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Burned (1/2)

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Characters: Jungkook x Y/N
Genre: Angst
Length: 1574 words
Warning: Mentions of self-harm



And so, she burned herself with the man who was the fire - so painfully beautiful.

Namjoon’s sharp eyes immediately caught yours across the practice room, where you hid at the side of the entrance. His eyes widened as his head whipped to the side to stare at Jungkook hugging her, and back to you, and he almost dropped his phone in shock.

You were teary and your lips and fingers were trembling as your vision narrowed down on your boyfriend hugging someone else, who wasn’t you. 

The ugly sight was a sore to the eyes for anyone who knew you and Jungkook were dating, yet you couldn’t take your eyes off the girl Jungkook was so openly hugging in the practice room. Thoughts were running amok in your head at a million miles per minute, but you could only stare in silence as she laughed softly and pushed the sweaty boy away, only to have him whine of the lack of contact with her. 

Your eyes then moved across the room to lock with Namjoon’s, and your eyes widened when his pair met yours, and he stood up abruptly, while you immediately turned and ran up the stairs from the basement, tears cascading down your cheeks as you hurried away from Namjoon, or anyone else who you knew was going to come for you. 

You ran up the stairs and into a quiet and secluded area of the building, settling down in a corner to cry. 

Meanwhile, all eyes were on Namjoon as he stood quickly, the shadow at the door disappearing into air. “What’s up, hyung?” Jimin looked up from his phone to the leader, who looked visibly worried and fidgety. “I-I left something upstairs. I’m gonna go get it, so the rest of you just stay here.” 

The rest nodded but Jimin clearly was not convinced, and he stopped Namjoon at the door. “I’ll go with you, hyung.” Namjoon nodded and they ascended the stairs. 

“Y/N’s here. She saw Jungkook and Jiyeon hugging.” Jimin stopped as well, and his face was everything but happy.


“Yeah, I know. You know how Y/N is. We have to find her.” 

It was no secret that you had self-harm tendencies which were triggered whenever someone hurt your feelings. You had been emotionally hurt many times that you resorted to cutting to rid yourself of the pain that was haunting you. You stopped self-harming ever since you met Jungkook, but there was no knowing if you’d start again, especially if the one who hurt you was someone you cherished and loved deeply.

You tried, with much difficulty, to keep your sounds to a minimum, but no matter how soft they were, they couldn’t escape the two males who went in search for you, finding you almost a few minutes later, with apologetic looks in their eyes. Jimin held a bottle of your favorite drink in his hand, and Namjoon looked ready to comfort you and apologize for hiding the truth from you. 

Your eyes were still leaking taps at this point, so you wanted to shy away from them but you were in a corner, and you were cornered by them. 

“Y/N,” Namjoon started, but you blinked and more tears fell, and the two males couldn’t lie when your crying broke their hearts. “We’re sorry..” Namjoon sat in front of you while Jimin took you into his arms, hugging you tightly while you sobbed even harder, refusing to believe your two very own eyes, while an all too familiar voice resounded in your head. 

“I promise you’re the only one.”

“You’re the best I could ever ask for - babe you’re amazing and I love you.”

You buried your face in Jimin’s warm sweater, trying to save yourself from the torment of Jungkook’s words and how you felt like utter shit, letting yourself go so deep only to be broken and hurt. 

The inner demons were eating you up - painful and suicidal thoughts were filling your head. so much that you didn’t even hear Jimin and Namjoon’s words. You were dazed as you slumped against Jimin, body gone limp and you let yourself be consumed by your thoughts as you closed your eyes. 

“I’m tired. I want to go home.” You whispered, and Jimin nodded. “We’ll bring you home. Is your roomie in?” You nodded and Jimin gently carried you in his arms and exited the building as Namjoon flagged a taxi for you. “I’ll go back with her, you go back to the practice room first since I was the one who said I had to get something.” Namjoon instructed and Jimin nodded, bidding the two of you goodbye and a safe journey as the taxi drove further and further away from the building. 

Hoseok eyed Jungkook who was cuddling with Jiyeon and he looked at Seokjin with worry. He didn’t feel good about this whole Jungkook-cheating-on-you thing because everyone knew how emotionally weak you were, gosh Jungkook knew best, and yet he chose to do this. 

