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warnings : jealously ?


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Eddie always came along to Richie’s shows. It was a tradition, even both they started dating. Eddie would face his fear of the germs to come and listen to his boyfriends loudly obnoxious band play covers of songs he’s never heard, in favour of watching Richie get hot and sweaty as he periodically exhorted his energy banging on his drums.

 Richie on the other hand would come to the pep rally every Friday night to support Eddie’s appearance, regardless of his hatred for most of human kind nothing could rival seeing your boyfriend in tight pastel pink booty shorts. 

Eddie usually sat backstage at Richie’s shows, this was usually due to Richie not wanting Eddie to panic and cause an asthma attack from stressing over anybody out on the floor.

But today was different.

Eddie claimed that sitting behind the curtains just wasn’t good enough for tonight, therefore he just had to stand dead centre stage to watch his lover perform. Richie was hesitant because he didn’t want to see the fragile boy get hurt. He knew how rough the floor could get scattered with intoxicated youths and Richie knew it was no place for a five foot four, skinny, pale, flower crown wearing teenage boy. But Eddie had insisted that, that there wasn’t any other place he going to be regardless of Richie’s protests.

Richie had placed himself behind the drums, twirling the drum sticks that loosely rest in his hands. As he scanned he crowd, it was a pretty good turn out tonight. A small non-existent smile made it’s way onto his lips at the idea of people actually appreciating him for his talents, a wave of relief fled through his body, maybe he could actually get somewhere in life. Soon the idea of the masses of people seemed to have changed his opinion.

He scanned the crowd looking for Eddie’s figure, even if he wasn’t dating him, the poor boy he stuck out like a saw thumb among the copious amount of dark clothes that stood on the floor, covering the space with an aura the Richie was all too comfortable with.

 Blinking behind his glasses, he narrowed his gaze slightly to this side of the stage where he found Eddie standing leaning slightly against a tall bar table. Richie noted that Eddie had found someone to talk to, and that in itself made Richie smile. Knowing that Eddie was comfortable in one of the only other places Richie was. Richie must have been staring at the pale boy for a bit longer than he thought because the only thing that broke him from his gaze was the fact it was getting harder and harder to see him. The stage lights had begun to dim and the loud strum of the bass guitar echoed the dark room.

 Richie straightened his back and placed his drum sticks in their selected hands, starring out at the audience and seeing only the faint outlines of human bodies.

 The coloured stage lights were suddenly turned on, and Richie heard the loud cheer from their small crowd. He heard their lead singer speak into the microphone probably asking the basic and stereotypical ‘hey, how’s everyone was doing tonight,’ but Richie paid little no attention as he looked back over at the space Eddie was currently occupying.

His mouth dropping a gape as he watched the boy laugh at something the delinquent had said. Richie whole opinion on the other male had changed as fast as a drop of a pin.

Eddie’s back was turned to the stage and his full attention was focused on a complete and utter stranger. He faintly heard the beginning of song start and he subconsciously hit drums the way he had been practicing for the past weeks but his gaze still pierced the back of Eddie’s head wondering what was just so interesting that he couldn’t even face the direction of his actual boyfriend and pretend like he was enjoying the music even though Richie knew otherwise.

Richie narrowed his eyes as he watched a hand creep up the sleeve of Eddie’s jacket. Eddie obviously didn’t feel the need to brush him away. One of the only faults that Eddie Kaspbrak will ever exhibit is the inability to be able to recognise that literally everyone wanted a piece of him. Richie wasn’t even going to hide the fact he was jealous. He gave that up long ago.

Eddie was his, and only his. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Eddie, he just didn’t trust anyone else around him. The boy was small, cute and docile, meaning he would be just as easy a target as it would be to steal a puppy from a shelter. Eddie trusted everyone, and Richie was the complete opposite.

The band played a few more songs before they were able to take a break. As soon as the stage lights turned off and the floor was lit, Richie rushed down onto the hard concrete despite the protest from his lead singer about their need to recuperate behind stage.

Richie’s long limbs were seen jumping from the side stage and striding five short steps in Eddie’ direction. Once arriving the older boy sat  his head onto of the younger and his arm sliding around Eddie’s waist. Eddie flinched away from his touch and Richie tried not to let his disappointment show. Glancing to the right he saw the denim jacket wearing loser that was trying to steal his boyfriend, sipping on a drink that was clearing not cherry cola. He glared at the side of the strangers face as he brought the glass cup to his lips.

Eddie turned his head to meet the hard face of Richie Tozier. Body immediately relaxing under his touch. “Hey babe.” Eddie said, a comical expression plastered itself on his face as he observed Richie’s stoic look. Turning slightly to kiss the taller boys cheek. Richie tore his glare from the other the boy and focused his gaze on Eddie. “It's been a good show so far.” Richie scoffed.

“Yeah, like you would fucking know.” Richie said, sound muffled by Eddie’s dark brown curls. “Watcha doing with this guy.” He gestured across the table to where the guy now stood starring across at the pair.

The unknown guy reached his arm across the table holding out his hand. “Hi I’m-” “I wasn’t talking to you.” Eddie pushed back against Richie’s chest and moved from out of the taller boys grasp.

“Richie that wasn’t very nice.” Eddie’s eye widened in surprise at the blatant bluntness coming out of Richie’s mouth.

Richie’s eyes widen, “Can you not see that he’s trying to get with you!” Richie gestured wildly, sending his long limbs flying about. Eddie sighed, and turned back to the mysterious man informing him that the pair will be right back. Eddie gripped onto the side of Richie’s leather jacket, pulling him through the masses of people toward backstage.

As they past the heavy black curtains, Eddie let go of Richie’s sleeve and turned to face him. “What’s up with you?” He asked, curiosity shown in his eyes. His eyes travelled over Richie’s sweat cladded face, dark curls clung to his forehead, his face was flush with a light shade of pink making the freckles that Eddie loved disappear for an apparent amount of time.

