everyone needs a little space

Lock Screen - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Can you do an imagine where justin is meeting fans and they see that y/n is his lock screen and he’s all cute talking about her

Warnings: none

A/N: sorry i took so long

Justin Bieber POV

I was going for a jog in the park in my town when I heard someone scream my name. My instincts told me not to turn around and pretend that I didn’t hear that but, I’d look like an ass for not seeing who it was. I took an ear bud out and turned around, looking for who called me.

“Oh my gosh it is him! Justin, we love you! Can we get a picture? Please?”

As bad as I wanted to say no, it was the least I could do. People already hated me as is and I didn’t need anymore death threats in my mentions. “Sure,” i responded half-heartedly, walking over to where they stood. They took their phones out and began snapping away. One girl decided to go live on Instagram and shoved her phone in my face.

“You all will not believe who I ran into!!! Justin freaking Bieber! I love you Justin!”

“Love you too,” i replied, slightly annoyed with the fact she had her phone shoved in my face. I didn’t mind taking pictures with fans but, the moment they shove their phones in my face, I get annoyed. Pretty soon, a whole group of people came over to where I was, wanting to get a picture.

“Guys, guys! I’d love to take pictures with all of you, but I would really appreciate if you respect my personal space and stop shoving your phones in my face!” I sad aloud, getting everyone’s attention which caused them to pipe down. “I don’t just want to take pictures so why don’t we go and sit down and talk? Wouldn’t that be better?”

The group of people agreed and moved over to where there was more space and sat down. Everyone gave me the little space I needed and I got comfortable with them as if they were my best friends. 

“I know you guys have lots of questions because I’ve been touring this entire year so, raise your hands if you’ve been to any of the shows.” I watched as almost ¾ of the group put their hands up. “Alright, now any questions? And one by on please.”

I saw a girl in front of me raise her hand so I decided to answer her question first.

“Okay wow h-holy cow. I’m so nervous.” She said. I smiled at her making her feel a little better. “All I really wanted to say is that I love you so much and I was wondering when you’ll stop paying me dust on Instagram.”

Her comment caused the group to erupt out in laughter. I chuckled to myself, shaking my head. “I don’t pay anyone dust. What the hell does that even mean?”

The girl continued, “Like when you ignore someone, that’s when you’re paying them dust.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” 

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(A/N: we all needed that gif, okay. anyways, back to the imagine..)

The questions cam rolling in, one after the other and it was starting to get a little dark out. “Okay guys, it’s getting late and I don’t want your parents to think I’m holding you guys hostage so, I have time for one last question.” Hands shot up and as much as I wanted to answer every question, I had no time to do so. “How about the girl all the way in the back with the hot pink sweater. What’s your question sweetheart?”

“Who’s your lockscreen bro?” She yelled all the way from the back. “Don’t lie to us Bieber!”

My cheeks turned red and I began laughing to myself. “Well it’s actually funny you ask,” I began taking my phone out of my pocket. “I actually just changed it yesterday. It’s a picture of {Y/N}.” I turned the screen on for everyone who was close enough to see. 

I heard some awe’s and how cute’s being said amongst the group. 

“I miss her, everyday but, my lockscreen makes me feel a little better. She’s so cute right? She actually didn’t want me to take this picture but, I still did. Shh, don’t tell her I made this picture the lockscreen or she’ll kill me. I know you guys have some next level editing skills, better than mine, so someone edit my phone and make it seem like a different picture is the lockscreen.” 

“That’s all the time I have today so maybe tomorrow I’ll come back for a part two. You guys were so lovely and beautiful today. I love you guys!” I got up from where I sat and began walking back to where the car was parked. I uncloked it and hopped in and I was caught off guard when I saw {Y/N} sitting in the passengers seat.

“Holy — when did you get here?” I questioned, clutching at my heart that was beating faster than ever.

“Don’t know. Care to explain this Mr. Bieber?” She continued, showing me a video on her phone from me and some fans a few moments ago. 

“Uh, that was photo shopped.” I lied, turning my head away from her phone. “It’s fake {Y/N}. That’s someone who’s acting like me.”

“Oh really? Then why do they have the same exact pop socket as you? Not only that, but the same iPhone and tattoos and outfit?!” She raised her voice at the end of the sentence.

“Someone’s stealing my identity! I swear, that’s not me!”

“Justin, I was literally at the meet and greet you just had! I just disguised myself.”

