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The Naked Truth

Written by: @peetaspikelets

Dialogue Prompt: this has got to be the strangest day of my life…(submitted by @xerxia31)

Rating: M (for nudity and language)

A/N: I need to thank Mr Pikelet for helping me bring this story to life. He brought ‘an event’ to my attention and after my initial shock and a bit of a giggle I thought I have to everlark this some how. 

A BIG thank you to my beta @sponsormusings for her amazing guidance, support and advice. I would be lost without you!


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🌸Sexy Zone, revealing things about each other🌸

Profile questions:

Q1. Birth date
Q2. Birth place
Q3. Something I’m addicted to right now
Q4. Something I bought recently
Q5. Something I’d like to do this spring
Q6. My favourite quote
Q7. My character within the group

Matsushima Sou:

A1. 97/11/27
A2. Shizuoka
A3. Watching dramas
A4. Many concert DVDs so I can learn from their performances
A5. A trip to Kyoto
A6. „Every effort will surely be rewarded“. When I was in elementary school, a teacher told me these words.
A7. The one who is easy to make fun of. I often get corrected when I do mistakes and I feel like I get teased at least once a day.

Sato Shori:

A1. 96/10/30
A2. Tokyo
A3. Dancing. Especially to hip hop music from the 90’s!
A4. A dancing outfit. I got baggy clothes.
A5. Explore other regions. I am promoting my movie and having performances in March so I’m looking forward to going to many different places.
A6. „Even if it’s raining a rainbow might appear. But if you don’t hold your head high you won’t notice the rainbow.“
A7. Making witty comments. Five years ago it was different… the other four members were the ones who made witty comments about me (laughing).

Nakajima Kento:

A1. 94/3/13
A2. Tokyo
A3. Collecting book covers. Because when I carry scripts and notes in my bag, I don’t want them to get damaged.
A4. A bag with a painting of Dali printed on it. I bought it when I went to see a Dali exhibition!
A5. Magic tricks. While being at a shooting location I want to lift up the mood.
A6. „It is never too late to be what you might have been.“ (t/n: he said that in English)
A7. A skyrocket. Someone who tends to lead exciting conversations. It always makes everyone go „Wow!“

Marius Yo:

A1. 00/3/30
A2. Heidelberg (Germany)
A3. Going back to sleep after waking up. I set my alarm clock two hours before I need to wake up on purpose, so I can go back to sleep one more time. It feels good so I recommend it (laughing).
A4. Face lotion. I use three different types during the day.
A5. Hanami.
A6. „I like you.“ To family, friends, the fans, I want to use these words a lot!
A7. The youngest child. I’m loved by all members♡

Kikuchi Fuma:

A1. 95/3/7
A2. Tokyo
A3. A game called „Momotaro Dentetsu“. Since I finished my bachelor’s degree thesis now I’m enjoying it to the fullest.
A4. A black muffler. Other than buying them to use them with school uniforms, actually this is my first muffler ever.
A5. Dye my hair!
A6. None. I want to find a certain something through someone’s words. I’m still looking for it.
A7. Someone who sees things objectively. It’s important that there’s a balance within the group created by someone who is looking from the outside.

Shori x Sou

Shori: Recently, Sou’s text messages became short! Before that, his long sentences filled up the whole phone screen but now he texts only „Okay“. There isn’t even an exclamation mark!
Sou: That’s because all the members except me use short sentences. So I changed it to fit in.
Shori: The change is too sudden! I became worried because your writing was too different (laughing).
Sou: Well Shori, do you prefer long or short sentences then?
Shori: Either one is fine with me.
Sou: Don’t you think that long sentences are bothersome?
Shori: My partner should be able to send me whatever they want. So, can you reveal something about me?
Sou: In front of me you are like you usually are. When the two of us are on the radio, Shori is being his „natural“ self in front of me.
Shori: …aren’t you conceited? (laughing) But since I’m close to Sou in age, certainly I feel at peace with him.

Fuma x Kento

Kento: Kikuchi is often looking after the members’ hair so he’s the hair producer!
Fuma: Ah~ certainly. Even when I change my own hair style, I think about balancing it with the other members.
Kento: You often give advices too, right?
Fuma: I gave advices to Sou and Marius when they had a strange hair style (laughing). Related to hair, I have something to reveal about Nakajima. That guy said he wants to have short hair!
Kento: What’s with this situation’s mood!
Fuma: We were worried about Matsushima having short hair. So Nakajima said „Well, then I’ll  have short hair first“. It was like Dachou Club-san’s „Douzo douzo“ (laughing). 
Kento: Since no one continued after me, I really wanted to try it…
Fuma: Well, I think short hair would suit you too.

Sou x Marius

Sou: I think that Marius is really smart. Recently you’ve been studying hard, you even did the highest level in an English proficiency exam, right?
Marius: Yes. But I still don’t know the results yet.
Sou: After looking it up online, I read that in order to do that level, you need university level knowledge. It’s amazing that you challenged that at 16 years old.
Marius: Thank you~♡ Sou-chan… are you lonely? Since you’re often on your phone.
Sou: Am I not always together with Marius?
Marius: But Sou-chan is always playing with his phone!
Sou: No, Marius is always the one playing on his phone! Well, should we check who has more battery left on our phones right now?
Marius: Mine is at 39%.
Sou: Mine is still at 67%!
Marius: I’m sorry, I lost (laughing).