Richie kicked the tip of his shoe against the concrete, reluctantly looking into Eddie’s eyes. “Nothing, Eddie Spaghetti.” Richie beamed a smile toward the boy. Eddie quirked an eyebrow at Richie’s all too wide smile. Eddie placed his hand son his own hips and gave Richie an expected stare. Richie rolled his eyes and dropped the smile off his face. “I don’t like you talking to that guy.”

“Rich, you can’t get angry every time I talk to other guys,”

“Eddie! He was touching you! I was watching the whole time, you didn’t ever turn to face the stage once!” Richie sighed. “I love you too much to just sit back and watch. I don’t want to lose you to som-some denim jacket tattoo covered freak!” Eddie’s lip twitched into a side smile, as he reached out and took a hold of Richie’s hand.

“You are the only denim jacket tattoo covered freak for me baby, I promise.” Eddie stood upon the tips of his toes, to press a chaste kiss upon Richie’s lips. Richie faintly heard someone callout for him, informing him he’s got two minutes until they go back on stage. With an annoyed grunt, Richie pulled Eddie into his embraced, wrapping his arms around the smaller boys shoulders tightly. Richie felt Eddie hug back just as tight, while wrapping his own arms around Richie’s middle section. Muffled by Richie’s jacket he faintly heard Eddie’s teasing tone say,

“There’s no need to be jealous, Rich.” Richie scoffed and pulled away began walking in the opposite direction, shouting in response.

“Shut it Ed’s.” Richie walked away with a genuine  smile on his which made a few of his bands members send him questioning looks which he all dismissed with shake of his head.

As the stage lights turned back on, Richie glanced through his fingerprint cladded glasses to see Eddie’s bright smile staring right back at him from  centre stage.  

Richie couldn’t be happier.

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‘Requested* Klaus x Reader fic where they meet after season 4

(This is more from Klaus´ perspective than usual. Also, I could totally imagine that is what Klaus could be up to at the moment. Okay maybe with a little bloodshed on top, but hey. Do let me know what you think if this one. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Klaus x Reader, Mikaelson´s (mentioned), Stefan (mentioned)

Story Title: “Piece of work. art”

Warnings: To Season 4 Spoilers, Tvd Season Finale Spoilers,

Your name: submit What is this?

Klaus has always liked Chicago, so it was not much of a surprise when he found himself arriving at the city after he forcefully parted ways with his siblings.

He kept himself busy with drawing and showing off his work in several exhibits.He always expected people to simply rush by his work, because it is diverging from his usual style and admittedly also not his best work. What he certainly did not expect was someone staring at the piece of art for several minutes.

Klaus: “An interesting piece, wouldn’t you say?”

A man stops next to the abstract piece of art hanging on the wall, his voice thick with a British accent and his hands are crossed behind his back.

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The Naked Truth

Written by: @peetaspikelets

Dialogue Prompt: this has got to be the strangest day of my life…(submitted by @xerxia31)

Rating: M (for nudity and language)

A/N: I need to thank Mr Pikelet for helping me bring this story to life. He brought ‘an event’ to my attention and after my initial shock and a bit of a giggle I thought I have to everlark this some how. 

A BIG thank you to my beta @sponsormusings for her amazing guidance, support and advice. I would be lost without you!


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🌸Sexy Zone, revealing things about each other🌸

Profile questions:

Q1. Birth date
Q2. Birth place
Q3. Something I’m addicted to right now
Q4. Something I bought recently
Q5. Something I’d like to do this spring
Q6. My favourite quote
Q7. My character within the group

Matsushima Sou:

A1. 97/11/27
A2. Shizuoka
A3. Watching dramas
A4. Many concert DVDs so I can learn from their performances
A5. A trip to Kyoto
A6. „Every effort will surely be rewarded“. When I was in elementary school, a teacher told me these words.
A7. The one who is easy to make fun of. I often get corrected when I do mistakes and I feel like I get teased at least once a day.

Sato Shori:

A1. 96/10/30
A2. Tokyo
A3. Dancing. Especially to hip hop music from the 90’s!
A4. A dancing outfit. I got baggy clothes.
A5. Explore other regions. I am promoting my movie and having performances in March so I’m looking forward to going to many different places.
A6. „Even if it’s raining a rainbow might appear. But if you don’t hold your head high you won’t notice the rainbow.“
A7. Making witty comments. Five years ago it was different… the other four members were the ones who made witty comments about me (laughing).

Nakajima Kento:

A1. 94/3/13
A2. Tokyo
A3. Collecting book covers. Because when I carry scripts and notes in my bag, I don’t want them to get damaged.
A4. A bag with a painting of Dali printed on it. I bought it when I went to see a Dali exhibition!
A5. Magic tricks. While being at a shooting location I want to lift up the mood.
A6. „It is never too late to be what you might have been.“ (t/n: he said that in English)
A7. A skyrocket. Someone who tends to lead exciting conversations. It always makes everyone go „Wow!“

Marius Yo:

A1. 00/3/30
A2. Heidelberg (Germany)
A3. Going back to sleep after waking up. I set my alarm clock two hours before I need to wake up on purpose, so I can go back to sleep one more time. It feels good so I recommend it (laughing).
A4. Face lotion. I use three different types during the day.
A5. Hanami.
A6. „I like you.“ To family, friends, the fans, I want to use these words a lot!
A7. The youngest child. I’m loved by all members♡

Kikuchi Fuma:

A1. 95/3/7
A2. Tokyo
A3. A game called „Momotaro Dentetsu“. Since I finished my bachelor’s degree thesis now I’m enjoying it to the fullest.
A4. A black muffler. Other than buying them to use them with school uniforms, actually this is my first muffler ever.
A5. Dye my hair!
A6. None. I want to find a certain something through someone’s words. I’m still looking for it.
A7. Someone who sees things objectively. It’s important that there’s a balance within the group created by someone who is looking from the outside.