You were a great girlfriend - you were coping well with Jungkook and the two of you brought out the best in each other, so why was Jungkook doing this? Why was he acting like cheating on you was nothing at all?

Seokjin was more annoyed than worried also, at how easily Jungkook threw you aside when to you, he was your everything. He was your pillar of strength and the one who kept you going. The boys had seen what you did, or more accurately, what self-destruction did to you the last time you and Jungkook fought. Jungkook refused to meet you for almost a month despite your pleas and you nearly cut an artery at home because you blamed yourself for the tiff and wanted to take the pain away. 

Nobody knew what would happen if you had found out about Jungkook’s disloyalty to you.

Namjoon apologized as your friend opened the door, face red with anger. Your roommate cared for you very much like you were her own sister, so when she heard about Jungkook’s unfaithful act, she wanted to yell at Namjoon for not stopping it from happening.

“I didn’t entrust her to you guys for this to happen, Joon. This is why I didn’t want to, because I didn’t want her to experience another meltdown. Everyone knows that Jiyeon is Jungkook’s ex, and she’s one clingy ass bitch who’s egoistic and does things for the sake of boosting her image. Jesus, no one would’ve imagined she’d come crawling back to Jungkook. And you know what’s worse?”

Your roommate was literally seething at this point, and she almost yelled if not for the fact you patted her back to calm her down. 

“What’s worse, is that Jungkook accepted her back into his life, even when Y/N is still his girlfriend! What the hell?!” 

Namjoon bit his lips in disappointment and guilt for not handling his group mate better. “It’s okay, Joon. It’s not your fault. I just.. need to get my thoughts straightened out. I’ll be fine. Thank you for sending me home.” 

You watched quietly with a reassuring and sad smile, more like you trying to reassure yourself rather than Namjoon, as he unwillingly left your house to go back to the building.

“Sorry, Jiyeon. We have some important stuff to discuss as a group, so I’ll have to ask you to leave.” Yoongi went up to the couple, who were still being kissy and lovey dovey, and broke their bubble. “Hyung, why do you have to say that now when we’re busy?” Jungkook rolled his eyes at Yoongi’s impeccable timing and sent a whining and noisy Jiyeon on her way out with a promise to meet up with her as soon as he can, and shut the door behind him. 

“What, hyung?”

“Why are you doing this?” Taehyung questioned. 

“If you’re going to step on two boats, let go of the other one. You either stay loyal to Y/N or you leave her alone entirely. Y/N is not strong enough to handle this bullshit you’re spewing out right now. If she saw this,” Yoongi motioned between Jungkook and Jiyeon’s acts just now, “we wouldn’t know what Y/N would do to herself.”

“For all we know, she might just end up in the hospital.” Jimin said as he walked into the practice room with his hands shoved deep into his pockets. “She already knows. She was here.” 

Jungkook’s jaws dropped, along with the other members who didn’t know. “Y/N was here..?” 

“Damn right you piece of shit, she saw you happily skipping over to Jiyeon and demanding hugs from her to satisfy your never-fucking-ending need for affection. She saw you being all disgustingly loving to one another. What are you going to do now?” Jimin sneered angrily and glared at Jungkook, who looked stumped. 

Jungkook was in utter shock. He never wanted for this to happen, the meeting up with Jiyeon. She constantly begged to see him one last time and he decided to meet her to tell her to stop bugging him, but his feelings for her resurfaced when he saw how beautiful she was while she waited in the cafe to meet him. 

One meeting became another, shy touches became pecks and kisses, and awkwardness became comfort between the two of them. It was because of Jiyeon that it became okay to cheat on you, which was obviously never fine to begin with.

Question was, what was Jungkook’s careless actions going to do to you?

and miles to go before i sleep

summary: Nursey has trouble asking for help. // available on ao3 here.

Derek knows that it’s selfish.  There’s no way anyone could ever be available to emotionally support him 24/7. They have their own lives and their own problems to deal with; he shouldn’t add his own to the mix. He knows that he’s putting ridiculous expectations onto everyone he interacts with and is holding them to impossible standards, but it doesn’t stop him. He’s still upset, and then he gets more upset with himself for being upset in the first place. He’s so stupid.