Marius x Fuma

Fuma: Marius is entering an age now in which he wants to change from having a cute character to start walking the path of being cool! Today he has even put up his bangs.
Marius: I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how to look more adult-like…
Fuma: Why not try out different things? However, I will tell you clearly if something doesn’t suit you.
Marius: Yes. I can rely on Fuma-kun who’s like my older brother ♪ But recently, I think I don’t want to have a spoiled character only.
Fuma: …now that you’re saying that, sometimes you send me weird text messages. And when I don’t reply to them, you go like „Ne, neee~!“ (laughing).
Marius: I see that you read them but I feel lonely (if you don’t reply)…
Fuma: That’s because your messages contain things like „I had a dream in which I was abducted by aliens“!? After reading that, I simply put my phone away (laughing)!

Kento x Shori

Kento: Shori didn’t say something like „I wonder if I should dye my hair“ before, he just did it and without telling anyone his hair became stylish. His hair change was natural.
Shori: Yeah, I didn’t say much.
Kento: Yes. When I heard about it later, you told me „Actually I got a perm then“ with a charming look on your face.
Shori: Even in front of me Kento-kun is the „idol-like Nakajima Kento“. Before we went out together for a meal, I was imagining things like „How is Kento-kun going to show up, what should I say to him first“. Then I totally impressed him.
Kento: As soon as we met, he said „Ah~ looks like usual“ (laughing).
Shori: Because I was imagining how you’re going to show up (laughing).

Keep in mind I am not a native speaker therefore there might be mistakes in my translations. Also I’m not exactly translating word for word. Feel free to correct me in my ask box any time you want, I’d appreciate it! I apologize if someone already translated something before me and I didn’t notice, I hope you don’t mind.

Let’s Talk: How to Admin

As someone who has adminned my own groups and collaborated as co-admin in other groups, I’m gonna’ drop you some knowledge on being an admin in the RP community. Maybe you’ll learn something, or maybe you’ll see something you’re doing wrong. Let’s talk!

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Jonas x Noora pt. 2

((S/o to everyone who gave my first post so much love back in January!! It was literally just a random idea that popped into my head and I was expecting like 2 notes, and I suggest you read that first if you haven’t already!.))

•So a few people have mentioned how it might be kind of weird for Noora to date yet another one of her best friends exes

•But in actuality it wouldn’t be weird at all. In fact Eva is one of their number one supporters. Being close to both of them, she realizes more than anyone that they are perfect for eachother. She’s always going to have some lingering feelings toward Jonas but she has her own boyfriend now and she’s just happy that Noora is over that dickhead William.

•Also I live for Eva being their go to for any problems! “What should I get Noora for her birthday?” “Do you think Jonas’ parents will like me?” “Do you think Noora would get mad if I send a dick pic?” “How do I get Jonas to cut his hair?”

As for the rest of their friends:

•Jonas and Noora are a force to be reckoned with. When both of them get fired up it gets a little bit scary. 

•Magnus and Vilde are probably the most intimidated. It’s one thing to get called out by one of them, but when both of them get on you it’s terrifying. And let’s be real the two of them can make some pretty ignorant comments. 

•They are THE power couple. Evak is that gross domestic couple that are probably going to adopt like 3 kids and rescue a dog, but Joora are that world domination type.

•But that doesn’t stop them from constant couple competitions, because Isak and Jonas are typical bros and proud boyfriends and can’t help it. “Nooras article was just featured in the news.” “Even’s painting is going to be in that new art exhibit.” “Guess who got laid last night!” “Guess who got laid last night…twice!”

•Everyone in the group would refer to them as mom and dad (it started as a joke but let’s be real, they are totally the parentals)

•Jonas, Noora, Sana and Mahdi. Do I need to explain?

•They debate a lot, but they rarely fight. But when they do fight it’s like World War IV. Everyone around them feels it. (You know it’s bad when Linn is asking you what crawled up your ass).

Some more Random HCs:

•They lowkey have pet names.Jonas calls her “Red” and Noora calls him “Curly” (and sometimes Jonas is a brat and calls her “Palída” and then she calls him “Cabezal” or “Pendejo” because my favorite hispanoblantes are sassy as fuck)

•They support the hell out of eachother. Jonas sends her articles for her feminist fashion blog, and Noora makes occasional appearances on the new YouTube channel Jonas starts. Even though Noora doesn’t use most the articles (because “Jooooonas complimenting a girl’s ass is NOT empowerment!”) and they usually just end up bickering on his channel (it was actually going to be a couple channel but 3 videos in they realized that was not going to work) {s/o to @shadeandadidas for helping me sort out the blog v. YouTube thing}

•They are super competitive but it’s always passive aggressive. Noora will casually mention she got a 6 on the essay that she heard Jonas telling Isak he got a 5 on. Jonas then casually mentioning the article he sent her for the blog got more notes than the other ones she had posted over the week.