Shori x Sou

Shori: Recently, Sou’s text messages became short! Before that, his long sentences filled up the whole phone screen but now he texts only „Okay“. There isn’t even an exclamation mark!
Sou: That’s because all the members except me use short sentences. So I changed it to fit in.
Shori: The change is too sudden! I became worried because your writing was too different (laughing).
Sou: Well Shori, do you prefer long or short sentences then?
Shori: Either one is fine with me.
Sou: Don’t you think that long sentences are bothersome?
Shori: My partner should be able to send me whatever they want. So, can you reveal something about me?
Sou: In front of me you are like you usually are. When the two of us are on the radio, Shori is being his „natural“ self in front of me.
Shori: …aren’t you conceited? (laughing) But since I’m close to Sou in age, certainly I feel at peace with him.

Fuma x Kento

Kento: Kikuchi is often looking after the members’ hair so he’s the hair producer!
Fuma: Ah~ certainly. Even when I change my own hair style, I think about balancing it with the other members.
Kento: You often give advices too, right?
Fuma: I gave advices to Sou and Marius when they had a strange hair style (laughing). Related to hair, I have something to reveal about Nakajima. That guy said he wants to have short hair!
Kento: What’s with this situation’s mood!
Fuma: We were worried about Matsushima having short hair. So Nakajima said „Well, then I’ll  have short hair first“. It was like Dachou Club-san’s „Douzo douzo“ (laughing). 
Kento: Since no one continued after me, I really wanted to try it…
Fuma: Well, I think short hair would suit you too.

Sou x Marius

Sou: I think that Marius is really smart. Recently you’ve been studying hard, you even did the highest level in an English proficiency exam, right?
Marius: Yes. But I still don’t know the results yet.
Sou: After looking it up online, I read that in order to do that level, you need university level knowledge. It’s amazing that you challenged that at 16 years old.
Marius: Thank you~♡ Sou-chan… are you lonely? Since you’re often on your phone.
Sou: Am I not always together with Marius?
Marius: But Sou-chan is always playing with his phone!
Sou: No, Marius is always the one playing on his phone! Well, should we check who has more battery left on our phones right now?
Marius: Mine is at 39%.
Sou: Mine is still at 67%!
Marius: I’m sorry, I lost (laughing).

Marius x Fuma

Fuma: Marius is entering an age now in which he wants to change from having a cute character to start walking the path of being cool! Today he has even put up his bangs.
Marius: I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how to look more adult-like…
Fuma: Why not try out different things? However, I will tell you clearly if something doesn’t suit you.
Marius: Yes. I can rely on Fuma-kun who’s like my older brother ♪ But recently, I think I don’t want to have a spoiled character only.
Fuma: …now that you’re saying that, sometimes you send me weird text messages. And when I don’t reply to them, you go like „Ne, neee~!“ (laughing).
Marius: I see that you read them but I feel lonely (if you don’t reply)…
Fuma: That’s because your messages contain things like „I had a dream in which I was abducted by aliens“!? After reading that, I simply put my phone away (laughing)!

Kento x Shori

Kento: Shori didn’t say something like „I wonder if I should dye my hair“ before, he just did it and without telling anyone his hair became stylish. His hair change was natural.
Shori: Yeah, I didn’t say much.
Kento: Yes. When I heard about it later, you told me „Actually I got a perm then“ with a charming look on your face.
Shori: Even in front of me Kento-kun is the „idol-like Nakajima Kento“. Before we went out together for a meal, I was imagining things like „How is Kento-kun going to show up, what should I say to him first“. Then I totally impressed him.
Kento: As soon as we met, he said „Ah~ looks like usual“ (laughing).
Shori: Because I was imagining how you’re going to show up (laughing).

Keep in mind I am not a native speaker therefore there might be mistakes in my translations. Also I’m not exactly translating word for word. Feel free to correct me in my ask box any time you want, I’d appreciate it! I apologize if someone already translated something before me and I didn’t notice, I hope you don’t mind.

kitsunehondo  asked:

Sorry but this screams Otayuri “so are we going to kiss or not?"

“So are we going to kiss or not?“

Time doesn’t freeze, the world doesn’t tilt on its axis after Yuri has said the words.

Perhaps that’s what surprises Otabek the most. That’s what makes him stare at Yuri for a few moments, stare at him as if he’s seeing through him, and his focus is fully on him again only when Yuri’s expression hardens, when Yuri starts turning away without a word.

Otabek reaches for his wrist, still bare and cold from dried sweat, and in doing so he achieves his goal of making Yuri stay. Except now the emotions on Yuri’s face are too many for Otabek to discern.

“Whatever. I didn’t mean it anyway,” Yuri mumbles like he’s choking on his pride.

How Yuri can go from sex on ice to insecure fifteen-year-old is something Otabek has been struggling to find the answer to for about twenty-four hours, since he first saw him create his new exhibition skate in clothes that too often drew his thoughts very far away from the matter at hand.

He realizes he needs to get words out. 

In the short time they’ve spent together, one question between them is their constant.

Yes or no?

Are you going to be my friend or not? Are you going to help me lay everyone flat out at my exhibition or not?

Are we going to kiss or not?

That’s no question at all, Otabek thinks. It’s not, Do you want to kiss me or not?

It’s, Are we?

And yet Yuri seems to think it’s up to Otabek alone, as if Otabek hasn’t been kissing him in his mind for days straight.

His hand is still holding Yuri’s wrist, he realizes, and even though Yuri is not looking at him, he’s not pulling away either.

“I want to,” he says. Not the question Yuri asked, but close enough.

Yuri’s eyes lift to his, waiting, hopeful and wary. Otabek can read it in his friend’s eyes, his next question.


But what happens when you find something more exciting? Am I a song you listen to on repeat for one full day and then never listen to ever again? Will you remember it on your next birthday if we kiss now?

“But I don’t want it to hurt,” he says. There’s no time for half truths.

Hurt? You think-” Yuri starts, and stops. “You’re my friend and I want to kiss you and it’s going to hurt if we don’t. It’s going to hurt us both.”

