’s me.”

Laughing, Y/N turned towards the still slack-jawed Spencer. “We’re busted.”

Need bird pictures for references!

Hi, later this year I may submit some art for an art exhibition. I’m going to be digitally painting birds, and I’d like a variety of bird pictures to use as references! It can be cockatiels, budgies, any kind of parrot, finches, ducks, chickens, ANY kind of bird! Just so long as it is YOUR photo.
A small amount of photos will be picked (probably 3 or 4), so not everyone will get their bird painted. Obviously this means you will get a FREE DIGITAL PAINTING. They will also be printed out professionally to be sold at the exhibition. So, if you want to help me out and give me references I can use with your permission, then please SUBMIT pictures to me either on my tumblr, OR on my LINE account, finchfeathers, as I won’t always be on tumblr, so I will be able to respond faster.
Please let the photos be clear, and maybe provide a variety of angles, full body or face close up.
They will be painted within the next few months.
Please either submit to me, or again, add me on LINE (finchfeathers).

I did not anticipate spending my morning explaining the difference between “i.e.” and “e.g.” and why, yeah, it does matter which one you use.

I’m also very aware that I’m explaining this to someone with a degree in English who has flaunted that fact before.

This little interlude has messed up my schedule for the morning since I’m having to squish a full day’s work into 4 hours since I’m (finally) going to see the Star Wars costume exhibit in Denver today (!!! I’m so excited to see all of Padme’s costumes you don’t even know)

goodqueenalys  asked:

So here for fluffy prompts! Can I request some fluffy Bellarke as Soulmates? Or maybe some seemingly unrequited pining ending in fluff? Thanks B <3

I hope you like it! I’m doing the whole repeated reincarnation soulmates thing. I’m not sure it’s that great but I tried.

“I need a date.”

Bellamy frowned even though Octavia couldn’t see him.

“Isn’t that what you have a fiancé for?” he asked, cradling the phone between his cheek and shoulder as he shuffled through the dozens of papers that he had to grade.

“Lincoln is working that night. Please Bell. I don’t want to go to this thing alone,” his sister begged him.

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Signs at an Art exhibition

*everyone is already there, Leo and Libra walk in late in very expensive and grand attire and everyone stares*
Gemini: What the hell I thought this was a casual function
Virgo: This is an art exhibition, they are in no way casual
Cancer: Ah geez *looks at Libra and Leo*…Should I go home and change?
Capricorn: No, you look wonderful Cancer!
Cancer: Aww, thanks! *blushes*

*staring at a painting*
Aquarius: It symbolises the rebellion, the people breaking out against oppression.
Scorpio: No, all I can see is dark, inner turmoil and the need to express it
Aquarius: The bird is a symbol of FREEDOM
Scorpio: The RAVEN is a symbol of death
Aquarius: You know what, lets go ask the artist!!!!!
Scorpio: FINE. So Pisces, tell us what your art means
Pisces: It means
Pisces: Whatever you want it to mean
Scorpio: Ugh
Aquarius: *Sigh*

*Drinking champagne*
Taurus: Wow what a great turn-out, I didn’t think so many people would come to support Pisces and myself
Sagittarius: That photograph you took of Aries is soooo beautiful…
Taurus: If you like Aries you should just tell them, you know.
Sagittarius: I don’t know how-

*Aries approaches*

Aries: Hey guys, what were you talking about? Your work looks lovely on the walls Taurus, really turned out great
Taurus: Thank you, Sagittarius was admiring one in particular
Aries: Oh, I love discussing meanings- which one?
Taurus: *points to the photo of Aries behind them* That one, BYE
*Taurus walks away leaving Sag and Aries alone*

Leo: You look absolutely gorgeous tonight Libra
Libra: As do you, Leo
Leo: So which is your favourite in here?
Libra: Hmm, which do you think?
Leo: I think the painting of two lovers under the bright moonlight is your favourite, I saw your eyes light up when you were stood beneath it
Libra: …you’re right
Leo: Which is why I bought you it
Libra: WHAT!? Oh, my God… 
Leo: You’re welcome

Competing Access Needs isn’t about you feeling gross when people kiss in public, it’s about actual legit concerns, gods

What if I think that being grossed out by PDA (by any gender combination) is actually a sign of immaturity and even bigotry that nearly everyone who exhibits would be much better off just getting over rather than accommodating

once you start deciding which of peoples’ triggers and which of peoples’ preferences and which of peoples’ needs are Actual and Legitimate and worthy of concern then you are going to hurt people. 

let’s have spaces for people whose needs are incomprehensible to me, let’s have spaces for people whose needs are deeply unhealthy for me, let’s have spaces for people whose needs are fundamentally opposed to everything I stand for. Because the alternative to that isn’t ‘those people ‘mature’ and stop having those needs’ or ‘everyone agrees to change so no one needs that’, it’s just ‘people who have those needs suffer and can’t have a secure place to get their needs met’. And people who are hurting are less able to be good to others. 

Recognizing that someone needs something different from you and deserves a space that meets their needs is not the same as endorsing whatever thought processes or assumptions led to them having those needs. It is not the same as saying you hope they’ll continue to have those needs. It is just saying “okay. I am not the arbiter of what makes you feel comfortable, or the expert on what kinds of environments you are going to be able to grow to be comfortable with more things and more people. you do you; I’ll be over here doing something different.”