•Jonas and Noora trying to be #fitnessgoals, but it’s not exactly working. Neither of them are that great at sports (they tried to play basketball once with Sana and it was a disaster). They tried running for a while, but running sucks so that ends pretty quickly. They try going to the gym, because dammit Evak cannot be in better shape than them and they are running out of options.

-One day they head off to the gym, but are informed that the space is being used for a yoga class. But it took way too much effort for them to get here and they’ll be damned it they leave now, so they end up taking the class! And that’s how Joora become yogis. They start posting couple poses on IG much to the dismay of Evak (“Faen Even! Why didn’t we think of that??”) Sometimes before class Jonas pops an edible, but Noora doesn’t mind turning a blind eye (and if she tried it once no one has to know).

•And to answer the question from earlier Jonas’ parents fucking adore Noora


“If I Were a Cat”

Gouache on watercolor paper, 18" x 30"

About this piece:

I am a quiet and docile Himalayan cat who likes to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and may drink one more cup when I need to work at night.

This painting is done for Light Grey Art Lab’s “tobeyou” show and their 5th Year Anniversary! Recently, the gallery of Light Grey Art Lab has just expanded their spaces, there are tons of amazing artworks are exhibiting in the new gallery right now. If you are near by the Minneapolis area, you should definitely go and visit the gallery. 

Congratulation to Light Grey Art Lab! Thank you for including me in the show and let me have a chance to join your creative community in the past five years! Hope everyone having wonderful time at the opening reception. 

Have a nice weekends~


youandthemountains  asked:

bodhicassian disney au and/or reincarnation au

REINCARNATION AU, GET. This is almost a full fucking fic and less of a headcanon post oops. Also, I threw a little soulmate twist that your soulmate stays the same and finding them means you can remember everything that happened before.

+ Bodhi and Cassian both live in the same apartment complex. They live completely separate lives, Bodhi is a coffee shop owner with a passion for art, sometimes does exhibitions of his work, that kind of thing. Has a dog. Cassian is a doctor, who sometimes goes to said coffee shop. He’s extremely dedicated to his work, and doesn’t really have any sort of personal life beyond that.

+ Neither of them remember their past life, or that they had feelings for one another - not really, but occasionally have… dreams. They think it’s just the pull of attraction or that they’re both lonely and well “you have a very nice looking neighbor, why wouldn’t you occasionally fantasize about them?”

+ Naturally, everyone lives in the same freaking apartment complex, because why not? Jyn is Bodhi’s roomate and they get on like a house on fire, she naturally teases the shit out of him about his stupid crush. Of course, all she needs to do is bring up Leia to shut her up. Chirrut and Baze both own a small restaurant and has them all over for dinner every now and then.

+ Cassian gets invited to go out with some of the nurses every now and then, but he usually is working/too busy, but he finally says yes. It’s an art exhibition. Surprise. He spends most of the time, kinda bored because everything is so… the same until he gets to the back room and he’s a little floored. He sees Bodhi, talking to Jyn and goes over to talk to him and starts praising the work, having no idea that it’s his until Jyn brings it up, casual like.

+ Cassian is like “WAIT SERIOUS” and Bodhi is torn but he’s blushing and like “well it’s not my best, but I’m glad you like it” and starts being all modest under the praise.

+ Cue Jyn huffing and muttering about hopeless idiots and lost causes, walking away. Cassian is like ?? and Bodhi gets up the nerve to ask if he’d like to get something to eat after. Cassian agrees to it and they stay a bit longer, just talking. They’ve known one another for years, but they’ve never really talked or gotten to know one another.

+ SO naturally they go to some all night dinner to have a quick bite, nothing fancy, they’re just talking and Bodhi starts to feel like.. he feels like he’s known Cassian before. And Chirrut said something about how it’s so great that they’re all together again, despite the fact that he didn’t know the couple before. He’s only really known Jyn before now. Cassian… feels the same. They go home, and as they’re about to part - Cassian kisses Bodhi.

+ They both remember everything. Their first true meeting, in a prison cell, a long time ago in a galaxy far from their own. Eadu, Baze and Chirrut (who both remembered when they found one another and have been trying to get Bodhi and Cassian to do the same), Jyn, who does not yet remember - but will. Then Scarif and both of their deaths. It’s such a rush, and they also recall that this isn’t the first time they’ve met since then.


