everyone needs a bike

Bike Lessons {Shinsou Hitoshi}

“You don’t know how to ride a bike?”


“Why didn’t you ever learn?”

“Well,” you said as you ruffled your wings, “I never really needed to know.”

“Everyone needs to know how to ride a bike. My house. 6:30. This Saturday.”

“Eh, but Shin-chan.”

“You don’t get to object to this, (Last Name).”

So here you are, in front of Shinsou Hitoshi’s house, balanced on one of his bikes. Your wings flutter nervously. The only good thing about this situation is Shinsou’s hand on your lower back as the other steadied the handles. Every time you try to place your feet on the pedals, the bike titters anxiously. You open your wings as a reflex, blushing when you see Shinsou spitting out feathers.

“Shin-chan,” you whine, “I don’t think I can do this.”

“Yes, you can. I’ll be right here. I’m not letting go.”

“But Shin-chan.”

“Here,” Shinsou wraps his hand around your waist, his large hand right besides yours on the handle, “Just start pedaling slowly. I won’t let you fall.”

You nod, adjusting your wings for balance. You placed your feet on the pedals. The bike wobbles some, but Shinsou doesn’t let it fall over. His deep violet eyes are trained on you. A blush dusts over your cheeks. And, for the first time, you realize how handsome he is. You know you should be focused on the road in front of you, but you keep glancing over to his intense eyes and messy hair. His hand feels so nice against your skin. His face is so close to yours; if you lean over, your lips would probably meet.

Shinsou lightly jogs at your side. Your brows are knitted together with focus. He sees the sweat beading at your brow. His eyes can’t help but to follow the drop glide down your jugular into the valley of your breast. He lets you go, watching your (h/l) (h/c) flutter in the wind. Wings spread behind you, you are like an angel preparing to take flight. Breathtaking.

“Shin-chan! Shin-chan!”

Your shrieks rip him from his trance. You teeter precariously as the bike veers off the road.

“(Last Name), use your brakes!”

“My what? Where are those?”

“Brake! Brake!”

“I don’t know how!”

“(Last Name)! (Last Name), watch the-, holy sh-”

anonymous asked:

Why you would choose to follow DR and FL cult is beyond me. Veganism is rapidly becoming a segregated community at war because they can't agree on what to eat. Instead of accepting that different people have different needs, you have chosen to divided the community instead. It truly makes me realize that you are not doing this for the animals. The whole vegan community is a mess because of the RT4 cult. These people have to go.

Oh my god….

Is this for real? *face palm*… How on earth am I dividing this community by going to Thailand to hang out with my friends and ride my bike….yet you sending these anonymous faceless troll messages isn’t?

You really do have it wrong, Harley and freelee don’t hate on people for having different opinions.. They hate on people that bash their opinions yet still try to come to their events and use their following. If you haven’t noticed I have different opinions on a lot of things… One example is the whole kid topic, I even made a video talking about why I disagree with them. But the difference is I didn’t BASH them in the process of it. I did it respectfully.

I eat HCLF, but not rawtill4, I don’t follow their lifestyle to a T… Do they hate one me? Noooooo. Look at steph, is she rawtill4? lol no, she is eating tahini and and cereal yet hangs with Harley and freelee daily. Obviously we agree on the overall HCLF vegan message and love being active on our bikes, but we are never going to agree on every tiny thing, and that’s awesome because that’s what helps us all grow and learn from each other.

I bet whoever is writing this has never actually met Harley or freelee and is just assuming. This is their festival and if they want to make it only for people with bikes that’s their choice. Although I do see flaws with this system (which I’ve already voiced to freelee😂) at the end of the day its up to them and I will support that. After all THEY are the ones that put in all the free time answering questions and talking to people, helping people. You have NO idea how much time Harley gave to people at the first year, and half of those purple turned their backs on him…

This festival is not a cult lol, it was a fruit event now it’s a bike event :)

I think everyone just needs to take a deep breath, and realize of its not that bigger deal. Let’s move on and continue to do awesome shit!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