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Esther deserves respect

I’m actually heartbroken about behaviour and attitudes of some people in the fandom. Matthew and Esther are real people, with real lives and real feelings. They aren’t on a TV show, they exist in real life, so the thought that anyone was giving Matt and Esther hate over an Instagram post really really pisses me off. Nobody has the right to post hateful comments about anyone just because they feel like it or are jealous. Over the weekend Matt and Esther were more than indulgent with fans who essentially stalked them for three days. By the last day you could see his face in pictures like he was not enjoying it but he is so kind and couldn’t say no. Now Esther also has to deal with all this attention on what is like her holiday and she does it with a smile on her face. So what the fuck makes people think they can just send her whatever hate they want just because they are hiding behind a computer screen to do it. It makes me sick tbh, she didn’t ask for any of this and i wouldn’t blame Matt if he wanted to stop posting on social media or even interacting with fans. Because he’d have every right to. People are interfering and messing around in their personal lives and that is so far beyond OK and acceptable. I am so tired of this shit happening in this fandom. And it completely takes away from the majority of us who love and respect the whole cast and their SO. I’m just so done and sad and ashamed right now. 

Important -Going On Hiatus-

Hey everyone! It’s Vagabond, and I have a few things I need to let you know.

Currently, I’m going through what might be the biggest writing block I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. It’s almost painful to me as an aspiring author and lover of roleplaying, but when I sit down to write lately it has become very, very difficult. You may know me on a lot of different blogs and are wondering if I’m putting all of them on hiatus, and the answer is almost, but not quite all.

Hiatus (only coming on to look at dash and like posts, maybe send and reblog memes to answer much later, but not roleplaying for the time being)

Semi-Hiatus (not replying to a whole lot, but doing some easier stuff for me to do)

No Hiatus (self explanatory)

Here’s a list:

@namelessxsamurai  : Hiatus
@bxrning-trees: Semi-Hiatus
@auraisms: Hiatus
@playertwx: Semi-Hiatus
@bonemarrowoflife: No Hiatus
@princess-unikitti: Hiatus
wilt (cant @): Hiatus
@thepumpkin-king: No Hiatus
@affaxnatta: No Hiatus
@deadlegacy: Semi-hiatus

I hope you all understand that I’m going through a lot right now, trying to get through summer school to retrieve missing credit and dealing with an exceedingly toxic home environment and aren’t too upset by my decision. Thank you, so much for being patient with me !

Just a reminder for everyone that Dril is a fucking Nazi and you need to keep him off my dash, I don’t care how funny, cute, or relatable it is.

Listen Sarah J. Mass fans

I think there needs to be a common understanding that when ACOWAR comes out no one should post spoilers on tumblr for AT LEAST 2-3 weeks. Gives everyone the chance to get the book and digest every bit.( if I takes longer leave a comment about how long you need, tbh I can read a 700 page book in less than 2 hours cuz I read fast lol) Idk about you guys but I’d prefer not to come on tumblr and the first thing on my dash is like the biggest spoiler alert EVER


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