Hey guys, Dax Holt here. So recently Louis Tomlinson had a baby with Briana Jungwirth. ….Or did he? That is the question that the internet wants to know. And they have put it to us very lightly with the hashtag #EndBabyGate. So. We’re investigating. (transcript after the jump)

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Story 237: Ready Player Two

“Well, he shouldn’t have been kicking chickens. Those belong to old man Greery, and the last thing that poor old bastard needs is someone brutalizing his livestock.”
Nobody responds, they’re all just staring at the corpse. The chosen one. I’m so fired. “Look, just… think about if it had been literally anyone else. A strange man comes into our town and starts punting our poultry all over, you absolutely would have asked me to detain him. I’m the town guard, that’s my entire job description! And then, and then he starts swinging this massive sword at me -”
“You mean the legendary sword of Holy Light?” the mayor asks.
“Um. I suppose?”
“The one that we’ve got no less than four murals of? That one?”
I think I see where this is going. “You know, I’m not really a big art lover…”
“The one that you maybe should have recognized as the emblem of the ONE TRUE HERO SENT TO DELIVER US FROM LORD BLOODWORM?”
The yelling seems unnecessary. I’m standing right here. “Okay well yes, but when it’s coming right at your face it’s hard to take a minute and compare it to the murals, you know?”

Farmer Richards scoffs. Actually scoffs! “You don’t look like you’ve got a scratch on you, boy.”
Well he’s not wrong. It was the first thing I noticed after killing the… ugh, the chosen one.
The mayor nods. “Yes, that’s because he was never in any danger. The sword of Holy Light only kills those with evil in their hearts, not incompetence and stupidity.”
“Okay first of all ouch. That’s… that’s really harsh. I was doing my job. Second, that just proves I’m not evil and it was an honest mistake. And third, I still want to know why he was laying boot to old man Greery’s chickens!”
“Who cares!” farmer Richards yells, “It’s hero stuff. Why, he came onto my farm the other day and smashed most of my pottery. You’ll notice I didn’t kill him for it.”
There’s a murmuring in the crowd, now. Jean, the brewmistress, raises a hand. “Hang on. He came to my shop, as well. Drank some beer without paying, and smashed all the empty barrels.”
Carol the weaver nods. “Came right into my house. Didn’t knock or announce himself, just dug through my cabinets. He took my last rupee, as well as the apple I was going to have with lunch.”
More and more are nodding and whispering.

The mayor finally calls for silence. “Everyone! Okay, it seems the chosen one was exhibiting a lot of… strange and seemingly un-heroic behavior. That’s rather beside the point now, however. we need to deal with the fact that captain enthusiasm here murdered him.”
“Manslaughter, at the worst.”
“Shut up.”
The townsfolk start yelling out suggestions. It starts with calls for my execution, but soon it becomes clear that nobody really wants to admit that our town had anything to do with this. They’re talking about covering it up.
“I mean,” Carol says, “hero-ing is dangerous work. Who’s to say he didn’t get eaten by a giant spider?”
“I have a spot we can bury him,” Farmer Richards volunteers, “and the guard as well if we’re still executing him.”
The mayor is considering it. “Hmm. Yes, it would be bad for tourism indeed. Well, let’s move the body for now. The fewer people see this the better.”
A few people grab the body and start dragging it away. The mayor tries to pick up the sword, but his hand passes right through it. Everyone freezes.
“Hey everyone, the mayor isn’t worthy to lift the sword!” someone in the back yells.
“I know that was you, Errol! I’d like to see you do better!”

One by one the townsfolk try, but nobody can do more than make it wiggle. Finally there’s nobody left but me. Might as well…

The cold metal seems to send energy up into my arms. For a moment the skies part and allow a glimpse into a universe beyond my understanding, filled with radiant beings singing.
“Oh, shit.” the mayor says. There’s a general grumbling from the crowd that seems to agree. At least I guess I’m not going to get executed.

anonymous asked:

The whole callout thing reeks of not caring about a kids trauma and also how they exhibit it, like on top of everything else mentioned theyre going @ keith for oversharing w/ his friend group which is ??? common in ppl with trauma and like everyone said it shouldve just been... talked out properly

There’s a level of communication a lot of friend groups on here need that they don’t have and its really disappointing tbh


A/N: A request from @damhunterofartemis for a one shot where JJ’s son Henry is chaperoning a field trip at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History where unbeknownst to her, Spencer is on a date with his girlfriend, who she doesn’t know. @coveofmemories


“Ok, everyone,” JJ said, clapping her hands to gain the children’s attention. “Eyes up here! I need everyone to look at me, so I can make sure we have everyone before we move to the next exhibit.” As she finished counting heads, she was confident that she hadn’t lost Henry or any of his classmates, so she ushered them forward to the next exhibit. “Keep a hold of your buddy’s hand and don’t let go,” she said to the sea of seven year olds. For years now, schools made a habit out of pairing off students and having them hold hands during a field trip. It actually did a lot for keeping students safe during a school outing.

As they entered the next room, which focused on the role of food, drink and agriculture on American history, JJ turned around to give her group the necessary instructions. “Stick with your buddies, but have a look around before Heather comes back and tells us all about food and drinks in America - and don’t leave this room.” 

While the children walked around, JJ sat on the bench in the center of the space. Not that she hated being there, but this was one of her few days “off,” and instead of being at home, she was here; she was only here because Henry had asked her to be a chaperone. She felt guilty about being away so much recently, so this was her way to make it up to him. Raising her hands in the air, she yawned widely, emitting a much louder sound than she had intended to. Hopefully, she would wake up soon. She hated to say it, but she was bored.