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“Oh.. well.. you got me there.” I wagged my finger at {Y/N}. “You’re a smart gal babe, that’s how I knew you were the one for me.”

I, a lesbian, try to speak up, and I get silenced by other lesbians.

Fuck this.
Terfs are cowards and are a lost cause.
They are whiny entitled asswipes who thinks they need a specific little space for everyone, while splitting the movement.

I’m going to go cuddle my GIRLFRIEND and love my family instead of wasting my time fighting with people with cult behavior.

But right.
Trans people are the cult.

Imagine: Trying to make Juice extremely jealous

Requested by anon You’ve been dating Juice for about 2 years now. Lately he’s been so busy with the club you barely see him, and when he does have time to be with you, he’s distant. You have to fight to get his attention. Needless to say, it’s starting to piss you off. You were driving over to Teller-Morrow because the club was on lockdown. You had called Juice twice, texted him a few times, but he wasn’t answering. You pulled into the parking lot and checked your phone one more time and rolled your eyes. Still nothing from Juice. You got out and went inside. “Hey honey” Gemma greeted you, pulling you into a hug. “What’s with the sour face sweetheart?” She asked, pulling away “Juice” you grumbled “Of course it is, what did he cheat on you or something” You shook your head. “I barely see him anymore, he ignores my calls, it’s getting on my nerves.” You explained Gemma nodded in understanding “ I get it, but don’t worry about it, it comes with being an old lady. A lot of heavy shit is going on now. He’s just distracted” You shrugged. “Yeah I guess, let’s go get a drink” Gemma smiled and followed you to the bar A few minutes later the boys, including Juice, all walked in. You waited for him to come over to you, but instead he just glanced over at you and followed tig over to a table of crow eaters. “Oof, wow” Gemma said “Thats it, that’s the last straw, I am so fucking done with Juan Carlos Ortiz ” You turned to the bartender, a young cute prospect. You didn’t know his name, he never seemed all that important to you until now. “Hey baby, get me another round huh?” You said with a wink He smiled at you “ sure thing” He handed you and Gemma your drinks “Thanks handsome” you said, giving your best flirty smirk “Yeah, hey aren’t you Juices girl?” He asked You shook your head “not at the moment” He smiled and leaned in closer to you “Are you looking for someone to fill in for him” he whispered “Hmm maybe, we’ll see how it goes” you said You turned around and saw Juice staring at you from across the room, clenching his jaw You rolled your eyes, of course he’d pay attention to you now. “Well baby I think I could do a pretty good job if you’re lonely, hell I might even please you more than he could” the prospect growled and put a hand on your waist Just then the prospect was pushed back, falling on his ass. You turned and saw Juice standing there, fire in his eyes. He grabbed your arm tightly “just what the fuck do you think your doing” he said “What’s it to you” you snapped back He shook his head and pulled you off your stool “Come on” he said and dragged you into one of the bedrooms. He slammed the door behind him and three you on the bed “What the hell was that!” He screamed at you You shrugged “ what was what” He threw his hands in the air “Flirting with the prospect y/n?! Seriously? How could you disrespect me like that” You Jumped up “How could you disrespect me by ignoring me?!” You shouted He sighed “ What are you talking about?” He asked “You know what I’m talking about Juan. We hardly ever see each other, you don’t answer my calls, you just walked right past me like I was nothing to you! Its like you don’t even want me anymore ” You screamed, tears welling up in your eyes “Y/n” he said quietly “y/n of course I still want you. I always will. It’s just..shits really hitting the fan right now. There’s a lot of scary stuff going on. I don’t want to get you in the middle of it. I don’t want to bother you with it” he said “ Juice that doesn’t mean you can just ignore me. You’re making me feel like garbage” you said “ I know I know. I’m just trying to figure everything out. I needed a little space from everything and everyone. I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you” You shook your head and sighed “I wish you would have just told me what’s going on instead of shutting me out. I would understand” He pulled you into his arms and kissed your forehead “ I know you would. I’ll try not to shut you out anymore. I love you y/n” he said “I love you to Juice”

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you know what should be a thing

being able to tell people you like that you’re annoying me and it’s not your fault, it’s just something that’s up with me so I’m going to leave for a little while until I get over it

not in a mean way just in a this happens to everyone sometimes and I need some space for a little while see you later i love you way

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i loved the story of tatinof but i feel like it kinda makes me believe in phan less? like the whole hotel room thing why would they get two rooms when they could easily have not vlogged it?

boyfriends or not, everyone needs a little personal space and time away from each other every once in a while