His wrist slips away from Otabek’s hand when Yuri reaches to grab him by the front of his jacket, his face so close to his that his whispers are like explosions. “You waited for years. I don’t have that kind of patience. This program was me signing the contract on this thing we have, so get it out of your fucking mind if you’re scared that I’ll forget about you once we’re on different ends of the same continent.”

Yuri’s pupils are blown wide, and Otabek can’t help but feel like his are the same. He wonders if Yuri noticed. If he can feel his heart through his jacket.

Otabek realizes that in the short time they’ve spent together there has never been room for doubt, that their Yes is always absolute, irreversible, and fear is still there but so is hope and want.

“Yes,” he says, and it’s one more quad added to the second half of his program. It could win him a medal or it could cost him a broken leg.

He forgets about the danger as Yuri wraps his arms around his neck and pulls him down slightly to put his lips on his. Too brief, barely a ghost before they hear someone coming their way and they have to pull apart. Somehow, their hands remain linked, and he hadn’t even noticed they had found each other.

It’s his turn in their game of yes or no. “Do you want to take this somewhere more private or not?” He doesn’t let himself doubt.

Yuri is sex on ice again when he replies, “Now you’re talking.”

Babe! You always give me the best prompts, bless you ♥ I hope you liked this!

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Anxious at the Zoo

Thank you so much @pirate-patton for the prompt!! I’m a bit rusty but hopefully it’s not a total piece of Garbo

Title: Anxious at the zoo

Pairing: Analogical

There was a lot of people. He was so excited for the possibility of see all the animals that it somehow managed to slip Virgil’s mind that everyone likes the zoo. And with his new attire he could feel the eyes of every zoo visitor on him. He was starting to seriously doubt the purple.

“Virgil you’re starting to chew on your hoodie strings again.” a voice brought him out of his spiraling thoughts as a hand slipped into his. He looked into the eyes of Logan, who had been the one to suggest the zoo in the first place. It took a moment for it to process what Logan had said and he dropped the string out of his mouth. “Is it the crowd?” Logan asked, managing to hit the nail on the head like he always seems to do when it involves Virgil’s heightened anxiety. He opened his mouth to say something only to realize that he couldn’t find his voice, so he simply nodded.

With one hand Logan opened the brochure that he had been looking at before realizing his boyfriend’s state and scanned the page till he found what he was looking for. “Alright then, I know where to go.” He took a moment to pull Virgil’s hood over his head, in an attempt to block at least part of the world out. Something that he noticed tends to help. Leading him by the hand, Virgil let himself be dragged along all while keeping his eyes to the ground. He didn’t look back up until he realized that he was being lead into a darker area with a physically cooler air. He realized that Logan brought him to the insect exhibit, and he also noticed that it held significantly less people than the rest of the zoo. He could feel the tension leaving his shoulders as he let go of Logan’s hand and started to look at the tarantula that was just chilling in his cage.

“I know it’s difficult Virgil, but we’ve discussed this, in the long run it’ll be better for everyone if we can get you out of a situation rather than having you to jump into an anxiety attack.” Logan spoke, the tone causing Virgil to purse his lips. They both needed to work on things, Virgil actually admitting that he needs the help, and Logan needing to learn a bit more tact in his speech. Logan studied his face and let out a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding and proceeded to speak in a much softer voice. “Needing a little extra help doesn’t make you weak, dear. And we’re in a relationship now, you know you can trust me. I can’t help but to feel a strong surge of multiple emotions when I see you in that state. And you know I don’t like multiple emotions at the same time.” he added that last part with a slight smile, and the smile grew as he got the snort he had hopped to receive from his closest friend.

“You’re right Lo.” Virgil was grateful to find his voice, but kept his eyes on the spider in front of him. “I-It might take some time but I promise I’ll get to that point.” his voice wavered and there was a beat of silence between them. With a slight yelp, Virgil was suddenly pulled into a very tight hug. With no hesitation he buried his head into the nape of Logan’s neck. He loved the fact that Logan always seemed to smell of old books and lavender.

“I do love you Virge.” Logan murmured.

“Love you too Lo.” Virgil knew there was going to be issues but he also knew that they could do this. All in all he was very excited to see how this relationship would grow.

Let’s Talk: How to Admin

As someone who has adminned my own groups and collaborated as co-admin in other groups, I’m gonna’ drop you some knowledge on being an admin in the RP community. Maybe you’ll learn something, or maybe you’ll see something you’re doing wrong. Let’s talk!

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anonymous asked:

First date scenarios for the boys?

So, it’s finally time for a more serious suggestion from my end, after the freakin’ piss thing… I’m sorry for everyone who’s randomly come across it through tags in utter confusion… but I decided that I also have no regrets. This is the sin I must carry with me, and I must learn to live with it.

Anyway, I decided to go for this one since it also felt like a fairly natural follow-up from the first one I did! I hope y’all like it!

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm just here to say that my 9 year old cousin ships Shidge in case you needed some positivity today. She literally squealed in delight when Shiro saved Pidge in the beginning of the episode where they saved Slav. It's just the purest thing and she keeps asking me when they're going to get together.

That is fucking adorable oh my god. Anon, you have made my day with this. I’m squeeing!

kekyoinoriaki-deactivated201709  asked:

ChikaRiko!!! (my power girls)


  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa
    Chika for sure. When she gets excited, she tends to charge ahead without noticing the little details like that.
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them
    Riko does! She’s such a sap
  • Who starts the tickle fights
  • Who starts the pillow fights
    Chika starts them, but Riko finishes them
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile
    Riko! This is canon

Originally posted by kotoha

  • Who mistakes salt for sugar
    Honestly, it’s probably Riko. Chika does a lot of housework, so she can probably tell the difference pretty easily.
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines
    Chika!! She gets some inspiration from Riko’s doujinshi, and Riko secretly loves it
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order
    Riko likes having some order in her life
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies
    “But Riko-chaaan, they look so gooood~!”
    “Chika-chan, we’re sharing these with everyone!”
    “Then I need to make sure they’re safe! I’m the leader!”
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion
    Riko is a sap - exhibit B
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen
    Riko loves to doodle, and Chika’s skin is so soft and inviting~
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation
    Chika for sure. After their 5th trip to Tokyo, Riko insists that she needs to stop
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines

Send me a (Love Live!) ship!