About 10 minutes later, Heather, the museum employee in charge of children’s tours showed up, and about 15 minutes after that, she was done and they were on to the next exhibit. It was good for the kids, but JJ became even more bored because they had time to explore on their own prior to Heather coming in to talk to them. 

The next stop was women’s history. Thankfully, JJ found herself a little more interested in that topic. Once again, she rounded up the students before moving on, ensuring that she hadn’t lost any one of the 22 students. There were a few other chaperones there, but they sucked, only paying attention to their own children.

Walking into the next room, JJ repeated her earlier requests, wanting to make it through this day alive and with all of the children, without dying of boredom. When she allowed the students to go exploring on their own once more, she turned to the bench in that room, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone that looked a lot like Spencer.

It couldn’t be him though. He was holding hands with a woman about the same age. Spencer hadn’t mentioned seeing anyone, so it couldn’t be him.

She sat down, keeping one eye on the children while keeping the Spencer doppelgänger in her line of sight. The two glided across the room, looking at each piece of the exhibit and each other - nothing else, which was probably good for JJ because she found herself staring after a few minutes.

Before making the announcement to the kids that Heather was back, she wanted to get a good look at the doppelgänger, but he wasn’t turning around. They were about to leave the room, when the woman turned toward him and asked him something she couldn’t make out. JJ watched as he laughed and then the woman leaned in to kiss him. As she did, the man leaned in and his jacket rode up his back, reveling a gun.

That was Spencer’s gun.

JJ’s eyes opened wide as she realized what that meant.

Spencer was seeing someone and hadn’t told anyone. And judging by their body language, they had been seeing each other for quite a while. He picked her up by the waist and spun her around, which left both of them giggling and everyone around them jealous of their overwhelming happiness. They headed on to the next room, leaving JJ in a stupor, but definitely more awake than she had been before.

Should she go up to them? She wanted to bust him, but she had the children to take care of. 

She had to - she was too curious. “Can you two keep an eye on the kids while I use the restroom?” she asked, excusing herself. They both shook their heads and she quickly walked out of the room, not wanting to lose sight of the two lovebirds.

Within minutes, she found them in the Latino history section. She and Spencer were the best of friends, so she decided to confront them and if they wanted her to keep their secret then she would, but she had to meet the woman that brought that smile to Spencer’s face. “Funny meeting you here,” she said, as she sauntered into the room.

Spencer turned around open-mouthed and sheepish. The woman turned to her. “I’m Y/N,” she said, extending her hand, “you must be JJ.” 

She confirmed. “That’s me.”

Laughing, Y/N turned towards the still slack-jawed Spencer. “We’re busted.”

Immortal: Ahkmenrah x Reader

Request: Can you do a imagine about ahkmenrahs girlfriend who wants to live forever with Ahkmenrah but for that she must die so that the tablet can awake her to life every night.

Hope you ment something like this! Enjoy.

Word count: 948

You were at the Natural History Museum, laying in Ahk’s arms as you two watched Tv. You were playing with his fingers, while his eyes were fixed on the screen. Your head was in his lap, and his other hand was stroking through your hair. You were thinking about your relationship together. Ahk was immortal, but you would grew old and die at some point. This scared you, you didn’t want to lose Ahk, he was the love of your life, you couldn’t imagine a life without him.
“Ahk, I’ve been thinking…” He hummed and let his eyes fall to your appearance, giving you his full attention.
“What is it, my love?” You were kinda scared to tell him, but this has been on your mind for a very long time now.
“I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He nodded, and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.
“What do you mean, Y/n. Didn’t we already agree on that?” You sat up and turned to Ahk, cupping his jaw in one of your hands, while keeping eye contact.
“Ahk, I mean I don’t want to die, I want to stay with you forever.” His eyes widened, taking in your words. You wanted him to kill you.
“Y/n, think this through, I don’t know if I can handle you being killed.” He grabbed both your hands in his and stared deeply into your eyes.
“Ahk, I will rise when you will, I won’t die, well technically I would, but you could spend every night with me, forever.” He shook his head.
“We won’t know if it will work, Y/n. I can’t lose you!” You pecked his lips, feeling him relax under your touch.
“I’m ready, Ahk. Ready to spend my entire life with you.” You whispered in his ear. He nodded, not knowing what to say. He grabbed your hand and guided you towards the tablet, placing your hand on it.
“Do you want to do it now? What about Larry?” You almost forgot, you couldn’t not tell him, he needed to know.
You walked towards the main hall, Ahk’s hand in yours. You could see Larry sitting behind the information desk, joined by Teddy, Sacagawea, Jed and Octavius. He turned to you and Ahk and smiled.
“What can I do for you two?” You hesitated and looked at Ahk, who nodded at you to continue.
“Larry, I-I decided to spend my life with Ahk.” Larry furrowed his eyebrows.
“What do you mean? You were kinda married already, right?” You noticed Sacagawea got the point, and put her hands on his shoulder. Larry turned around and looked at her.
“She wished to die, so she could rise every night and be with Ahkmenrah.” Larry’s eyes widened.
“No, I won’t let you do that!” He turned to you, you could see the tears form into his eyes.
Y/n, have you thought this through, when you die, you will never be alive again.” Jed exclaimed looking up at you.
“I have made my decision. I will die tomorrow night.” You announced and walked of, Ahk staying behind to explain the whole process.
“Larry, she’s not going to change her mind, but I must inform you that the process is not easy.” Larry looked at Ahk, and motioned him to continue.
“Her organs will be taken out of her, she will be covered in oil, so her skin won’t break once the day begins. She will be wrapped in bandages and put in a sarcophagus to survive the daylight.” Larry sat down, putting his head in his hands, sighing deeply.
“Ahk, you better take good care of her, or you will pay the consequences.” Ahk nodded and walked away, going to find you.
“I will help him with the ritual, Larry.” Sacagawea informed Larry, who nodded, then asked for everyone to leave, so he could think this through.