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idk if this has already been posted elsewhere because i don’t go into tags, they’re gross. but here’s my take on the finale. with pics!

s4ep1 when raven is talking about the meltdown to everyone we see this –  contact lost with asteroid mining penal colony

in s4ep5 when raven is hallucinating that she’s floating, abby and jackson are having a conversation in the background.

Jackson: Abby, listen to this. According to the record, Becca first developed what we know as nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company.
Abby: Mining?
Jackson: Long duration space missions. Criminals were put into hypersleep and given nightblood to protect against solar radiation.
Abby: Hmm. Nice of her to share that with our ancestors on the Ark.

and then s4ep13 - the finale we see this ship

the one and only Eligius Corporation. so of course it’s a bunch of criminals – yet again. but, they’re probably actual criminals and more than likely they’ve already found everyone in space and grabbed them too. that’s the only situation i can see as plausible. not too sure how they’ve survived this whole time even if they were in hyper sleep since they would have been put up there when becca was still alive most likely. but anyway – maybe they hijacked our babes for food and stuff and took them onto this ship. OR they stayed up there and sent them down to make sure it’s safe. who knows. we have many, many months to come up with theories until it’s back.

It actually amazes me how many adhd people don’t know the explosive anger is an adhd thing.
Like so many of us have issues with it yet so many of us don’t know why it’s there and assume it’s a personality thing so aren’t able to control it

anonymous asked:

thank you so much for the grandma english cameo, it made my heart soar to see her actually get to do something, your story gives so much to the harley/english lineage and im so so grateful

We aim to please. :) We’re very fond of the island kids, and a large part of our inspiration for this project was dissatisfaction over their treatment in canon. Now, we do strive to give a large number of characters attention, but we made sure those two got their time in the spotlight.

I would anticipate more Jake in particular in our near future!  

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You know what I would love to see? T&T do something to go public on the anniversary of those rock pics - it would be the ultimate troll by Taylor/them! Like they get themselves spotted and potato pic'ed for that anniversary - we could then celebrate that date with another internet meltdown as everyone finds out they've been together in secret for 10 months!

I wish she would do something shocking like that again.

A Bed of Roses [2]

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Words: 3722

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Superpower!Au

Summary: Superpowers are suppose to make you invincible, someone who could save the world, a hero. It’s not suppose to be like this…not like this.

“Unnie!” You hug her close, a hand over her head and pressing her to your chest. “They’re coming! Wha- What do we do?!”

She quivers and you exhale a soft breath, letting go. Placing hands on her shoulders, you bore eyes into her’s. “Listen. It’s going to be okay.”

But the knot in her stomach doesn’t rest and she holds her trembling hands out, staring at them. “They’re gonna take me away from you! They’re going to kill us!” She screams, a dam of tears rushing out. “This- this curse!”

You’re unable to respond when suddenly there’s banging. “POLICE! OPEN UP!” A fist booms against the door, a thunder beat that leaves the walls shaking. “WE KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!”

Soomi begins hyperventilating, unable to breathe. “They’re going to kill us! They’re going to kill us!”

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The Final Bride; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by three different anonymous people:

Could you do a one shot to do with the New Years special with the reader somehow incorporated with Sherlock, maybe where in the Victorian part something happens between the reader and him and once he goes back to modern day he realises that he fancies her ? Thankyou sorry if this is too complicated or too much to ask

Hey sweetie! What do you think of the new episode?? And could you please do an amazing Sherlock x Reader one-shot based on this wonderful Victorian theme? Doesn’t really matter what the plot is, but it will be nice if the reader is kinda Irene Adler or just as smart as mr.Holmes himself! Thanks a lot + hope you’ll enjoy writing it <333

Can you do an imagine or a fic set at the end of The Abominable Bride episode of Sherlock where you, Sherlock’s girlfriend, find out that he overdosed? (Maybe that’s when they finally say “I love you” to each other?)

Since you asked, I love the episode and love the new material we get to work with! Honestly, it was a masterpiece that was exactly what we needed after our break. Can’t wait for season four!

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