Jonas x Noora pt. 2

((S/o to everyone who gave my first post so much love back in January!! It was literally just a random idea that popped into my head and I was expecting like 2 notes, and I suggest you read that first if you haven’t already!.))

•So a few people have mentioned how it might be kind of weird for Noora to date yet another one of her best friends exes

•But in actuality it wouldn’t be weird at all. In fact Eva is one of their number one supporters. Being close to both of them, she realizes more than anyone that they are perfect for eachother. She’s always going to have some lingering feelings toward Jonas but she has her own boyfriend now and she’s just happy that Noora is over that dickhead William.

•Also I live for Eva being their go to for any problems! “What should I get Noora for her birthday?” “Do you think Jonas’ parents will like me?” “Do you think Noora would get mad if I send a dick pic?” “How do I get Jonas to cut his hair?”

As for the rest of their friends:

•Jonas and Noora are a force to be reckoned with. When both of them get fired up it gets a little bit scary. 

•Magnus and Vilde are probably the most intimidated. It’s one thing to get called out by one of them, but when both of them get on you it’s terrifying. And let’s be real the two of them can make some pretty ignorant comments. 

•They are THE power couple. Evak is that gross domestic couple that are probably going to adopt like 3 kids and rescue a dog, but Joora are that world domination type.

•But that doesn’t stop them from constant couple competitions, because Isak and Jonas are typical bros and proud boyfriends and can’t help it. “Nooras article was just featured in the news.” “Even’s painting is going to be in that new art exhibit.” “Guess who got laid last night!” “Guess who got laid last night…twice!”

•Everyone in the group would refer to them as mom and dad (it started as a joke but let’s be real, they are totally the parentals)

•Jonas, Noora, Sana and Mahdi. Do I need to explain?

•They debate a lot, but they rarely fight. But when they do fight it’s like World War IV. Everyone around them feels it. (You know it’s bad when Linn is asking you what crawled up your ass).

Some more Random HCs:

•They lowkey have pet names.Jonas calls her “Red” and Noora calls him “Curly” (and sometimes Jonas is a brat and calls her “Palída” and then she calls him “Cabezal” or “Pendejo” because my favorite hispanoblantes are sassy as fuck)

•They support the hell out of eachother. Jonas sends her articles for her feminist fashion blog, and Noora makes occasional appearances on the new YouTube channel Jonas starts. Even though Noora doesn’t use most the articles (because “Jooooonas complimenting a girl’s ass is NOT empowerment!”) and they usually just end up bickering on his channel (it was actually going to be a couple channel but 3 videos in they realized that was not going to work) {s/o to @shadeandadidas for helping me sort out the blog v. YouTube thing}

•They are super competitive but it’s always passive aggressive. Noora will casually mention she got a 6 on the essay that she heard Jonas telling Isak he got a 5 on. Jonas then casually mentioning the article he sent her for the blog got more notes than the other ones she had posted over the week.

•Jonas and Noora trying to be #fitnessgoals, but it’s not exactly working. Neither of them are that great at sports (they tried to play basketball once with Sana and it was a disaster). They tried running for a while, but running sucks so that ends pretty quickly. They try going to the gym, because dammit Evak cannot be in better shape than them and they are running out of options.

-One day they head off to the gym, but are informed that the space is being used for a yoga class. But it took way too much effort for them to get here and they’ll be damned it they leave now, so they end up taking the class! And that’s how Joora become yogis. They start posting couple poses on IG much to the dismay of Evak (“Faen Even! Why didn’t we think of that??”) Sometimes before class Jonas pops an edible, but Noora doesn’t mind turning a blind eye (and if she tried it once no one has to know).

•And to answer the question from earlier Jonas’ parents fucking adore Noora

Victor Laszlo, everyone

I realize that I’m approximately 30% of the Victor Laszlo fandom on Tumblr, so this is not content anyone is asking for, BUT I need to talk about this guy. I think he’s too often dismissed as a cardboard character, when he’s really not. Note: spoilers ahead for a 1942 movie that you should ideally watch with as little idea as possible of what happens. Kids, if you’ve never watched Casablanca, go do it and thank me later.

Point 1: Victor Laszlo is a giant dork

  • Awkward jokes, exhibit A: “We heard five times that you were killed, in five different places!” “As you can see, it was true every single time.” 
  • Awkward jokes, exhibit B: “It isn’t often a man has a chance to display heroics in front of his wife.” [Actually, he does that all the time. Dork.]
  • Cannot efficiently bandage his own forearm. You would think this would be covered in Resistance Leadership 101, but apparently not.
  • Is genuinely delighted by compliments. “Thank you; I try.” 
  • Loses his chill and expresses political dissent by singing.

Point 2: For a rebel, he’s very… quiet

  • Started out working on a newspaper, probably being kind of normal
  • Then started scandalizing Nazis by printing facts
  • Kept scandalizing Nazis ditto
  • Accidentally (?) became a Resistance figurehead because he just. wouldn’t. shut. up. And people keep asking him to do stuff.
  • Has probably killed people. Has definitely been tortured. Doesn’t talk about it. 
  • Defies scary men without once raising his voice.
  • Lives in constant danger of death; is astonishingly chill about this.

Point 3: Victor Laszlo is completely and helplessly in love

  • Can and will lie fluently to Nazis/anyone if necessary. Cannot lie convincingly to Ilsa about anything.
  • Has memorized Ilsa’s drink order.
  • Respects and values her as an independent person whose emotional life is not dependent on his. 
  • Has absolutely zero standard-issue masculine possessiveness. 
  • Is surprisingly good at communicating about his feelings.
  • Cites his own willingness to die (probably slowly) for Ilsa’s safety/happiness as evidence of his normality. Um… that’s not… you’re doing it wrong.