The next day, you walked into the museum, with all the stuff you needed. You saw Atilla carrying a sarcophagus to the Egyptian exhibit.
“Y/n, my love, are you ready?” You nodded at Ahk, and he guided you towards his exhibit. Ahk told everybody to leave the exhibit till he was finished. Sacagawea was the only one aloud to come in.
“My love, you must take off all your clothes before we begin this ritual.” You nodded, taking off the outfit you put together. You had been naked in front of Ahk many times, but you couldn’t help but feel exposed. Ahk guided you towards large table set up in the middle of the exhibit, and told you to lay down. Sacagawea was setting up all kinds of pottery and vases, probably where al your organs would go. Ahk kissed your forehead.
“Are you ready?” You nodded, taking his hand and kissing the back of it.
“I’m so sorry…” He gripped your throat holding it tightly in his hands while chanting an ancient Egyptian spell, you tried not to panic, but your body refused to give up on life. Your hands grabbed Ahk’s, trying to make him let go. You tried to breath in, but no air was allowed in. You felt yourself grow weaker and weaker, until everything turned dark.

You opened your eyes and saw, Ahk, Larry, Sacagawea, Teddy, Jed and Octavius, leaning above you waiting for you to wake up. You breathed in, feeling the air flow through your empty body, making you cringe. Ahk pulled you up, embracing you.
“You will get use to that.” You chuckled, you looked down at your body, and it looked like nothing had happened to you.
“Ahk, did it work? Am I dead?” Ahk shook his head.

“No, Y/n. You’re immortal.”

la-petite-ballerine  asked:

"The Carnival is in town, did you know?" Was what she had heard. Paris usually got the odd street performer, but this was a full exhibit of freaks, monstrosities, and talents. Edmée wasn't even planning on going, but when Little Jammes invited her to go with her, she felt she had no choice, but what was there? Well, there was one thing that simply everyone needed to see: The Living Corpse. "Surely the poor man can't be that bad?" Edmée muttered under her breath, attempting to see him.

… Only a child.. well, he was only a child the first time.. but now, he was only about eighteen, still very young but not as young as before..

A deathly thin, but quite tall, man was hanging by his wrists in the centre of a cage, horridly pale and hiding his face.. Another man stood in the cage… the ringmaster.. He held a whip in one hand and his hat in the other.

“Show your face! We wish to see the atrocity!” the ringmaster shouted at him.. when no response came, in action or words, the man shouted again, “Stand!”

… I will never willingly stand for you….

The ringmaster raised the whip above his head, “RISE!” with disobedience still being shown by ‘The Devil’s Child’ or ‘The Living Corpse’, he went by both but never his name, the ringmaster cracked the whip on his back, causing his back to arch and his muscles tighten.. but his face was still kept hidden..


Ten times…

And his face was lifted and thrown back in pain, blood flowing freely from his back… It was horrifying, not a nose to be seen and  distorted, mangled mess of something that appeared to be very far from human…


elbywoggit  asked:

*Issues the Challenge* Do the A and B dialogue prompt!

from this post

“Can I help you?”

Please tell me more!”

(Cailean/Talos and their daughter Marissah)

Marissah loved going to the historical museums. She listened to the docents as they explained the history and background of the Empire, everyone from Darth Malak to Naga Sadow and Tulak Hord and everyone else in between. Her blue eyes were wide with wonder and shone with pride.

Cailean watched her daughter with a wide smile. Marissah needed no prompting to hold her father’s hand as they went from exhibit to exhibit. One in particular talked about datacrons and holocrons and how they stored information. The lecturer was a Sith inquisitor who worked at the Dromund Kaas field team near the Dark Temple.

After the lecture, Marissah slipped away to the Inquisitor’s side. She reached out and tugged at the woman’s sleeves. The woman glanced down with a look of irritation. “Can I help you?”

Marissah’s high-pitched, childish voice trembled with excitement, “Please tell me more!”

A look of genuine surprise crossed the elderly woman’s face. She looked up at Cailean, then at Talos, then the hard, bitter expression melted into one of indulgent pride. No one had approached her to ask for more instruction, but this little girl was the first.

“Of course, Mistress,” she said, as she knelt in front of the red-head. “What would you like to know?”

Cailean grinned as Marissah asked question after question. She said to Talos, “She takes after you, you know.”

He shook his head. “I think she’s more like her mother.”

Queer Eye for the Star Spangled Guy
(Part One)

For once, it was entirely not Tony Stark’s fault. 

(I swear, I didn’t do it, Pepper!)

So that Tony’s nuts are safe from a literal roasting by his eternally exasperated, loving Significant Other, we really need to start at the beginning.  And in the beginning, there was Bucky. 

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Owen Grady x Reader

Imagine you meeting Owen for the first time (You’re the parks vet and he doesn’t like the idea of someone messing with his raptors)
Owen Grady x reader
Warning: Swearing

(This is my first one I’m sorry)

It was crazy. Jurassic World had decided to finally get vet for its dinosaurs.
“Where?” You questioned in disbelief a few weeks ago.
“Jurassic World Ma'am.”
“But I’m a reptile vet… not a dinosaur vet.”

But you were most qualified. Which was flattering to hear but before now all you had worked with were snakes and lizards, not 80 foot meat eaters.
“Ah, Ms. (L/N), Good Morning! Welcome to Jurassic World. My name is Claire Dearing. I’m the Parks Manager.” A red haired woman came walking up, hand stretched out. Her heals echoed against the dock that the boat to the island had dropped you off at.
“Oh, Hi.” You struggled to get one of your hands free to shake hers, your luggage making it impossible. “Sorry.” You sighed.
“No it’s quite alright. Why don’t you put all of that down? We can get some men to carry that to your room for you.”

“This is all mine..?” You looked around in awe. A huge building stood before you, the vet house.
“Yep, this is where you can do check ups on the animals. We’re having larger cages installed to hold larger dinosaurs.” Claire pointed to the construction. “But for right now you can do check ups on the babies and smaller dinosaurs. But since this isn’t done and the noise could scare them, I was going to have you go to their exhibits. If that’s all right?”
“Well, I guess I really have no choice.” You chuckled. “Does everyone know that the park has gotten a vet?”
“Well, some trainers are very protective over their dinosaurs. Since they imprinted on them at birth, I guess they feel responsible for them. So I imagine they won’t like someone coming in and telling them what to do. But they’ll live.”

“A vet?” Owen yelled. “Why do we need a vet. They didn’t need a vet 65 million years ago.” Barry just laughed. His arms hung over the guard rail as Owen looked down at the raptors from his catwalk. “Blue wont let her touch her. You just watch.”
“Just give her a chance, she’s nice.” Barry sighed. He was used to Owen being protective over the girls.
“Oh, so you’ve met her?” Owen scoffed.
“Yeah, she’s been here a few days. I thought I’d meet her before she came around here.”
“Well I don’t trust her.”
“You haven’t met her.” As Barry said that a jeep appeared in the distance followed by a cloud of dust. “She’s here. Give her a chance”.
Owen just rolled his eyes and began down the stairs.
“Oh, Hi! You must be Owen. You train the raptors right?” You stepped out of the jeep with a smile on your face. You walked toward him and held out a hand.
“Yeah,  and you don’t need to be here.” Owen crossed his arms and looked down at you. He was almost a foot taller then you and with dirt caked all over him he looked pretty intimidating.
“Oh, right…” You slowly retracted you hand and pulled a clipboard with files on the raptors to occupy your hands. “Well this is kinda my job so I have to be here. You can watch so you make sure I don’t do anything bad.”
“Ha, like you’ll even get near them.” Owen laughed. You sighed. He was being difficult. More difficult then all the other trainers. You brushed your (H/C) hair out of your face.
“Well, Claire has already contacted your people and they’re already caging them up for me to look at.” You pointed toward their cages.
“What the fuck..” Owen glared at the workers. “yeah well they won’t let you touch them”
“We’ll see about that.” You retorted, trying to keep your cool. You walked towards their cage with Owen following behind you. Barry waved and smiled as you passed him.
“Hey there girl..” You whispered as you neared the first raptor. You glanced down at your clip board to find out that it was Echo then quickly made eye contact with her. “Hey there Echo… How you feelin’ girl?” You kept whispering to her for a few minutes. Owen watched behind you with a few other workers and Barry. You gently rose your hand to her. “Hey there girl, I’m just going to put my hand on you, okay?” She growled quietly but you kept your hand up to not show fear. “It’s okay Echo, I won’t hurt you…” You placed your hand softly against her nose. “See? I wont hurt you.” You smiled as you felt her muscles un-tense. You reached in your pocket to grab a hand flashlight. You looked in her eyes, up her nose and under a few of her scales. She watched you intently as you explored her body.
Owen was surprised. The raptors didn’t trust anyone. What was so special about her? He watched as her small hands made their way around his dinosaur. She seemed like she had done this a million times. He could feel himself begin to smile. Then you turned around.
“She seems perfectly healthy. You’re taking really good care of her.” You smiled. “Now if I have your permission I’d like to check out the other three.”