“If I Were a Cat”

Gouache on watercolor paper, 18" x 30"

About this piece:

I am a quiet and docile Himalayan cat who likes to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and may drink one more cup when I need to work at night.

This painting is done for Light Grey Art Lab’s “tobeyou” show and their 5th Year Anniversary! Recently, the gallery of Light Grey Art Lab has just expanded their spaces, there are tons of amazing artworks are exhibiting in the new gallery right now. If you are near by the Minneapolis area, you should definitely go and visit the gallery. 

Congratulation to Light Grey Art Lab! Thank you for including me in the show and let me have a chance to join your creative community in the past five years! Hope everyone having wonderful time at the opening reception. 

Have a nice weekends~


An Electric Exhibition Prompt

In the Day…

One more is all I need, to do so much that everyone needs of me.

To wash the cloths then make sure they dry.

To cooking meals for my beloved family to try.

To go after my dreams of writing great works.

To making sure I’m there for all the things that don’t seem to work.

My friends may need a helping hand.

My pets need, walks, to be petted, and groomed on demand.

My attention divided in to so many slices for everyone to eat.

My time now gone, I think of every one but me.

Just one more is all I truly need; to do so much more, some things just for me.

To sit back and relax for a bit.

To watch a show or movie, to laugh like a nit wit.

To read a book or work on an art piece.

To feel like I have a moment now to breath.

To meditate one moment at a time.

Just to truly feel like my mind can unwind.

Yes, just one more hour in a day is all I’m asking for,

Some time for me to be me, for myself only one small indulgence to look for.

Let me know what you think on my blog and pass the thought along.

image: Hourglass Art by Daughter of Seas

Dauntless (Part 3)

Here’s Part 3. If you haven’t read Part 1 or Part 2, check out my page. Hope you guys enjoy it. 

After lunch, I decide to go to the training room and practice since there’s nothing else for me to do. No one else is there which gives me a chance to practice alone. I slip out of my jacket and set it on the side of one of the mats. I start punching one of the orange punching bags. I’m so into practice I don’t hear footsteps come in.

“Well, well, well.”

I stop punching and turn around to see Peter with a smirk on his face.

“If it isn’t the whore of Dauntless.”
“Excuse me?” I furrow my brows a little and glare at him.

“Don’t act all innocent with me. Everyone knows what you do to stay at the top. You fuck one of the trainers.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Peter. I suggest you leave, otherwise, I might plant another bruise on that thing you call a face.”

As much as I’d like to punch him in the face, something inside me holds me back. Stupid divergence. Why can’t I just be Dauntless and nothing else? Why can’t I be like everyone else?

“Come on pansycake. Punch me,” Peter walks up and stops about a foot in front of me, “I dare you.”

Before I can do anything, Tris and Christina walk in.

“Leave her alone Peter,” Tris says with irritation. “Angering her won’t move you up in the ranks.”

“Well if it isn’t everyone’s favorite stiff,” Peter replies with a chuckle.

“Shut it Peter,” snapped Christina.

Both Tris and Christina walk over and stand beside me to face him.

“If you want to fight her, you’ll have to fight us first,” says Tris.

Peter stands up straight and pulls down the fabric of his jacket. He looks at Tris, then me, then Christina, and then around the training room.

“I guess I’ll be sending 3 initiates to the infirmary,” says Peter as a sickening grin spreads its way across his face.

“Actually, you won’t be sending anyone to the infirmary.”

Four lingers in the doorway.

“Tris, Christina, and (Y/N) get out. I need to speak to Peter for a moment.”

The three of us leave the training room without question and walk back to the dorms.

“I hope Peter is getting what’s coming to him,” says Christina, “I wish he’d lose points for being an asshole.”

“Me too. But then again if you could lose points for being an asshole, I bet there’d be fewer people in Dauntless,” I reply.

Christina and Tris both burst out laughing causing me to join them. Our laughs echo down the hallways. For a moment I felt normal. Laughing with friends who would stand by you no matter what and not having a care in the world about the bad shit that life throws at you sometimes.

“(Y/N)” Eric calls me. Now it’s time to face my worst fears once again. I try to calm myself as I get up and walk into the room. I sit down in the chair as Eric prepares the syringe. He enters a few things into a computer before walking over. The familiar sharp pain moves it’s way across my neck. My eyes close and the serum takes effect.

I repeat everything I did yesterday and manage to get through the simulation without any problems. Before I know it, I’ve stopped the water from flooding the glass box to which I am contained. Instead of the serum wearing off, it continues its effect. I find myself in a dimly lit room with one light hanging from the ceiling. I look around but there’s no one around except me. Suddenly I notice a figure emerging from the shadows. As it comes closer towards the light, I realize it’s Eric.

“Eric. What are you-”

Before I can finish my question he punches me in the face knocking me to the ground. I cry out in pain as I clasp the impacted side of my face. Eric kicks me in the ribs causing me to gasp.

“You’re a coward (Y/N). Why are you even here? You don’t belong in Dauntless.”

He climbs on top of me pinning me to the ground and starts punching me. I try to get him off but it’s no use seeing as how much bigger and stronger he is compared to me. Then I remember I still have the gun in my hand. I aim and shoot him the shoulder. Eric yells in agony and grabs his shoulder. I push against his chest and roll him off me. I stand up and point the gun at him.

My eyes open and I jolt forward.

I cover my face and breath heavily. My chest feels like someone reached into it and was trying to rip out my heart, my lungs, and everything else around them. Suddenly I feel a warm strong arm snake around me.

“Don’t touch me!” I cry.

Eric removes his arm and just stands there looking down at me until I put my hands on my knees and look up at him.

“I would never hurt you if that’s what you’re wondering,” Eric says in a gentle tone, “or afraid of.”