After checking out the other girls you shook the workers hands and began to leave. Before you opened the door to the jeep though, you heard a yell.
“Hey, Hey vet.” Owen waved and jogged over to you. “Um, Thanks. You’re really good with them. And it’ll be good there’s someone  else here watching their backs. I just wanted to say sorry for giving you a hard time.” He placed his hand behind his head, he seemed to be embarrassed.
“It’s okay Mr. Hard Ass.” You laughed.
“Uh, so you never told me your name.” Owen leaned on the jeep.
“(F/N) (L/N). Nice to meet you.” You held out your hand again. This time looking at him he was more gentle. The dirt caked on him showed you he was hard working and really cared for the dinosaurs. His eyes were soft and seemed to rest on you. He was tall but protective. And his voice was kind. You could feel your cheeks getting red from staring at him.
Owen stood up straight and smiled.
“Owen Grady, pleasures all mine” He took your hand. “Do you wanna grab a beer later?”

Signs at an Art exhibition

*everyone is already there, Leo and Libra walk in late in very expensive and grand attire and everyone stares*
Gemini: What the hell I thought this was a casual function
Virgo: This is an art exhibition, they are in no way casual
Cancer: Ah geez *looks at Libra and Leo*…Should I go home and change?
Capricorn: No, you look wonderful Cancer!
Cancer: Aww, thanks! *blushes*

*staring at a painting*
Aquarius: It symbolises the rebellion, the people breaking out against oppression.
Scorpio: No, all I can see is dark, inner turmoil and the need to express it
Aquarius: The bird is a symbol of FREEDOM
Scorpio: The RAVEN is a symbol of death
Aquarius: You know what, lets go ask the artist!!!!!
Scorpio: FINE. So Pisces, tell us what your art means
Pisces: It means
Pisces: Whatever you want it to mean
Scorpio: Ugh
Aquarius: *Sigh*

*Drinking champagne*
Taurus: Wow what a great turn-out, I didn’t think so many people would come to support Pisces and myself
Sagittarius: That photograph you took of Aries is soooo beautiful…
Taurus: If you like Aries you should just tell them, you know.
Sagittarius: I don’t know how-

*Aries approaches*

Aries: Hey guys, what were you talking about? Your work looks lovely on the walls Taurus, really turned out great
Taurus: Thank you, Sagittarius was admiring one in particular
Aries: Oh, I love discussing meanings- which one?
Taurus: *points to the photo of Aries behind them* That one, BYE
*Taurus walks away leaving Sag and Aries alone*

Leo: You look absolutely gorgeous tonight Libra
Libra: As do you, Leo
Leo: So which is your favourite in here?
Libra: Hmm, which do you think?
Leo: I think the painting of two lovers under the bright moonlight is your favourite, I saw your eyes light up when you were stood beneath it
Libra: …you’re right
Leo: Which is why I bought you it
Libra: WHAT!? Oh, my God… 
Leo: You’re welcome

alyseb630  asked:

Oh yeah I totally think it's going to be Alix's dad. (As much as I love the fanart and fanfictions where it's Adrien's dad.)


But for real, Alix’s dad as Hawk Moth does carry some weight. 

For one, he has the same purple color scheme as Hawk Moth. Two, he does steer his son AWAY from the Egyptian Ladybug exhibit. 

Three is that pocket watch. Now, I know that know that’s that not everyone needs a miraculous stone to be a super hero (or villain!), but that technology was a little surprising to say the least.

I just think that Gabriel Agreste is a red herring. The man runs an important business–how could he spend so much time standing around in dark rooms surrounded by butterflies?

But wait! Ana, Gabriel is so bad with his son!

Well, yeah. Papa Agreste does not get the parent of the year of award and he’s hands off parenting leaves a lot to be desired, but! In the recent webisode where we heard Adrien’s point of view, there are two important things.

1) Papa Agreste changed after Adrien’s mother disappeared. Who knows where she is, but her absence is very hard on the family.  

2) Adrien is aware of this change in his father and still supports him and tries to make him happy. So, he’s understanding. It doesn’t excuse the neglect that Gabriel is doing, but Adrien still loves his father because he hasn’t always been like this.

I know that Adrien has been visually upset by Gabriel’s parenting, case in point the pens he used to receive as birthday presents and skipping out on movie night with his son. However, in both scenes, Gabriel has thought about his son. 

A) He had to remind Natalie of Adrien’s birthday and the present (most likely because he’s aware that a teenage boy doesn’t want freaking pens, but hey this isn’t Mean Girls–he doesn’t claim to be the cool dad)

 B) He did want his son to have the best seats because his intention was to spend time with him.

So yeah, could Gabriel be Hawk Moth–yeah he could, but let’s not forget one of the most important themes of this show.

People aren’t what they seem.

So, for now, I’m not going to judge any book by its cover and I’m going to enjoy the show. And hope that maybe, just maybe, Hawk Moth’s identity is just unique as Marinette’s and Adrien’s are too.