“Are you sure?”

Eric kneels down and looks me in the eyes.

“Absolutely,” he replies, “and I would never let anyone else hurt you either.”

I wipe the tears off my face and get up from the chair. I walk towards the door but Eric gently grabs my arm and turns me around to face him.

“(Y/N), I love you.”

He caresses my cheek like he did the other night and places his other hand on my waist.

I look into his beautiful, green eyes and say, “I love you too.”

I stand on my tiptoes to kiss him. He returns the kiss. Everything about what I’m doing right now feels so wrong but so right at the same time. I mean, he’s a trainer and I’m still an initiate. God knows how much older he is than me but I don’t care. The only thing I care about is making sure he never finds out I’m Divergent.   

The next day as I head to the tattoo shop, I glance up at the rankings. I’m still in the top spot. I smile and continue on my way. I walk down the hallway and turn to enter the pit. I quickly notice two Dauntless having a conversation and there’s no one else around. Being the mischievous little braveheart that I am, I decide to listen in.

“Jeanine said we have to inject everyone with the serum.”

“How will we know which ones are Divergent? Won’t everyone be under the simulation.?”

“No. You see Divergents can’t be controlled. Therefore, the simulation can’t affect them.”

What are they talking about? What serum? And why does everyone have to be injected with it? Whatever it is it concerns Divergents like me and it can’t be good.

“If we see anyone exhibiting different behaviors from those under the serum, we’ll know they’re Divergent. If we happen to see any they must be shot on sight.”

My heart starts pounding against my chest. If they even suspect I’m Divergent, they’ll kill me. What am I going to do? Should I warn the others? I need to find out more about whatever is being planned.

“Why are we doing this again?”

Before I can hear the answer a hand reaches out from behind me and covers my mouth while an arm wraps around my waist. I start screaming immediately but they’re muffled so no one except the person behind me can hear them. Suddenly a sharp pain spreads across the side of my neck and everything goes black.

When Everything’s Made to be Broken (I Just Want You to Know Who I Am) Part 3

Alright…Part 3..  This one got wordy.

Plot:  When you inadvertently become a witness to a murder and are suddenly a target for death, it takes a specially skilled soldier and his team to keep you and your family safe.

This will eventually be a reader x Bucky fic. The reader, by the way, is a civilian. No super powers, no fighting skills, and by no means perfect.  


For the entire work:  Language (I have a potty mouth).  This will probably get pretty dark later on, and there will be smut.  If that’s not your thing, you may want to avoid this story.

Additional warnings specific to this part: Angst, self loathing, mentions of abuse, mentions of anxiety/PTSD, anxiety attack, tiny description of violence, mentions of death.

Tagging (or trying to, anyway) @rogersxbarnesx​ because this wonderful person gave me the courage to post this.

WEMtbB Masterlist

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A/N: A request from @damhunterofartemis for a one shot where JJ’s son Henry is chaperoning a field trip at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History where unbeknownst to her, Spencer is on a date with his girlfriend, who she doesn’t know. @coveofmemories


“Ok, everyone,” JJ said, clapping her hands to gain the children’s attention. “Eyes up here! I need everyone to look at me, so I can make sure we have everyone before we move to the next exhibit.” As she finished counting heads, she was confident that she hadn’t lost Henry or any of his classmates, so she ushered them forward to the next exhibit. “Keep a hold of your buddy’s hand and don’t let go,” she said to the sea of seven year olds. For years now, schools made a habit out of pairing off students and having them hold hands during a field trip. It actually did a lot for keeping students safe during a school outing.

As they entered the next room, which focused on the role of food, drink and agriculture on American history, JJ turned around to give her group the necessary instructions. “Stick with your buddies, but have a look around before Heather comes back and tells us all about food and drinks in America - and don’t leave this room.” 

While the children walked around, JJ sat on the bench in the center of the space. Not that she hated being there, but this was one of her few days “off,” and instead of being at home, she was here; she was only here because Henry had asked her to be a chaperone. She felt guilty about being away so much recently, so this was her way to make it up to him. Raising her hands in the air, she yawned widely, emitting a much louder sound than she had intended to. Hopefully, she would wake up soon. She hated to say it, but she was bored.

About 10 minutes later, Heather, the museum employee in charge of children’s tours showed up, and about 15 minutes after that, she was done and they were on to the next exhibit. It was good for the kids, but JJ became even more bored because they had time to explore on their own prior to Heather coming in to talk to them. 

The next stop was women’s history. Thankfully, JJ found herself a little more interested in that topic. Once again, she rounded up the students before moving on, ensuring that she hadn’t lost any one of the 22 students. There were a few other chaperones there, but they sucked, only paying attention to their own children.

Walking into the next room, JJ repeated her earlier requests, wanting to make it through this day alive and with all of the children, without dying of boredom. When she allowed the students to go exploring on their own once more, she turned to the bench in that room, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone that looked a lot like Spencer.

It couldn’t be him though. He was holding hands with a woman about the same age. Spencer hadn’t mentioned seeing anyone, so it couldn’t be him.

She sat down, keeping one eye on the children while keeping the Spencer doppelgänger in her line of sight. The two glided across the room, looking at each piece of the exhibit and each other - nothing else, which was probably good for JJ because she found herself staring after a few minutes.

Before making the announcement to the kids that Heather was back, she wanted to get a good look at the doppelgänger, but he wasn’t turning around. They were about to leave the room, when the woman turned toward him and asked him something she couldn’t make out. JJ watched as he laughed and then the woman leaned in to kiss him. As she did, the man leaned in and his jacket rode up his back, reveling a gun.

That was Spencer’s gun.

JJ’s eyes opened wide as she realized what that meant.

Spencer was seeing someone and hadn’t told anyone. And judging by their body language, they had been seeing each other for quite a while. He picked her up by the waist and spun her around, which left both of them giggling and everyone around them jealous of their overwhelming happiness. They headed on to the next room, leaving JJ in a stupor, but definitely more awake than she had been before.

Should she go up to them? She wanted to bust him, but she had the children to take care of. 

She had to - she was too curious. “Can you two keep an eye on the kids while I use the restroom?” she asked, excusing herself. They both shook their heads and she quickly walked out of the room, not wanting to lose sight of the two lovebirds.

Within minutes, she found them in the Latino history section. She and Spencer were the best of friends, so she decided to confront them and if they wanted her to keep their secret then she would, but she had to meet the woman that brought that smile to Spencer’s face. “Funny meeting you here,” she said, as she sauntered into the room.

Spencer turned around open-mouthed and sheepish. The woman turned to her. “I’m Y/N,” she said, extending her hand, “you must be JJ.” 

She confirmed. “That’s me.”

Laughing, Y/N turned towards the still slack-jawed Spencer. “We’re busted.”

Hey guys, Dax Holt here. So recently Louis Tomlinson had a baby with Briana Jungwirth. ….Or did he? That is the question that the internet wants to know. And they have put it to us very lightly with the hashtag #EndBabyGate. So. We’re investigating. (transcript after the jump)

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dovahheim  asked:

i don't support parsing harassment but I really wish SE would release an official parser. im constantly adjusting and trying out new rotations on dps and pushing to see how little I have to heal (letting hits roll, fairy healing, etc) when I'm healing in content and without a parser I constantly have no metric to really judge what the changes are doing on my own since I play on PS4 And can't just install ACT.

I believe YoshiP stated the reason they won’t be adding an official parser into the game is simply because people will still get abused by it. Whether it’s personal only or shows everyone’s numbers. Or ranks everyone at the end of a dungeon. He explained this the last time and pretty much every time someone asks about an official parser. He’s not doing it.

Like imagine if it was added. Here are somethings that could happen.

Personal Parser Added (Exhibit A): Part 1 -Player A and B get into a dispute over something. Player A is a DPS pulling strong numbers but not dodging mechanics. Player B is the healer tat has to deal with it. B asks A to dodge more because it’s straining their MP. A claims B would have to heal less if they DPS’d more. A posts their numbers from the parser. They’re high, as expected. A has been DPSing while watching the parser and focusing on keeping those numbers up resulting in not dodging. B is called shit for not carrying the out going damage.

Part 2 - In a raid finder pug, one party member yells at everyone to post their numbers after an unavoidable wipe in order to pin the blame on someone when everyone was trying their best and multiple members were new.


Party Parser added (Exhibit B): Players A and B are at it again. This time there’s an official party parser. A chimes up during a large pull that B is pulling no DPS. B is too busy healing the tank (Player C) who is taking more damage than needed. Player C is tanking this large group in DPS stance and DPSing without CDs. B is strained and explains they have to focus healing. Player B posts the party DPS numbers and C comments on it saying things would be easier if they DPS’d higher than 0.


This already happens now but imagine how much more it’ll happen if the parsers are added. The bads won’t go away. They’ll just get worse. I can totally understand the usefulness of a parser to track yourself but no one should be forced to go through stress because of a parser that is an official part of the game.

– Mod Mhi

youandthemountains  asked:

bodhicassian disney au and/or reincarnation au

REINCARNATION AU, GET. This is almost a full fucking fic and less of a headcanon post oops. Also, I threw a little soulmate twist that your soulmate stays the same and finding them means you can remember everything that happened before.

+ Bodhi and Cassian both live in the same apartment complex. They live completely separate lives, Bodhi is a coffee shop owner with a passion for art, sometimes does exhibitions of his work, that kind of thing. Has a dog. Cassian is a doctor, who sometimes goes to said coffee shop. He’s extremely dedicated to his work, and doesn’t really have any sort of personal life beyond that.

+ Neither of them remember their past life, or that they had feelings for one another - not really, but occasionally have… dreams. They think it’s just the pull of attraction or that they’re both lonely and well “you have a very nice looking neighbor, why wouldn’t you occasionally fantasize about them?”

+ Naturally, everyone lives in the same freaking apartment complex, because why not? Jyn is Bodhi’s roomate and they get on like a house on fire, she naturally teases the shit out of him about his stupid crush. Of course, all she needs to do is bring up Leia to shut her up. Chirrut and Baze both own a small restaurant and has them all over for dinner every now and then.

+ Cassian gets invited to go out with some of the nurses every now and then, but he usually is working/too busy, but he finally says yes. It’s an art exhibition. Surprise. He spends most of the time, kinda bored because everything is so… the same until he gets to the back room and he’s a little floored. He sees Bodhi, talking to Jyn and goes over to talk to him and starts praising the work, having no idea that it’s his until Jyn brings it up, casual like.

+ Cassian is like “WAIT SERIOUS” and Bodhi is torn but he’s blushing and like “well it’s not my best, but I’m glad you like it” and starts being all modest under the praise.

+ Cue Jyn huffing and muttering about hopeless idiots and lost causes, walking away. Cassian is like ?? and Bodhi gets up the nerve to ask if he’d like to get something to eat after. Cassian agrees to it and they stay a bit longer, just talking. They’ve known one another for years, but they’ve never really talked or gotten to know one another.

+ SO naturally they go to some all night dinner to have a quick bite, nothing fancy, they’re just talking and Bodhi starts to feel like.. he feels like he’s known Cassian before. And Chirrut said something about how it’s so great that they’re all together again, despite the fact that he didn’t know the couple before. He’s only really known Jyn before now. Cassian… feels the same. They go home, and as they’re about to part - Cassian kisses Bodhi.

+ They both remember everything. Their first true meeting, in a prison cell, a long time ago in a galaxy far from their own. Eadu, Baze and Chirrut (who both remembered when they found one another and have been trying to get Bodhi and Cassian to do the same), Jyn, who does not yet remember - but will. Then Scarif and both of their deaths. It’s such a rush, and they also recall that this isn’t the first time they’ve met since then.